Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Best Buy sucks

CRAZY - CRAZY I TELL YA!   where do I begin.

I could begin at 6:30 this morning when our doorbell rings with contractors waiting but that would be too easy.  I think last Thursday would be more appropriate when a series of unfortunate events of FUBR retail sales and buffoonery started and will be culminating later today in our week of misery which is the penultimate moment for a basement finishing project.

It all started early last week when my buddy Elwoods computer died. We figured out a way to get a new computer that would be better then his last desk top.  His old one was his very first computer experience as he had never used a mouse before.  It was like 25 years ago when we got our first PCs for the State and no one knew what a "desk top" was.  When instructions said "put your mouse in the upper left hand corner of your desk top" people LITERALLY put their mouse in the upper left side of their DESK TOP.

Since I would be doing all the work on getting him a computer and because I was the "computer guy", which I truly am not, (I was a mainframe systems analyst and knew just enough to keep PCs running).  So I did some research and because IT'S EASY decided Best Buy would be where I could get a PC.

WELL - the one I wanted was not an "In-Store" product.  I needed a gaming PC with a huge video card for his golf course design and all the regular things like Excel. He was worried about having to get a new email address but I said that was not an issue (see what I'm dealing with?)  So while I was at Best Buy I ordered the computer I wanted along with Office 365 (or whatever it's called).

It was at this point when things got interesting and started to go south.

Ordered everything including Office which would need to be downloaded.  BUT WAIT - if I get it delivered to my HOME I could get it 4 days faster which made no sense.  The problem was they would have to cancel by "in-store pickup" and refund all of my money and start completely over.


So we do it all over again including a NEW download for Office and yada yada yada.  Took forever as the guy did not know how to do a refund and as we all know Best Buy only has like 1 guy in the store for computers.

SO - I get the computer late Monday and am setting it up with a new monitor before I take it to Madison and all is good-ish.  The normal headaches like how does WiFi work (Next-generation wireless connectivity) until I see something that LOOKS exactly like a small flash drive. No "WiFi" or any words that I understand but I plug it into a USB port and I get WiFi.

SO - now I'm trying to download Office and am entering the 25 digit code . . .it does not work.  DJ tries it - NOPE.   I call Best Buy and they give me a number to contact Microsoft but IN REALITY it's a number for a call center for island vacations if I answer 3 easy questions.

Still thinking it's Microsoft (don't laugh) I answer the easy questions with the final question as a NO and am connected to a person who wants to sell me insurance.  We talk and I hang up and call the number again and it's 5 questions on a different subject.

I finally find out how to contact MS and get a message that will call me back in 1158 minutes.  Really?  1158 minutes?  is that how we are now?  I have a meeting in 1437 minutes?  So I calculate how long 1158 minutes are and  . . .well . . .they never did call.

So after that I'm now a little pissed off and am looking at the receipt I see my original OFFICE had a 30 digit code ending in 83 and my current one ends in 84.  They never gave me a new OFFICE download number.

SO - I go back to the computer and . . wait . . . the BACK SPACE on the new keyboard is broken.

Well, now I have to go to BB the next day - get a new OFFICE card and return the broken keyboard.

Tuesday I go to BB and explain the OFFICE issue and no problem. I explain the keyboard and NOW there is a problem.  I can't return ONLY the keyboard. I need to uninstall everything on the computer and bring the entire thing in, order a new one and wait a week.
WHAT?  because on one freaking key I need to send an entire computer back?  Yea - because they do not carry that keyboard.  I buy a cheap $12 keyboard just so I have something, go back home - the cheap keyboard is dead.  I try it on my computer - nothing.  Everything says "keyboard" is installed and working great . .EXCEPT FOR THE TYPING PART!!

My keyboard works great on both computers. So - I go back today and might get a little more louder.

You can do that when you are retired, it's weird. When you retire you feel you can do anything because you are retired.  I can embarrass myself over and over - who cares!! F U Best Buy. I will burn my bridges with glee!  So I'll take the cheap bad keyboard back, make a stink about the new broken keyboard and the stupid-ness of  having to bring an entire computer in because of one key on a keyboard (I refuse).

BUT WAIT!  This week is a huge week in our house as things are getting finished. AMS, electrical and cabinets are getting put in Friday and a counter top today and plumbing tomorrow.

Counter top people say between 7:30 and 8:30 with a call 1/2 hour before arriving Wednesday.

DING DONG - its 6:30 in the morning Wednesday  WHAT?????   Two dudes at the door.  OH - it's electric. I guess they are a few days early. AND IT'S 6:30AM

So - we lose our kitchen for 2 days because with a new counter top we have to have a new garbage disposal, Home Depot will not do any plumbing unless we have a new disposal (3/4 horsepower) and they want to counter top to settle for a day (I guess) before plumbing is reattached.  SIGH!

SO - the next few days we have people coming in and out. Gus has been good and now knows any stranger that comes to the door can come in as it's OK with mommy and daddy.  Great watch dog.

Bottom line - Best Buy sucks yet again.

BUT WAIT - someone is having a worse day - Dan Patrick on his sports talk show on TV is having issues.

His mic won't turn off and the other guys mics are dead along with their computers.  And they are LIVE! LOL 


In other news

New HUGE study - butter is actually good for you.  There is absolutely zero link between heart issues and butter and actually people that eat a lot of butter have less diabetes.  The guy said he would not classify butter as "health food" but it is certainly not bad for you. 


The North Pole is in the middle of winter. From 1980 to 2010 the temperature went above freezing four times. In the last 5 years the temperature has gone above freezing 4 times.  What climate change?


The American government  has it's lowest approval rating world wide ever.  30% of the world likes our government EXCEPT Kosovo who still loves America.  We took out Slobodan Milosevic.  The rest of the world except Russia are not fond of America.

In America 39.6% love our Government which blows my mind.


Somebody. Known only as "Pine" has donated $53 million to charitable organizations.


Looks like the GOP will not do anything to save our children from mass murderers.

OH - they want o arm teachers which has to be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.  Basically it's a way  for the GOP to move towards EVERYONE wearing a gun.  So if a mass murderer goes into a restaurant and shoots everyone then waitress can carry. Movie theater?  The dude selling popcorn can be packing. Sporting event?  The ushers are packing.  EVERYBODY can pack - you can pack and you can pack and you can pack and the NRA keeps selling guns.



Nuff said - wish me luck




Friday, February 23, 2018

Briess fire

We had Home Brew Club last night and a couple lab rats from Breiss Malting were there to explain the malting process.  It was fascinating and I have never seen 40 beer drinking members stay so quiet for so long.  I now believe that the malting process is even more of a miracle then brewing.

A couple things of interest is that the top of the line malt goes to brewers and the "mistakes" get turned into food malt.  Something I never considered is that when they have 50,000 pounds of barley they want to malt they have to germinate it with 45 degree water.  The problem is how do you get 50,000 pounds of barley wet all at once.

If you start pouring the water into the bins the barley on the bottom will have contact with water MUCH longer then the top.  The Breiss dudes purchased some of their equipment from Bud and they said that while they are not fans of macro beer, how Bud malts is really REALLY awesome in those volumes.

But when I posted this photo on Facebook . . . . . .

  Jenny comments  . . "isn't that the place that is on fire in Waterloo?" 


Then I see that 25 departments are responding to a fire at Breiss and the fire is in the specialty malt room.  Nooooooooo!!

Luckily it's not the only place they make malt but as the guy said - even with the exact same techniques every malt house has it's on unique flavor.

Something else interesting.  Look at the image below.

That foam is the same exact color as the beer below it . . . it just contains air.  So you can ask a person, how many colors are in that glass.  It's only one but your eyes see more because of air.

But back to the fire.

Many people do not know that when there is a fire of this size it has a ripple effect all across Wisconsin.

When Columbus had to go to Waterloo last night somebody has to cover Columbus and whatever department is covering Columbus somebody has to be put on call to cover THAT department and so forth.  So with 25 departments at a fire in Waterloo there was a shift EVERYWHERE.


Curling - those rocks are 42 pounds. I have never watched so much curling in my life and now Super Mario from McFarland is going for the Gold tomorrow morning (about 3:00?)

Along with indoor rock climbing I would LOVE to try curling.


This whole arming teachers thing is ludicrous.

First of all we don't pay teachers enough in the first place.  THEN we say, the government will give you a small bonus if you volunteer to be the FIRST to give your life.  Yea - here is an extra $50, that should cover it.  OH - yea - the residents will have to cover the HUGE insurance costs.

Since we see how a 30 year veteran Police officer responded I'm sure everything will work out just fine.  Do these people understand that if you are hired you are the one that will give up your life?  Yea - easy job until you have to put your life on the line.

What a bunch of freaking morons for coming up with this asinine idea.


Did you know Cambodia has 28 national Holidays?

Paul Manafort and his aide Rick Gates now had 32 indictments - the newest ones are for money laundering - the same stuff that will bring down Trump sooner or later, money laundering.  remember - most of Trumps money comes from and is in Russia.

Mark Cuban was fined $600,000 for saying the word "tanking" when talking about bad NBA teams.  YET - the Chicago Bull, yesterday said "for the rest of the year we are only playing our 2nd stringers and young up and coming players . . . to see how good they are".

ummmmmm - that is called "tanking" in my book.

and of course there is Kylie Jenner who commented “sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh this is so sad.”  Snapchat immediately lost $1.3 BILLION and shares plummeted 6%


But the BIG news is that for the first time in 50 years Strat-o-matic upgraded their rubber bands.  It's almost been a joke as they always include 40 rubber bands which were the cheapest things you have ever seen.  This year?  BETTER!!!  THERE IS A GOD!!!


Corporations are fleeing the NRA ( the American terrorist organization - they USED to be good but no longer, it's all about selling guns now). Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent a Car, and National Car Rental are all ending their bushiness dealings along with The First National Bank, Best Western and Wyndham Hotels.

Of course the NRA wants to put more guns in schools (to sell more guns?)  When someone says in order to prevent gun deaths you need to put guns in more hands . . it sounds like someone trying to sell more guns doesn't it?

Hertz and Avis still offer discounts to the NRA so f*ck those guys! 


I'm reading 7 things old people learn too late in life.

One thing is almost football related and even Aaron Rodgers said it after winning the Superbowl.

Achievement will never be as fulfilling as the journey.

reminds me of the NFL and SuperBowl runs - the journey is always better then teh ending even if your team wins.  Nothing changes in MY life. 


GUS the weather dog says

we could hit 50's a few days next week.  Weekend will be warmer but very windy. some rain Saturday night.  All precipitation in the next week will come as rain.


Thursday, February 22, 2018

Gun control really works

The cards are here the cards are here - oh what joy!


So I feel like I'm hungover but I did not drink.  Probably staying up until 2:00 watching hockey.  I watched all but 6 minutes.  I seem to have a blank spot for that first 6 minutes of overtime where I closed my eyes just for one commercial.  I wake up and there is 14 minutes left in OT.

Then this morning I'm fast asleep when a 20 pound brown dog jumps on my bladder with all his weight as he surprises Sophie.  Of course I let out some sort of primal scream which he thinks is so so funny and paws my face when I yell out  NO!   and we are all awake as Gus is now trying to lick my nipple (to much information?).  Yea - having a dog is SO WONDERFUL.

OH OH - speaking of WONDERFUL dogs.  Gus LOVES the wide open basement SO MUCH every time we go down to look at it he gets so excited he starts humping our legs.  WHERE DID THAT COME FROM!! Not upstairs, just downstairs.

I told Elwood last Saturday that we needed a Zamboni to clean the floor.  He laughed. Since he is a professional mopper he said any floor is easy with the right mop.

WELL - he saw our wide open floor and said it was more like a bank lobby size and we really DO need a Zamboni to clean the floor.


The media is covering the latest mass shooting 3% more then in past mass shootings.


There are 431 woman running for the House of Rep this time around compared to 212 two years ago. 80% Democrats.  80 woman are running for gubernatorial  and twice as many woman are running for Congress.  I wonder why!


VOTE FOR THEILAN - for the first time in my life I have a yard sign. I feel so proud.


Correction - I forgot about the brewery in Waterloo - there will be 5 breweries within 20 miles of Columbus.  Still The Cercis Brewery looks like the biggest best.


When a child hits another kid with a stick.  I don't blame the stick, but I still take it away.


Tried a Big Mac Junior - it was horrible. Will never try one again!  YUCK.


From Business Insider

Gun control really works — here's the science to prove it

The talking points

Making it easier to carry concealed guns increases the number of gun homicides.

A spike in gun purchases after the Sandy Hook shooting led to a quantifiable, tragic increase in accidental gun deaths — especially among kids.

Banning domestic abusers from owning guns has a huge impact on gun deaths.

Laws that call for longer sentences for gun crimes also seem to help a little.

States with stricter gun-control laws that spend more money on education and mental health care have fewer school shootings.

After Congress let a 1994 ban on assault weapons expire in 2004, gun massacre deaths skyrocketed.
Reducing access to guns could reduce the number of suicides in the US.

Weapons buy-back programs have been successful.

Nuff said - I need a LOT more coffee

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

No time for a header!

I think I am having candidates remorse for not running for alderman this time . . . . . . . . . wait . . .   nope  nope - just a little gas.  I'm good now, although the cats left.

SO - liberal Columbus shined again with ALMOST a 20% turnout in the almost nothing to vote for ballot (I only had 2 things to vote for).


In other news - looks like FOUR Breweries will be surrounding Columbus soon.  One in Sun Prairie, one in Beaver Dam and 2 in Columbus.  A whole lot of brewing going on.  I need to keg my London Porter soon as I have been procrastinating which, for beer is a good thing.  Brewing is one of the only hobbies where procrastination actually improves things.  Just because you beer is dome fermenting does not mean its DONE.  The yeast needs to clean up after themselves before it falls to the bottom.

If you look at these vessels then have a cone bottom where yeast fall when they die (trub).  It's collected and can be separated easily.


It's looking more and more like GD Roberts will move into the old Countryside Ford building which will be demo'd for a fire station in a few years.  But they will lease the place for 2 or 3 years before a huge expansion.  It's win win for the city and Roberts.  Bravo (if it passes council).


So the idiots running Wisconsin government decided to give school systems money for buy armed guards.  They can't pay teachers who now must give their lives to save children a real wage BUT can give money for Barney Fife with a gun in schools.

HEY - why not give money to school systems to upgrade their security - OH - NRA (the new NRA are the new terrorists in America) would not like that.

Why not give out assault rifles to EVERYONE so we all can be safer.  KIDDING. 

I was held up at gun point once.  The dude had a pistol pointing at my face.  I worked at a liqueur store on the Wash in Madison and he demanded all my money.  I took it out of the register and before I handed it to him (this really happened) I asked him if he wanted a bag LOL.  No - I really did (he didn't want one).

Was I nervous? Not really . . . until I tried to go to sleep.  STILL, I never thought a gun would have helped. 

OH - the store owner gave me a free beer for my troubles.


The Florida Retirement System Pension Plan is heavily invested in American Outdoor Brands Co. The same company that makes AR-15s,  It owns 41,000 shares of the company.


I STILL think what will bring Trump down (sadly as Pence is SO much worse) will be money laundering.


So I have watched far far too much curling this year with so many local people in the Olympic curling team.  This caught my attention

The sad thing is I actually understand what she is talking about.

And finally - since current alderman Traxler passed his primary. . . . .


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sprecher / Cercis - so many breweries in Columbus and Strat-o-matic Christmas

Took a tour of the new Cercis Brewing Company with CDA and Council.  I THOUGHT I was on CDA but it seems I was fired, much to my surprise but that is fine.  Just surprised. Maybe CDA had been meeting for a while and I just did not know it. Last time I knew it was on hiatus - but ANYWAY - Cercis looks magnificent

Their goal is 400 barrels a year if you are wondering what full production means and they want to be the next Potosi Brewery (don't we all?)

A few tidbits that I appreciated.

SO MANY electrical outlets.  This is a big thing in hotels now, many many many outlets and Cercis has MANY.  The bar has 6 I believe and where ever you go there is an outlet to plug into.  They will have a powerful WiFi and while they are not a Sports bar they will have MANY TVs

In the next week they will start their first brew in the new system which is like taking a test flight in a plane that has never left the ground.

Offering Pizza in the beginning but once a grill hood is put in typical bar food,  good burgers and sandwiches.  They will have a full bar with wine and mixed drinks also.

The bar was purchased up north somewhere from a bar that was closing and it seems there were tears in peoples eyes when it left the building.  AT least it will have a nice new home

Then there is this nice work station in the back that surrounds the brew house and I think every chair has it's own outlets.  I'm not sure why I'm fixated on outlets - maybe because I'm a Water and Light Commissioner . . .or was?  Out with the old in with the new.  I will miss that commission and hope to get on it again at some point. It's up to the Mayor. 

I don't have photos from the front "lounge" area they will have couches and comfy chairs that will be a nice addition and there is a vision for an outdoor patio in the back.

Looks like April now for an opening.

WITH THAT SAID - I am having so hard of a time typing this as I am downloading the 2018 Strat-o-matic which is literally Christmas for many baseball fans.  MUST WAIT!!

Then after touring Cercis I see Sprecher is moving to Columbus with a " future new concept location in Columbus, WI"  according to a press release.  They were contacted and they said " We are very excited about our new concept in Columbus. Keep watching, we plan to share more details soon! Cheers!"

Not at all sure what THAT means but looks intriguing.


I am so glad "real news" (as opposed to Fox Alternate News garbage) are no longer covering the senile Presidents tweets - good lord he was on a storm this weekend. He REALLY hates those kids in Florida for telling him what to do.  And from many many sources Trump no longer listens to his advisers but more to FOX News for advise (it's going SO well).

You know - I think something is different this time with that mass shooting. It just feels like this time, because these kids are SO succinct and they are REALLY getting high schools across the nation to organize, that this time it's different.

With a nation wide walkout for students and teachers on March 14th a march in DC on March 24 and a day of protests on April 20th, the anniversary of Columbine, it seems different.

One thing I have noticed is I have NEVER seen so many news correspondents have tears in their eyes after reports.


Al Hoffman Jr last year gave over $1 million to the Republicans has officially said he will no longer donate to the GOP until they support a ban on the military-style assault weapons. 

I saw another older white guy with NRA tattooed on his arm literally saw his assault rifle in half and had his tattoo removed he was so angry at the NRA  (the American terrorist organization).

Things SEEM different. 


 ARG - this is so frustrating - downloading and installing should be so easy.  YOU CAN SEND A MAN TO THE MOON BUT . . . . . 


took this shot of the Columbus Waste Water Sludge Truck - LOVE this beast!

Last night I took this shot of Columbus before the meeting I was not suppose to attend.

OK - I need to deal with download/install issues


Monday, February 19, 2018

Expedition Happiness

Well let's see.  Nothing happened in politics last week, there is no sports on TV and even the weather looks boring today.

SO let's get to the important stuff.

On NETFLIX there is this travel adventure by two German "free spirits" and their dog called "Expedition Happiness"  This young couple buy a school bus, make it into a tiny home and travel from North Carolina to Alaska and down to the southern tip of Mexico and they do it mostly off the beaten path.  Join them as they go through American Customs which is COMPLETELY FUCKED UP and agents literally almost kills their dog Rudi.

The soundtrack is sung by the female "free spirit"  and is beautiful. The photography is breathtaking and it is a magnificent adventure that makes me totally jealous.  I've hitchhiked a few thousand miles to the west coast a few times (never made it past the Rockies) and this would have been a dream come true for me.

You can watch all of their vlogs on Youtube or watch the movie on NetFlix - I fell in love with these 3 and miss them already.

There was a

There was a big drug bust in Columbus after the CPD was looking for a dude that threatened harm to our run down high school. They rounded up 15 pounds of cannabis worth I figure about $192,000 street value ($100 for 1/8 ounce (on average) = $800 an ounce = 16 ounces in a pound, 15 pounds).

So street value would be $192,000 but there there is skimming so lets say $200,000.  Not a bad haul.  I wonder if this was Mexican drug cartel? or from the west cost.


A quick thing - since Columbine, 150,000 children have experiences a school shooting. And absolutely nothing has been done. YET - lawn jarts killed a little girl and they were banned.

On May 4 2017 the GOP cheered and celebrated when they passed a bill that took mental health care away from millions of people - today those same men are blaming mental illness for gun violence.

Perhaps instead of lowing teachers pay we SHOULD give them hazard pay.  How many of you go to work daily knowing that YOUR job for that day MIGHT LITERALLY be to be a human shield for a mass murderer.  Yet - the GOP lowers your pay and is making your job harder instead.


Stephanie Winston Wolkoff - a long time friend of First Lady Melania Trump formed a business 1.5 months before the inauguration President Trump’s inauguration committee which steered $26 million into this brand new business.

Seems a like coincidence.


I promised myself no more talk about the basement but Friday night was our first time the basement was OK to hangout in while still being unfinished.   Steve Black and Company are doing the work and we going to get Andy Black to make a awesome bar/table for us from urban Columbus wood.

So we stood and drank a bit which Gus and the cats ran around giddy to have their basement back.

Just after framing.

The story so far


SADLY no mail today so my Strat-o-matic cards will not be sent today.


weather - nothing everybody has not said already but we have a nice warming trend developing and we should be in the upper 30s for a good stretch

Nuff Said

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The 2nd Amendment

I had to respond to a "friend" post about the latest school massacre.  Her post read in part

"I know guns are wonderful. They're great, and everyone should own 12. And I know that mental health facilities and social workers and teachers are completely overwhelmed. And that these things are just a natural occurrence of freedom and commerce and the American Way."  

Wait - "natural occurrence of freedom and commerce and the American Way"  what the fuck?

Well - I know I'm shy on expressing my feelings in print and I like to keep my life to myself but I did have to respond.

Rod Melotte Guns are meant for killing and they are doing a great job. I’m sure the NRA will donate more to the GOP to make sure they continue, but how many more dead children are needed to protect the 2nd amendment.

Dead children are NOT a "natural occurrence of freedom" but has become the American Way, to bury our heads in the sand and say it is OK and do nothing.

When dead children become an acceptable price to preserve the 2nd Amendment then the NRA is also a domestic terrorist organization.

The NRA use to be a very fine organization and all they wanted to do is make sure people knew how to use a gun safely. But since the 90s they are just money collectors for the GOP to make sure nothing changes and people are allowed to shoot at will.

OH - I grew up around guns, my family had 4 hand guns and a rifle and I went to a shooting range often and LOVED it.  We didn't have a safe and I could play with them at will (and did).  But with the GOP budget cuts to health care and mental illness and now the NRA allowing the mentally ill to apply for guns . . . . . sorry - don't get me started.

SO where are we now in the process?

1. Send thoughts and Prayers
2. Argue the semantics over "assault rifle".
3. Argue the semantics over the term "terrorists"
     if Muslim use it, if Christian/white use "lone wolf" or "mentally ill". 
4. Congress does nothing but NRA increases donations just in case
    Paul Ryan received $171,000 from the NRA
    Ron Johnson voted NO on banning large capacity magazines
5. Declare "now is not the time to "politicize" it.
6. Wait until the next school massacre and GOTO #1 

OH - and manning our schools with security guards?  Well - both are dead in Florida.  Like that WalMart shooting.  Police arrived but did not know WHICH guy with a gun was the shooter as all the guys carrying guns pulled. 



Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Correction / The Post / Inflation

Was not going to blog today but as a famous Mayor once said, only half the stuff I print is true.

Correction - Trump putting 200 million into infrastructure is actually 200 billion.  200 million would fix 200 miles of road which would help southern Wisconsin and not much more.  Still, with the economy on super charge AND the American Deficit going into uncharted territory there is a LOT of risk in our economy. 

And the infrastructure plan is more of a way for local communities to raise your taxes because the money is just an "incentive" for local governments to spend more.  YET - there are not enough workers to go around so any infrastructure fixes will be at a high price.

Already one friend stopped a million dollar Brewery in Sun Prairie as the price for construction is 40% higher then first planned BECAUSE of a lack of contractors.

There are just not enough workers to pay taxes and the GOP is LOVING spending money it does not have with no way to pay all of this back.  Corporations are making record profits (and not giving back to their employees) and earnings are way above estimates.

There will be no way to fight off a recession which is normally lowering interest rates and stimulate package's (already happened). SO - hang on for the #TrumpRecession.


Check this out - pretty cool.


We went to see The Post a few days ago.  Excellent movie but MAN - Maryl Streep AGAIN?

She has been in 65 movies and 4 series since Out of Africa. GIVE IT A REST LADY!!

But fantastic movie and well worth watching

I hope everyone watched the Mens Halfpipe last night - WOW  what an amazing competition and horrific accident.

As I mentioned I have a classmate/friend in South Korea - check out who shewas hanging with last night

I now have had a classmate at 2 Olympics AND front row at the Grammy's.  It's like I was there . . almost.

But the weird thing about South Korea is that they do not have an opiate problem. They have a gaming problem. This country fills 15,000 seat arenas 7 nights a week to watch video game competitions and gaming addiction is a big problem with people missing work and so forth.

I'm not even THAT bad.

 Oh, I play NBA2K and TGCTours (golf) and Strat-o-matic but I don't go CRAZY.  I can wait an extra day for the Westminster Dog Show Simulation video game.  Just knowing that I can replay the 2014 Westminster Dog Show when SoftMaple's Sexy And I Know It CGC RN BN (Bitch) beat out Windy Hill Dance To The Music JH (bitch) .

YEA - REALLY?  Let's see what happens if you switch judges.



Just out - inflation rose MORE then expected (2.1%) WELL - that is always good news.  That extra money in your check is already 2.1% less then it was.


Weather - Saturday - a little cooler then expected on Saturday at 29 and breezy but nice on Sunday.  Typical  winter for the next 10 days - nothing DRASTIC but Monday and Tuesday could be an issue with rain turning to freezing rain possible. 

BUT - Pitchers and Catchers report today so SPRING IS CLOSER!! 


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

18/151 crash/ Olympics / basement issues

WOW - that pile up on 18/151 yesterday was pretty unique.  27 (?) cars, one death? UW Hospital put into emergency triage and stopping all scheduled operations.   Goes to show you that on a sunny calm day driving to work ALWAYS be watching ahead.

What happened was that an Advection fog developed over Badger Mill Creek and a slight breeze moved it over the highway.  It was just a 100 yards wide but so deadly.  I bet someone was texting a never saw it.  I know some police departments now have software that can easily see exactly what was happening on a cell phone down to a second (I wonder of the Columbus PD has this - they should).

It will be interesting to see how this all happened.


Ran into another surprise small problem in the basement project. The first problem was when they were framing a room.  Seems the island (more of a peninsula) with the dishwasher in the kitchen sank 1/4 inch which made putting a wall under it a small issue.

NOW - they were about to put the flooring in and it seems the cement is not as level as hoped.  There are no cracks in the cement or anything just not "flat" by an inch.   You can see it slope there on the right.  So this morning they are pouring an inch more cement and the floor. Trim Thursday and Friday.

everything is level up to that seam
Home Theater equipment gets installedthe last week of February.

Speaking of which - I ordered the tower speakers and so forth this weekend.  Check these out

LSA2 Statement Towers which would be way way WAY out of my price range if they were new.  The good thing is that speakers have a 50% mark-up.  Since AMS no longer carry these because LSA lowered the price to a point where they  cannot make money on them AND they are used . . I can afford them. (notice the ribbon tweeter)

We didn't want in-wall speakers as those are poorer quality and will eventually lower the resale of the home (not that we are selling).  We will have 7 more speakers (4 in the ceiling) plsu 2 sub woofers so . . . .  :-) 

One thing that was a surprise was that PS4s are no good for Dolby Atmos. They do not up convert like Xbox.  So if we want to play REAL Dolby Atmos we have to get a special Blu Ray player as more and more DVD's are including Dolby Atmos (along with Amazon Prime, Netflix and You Tube).

Speaking of mark-up. Speakers are 50%, receivers an other AV equipment is 30% and TVs are 5-10%.  Most places lose money selling TVs as they are a loss leader to get people to buy other things.

BTW - if you are looking to buy a 4K TV - do not buy one that does not also have HDR. The difference is amazing.  4K TVs without HDR can only show something line 25 million colors.  HDR is like a billion. The difference between amazing non-HDR and unbelievable HDR is rather surprising.

I think MOST have HDR now but cheaper models are cheaper because of that reason.   More things I learned.  How many watts a receiver puts out is sort of meaningless.  Let's say you are playing something at 100 decibels. It takes twice the power to get to 110 decibels.

Steve Black is doing the the basement and AMS is doing the "theater".  Not really a "theater" though. No special seats or anything. Just TV and kick ass sound system (10 years in the works).  Weird when you have been planing something for 10 years and its actually happening. 


I have a classmate who has her son on the bobsled team in the Olympics and she has been sending back photos.  They were watching the Half Pipe last night sending photos.



 The weather has really played havoc in the mountains. In Russia it was too warm.  Here it's too windy.  Tomorrow winds are suppose to be gusting to 50mph.  Yesterday 41 out of 50 in the slope style competition crashed.

Men's Downhill had to be shortened to almost Super G length.

For the Alpine events  Downhill is the big one.  They start at the top of the mountain and the first 100 yards are basically straight down.  Then there is the Super G or Super Giant Slalom.  This is a little shorter and the start is not straight down but a little slower. The course is a little thinner with more turns. Then the Giant Slalom is next and finally the Slalom.   


Donna and Michael Nicholson of Wisconsin have both given max contributions to Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin in her 2018 re-election bid. Why is this important?  There son is running against her.

OH - that infrastructure thing Trump is boasting about?  Yea - but they are not really putting much money into it. It will all be on local tax payer bills and not the Fed.  The Fed wants 18 billion for The Wall and 200 million for Infrastructure INCENTIVES.


Went to the Badger game Sunday - had a great time despite the Badgers having to play in the game.

remember when there were FUN games as a kid?


Went to the Club House dinner and auction and it seems everybody knows me as "Gus's dad".  OH - not Alderman Melotte but "Aren't you Gus's daddy?"   sigh

GUS "I'z gotz the nose for weadder" 

30 today and 39 and sunny tomorrow - one cold day coming up - Friday and the weekend will be warm at 32 and 40 on Sunday. Starting Monday more wet weather coming with 2 or 3 days of snow with 2-6 inches and a slow accumulation.


I have some friends that live in Indiana and they have said the same thing as Omarosa has said on Celebrity Big Brother.   Her comment last night was "We would be begging for the days of Trump back if Pence became president."

Oddly this has been said a LOT from people from Indiana. Trump is just a child. Pence is evil.

Anyway - have a great day

Friday, February 9, 2018


Snow totals are all over the place.

Columbus received 3.5 inches
Portage 2.8
Wisconsin Dells 2.0
Madison 4.9
Beaver Dam 3.1
Whitewater 5.0
Milwaukee 4.0

Going into a quiet period for a while now - should see a good amount of sun that will help our roads melt a little so the few people that complain about the impassable roads in Columbus will calm down.  Yea - some people were literally complaining about winter roads.  They have never lived in Madison. You want bad winter roads, live in Madison.

Should be cool until Tuesday when we start a warming trend to get to average.  But look at it this way, average will feel GREAT!

Gus The Weather Dog loves the new snow.


I have a class mate in Pyeongchang, her son is on the bobsled team. She sent this wonderful photo of some of the great food that have there.  These are literally called penis fish but are a spoon worm.  YEA - that makes it MUCH more appetizing.

She said the Opening Ceremony was not really cold at all.


So the stock market is taking a big dump, an actual 10% correction.  This has happened 131 times in the market history and 56% of the time after 3 months later the market is above where it started.   Just a blip but one that could have been avoided if not for the over zealous trillion dollar tax break for the rich in a REALLY REALLY bad time in our economic cycle.

They are fixing something that was not broke.  You can't take an economy that is running smoothly, dump some gas on the fire to make it go REALLY fast to gain votes and expect nothing to happen.



The Eagles have the most drafted players in a championship team since 1993. Their drafted players have the highest weighted draft value since the 2000 Ravens with 6 of the 9 starters on their front O and D lines drafted in the 1st or 2nd round.

Cleveland Cavs and the Bucks.  Don't look now but in the toughest division in the Eastern conference the Bucks were 2 points away from going into 1st place.  But the Cavs pulled a game out in over time. 

Bucks still 1 game behind .
Celebrity Big Brother (sort of a sport). I vowed not to watch this show but ended up watching it.  Well, ratings are high and watching Omerosa dish out info about the White House is interesting and disturbing.  Her being a Trump groupie and all but seems the tide has turned.

One guy asked her who she was (boy band front man) and she said she was a star on The Apprentice. He then asked who she was an apprentice for??   LOL  THAT WAS FUNNY.  Hhe has no clue who she is.

The Amazing Race - love this show as it goes where travel shows do not go. They spent time in small towns in  Zimbabwe.  OMG. what a rush.  This year all of their contestants are super competitors in real life and it's been a fun ride so far.


Kansas has six candidates running for Governor that are 18 years or younger. Seems there is no age restriction.   REMEMBER - Columbus had the youngest Mayor EVER in the United States at one time.

20% of schools in Kansas only have school 4 days a week.  GOP budget cuts to education has forced this.  WELL DONE. Who needs education anyway. More education will only show people how wrong their ideas are.  Better to keep kids stupid and voting like their parents did. 

60% of all Obamacare sign ups came from States that voted for Trump.  Again. Just keep voting without thinking or even knowing the consequences.  Sort of like Wisconsin dairy farmers now seeing the error in their ways.

Orange Juice sales are up for the first time in 5 years.  When was the last time you purchased a can of frozen OJ concentrate ???    So - is OJ a con job as a "healthy" drink full of sugar?  or a cure for the flu!

A former Navy Seal that killed Bin Laden called the Trump military parade a "third world bullshit".  Seems he went to a NCO and talked to Marines who all said they would never walk in any military parade unless a tank was dragging the President behind them.

Seems everyone in the White House knew Rob Porter was a wife beater but didn't care.   

OH OH - got tickets to see Brit Floyd at Red Rocks.  Of course we COULD see them at the Overture Center but Red Rocks is so much cooler.   We will have to LIVE Facebook during the concert  . . in June. 

There was an article "The most famous movie that was made in every state - Wisconsin?  Dawn of the Dead.  Really?  $59 million.  Public Enemies $97 million.  AND GET THIS - this actually JUST HAPPENED. 

I got a text as I was typing the word "Public Enemies" from Street Light man that Micheal Mann talks about Public Enemies in Jay Leno's Garage.  So weird.  creep actually.

Have a great weekend - maybe see some of you at the Club House auction.


Thursday, February 8, 2018

APPLES - NOT Bananas

Small correction - in yesterdays blog, where ever I say "banana", insert "apple".  My BRAIN was saying apple but my fingers were saying banana.  DAMN YOU FINGERS. 


I get home from my senior center meeting and it's c c c c cold in the house.  Seems the strangers in the basement have the furnace off as they are sanding the walls.   brrrrrrrrr


Looks like that snow will arrive later then expected - maybe starting 8 or 9 o'clock making morning commute Friday a headache.  I'm still thinking 2-3 inches but if there is a change it might be for more snow rather then less.  The biggest totals will be on the Wisconsin border where 6-8+ is the expected total.


Ya gotta love Elon Musk.  His NEXT big thing he is working on is a NEW rocket.  This one will not be called the Falcon Heavy II but is called The BFR.  BFR?  BRF stands for BIG FUCKING ROCKET - I love this guy!


The latest stock plunge for no real reason really hurt 401K investors that should not be managing their portfolio.  Seems 401K investors got out of the market 12 times faster then regular traders and thus lost all that bounce back money.  Be calm everybody - the fundamentals are fine. hang tight.  A market selloff is actually healthy and this has been predicted for a while. 

This is why when the GOP says that instead of social security we should let people manage their OWN money - this is a horrific idea. People have no clue how to handle and save money (it's not even taught in our school systems)


The  GOP gave $156 million to a contractor that had zero experience with disaster relief.  The company delivered 50,000 meals to Puerto Rico for hurricane relief.  Sadly the contract called for 18.5 MILLION meals.  Seems the company only has 11 people working for them. Each meal cost $3,125 - I REALLY hope they were good.

FEMA-  hard at work sucking up all your money. 

That's all I have to say.


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Andy Traxler / Star Man

It's been a long time since I got excited over a space launch but yesterday was an different.  Watching the Space X Heavy Falcon take off almost had me giddy and THEN watching 2 of the 3 boosters land in unison was unbelievable . . no really it was . . I thought I was watching a computer animation but then - - IT WAS REAL!!

For anyone that missed it check this out.  What is exciting is it sounds like a basketball game with the cheering at the control center and watch the boosters come back and land about the 9 minute mark.  Amazing

So - after seeing that people are wondering where the 3rd booster went.  Obviously not where it was expected to land. 

BUT - in an exclusive photo never seen before I believe Columbus will have a new attraction and I think our Tourism committee has a bunch of work to do. TAKE THAT SUN PRAIRIE!!!


I believe the next course of action is to get a big bed sheet to drape this Space X erection to hide it temporally if  they come looking. 

SADLY there will need to be a million dollar road reconstruction project underneath the booster and a few cars were vaporized on landing and they are suing the city, much to the delight of our City Attorney, Paul Yes and No Johnson, who was seen wringing his hands in glee.

The ultra humorous thing is this is a real image from space

The tip of the rocket had a dummy (or is it Jimmy Hoffa) in a space suit in a Tesla with David Bowie playing an endless loop traveling into deep space for the next few million or so years. 


I mentioned the other day that "I" had discovered peanut butter and bananas are an amazing combination.  Well, I did not discover this.  Actually alderman Andy Traxler (get traction with Traxler) was the one that enlightened me to this combo.

It is because of this that I an fulling endorsing ANDY TRAXLER, the Trax Man for alderman District 1. He will be in a primary in a few weeks  VOTE FOR ANDY.  Get out and vote.


Here is a fantastic production from JT (City) and Jesse (cable) with Columbus WI news - Bravo guys.  Watch The Dark Store Loophole part.

980 News with JT & Jesse - February from Columbus Wisconsin on Vimeo.

And the theme song of Parks and Recreation, one of the funniest shows that used to be on TV is hilarious.  There are so many similarities with that show and Columbus.   If you have never watched the show check it out on Netflix.


In the unbelievable weird things to try to make a boat load of money on, there is VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX Short-Term shares.  This is some weirdo thing that you can bet on market volatility, or lack of actually.

WELL - as we all know the stock market has been on a wild ride for last few days - exactly what people who invested in VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX Short-Term shares do not want.

Their shares fell 93% the last few days wiping out $1.9 BILLION in peoples money.  OOPS!   Well, that little thing is no longer a viable process and was disbanded.


Sounds more and more like Obama's former Attorney General Eric Holder will run for President (or is it King now?)

And of course Trump wants a full military parade so America and pump it's chest and show off all of it's power like Russia does.

As for weather?

I think most of the snow will land Friday morning but there will be a strong line between snow and no snow so the ol' a few miles north or south will mean a big difference.  Stay tuned.  Just not a lot of moisture in the air.  A lot of snow never hit the ground last night.

Monday a warming trend develops and we get NEAR average.  almost 30   mmmmm warm.


Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Nest

Columbus got a whopping 0.6 inches of snow yesterday! WHOO HOO  Madison about an inch and east of us received about 1/2 an inch more.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Looks like Thursday and Saturday we can get 1-3 inches more on each day - systems are still getting their act together.  Fluid dynamics are a bitch to predict.


When we saw our thermostat was about 4 degrees off (remember the ones with a little vile of mercury in them?) we decided it was time to get into the 21 century.  I did a bunch of reading to see if The NEST was a marketing tool or something real. . . . . looked like something real all right.

So looked around and saw Best Buy and most big box stores were NOT the places to get one. Went online and got one for $219 from Costco . . . of course there was shipping and taxes and additional over charge (called fees and taxes) and it ended up about $15 less then Best Buy.

HOWEVER - you can get $75 from the Columbus Water and Light  I hope (have not gotten it YET).

SO - it's very very easy to install, literally took less then a half hour WITH reading the instructions and using their included ultra cool screw driver (they could save $10 to dump the screw driver) we were up and running.

The instructions say set the temp how you want it and keep adjusting it as the day goes to your comfort level.  It will learn your habits.  So I did.  I was very zealous with my adjustments and after one week it had my likes and dislikes down to an amazing tee.

This shows what the thermometer believes we wanted.   WOW - pretty darn cool (or hot). Figured this out with me playing up/down all day a degree here and there LOL

But the really nifty thing is that you can view when the furnace actually goes on and off and it will tell you when the furnace was on more then normal because of the weather.

This shows one of my calm days in setting the temp.  Thursday shows when exactly the furnace went on although I really don't think it runs for hours at a time so I'm a little confused .

There is a monthly chart too but I'm not at that point yet.  The number of hours needed for heat pretty much correlates with the amount of sun and temperature outside.

You can also set it so when you or all phones leave the house it will automatically set the temperature to a desired setting.  And of course you can set it up or down while you are away from home.   


Meanwhile - the stock market took a dump because the Trump Tax Cut For The Rich is making the fed print twice as much money as the GOP believed it would and thus inflation is rising much faster then they were betting on.  Of course FOX News is blaming Obama - no they literally are I kid you not.  BENGHAZI BENGHAZI  emails look at the emails totally vindicated! FAKE NEWS market hit NEW record highs yesterday. 

OH - the government shut down?  It's coming as Trump has refused to talk about DACA (the never  compromise strategy). GEE - I guess making an empty promise and kicking the can down the road is a great strategy for a draft dodging woman groping GOP President.  No funding for THE WALL - no government. Take THAT America!

Weird - when BOTH sides work together on something and then the child king is throwing a tantrum and rejects it because he wants a wall.  The #Trumpshutdown begins Friday.


SpaceX is really going BIG today.  The largest rocket ever to be put into space called The Falcon Heavy. This can carry 300 people (of needed)  into space and Musk says there is a 50/50 chance it does not blow up!!  SWEET!!!  I want to be on that first mission.

BUT WAIT - I have Winter Park CO, Quebec and Las Vegas vacations in the planning stages this summer. The Falcon Heavy will have to wait. 


A number of Eagle players say they will skip the trip to the White House. Brady would go. he is a huge Trump supporter. I'm liking the Eagles more and more. 


And finally - TGCTours getting to the good courses with spring coming soon.  This week we are playing the Barstool Open at the Routledge Country Club. Seems pretty.   Those fairway traps are about 280 away. The trick is to NOT go in those on the drive.

The image is a lot "greener" then on the TV (I was going to say "tube" but there re no tubes).



Monday, February 5, 2018

Super duper Bowl

WELL - I was totally wrong.  Vowing to not watch the Super Bowl because I disliked both teams - the Patriots because  . .well . .they are the Patriots and the Eagles for a 4th and 28 a few years ago.

I DID watch the game and it was literally not only the best SuperBowl I have ever watched but the best NFL game I watched this year that didn't have green and gold in the uni's.

But more on that later - we have weather to talk about.

2-3 inches later today making drive time rush hour a bitch going home as roads will be cold, nothing is melting and it's just going to be slow.

We all know February is the snowiest month and we started with 4.3 inches Saturday, couple more today and THEN Thursday through Saturday we are looking at a possible 9 more inches.  Models are still in disagreement but it looks, AT THE MOMENT, 1-3 on Thursday, 1-3 in Friday and 3-5 on Saturday.  Certainly not a sure thing but if a few systems line up correctly 5-11 inches in 3 days.

In city news.

To stay with the historical nature of our city "we" are going to hire 15 student town criers to walk around the city screaming  TWO INCH'S OF SNOW MORE YOUR CARS, TWO INCH'S OF SNOW MORE YOUR CARS in front of houses with cars parked in the streets. 

Of course if you want to get an email BEFORE the criers are outside your door you can always go to our FINALLY functional City Website (don't get me started) and sign up for news alerts.  Very functional and helpful. BRAVO finally.

The last time I complained about our website I was told to come in and do it myself (really, that happened with our old Econ Director). He was too busy to worry about websites it seems.

Back to football.

The line-makers have been busy.  The Patriots are installed as the Superbowl favorites at 5-1 next year while the Eagles are 7-1 and Packers are 8-1.  Bears, Jets and Browns are 100-1 to win.

Seems an average NFL player sweats 1.897.5 mL a game which means there are 11 gallons of sweat on to clean up every Sunday. YUCH

And did you see so many players kissing the Lombardia Trophy - NO NO YOU DIDN'T, that is for figure skating - the Lombardi Trophy was like a Petri dish of toxic flu germs being passed around and everybody was basically licking it.  Let's see how many Eagles come down with the flu!

BTW - MVP?  Doug Peterson!


Trumps tax breaks for the rich are already having an effect.  This year the US Government will borrow $955 billion this year to cover cost as opposed to $519 billion last year because of much lower tax receipts.

And now they are talking about fixing infrastructure. Great idea - horrible timing as it will not help the economy at all. Obama SHOULD have done this 7 years ago. The problem is if you invest in a massive infrastructure you will need to hire all sorts of contractors that ALREADY are working and thus, taking them away from the private sector.   

Typically huge projects like this are double good as it hires out of work contractors, helps the economy in so many ways with peripheral hiring and job creation. NOW - infrastructure projects will raise interest rates, raise the cost of home building with the lack of workers which will raise wages for a group already getting paid well which in turn will raises inflation (one of the reason for the Trump selloff in the markets).

As Elwood said - "every time I get a raise it's bad news as inflation comes next which takes away from the raise ".

Having nearly full employment hurts the future economy as there is no room for growth.  At least we are deporting all of these workers we need back to a country they have never even visited.

And at least we have another #Trumpshutdown in 3 days. Lets see if they can kick the can down the road a few more weeks just so we can deport Americans back to Mexico.

Have a great day 


Friday, February 2, 2018

Robert Wagner, Columbus Government, Jimmy the Stick

Columbus Government - that's it, everything is fixed, nothing to do.

When I became an alderman 4 years ago the very first week was literally chaos.  It was like this new group was being tested (we really thought this). A lot of things I was going to type will have to wait a couple months.  The Eisenga-land issues and daily phone calls telling me NOT to disband the Columbus Police Department (it was never on the table) and so forth.

People would tell me that they had never seen a Council actually ask questions and talk about issues and our sessions would go until 10:00 and 11:30 a few times.  There has been a LOT done in four years and while I take zero credit for anything I am freakishly proud of where the city was then and where it is now and there are many behind the scenes things that are running so much smoother now.  It really is night and day. 

We had a new City Admin that was learning the city and basically six new forward thinking alderman and a new Mayor and people were seriously afraid of us and our young views on things, we were outsiders. 

Now four years later "we" literally cannot build homes fast enough and here on Vista Circle families are moving into houses that are still under construction.

We have businesses looking to or have relocated to Columbus and more on the way in the future.  "We" have a vision and monetary plans for a new fire station and library and our budget is no longer one of "chaos and catching up" but one of planning for the future.  So yea - while I did very little, these four years are one of the proudest of my life.          


Robert Wagner is a person of interest?  REALLY?  He hasn't been for the last 30 years?   I had a crush on Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner but as soon as I heard of her "accidental" drowning I knew Wagner or Christopher Walken were responsible but everyone knew it was Wagner. 

Other boats heard arguments and a woman screaming but NOOOOO! it was just a drunken accident right?   I never ever believed it.


Seven years ago today I took this photo in front of our house.  Probably won't get this much snow this weekend.  The models are starting to coalesce. warmer moist air from the south will enter Wisconsin Saturday morning but the catalyst will be when a re-enforcing arctic front starts to touch the "warmer" air.  

2-6 inches starting early afternoon Saturday and lasting to about Super Bowl time. I'm thinking Columbus will get 2-4 inches.   

OH - the air we are breathing now actually started from Siberia.

7 years ago today

JIMMY THE STICK - YEAR 23.  Well. sadly Jimmy will not see his shadow this year as he is buried in a box in the garage somewhere.  He had a prominent place on a shelf in the basement but with the great basement finishing project he was safely put away.

SO - JIMMY DID NOT SEE HIS SHADOW!  He will return next year . . once we find him.


SuperBowl - one big problem the Eagles have will be on defense.  When an opposing QB throws to a wide receiver his QB rating is 71 When he throws to a running back to tight end that rating goes to 100.5.   This the 4th worst difference in the league and we all know the Pats have Gronk.

Still - there have been a number of simulations that have the Eagles beating the Pats.  Right now the Patriots chances of winning are exactly the same as Clinton beating Trump.  55%.

All I want is one team to lose tragically.

BUT if you really need something to put money on.  It's the over/under of Pink singing the National Anthem in over or under 2 minutes.  $150 will win you $100 for over  $100 will win you $110 for under.


In a  five block stretch of New Orleans storm drains after Merdi Gras contain nearly 46 TONS of discarded Mardi Gras beads.


Humans spent 50 million less hours on Facebook last quarter and this is even with me arguing with Trump supporters who literally say he has dignified the office of President. No they really say that .   I try so hard not to talk to these guys but I do love poking them and seeing the veins in their foreheads pulse.


The economy continues to run forward for the 9th straight year and wages are increasing at a faster rate FINALLY. This means there is a shortage of workers and it will be hard to get that 6% GDP needed to support the tax breaks for the rich.  Unemployment is still at 4.1% which is basically full employment as 3% do not actually WANT to work, they have enough money.

Although black unemployment spiked ti 7.7% up from 6.8% in December.


Each Olympic Athlete will have, on average, 37 condoms. That means 74 condoms per couple-ing for 2 weeks,  or for the individual "competitions" 2.64 times a day.  WHERE DO THEY GET THE ENERGY AND COMPETE.

I think there needs to be a "special" Olympics.

On that same subject - remember that Hawaiian ballistic missile mess up?  I read that porn hub was REALLY busy after the all clear was reported.  I know mine kept freezing up (did I say that out loud?) . 

I guess end of the world sex is NOT something that actually happens.

On a different note - I hope that father got his kid out of the sewer system. 


And Finally - can you beat the Jeopardy players on these questions?

Have a great weekend. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Cannabis Industry fascination / Put gas in the snow blower

Not much to write about today . . but I always say that so . . . . .

Something a person very rarely gets to witness is the creation of a new industry and the ability to see how it all plays out economically.  My favorite college class was Macro Econ so it seems to fit my obsession on how the cannabis industry story in Colorado plays out.

Truth in advertising I am 100% pro decriminalizing cannabis in Wisconsin.  Still on the fence for legalization.

The 2017 numbers are out and flower consumption (the stuff people smoke) is now less then 50% of total sales in CO.  Prices continue to decline for flower to a pre-tax price per gram (perhaps 10 puffs?) of $6.65.  Down from $9.00 in 2016, bringing in less cash and if they decline much farther there is a worry about some attrition or consolidation in farms and retail outlets.  Flower consumption still brought in $39 million in sales in 2017. 

Wait - what other cannabis related products make up the other 51%?  Accessories, Edibles, Concentrates, Pre-rolled, Topical's and so forth.  You can buy lib balm and I see there are now tampons with infused cannabis. I literally have nothing to say on THAT subject. The big one is topical pain relief which has dropped opiate use and overdoes's dramatically in CO.

Meanwhile in California the so called Emerald Triangle is having difficulties supplying for their new clients with distribution issues.  In order to grow cannabis NOW you needs local and county governments to pass ordinances.  In Mendocino county there are 15,000 farms that are waiting to have papers released but there are only 20 people giving approval. Once local inspections are done then county and state inspections.

THEN in order for a retail outlet to GET cannabis they have to order it from a distributor who orders it from the farmer who then sends his product to a lab where it is tested for pesticides and strength and then shipped back tot he farmer who then gives it to the distributor.

But the good news is California is dropping charges of  decades of cannabis violations. Just tossing out all the cases freeing up jail space for real criminals. 

In Nevada the problem is distribution.  You can grow it, you can sell it, but there seems to be an issue with distribution.  They decided to let the distribution fall on beer distributors which are few (like Wisconsin) who are either overwhelmed or just won't put the money into security and refuse to comply.

Unlike the Colorado government that fast tracks all problems and fixes issues within weeks using common sense some states believe common sense is a thing of the past and you must do everything by the books . . even if it costs jobs, income and lives.

One last thing - In States that have legalized cannabis, opiate abuse has fallen, violent crime is way down and states are pouring money into schools, public safety and infrastructure and teen use has actually fallen.

There are issues though for sure. Construction companies and restaurants are having issues finding employees that are not stoned or as in restaurants, just don't want to work. But this is a problem even in non-cannabis states have as there is a lack of workers (thus we will never pay for the Trump tax cuts with a 6% GDP that is needed to pay off his loan).

It is just fascinating watching a new industry evolve.       


Basement project so far - Steve Black is the contractor for this project and everything is running smooth as silk.


Mudding and painting floor next week.    


Nobody is talking about the latest  GOPer to resign.  Mr. Bhengazi Trey Gowdy. Directly after the train accident yesterday he announced he is not running as he believes Government is too divided.  Really?  He thinks that? 

Also a very corrupt Democrat is stepping down. Bob Brady, head of the Philadelphia Democratic Party Machine.  No loss there! 

Economics Policy Institute reported that cities and states that give companies massive incentives to locate their companies are REALLY getting bad deals with hopes, dreams and empty promises that politicians use to buy votes (jobs jobs jobs).  It just does not happen that way in real life.


Trump is saying his SOTU speech was the most watched in history . . . .well, if you don't count Obama or either Bush's I suppose.   It's like watching dementia live on TV.


WEATHER - Put gas in the snow blower - High of 9 today but the good news is that it's very fresh air that was in the arctic a few days ago. 

Looks like the snow will come more early Sunday morning then Saturday with 1-3 and then later Monday another 1-3 inches and then Friday (the 9th) another 1-3 inches.

Sunday/Monday COULD form a long duration event with 3-5 inches if the two systems meld together.

Saturday will be the warmest day for a while - up to 28 and c c c cold next week.