Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Baseball is the BEST /Deadwood / Kestrel Ridge Golf Course

The beauty of baseball is that there are millions of games played and there is always something you have never seen before.

A few days ago the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers had a 3 run 9th inning comeback with a 2 out, 2 strike bases loads dropped 3rd strike where everyone scored.  DIDN'T SEE THAT ONE COMING!



Mary Arnold's yard was vandalized last night in Columbus. She had 4 yard sings in her yard that were ripped up and stomped on. I'm thinking it was by a angry Republican but I have no proof. Could have been an Independent or perhaps Tony Evers? 


Independent book stores are making a come back . . . no really. According to the NY Times from 1995 to 2009 independent book stores fell 43%  . . however . . since 2009 the number of independent book stores is up 49% and sales in books are up 5%.  Thank you Omarosa. LOL


Cold front moves through tonight. Pretty quiet today with warm and humid conditions but conditions change tomorrow with a good chance of thunderstorms both Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.  The storms, wherever they hit will have a good amount of moister but not the flooding kind as they will move on.

The weekend is looking pretty much like last weekend unless a the LOWS that are suppose to hit tomorrow and Thursday slow down. It's a chance.  Rain on Monday.


Seems there was a hacking convection and an 11 year old managed to hack into a replica of the Florida election system . . . in 10 minutes.

Last time I looked the Columbus election system is not on the internet.  We are the Battlestar Galactica of election systems. Cylons BE GONE!

BTW - the spin off series Caprica was one of my favorites until it was canceled. 


Of the top 48 officials in the White House.  Only 4 are Latino, Asian or Arab. Nothing but white people to see here.  Making America white again.


I have heard of these in Amsterdam and Paris - public urinals.

Hopefully this will not catch on in America where men seem to have bigger bladders  . . .except on Kestrel Ridge Golf Course where men regularly pee in front of my house and in front of the neighbors house. NO REALLY - on THIS side of the fairway. Don't even need a tree it seems.

They just whip it out and pee for all to see.  (ooo that rhymes).   They need a sign that says URINAL 300 YARDS AHEAD!!


I ordered some shoes Sunday night.  I had a choice - Free shipping -arrive Saturday. $5 for Thursday and $10 for Tuesday.  I opted for the Free shipping Saturday.  Got a message - arriving this morning.


So relatives were here for a while and we were looking for a movie to watch. We have iTonya which is a GREAT movie with a fantastic sound track.  Truly GREAT music.  It's rated "R" and they have a kid in the 7th grade.

DJ and I talked and could not think of anything BAD - no sex scenes, no violence but a few swear words. Nothing Cam has not heard before right?

We watched about 15 minutes and HOLY FUCK!! Fuckity fuck fuck.  There are more F-words in the 1st 15 minutes then all 4 season of Deadwood.  And a few C words.  We all agreed - GREAT GREAT movie so far but WOW - perhaps not for a 7th grader  . . . over and over (an so funny). 

Speaking of Deadwood - what I believe is still the best show EVER on TV - A gritty western starring Timothy Olyphant, Ian McShane and Keith Carradine is in the process of making the movie.

CAN . . . NOT . . . WAIT


This was the last REAL MUST SEE TV.  DJ and I would literally and seriously spend the next 2 days swearing at each other with the "F" word.  Our neighbors who also watched the show would see each other in the back yard and start swearing at each other laughing. 

Have a great Tuesday! 


Monday, August 13, 2018

tornado / Matt Taylor for 37th Assembly.

Thursday was the 20th running of the Andy Winn Memorial Outing (he still lives) where we play 18 holes and take in the Brewer game after.

Without going into the the detail and horror of the 9th inning which I do not want to relive, there was a storm.  The roof closed and sides closed and the inside temperature in Miller Park was nearing 200 degrees.

We were watching the storm on various radars but missed the important stuff.   The tornado.  Here is what happened.

Pretty sweet radar video!!


Besides that I literally almost have no idea what has happened in the world in the last 5 days with relatives here. Their kid starts middle school Thursday (Texas).

I do know Omarosa has a new book out and I believe what she says as much as I believe whatever Trump says.

I will agree that Trump has had a very large mental decline in the last 10 years. That, know one can dispute.


Brewers - sigh! what can ya do. It's a dog fight to the end. Going to be exciting and I will, of course, be disappointed if they do not make the playoffs but COME ON. As long as "we" are competitive I'm good. They have surpassed expectations so far in my book.


I don't know names of mushrooms but these little guys were in our back yard. Pretty small.


We golfed Nagawaukee (sp?) and had a great time . . . for the most part.  Tough course.  I ended with a 104?? ish.   Had a 9 on the 9th hole that blew my chance for under 100.


The budget deficit in the last 10 months is now at $684 BILLION, 20.8% higher then the previous time period with a projection of up 33% for the year.

Wages are up 2.5% but inflation is up 2.9% so workers in the US have gotten a pay cut under the GOP, BRAVO, well done.  Under Obama real wages were stagnant since the great recession - under the GOP real wages have dropped 0.4%. 

And I thought the GOP were the fiscally responsible ones?  I guess not.


The 3 month outlook for temperature has Wisconsin slightly warmer then average. In fact the next time Wisconsin is AVERAGE is May/June/July NEXT year.  YEA!!!  Below normal precipitation this winter so the ALWAYS big controversy over the 1 week we have snowmobile season will be yet ANOTHER stupid time consuming debate on city council.

Council does a great job but ENOUGH with snowmobiles - it's anal.

WEATHER - scattered thunderstorms Wednesday and Thursday but other wise beautiful temps. a tiny bit warm today and tomorrow but not a big deal. Otherwise highs in the upper 70s. Weekend looks awesome.


My secret ballot for Tuesday - Kelda / Mendala for Lt Gov and write in Matt Taylor for 37th Assembly.  He needs 500 votes to make in on the ballot in November


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

220 meg download! WHOO HOO /Brewers/Cubs schedule analyst

I want to congratulate Michael Clark for getting 80% of the votes to become an interim council member for the next 7 months.


I went to Charter and exchanged my router and BINGO - 220 meg download.  Yup - actually worked.  SADLY my computer can not do 220 meg download as it runs on gasoline and the components inside of it are too old.  I guess Windows Millennium is not as good as I thought. 


Started watching Salvation.  Not bad at all.  I like all the characters which is a bonus.  I liked the concept when I saw the previews last year but with summer shows I like waiting a year or two to see if it has legs.    


So so many coyotes last night.  A jet woke them up around 11:30.  Woke me up also as we normally don't hear that noise at night.  The coyotes started howling and Gus?   zzzzzzzzzzzzzz   Slept through all 4 times they howled . . . YET - he heard a dog bark ONCE a mile away and bark bark bark. 


I'm too sleepy to think of anything else.  Relatives and golf outings are coming so blogs could be sparse. 

Columbus voters - write in Matt Taylor 37th Assemble - From Matt

I had been looking at this race since late last year. I wasn't interested in a primary and had voluntarily stepped aside when another apparently qualified candidate stated their interest.

While this isn't a typical way to start a campaign, I'm confident as to my ability to adjust and do what is necessary to win.

I'll be happy to reach out to you today to address any concerns you may have. Otherwise I am available on Facebook, Twitter and mattforwisconsin.com

He is running against John Jagler and needs 500 write-ins to get on the ballot

Notice the gerrymandering of the 37th district

Watertown is solid Republican. Trump 54% Clinton 36% 
Waterloo is solid Republican   Trump 54% Clinton 38%
Deforest is solid Democrat  Clinton 70% Trump 23%
Columbus Trump 40% Clinton 51%  Sort of shocking!  ** this does not match from what I saw officially - comes from a small towns website   hmmmmm

The GOP can afford to gerrymander Deforest in because the DNC votes will be absorbed. 


The Brewers have a relatively easy schedule the rest of the way.  While the Cubs still have rain outs to make up the Brewers have zero and have 8 days off in the next 40 games.  The stretch leading up to the AS game was 21 games in 20 days and then after the break played 17 days in a row  TOUGH SCHEDULE.

Brewers 40 games - 8 days off
Cubs 43 games  5 days off.

Brewers play the Cubs 8 more times.

Looking at WHO we play - of the 40 games the average winning % is .495 for Brewer opponents and for the Cubs a SLIGHTLY easier .487 winning %


WEATHER - Not much to talk about  low 80s pop up thunderstorms Thursday through Sunday . All day rain NEXT Wednesday (at the moment - things slide as you know)

Carry on