Wednesday, April 15, 2015

71 Million

100 years ago I took courses in Hotel and Restaurant Management and one of the things they drilled into us was to never ever underestimate or underpay a good chef.  Even if you are losing money you will lose more money with a replacement chef.

I bring this up because I golf at Door Creek and 2 years ago their very good cook wanted a raise from his low pay.  Management felt that instead of giving him a raise, get a new person who really did not have a background in cooking to save money, heck, it's just making hamburgers and so forth (this is what they believe) and this new person seemed OK, although no REAL schooling in cooking.

Year one the food was horrible and last year they hired another cheap cook and now people are quitting leagues. So while they are saving money paying a non-schooled cook they are losing customers.

ANYWAY - we have 3 openings in our Wednesday night Door Creek golf league.  It's a laid back league (except for the food part I guess). Golf with whoever you want.  It's a "fun" league but still real golf (ball golf).


The Mayor of Fitchburg was bragging that his town has $100 million in construction the past few years.  Well . . . Columbus, MUCH smaller town has $71 million in construction.  And people say Columbus is stagnant?

NOTE - as of this morning the one side of the 151/73 bridge by the hospital has a hole in it where your car will fall onto 151.  I suggest stay away from that side.  


WELL - of course right after I type all this below it seems there is movement in getting things done

Disc Golf.  There seems to be this opinion that the Columbus Disc Golf is like a swing set and once you put up the baskets you can ignore them.  There are no go-to people for this course.  Disc golf is not something you can just ignore like a play ground, it's a "thing" that draws people to Columbus.

For instance.  I was in Beaver Dam yesterday to golf at Crystal Lake.  As I got out of my car a guy was lacing his shoes and asked if I wanted a partner.  I said sure.  I find out he is from Milwaukee and wanted to try out the course after a near bye interview for a job.  On the 2nd hole another guy catches up and he is from Hustisford and was doing the same thing, checking out the course. People have check lists on all the courses they play.  There is a app for your phone where you enter your location and destination and it will tell you all the courses with 20 miles of your drive.  People travel from far distances to play disc golf.  I've had 5 emails from players in Southern Wisconsin asking when ours will be ready (DCCourse Review forum people). 

 this next part is null and void now

Our disc golf course is not even up yet with missing signage and I won't register it until it's even near complete.  Baskets are up but there are tee's missing.  I'm hoping the city can see that there needs to be a go-to organization for Columbus Disc Golf.  There have been volunteers.

Again - this is marketing Columbus. I wish the city would invest in some pads for the tees.
There is a disc golf course in Antarctica

Description: Varied terrain includes ice, snow, drifts, heavy equipment and high winds. From #5, hook a left and throw further up into yard (opposite road to Scott Base). #9 is near entrance to greenhouse.      

Local Directions: From Christchurch New Zealand, hop on a military flight down to "The Ice" - McMurdo Station Antarctica.​

There are 17 courses within 25 miles of 53925 Zip code - we need to get on the map.

OMG - I have worked out the last two days at Anytime Fitness and yesterday disc golfed AFTER working out.  Never do that!  My arm was like noodle.  My 4 weeks Diet Bet starts today (I got a head start after submitting my photos and weight Monday).  I need to lose 7 pounds in 4 weeks but my goal is 10 pounds since the first 3 pounds is water weight (eat popcorn and weigh yourself the next day).

Instead of  a big breakfast thinking I would skip lunch and then having a nice lunch anyway because I would have a small dinner then then having a big dinner because it tastes so good . . . I had oatmeal (yummy ;-(  and then a bunch of carrots for lunch and get this, chicken and a SALAD for dinner.  I'm turning into health freak.  What is next, GREEK YOGURT?  Nooooooooooo!  

My body aches in a painful yet good feeling and get this, I did pushups before bed time just because I felt stronger.  What the hell?     

OH - funny weird story.  My shoes were still wet from slogging around Firemans Park golfing so yesterday morning I put them with some jeans and a towel in the dryer. Clunkity Clunkity Clunk and the cats were freaking out.

I was in the basement and they had their ears back and a really worried look on their faces.  Every so ofter there was a screech and then Clunkity Clunkity Clunk some more.

Then BAM, and all was quiet.

That was strange even for me.  I go upstairs to the laundry room and the door to the dryer is open and one shoe is in the middle of the floor.   ????????   I guess he had had enough!  Not a clue how that happened.

One more kitty story.  Both cats are fascinated with my printer next to the computer.  Every time I print something they will jump up and stare at the printer as it chugs and makes noise and THEN, when the paper comes out they get all big eyed and look around like "DOES ANYBODY ELSE SEE THIS?"   it's too funny!      

Have a great day!


Monday, April 13, 2015

Diet Bet and, New York Yankees announcers

Every loaf of bread is a tragic story - 
                                 of grains that could have become beer . . . but didn't.

NOTE - still looking for a beer recipe for a saffron beer.

Weather - 0.09 inches of rain this morning.  Today will turn out to be really nice and sunny later.  A little breezy and tomorrow will be GREAT.  This entire week will be a wonderful.

Rain gone until next week. 


I've been waiting for Anytime Fitness to open for like a year and they finally opened behind McDonald's in Columbus.  We took a tour to get our key Friday night and everybody was commenting that the place is MUCH larger then they thought.   

It's not Prairie Fitness but for Columbus!  Pretty nice. 

All the machines have TV and the bikes have a game thing going on where you can race against other bikes going up and down hills and so forth.  But the biggest reason I'm excited is that I can finally enter an online Diet Bet game where I can win $$ losing weight.

If there is a legal scheme to make some money - I'll figure out a way to do it. 

From 1st grade when I made and sold Creepy Crawlers for a nickle (included a map where the bug came from) to selling cinnamon laced tooth picks in junior high (got in trouble for that one because tooth picks were frowned upon - hey - I got caught up in the moment - cinnamon is NOT a gateway drug) to DJ taking me to my first casino ("we are not leaving until this bucket it full"   I filled up two buckets, my strategy was watch for people getting angry at their slot machine. When they got pissed off and left, I would play it. LOL  I kept winning, figured it was do). 

I decided I needed to know everything about casinos which led me to learn to count cards playing Black Jack.  Which led me to playing online Blackjack during the golden age of online casinos.    

How can you make money playing online blackjack?  Easy ( it really was). Online casinos were popping up everywhere with deals. Give us $100, we will double it for a free $100, all you have to do is play 4000 hands of Blackjack. 

Figure perfect blackjack you would lose about $40 over the long run.  Cash out at hand 4000 and get $160 back from your $100 investment.  Make a $60 profit.  Never worked out like that though.  In fact out of the 38 casinos 28 times I WON money AND cashed out. 9 times I lost about $40 and once I felt I was getting cheated and with my last $10 played video poker and got a royal flush LOL  TAKE THAT CROOKED CASINO.

ANYWAY - that led to learning Texas holdem (I have 25 books on holdem) which led to Island vacations (Adventures on St. John)  and started my first blog and writing a monthly articles for Full Tilt Magazine.   


Diet Bet. 

Diet Bet  - basically you BET you can lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks.  Everybody in the game anti's up and create a pot of money, win and you get a cut of that money, lose and you get nothing.  You profit from the losers.  IF EVERYBODY wins you get your $$ back.  

So since I'm going to start working out . . . . .let's make some money.  BUT - how can I get the best bang for buck. There must be a BEST way to do it.  

Yes there is!   

Since you can bet $10 up to $100 what area has the biggest payout on average.  Seem $20 does. $20 is not enough for people to be concerned if they lose, $100 people are motivated to NOT lose.  The BEST is $20 games.  But none were around so I got into a $25 game.

Also - get in contests with MANY people. The one I'm in is 262 players. 

And last - get in a contest headed by a celebrity.  

I'm in Ali Vincent's CHOOSE & LOSE for YOU!  I GUESS Ali Vincent was a winner in The Biggest Loser.  SO, we have a bunch of larger people that watch the show trying to lose weight for $25.


There is another won called FitBit Fanatics! THAT I would not want to get into.

So I will have my official weigh-in this morning (after a big breakfast) and in 4 weeks hope to be 7-8 pounds lighter.  I fact a strategy is to get into more then one contest (you can be in 3 at a time).  But don't do 2 in a row.  After 1 month your body needs to calm down for a month as losing is MUCH harder that 2nd month.  

 Join me - it'll be fun. Officially starts Wednesday. It's the best game I could find for winning $$ losing weight!

There is one called Fire Wife Sisterhood  $25 with 38 players.  Might be good!    92% are winners.  For $25 the average win is $14.  Not a LOT but losing weight is the big thing anyway.


Friday night I saw the Yankees and Red Sox go into extra innings so I turned on my radio thing and started listening to the Yankees and what I heard shocked me.

They have a woman in the booth as an announcer.  And she was awesome cool!!

My problem with female sports announcers is that the ones I have heard seem to want to really show off their knowledge a little too much.  It's sad that they believe they need to do that.  This one for the Yankees though was one of the guys and instead of showing off knowledge you could tell she just loved the game and knew a lot about it.  Not just numbers but little interesting things. How relievers when they have a good year are overworked so much the next year they are bad (on average) and so forth.

SO refreshing that I listened from the 10th inning all the way to the 19th inning which included a bank of lights going out. She was actually one of the better announcers I have heard this year. I might become a Yankee fan (no no no that will never happen).    

Here was something interesting though.  One announcer is up in the broadcast booth and she was down on the field in a camera booth next to the dugout. So she could get all the on field chatter and news.  Could hear conversations with umpires and so forth.  outstanding!

One last thing about baseball.  Yesterday every major league game (all 15) went OVER in run totals for people who care about such things.  That was pretty amazing.


My buddy and I did a little terraforming this weekend. Wanted to get that sod up before that area turned in to rock hard clay.  The sedium on the left WAS next to the rock on the right and we added one more plant.  Less mowing!!!   Dug up, removed teh sod, filled in with dirt we have been making for the last 7 years (awesome stuff), then added two inches of top soil and mulch.

Have a great Monday! 

Friday, April 10, 2015


I did not know that the original meaning of "balderdash" was something that is "a frothy liquid".


DJ is reading a book that talks about the orphan trains in America.  Seems between 1859 and 1929 America would filled trains with orphans (about 250,000) and just ship them to the midwest for anybody to have.  Once arriving into the "midwest" they were just pushed off the train and displayed on a stage for inspection. Many became indentured servants.


Weather - See that blip just above "Precip"?  That was the downpour about 6:30 last night.  If you thought that was a heavy one check out yesterday morning deluge.  The green line is how heavy the rain was for that time period. That was about 1/2 inch per hour which is pretty heavy.

The rate yesterday morning was 3.87 inches per hour.

Total rain yesterday 12 to 12 was 3.06 inches.  My auto gauge under reports a little compared to my physical rain gauge.

Total rain

Monday 0.12 inches
Tuesday 0.78
Wednesday 0.47
Thursday 3.06

Total 4.43 inches 

I'm glad to see Columbus waste water basically agrees.  Columbus recieved more rain then most communities in the area.

We have about a 50% chance for a little shower later this afternoon and clear sailing tomorrow with no clouds and a high of 63. Should be in the upper 60s all next week. Couple little systems flying by Sun/Mon and Thu/Fri


Seven players from Kentucky will be in the NBA draft this next season.

AT&T has to pay a 25 million dollar fine as employees sold 279,000 customers private information to other companies on 3 occasions.  oops!!


The Columbus water tower will be painted this summer starting early July. White and a royal blue under belly and the logo something like on the right.  Should take a month. At the same time me and a buddy of mine will fill the cracks in all the rocks with about 3 cubic yards of soil and plant a drought tolerant, anti weed, very pretty, sedum  (Dragons Blood?) in every crack which will look a lot better then garbage and weeds in the cracks now.

The sedum is coming from all of my rocks around my house that we have been propagating for the last 7 years and have a lot of experience with.  Confidence is high.


Have a great weekend