Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Sports talk a LITTLE politics and weather

I need to apologize for my geekness in the last blog with Strat-o-matic (SOM) stuff.  Less then 10 minutes (maybe a half hour) before I started typing I received the 2018 ratings book with all the info a person needs to totally geek out on baseball.   

remember - in 1970 I stayed home from school (had the "runs") waiting for the mail which would bring what most SOM players believe is better then Christmas (it is like Christmas without all that family stuff).  ANYWAY - this is year #50 for me in SOM.  In fact most of my adult life I have been "sick" a day in February waiting.  And I'm not alone with my "sickness".   So - no more intimacy with SOM in the blog.

HOWEVER - something I read in this mornings paper tweaked me.  David Stearns said the era of the "Three True Outcomes",  strikeouts, walks and home runs might be over for the Brewers.  Milwaukee led the league in "Three True Outcomes" with 37.4% of the time a batter struck out, walked or hit a home run.

As I was reading this a pitching metric popped into my head.  FIP.  ERA is not a very good statistic and is disregarded by many baseball nuts as a stat of the past (like Wins.Saves and Batting Average) especially when it comes to the bullpen.  A closer comes into the game with the bases loaded and gives up 3 singles and strikes a guy out.  His ERA will go down but he had a FAIL.

That does not really tell you he was great right?  So in 1990 FIP was created.  FIP only takes home runs, walks and strikeouts into the equation and it does very well as a true indicator of a pitchers prowess.

Remember Suppan?  His career ERA was 4.70,  his career FIP was 4.86 using only HR, K and BB in the equation.  Gallardo the new Brewer #1 Starter (God I hope not) career ERA 3.93 FIP 3.97.

What FIP does is take horrible fielding or stellar fielding out of play. When the Brewers signed Suppan he just came off a year where he had a 4.12 ERA.  YET - he had a great infield behind him.  His FIP for that same year was 4.70.  The next year he was a Brewer which had one of the worst  infields in the Majors.  His ERA ballooned up to 4.62 but his FIP was lower at 4.42 (not the BEST example I guess but you get the idea).

Side note - WOW - I did not realize Suppan was not that good. 17 years and a career ERA of 4.70?  YIKES

FIP Formula

Where the "FIP constant" puts FIP onto the same scale as the entire league's ERA: ((HR x 13) + (3 x (BB + HBP)) - (2 x K)) / IP + FIP constant.

Why it's useful   -  Because FIP is limited to the events a pitcher has the most control over, it's arguably a better tool than ERA for evaluating a pitcher's effectiveness. It's also useful for predicting a pitcher's future results, because a pitcher has little control over what happens once the ball is put in play behind him.

 Fantasy advantage -  A pitcher with a low FIP but a high ERA has most likely seen a string of bad luck on balls in play. He could be a buy-low candidate, assuming he eventually gets league-average results on balls in play.

Balls in Play is yet another interesting thing (average is .300 and MOST OF THE TIME a pitcher will always move towards .300).  Another time for that

SO - Speaking of the Milwaukee Bucks - the GREAT DEFENSE EXPERIMENT is over with the departure of Jason Kidd.  Never has so many good defensive players played so poorly in his experiment.  It might have failed but the entire NBA was watching and a lesson was learned.  He had the perfect team to try it and it worked . . . and didn't work.

SO - what was so different?

This defense was like and NFL blitz defense.  The idea was that since most of the Bucks players have unusually long arms (Giannis Antetokounmpo has a 7'2" wingspan) and are tall, why not be very aggressive against any player with the ball.  Make the ball handler pass as he gets "blitzed" and with the crazy long arms steal the ball to force a turnover.  Force inaccurate passing and it will make up for being late on rotations.

That part worked great.  The Bucks were 5th in creating turnovers, steals and general chaos.  They also lead the league in giving up shots 3 feet away from the basket.  In fact 33% of shots against the Bucks were from 3 feet away.  The Bucks were a layup factory.

Since the firing, the new coach went back to REAL defense and the Bucks have done great . . against poor teams but doing what they need to do.


WHEW - got sports out of me.

The President needed a record amount of time to tell ALL of his lies.  48% of his facts were either false or outright lies according to the fact checkers.

And too readers of this blog - Once Trump is gone I will go back to being normal Rod who does not really care THAT much about global politics.

Actions speak louder then words when it comes to POTUS speeches.

I did not watch the verbal diarrhea but turned did see Kennedy's rebuttal.  My first impression was just like a headline I saw in Business Insider - - -The 'future' of the Democratic Party made his national debut in the party's response to Trump's State of the Union.
Great - another name from the past. Are we a monarchy? 


OMG - they just started dry walling in our basement.  It LITERALLY sounds like I have a dentist in the basement with giant drills  Iggy is freaking out.


Las Vegas.  The number one money making in LV are slot machines. Well, the total number of slots in LV is down 23% from 2001.   Millennials just are not that big on this money grabbers. More skill based machines are being installed - like video games that take skill.

OMG - It LITERALLY (I really do mean literally) feels like the house is getting a root canal  LOL 

Cape Town South Africa is running out of water, literally.  At some point in April they will be out of water.  Starting Feb 1 each resident will only be allowed 13 gallons of water a day, for EVERYTHING.


We have an actual predictable storm heading our way - not some accidental flurry's that accumulate.  Saturday an actual system will arrive (maybe) with 1-3 inches but the three main models are in disagreement.  The GFS (the good one) model says we will get the snow.  The European model puts the snow starting later in the day but the Canadian model drops the arctic front deep deep into ILL and they get the snow.

Whatever happens Sunday and all next week will be c c c cold.

Have a great day   

OH OH - The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - what an outstanding show THAT is.  A period comedy about a female stand up comedian.  The look and feel of this show is amazing.

Lots of awards
Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy
Best Actress – Television Series Musical or Comedy


Monday, January 29, 2018

Ballpark Home Runs and The Golden Age for actors

Baseball season has arrived . . sort of.  Well, I have my ratings guide for Strat-o-matic (SOM) and one thing I was REALLY interested in was ballpark statistics.

Unlike the NBA or NFL MLB and I think the NHL play on different size playing fields so when a player goes from one team to the next the ballpark they play in is very important.  50% of home runs are no brainers and would be a HR in any ballpark.  But the other 50% are park dependent.  

In SOM when a player hits a HR it's either a no brainer OR you need to roll a 20 sided die and see what ball park they are playing in and if he a Lefty or Righty batter.  Of course singles doubles and triples are also in the mix as ballpark . . . experiences.   Yelich the new Brewers LF comes from a very very good pitchers park.  

Remember when the Brewers signed Suppan from the Cardinals.  SOM players were aghast on this horrible signing.   A ground ball pitcher coming off one of his best years from a very pitcher friendly ballpark AND he had a really good infield behind him coming to Milwaukee, a hitters park with the worst infields in the Majors.  

WELL - the opposite is true for Yelich.   here are the ratings for ballparks

ARZ  LHB Single 1-15 Homerun 1-11
ARZ  RHB Single 1-15 Homerun 1-11

ATL   LHB Single 1-14 Homerun 1-14
ATL   RHB Single 1- 8  Homerun 1-14

BLT  LHB Single 1- 8  Homerun 1-13
BLT  RHB Single 1- 8  Homerun 1-13

BOS  LHB Single 1-19  Homerun 1-1
BOS  RHB Single 1-19  Homerun 1-9

CHI AL LHB Single 1-1  Homerun 1-12
CHI AL RHB Single 1-1  Homerun 1-12

CHI NL LHB Single 1-6  Homerun 1-3
CHI AL RHB Single 1-6  Homerun 1-12

CINC  LHB Single 1- 5 Homerun 1-14
CINC  RHB Single 1- 5 Homerun 1-11

CLEV  LHB Single 1-19 Homerun 1-9
CLEV  RHB Single 1-16 Homerun 1-9

COL  LHB Single 1-19 Homerun 1-13
COL  LRB Single 1-19 Homerun 1-13

DET  LHB Single 1- 5 Homerun 1-9
DET  RHB Single 1-11 Homerun 1-9

HOU LHB Single 1-1 Homerun 1-11
HOU RHB Single 1-1 Homerun 1-11

KC  LHB Single 1-12 Homerun 1-3 
KC  RHB Single 1-12 Homerun 1-3 - Cain

LA AL  LHB Single 1-3 Homerun 1-8
LA AL  RHB Single 1-3 Homerun 1-8

LA NL  LHB Single 1-3 Homerun 1-13
LA NL  RHB Single 1-3 Homerun 1-7

MIA  LHB Single 1-1 Homerun 1-4 - Yelich
MIA  RHB Single 1-1 Homerun 1-4

MIL  LHB Single 1-9 Homerun 1-17
MIL  RHB Single 1-3 Homerun 1-11

MIN  LHB Single 1-12 Homerun 1-6
MIN  RHB Single 1-12 Homerun 1-12

NY AL LHB Single 1-1 Homerun 1-19
NY AL RHB Single 1-1 Homerun 1-14

NY NL LHB Single 1-1 Homerun 1-8
NY NL RHB Single 1-1 Homerun 1-8

OAK LHB Single 1-6 Homerun 1-5
OAK RHB Single 1-6 Homerun 1-5

PHI LHB Single 1-2 Homerun 1-15 one of the most beautiful parks I know of
PHI RHB Single 1-2 Homerun 1-15

PIT LHB Single 1-6 Homerun 1-10
PIT RHB Single 1-12 Homerun 1-4

SD LHB Single 1-6 Homerun 1-5
SD RHB Single 1-6 Homerun 1-8

SF LHB Single 1-9   Homerun 1-1
SF RHB Single 1-12 Homerun 1-5

SEA LHB Single 1-2 Homerun 1-8
SEA RHB Single 1-2 Homerun 1-8

STL LHB Single 1-10 Homerun 1-7
STL RHB Single 1-10 Homerun 1-4

TB LHB Single 1-2 Homerun 1-6
TB RHB Single 1-2 Homerun 1-6

TEX LHB Single 1-18 Homerun 1-10
TEX RHB Single 1-18 Homerun 1-10

TOR LHB Single 1-9 Homerun 1-8
TOR RHB Single 1-9 Homerun 1-8

WAS LHB Single 1-4 Homerun 1-5
WAS RHB Single 1-13 Homerun 1-11

As you can see Yelich will really love Miller Park.  Cain - not as much.


Did they even play the Pro Bowl?  There was zero mention of it in the Sports last night - even on the ticker had no mention of it.  What a waste of airwaves.


Did you know it takes an average of 29.4 minutes to buy a pair of good fitting jeans?


I FINALLY got my flu shot. Piece of cake. Didn't hurt and I have been rubbing myself all over flu people all weekend. I feel great!


I did not know the guy that invented IKEA  was pro-nazi.


For $25 you can buy 10,000 Tweeter accounts to follow you.  I know before the election it was found that Trump had over 1 million tweeter accounts following him that were not from America and came from one Twitter factory in Russia.  Nobody cared at that point in time.


40% of all NFL players who played Week 1, at some point in the season were injured and missed at least one game.  HOWEVER - of player who did not miss a game the previous year only 26% missed one game the next year.


Want to find hidden secret Military bases?  Fit Bit will tell you. If you wear a fit bit devise you can be found it seems with an interactive heat map that seems to have exposed sensitive sites.

Here is one such image showing the route joggers are using in a drone site in Niger - OOPS - SURPRISE

SO - we purchased a NEST thermostat and I am applying for the $75 rebate from Columbus Water and Light.   It's an awesome gadget.  We have it hooked to our phones so when DJ and I BOTH leave the house it automatically turns the temp down.   Here is the issue though.

Our old Honeywell thermostat was reading everything 4 degrees too high. So during the day we would have the temp set at 70 and it was REALLY 66.  AT night we set it at 63 and it was REALLY 59.

So now our SMART thermostat is reading everything correctly and the house is warmer . . saving money?  LOL


Didn't watch the Grammy's. watched Victoria.   But I think if you win a Grammy and don't show up to get it . . . you do not deserve one. NEXT IN LINE GETS IT.


My next car will be a Ferrari LaFerrari - OMG - what an awesome car.  Only 950 horsepower though.   It is lighter then my Crosstrek and pollutes less.  Top speed is 217 so I hope it has REALLY good brakes - HOWEVER it is slow off the line going  0-62 in 2.4 seconds and 124 mph in less then 7 seconds.  Think how fast I could get to the dog park.  But I can not find mpg for this baby so maybe I'll skip it

And finally binging (how the hell do you spell that word).

This is the Golden Age for Actors - with so many "networks" with so many fantastic shows you can not watch all the GOOD stuff.  I think when cable TV started this is what they were dreaming about. You have to watch a lot of new shows and decide if it is good enough to watch again or not.

We did this with Victoria - BINGE and keep looking for more.

We tried Jean Claude Van Johnson - What if all of Jean Claude Van Damm's movies were just a cover and he was actually a super secret spy!!  This series he makes fun of himself and it really is rather funny and an odd weird way.  Not sure if it's binge worthy though.

HOWEVER  - The Marvelous Mrs Maisel -  based on a true story is and really is Marvelous  BINGE


Keep warm this week - and I never mentioned all the things I WAS going to mention.  Carry on. 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Lorenzo - you are back and Yelich BRAVO

Full house today with plumbers, insulation, kitchen flooring fix (under the frig dry rot) so Gus and I are hold up in the office.

The BIG news are the Brewers.

First they trade Brinson (and others) for Christian Yelich which is great.  Unproven talent is  . . unproven and in return you get a young amazing outfielder 2 years away from his prime age. Yelich is a very very good Center fielder but better Left fielder and covers more ground catching fly balls then 90% of all other outfielders.  Fantastic glove and bonus arm.  Oddly Braun had his best fielding in his career last year in LF.

Yelich has good power and will REALLY be helped in Milwaukee.  Miami is one of the hardest parks to hit a HR in and he is going to Milwaukee one of the easiest so I'm hoping for 25+ HRs with a good batting average.   Yelich is on my Strat-o-matic team and I love the guy.   a 600AB every day player.

So before I noticed the Brewers signed Lorenzo Cain I thought our new CF was Yelich (where I play him).

BUT NOOOOO - "we" sign Lorenzo Cain from Kansas City another really really hard ball park to hit a HR in.  Cain is a world class Center fielder. very very good arm,  covers an amazing (like Gomez used to) amount of ground in CF.   Hitting is just OK and might dip a little in Milwaukee.  He can hit HRs but Miller Park is not as conducive to doubles and triples as Kansas City is.  I'm not as excited on his offense but any lack in offense is made up for in fielding which in turn will really help pitching.  Plus he is an every day 600AB player.

Not sure what happens to Broxton now but I'm not REAL pumped on his weak offense and not the greatest fielder.  Plus Brox is in his prime being almost 27.  27 is the age most players hit their over all peak.


The blame game for the latest government shutdown is being a little miss reported by the media because of how the question is begin asked. . . . but before I get into that I want to say I am NOT 100% against the REAL GOP. 

The GOP before Trump - Shrink the deficit, defend states’ rights, and be tough on Russia. The GOP after Trump - Budget deficits are are meaningless, state’s rights are obsolete, and Russian aggression is no big deal.  I feel the GOP has sold their soul to Trump and they will pay for it in the mid terms.

I have no issues with a difference of opinions when it comes from sane people.

With that said - the question being asked by pollsters is a little misleading.  Who is to blame, Democrats, Republicans or Trump.   32% blame democrats,  18% blame Republicans and 31% blame Trump.

Among democrats 57% blame trump and 30% blame Republicans and 4% blame Democrats. Among Republicans  77% blame Democrats 5% blame Trump  and 2% blame themselves.

The issue is Republicans are tied to Trump and you cannot separate them.  A Presidents approval rating is highly correlated with how a party does in elections.

But the bottom line is who cares.  Nobody is changing their opinions because of the shutdown.

There are some interesting tidbits in the latest polls.  FOX News poll asking their viewers about the economy was the largest percentage of FOX people saying the economy is doing very very well since 1998 (17%). 

Only 25% of Democrats are dissatisfied with current immigration laws - the lowest ever.

A record-high 58 percent of Americans told feel that government should do more to solve problems and help meet people’s needs while 38% say the government is doing too much to help people.

69% of Democrats are looking forward to the mid-term elections.  58% of Republicans are looking forward to them.  This is a reverse from 2010 and 2014 where Republicans were 12 and 15 points more excited then Democrats.

37% of  Americans make their bed.  We make our bed so if we do absolutely nothing the rest of the day . . at least we did SOMETHING.


In other news - the GOP is proposing ending funding for the International Space Station.

The GDP which the GOP promise's to be 6% to pay for the tax cuts came in much lower then expected at 2.6%. The target was 3%.  Our economy is growing slower then expected.  This stopped the longest streak above 3% in history (which started with Obama).

Actually it was a good report overall but Americans buy too many goods from other countries and the amount of goods being sold overseas has been dropping.  Other countries do not want Made in America. 


Got a little very light rain going through today noonish.  No worries.

have a great day - about to turn off power for a tad.  Cheers

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Technology is so awesome

SO - today is my birthday, or as some say my "naming day".  The day the entire world tells you over and over that you are NOT getting any younger.  Birthdays were never a big deal when I grew up.  Nothing to really get excited about so let's move on.

In other news.  Saturday the average high temperature moves from 25 to 26 the first solid move towards summer.  The lowest average high is 24 which happens on my brother birthday, January 14th.  It only lasts 1 day. Starting Jan 3rd the average drops from 26 to 25. On January 14th the average drops to 24 for one day and then back to 25 the next day until this Saturday.  It will stay 25 until Feb 1st BUT THEN we gain a degree AT LEAST once every 4 days and the rise accelerates as we get more and more sun.

SO - Saturday celebrate as we have officially gotten through the arm pit of winter. All we have is the snowiest month to go.  So far so good.   With that said. With the temps about to be near 50 Friday don't complain when our high is 0.  25 degrees warmer then average means we can always be 25 degrees colder.


The GOP is raising your taxes. Well, they are raising tariffs which in turn will raise prices. LG has already announced they are raising prices and the solar industry announced they will likely lose 28,000 workers as the GOP put a 30% tariff on solar panels, thus killing the solar industry.   TVs are going to go up in price so if you are looking to buy buy now. 

Tariffs only raise prices for things Americans buy.  Remember America first.

But the industry that REALLY likes the GOP are the PayDay Loan sharks.  The GOP put congressman Mick Mulvaney in charge of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  He has been an anti- Consumer Financial Protection Bureau advocate for years and yesterday he stopped lawsuits and loosened regulations on the industry which forbid company's like PayDay loans from providing 900% interest loans to the poor.  Now they can.

Another great thing the GOP has done is America lost 40,000 tourism jobs in the last year as America is no longer the tourist destination it use to be. The National Travel and Tourism Office said there was a 3.3% drop in travel spending and a 4% drop tourists coming to America since the President took office.  Making America Great Again?

Did you know America is the only wealthy country in the world without universal healthcare?

Did you know the not-for-profit Social Progress Imperative ranked social progress in 128 countries in 2017 based on three things, basic human needs like food, water, and shelter,   access to information and environmental quality and opportunity, including personal rights and freedoms.  America is ranked 18th

Did you know that Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, and Slovenia all offer free or virtually free college education.

Did you know America is one of the only developed countries in the world that does not offer paid leave to new parents?  Estonia gives 87 weeks off of paid leave. Bulgaria, Hungary, Japan, Lithuania, Austria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Norway and Slovakia all give 1 year paid leave.

America ranks 43rd out of 183 countries when if comes to freedom of the press.  And we rank 18th in rule of law rankings which rank corruption in our government.

BUT "we" rank 31st in gun violence per 100,000 residents.  3.85 per 100,000 citizens. El Salvador is 1st with 40.95 per 100,000. 

OH - if you are looking at wealthy countries we are REALLY REALLY low on the list.  Germany is 0.12 per 100,000. America is just behind Iraq in gun violence.

When you vote for School Board make sure you understand what the candidates really stand for.  One of this years candidates is anti-new school (it was good enough for him 50 years ago) anti-vax, a climate change denier and anti-fluoride.

WITH THAT SAID - Please vote for Jason Theilen for Alderman District 2.


According to UBS Wealth Management, Millennials will be the richest generation ever.  60% are investing in retirement savings and all of them will sooner or later inherit the property and wealth from their parents.  They have been locked out of the housing market (there is a lack of real estate at the moment) but once parents die all of that property goes to them and since the millennial population is smaller then the baby boomer that wealth will be more concentrated.


On this day The Battle of the Bulge ended as the Allies pushed the German lines back to where they started.  All told the Americans had 80,000, killed, wounded, and captured and the Germans 100,000.


Newest binge is Victoria but here is the problem.  We are still 3 or 4 episodes away from the final CROWN and watching both of these shows is REALLY confusing. Same names but 130 years.
apart.  Both are outstanding but after 4 episodes of the wonderful Victoria it has to wait.

As for Godless.  Well,  Very good show but the finale' was not very well choreographed at all.  I think I could have done better.  It looked more like a fight between two prize fighters who had zero defense.

OH - the good guys won but there were so many other things they COULD have done.  It was like they had this huge build up and then got bored for the finale'.    NOT saying it was not worth watching and the ending was excellent but it could have been so much better.

STILL - best series finale's I have seen are from Justified and Battle Star Galactica.  I remember both vividly.


Not going to Washington DC this year for Water and Light. The place pisses me off.  This is one of my favorite images from my last trip - that is The Mayor waiting for the subway

See ya later.  Going to the Tornado Room in Madison for dinner tonight.

OH - something I learned yesterday about Dolby Atmos.  There is a limit on how many on-screen objects the mixer can use for audio.  120.  Since speaker "channels" are a thing of the past and and it's all about objects on the screen now.   Technology is so awesome.  I actually have a Beatles MONO album.


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Dolby Atmos

The word of the day is Dolby Atmos.

As I re-acquaint (also called re-obsessing) myself with audio for the first time in 15 years it's like a new world.  My modus operandi in my life seems to be, find a problem, obsess over gaining as much knowledge as possible, do what has to be done and move on to the next obsessin.

When I created my "home theater" in my living room 15 years ago I created a 7.1 system that was pretty darn good.  But that was 15 years ago.  Speakers last almost forever and receivers have not changed that much . . . I thought.  True and not true it seems.

When you to go a movie you will see the big THX or DTS logo meaning the movie will have super good audio . . . but it is so 2000s.  The buzz now is Dolby Atmos.

A typical 7.1 surround sound system has 3 front speakers, left, center, right and 4 surround speakers plus one subwoofer. It sounds pretty good as sound moves from one speaker to the next.  BUT NOW . . . . . Dolby Atmos technology has come along.

Dolby Atmos is an object base 3D surround sound system which bounces sound off ceilings and creates a sound bubble.  Instead of a helicopter going from left front to right back Dolby Atmos has it going from left bottom to flying over your head.  Sound is actually attached to objects on the screen magically.

There is more and more Dolby Atmos created content with DVDs and Netflix and Amazon Prime having content.  It's sort of like the 4K TV for audio.  Special equipment is needed and if you have a good system I would not upgrade  . . .YET . . but if you are creating a NEW system buying Dolby Atmos capable receivers and speakers is a no brainer.

SADLY my blu-ray player was going to be my PS4 but NAY - PS4s are not Dolby Atmos capable.  Xbox1 are but they are not that great for audio.  They can PLAY it but it's not real great.

ANYWAY  - this does a better job of explaining this new technology    

Yea - sort of an advertisement wasn't it

here is a good 6 minute review from a dude


I was watching in shock as King Trump's approval ratings were rising after the tax cuts and they got all the way up to 40%.  But then the thrill of an extra $10 a check started to wear off and his ratings are dropping like a rock once again and we prepare for another Government shut down in 14 days as they kick the can down the road once again.

But the good news for Wisconsin is that Jesse Kremer , the social conservative nutbag, literally worst Republican in the Wisconsin State Assembly is not running. Another rat jumping off the GOP sinking ship.

This guy is a horrible human.  In a speech he literally said he believes the earth is 6000 years old. He is transphobic, homophobic, anti-abortion and co-authored a bill that said the UW could expel any student that protested a speaker.

(To be honest I believe Madison "liberals" are not at all liberal as they hate anybody that does not agree with their liberal views but that is MY issue).

He also authored a bill that would make it almost impossible for the public to view police body cam footage.

So long, you won't be missed.


Ursula K. Le Guin passed away yesterday. She wrote 20 novels, over 100 short stories, seven essay collections, 13 children’s books.  I read a few of her books and as I recall loved them.  Now I must read them all.

OH - have I mentioned HQ Trivia?  The newest rage for winning free money? Perhaps I have, never mind.  My BEST so far is to be in the top 22,000 of the 1.2 million playing.  I lost last night on a question asking to choose who was the tallest of 3 tennis players.

OH - Saturday I missed a question on what NFL player did not have a video game named after him.  Emmitt Smith, Brett Favre or some other guy.   It was Favre.  I was thinking who Madden because I knew he was on the cover once but it was not an entire game. 

OH - one question concerned Wisconsin and the guy said "if you picked Wisconsin you are wrong as Wisconsin has the original white Walker as governor"  LOL

The question was - What first letter of a State does NOT have a Republican governor,  W, V or C you have 4 seconds.  4 seconds goes REALLY fast.


RIP Deer #83 who passed away in our deer park.  I still find this park a confusing thing to have in a city.  So confusing. 


This weekend is looking good.  Friday we COULD hit 50 but it will feel more like 35 with a LOT of wind.   Saturday looks great with 46, a lot less wind and sunny.  Back to 31 on Sunday so we're in this up and down trend but there are no long term cold spells in the future . . at the moment.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Fly Eagles Fly

 . . . . . is something very few people are saying unless they are Eagle fans because it is such an annoying phrase.  But that is fine as Go Pack Go is pretty annoying to non-Packer fans.

There was a headline Friday. "Vikings are Doom Dressed in Hope" " "a team that doesn’t simply disappoint its fans, but does so in a thematically consistent manner".   In fact in each of the Vikings tragic losses their perceived  strength has been their downfall.   The Vikings were the best since 1991 at not letting the other team convert 3rd downs.  The Eagles were 10 out of 14 on 3rd downs.  The Vikings built their defense JUST to beat the Packer passing game  . . not the Eagles I guess.

Well, the Eagles were the best team yesterday . . I think.  I turned off the game after the 1st quarter opting to watch S1E1 of Victoria which was REALLY good and not a waste of my time.

So now we have the least anticipated Superbowl in 2 decades in which most people watching the commercials will be rooting for the Eagles.   All I want is to see one of those teams lose tragically.  THAT would be the best outcome. I don't care who wins as long as one loses tragically.

In last nights game the pick six changed everything and the back-up QB was no longer a factor in the game, it was game over at that point.  The BIG question for the next 2 weeks is that the Eagles had the best home field advantage in the league which means that are pretty so-so on the road??  er not..

Then there is Nick Foles who in the 2nd half of the game had a perfect QB rating. That's not going to happen in 2 weeks.

Patriots have a 58% chance of winning the Superbowl, a little more then Clinton had for winning the Presidency.   FLY EAGLES FLY


From 7:00 AM to 7:00 AM this morning Columbus received 0.74 inches of rain.  More coming but we have a dry slot coming our way and then MAYBE a thunderstorm at the tip of a low level jet stream before it changes to a wet slushy snow. MAYBE 1 or 2 inches most.

Seeing the sun will not be a problem this week AFTER today and most of tomorrow and we could hit 50 on a windy Friday with 40s Saturday and upper 20s Sunday. Remember - the average HIGH is 24


Then there is the #trumpshutdown

Twitter has found 1,062 Twitter accounts that belong to a Russian Agency that has been blasting  #shumershutdown 677,000 times.  Even with all that  #trumpshutdown is crushing it on the Twitter.


In 2017 craft breweries employed 69,359 employees up from 27,801 in 2001.  Craft Breweries are one of the best economic stories of the last decade as they take over more and more of the beer market.


I cannot WAIT for the Winter Olympics.  Not a huge fan of the summer Olympics but Winter is can't miss TV. 

With that said this is one of the most beautiful routines I have ever seen. From the 2017 World Teams in Japan and both will be competing. Sounds of Silence by Disturbed.

OH OH  OMG!!!   - On our bucket list is a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado so we have been looking for a good concert and THIS MORNING, JUST NOW - I looked at the schedule again and BAM - Brit Floyd will be at Red Rocks in June.  OMG - We have seen Pink Floyd 5 times and Aussie Floyd once but never Brit Floyd.

Red Rocks Amphitheater 

So the plan is to see the concert (if we can get tickets) and then see a Rockie game the next night before heading to Winter Park and all places in the mountains.  This time we will have a few days to accumulate ourselves with the elevation (Winter Park is a true bitch when if comes to oxygen deprivation) and we won't have an impending illness/death to play with our emotions.

We could not make this vacation if I was still on City Council as I would miss a meeting and with only 3 council's missed in 5 years (remember I attended every council meeting a year BEFORE I was elected) well . . .


Odd stock market numbers.  The Government has been shut down 17 times since 1977.  Of those 17 times the Stock Market has averages 15.57% gains for that year.   


SO - the Department of Defense and the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program released videos from the Air Force showing a UFO that was filmed.  It out ran an F18 and rotated.

These are REAL UFOs.  Meaning they are not from another world . . they are Unknown what they are.  If something is Unknown it means you can't say it's from another world . . . it's UNKNOWN. 


Have a wet Monday!!


Friday, January 19, 2018

HQ Trivia

Fascinating storm coming our way.  It's a Colorado Low which typically is the one that brings blizzards and is pretty easy to forecast as they always do the same thing over the same area at least with the total amount of precipitation.  Just depends where you are.

A little twirly bit of energy flows over the Rockies. As the land rises the Low flattens out like a pancake spreading it's energy out.  Once it crosses the mountains and the land drops the Low elongates vertically, stretching up and down which at the same time narrows the girth and makes the entire system spin faster.

With a dip in the jet stream north and nice warm moist air mass from the Gulf of Mexico streaming into it it gathers strength. 

FOR US - it looks like it is slowing a bit so the main event will be more Monday with Sunday being just the opening act of this play.  Tuesday morning looks to be the icky part when the rain turns to freezing rain and snow.

We will be all over the place for temperatures for the next 10 days. After Sunday, whatever it is today it will be different tomorrow by 10 degrees up OR down.

It looks to me that in 10 days we will be done with "cold" for a while.


So many people showing up today.  Flooring dude for under the frig, HVAC and trim for the basement.


Brewed a London Porter (like Fullers London Porter) yesterday as I was moving a cabinet.  It's bubbling away as I type.


Then there are the Philadelphia Eagles, the team that uses stats better them most other teams.  They "went for it" on 4th down more often then all other teams in the NFL (which is a very smart thing). Most teams are still stuck with old school thinking (even the Packers) but not the Eagles.

65% of the time they went for it and got the yards (26 times).

Speaking of the Viking game.  Was it the best final 2 minutes in NFL history?

With 2 minutes and 5 seconds left in the game the chance of either team winning was at 50% . New Orleans was winning 21-20 and the Vikings had the ball.  What happened next was amazing.

With 1:55 left, Minnesota had a 65% chance of winning. With 40 seconds left The Saints had a 66% chance of winning.  With 14 seconds left The Saints had a 96% chance of winning. And we all know what happened.

 . . . . . . YET . . . .when Hillary, who had a 55% chance of winning lost to The Donald everybody was AMAZED.  HOW CAN YOU LOSE WITH A 55% CHANCE!  THE POLLS WERE WRONG!

OH - think that extra point was unimportant.?  It would have covered the spread which was -5.5  Many people lost by 1/2 a point. Imagine losing on a ceremonial kneel down.

in Random news

 Don't you wish you lived in Moscow?  In December, the total amount of sunshine Moscowions saw was 6 minutes.   SIX MINUTES!!!     
It's pretty much been proven that our President gave $130,000 to a porn start to keep her quiet about an affair a few weeks before the election.  Think how the GOP would have gone bonkers if Obama did this.  The party of family values?  I think not. A party that ONLY thinks about money? yes.

In BIG news - the 3MM headphone jack,  that big one?  Gone. Phased out.

Is the GOP going to shut down the government because they can't kick out enough Dreamers?  Looks like it

Millennials are responsible for killing many American industries, department stores, casual dining restaurants, and paper napkins to name a few but Gen X are the ones that will kill Facebook.

Only 9% (down 4% from 2 years ago) of Gen X so Facebook (Gen X = 1995 to 2005) Snapchat and Instagram are the preferred social media.

I guess I need a new Passport - the one I had for Survivor is no longer good! 


Shows I am or used to watch that will probably be canceled?

Madam Secretary
Once Upon A Time

OH - Anybody play HQ the trivia game on their phones? FREE MONEY!!   Twice a day you have a chance to answer 12 questions.  Miss one and you are out.  About 700,000 play for a chance to share a few thousand dollars.  FOR FREE.   Normally $2000 ($18,000 the most) is shared between the final 300 players.

2:00 in the afternoon and 8:00 at night are the games.   Pretty fun.

This is what it looks like - first question is at about the 2:30 mark

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

you get a Red Bud and you get a Red Bud

In no particular order

We went to see Molly's Game a few days ago and really like the movie - It's a true story about a Olympic hopeful who had a freakish bit of bad luck when a tiny stick unlocked her ski's on a jump.  The ski departed her ankle and she landed . . . .  badly,  but that was just the beginning of her true to life story.

She went from being a low paid waitress to running the worlds biggest poker games (million dollar pots). If you like poker and true stories this is a great show but it's not actually all about "poker".  It's a true story about Molly Bloom.


What are we looking at? A submarine the Tourist Commission is bringing to Columbus?  No - this is an artist mock up of the railing that will go in front of The Cage so they will not break their legs when they exit the bar at 1 in the morning (or 9 in the morning).

There are some tweaks and this is only the first iteration - HOWEVER - the most wonderful feature is the vertical object on the left. 

This is a the Miniature Northern Hydrostatic Standpipe tree.

This unique tree will ease citizens concerns about DPW having to spend more money watering trees as it NEVER NEEDS WATER.  It comes with it's own water.  An amazing tree that has no leaves to rake which makes this a perfect downtown tree.

The city will be offering trees to the residents of James Street who lost trees with 10 trees on the list.

European Hornbeam
Ginko - Princeton Sentry
Honey Locust - Shademaster
Bur Oak
Little Leaf Linden
Lacebark Elm
Japanese Tree Lilac
Black Bum
Swamp White Oak

and everybody gets a Red Bud - you get a Red Bud and you get a Red Bud and you get a Red Bud.

Sadly a community is only allowed to have one Miniature Northern Hydrostatic Standpipe.

With that said you might have seen the new snow plow the city spent a few hundred thousand dollar on.  We could not afford the big rig because too many people were complaining about taxes so we got the one we could afford.

If you see this on the road please offer some hot chocolate to the drivers as it does not have heat yet (maybe next year)

This is a joke people!!!!  NOT REAL 

There was a special election up north in the red territory of the north woods.   The Wisconsin Senate seat has been controlled by the GOP for 16 years and all 5 counties voted for Trump.  The Democrat won by 9 points even with the GOP and it's Conservative groups Americans for a White America  and the Republican State Leadership Committee pumping money for ad's.   The Blue Wave continues.


BTW - I REALLY am going to miss being on City Council - REALLY!  What a fantastic experience and I won't be disappearing (insert evil laugh).  I just know when I'm not good at something.  I'm not very eloquent when it comes to speaking what is rattling around in my head.

With that said VOTE FOR Jason Theilen.  Fantastic guy, a lot of energy, a downtown business owner.   


There was a news article about how they are teaching crows to pick up cig butts and other garbage and take them to a collection device. The crow drops it into the device that looks at it and gives the crow a treat.

pfffffft - Gus does this already.  He picks up all sorts of garbage and we yell at hit to DROP DROP and when he does he gets a treat. 


Want to know who saw the ending to the Viking game?  EVERYBODY.  The last play was watched by 46 million people.


I have never gone through a basement finishing project but it's nothing like I imagined.  I THOUGHT we would have people in the basement working away day in day out for months . . . but nay! 

Framers come in - work for 1 day and are done.

A few weeks later electricians come in for 6 hours - electrify the place and are done.

Next is wiring for a sound system, then HVAC, Plumbers, insulation, cabinets . . .it's like a 2 month project done random days at a time.  Plus Friday we are getting the floor under are crappy Frigidaire refrig (long gone) fixed and I have to remove a cabinet in the kitchen because of dry rot.  Never buy a Frigidaire.       


The number of Americans who do not have insurance rose by 3.2 million last year and new employee hires for last year was a 7 year low. 

$108 BILLION was spent online during the holiday season.  It is truly is amazing what online can do now.   Order something Monday afternoon, it arrives Tuesday and if you don't like it send it back for free with a full refund.  I think we should have ordered DPWs REAL new trucks online.  Would have saved a lot of time.


Saudi Arabia opened it's first movie theater in 35 years last weekend.  What was the movie?  An American classic "The Emoji Movie".  No really, it was.


I follow Chuck Todd, the political analyst  (CBS I think) on Twitter and he is a big sports fan AND a huge Packer fan and he tweeted  (and I paraphrase)  . . Trey Burton of the Philadelphia Eagles has the most similar height/weight to Donald Trump.  Well, there ya go.  Twitter in all it's glory.


Looks like a royal mess coming Sunday night into Monday/ Rain, freezing rain turning to snow - ANOTHER long duration event last 24+ hours. This COULD start Sunday morning and last until Tuesday morning when the front goes through. - yea.  YUCK

See ya 


Thursday, January 11, 2018

All the Potatoes Have Been Baked

Yea - when you buy a potato it's still alive.  You put that potato into boiling water those are tiny potato screams you are hearing - just like a lobster.   Then there are sweet potatoes - FAKE POTATO - they are not even potatoes they are swollen roots of the morning glory family.

The Incans used potatoes for cure things. Carrying a potato in your pocket was known to cure tooth aches and rheumatism and the phrase "is that a potato in your pocket or are you just happy to see me" came from the Inca's or at least that is what I imagine it came from. I have never heard it DIDN'T come from the Incas so . . . . .


I was at a sewer meeting last night.  The Columbus sewer system is the one of the wonders of the world.  It seems 10+ years ago Columbus was in deep shit from The State but since then the system has been upgraded and now Columbus is the goto sewer system for near by communities. YET - things always need upgrading and you really don't want to ignore the sewer system.

I believe the sewer system is the most important function in city government.  Yea - Columbus Water and Light is important but we have a river . . the actual reason FOR Columbus and electricity is over rated.  DPW is a good thing and if we did not have sewers they could be used to plow to poop instead of snow and Parks and Rec would be nice to lift our spirits from the stench of city life so they would be needed also. 

But I digress.

The one issue the guys have is poop stacking (also called sludge).  As you can see we have this awesome sludge building with it's huge 30 foot beautiful wooden ceilings but alas, they can only stack the sludge 2 or 3 feet high.  What a waste of a beautiful building.  I suggested we make this into a concert venue, The Columbus Poop Palace, it did not go over well.

So equipment is needed to get more liquid out of the sludge.  But the main issue is that there is a screen that takes all of the garbage people toss into the toilet out before it fowls the system.  That crap (not actually crap) literally gets man handled and put into a garbage bag and that 60 pound bag of filth is carried up 2 flights of stairs and put into a garbage bin.

So the plan is to get a new, better screen and have it automatically lifted up to trash bins.

SO - Do you want our sewer guys, like the ones on the left, carrying crap that is not even good enough for a waste basket up two flights of stairs?

Or would you rather not have a new screen and they will look more look more like the guy below.  For just a few dollars more you can make a difference in your sewer mans life.

Columbus sewer has not raised rates for 10 years.  Just sayin.


I decided to make a run to Madison and get my flu shot (among other things) but when I got to the place they were going to lunch so I would have to wait.  I decided to go to Eddies for a burger and then back to the Columbus Walgreens to get my shot.

WELL - I still have issues with Walgreens tossing out a $50 postcard rack I loaned them (they never paid me back) and when I asked for a flu shot they looked at me and said.  "We're out of them".   WHAT?

You are out of flu shots?   I THINK NOT - I wanted to say - "if I die it's on you" but I didn't.  SO - I am still flu shot-less and I'm not an anti-vac'er.  I think they have issues with me and want me to go away.

You say - WELL - it does not cover the main flu anyway - yea - you will still get sick if you have the wrong flu BUT - you will only get sick, not admitted to the ICU to die.


Here is something that will keep you awake at night.

The Universe seems to be expanding at an accelerating rate and nobody knows why. What this means is that at some point - all of the other galaxies will be . . . . over our horizon. "We" will not see ANY other stars in the sky.

BUT WAIT - think about it.  All of those entities will not know a time when there were stars, they will have no clue what it was like to see stars.  What about NOW - we have no clue what it was like a billion years ago when some entity was wondering what it will be like . . . NOW!


If you are reading this it has already begun to get cold or will soon.  About 3:00 the front will go through and then it's all downhill.  High Saturday will be about 10.  We are missing a MAJOR ice storm that will hit east and a good size snow storm hitting north. We get . . this stuff.  NOT COMPLAINING.

One week from today we will get out of the deep freeze.  Until then it's winter coat season once again with no real storms in the future. Once the freeze is over we will get a Pacific air mass over us instead of the arctic masses we have been getting. Plus there is not much "cold" left in Canada as most of Canada and Alaska is way above average.


Packers - I like the guy the Packers hired for defense.  He is more of a smash mouth kind of guy but still the basic 3-4 defense. Just a little meaner.


When Deadwood aired it was must see TV.  So many people were glued to their TVs for a type of western nobody had ever seen before.  It was a game changer for westerns until the writers strike canceled it in season 4 or 5.  People would literally walk around swearing for a few days after watching the show (you will have to watch this classic to understand).

DJ and I are as glued to Godless as we were to Deadwood.  I HOPE the last episodes (there re only 7) are as outstanding as the first ones.   Along with an outstanding story line the show is very cinematic.  I only mention this because the opening credits remind me of Deadwood.

BTW - The Winchester is my favorite rifle. and it seems EVERYBODY has them in this show.  And all are REALLY good marksman.   This " female-driven ensemble sets it apart in a male-dominated genre".  Jeff Daniels is up for some best acting awards.


FUN FACT - the set used in Godless is the same set used in Deadwood

Jeff Daniels horse is the same horse he used in True Grit (he was in the remake of True Grit? another great movie).  




Tuesday, January 9, 2018

CES and fake water mains

Stayed up VERY late last night watching a football game I had absolutely zero interest in. Let me put it a different way - I could literally not care less about who won the game.  I could have been watching Thorp vs. Keshena in High School football.  OH - it was a good game but as soon as the dude crossed the goal line - click.  Game over - who cares move on.


I stopped typing yesterday because a guy from AMS stopped by to discuss TVs and audio and we got talking about the CES - The Consumer Electronic Show which is why TVs go down in price (it's not the Super Bowl).

So - my question is - should I buy the new 65 inch OLED 4K TV that comes rolled up in a tube?

 Yea - it's as thin as a piece of plastic.  2 years ago there was an 18 inch "wall paper" TV and now? 65 inch LG (the best TV manufacture) 4K OLED (pronounced o-lead) that unrolls and sticks on the wall.  There is a sound bar that attaches because there need to be a place to plug things in.

Of course if you have to ask how much one of those costs you cannot afford it  (they can go as low as $20,000).

Samsung (third best TV manufacture) has a new 146 inch TV called The Wall.  Samsung also has the first 85 inch 8K TV with AI.  Not sure what the AI does and just because something has more pixels does not mean its better.

The great thing about these TVs is that the viewing distance is actually diminishing.  You can sit 3 feet from a 65 inch 4K OLED with zero issues.  65 inch seems to be the goto size for BIG screens that are not FREAKISHLY expensive (as if good 65 incher was not already expensive) as 75 inchers go way way up in price.

I think we are in the golden age of TV hardware.  When we gave away (could not even sell them for $50) two 65 inch DLP TVs (we kept getting Mel's cast off TVs) and I got rid of a small LITERALLY 200 pound flat screen 30 inch TV (I had to use a t-wheeler to get it out of the house LOL), we got a "cheap" (less then $500)  55 inch 4K for my "office" and OMG - it is so amazing.

You don't need 4K for a 55 inch screen but you almost can't NOT get one.

So that ts THAT story on TVs.


Seems there are no GOP candidates to run for Governor in New York as two more dropped out last week.

Mark January 1st 2019 as a big day. On that day all published works from 1923 that are protected by copy write laws will become public domain!  BRING IT ON . . . stuff!

The final 747 took flight for the last time last week in America.  Was that the first "jumbo" jet?

Irritation of the day - I was reading an email on my iPhone last night and all of a sudden the screen goes blank and returns with a message - "uploading 1 of 4800 emails"?  WHAT?  Then "uploading 7 of 4800 emails"  WHAT??

WTF!  And it won't upload in the background. I have to be on that screen.       grrrrrrrr  Iwish therewas an easy way to delete a few years of emails from Yahoo instead of 20 at a time.

Interesting tidbit from Kramer of MAD MONEY.  I like him for his macro economic views (my all time favorite class in college - Macro Econ).  He said there are 4 things pumping the stock market that will last a while. 

The main thing was that at the moment the stock market is NOT being driving by stock pickers - it is being driven by index funds that come from millennials putting $$ automatically into the market in 401Ks and so forth and this money is one-direction.  It only goes in.  Index funds are good!!! 

The 2nd thing is that in the last 17 years the stock market has 50% less companies to invest in meaning all the other companies are getting THEIR cash.  Many companies are buying back their stocks making less supply and raising prices.

The other two reason were less interesting



A&E has a documentary coming out called "Undercover High" where 7 people spent a year in high school undercover and what they experienced was crazy. They were exposed to bullying, sexual harassment, poverty, violence, and drug addiction, among other issues. And in some cases, administrators did not realize the extent of the problems.

Yea - side note - alcohol is a big problem in OUR high school DURING SCHOOL, it's not cannabis. it's booze.  And that is not the only problem Columbus has with it's school system, - don't get me started as I cannot say more at this time. 

I have heard 3 times now from students that cannabis use is very minimal in our high school, alcohol is the big problem.  But alcohol is legal so I guess it's OK.

BTW - latest stats from Colorado has cannabis use among teenagers in the last 2 years has actually dropped.   

ANYWAY first episode airs tonight at 9:00 on A&E.

Speaking of our High School -  The School District sent out fake news the other day saying there was a water main break - not true at all. A pipe broke that had absolutely nothing to do with a water main.   Again - don't get me started.  They never even contacted Water and Light before they sent out the message blaming a water main. 

Want some good news?  a 50,000 pound humpback whale saved a snorkeler.  A snorkeler was filming something and the whale pushed him through the water with his nose for 10 minutes and protecting him under his dorsal fin from a 15 foot shark.  Once the guy got back into his boat in safety the whale chased the shark and then came back to the boat and looked up to see the guy.  Then swam away.


Finally - Gus got beat up at the dog park.  Like a football game. All fun and frolicking but yesterday was the first BIG day since the "cold snap" for many dogs and it was chaos.  Put 15 dogs that have been stuck in a house for 2 weeks and IT'S GO TIME! 

He literally slept from 6:00 to 6:00. I think he was sore.  He got bashed big time once and I have never seen him afraid but after 20 second he was back pestering the other dogs to chase him.     

It was this guy that gave him the biggest grief.  yea - that is Boomer.  Gus went up to Boomer and YELP!!   GET AWAY!! 

Oh - it was a Huskie that bashed Gus - not Boomer.  I think a Huskie thought Gus was messing with a Great Pyrenees and wanted Gus to stop pestering him.  

Have a great day

WEATHER - we COULD hit 50 on Thursday - seriously before we hit 20 for a high Friday and of course Saturday the high Wind chill will be -1 the cold the first part of next week and a warm up after that - the January thaw?

No snow.  Maybe we need to have more snow mobile meetings for the 7 days a year they are a city nuisance. 

Rod Out

Monday, January 8, 2018

Stock Market hmmmmmmmm

Ever read or hear something that makes you think you should mark a date and come back in 10 years to see if it's true? 

Like there is a meteor that will come near earth in 5 years but DON'T WORRY!  Or a strange butterfly illness in Africa that is killing all the cows but  . . . DON'T WORRY type things?

Well, here is some good news about the stock market and life in general.

For decades there has been gloom and doom reports about all of us baby boomers sucking the government teat with social security and medicare and there will be nobody to pay for it as we all retire and stop paying our dues. 

Well, that all changes this year as at some point the millennial population passes baby boomers and they will start to pay in more then "we" are taking out.  Millennials will start pumping money into the stock market (they are already) and this will really help older Americans who already have money invested in the market. It WON'T help the older generation who did not save but if you have a retirement plan, 401K, deferred comp the market will be a very positive thing for the next 10-15 years.

OH - short term fluctuations  but as we all know the market, on average, gains 9% a year.  I'm thinking that because of the MY ratio (something I really did not understand fully) that 9% could be more.

WITH THAT SAID - today is a big big day for chart watchers.  In it's history, when the S&P raises more then 2% in the first 5 business days of the year, 100% of the time (it's happened 15 times in history) the market has been GREAT that year.  In fact the average of those 15 times is 18.5%.

As of this morning the market is up 2.6% so NO BAD MARKET today.

Past performance is not indicative of future results


#Godless - if you have Netflix and liked Deadwood or Hell on Wheels - this is a binge worthy show. DJ and I watched Episode #1 ... and #2 and #3 on Friday night.  Jeff Daniels plays what I believe is his best roll ever and OMG - I am so glad that I see some glimpse of good Jeff every so often as he is so so evil.  It's weird as he brings both us us back to "it's only TV".

OH - it's not a gory bloody show but REALLY well done.



The New England Patriots won last weekend without even playing.  Their odds of winning the Super Bowl went from 31% to 34% when Tennessee pulled off and upset.


Erin Jackson will be the first  black American long track speed skater.


FINALLY - there is a new prime number to think about.  OH - I won't post it as the number is 23,249,425 digits long.


WEATHER - you thought it was a long cold snap?  You are correct. It was actually the 4th longest streak in our areas history at being under 15 degrees.  In fact Columbus spent 293 hours below 15 degrees.  The last time "we" spent that long under 15 was 55 years ago.

temp and wind chill for the 293 hours under 15
The good thing is we are out of THAT air mass and have a reprieve until Friday when the next arctic air arrives.  HOWEVER - there is a January thaw coming. A sustained stretch of above 32 weather - it's a ways off yet but there is hope on the horizon still 10+ days out but it's coming.  January thaws do not happen every year.


Yea President Oprah . . . I heard this morning that she says  "it is up to the people" so it's NOT out of the realm of possibility.  Not really sure what to think of this.


amendment of the day? The 25th it seems. Our woman groping President who is clueless about the Constitution was unaware there were 25 amendments. A little loophole - Under the amendment's fourth stipulation, it would only take 14 people to depose the president — Vice President Mike Pence and 13 of Trump's 24 Cabinet members. 

"Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President."

this would be bad as Pence would be worse then Trump.  With Trump the buffoon President in charge nothing is really getting done for the most part and most can be undone pretty quickly.  Pence is not a buffoon which is far scarier.

America might be going backward but like the stock market, there are short term blips.  In the long run America will always keep moving to the left following California's example. Sometimes slow and sometimes faster but there is always pressure to move left as that is how the majority of Americans feel.


Don't get me started on the garbage situation in Columbus downtown.  It's embarrassing but it's not being ignored.  Yea - 3rd world problems for sure.


What did I learn this weekend?  An English muffin is really an inside out crumpet and is not English at all.   Plus German Chocolate cake is not German at all. It was named after the guy that invented it Samuel German, an American who decided to add sugar to bakers chocolate.

oops  sorry - gotta run - a guy from AMS is here to talk basement stuff. 


Friday, January 5, 2018

Bombogenesis and cloaking squad cars

Let's talk a minute about WINTER STORM GRAYSON - or the newest buzz word Bombogenesis

There are very few times when meteorologists get a HUGE surprise.  If you would have asked anybody last Sunday about flying to the east coast on Thursday you would have heard "no problem".

Remember - typically the pros can spot a storm 2 weeks out 3000 miles away - but this one?  NOPE.

What is really tweaking weather geeks is that this storm was a rain storm in Florida and 24 hours later, after reaping havoc on the entire East coast with 15 deaths, 4000 flights canceled and inland flooding it is now way north of Maine . . . . IN 24 HOURS.

To be classified as a Bombogenesis a storm has to drop 24 millibars in 24 hours.  This dropped 58 millibars in 12 hours.  If you have a barometer at home this is a drop of 1.70 inches.  Unbelievable. 

I did not talk about it because it's a one news cycle event, not your typical 7 day event. It really was the perfect storm.  "Warm" Atlantic water, a vibrant arctic air mass colliding and some wind sheer to get things twirling in Florida. BAM!!  This will be studied for a very long time.

BUT - what about Wisconsin - Relief is on the way.  Heck - we could even see some rain next Wednesday night.  Monday through Thursday we should be in the mid to upper 30s and Gus will finally get some play time.   GOOD LORD HE NEEDS IT!  HE IS DRIVING US NUTS.

Sunday will be the day we can go outside safely again.


Last night in Council there was strangeness.  First of all it was a Thursday so everything was off.

Then I see the City Attorney was absent.  At first I thought it was because (and we all know this) that on days off lawyers and attorneys spend their times at the yacht club playing polo and eating truffles but THEN,  I spotted a judge in the crowd (there was only 1 person so it was easy) and YEA -  attorneys and judges in the same room?  YEA - when have you ever see THAT!

BUT WAIT - it could have been the trifecta - judge, attorney AND the Police Chief (notice the Caps - that is called respect . . . or fear . . same thing).  The only time you see those three in the same room is if you have done something very bad.

Luckily the Chief was there for the secret session having to do with the Police contracts.  I know the Chief wants a K9 unit but I believe he is being short sited and not thinking big enough.  OR OR - it is already here in Columbus and we don't know it!!!   WHO KNOWS!! 

What am I talking about?

As I was obsessing over WINTER STORM GRAYSON I spotted something that has been kept a secret. Squad car cloaking!!   Watch this video I captured yesterday - YEA - secret is out buddy!

Watch the left side of the image and keep your eyes on that squad car.  YEA YEA!!! drop the mic!

Of course if you watch a little longer the WHAT NEXT the video switches the Weather Channel talking about ME, Rod Meloat.

OK OK - many of you are now saying Crips!  that dude brags a lot. Yea - it's a character flaw I developed when I was at a low point in my life and I was called onto the carpet (yet again - you should see Gods permanent file on me) for doing a naughty thing at work YET - I was following instructions.  

After showing all the behind the scenes things I had been working on to make a $300 million a year system run more smoothly my boss said I needed to talk myself up more.  WELL, I seemed to take that to the extreme. 

OH - what did I do? I was suppose to learn yet another new computer language that I would never use and they told me to write a program of my choice to learn the language.  I did. It was great having all that main frame computer power.  Well, I guess they did not appreciate that it was a system that accumulated data for sports wagering for my NFL Bridge Jumper system.  (bet ON really bad teams when they play really good teams). 

But I digress

Back to cloaking.  I think the Columbus DPW should also have cloaking devices. What could possibly go wrong.  


The economy created 148,000 jobs last month, way less then expected. There was a plunge in retail jobs.  HOWEVER - it was the 87th month in a row where the US created more jobs they it lose.  Thank you Obama. 

Sadly Bistro Racian is closing in Columbus.  

***************  in other mindless news 

The Buffalo Bills are in the playoffs for the first time in 17 years as Packer fans tar and feather their coaches for missing the playoffs this year.  Yet - the Bills are there sort of by luck.  Play off teams rarely give up more points they they score. 


Jordon Greenway will be the very first Africa-American hockey player to play in the Olympics 


Cleveland will have a parade for their football team having a perfect year at 0-16. Only the second team ever to accomplish that feat (remember - the Packers almost ruined their season).   

Costco (a non-sports company) sold 87 million rotisserie chickens last year.  I dislike those chickens - they seem fake and full of weirdness - I hate the texture of their chicken and they are full of bad hormones and fillers.  

Speaking of grocery stores - I stopped at Pic-n-save last night and there were cars running with nobody inside as the drivers were shopping!  I REALLY wanted to jump in one and move it to the other side of the parking lot.  Probably not a good idea (I think I would have done that 50 years ago). 


That new book on Trump that Trump is advertising with his Tweets - sold only in 20 minutes at midnight in Washington.  Our President is literally losing his mind.  Trump eats a lot of fast food because he is afraid of being poisoned.  This was known BEFORE he became President.  

There are a few fast food places I WON'T eat at because I WAS poisoned. 

OK - my hands are too cold to type anymore. Have a great weekend and get outside Sunday

Cheers and bunny hugs! 


Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Marburg Files

WHAT?  The Duke of Windsor, the one who abdicated because of his true love for Wallis Simpson was a Nazi Sympathizer?  WHO NEW!  

Well, it seems many people did and it was a very very long held and dark cover up that was suppose to come to light in 2045.  The Marburg Files!  

Seems The Duke and the Nazi's had a plan to overthrow the English government and install The Duke as the King.  The plane with the plans crashed and with that the plan came undone.  BUT - since the Germans were super anal about documenting EVERYTHING (literally EVERYTHING such as who's teeth went where from holocaust victims) personal letters were discovered between the Duke and Hitler. 


Speaking of reality.  When you go the Disney you really want to escape reality right?  Unless you go to the Hall of Presidents (or whatever it's called) and see the new Donald Trump wax stature.

Looks about right. 


Did you know every galaxy in the known universe has a black hole? Scientists/astrophysicists think this is a egg vs. chicken thing - what came first. The galaxy? or the black hole. 


GUS THE WEATHER DOG SAYS: "I'm not brown nosing"!!!  

Actually he IS brown nosing but more on that after the weather.  

The latest words from NOAA suggest starting Sunday "we" might be above average for 5 days with the next real chance of snow NEXT Thursday. Lots of sun to melt ice. 

We just have to get this arctic air mass to move along! 

As for "brown nosing" (also called winter nose or snow nose) - it's a thing and Gus has it. It has to do with the amount of light as many dogs with black noses turn noses that turn brown in the winter.  It will go back to black when the weather gets warmer or the sun is out more. 


OMG - want to see what a virus looks like?  IT'S A MONSTER!  Taken with an electron microscope.  Those look like blood platelets in the background don't they? 


Be prepared to hear a lot about Meltdown and Spectre, two really horrific microprocessor bugs that allow hackers to steal the entire contents of your memory in your computer.  Meltdown is an easy fix but will slow your computer 30%.  Spectre is a different monster that has no fix yet.


70% of drones are made by one Chinese company and saw sales of 2.7 billion last year.  I will personally take a baseball bat to every drone I see. Literally the most annoying sound on the planet.  I will be the old man throwing rocks in the sky trying to knock down every personal drone I see.  I might actually buy a gun to shoot at them.   UNLESS my guns are taken away by the Police.  Seems in Pennsylvania you have a choice, give up all of your firearms and have access to medical cannabis. Or keep your guns but loose access medical cannabis.

So - they ARE coming for your guns.

Screw cannabis - invest in mushrooms the hot new food item. Grand View Research is projecting the mushroom market to exceed $50 billion within the next six years. YEA medicinal chaga and reishi mushroom extracts make you all healthy. Where was this in the 70s when I tried to get mushrooms for "medicinal" purposes for a Pink Floyd Concert (the Animals tour).

I will never forget that concert in Milwaukee at County Stadium. Before the lightning storm hit (or at least I think there was a lightning storm) when the huge pig exploded two of Milwaukee's finest rushed up the entry way guns drawn  . . freaked everybody out until the Police saw it was on the stage.

We all laughed.  Probably would not laugh these days.  Oddly Police/civilians interactions were more civilized in the 80s then 25 years later. 

Brings up another lost memory - the time a wedding party I was in was booted out of County Stadium for mooning Tommy Thompson (from 500 yards away). Seems some people did not appreciate that.  I did no mooning, he was not close enough.

I road 30 miles on a bike with a Lycra clad Tommy Thompson on GRABBAWR.  Was a nice guy but he did love the woman. So so many woman. Now THAT was weird. 

ahhhhh - the County Stadium memory's

Fish feel pain like you and me.  When you catch a fish that hook REALLY hurts. and when you slowly suffocate a fish it is REALLY panicking and in a good deal of real pain.  Several countries including the UK are now making the killing of fish a more humane.


Sometime in March a 19,000 pound Chinese satellite will come crashing to earth and nobody has a clue where it will land except they know that it will land (crash, explode) somewhere between  43° North and 43° South latitude, pretty much every  inhabited continent on earth.

Hubble will have that problem also in 20+ years but the last time we were up there "we" attached little rockets so when it does come crashing to earth we can steer it a little.

Meanwhile in Ontario (and off topic) 4 million youth under 25 now have free health care with access to free prescription medications.


The stock market is scorching hot (ching ching) for the last 9 years ever since Obama was elected. This topic already bores me . . .moving on.

OH - The Amazing Race last night - in 30 seasons I have never seen a photo finish before to see who gets booted.  It really WAS amazing. Cedric Ceballos and Shawn Marion two former NBA players were struggling but were in 8th place . . .until they found out they did not follow directions and were assessed a 30 minute penalty. 

They had to wait at the finish line for the final 2 teams to arrive.  At the 29 minute mark Phil told them to come forward and stand on the finish line and said.

"See those two teams running this direction, they have 30 seconds to get here".  tick tick tick. the 30 second mark ticked and they came in 8th.  7 seconds later two teams arrived and it was a photo finish.

The first place team for leg #1 of the 30,000 mile race was Kristi Leskinen and Jen Hudak, retired professional down hill skiers, super athletes.

OK - nuff said for now!