Friday, February 27, 2015

Heaven Hill

I'm sorry Cathy - I think you were dreaming.  I looked at the Climate Prediction Center and it looks like March will have a good chance of being cooler then normal. They say summer will have a good chance of being warmer then normal which will please Columbus Water and Light (and me - the hotter the better).

Looking at all of their predictions, which is like reading tea leaves, March will be the last "cooler the average" period for over a year!! 

We have a good chance of a pretty sizable storm hitting us Tuesday - looks like the biggest of the season at the moment at 5-8 inches but we will be near freezing so the height of the snow is up for grabs.  This is your typical springtime storm and depends on when it hits and what the temperature is. We could have thunderstorms of rain OR snow and 8 inches might actually be conservative.  It all depends on the track the LOW takes.  It could get exciting. 

After the storm it will cool down for a couple days but then at LEAST 3 days in a row in the 30s for NEXT weekend.  


Who put pillow shams in my car.   Seriously.  I looked in my back seat and there are two pillow shams. I had no idea what they were and DJ has never seen them before.  They just appeared.  Fess up! 


A friend and fellow photographer from Madison will have one of his photographs featured in Criminal Minds on CBS March 11th.  The photo of the capitol will be used as decoration in a police station.  COOL!!


Want to test your retina?  Google  "portland Japanese" and click on images (office safe).  HOLY CRAP!!!   

Speaking of color - that whole dress thing sweeping the country.  Do you see black and blue?  Do you see white and brown?  I'm so confused - I see white-ish and brown while many people see black and blue.

I put this in photoshop and it's just about what I see.  I can not understand how anybody can see black and blue. The white has a bluesh tint to it but not BLUE!!  Like royal blue which is what many people see.  And black?  Not seeing it. 

Here is what photoshop says 


But here is a question - which way is the woman twirling!  Clockwise or counter clockwise. 


Time for Ibuprofen.  Had homebrew club last night and a new member is from Kentucky.  We started talking about bourbon because bourbon is taking sales away from craft beer.  Craft beer is taking sales away from macro beer and bourbon is robbing craft beer (notice how many craft beers are bourbon barrel aged).   I'm glad I'm not in a homebourbon club.  

Ever hear about a bourbon called Heaven Hill?  In 1996 they had a fire when lightning hit an aging warehouse with 20,000 barrels of bourbon. It spread to other warehouses when a 2 mile long river of flaming bourbon flowed down hill.  At one point 100,000 barrels were on fire in 7 warehouses. 

6% of the worlds bourbon were in flames

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Best Cinnamon Toast EVER

I'm not going to talk about the coming Iraq War III which will happen and I suspect before the next election.  ISIS wants a war and because Saddam is no longer in power they now control Iraq! Who's fault is it? Well, who started the last war and then left a void.

Mosul, Iraq's second largest city is under ISIS control and SOMEONE has to take it back. The preparations have already started in the press with daily depictions of beheading's and so forth.  Just be prepared - it's coming and probably sooner then you think.

Then there is this whole "Right to Work" thing.   First of all there is absolutely zero credence it helps bring jobs to RtW States. You can post numbers but there is no way to really tell one way or the other.  

All it is is a way to defund the Democratic Party.  So if you are a Republican and say why should I join a union that gives money to the Democrats. True true.  But then why should I go to stores that are in the Chamber of Commerce who in 2010 gave 32 million dollars to Republican candidates.

What really gets me is that before the election Walker said over and over and over he had no plans to pass Right to Work. Yet now - after he was elected, he is all for it!  It's almost like you can't believe him at his word.

Oh the projected budget short fall is now 1.8 BILLION dollars for Wisconsin. I thought before the election we had a surplus?


OH - I'm full of happy talk today :-)  Maybe because I finally got caught up to the 1st half of the current season of The Walking Dead and one of my favorite characters was killed off.  Good Bye Beth!


I'm tired of Winter - I think that is it. Tired of being 20 degrees below normal. The next time we get to normal will be Tuesday when we get a little more snow. Not a lot going on snow wise.  Everything once again is going south getting pushed down my cold.

We will keep getting cold air punches for the foreseeable future. Picture a Marry Go Round spinning counter clockwise fast with a bunch of kids hanging on to the railings for dear life. Every 3 spins another kid fly's off.

That kid is cold air and he is smacking into Wisconsin.  (no actual children were hurt in this blog).


OH OH - Cinnamon Toast. I have been doing it all wrong all my life.   OMG - with a little prep work you can make some amazing cinnamon toast.

Put 1 stick of butter in a bowl
add 1/2 cup of sugar
add 2 teaspoons of cinnamon
add 2 teaspoons of vanilla

Mix all together and then smother a piece of bread.

Place in the oven at 350 for 10 minutes on a pan.
Then broil for about a minute until the sugar caramelizes - it's awesome!!!


Nothing to say about Columbus. Might be some garbage news in the future (good news) but I'll hold off and keep you on the edge of your seats.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


My biggest worry today (which was yesterday) is finding cushions for my Grado Labs SR 80 headphones.  During my poker days I geeked out over headphones and purchased some open ear Grado Labs SR 80 and a set of Sennheiser HD580 cans.  Gotta have two sets for different music right?  Well, I thought that at the time . . . and I was right but I certainly would not do that today (they are expensive).

If you are looking for a GREAT pair of headphones for cheap?  Something to wear working out with great base check out the Sony MDRZX110AP ZX on Amazon.  Sweet deal for $20.  Stay away from Beats headphones.  Like Bose you are paying for the name and coolness factor.  Good sound but overpriced because they are hot. You can do much better at a lower price the Beats (and Bose for that matter).

Something a lot of people forget with headphones is that they need to have a wear in period. Just like stereo speakers.  Even ear buds need 100 hours to get to their max sound.  The cones are stiff and need to be massaged and gently used. Play them overnight quietly.

Oscars were a bomb on TV.  Down 16% and Tweets were down 47%.


Cottage Grove was all freaking out over a sex offender moving in. Good Grief. That is a known person, worry about the unknown ones!  WAIT!!!  WHO knew that a sex offender would move next door to . . . . an ARSONIST.  What a lovely neighborhood!  The kettle calling the pot black!! (or whatever that saying is).


We all know what is on tonight right?  Survivor Season 30.  I've applied a few times - sent my app and video in - didn't make the cut.  This year it's White Collar vs. Blue Collar vs. No Collar and I have heard its one of the best premiers ever in Survivor as we see how each "tribe" deals with adversity. I still love that show as a social experiment.     


Not much to say - sort of brain dead today, I must have slept to well last night! I hate that!

Badgers - the excitement about last night was not the game but what happened AFTER the game.  Emergency landings with an engine out, firetrucks rescue vehicles, doors not shutting, GREAT night for Bucky.    

Milwaukee Bucks (most of you can check out now) - In baseball you have PECOTA  where a players career is matched up with other players at the same point and same stats to see who they most match.

I'm not sure if that have that in the NBA but the Bucks new point guard Michael Carter-Williams that they got in a big trade was Rookie Of The Year last year in the NBA but having a hard year this year.  One of the reason the Bucks were high on him is that his career is almost exactly matching his coach, Jason Kidd who went on to be pretty darn good.  And Kidd is really getting some exceptional play out of his super young team.

The Bucks were recently ranked as the 6th most exciting team in the NBA.  Michael Carter-Williams makes his Milwaukee debut tonight.

Nuff said