Tuesday, April 24, 2018

School Board Survey critique and painting by numbers for adults

Before I get into my Columbus School System rant I'm going to paint a pretty picture.  No really - I am (will).


All of those paintings you see at Target and Wal-Mart and so forth that look like real paintings for $20  . . Well, they are real paintings . . .from Chinese painting factories.  What they do is have 70 "artists" in a row and each one has one paint and when the painting comes down the assembly line they paint there little spot and the artwork moves on to the next guy (or girl).  It's a literal painting assembly line.

SO . . . . . I decided to try this with adult paint by numbers.  I ordered an image and am waiting.  For instance - this is one of the paint by numbers paintings - not the one I'm doing but it gives you an idea.

YUP - paint by numbers . . .many many many numbers.  16x20 images on canvas.  I think I'm turning Chinese!

Skills required:
  • Ability to color inside the lines
  • Ability to color outside of the lines
OH MAN - I did not read the fine print! 

But honestly there are some pretty incredible looking images to paint  

My Paint By Numbers


So I get home from the School Board meeting and want to put my face under freezing water just to wake me up. OMG, how can they suffer through that meeting.

BUT - I'm at my computer and decide to listen to a baseball game while I type.  I turn on the San Diego Padre**  broadcast and they seem to be just starting an inning that goes on FOREVER.  48 minutes and 68 pitches in one half of an inning. 

It's never good (for the other team) when a pinch hitter comes to the plate twice in one inning and gets hits both times.

** I have 3 players on my fantasy team so . . . . .

Yea yea yea OK OK - school system.  Here is my rant. 

They (somebody) sends out a questionnaire to the community. I don't know if the school board green lighted it or not but this never should have gone out as a serious questionnaire.  I believe I called it a "bias corporate word cabbage survey" that had nothing to do with the science or the collection of real data.

The good thing is the very first thing the survey says is that the school boards (or somebody) NUMBER 1 priority  is "building needed facilities and amenities".  PRIORITY #1 it is called.

Then they ask what kind of adult education should be housed in the new campus.  WHAT?  why not concentrate on the children first.

And when I said "word cabbage" (actually romaine lettuce more like) with a question asking "what is your favorite facility".  Seriously?  What is my favorite?  This is a real question?   

There is a question asking the community "which facility (of the 13) needs to be studied."  Ummmmm  ALL OF THEM!  These guys are on the school board, they know better then us guys!  Should they ignore "infrastructure of the High school" because everybody says ignore it?

They have to explain what the following questions in Priority #2  mean and what STEAM (the newest trendy business approach) is but that is fine.  I personally believe these business approaches are invented by people looking to justify their position.  They come, they go.  My latest one I had to learn was Six Sigma.  But . . I digress.

By this time most people are bored and no longer interested in the survey which is a real problem
with poor surveys.  You need to keep people interested with less words and more meaningful questions . . . . . or at least questions where people don't have to read over the questions multiple times trying to understand their true meaning.

All is good until it comes to the point where you are suppose to tell the School board (or whoever put this out) how you feel about the School District.  In Priority #4 many of the questions have four positive answers and only one negative.

This is a ploy by corporations that are looking to get a certain outcome.  Of the five answers teh* 2nd worst is "slightly well" which is a victory for the School system.  So if you feel the School District is not COMPLETELY failing, just a little failing with Art and Design you mark "slightly well" which tells the District . . everything is OK. A positive answer.   

* My dyslexia was showing through a lot in this post - bear with me if I missed something. 

But the WORSE thing is that anybody can fill out the survey as many times as they want making any of the data collected completely useless.  I filled it out 3 times, not to try to sway the numbers but I was amazed that I was able to fill it out on my iPad, then on my computer (thinking I would be flagged) and for giggles I could fill it out AGAIN on my computer, didn't even have to be a different device.  I could have hired a Russian bot for $100 to fill it out 40 times (average price of a Russian bot is $10 an hour . . .  a comrade has told me) and this issues was not caught by the nine board members? (or whoever)  Unless the board never saw the survey and in that case . . . why even have a school board.

I believe our school system has a HUGE issue that is heading in the wrong direction when it comes to community support.  Parents have no confidence, the communication for disseminating actual information is nill (null?) or if it is getting out there and people are getting it wrong. 

The School District needs to have a listening session like City Council has done in the past with great success as parents are losing confidence.  Parents believe nobody is listening to them and it's a problem.

Also - if you REALLY want a REAL survey why not do what most School Districts do and use School Perceptions for their surveys. They have questions like " Would you support a referendum to build a new Elementary School".    Not once was anything even NEAR that question on our survey and THAT is the biggest issue there is!

They also have Staff Engagement Survey's that will find out why our teachers are leaving the school district.

And there is a Parent Survey with questions like "Does your child feel safe" and "A climate of openness and trust exists between school and administration and parents" from strongly agree to strongly disagree.   

OH  - they are not free like the one we got but you get what you pay for right?

and that is the rant.


One last thing that I am finding amazing on a TOTALLY different subject - this past month has been the biggest month moving towards legalization of legal cannabis since 2012.  With John Boehmer and now Mitch McConnell coming out pro medical cannabis it looks like both parties are all of a sudden seeing that this is a voting issue and neither one wants to lose votes.

Oddly conservatives are more pro cannabis then us liberals.  Polls in the southern states that are red have  stronger pro- cannabis numbers then in blue states.

West Virginia became the 29th state to have access to medical cannabis and Vermont became the 9th State to permit adult use this year.

The American Society for Addiction Medicine who are anti cannabis acknowledges that opioid overdoes deaths rates are 25% lower in States with legal cannabis.

The train is gaining steam (a different STEAM).

My ex-wife had osteogenesis imperfecta and in the lat 80s cannabis was the ONLY thing that took away chronic pain and we tried EVERYTHING. That is why I am on this bandwagon - it works!! 

Nuff said


GUS THE WEATHER DOG says it will be a good day for fetching.  Turning  a little cooler after today but the weekend looks like middle to  upper 50s and sunny  70s Monday and next Tuesday but very windy and daddy's first golf league will be 60s NEXT Wednesday

Gus the straight haired Golden Doodle 

Monday, April 23, 2018

What a freaking cowinkydink.

Got a couple other things on my mind this morning so this will be short.

Brewers won THE BULLPEN OF THE WEEK award from  . . . somebody in some article that does this every week.  Nuff said about that prestigious award.

School board meeting at 7:00 tonight

I see the robins made it through hell week.  On Facebook one woman said "GOOD LORD that have survived for 10 thousand years".  Well, as a friend said . . . "so did dinosaurs."


The NFL schedule came out and everybody is talking about the most useless meaningless statistic ever - strength of schedule.  A league where half the teams that make the playoffs miss the playoffs the next year and everybody assumes a team will mirror it's record from the previous year . . just does not make sense.

In baseball if you want to see how a player will do look NOT at his last year stats but look at the year BEFORE last year.

But in football if you want to predict what a team will do, look at Pythagorean wins which is based on points scored (PS) and points allowed (PA) rather than win-loss record.  ((PS*PS) / ((PS*PS)+(PA*PA))).

Looking at Green Bay WIN-wise they have the hardest schedule in the NFL.  Yet if you use Pythagorean wins they have the only 7th hardest.


There is a game near the top of the best board game list (30,000 board games) called POWER GRID that looks REALLY interesting

Energy Czar Anthon adjusting someones bill
"The objective of Power Grid is to supply the most cities with power when someone's network gains a predetermined size. In this new edition, players mark pre-existing routes between cities for connection, and then bid against each other to purchase the power plants that they use to power their cities.
However, as plants are purchased, newer, more efficient plants become available, so by merely purchasing, you're potentially allowing others access to superior equipment.
Additionally, players must acquire the raw materials (coal, oil, garbage, and uranium) needed to power said plants (except for the 'renewable' windfarm/ solar plants, which require no fuel), making it a constant struggle to upgrade your plants for maximum efficiency while still retaining enough wealth to quickly expand your network to get the cheapest routes."


The GOP tax breaks are working out GREAT for banks - JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America all have an extra $3.68 BILLION in there profit margins and the average CEO got a $186,000 bonus!


That Waffel House shooting - yea - the guy had issues before but the police gave the guns back (after attacking the White House) to his dad so his dad could give the guns back to the kid.  I believe anybody that gives a gun to a killer must ALSO go to jail.

And the shooting in Tennessee - the guy purchased guns off the internet.  I've seen guns for sale on the Fall River Columbus Facebook page.  ANYBODY can buy a gun on Facebook.  What could possible go wrong.


It was my moms birthday yesterday - miss ya mom.


Don't look now but extended forecasts have "70" in the predictions in the future, a week away. The REAL good news is that there is not a lot of cold air north of us FINALLY.  Canada is all warmer the average so we are good to go! 


OH - those wines that I blogged about Friday?  I posted the blog and 2 hours later I logged on to Facebook . . . and those exact wines are in an advertisement from Wines.com.  What a freaking cowinkydink.

Have a great day!! 


Friday, April 20, 2018

Analytics for Curling?

Good-bye snow!  Glad to see you go!  Today will be the coldest day for to foreseeable future.   After Saturday (the 2nd coldest day 56 and cloudy) we should be in the 60s for a long time . . .well . . maybe not Wednesday when a small rain system enters the state but otherwise . . .


I think I'll have to dust off my golf clubs and see if my body is capable of swinging a club.

In other news . . .hmmmmmm


I was relieved to see Freddie Freeman back in the line-up for the Braves last night. Last year he was having an MVP season when he was hit on the wrist and broke a bone and was out for 7 weeks messing with my SOM team.  Well a few days ago the EXACT same thing happened.  Luckily it was 1/2 inch away from where he broke the bone last year. . . and I can breath again.

Did you see last night for the Brewers?  Luis Brinson who was traded by the Brewers to the Marlins was about to be sent down to the minors . . until he hit 2 home runs.


OH - Did I mention that I was contacted by the President of the School Board and the Superintendent of the School system for a "chat".   More on this as details emerge.


Seems Curling, that Olympic sport that a few of you watched is going through an analytic surge with stats and there are some interesting revelations. A data set of 175,000 contests have come up with some strategy's that are just wrong in curling.   DANG SCIENCE IS RUINING EVERYTHING.

hmmmmm - the problem is I have ZERO idea what the original strategy is in the first place.  For instance:

According to CBCSports 

what's the likelihood of a team winning a game if they go into the final end leading by one point without the hammer, as opposed to trailing by one with the hammer?
"It was a long-held belief that being down one with hammer in the last end was the preferred position to the opposite," Geurts says. "But with the numbers, we were able to show that [those] teams were only winning about 40 per cent of the time." 

OK . . what?


FUN FACT - there are 329 news stands in New York City, down from 1,500 in the 50s.  But the odd thing is there is a law that says the most expensive thing you can buy at a news stand cannot be more then $10.


The GOP controlled Tennessee government canceled giving Memphis $250,000 that was ear marked for the city . . why? . . . because Memphis took down a monument that celebrated the founder of the Ku Klux Clan Nathen Bedford Forrest a Confederate General.


You want cockroaches? We got cockroaches. There is a cockroach factory in Xychang China that houses over 6 BILLION cockroaches.  28,000 roaches per square foot.  They use them for medicine and potions ( such as snake oil?).

Near by residents are worried about a national disaster that would release them.  That! would totally suck.


Bob's Beverage is going out of business - 20% off all wine over $10. I got what I need.  There are some fine wines to get.  Intrinsic Cab Sav 2015 - beautiful art work - average price is 19.99 and it's a lot cheaper now.
Gnarly Head Old Vine Zine 2015  excellent Zinfandel (only 10% off but a great value) was $9.99

Borne of Fire Cab Sav 2016 another great value - normally $19.99 - produced by Chateau Sean Michelle which worried me a little but still excellent.

Both Cabernet Sauvignon's will age well to 2024 if you want to wait. Could be a little chewy if you are looking for something NOW.  Put it away for a year and come back.

I also picked up a little 10 pack of Fireball's that is actually cheaper then a big bottle.  $7.99.  I love that stuff a little too much.

Speaking of THAT - I made my first Moscow Mule the other day - what a refreshing drink.  Juice from 1/2 a lime, 3 shots of Ginger beer and 2 shots of Vodka.  gulp gulp!  yummy! yummy!