Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Final thoughts

I'm not going to dwell on the subject since it seems the town is all a buzz anyway.  Yesterday I had a few politically incorrect paragraphs about what happened in town Friday. I deleted those paragraphs because some people thought I was anti police officers which I am not in any way.  I respect the Columbus Police Officers 99% of the time and I feel they do an outstanding job, I really do. However  I did not respect their actions Friday.  I never ever publicly condemned any officers as it was falsely reported in a blast email.  I did publicly condemned the Friday operation. There is a BIG difference.

Since I am an alderman many of my constitutes have been asking for my thoughts (since many don't read this blog until late) and I'll put this politically correctly -  I found the operation deplorable and embarrassing.

I was drilled a new asshole and was called irresponsible in an email sent to EVERYBODY,   Hey - I'm just voicing my personal opinion.   Hell, I think I became an alderman because I voice the opinions of many people in Columbus and they voted for me because they agree with me.

I have railed against the City Administrator,  the Police Department, Recreation, DPW, the Mayor, fellow alderman and I THINK I argued with the Popcorn Cart people.  The only person I have never gone after was the former City Clerk (she scared the hell out of me).  Should we just be lemmings and follow along and keep quiet?  Being an alderman I have taken shots about how hideous and stupid and inept the Columbus Government is.  So it works both ways.

Anybody that has read my personal  blog for the past 8 years know I am a downtown cheerleader and will fight and argue (to a fault) tooth and nail to make our downtown a place people want to visit. I've been a politician for 4 years and am not an "expert" in urban renewal but take this job seriously.  I have read 4 books cover to cover on how to make communities a better place to live and the answer in all of those books? . . . . .many many many small things that look unimportant by themselves but as a whole give you a chance to be something better.  Make it so families have things to do, bike paths, better faster internet a friendly police force and so forth.  If you bring the families the businesses will follow (and they are).

I love this town and see so much potential and know there are a lot of good things coming in the near future. We NEED more residents as more and more businesses are looking to move here and some big expansions are coming (none of them for official public consumption yet) so any negative blip really gets my attention.

ANYWAY - Nuff said and I will drop the subject.  In other news.  It looks like Council is leaning towards putting a step in on the sidewalk issue on James Street.  DOT will not put in a railing (which is needed) and if they did it would be the cheapest thing they could fine.

Metal people
My idea was that we have enough metal people in Columbus and perhaps we can get some metal artwork/railing instead of standard steel pipes.

again - this is one of those tiny things that show prospective business owners and tourists that we care.

Trees, benches, bike racks, artwork help make the downtown a place people want to visit and meet and hang out.


OH - it was said that I support the legalization of marijuana (the CORRECT term is cannabis). no - not really. I feel there are employment issues in legal states and see problems. I'm not against it but only 60% for it for financial reason.  I am 100% pro decimalization so our police officers can do more important things.


According to the Kaiser Family Foundation health care premiums in 2016 were up 3% last year in America.  Weird as I keep hearing ads on conservative radio saying 20% .  It's almost as they are lying to America.


The new bill the GOP is trying to pass to repeal  the Affordable Care Act TOOK OUT $45 billion in funding to combat opiate addiction and treatment.   Seems the GOP feels opiate addiction and treatment is not that important.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Columbus: blah blah

So the Packers lost - well, they WERE playing the team that SHOULD have won the Super Bowl and they were opening a new stadium AND the Packers were missing their two tackles and the #1 defensive player.   Plus that 47 yard penalty pick play (that should not have been called) did not help but the Pack were given some free yards LAST week by the officials so . . . . .

But the good news is that Rodgers and Montgomery did great for ME in Fanduel where I finished 8th and 10th and in the money on both.   I wanted to get points on EVERY Packer touchdown so why not Rodgers and Montgomery.   Only 6% of Fanduel players had Rodgers while 71% owned Monty.   My big pick was Javorius Allen the back-up RB for Baltimore.  With everybody injured he was the man and VERY inexpensive.  Only 2% owned him and I got a staggering 18.6 points.

So between Elwood and I we are 6 out of 8 in the money.


Obamacare is in BIG trouble this time with a REALLY bad plans that will hurt even more Americans.  More as details come in but this new plan is the worst yet which changes some votes for Senators that do not care about their constituents.


The Robert Mueller’s investigation is really stepping up with shock and awe behind the scenes. Breaking into houses legally and taking computers and every scrap of paper in peoples houses. Kyle Freeny in a very very high profile money laundering case has all of a sudden been hired.

Meanwhile in the States where Trump won by 10 points he has dropped 18% in the polls


The LAChargers.  If you want to go to a Charger game - regular parking costs $100 per car.   Then you need a ticket which is how much ???   YIKES!!


Gus is on Dog penicillin with a cold or something.  I doubt they know but puppy's can catch anything so they put him on dogicillin for uncontrolled sneezing not reverse sneezing which is a thing.  Blake had reverse sneezing and it's scary for you AND it scary for a dog.

If you ever see a dog reverse sneezing you can help him.  Block his nostrils for a few seconds and hold his snout.  This will make him take a big breath which is what is needed.  Take him outside and calm him down talking quietly as he is scared.

If only I was human I could have bacon and go outside whenever I wanted 

Cleveland Indians LOST - in their streak they outscored their opponents 142-37


Only 2 country's in the world trust Trump more now then they did 6 months ago. Russia and Israel. Only one country in the world thinks MORE favorably of America.  Russia.


ANYWAY.  Hurricane Maria will hit St. Thomas and St. John as a CAT 4 hurricane. They already have no water or food.  Not goign to be anything left of those islands.  

GONE - 90% of those trees are stripped bare. 


Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Battle for the Popcorn Cart

You know you live in a small community when there is controversy over a popcorn cart.   Oh, it's a part of Columbus history for sure and a wonderful yet tragic story, but controversy?

I'll just say one thing.  The "City" has not decided on one thing yet so keep the "city" out of your controversy.  I got rather . . . . animated at The Friends of the Popcorn Cart post that cuts down city government and I will ALWAYS defend the government (as it stands at this moment).  It pisses me off when someone who has no working knowledge on how things actually work make accusations about our ineptness.  It makes my blood boil because from what I have seen is that Columbus is moving in the right direction and actually gaining momentum.

We have a 9% greater equalized valuation over the previous year, 30+ new homes have been built in 2 years and the government actually has a vision of what will happen 9 years down the road.  NOT just dealing with NEXT year which seemed to be how things were before 4 years ago .

We continue to fix roads AND infrastructure which had been ignored for years so when I hear complaints about "how can we be counted on to do the right thing because we let the auditorium sit" . . . . WELL, PERHAPS are are bigger priorities?  $2.5 million does not grow on trees.

Good Lord.


Speaking of refrigerators.  The proper temperature for a frig is 36 degrees and the proper temp for the freezer is 0 (zero).  I had assumed the freezer would be like . . . . below freezing BUT NOOOO!  I guess now.


The Columbus Library (a Carnegie library) was recognized as the 2nd Best Small Library in the Nation!    WE'RE NUMBER TWO,  WE'RE NUMBER TWO!!  HOWEVER - #1 have a stuffed bear so I believe Columbus needs a stuffed elephant to honor the elephant we used to have in the deer pen many many MANY years ago.  Or perhaps we could take one of the deer trapped in the pens as a mascot. Change the name of our high school  from the all too common Columbus Cardinals (Cardinals is a default when you can not think of anything else) to the Columbus Deer Trappers or something.


Pic-n-Save continues to reboot and yesterday was moving day with all knew shelving and cold cases and flooring.  Plus, LOTS of 50% off items that will no longer be on the shelves. GOOD stuff too.  Actual stuff you want to buy!   BRAVO Pic-N-Save.


The Cleveland Indians won their 21st game in a row. Before the streak they had a .552 winning percentage.  The chance of a .552 team winning 21 in a row is . . . . . rather small. Something in the 0.00038082% range.    However - they are now a .616 team so their chance of winning 21 in a row NOW are all the way up to 0.00038123%  So yea. much easier now.

This weekend we saw on average 10 minutes less of commercials in NFL games.   Meanwhile 46% of the teams that played did not gain 300 yards. Up from 22% last year.  The reasoning?  Offensive lineman talent is lacking.


Martin Shkreli - that asshole pharmaceutical guy convicted of fraud . . . . had his $5,000,000 bail revoked.  Reason?  He put out a $5000 bounty on anyone that will pull Clinton's hair.  This was considered as bad behavior by a judge I guess.  picky picky picky


Then there is Equifax who spent $500,000 on a lobbyist to convince the government to loosen the laws to limit the liability in case anything bad happened. . . . . TOO LATE!

    OOPS - just wandered off and never finalized this  LOL