Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Harry's and the media

Remember, when real facts prove you wrong and make you look stupid, just use alternative facts instead.

tyrants throughout history have tried (and some successfully) to control the press using four time tested techniques.

1. Berate the media - turn the public against the media calling ALL press and media names. When Donald blatantly lies he calls out the media and says THEY are the ones lying, that are SCUM.

2. Limit access. Donald does not hold news conferences and has already banned some networks from the Press Room.  He no longer allows the media to travel with him and restricts knowledge so we don't even know who he is meeting with.  For instance, he has had a 1 on 1 phone conversation with Putin and the only way Americans would know this is that The Kremlin reported it.

3. Threaten the media - Donald has threatened the media saying if they continue to post his remarks in a bad way he will sue them for liable. He has promised to open up liable laws so when he sues he can win lots and lots of money.

4. By pass the media altogether and go right to the public. Tweet tweet tweet and victory rallies so he can communicate his alternate facts directly to supporters.

Media comes from the word intermediate - a go-between between the powerful and the non-powerful. Media holds the powerful accountable for their actions - YET - our new government is going the opposite way and threatening the media. Trump wants to get rid of the media because they keep correcting his blatant lies.

This is literally one of the saddest periods in American history.

In other news


And then there are the Packers - yea - you can only roll the dice so many times with so many injuries. Super Bowl teams are normally the healthy ones . . or at least the ones with injuries spread out, not ALL in one position.

Great run, lots of fun . . move along.


I ran out of blades for my Mach3 razor and because I'm like a crow and an drawn to shiny objects I ordered a free Harry's Razor.  I'm being serious - best shave I have had in a long long time.  I only shave like 2 or 3 times a week at most (more then I comb my hair) so I have the $3 subscription where I get a new blade like once every couple months but seriously, I was impressed.  There is a trimming blade on top that is outstanding.   Thumbs up.

Like our new Shark Rocket vacuum.  DJ said she never thought a new vacuum would be this exciting but she is totally amazed.

Technology is great . . yea - it puts people out of work but so did the steam shovel and we survived.


 A school friend of a friend wrote a very very good article. Instead of skimming the first few paragraphs I actually read the entire thing - wonderful!  More pro America then anti-Trump.


Have a nice snow storm - you will need to shovel this one - no melting a few days later.   I expect 3-5 but there could be much heavier bands as this seems to be moving south (meaning more snow for us) and intensifying.



Friday, January 20, 2017

Two Cats Two & The last day of Democracy - no sunlight - EVER

Two Cats Two

WELL ladies and friend - today is the last day I can get all anal about our fraudulent President who gropes woman, makes fun of the handicap, screws small businessmen and woman, enjoys gaming the system for his own profits and literally steals money from people (remember that $25 million settlement for theft?).

From here on everything that happens we can blame the GOP directly. They can no longer blame others for their corrupt buffoonish behavior.  

Obamacare, which was a GOP idea in the first place until Obama actually passed it and then the GOP purposefully tried to wreak it by making sure insurance companies would have to raise rates will become history when they come up with the SECOND best plan (Obama stole theirs) goes into law. 

BUT - we will endure (hopefully). 

SO - what the hell will I talk about now - what is my next windmill to chase  hmmmmm  

I still have issues with the Uday (Udey?) Dam and why it is actually needed as it ruins the Crawfish river and hurts Columbus.  We still are not a family friendly community with bike paths and things for young people to do but as long as know one but me complains nothing will happen.  So that windmill is a far way off.  

SO!  I got nothing.  SAD! 

You know it's been 13 days since the last overtime game in the NBA? In some circles that is important.  My NBA system needs OT games (45-25 65.3% this year and 214-127 lifetime 62.7%) 

In other news - the Oakland Raiders are trying to move to Las Vegas, all they need are the votes.

Today is day 1001 since Flint Michigan has had clean lead free water.  Remember the GOP government in charge wanted to make some money (it's what they do - it's all about money, not people, not unlike Washington now, it's all money and jobs, not peoples welfare)  and decided to switch water without really doing any research and then cover up their mistake.
Steven Mnuchin, the former Goldman Sachs banker who should be in jail and is now (or will be) the secretary of the Treasury forgot about a $100 million asset disclosure  OOPS MY BAD!  Yea - I forget about my $100 million investments also.

I can't believe Deadpool is actually in the running for an Oscar for best picture - great movie I thought - pretty darn funny.


El Chapo has been extradited to the US.  This is a pretty big deal in crime circles.  No narco wants to be in prison in the US. it's a REAL bid deal for them.  (Watch Narcos on Netflix, it's an eye opener for the 70s).

In other shows, catch Travelers  on 'flix.  Not just another time travel series and not what I thought it was.


If you are an Mexican with no green card and a parking ticket - say good by to your family!  After Trump takes a weekend off (he still believes being President is a 40 hour a week job with weekends off) he is signing executive orders.  All of that money undocumented visitors spend will go by by.  We don't need all that spending anyway.

I'm just blowing off my final rants.


OH - we purchased a Shark  Rocket vacuum. WOW - seriously amazing machine.  We went right to the website for a MUCH cheaper deal and it really is awesome.  I was talking to the guys at Absolute Fitness who have one and they have the same response - AMAZING machine and MUCH cheaper then a Dyson.


Kelly Ann Conway is wearing a clown outfit. She looks like a nut cracker. Her coat cost $3600.  God I hate her with a passion.


What the hell is wrong with Trump and Melania - they have not smiled ONCE so far.  I have never seen an entire family so miserable!


Wall Street is up today - I suspect this is the tip and just like when Reagan took office - it  all comes down now.  Wall Street loves the idea of Trump but once they see the real ramifications . . . . .

OK - have a GREAT weekend - The next time we get more then a passing glimps at sun is 8 days off.  After Sunday we will start a long 8 day slide in temps to only 5 degrees above average.  Average high today is 23. Ten days from now we will be near 28.

Get used to clouds and fog.

See ya!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Police and Fire Commission vote

I spent a good part of last night a little pissed at myself for not speaking up in Council about the candidate for the Police and Fire Commission and not voting for who the Mayor had chosen.  It's not that I did not have anything to say. It was that I could not form different words then the others had already spoken.

Other members of council were very succinct and politically correct and I really had nothing to add. Should I have said "ditto, what they said" ?  I had some very strong feelings but the words were not forming and all of a sudden the candidate was at the stand being very aggressive at us.    

Here is the point I wanted to make but could not find the correct words.

Before I took office I expressed my displeasure that I thought it was a VERY bad idea to have auxiliary police officers on City Council.  Perfectly legal but I felt there was too much of a chance that it might look like there could a conflict of interest.

I also do not feel friends should be on city councils or commissions for this same reason. You can MAKE friends but there should be no pre-existing friendships, friendly acquaintance, yes, actual friends no. Government should not be a good ol' boy friendship network.   I also side on the "new blood" concept as Columbus needs to keep getting new people involved.

When I saw that the candidate was not only a good friend and neighbor with the Chief of Police and that they both served in the military I felt there was a unique bond between the two - OR - at least there would appear to be.  I loath the appearance of any hint of a "good ol' boys network" in Columbus, been there done that. It's what Columbus was famous for and something many have been working on NOT doing. This is part of the new blood thing I want to keep going. I am NOT speaking for the rest of the Council, they might have different opinions, only my personal feelings.

I would feel this same way if a friend of the Fire Chief wanted to be on the Commission or if a friend wanted to be on Council.  I just do not believe it is a smart thing.

How can I say that in a couple sentences that did not just mirror what others have said.  I don't need to talk just so I can hear myself speak.

SO - that is my story.  I actually wanted to speak first to break the ice but then others spoke so much more fluently then I and I thought Alderman Thom was right on with his reasons.

Sadly - at times you need to vote against "council friends" and it creates awkward moments, I've gone against Thom and The Mayor a number of times and I loath it but I need to be true to myself and what I believe is the right course of action.

Nuff said.