Thursday, June 21, 2018

Cut off LOW is still sittin' and spinnin'

In response to Clark's comment yesterday about a bar owner.  I'm amazed it's so hard to take a liqueur license AWAY once it's been issued.   


speaking of golf league . . we will not speak of golf league. 


Bertoud Pass Colorado looking west.  I sprinkled some of my moms ashes on this look out.  She would have liked it.  As a bonus maybe some year some of those ashes will reach the Pacific Ocean, another dream of hers. 

Made flight reservations for Las Vegas.  First I forgot to pay the return fee for checking one bag.  At first I thought I could just sell all of my clothes and not have a bag on the return. . .but then I remember I was going to sell all my clothes anyway so I would have more room for all the money I would bring back.  

Then I saw that I did not pay for an actual SEAT on the return flight. Maybe I was in the standing room only area in the back of the plane?  The party room?  Of course I'm doing this all on my iPhone so everything I typed in reality had to be typed 3 or 4 times because of fat fingers. 


I might have a couple less "friends" on Facebook.  I got into a scrum with a couple of christian woman who saw no problem with putting children in "chain linked walls"  . . . . . I disagreed.

There is no evidence that the Trump administration has moved to reunite children with their parents or even that it has any plans to do so.


I'M GETTING MY HEARING TESTED MONDAY - Just for a baseline for when I get old.  After I made my appointment I got a reminder 6 hours later.  They think I'm old already


I know everyone rushes home to watch the World Cup and you have noticed there have been zero 0-0 games so far.   In fact there have been 5 goals scores IN THE WRONG GOAL. The record is 6. 


Yea - 18th hole at The Oaks.  My drive literally goes 10 yards.  My 2nd shot is sweet but not on the fairway. 200 yards to the layup area.  Not a problem and oddly confidence is high (the beer?).  I use my 3W and RIP the ball cleanly and for 1/2 second I'm giving myself a fist pump.  

Then the ball hits one limb of a tree and falls straight down into a deep deep bunker.  4th shot hits the lip of the bunker (it was eye level) and sticks.  5th shot is literally backwards,  6th shot is a nice 6I so  I have 140 to go which is over a forbidden area. 7th shot lands on the lip of a deep bunker so my 7th shot will have to be 20 yards straight up. 8th shot is on the other side of the green for a 40 foot downhill putt.  9th shot is 20 feet short still down hill.  10th shot I pick up the ball and throw it in the water.   

I will not speak of golf again.


Canopy Growth - up 6.5% yesterday, another 2.5% this morning. ching ching!  No brainer!

Marijuana stocks are surging after Canada legalizes the drug


In 26 States -  white people are dying faster then they are being born. Two years ago it was only 17 States.  At this rate white people will be the minority BEFORE 2045.  Not that that is a bad thing at all.  I think white people are the problem in America.  We need a wall. 

Coherent Ladar Using Intra-Pixel Quadrature Detection = U.S. patent No. 10 million.


Coors Brewing canning line.


The only thing I hate more then a liar is Skim Milk.  Skim Milk is water lying that is it milk.


Affordable homes are hard to come buy.  The article I read said it's because mortgage rates are at their highest level in 7 years , all the way up to 4.4%. Wait . . . . I had a real estate friend who was trying to sell homes in the 80s? when the rate was 16%.  Can you imagine applying for a 16% mortgage?


Cut off LOW is still sittin' and spinnin' just southwest of Wisconsin.  I'm thinking Gus the Weather Dog might get his own Facebook page.

More showers later today and should be fine.  A passing shower late in the morning and again late in the afternoon - not enough to get WET.  Maybe damp  High of 68 tomorrow.

Weekend is look good Saturday cloudy and 75 Sunday Sunny and 80. Thunderstorms pretty much all next week - the pop up kind with highs in the mid 80s.

See ya

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The sound of a babies crying is like waking up to a gentle rain for the alt-right.

I watched City Council last night from the peanut gallery - online. There was a record number of people watching, 35 was the highest I saw. 

It was all going well with people asking questions about procedure with valid answers and then a local bar owner showed up with nothing but complaints about how unfair everything is with a few insults about Columbus tossed in just for good measure. And everybody left. 

What a great addition to Columbus.


Tonight the Columbus Public Library has a presentation called PLAY BALL.  (6:30)

Joyce Westerman, Wisconsin Women and the All American Girls Professional Baseball League: Play Ball! 

 Historian Bob Kann offers this talk celebrating the 75th anniversary of the founding of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League, made famous by the movie "A League of Their Own."

 Hear stories of the league’s three Wisconsin teams – the Racine Belles, Kenosha Comets, and Milwaukee Chicks – and their players, women who grew up during the Great Depression and left families, homes, and jobs to follow their dreams and forever change perceptions about female athletes.

 Funded in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Humanities Council, with funds from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the State of Wisconsin. Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this project do not necessarily represent those of the National Endowment for the Humanities. The Wisconsin Humanities Council supports and creates programs that use history, culture, and discussion to strengthen community life for everyone in Wisconsin.

DAMN - I really wanted to go. Sadly it's golf league night!  DAMN IT!


Last night we were watching the Brewer game and all of a sudden Gus is going CRAZY barking - like CRAZY angry!

And then this happened

OH - it will happen to YOU some night.  What a great watch dog. 


Weather - we have a cut off low that is bothering Wisconsin.    The cold front went through and attached to the cold front were all of these little storms we have been getting - WELL, one LOW decided it liked the area and broke away.  Now the front as moved on and the LOW has nothing to move it so it sits and spins and for a while now we will have sputtering clouds and and cooler temps and showers.  At LEAST until Saturday.

BUT - I have seen these things sit for a week or more if there is no reason for it to leave.  Still - the weekend is looking good. The next real weather maker shows up Tuesday into Wednesday with storms.


May was a great month for Comic Book sales at brick and mortar establishments.  Highest sales sine November 2016.  Comic books sales have been lagging the last few years.


Dictator Trump - you know, the guy that is cozy with Russia and North Korea but is pissing off all of our REAL allies. The one putting children in cages . . or  . . sorry  FOX News calls them "chain link walls" . . not cages.  The guy that spent Americas Recession insurance (tax cuts) so when the recession hits  . . . and it WILL hit there is no Plan A.   The guy that defends woman gropers and hates gays. The one starting the REAL trade war that will make prices go up?

WELL -  . . . . . . . . I honestly can't think of where I was going with this . . . . hmmmmm

OH YEA - he claimed that since Germany started to accept migrants that crime in Germany has gone way way up. 


In reality crime in Germany has gone WAY DOWN since they started accepting migrants.  10% to be exact. Their lowest lever since 1992.

Is there ANYTHING out of that guys mouth that is actually true?

And then there is Jeff Sessions - a homophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic, old, rich, white man, trying to hide behind the cover of religious fervor.  What a complete asshole of a human.  (did I go to far?)


Starting in fall the NYC will stop arresting people for smoking cannabis in the City. A small ticket instead.  Seems 86% of the arrests were either black or Hispanic. White dudes don't smoke?

On that same flavor - Canada DID legalize recreational cannabis for adults.  Hope people have watched my stock zoom up 63% in the last 3 months (CGC - Canopy Growth not a $33.19).  I would not buy in now - seems overpriced.  The goal was to buy in before the law happened as it was a no brainer it would go up with the votes (an actual no brainer that worked LOL).


Caseworkers are struggling to assist young migrant children who were separated from their parents, because the children are often too traumatized or too young to speak with them.  These children may actually be eligible for asylum and visa's except they are too traumatized to give necessary details.

The GOP is creating an new ISIS who hate Americans.  Teach them young right?   It's sickening how the alt-right cares nothing for children.   OH - Wal-Mart is not real happy with Trump - I wonder why!  LOL

The sound of a babies crying is like waking up to a gentle rain for the alt-right. 


I have nothing else

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Analyst Paralysis / Dew Points / Trumps March to the Sea

Just a photo

I was a systems analyst for the Health and Family Services for 25 years.  Every 6 or 7 years a shiny new business model was introduced that would make our lives easier and everything more wonderful.  It happened like clockwork.

The people in charge would get all excited because they were the ones that would make things more efficient.

So we would all stop pumping out reports and correcting issues and moving forward with computer programs and  would attend meetings and learn the new way of doing things.   Then, like clockwork everything would come to a stop as we would fill out redundant questioners attend more meetings and NOTHING WOULD GET DONE LITERALLY . . . . FOR YEARS!

We would analyse and analyse and analyse to make sure nothing would escape our grasp of knowledge and then TWO MORE YEARS of analyzing and charts and error checking would follow with not one speck of code being written.

By this time it would be too late to abandon the project as it would make the people that decided this was a good thing look bad.  Even though after 4 years the project still had not one line of code being processed.  It was only after the people in charge were given a raise and put into a higher position that  the new people would come in and scrap the idea.

I feel this is what the School Board and School System is doing. They are so afraid of making a mistake that nothing is getting done on what REALLY matters.

I did not attend the latest public school board meeting because it seemed to me it would be a waste of time.  From the sound of it . . it was.   Analyst  Paralysis persists.


Trumps March to the Sea.

I can see what Trump is doing.  It is like Sherman's March to the Sea.  In the 2nd American Civil War (the first was the Revolutionary War) Sherman burned EVERYTHING he could see in his wake.  He wanted to make war a living hell so the south would never ever think about war again.

This is what Trump is doing.  He is taking children from mothers and fathers so that Mexicans will not even think about coming to the US (they are nothing but rapists anyway you know).

Immigration has been on a yo-yo.  With the GOP is in charge immigration slows and when DNC is in charge immigration grows.  This time it is different.  It's cruel, inhumane and the punishment does not fit the crime.  We are a nation of immigrants. Our own family's came to America to flee the old world for many reasons.

F*ck You Trump and all your racist groupies. I respect REAL Republicans, I might not agree with many of  their ideals but I respected them.  I have no respect for Trump and his followers as they hide their heads in the sand listening to Fox Fake News.

The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. 
It was their final, most essential command 
---- George Orwell  1984 

90% of Democrat's, 70% of Independents are against separating children  but, 58% of Republicans are all for separating families from the children.  They are only children you know, who cares. 

You do know SuperMax prisoners have a larger room then the children in cages , oh sorry, officially they are "pens".  But the children do get 2 hours of outside time a day.
******************* ***

America is actually 11 separate nations all with totally different cultures.

"We" are in Yankeedom -  "Residents in these states, founded by Puritans, are more comfortable with government regulation than people in other regions. They also value education, citizen participation in government, and the assimilation of outsiders "

Yankeedom has, since the outset, put great emphasis on perfecting earthly civilization through social engineering, denial of self for the common good, and assimilation of outsiders,"



OK - let's talk dew points!   Last night a talking head on TV said Janesville had a dew point of 79 degrees. This is UNHEARD of high and he said this literally could have been one of the highest dew points on earth at that time.  WRONG!!

Moorhead Minnesota actually holds the record dew point America, June 19 2011 they hit and AMAZING dew point of 88 degrees.  HOLE SHIT!!   Remember - oppressive begins in the 67 range.  ALTHOUGH the highest unsubstantiated recorded dew point is from Appleton WI at 90 degrees July 13 1995

Oddly the upper Midwest has the worst dew points in america. You would think southern states would have the worst. It truly IS a question that is still unanswered. One theory is that torrid dew points typically occur after heavy rain storms when the ground is saturated and that happens up here!

BUT wait - what is the WORST in the world?  July 8th 2003.  Dhahran 95 degrees. The heat index that day?  178  (One hundred seventy eight).


In a few days X-Men Kitty Pryde and Colossus will tie the knot.  In a quick review of the latest 50,000 back issues of comics 2 out of every 3 weddings are attacked by adversaries or aliens and 50% of the weddings never made it to the reception.    I'm not going to attend.


New York City comptroller estimates if New York legalized cannabis it would put 400 million into the coffers in the first year.