Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The decade the music died

I believe last year I posted some numbers in baseball where you could leave the game because of the scores and be 95% sure of the outcome.  I WISH I could find those numbers.  Anyone  anyone?

1 hour later - FOUND IT

When to leave a baseball game / Snakes / Koch Brothers


MAN last night was loud.  I don't know WHAT it was but the so called frost quakes were rockin the house BAD last night!  I got up once to look out the windows and walked around the house and DJ got up once also.

We cleared all the snow and ice off the deck as construction starts today. Maybe that was it?  All I know is I was JOLTED awake 5 times with HUGE BANGs.  Yet  Gus?   zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Correction.  If you read yesterdays blog before noonish you will notice I made a comment about a Queen song and called it "Lady Gaga".  I BRAIN said Radio GaGa but my fingers typed "Lady GaGa" and that song is LOCKED IN MY BRAIN!!!


The Live Aid concert was pretty much a bust actually.  Frank Zappa was correct when he turned down the invitation to play stating the money would never get to the people and in fact most of the money raised was used to buy weapons from Russia.

Most of the bands that played said it was one of the worst experiences ever.  Led Zepplin banned their performance from ever being published on a DVD. 

In Philadelphia where 100,000 people attended their concert the live transmission to the UK was FUBR as the audio was sent vie the transatlantic cable while the video was sent via satellite so the two never ever synchronized.  Back then very very very few people had a TV that was stereo.

So I have been thinking alot about Queen and music in general and where the heck was I when Queen was big.  I mean it's MUSIC!  I grew up on music, I have been surrounded with music all my life.  I have friends in very very high places in music.

One friends (Michael Marquart) wife sat next to Yoko Ono in the front row at the Grammy's'.  He was the drummer in our rock band Wonderhorse.   Another friend is a conductor in Green Bay (I think) and I just found out last night that a friend that was in our high school orchestra with me just composed the score for Martin Scorsese’s latest film, “Silence.”   

Kim Kluge!!    WHO KNEW!!!! 

I grew up in a band . . .well . . an accordion band LOL

SO - where was I in the 80s?

I was broke living in peoples basements and sort of a vagabond with no real home and thus . . no permanent stereo to listen to music in the 80s.  I have always felt the 80s were a dead spot in music for me.

My van in high school had a kick ass sound system but when that died I went to a Dodge Dart and did not put a sound system in the car.  THUS - no music. ALTHOUGH - I did have a CB radio LOL  I handle was Supertramp.

Just thinking out loud.  Poor people (or more politically correct - people with restricted incomes)  do not have access to good music.  hmmmmm  never thought of that.

Anyway - that was what has been on my mind.  I seemed to have missed most big hair bands as I really did not appreciate that genre'.  I was going to school and working full time in the 80s and living on student loans and had no real life.    ahhhh the good ol' days


So while I have been trying  to type this I've had to deal with Gus barking at the construction workers, talking to LG about a refrigerator issue (no ice in the top ice maker which makes us have to LEAN OVER to get an ice cube (a first world problem)) and making more coffee (Ethiopian whic his REALLY fruity).

My brain is in 4 different areas doing all with less then 100% vigor.


Payless shoes is closing 2,100 stores - THANKS A LOT Colin Keapernick, where am I suppose to buy my Nikes so I can burn them NOW!   I guess that little trick did not work!


The September 11th Victim Compensation Fund is being cut by 50%.  Thanks a lot GOP. Just when all of the latent cancers are showing up they decided NOW lets cut the funds . . since america is doing so GREAT?  The economy is fantastic?  Let's cut funds that help September 11th Victim's?

Anybody ever notice that the GOP is not working for Americans but for corporations?   Remember Amazon?  The pay 0% income taxes are are getting a 100 million refund from the government because of the tax break for the rich and large corporations.

 OK OK - too many things happening - I gotta run! 




Monday, February 18, 2019

We watched Bohemian Rhapsody last night.

We watched Bohemian Rhapsody last night.

I've never been one to BUY a DVD.  I'm not a book collector. I read a book and give it away, it's not like I'm ever going to read a book TWICE (unless it's a manual).  I don't think I have ever done that.  Same with movies . . .  normally.

HOWEVER, now with Ultra HDR/Dolby Atmos capability I have found myself actually BUYING certain movies (and will probability sell most on ebay later).

iTonya still has one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard, songs AND quality and  I purchased Bohemian Rhapsody last week.  The great thing about DVDs is you get all the extras that tell you how a movie was made.  THAT is teh bonus of DVDs.

WELL - We watched Bohemian Rhapsody and I was never a BIG fan of Queen to be truthful.  Just not my thing back in the day. I was a harder rocker and disliked most big hair bands but I did have a Queen 8-Track in my hippie van (shag carpeting, Keystone wheels, great stereo,  I could rent it out on weekends, it seemed to be a notell motel on wheels in high school and we had it parked front and center at the 3rd Mifflin Street Block Party, it was a thing, the van had it's own following LOL!).  But I digress (don't get me started on the Truck-In in Indianapolis . . . .because I literally do not remember anything from those 4 days).


What a fantastic movie!  a MUST MUST see.

What you do not see in the theaters was the entire Live Aid MOVIE concert performance which was recreated EXACTLY.  The same exact stage was used with the same lighting and a exact replica back stage.

For anybody that took part in Public Enemies you know who exact/anal movie companies are. Remember in Columbus entire blocks were transformed that would never be used.   "Restaurants" a block away NOT in the film had real orders hanging from the wires over the grills.  So when the actors were commenting about how amazing the set was . . . I believe them.  But here was the weird kicker

They filmed the concert as the VERY FIRST thing they filmed and it was "one take".  If  something happened at the 18 minute mark.  Stop!  and start completely over.

I've now watched 2 specials on Queen and as has been mentioned numerous times.  Their Live Aid concert is ranked as the #1 greatest rock performance of all time. One interviewer said that when their 2nd song started, Radio GaGa (the song) EVERYBODY said "they just stole the show" and most of the other bands were a little pissed.  One BILLION people around the world sang a song at the very same time.  THAT is something very spacial. 

it was Freddie's last live performance.



Meanwhile - Snow - Columbus did not get as much as you think.   About 4.6 inches.  Seems like more because of drifting.

More on the way - 1-3 inches for sure Wednesday and the weekend is looking hideous.  Rain freezing rain turning to snow on Sunday.   The war between winter and summer has started.  It's actually a GOOD thing.  You do NOT want to see stagnation in anyway at this time of year.

Lot's of sun when it's not raining OR snowing.


I got a new tooth Friday morning.  On they way home I stopped at Woodmans to pick up some Gin (is this the winter of gin?) and the guy said "have a nice day" and I said  how can I NOT have a nice day  "I got a new tooth and plenty of booze".

The guy said it sounds like a title for a Country song.


Friday DJ and I have a Brewing 101 (Coffee) roasting class at JBC Brewing.  I'm just their to drink coffee and see what it takes to roast real coffee.  I don't WANT to "roast". The last thing I need is another hobby that costs money.

Plus my Free Agent draft starts Friday but since I have the #1 pick (Trout) "Day one" is already done for me! 

I'm HOPING I can pick up Molina as my 2nd round pick and probably last free agent pick up for the year. If I can - holy crap will I have an amazing defense. Basically ALMOST Gold Gloves at

Catcher - Yadiar Molina?
First Base - Freddie Freeman
Second Base - Ian Kinsler
Short Stop - Freddie Galvis
Center Field - Mike Trout
Left Field - Christian Yelich

I have NOBODY at 3B and a REAL average pitching staff - HOWEVER - the reason I REALLY want Molina is he will keep guys on first base and by doing that I will have MANY more double plays. I need the other team to STOP at 1st base.  So while my pitchers might be pretty average my defense is AMAZING which will really help them.

This is my 3rd year with the team.  I took them over after their manager quit with a 69 win season.  My first year I won 96 games and lost in the playoffs.  Last year I was a surprised and won 95 games and did not even make the playoffs WHICH, being the best team to NOT make the play offs I get the #1 Free agent pick.

This being the leagues 8th year and you can only keep one player a MAX of 7 years.  taa daa!


OK - Amazon made 11 BILLION last year and do not have to pay ANY Fed Taxes??  Seriously?  in fact the Feds are refunding then over $100 million?

Amazon will pay $0 in federal income taxes for the second year in a row

They also pay no State Tax.


Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) will include marijuana reforms in his first budget this month, including legal medical cannabis, broader marijuana decriminalization, criminal record expungement and CBD access without a doctor.

Republicans in office in Wisconsin are 100% AGAINST Medical cannabis  Fitz said there is no way he will EVER let cannabis into Wisconsin in any form.

President Trump, in a speech announcing his emergency declaration to build a Mexican border wall, spoke fondly of China's use of the death penalty for drug offenses.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) plans to include revenues from marijuana legalization in his first budget.   ILL will be the next state to legalize

The Oklahoma Senate Health and Human Services Committee will consider several medical cannabis reform bills on Monday.  Wisconsin is even behind Oklahoma.

Buffalo, New York's mayor announced during his State of the City address that he ordered police to stop enforcing low-level marijuana possession offenses.

Have a Hap hap Happy Monday!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Medicare and snow and so forth!

I would like to thank Clark for making me feel old with his you tube link!  Before it loads it asks  WHEN DID YOU GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL  click on the appropriate answer.

F U  it did not go down that far. LOL  I guess if you are now on Medicare** don't know how to use you tube.

** more on that in a bit

But yea - I saw that one but it was not from the Grammy's.  Good song though anyway from Austin City Limits   

The vid I really like was NIN



So I'm drinking the last of my Mad Dog Vagabond coffee and gotta share.  I ordered a Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer as my last 1/3 of cup was always getting a little cool and I would gulp it down frantically.

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer for Office/Home Use, MWBLKPDQ-RB

It was $10.99 and DJ as not impressed . . . . until she tried it (I purchased 2).  It's GREAT.   Who knew this would be such an awesome thing.  6000+ reviews with over 70% 4+ stars.

Bang for buck totally worth it.  Hot coffee is so much better then tepid coffee.  Long 6 foot cord.


In other news - NOT bragging (as I typically do) but I donated a couple images for The Club House auction/function for after school  . .stuff  or something.  BAM - $600.  Makes me happy.


SNOW - about 8.5 inches in Columbus, a little more then "I" expected.  Think how much snow we would have on the ground if we didn't have the big melt.

HOWEVER - I believe we are now up to average on the amount of snow.  About 50 inches? now?  Remember back in 2007/8 we had over 100 inches.

That storm that was suppose to hit us Thursday and Friday will organize AFTER get scoots past Wisconsin.  Maybe some drops of rain on Thursday.

Next snow could be Sunday with 1-3 inches and then next Friday with 1-3 but in between sun and colder temps. 


Anybody getting personal ad's on Facebook for books?  I got one and actually got the book and finished last night.  It's part of a 9 book saga. #1 was called Defragmenting Daniel :The Organ Scrubber.

YIKES.  It's exactly what it sounds like. Poor people  (Gutters) in an alternate reality are used pretty much as cows for rich people (Bubblers) for organs, rawhide and all sorts of entertainment like gore bars called Amputating Amy.  Which again - is exactly what it sounds like.

But it's not a "gore" book at all.  Daniel is looking for 7 parts of his body that were taken (replaced with mechanical parts) and is killing Bubblers and taking his parts back with the help of a psycho robot and being chased by the Bubbler PD.

The three stars, the Bubbler detective (an awesome woman turned male)  the psycho robot Margaret and Daniel the killer organ stealer are all really fun.

In book one he got his cornea and a knee back.  Now I have to decide if I want to read the rest.  Not sure.


In golf Jack Nickelson  NO  Phil Mickelson won the Pro/Am much to my sadness as his little outfit is SO boring.

When Elweed made the comment about if I ever changed my "outfit" in TGCTours I said no - never thought of it.  WELL - last week I dressed like Rickie Fowler.   and now he calls asking if I dressed my little dolly.

This week it is Phil.  BORING

  But LOOK at the size of my hands!!!  YEA BABY!!


My NBA total system is hitting a tiny bit over 58% with 160 picks but I have questions.

Why is it books have a nickel lines for the NBA but dime lines for all other sports.

For instance - NORMALLY when you place a $10 bet and you win you will win $9.09 (plus your 10 back).  But in the NBA if you place a $10 bet you win $9.52 and FOR ME winning $9.70 with a -103 line is not uncommon.

Does this mean they want more people to bet the NBA?  It's harder so they make winning easier?  Or do they have so many gamblers they don't need a dime line?    hmmmmmmm


Pitchers and Catchers report tomorrow for the Brewers and all other players report Tuesday - SPRING IS NEAR!! 


In a study - 95% of problem gamblers play the state lotteries.  Not all people that PLAY the lotteries are problem gamblers but 95% OF the problem gamblers play them.  I don't unless it's over 500 million . . .I mean  anything less then that is just wasting money right?  ya gotta draw the line somewhere.


Shorewood, Wisconsin trustees are considering lowering the fine for marijuana possession to $1. 

 The current fine is $250   I think it's $100 in Columbus isn't it? 

** Medicare - I had to use my Medicare card for the first time yesterday.  SWEET.  I love socialism - it's not a bad word at all.

Instead of paying $20 for my Lovastatin - IT'S FREE now.   WHOO HOO!