Monday, October 21, 2019

Well, I had to write SOMETHING

As I sit here waiting for Sports Medicine to call for an appointment for my shoulder.  One thing that bothers me ( one thing ?) is I don't know if my legs muscles are sore 24/7 from atrophy? or something else.  It's like I worked out way too hard.  Weird.


Trumps tariffs are hurting so many small businesses you never think of.   GOLD FISH!  $1.2 million of golf fish are imported annually from China   It's certainly a niche' business for everybody that has a 50 gallon tank in their living room with those little critters.  Some of those "little critters" sell for $150 to $300 each.

HOWEVER - But because of Trumps trade war (also called a stock market manipulation scheme - more on that next). all those fish are 25% more now and with a market that has a very very small margin it's killing small business.
Then - being on city council one we had to authorize studies on how much things will cost.  Fire station, Library all sort of things to study that cost more then you would think BUT, needs to be done.  Knowledge is power.

Cape Cod authorized $50,000 for a 192 page study on how to lower shark risks. The study came up with 27 different ways. And then said none of them would work.  The very best way is to stay out of the water.

Seems the only way is to pay a grizzled sailor and a local sheriff $10,000  to get on a boat and using scuba tanks and firearms stop the sharks.


How about those Minnesota Wild - THEY WON A GAME!!  Sadly winning on the road for an average team is REALLY hard it seems and 13 of their first 18 games are on the road.

I have nothing to say that has not been said about the Packers. WOW. 


Speaking of market manipulation - SOMEONE  is making a killing in the stock market or they are very very lucky.  Someone sold 120,000 shares of “S&P e-minis” 10 minutes before the markets closed - electronically traded futures.   Then drones hit Saudi and the oil market plunged and someone was $180,000,000 richer. 

BUT wait - 3 days earlier somebody purchased 82,000 shares “S&P e-minis” and an hour later Trump announced he would postpone tariffs.  Each share earned $2,350. 

This has been happening for about a year now.  Just before big news someone is buying a LOT of shares and getting REALLY lucky.   Every time there is  news about tariffs good or bad - someone is making a CRAP load of cash. . . . and it ain't me!  

OH - speaking of making cash.  Elweeds mom made a killing with Enron.  YEA - she took all her $$ out before it went belly up.   reminds me of MG&E - man that company is just a freakish money maker in the stock market.  Continuous raising of the dividends and it's ALWAYS going up.  They can't stop making money and have no where to spend it except giving it to investors.   

OK - that's enough - my ass hurts!    Sorry - I had to write SOMETHING 

Side note - Bridgejumper is 8-4 this year 

SADLY - it seems the American Military is now labeled yellow cowards around the world.  I wonder who the military will vote for.   I also wonder if Trump will be the 3rd party candidate. 


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

GET THE F OVER IT Detroit fans.

Referees and football -  GET THE F OVER IT.  Move on.  Good god you would think it's the first time a team ever got hosed from a bad call . . . and was it a bad call?   Did you watch it in normal speed from the ref's point of view?   Or are you looking at one of 5 camera angles in super slo mo frame by frame.

LOOK!  It's so obvious if you stop in THAT frame!!   I believe refs are no worse or better (probably better actually) then 20 years ago but now you have  9 High Def cameras looking at every play . . . . . . except the goal line it seems. 

And don't even tell me Detroit played a better game.  Stafford was CRAP.  He had 265 yards in the air but 124 of those were on 2 plays which means his other 30 passes went for 141 yards (4.7 yards per pass attempt) . Add the 56 total rushing yards and Detroit was horrible with a TOTAL of 197 yards the rest of the game.

MEANWHILE the Packers were acting like they never played before and despite looking like clowns at times amassed 447 total yards.

So Detroit fans - if you listen very very carefully you will hear me NOT CARING that you were robbed.  Been there done that, remember fail mary?  Remember roughing the passer and Clay Mathews.  It happens and nobody cares.

And don't get me started on the ESPN telecast.  Booger is an idiot and should be fined.  YEA - the refs missed the call but why talk about it 5 players later. And where are the goal line cameras?  And who cares about celebrities in the stands and how much money that make.  What a horrible network for broadcasting football.


Darrell Bevill - the coach of Detroit - in case any of you forgot was the starting QB for the Wisconsin Badgers in the "Cinderella Season" of 1993 when Wisconsin went to the Rose Bowl for the first time.  My mom made this decoupage(??) Badger that season. Still have it. A little bent but still viable.


MGM sold The Bellagio for 4.25 billion dollars.  I did not know it was for sale or I would have put in a bid.  4.25 billion is 27 times more then what was robbed in Oceans 11.  MGM also sold Circus Circus for 10 cases of Spotted Cow.


1 out of every 9 used cars in dealerships have unreported recall safety problems including defected airbags.


An average NBA team travels 50,000 miles a year. 20,000 more then an NFL team. They play every 2.07 days, 13.3 back to back games and on average fly 250 miles a day, every day for 25 weeks which they have found is VERY bad with sleep depredation.


Support for impeachment is growing among Democrats and Independents - not so much the GOP who continue to believe corruption is "just good business".

In case you missed it yesterday - Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross seems to have stolen $120,000 from partners and customers and STILL holds foreign holdings in his investment portfolio which s a MAJOR conflict of interest.  Under investigation.

Then it was reported that the three buffoons running the Department of Veterans Affairs, "appointed"   by Trump but none of them have any government title or public accountability (the GOP got rid of those pesky rules) and are profiting it seems.  Under investigation.

And of course yesterday morning GOP Representative Chris Collins was arrested for insider trading.  Seems he learned of a bad outcome of an FDA trial and called his son FROM THE WHITE HOUSE telling him to sell! sell!.

Of course there is so much more going on those are just not news worthy.     

Trump only picks the best cronies he can find, the real greedy dishonest ones, the only people he knows.  An Administration that is understaffed and disorganized.  SO - why not let the Russians steal our bases right?

OH yea - The Russians are REALLY celebrating all the land they are getting from America.  It's almost like Trump is working for Russia.  Obama and Bush spent years fighting ISIS AND WINNING and Trump just let them all go free.  THANK YOU RUSSIA for talking him into this.

Trump and his swamp are just an orgy of criminality and the GOP are just playing along.  YEA - he is SO much better then Clinton.

The good thing is the left "have a chance" to take the White House, the Senate AND the House.  It IS in the realm of possibility now.  Probably  not the Senate but there is a chance.


And finally - DJ and I hooked up with the Minnesota Wild to be our favorite NHL team  We have watched every game so far and we actually saw a victory the other day.  Last night we watched the Toronto Maple Leafs skate rings around the Wild.  MAN those guys can skate and pass  YIKES!

Sadly the Wild are 1-5-0  sigh!  Last place. but they have only played 1 home game.  Really liking this niche' sport. :-)  It might catch on.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Linear Healing and non linear Pain, or “Why pain, why here, why now?

It's like another SUNDAY!!  no mail, Fed holiday and it's Thanksgiving in Canada - what does that mean?  I can watch the Minnesota Wild at noon and Packers at night!! 

OH yea - some of you have to work.  Just wait - when you get old enough you can retire and have your body take a dump on you LOL  I hope not and this is only temporary.

Actually I'm doing better.  My left arm can actually reach the blinkers in the car now.  I feel so liberated.

ANYWAY - as you can imagine for someone who gets obsessed over things I've been doing a lot of reading about pain management and TKRs (Total Knee Replacements).  The one thing I have learned is you either are in extreme plain and complaining OR - there is absolutely zero mention of pain which tells me . . . there is a LOT of pain.     

There is an article that makes s TON of sense on pain and why . . .it's not a BAD thing when it comes to TKRs.

Linear Healing and non linear Pain, or “Why pain, why here, why now?

It was going so well. Off meds. Biking until it smoked. Sleeping so much better. Survived PT..barely! I was starting to believe I made right decision, very minimal pain, walking more, longer distances, stiffness definitely better........but then.

If you have not had any “but then” probably will. Depending on the patient, they can create fear (something must be wrong), deceptive (I will never walk never again), drop some into depressive states, or, search for the “why”, and continue to progress.

This hopefully is a “why” explanation.

It starts before the scalpel gets near our leg. 😳

All of us have in our mind that knee replacement surgery will be a “painful process”. But the definition of “painful process” is probably much different for many of us. What does “painful” mean? ( I have high pain threshold. Or I’m a wimp). What does “process” mean. (I’m guessing I will hurt a few days, but after a month should be fine, or, I’m guessing all in all, should take about a year).
However I think there is broad agreement that what we experienced may have likely exceeded whatever we understood “painful process” to mean. In fact, I believe most of us would agree that whatever understanding and EXPECTATION we had prior to surgery, at times we weren’t even close, based on comments such as, “I’d never have had this done if I had known......! Or, I will NEVER do this again. “Unrealistic expectations on our part? Perhaps. Insufficient pre op info about the surgery. Perhaps.Whatever it is, thankfully most of us walk away happy we did the surgery.

It’s my opinion that the biggest problem is a lack of understanding of the “process” of injury, inflammation and repair. But why should anyone know and understand? Healthcare education requires an intensive class called pathology, which breaks down these 3 separate but related phases to the cellular level of every type of tissue in the body. Bones, muscles (3 types), connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves, vascular elements.

I loved/hated that class.

Each tissue goes through the same 3 phases, but each have different time tables. And in our case, multiple types working interdependently AND independently, to make healing happen, some things healing first (early pain) so that other things can happen to heal (later and new pain), and on and on.

This called “cascading”.

But what I overheard today I thought was priceless. Someone was unhappy with the fact that they could still have almost as intense pain as on day one, but weeks later. To which the doctor replied, “it IS day one for what needs to be healing now.” 

Isn’t that interesting that on day one, we won’t even have some tissues “capable” of healing and thus hurting until 2nd or 3rd month! Or that in the healing phase, new tissues grow that didn’t exist at day one.

The fact is our leg has many day ones. It’s just day one for a specific tissue that happens 3 or 4 mos. post surgery. And we’ve become tired, impatient, and ready to be finished. (Week 4 and 8 seem common for complaints).

Zingers are perfect example. Zingers are nerves finally called in during that cascading process, in search of what they are to ultimately connect with according to a magnificent plan. They may be looking to hook up with another nerve. So, the newly recruited nerve send out out “shock” (electrical), signals, like our “find my phone” app to locate their ultimate destination. Maybe new skeletal muscle fibers, are now ready and in need of a nerve that tells them when to contract (motor), or when to say something hurts (sensory). because they are finally being used and need protection from their owner’s” overuse which may cause damage. (We can be our worst enemy, speaking from experience.). So until they hook up, there no pain. And we sigh, and say “finally”! After nerve hook ups, well, new and unexpected pain, and we wonder “what happened”

So allowing you to peak behind the curtain may allow you “visualize” the sequencing (linear healing) and understand “why this, why here, why now ?”

I’m sure I didn’t do this topic justice, but I think even the slightest understanding might make the later pain more manageable, and maybe even reduce the anxiety that accompanies the unknown


this is like our hours.


With all the crap happening in the world the American Stock Market has been fine as it pays little attention to political buffoonery but does watch actual financial happenings.   

this week there will be a lot of 3rd quarter earnings and so far most people are more pessimistic then a month ago which his good because upside surprises are a good thing.  The big news will not be 3rd quarter reports but what companies are saying about the coming 2 quarters. 

DOW has bee a few %% from all time highs for a while now and has been basically trending sideways for about 2 years.  So watch the words this week on what companies say.  And Stop listening to the Lying King.  There is no new trade deal with China, nothing in writing and China is even saying WHAT?   Pure market manipulation. 

OH - one last word.  at what pong will #MoskowMitch flip the Senate.  When that go it will all be at once.  The GOP  senators can not think on our own as they are all spineless and have no balls.  A the impeachment gathers momentum and more and more Americans see the truth #MoskowMitch will flip the switch and they will all turn on the Orange Hero who is Making America Golf Again.

Yea The Mad King has golfed 238 times since he was elected.  Obama golfed 333 times in 8 years.  The good thing is 30% of Trumps time in office has been golfing which keeps him from making MORE bad decisions.