Friday, February 12, 2016

Finance Committee / Growing snow event Sunday

I have moved away from mentioning the City Council and stuff because I tend to inject my personal opinions at times which don't always agree with other peoples opinions and it creates  . . . . stress (not for me but . . .)

HOWEVER - "we" formed a new committee that looks more deeply into the city's finance and how and why things are done.  

For instance - if you have watched City Council you have seen the yearly audit report presentation by Baker Tilly that is blah blah blah,  but instead of just taking what they said for granted the committee wanted to really get deep into the "why" certain words are always on certain pages. 

Instead of just accepting the message the committee wanted to know what it actually meant.  Baker Tilly were thrilled.  Most city councils don't ask questions and are not as inquisitive on city finances. 

One of the most important things council does is finances and I believe Columbus is in good shape. Our Bond rating is pretty darn good and while we can't just go to the bank and pay for roads, financially I feel Columbus is in the best shape financially as we have been in a long long time which is pretty darn good with the many many restrictions put on small towns by the current government running the state.

Confidence is high for Columbus financially.  People complain a lot about not enough business but financially we're doing well.

You may have heard rumors about American Packaging and a 25 million dollar expansion project and they are looking for a town.  Columbus is on the list, this has been a known "thing" for a while now and it has not come out of the blue.

One problem is that Columbus is near full employment. It might be hard to come up with 250 employees. But the city and American Packaging really do talk to each other. And if Columbus is not picked we lose nothing. They are not moving.  


There is a new website called The Columbus Cardinal that offers online news about Columbus.  has a small article about me!


The Bowling Alley - sadly the people that were going to open a Convention Center backed out and now we have a big open building with no lanes.  Not a big surprise on that one. The sad thing was the owner of the building sold all the lanes so now we just have a big empty building with an extra liqueur license.  


There was a debate last night in which me and most political science people thought Clinton clearly won.   I apologize to my Bernie supporters.  I tried but I feel America is moving in the correct direction and if we have the Bernie revolution we might wake the sleeping Elephant.

My personal feeling is change is slow and steady - not giant leaps. Things are going well in America so why, PERHAPS, kill the golden goose.  I don't agree with some things Obama has done but that is how real life is.  You don't change things by stomping your feet and insisting on a revolution.  But you can make politicians aware that the populace is unhappy and they better pay attention.

I still do not believe Bernie can win but he is very good at showing "we are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore".

OH - this is hilarious - I apologize to all my republican friends (I do have some)  although more then a few are switching or just not voting this time around. 


OK - Sydney just schooled me on the names of all the dorf planets and named the moons of Saturn . . . .and she is freaking 4!


I was sitting on the couch watching the news and they mentioned some county.  I calmly say to DJ, "Where the hell is that county"  and she says it's up north next to Sawyer.  I laugh and say "OH, I bet you know where all the counties are".  "No but I can name them".  "All 72"?.

And then she names ALL the counties in alphabetical order.  WHAT?  WHO ARE YOU!!!!

I guess when you work for Lawyers, DOJ and DOC for 35 years for the State you get useful knowledge hammered into you.    I named three counties but missed the alphabetical order part.


WEATHER - Let's start with the good news. A week from now we should hit 40 degrees.  In fact Monday we will be in the middle 30s.    

Sadly - We have to get through Saturday. Noon time temp Saturday will be about 4 degrees BUT SUNNY (which is a very good thing).  The snow that I mentioned on Facebook Monday is actually ramping up with a fairly good amount.  The latest is 3-5 inches.

I mentioned on Facebook Monday that a storm that was next to Japan was going to impact our weather Sunday and so far it is right one schedule.  A large mass of warm humid air is pushing into Wisconsin to remove the cold air mass and this is going to cause a good size snow event.

Don't be surprised when we start to hear some weather warnings soon.

Have a variable weekend. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bernie vs. Trump??

Let's start with something funny.

A girl scout set up a table next to a cannabis dispensary in Denver and sold 117 boxes of cookies in 2 hours!


Pretty soon if you go to the Nitty Gritty you will be able to sing Happy Birthday without the possibility of being sued because that song is not a public domain song.  That's right, it is illegal to  sing that song in public.  I'm not really sure how all that works and I'm not a lawyer and don't even play one on TV.  


There was some sort of voting yesterday that was fascinating. Bernie crushed Hillary in New  Hampshire, a 90% white state.  Not surprising he won but it was surprising how big he won.  It does get harder for him from here on as he trails Clinton 74% to 17% among black voters who want to continue Obama's policies.

What is interesting is how will the BlackLivesMatter voters go.  If the young voters vote Bernie how with the young BlackLivesMatter voters vote who like Clinton who will continue Obama's policies while Bernie wants to shake things up.

Bernie won because he carried the registered independents by a large margin but Clinton carried the registered Democrats.  In Nevada you can ONLY vote if you are a registered Democrat.

Basically if you like what Obama has done you voted for Clinton. SO FAR - Bernie has done everything right but it gets much much harder now but what I find interesting is his strategy.

His goal is to keep Clinton from gaining any momentum.  Its like he is playing a defense strategy.  Keep her off balance, attack her strong points instead of going after non-white voters. He is taking HER voters away.   

Then there is the other side.  sigh!  Good lord.  Until the gaggle of GOP candidates start to coalesce we will have to deal with Trump.  Bush actually had a pretty good night and Rubio had a very bad night but Bush spent a LOT of money in N.H. 

I wonder if Rubio had a John Dean moment with his repeating the same line over and over in the recent debate.

Chris Christie is toast and should give up. 


I hope everyone saw the Channel 27 feature on the Gov Lewis Mansion this morning.  

And just of the top of my head - I dislike 4K TV's.  Way way too sharp and unrealistic.  AMAZING video but everything looks fake when watching a REAL show. 



Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sometimes change is bad.

Royal Caribbean has some splain'in to do.  When they came out and said their cruise ship encountered unexpectedly heavy weather . . . and then The Weather Channel BLOWS that theory apart with a detailed 5 day forecast from the past that said EXPECT 30 foot waves and hurricane-like winds. . . . someone is losing a job on this one.

Speaking of weather - SAD SAD news.

Talk about a surprise.  NOAA is a little "WHAT?" on what is happening with our weather.  El Nino is losing and all of a sudden America is setting up a pattern that mirrors last February.  Just like last February a large area of heat is appearing on the west coast which is pushing arctic air down to us and resulting in a series of big time storms on the east coast.

As NOAA says "this was not suppose to happen with El Nino" and they are all scratching their heads.

The good news is that the forecast for Saturday inched up to a high of 6 up from 4 yesterday and 3 last night.  BUT SUNNY (which makes a BIG difference) and a little breezy.  Warming up after the weekend.

As the stock market tanks don't blame MG&E. I have an  interest in that company and it is acting like a tech stock lately.  HOLY MACRO! Up 4% yesterday  And up 23% since November 3rd.


There is some sort of voting going on today!

Bernie has to have a big win in N.H. by at least 12% (he still has not even tried to get the non-white vote) or he is in big big trouble. At the moment he is up 14.5% in the 35 polls that are tracked.

Trump should win by 15% with Rubio and a fast rising Kasich 2nd and 3rd.  Then Cruz and Bush.

But very very white N.H. voters are late deciders so it's really an unknown.

Next up

Feb 20th
Nevada caucuses where Clinton leads by 22%
South Carolina Primary Trump over Rubio by 12%

Feb 23
Nevada caucuses Trump over Cruz 11%

Feb 27th
South Carolina where Clinton leads Bernie by 30%

This is really a fascinating election cycle.


Did you know the AT&T spokeswoman Milana Vayntrub is a Uzbekistan refugee?


Looks like Gov. Rick Snyder has a fight on his hands and is going to have a recall after his FUBR handling on the water problems in Flint.

Trying to save money  and look what happens. Oddly a city's water system is NOT meant to bring drinking water to your home. It's meant to put out fires. Drinking water is just a by product. A lot of people don't know that.

The water is fine in Flint - but due to its chemistry it is leaching lead out of the connecting joints. These were all covered up fine with calcium and so forth BUT with the change in chemistry it is exposing lead . . . .and the cover up.  

Changing water chemistry can have some very bad things happen and sometimes you should just leave it alone.   Like asbestos - the best thing is to just not touch it.  Removing it is worse then leaving  it alone. (My brothers business deals with asbestos).


See ya later!