Friday, December 14, 2018

March 12th 1922 and "competitive balance"

I was looking for a graphic novel called From Hell which is about Jack the Ripper but instead I found a huge book of Wisconsin State Journal front pages.

So I was flipping through and started looking at the OTHER news and not the headlines.  I found this tidbit from  March 12th 1922 - read the whole thing as this word train keeps getting more and more interesting - I WISH I had the rest of the story!  I NEED to know what is on page 13.

ahhhhh  the good ol days.

MEANWHILE - this photo showed up and I believe it is the first attempt to invent Dolby Atmos  . . it failed.


The Brewers made a trade yesterday. Not a BIG one but what caught my eye was they traded a "competitive balance" draft pick.   WHAT?   It seems MLB gives small market teams and extra draft pick and call it the "competitive balance" pick which will be around the 40th pick in the draft.

They picked up Alex Claudio who is a left handed lefty killer.  Will probably pitch in 60 games and have 45 total innings pitched.  The job Dan Jennings had.  Come in, get 2 guys out and move on.

Meanwhile in the winter meetings from reports the Brewers are one of the teams all free agents want to talk too.   An up and coming team from a very friendly city with a great fan base.   Getting Yelich has helped in more ways then one. He is like the Reggie White for the Brewers.

It LOOKS like the Crew want a 1 year 2nd baseman. No long term contracts as their are players in the minors to think about.  So once the dust settles and all the BIG free agents that want long term contracts are gone they can pick up on that will fill in for a year.

 But it looks like they want at least one more big impact player. So . . stay tuned.


Trump's problems keep getting worse.  Now Mueller is looking into Trumps inauguration.

 Obama's inauguration cost something line of 56 and 48 million. Trumps ONE inauguration cost $109 million and had 1/3 the staff and 1/2 the parties and was partially funded by Russian oligarchs. But where did all that money go ????

It has now been confirmed that Trump was a witnesses to a conversation about an illegal conspiracy to obscure spending to benefit a Presidential election between Cohan and Michael Pecker.

He is so toast in the long run. So much for only hiring the "best people".   Can't wait to put this con man and his entire family behind bars.  Probably won't happen but it's fun to dream about. 


I have not talked about Survivor much but most people are saying this is one of the best seasons ever.

One of the true stars was Christian who makes the actors on The Big Bang Theory look like the cool kids on the block. Christian is a Robot programmer/engineer  and was TOTAL a geek from the git go and  grew into a huge threat to win.

People LOVED this guy.  He was voted out (for good reason as he would have won). Check out his geekyness.  Pay attention to what he looks like after getting cleaned up.

The average contestant loses 1/2 pound of body weight a day and does not see his reflection for 5 to 6 weeks. You basically get 1/2 cup of rice per day as your total food intake.  No baths, no real way to keep clean.

When you get kicked out of Survivor you go to the Pondrosa with the other players that got kicked out.  The white board explanation at the end is funny as one of the BIG challenges that he WON was a very physical challenge. He won it by speaking for 5 hours on theorems to take his mind of pain.  Of the 14 people that started the challenge it was down to 2 players after 1 hour.  He lasted 6.


SO - We will have a new Mayor in Columbus as Mayor Thom seems to not be running.

We have 3 or 4 alderman,  a City Clerk, a couple top positions (I think) at DPW and a New Police Chief.


Have a great warm and sunny weekend.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Photos and accordions.

OOPS - this was suppose to be a photo of a Christmas house but I clicked on the one next to it. Some how my attention was diverted by something sparkly.   Well she is sparkly like Christmas so . . . .

I had to go through all 1500 photos looking for this one

Gotta have snow to reflect the light for good Christmas light shots.

I really have to have a blog of my favorite images.

Sold a BUNCH of these postcards

When the Mayor and I were in Washington DC

When our family would play in parades - this was our little truck.  We supersized in later editions.

and that would be me on the bottom.  I played "Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley" on stage in Fort Atkinson.  At least I have been TOLD that is me . . I still do not believe it. Although I do remember that accordion.

  ANYWAY . . . . . . .

I think the Networks figured a way to make people watched MORE commercials.  Now when a commercial comes on we have to fast forward through it . . . . and of course we are riveted to the TV and see every commercial now.  Before people would get up and do stuff for 3 minutes.  NOW we all watch the commercial fast forward.


So Nikkie Haley is stepping down as UN Ambassador to be replaced by a woman from Fox and Friends who has never had a government experience and has never had a job as a negotiator. 

She will be busting heads with world class professionals negotiators from . . . .  the WORLD!   What could possibly go wrong.


Looks to me that the Trump shutdown is going to happen.  Nancy Pelosi had the biggest balls in THAT room for sure.  But really - it's not a big deal unless the shutdown lasts a month or so.  Everybody still gets paid and nothing really earth shaking happens.


Older white voters with no collage education are still solidly Republican, and you wonder why Republicans are so against helping with education?  Even when it seems everything Republicans do hurt older white voters.  I just don't understand.  The OLD school Republicans were not this way but the NEW Republicans are so anti old people it's crazy.

 Lets just get rid of all the things older white people need as a safety net when they no longer hold a job. They don't help the economy anyway.  Right?


MEANWHILE - the Republicans who love small government have gutted the IRS. 

The rate of audits have dropped 42%.  Before Trump there were 2.4 million people caught not filing income tax.  Last year?  360,000 with $3 BILLION lost in tax revenue. People who file but do not pay?  Lost $8.3 BILLION not looking for them. 

geez - enough for a wall.


It's baseball season . . almost.  Us SOM players are getting sneak peaks at player defense ratings. 

Yelich will be a 1 in LF and RF and a 0 (average) arm.  1 is the best you can get.  SADLY my LF is the worst so Yelich is a RF'r and Trout in CF

Mancini / Trout / Yelich


this just happened.  DJ let Gus lick her oatmeal bowl . . . and he fell asleep in it. then we woke him up.

Nuff said for today


Tuesday, December 11, 2018

What does Columbus mean to me?

I gotta pee
I was at a meeting with our financial adviser and she was telling us that what we needed to do was increase our wagers in my NBA system (now 37-15) and borrow a large sum of cash to buy more cannabis stocks . . . . . and then Gus woke up and wanted to pee so I had to get out of bed. 

Later in the day we did meet with our financial adviser which is really cool to hear someones views who is actually IN the industry.

I was asking about recession.  Basically they watch for 14 different signs and signals when it comes to the "recession" talk and not one of those are flashing yellow signs.

As they said - the stock market is run by earnings and earnings are doing great.  Sure earnings are sometimes lower then expected but it's like complaining that a baseball player WAS hitting .370 and is slumping to .350 now.

Still GREAT. 

As we were talking DJ mentioned my many many spreadsheets I keep and they showed one that tweaked my interest. A 100 year chart of the S&P

So if you are looking at the current stock market and getting a little nervous what we are in is more like "weather" compared to "climate".  The climate is still very good, but the weather sucks.





There is a show on The Smithsonian Channel called America in Color which I figured was just another history thing and then I watched an episode.

OMG it is OUTSTANDING.  All the footage is from home movies and each episode is like a trivia find with "I didn't know that" information surprises.  We watched The 1920s last night and it was riveting. 

DJ and I were both multi tasking, reading books and doing spreadsheets and after 10 minutes we were both glued to the TV.

The Empire State Building - almost empty for 10 years after built.  Took 20 years for it to make it's first profit and was the laughing stock of NY. 

Watching films of these iron workers, no safety nets, no helmets and the going rate was 40% deaths.

Cars were a pretty new thing with people getting run over right and left until NYC decided to invent the first traffic light.

does Stop Light dude still read the blog? 

We highly recommend this show on Sundays and probably on demand somewhere.


Since I mentioned cannabis . . . . . 

In 1974 the Medical Collage in Virginia got funding from the National Institute of Health to find how cannabis adversely effected the immune system.  Instead they found that cannabis, IN MICE, slowed three types of cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and and virus induced leukemia.

The DEA quickly shut down all research on all cannabis.  


Harold Baines was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame?  Really?   Seems the 12 people that voted for him all played with him.  Cronyism?  What does balderdash who is the HoF expert think of Baines getting elected to the HoF.  Am I missing something?   


I really gotta give the newspaper my article on Bob Poser and his pitching against Earl Combs and Lou Gehrig. Bob passed away in 2002 and there have been reports of sounds at Hillside Cemetery of baseball games being played in the early morning hours.     

Perhaps next spring I'll submit it. 


Speaking of Columbus  - BANNER ART CONTEST

From the Columbus Website  - The Columbus Downtown Beautification Task Force will be partnering with the City of Columbus to create and install street pole banners in the downtown featuring artwork produced by Columbus students, residents, and business owners. The banner theme will be “What does Columbus mean to you?”. 

I'll tell you what Columbus means to me.  

When we moved here we were greeted with open arms of friendly people that made us feel welcome.  We both strongly remember walking into Sharrows and how honestly friendly people in Columbus were.   That was the very first impression and people HAVE to remember that first impressions, even online, are very VERY important.  

If  someone's first exposure to Columbus is a rant on facebook blasting the government, that is a first impression and it is remembered.  Words really do matter. 

HOWEVER - right now?  What does Columbus mean to me?  

When I take Gus out to go pee at night, the stars are shining, you can hear a train in the distance and all is right with the world.  There is no better place I want to be then right here, right now. The crisp, air, the clear nights, the distant sound of a train, a dog barking and looking up at the Milky Way.

I walked back in last night and told DJ, "GOD I love living in this town". 

THAT is why people move to Columbus.