Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Baseball, football, and fatbergs

  • Fish, for sport only, not for meat. Fish meat is practically a vegetable.
Seems no one noticed I blogged yesterday  LOL   Take a few days off and BAM - I'm forgotten.

The Cleveland Indians won their 20th straight last night tying the 2002 Money Ball Oakland As, the team that changed baseball (well, not really, Bill James changed baseball and it's STILL stuck in the past, for instance, bunting).

But the LA Dodgers won.  Remember how good they were?  If not for a 1-0 win they would have lost 17 in a row.

Then there are the Brewers who used 7 pitchers last night to won.  There are some people that believe this should really be the norm.  Starting pitchers always pitch worse the 3rd time through a rotation so why pitch a pitcher more then 3 innings.


Next year all teams will play on opening day and it will be the earliest opening day ever  March 29th.


In the NFL - there were 3 games decided my 7 points of less.  The most lopsided group of games since 1973 (the year I graduated High School - I think I graduated - they tell me I was at the graduation but I don't remember  it at all)


So far 16 Republicans are retiring. Remember what I said so long ago?  As soon as one party holds the top office, that party from governors on up start to lose power. 100% of the time.
Hillary has a new book out about the past election.  Good Lord get over it.  yea yea the liberals will take over the political arena coming up . . . . . if they actually have some sort of vision besides showing how inept the GOP is at governing.   The blue tsunami is on the horizon if they don't shoot their selves in the foot again.

The interesting thing with the book will be how long people listen to the audio book.   George W Bush's book was 20.2 hours of listening and the average listener lasted 12 hours. Clinton's "Hard Choices"  was a 27 hour "listen" but on average the listener only listened to 8.4 hours.


38% of professionals believe the use of AI and robots will lead to more unemployment.  With that said - DJ and I have been binging on Outlander and I commented on how many candles are in use and there must be a HUGE candle manufacturing operation.  I bet candle makers hated to see the light bulb.   JOBS JOBS JOBS!  They come they go.  Deal with it.


Columbus Water & Light has two teams in Florida helping out working 16 hour days.  89 degrees with 72 degree dew point  . . . and no electricity for air conditioning.


London has a 130 ton fatberg.  What is a fatberg?  When you flush oil and grease down your sink it solidifies long before it reaches waste water facilities.  THEN people through napkins and other paper products that do not disintegrate into their toilets and that stuff catches the grease and oil. That is a fatberg and it acts like a giant 130 ton plug.

Remember how toilet paper used to be different colors? They found that the dye made it so the toilet paper did not disintegrate.  DON'T THROW non-crap (and I say that literally) into the toilet unless you want a huge bill at some point.


And on that subject - for $100 Olive Garden is offering unlimited pasta, soup, salad, and breadsticks for 2 months.  They tried this last year and sold 22,000 passes in their first 1 second.


OH - I suppose I need to mention this.  Seems to be a big hoopla about the Popcorn Cart and how the people in charge want to donate our popcorn cart to the city. WELL, someone who runs "Friends of the Popcorn Cart" was against this idea because the "city" might just sell it to help fund the budget.

SERIOUSLY?  are you on crack?  That has to be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard (actually not really close to THE stupidest thing but you get the idea . . . I think the stupidest thing was blaming Obama for letting botching the Hurricane Katrina survivors).

ANYWAY - it seems the "friends" have no issues with a historical popcorn cart located in a bar where beer can be spilled on it or the back of a store where no one sees it.  No issues there but in a secure location so many people can view it on a daily basis, THAT is an issue?


         Nuff said