Monday, November 23, 2015

Albido Effect

Dan Patrick called the call in the Wisconsin game the worst call he has ever seen in NCAA Football!


And then there is the Albido Effect.

One of the hardest things for a weather dude to predict is the amount of snow in a snow storm.  So many little factors that can influence the amount.  But another hard thing that many do not know about is called Albido Effect.   This is concerned with temperature after a snow fall and is REALLY a tough one.

As we all know the sun warms the earth but when there is fresh snow on the ground 80% of the sun rays bounce back into space. Fresh snow REALLY lowers air temps a LOT.  They also make the new snow are much colder at night as the snow creates an insulation so the warm earth can not warm the air above it.

This is why Watertown, Lone Rock and Middleton got down to 1 degree the day after the storm. Columbus was down to 6.8 degrees with our 4 inches.

SO - if you are ever asked "What is the Albido Effect" it is a measure of how much of the Sun's energy is reflected back into space. Overall, the Earth's albedo has a cooling effect. (The term 'albedo' is derived from the Latin for 'whiteness').

Next - "Isallobaric Wind" which is REALLY interesting.

Rain rain rain on Thanksgiving - probably over an inch. Then cooling off for the holiday parade which will have wind chills near 20 so dress appropriately.

OH OH - this guy is hilarious and this is what I strive for.  The whole thing is great!

There is a whole lot of badness going on these days after "Paris" which makes zero sense to me.  People are saying America is not doing enough and we need to take care of the bad guys and stop waving our fingers.  Trump wants to register all Muslims like we did to Japanese in WWII.  Yea. that seems like a plan. Worked 73 years ago didn't it?

First of all - do people actually know what terrorists are?  It would take AT LEAST 250,000 American ground troops AT LEAST 10 years of fighting to come close to winning. Do we really want to do that?  ESPECIALLY when the countries in that region with huge armies that could attack ISIS with ground troops are not?

I LOVE what the hacker group called "anonymous" is doing.  They have been a pain in America's ass for a while and now they switched sides and have unified to attack ISIS.  That is so awesome.  They have disrupted ISIS communication already deleted 20,000 Twitter accounts.

Now you might say - "big deal".  Well, how do YOU feel when your facebook account has been deleted right before you want to pull off a major coordinated bank robbery or something.  Or when all of your ISIS websites are now are blasting some dudes 1980s rock video.

But what is really troubling me are the Republican Governors closing their doors to refugees - it's the height of hypocrisy and embarrassing.

In the wake of the Paris attacks, 25
Republican Governors (and 1 Democrat) have vowed to
block all Syrian asylum seekers
from entering their States, since
ONE of the terrorists snuck into
France with other Syrian refugees.

In addition to being devoid of that
most basic human integrity, that
reaction is in height of 
unadulterated hypocrisy, because
whenever there is a domestic gun
massacre, those same Republicans
are the first to insist you can't
blame all the good gun owners for
the acts of a few madmen. 


OK - lets lighten it up a tad.  You know that meteor we landed on a while back?  This is what that bad boy would look like on earth.  THAT would cause so damage! 



And it what many consider the boring-est news. Pfizer and Allergan PLC are merging. A $150 BILLION deal.  Big deal you say?  Well, this allows Phizer to headquarter in Ireland and not have to pay American taxes.


Friday, November 20, 2015

Is a Bacon Rauchbier really a good thing?

Here is an interesting fact - between 2009 and 2014,  870,000 Mexicans moved to the United States, BUT, at the same time 1 million US Citizens moved to Mexico.


The baffling storm is on its way - the forecast would be so much easier if we lived in Madison but Columbus is right on the edge so we could get 1 inch? Or if the storm wobbles 20 miles 6 inches.  Whatever we get it should start about 8ish tonight and last 12 hours.

Anyway you look at it some people are going to get pissed when they see a ticket on their car tomorrow morning if we get 2 inches!  At least we don't live in Janesville who could get 10 inches!  I'm being really conservative and thinking less then an inch.


New brewery in Sun Prairie is moving forward after another investor meeting and banks agreeing to fund a major portion of the project. This will be a 10 barrel system with expectations  to break ground next spring next to Market Street Diner.

Looking for a chemist at the moment as you can't really brew this much beer without one.  You really don't want this happening in a 10 barrel system.

I woke up this morning and my Double Chocolate Stout decided it wanted out!   Pretty active yeast I would say.

Speaking of beer- I tried a Bacon Rauchbier last night.  Tasted like bacon. Is that a good thing?  It was for a few gulps but man - all I could smell all night was bacon.


In the stock market some guy shorted an online site and lost $106,445.  The site?


Pizza - A study was done and it seems when a male eats pizza with a woman he eats 1.5 more slices on average compared to when he eats pizza with another male.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY WINDOWS!!  - On this date in 1985 Microsoft release it's very first version of Windows.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The door has opened to winter

I was called out before City Council by the Mayor over a prediction last year about a powerful storm which never materialized.  YUP - got that one wrong.  And sort of missed one a few weeks ago where the wind never materialized HERE but it did south west of Madison.

However - I did predict this mess we just got through a week ahead of time.  Still, weather prediction has gotten much much better in the last couple years, people only remember when the talking heads (and me) are wrong and that actually influences the weather forecasters.  

I was also asked when the first accumulating snow would occur and while I knew Saturday was a good chance I wasn't going to put that out there because this thing coming at us was still pretty fuzzy.

NOW though it's taking shape.

We have a pretty strong jet stream right above us and "warm" moist air moving north  and cold dry air north of us.  This is a small nasty system.  It's a little eddy of energy.  Fast moving and very potent and it's carving out a section of the US as it moves towards us.  HOWEVER - the European model has thrown a wrench into the works saying this storm will have a negative tilt and will dump a large quantity of it's snow before it gets to us!  The moist air is not AS moist as we assumed.

SO - at one point the word EIGHT inches which was in the conversation (well for a few hours at least) is waning and now it looks like things are getting more conservative.  Maybe 1-3 inch.  I tend to look at which way the forecasters are trending and at the moment the trend is less and less.

Can't get away from the cold though.  Sunday, sunny and a high of 27 low of 16. Then warming to 40 and Thanksgiving rain (sorry, a month ago I predicted a thunderstorm but it's only rain :-)

The holiday parade will be lower 40s with spitting rain. NOT like last year with freezing rain.

BTW - It's 8:30 and the average sustained wind speed is 25mph!! NOT a good day for disc golf.


October was the warmest October in 136 years of record keeping.

"Reclining Nude” (don't google that at work) by Amedeo Modigliani, a painting, was sold for 170 million dollars and paid for with an American Express Card!  YIKES, seriously?  I'm not sure I have a limit that high!  That is about 422 million Express Points, or, 28 million frequent flier miles!

The odds for the Packers to make the playoffs has taken a hit and is now down to 83% and only 3.7% to win the Superbowl.

OH  - weather geeks - I'm reading a fantastic book called "Roar of the Heavens" about Hurricane Camille in 1969.  I was on a vacation to New York New York with my neighbors and was so pissed I was missing what many believe was a once in 10,000 year event.

What happened in Virginia is amazing and one study says it was so rare that you need to go beyond human history to see this again.  It rained so hard birds drowned in trees with the lack of oxygen.  NOAA suggest that the "maximum rain rate that is theoretically possible" occurred.

I read the preface and had chills.  

Speaking of terrorists - I hear a lot of people talking about sending an army to get the bad guys . . do people understand what terrorists are?  They actually don't wear uniforms you know.

All you hear about on TV now is terrorists stuff which is spreading fear - YET - we live in the safest period of our lives (well except for the 25,000 gun deaths per year in America).  One cool thing happening is that while the US will not speak to Russia and Russia will not speak to the US, we will BOTH speak to France and work with them.

OH - probably a bad time to show this photo I captured yesterday - I put it on facebook and immediately caught flak about Whitewater and Monica and cover ups by the Left (no mention of Iran Contra cover ups by the Right though).

Bill was outside The Madison Club.


   Hey - I would take Trumps photo if I was next to him, OR Carson's if I could wake him up!


had a 4:15 Council session last Tuesday.  Drug sniffing dogs took up a BIG portion of that and it's the newest debate we are grappling with. The question is - does Columbus really need a drug sniffing dog?  There are many things to think about.  Cost, effectiveness, need among other things.

OK - gotta run.  Brew day