Monday, July 24, 2017

Life reduced.

My life has become so simple.  I feel like I have a newborn and have nothing to talk about except a baby.  I hate those kind of people. I don't care about your baby. It's like you don't care about my golf game, YET, I go on and on and on.

So I have Mel who is in a nursing home waiting to pass away.  When you leave him at night he says " Good Night hope I die".  The guy still has a sense of humor but sadly he is not kidding.  We treat animals with more kindness in Wisconsin then humans.   We can keep them well so they can suffer longer.  Terminally ill?  Deal with it. We all have our problems.  But time is growing short for our war hero.

I remember waiting for my dad to pass away week after week.


When I'm not trying vainly to help on that front I'm taking care of a baby named Gus who had an A+ weekend for behavior.  He has learned to ring the bell 100% of the time when he wants to go out . . . . whether he needs to go potty or not . . . which is another problem.

Yesterday was a huge day for him as he got to play with two other dogs his size.  Lola and Rocky.

He's been growing about a pound a week and we THINK he has a lot more Retriever in him then poodle as he is not getting any curly hair (we were thinking more wavy anyway).  Still thinking 20-25 pounds.  His legs are already longer then Blake had our Corgi that passed 5?? years ago.

Speaking of politics.  Bad news for the GOP - no Clinton will be running in 2018.  Voters that hated Trump AND hated Clinton turned red last year.  No Clinton in 2018 so it's a HUGE problem for the party that can't get anything done.

Based on polls that ask people which party they would support in a congressional election the DNC leads 48% to 38%.  The FOX News poll (an "A" poll) has it 47% to 41% . ABC News (a A+ poll) has it  52% to 38%. 

With Trumps approval rating constantly falling and only 0.5% above 41 days ago (38.5% now, a weighted combination of 40 different polls) it's pretty embarrassing for a country that has become a joke around the world.  The next worst President is Gerald Ford.  There have only been two Presidents since 1945 who have had disapproval ratings higher the approval and the GOP, like lemmings just follow along and get nothing down. The Party of NO have no idea how to run a country.


In other news - Hawaii has become the first State to start preparing for a nuclear bomb from North Korea.


Ark Encounter, a bible-themed amusement park sold a piece of land to a non-profit affiliate for $48 million. The plan is to become non-profit by doing this - OH - they sold it for $10.


The White House "Made in America" week kicked off with Trump's Mar-a-Lago club asking the government to allow them to hire 70 foreign workers in the fall as they can not find American cooks, waiters and housekeepers.


So with me not having a real life at the moment and not able to play outside with my friends here is some repeat stories from my mom that I'm retyping.


She was a child. She loved the farm where she lived. Not the house. The house had people in it and she was never very comfortable around people. In the house she always felt a little like she’d arrived uninvited and unwanted, and they’d like to send her back if only they knew where to send her. But the farm itself, the barn, the fields, the pasture, the grove and the deep woods, these she loved. These were her world. She almost never left them except to go to school.

She loved school. Not lunch hour or recess. There were too many people then. She didn’t know how to talk to them or play with them. Except for her older brothers, who ignored her, she’d never seen another child until she started school.  She had never played, except imaginary games by herself. She had no idea how to relate to other children. During school hours it was different. She didn’t have to relate to anybody except the teacher and she knew the rules for that.  He had told her the rules the first day of school, and he never once changed any of them. That made it easy.

She led an isolated life in a seriously dysfunctional family, but she didn’t know it then.

            -E.V. Melotte