Thursday, February 22, 2018

Gun control really works

The cards are here the cards are here - oh what joy!


So I feel like I'm hungover but I did not drink.  Probably staying up until 2:00 watching hockey.  I watched all but 6 minutes.  I seem to have a blank spot for that first 6 minutes of overtime where I closed my eyes just for one commercial.  I wake up and there is 14 minutes left in OT.

Then this morning I'm fast asleep when a 20 pound brown dog jumps on my bladder with all his weight as he surprises Sophie.  Of course I let out some sort of primal scream which he thinks is so so funny and paws my face when I yell out  NO!   and we are all awake as Gus is now trying to lick my nipple (to much information?).  Yea - having a dog is SO WONDERFUL.

OH OH - speaking of WONDERFUL dogs.  Gus LOVES the wide open basement SO MUCH every time we go down to look at it he gets so excited he starts humping our legs.  WHERE DID THAT COME FROM!! Not upstairs, just downstairs.

I told Elwood last Saturday that we needed a Zamboni to clean the floor.  He laughed. Since he is a professional mopper he said any floor is easy with the right mop.

WELL - he saw our wide open floor and said it was more like a bank lobby size and we really DO need a Zamboni to clean the floor.


The media is covering the latest mass shooting 3% more then in past mass shootings.


There are 431 woman running for the House of Rep this time around compared to 212 two years ago. 80% Democrats.  80 woman are running for gubernatorial  and twice as many woman are running for Congress.  I wonder why!


VOTE FOR THEILAN - for the first time in my life I have a yard sign. I feel so proud.


Correction - I forgot about the brewery in Waterloo - there will be 5 breweries within 20 miles of Columbus.  Still The Cercis Brewery looks like the biggest best.


When a child hits another kid with a stick.  I don't blame the stick, but I still take it away.


Tried a Big Mac Junior - it was horrible. Will never try one again!  YUCK.


From Business Insider

Gun control really works — here's the science to prove it

The talking points

Making it easier to carry concealed guns increases the number of gun homicides.

A spike in gun purchases after the Sandy Hook shooting led to a quantifiable, tragic increase in accidental gun deaths — especially among kids.

Banning domestic abusers from owning guns has a huge impact on gun deaths.

Laws that call for longer sentences for gun crimes also seem to help a little.

States with stricter gun-control laws that spend more money on education and mental health care have fewer school shootings.

After Congress let a 1994 ban on assault weapons expire in 2004, gun massacre deaths skyrocketed.
Reducing access to guns could reduce the number of suicides in the US.

Weapons buy-back programs have been successful.

Nuff said - I need a LOT more coffee

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

No time for a header!

I think I am having candidates remorse for not running for alderman this time . . . . . . . . . wait . . .   nope  nope - just a little gas.  I'm good now, although the cats left.

SO - liberal Columbus shined again with ALMOST a 20% turnout in the almost nothing to vote for ballot (I only had 2 things to vote for).


In other news - looks like FOUR Breweries will be surrounding Columbus soon.  One in Sun Prairie, one in Beaver Dam and 2 in Columbus.  A whole lot of brewing going on.  I need to keg my London Porter soon as I have been procrastinating which, for beer is a good thing.  Brewing is one of the only hobbies where procrastination actually improves things.  Just because you beer is dome fermenting does not mean its DONE.  The yeast needs to clean up after themselves before it falls to the bottom.

If you look at these vessels then have a cone bottom where yeast fall when they die (trub).  It's collected and can be separated easily.


It's looking more and more like GD Roberts will move into the old Countryside Ford building which will be demo'd for a fire station in a few years.  But they will lease the place for 2 or 3 years before a huge expansion.  It's win win for the city and Roberts.  Bravo (if it passes council).


So the idiots running Wisconsin government decided to give school systems money for buy armed guards.  They can't pay teachers who now must give their lives to save children a real wage BUT can give money for Barney Fife with a gun in schools.

HEY - why not give money to school systems to upgrade their security - OH - NRA (the new NRA are the new terrorists in America) would not like that.

Why not give out assault rifles to EVERYONE so we all can be safer.  KIDDING. 

I was held up at gun point once.  The dude had a pistol pointing at my face.  I worked at a liqueur store on the Wash in Madison and he demanded all my money.  I took it out of the register and before I handed it to him (this really happened) I asked him if he wanted a bag LOL.  No - I really did (he didn't want one).

Was I nervous? Not really . . . until I tried to go to sleep.  STILL, I never thought a gun would have helped. 

OH - the store owner gave me a free beer for my troubles.


The Florida Retirement System Pension Plan is heavily invested in American Outdoor Brands Co. The same company that makes AR-15s,  It owns 41,000 shares of the company.


I STILL think what will bring Trump down (sadly as Pence is SO much worse) will be money laundering.


So I have watched far far too much curling this year with so many local people in the Olympic curling team.  This caught my attention

The sad thing is I actually understand what she is talking about.

And finally - since current alderman Traxler passed his primary. . . . .


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sprecher / Cercis - so many breweries in Columbus and Strat-o-matic Christmas

Took a tour of the new Cercis Brewing Company with CDA and Council.  I THOUGHT I was on CDA but it seems I was fired, much to my surprise but that is fine.  Just surprised. Maybe CDA had been meeting for a while and I just did not know it. Last time I knew it was on hiatus - but ANYWAY - Cercis looks magnificent

Their goal is 400 barrels a year if you are wondering what full production means and they want to be the next Potosi Brewery (don't we all?)

A few tidbits that I appreciated.

SO MANY electrical outlets.  This is a big thing in hotels now, many many many outlets and Cercis has MANY.  The bar has 6 I believe and where ever you go there is an outlet to plug into.  They will have a powerful WiFi and while they are not a Sports bar they will have MANY TVs

In the next week they will start their first brew in the new system which is like taking a test flight in a plane that has never left the ground.

Offering Pizza in the beginning but once a grill hood is put in typical bar food,  good burgers and sandwiches.  They will have a full bar with wine and mixed drinks also.

The bar was purchased up north somewhere from a bar that was closing and it seems there were tears in peoples eyes when it left the building.  AT least it will have a nice new home

Then there is this nice work station in the back that surrounds the brew house and I think every chair has it's own outlets.  I'm not sure why I'm fixated on outlets - maybe because I'm a Water and Light Commissioner . . .or was?  Out with the old in with the new.  I will miss that commission and hope to get on it again at some point. It's up to the Mayor. 

I don't have photos from the front "lounge" area they will have couches and comfy chairs that will be a nice addition and there is a vision for an outdoor patio in the back.

Looks like April now for an opening.

WITH THAT SAID - I am having so hard of a time typing this as I am downloading the 2018 Strat-o-matic which is literally Christmas for many baseball fans.  MUST WAIT!!

Then after touring Cercis I see Sprecher is moving to Columbus with a " future new concept location in Columbus, WI"  according to a press release.  They were contacted and they said " We are very excited about our new concept in Columbus. Keep watching, we plan to share more details soon! Cheers!"

Not at all sure what THAT means but looks intriguing.


I am so glad "real news" (as opposed to Fox Alternate News garbage) are no longer covering the senile Presidents tweets - good lord he was on a storm this weekend. He REALLY hates those kids in Florida for telling him what to do.  And from many many sources Trump no longer listens to his advisers but more to FOX News for advise (it's going SO well).

You know - I think something is different this time with that mass shooting. It just feels like this time, because these kids are SO succinct and they are REALLY getting high schools across the nation to organize, that this time it's different.

With a nation wide walkout for students and teachers on March 14th a march in DC on March 24 and a day of protests on April 20th, the anniversary of Columbine, it seems different.

One thing I have noticed is I have NEVER seen so many news correspondents have tears in their eyes after reports.


Al Hoffman Jr last year gave over $1 million to the Republicans has officially said he will no longer donate to the GOP until they support a ban on the military-style assault weapons. 

I saw another older white guy with NRA tattooed on his arm literally saw his assault rifle in half and had his tattoo removed he was so angry at the NRA  (the American terrorist organization).

Things SEEM different. 


 ARG - this is so frustrating - downloading and installing should be so easy.  YOU CAN SEND A MAN TO THE MOON BUT . . . . . 


took this shot of the Columbus Waste Water Sludge Truck - LOVE this beast!

Last night I took this shot of Columbus before the meeting I was not suppose to attend.

OK - I need to deal with download/install issues