Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Pizza Place in Columbus - Hydro Street

In case you are wondering - Columbus has received 1.25 inches of rain this month and THAT is why you have not mowed your lawn lately.


WELL - I'm glad I looked up Columbus Connects on Facebook as I was misinformed about a meeting tonight (or I was just not paying attention which is always a possibility)

5:00 - 7:00 pm: The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is hosting a public information meeting at the Columbus Community Center, 161 N. Dickason Blvd. The meeting is to present information on the improvements planned for State Highway 16 and the intersection with State Highway 60 in 2016. This is not related to the State Highway 16/60 (James Street) project slated for 2017. If you have any questions or concerns related to development of this project, you are encouraged to attend. If you cannot attend, you are asked to contact either Gary Sassman with DAAR Engineering at (608) 229-1446/email: gary.sassman@daarcorp.com, or David Pilon at WisDOT, at (608) 245-2622/email: david.pilon@dot.wi.gov. 


Hydro Street as scraped the majority of their menu and is now serving Falbo Bros Pizza out of Sun Prairie (home of 16 pizza joints).  I was driving through SP yesterday and saw Falbo Bros and stopped in and had a couple slices and  . . pretty darn good.  

Hydro has like a Papa Murphy's fusion going on.  Falbo cooks the crust halfway and adds fresh toppings then sends the pizza's to Hydro for further baking on demand.  Last week Hydro went through over 100 of the 12 inch thin crust pizza loaded with toppings. Stop by and check out the new pizza place in Columbus.

Watched The Grand Budapest Hotel last night - hmmmmm - very odd movie, I'm not sure what to think about it.  Fixter people LOVED it at an 87% range - very artsy and the trailer is a little deceiving.  Lots of stars getting less the 30 seconds screen time. Still  I suppose quirky would be a word I could use.  Funny in a chuckling kind of way.  It did seem like a long 1:39 minute movie. 


I see MG&E and WE want to increase their monthly overcharge rate for every customer and then lower the electricity rate per Kilowatt which would remove the incentive to have solar energy. 

Just sayin' 

It seems not many people in Columbus want solar power from what I hear. WHAT??  you say?  

Go to this link to read about solar coming to Columbus - MAYBE - if enough people are interested. They need to know!

Columbus Water & Light    

One thing I was thinking about last night is this - it says

 "The estimated share price will be about $500. The electricity produced by one share will provide the owner with a utility credit equivalent to a 4% to 6% annual interest payment."

  What I wonder is will inflation help?  Will 4 to 6% be worth more in 15 years?  of will it always be 4 to 6% of that $500.


Brewers - STILL 63% chance for the playoffs, Cards 60.4% and Pirates 49.5%, Cubs 0.0%.

Monday, July 28, 2014

USS Indy / Graph TV

BRRRR it's cold out.  Bring on summer.

There is a ultra cool website you have to check out called Graph TV. This site takes all the ratings from  each episode of a TV show from the IMDB database and graphs them.  It's interesting to see shows rise and fall.


Seems the shows I LOVE that get canceled are always up the upswing.


Father in law is home from Indianapolis and it seems he had a great time - especially since he was treated like Royalty.

When they arrived in the airport in Chicago they had given out thousands of flags to everybody and the same in Indianapolis.  On the plane the captain announced there was a very special traveler and then they were escorted by police car to the Hyatt.

"All rather embarrassing" he said.

BUT - in Indy when ever Mel and guest had free time and they went to any restaurant and tried to pay - Nope - this is on us!

The first concept video/trailer was introduced for the Band of Brothers style series that he was interviewed for.


I'm getting ready for an Art Fair blast, 3 fairs in 14 days will stress my logistics.  Arts & Ale this Sunday Aug 3rd, Paoli the the next Saturday Aug 9th and my superbowl The Agora Art Fair in Fitchburg Aug 16th.

Something new that came up is I'll have my works in gallery at The Workshop in Columbus in October. I'll have more on that as I get more information. I do know that there will be an opening on a Friday night where they will allow me to "mix" with the public.


It's all I got

Friday, July 25, 2014

Arby's - thinking outside the box.

It's heavy bomber weekend in Madison . . . . this weekend - just spreading the news..

I had the Sun Prairie Worthog homebrew club meeting night last night in Sun Prairie and a B25 flew over and the sound was magnificent.

It was nice that we found out that the two home brew stores in Madison are telling customers that if you want to DRINK beer join the Madison Home Brew Club, if you want to learn how to make better beer join the Worthogs.

Our next meeting is all about water and how it is SO important in making beer and probably the most overlooked part of beer if you want to make a good tasting brew.  August 28th at The Nitty Gritty 7:00 all are welcome to attend.  

I bottled my Bavarian Dunkelweizen yesterday and decanted my small batch Munich Dunkle which is still lagering.  I think I'll have to make my Double Chocolate Stout next so it will be ready for late October.


Yesterday I took my father-in-law to the airport so he could attend the 69th reunion of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis.  One thing that is important this year is that a "Band of Brothers" style series is being created my a movie company and they want to interview Mel on camera for the movie. Being one of the last two Marines survivors they are running out of time.

A great read is " In Harm's Way: The Sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis and the Extraordinary Story of Its Survivors"  
It's a pretty exciting story and Mel was with the small group away from the larger group. There is a photo in the book with Mel (top right)


Here is a shot of Jenny and Josh's Caydance and Sydney goofing around.  Sydney was so funny at the Lake Mills Art Fair - seems they went into a very good water colorist canopy and Sydney says "Oh, I don't like theses at all!".   She says so many odd things it's funny.  A few weeks ago she was playing in one of our bedrooms and came out and everybody was in another room.  "Where is my family?" she proclaims!

She is really good at taking care of Caydance even though she is the young one (with no fear of anything). Caydance is doing great and starts Kindergarten in the fall.


Frankie on Big Brother received bad news as his grandfather passed away.  It's very very rare that house guests get any contact with the outside world for the 3 months that are quarantined.  The one other time was 911 when there were only 3 left and one of the contestants had a relative in one of the towers. Otherwise they get zero news of the outside world.  

Live feeds showed the entire house crying for Frankie.  That is the difference with Big Brother, you can tune in 24 hours a day and see what is going on. Nothing is hidden.

Arby's thinking outside the box.  

Before I go to home brew club I normally make a stop at Arby's to put something into my stomach and every time I go I ask the same question. Since they seem to have 100% turnover from month to month I always hope I will get a different answer to a simple question.

I say "I would like a normal size Ham and Cheese Melt".  Well, they ONLY have the $1 mini ham and cheese and for the last 10 months it seems it's totally impossible to make a bigger one. Can't do it - OH - I can buy TWO though.

I don't want TWO.

Well last night it all changed.  I asked the question knowing I would get the blank stare as I always get but this guy said "Oh, you want to order a Mini with extra meat then".  I was stunned.  BUT WAIT. He gets on his headset and calls to the sandwich maker and here is what the problems started.  

The order TAKER, obviously understood the Common Core philosophy and new how to work through a difficult problem such as this, the sandwich maker on the other hand who was not a Common Core student could not think outside the box.

How much ham?  5 ounces?  no - double the 1.5 oz so it would be 3 oz.  Oh - but but but what about the extra buns?  NO - put it on a normal bun, ONE bun.  cheese? does he want cheese?  YES, the normal cheese.  Double meat, one bun and cheese, like a mini but with more meat.  How much meat?  DOUBLE THE MEAT, ADD CHEESE, ONE BUN.

Well then came the problem of how much do we charge this trouble maker since we have totally gone off the grid on this bizarre sandwich that no one has ever thought about before.

I kept looking around to see if anybody else was watching this but there were only a couple of truck drivers that looked like they had been on the road way too long.   OH - and then they wanted my name for the order. Really?

OK - there is ONE guy in the place now and I say "Rod".  Ron?  "Rod" , Rob?  ROD! - DOES IT FREAKING MATTER?  And please please don't ask if I want my receipt, printed? emailed? text? facebook? tweet? Instagram?

In the end I had a fantastic sandwich that made me very happy.