Friday, June 24, 2016

Columbus "such an awesome little town"

We had Home Brew Club last night and a few new people showed up. The thing that interested me was that one person had moved from Denver to Columbus because of a job in Sun Prairie.  I asked "why Columbus" and the answer was it was a LOT cheaper then moving to Sun Prairie and the town seemed more liberal and friendly.

That was so awesome to hear.  A common complaint is that Columbus is expensive. Yet REAL facts don't substantiate this. The Columbus tax rate is lower then many surrounding communities IF you could compare (which you can't because each town has different services) 

Our tax rate is lower then Rio, Sun Prairie, Portage, Madison, Lodi, Randolph, Beaver Dam, Poynette, Wisconsin Dells, and Cambria (to name a few).

Being an alderman for the last 3 years all I ever hear are people complaining. No matter what an alderman does all he will hear is complaints about EVERYTHING. Even when roads are being fixed, it's people complaining.  Even when our debt limits and financial standing is in the best it's been in a long long time, people complain. We make a GREAT deal to get land cheap for a new fire station in a perfect location , people complain.  So when I hear someone making an informed decision to move to Columbus because it's "such an awesome little town" . . . . it's like a breath of fresh air. 


Tried fixed this for blogger, yesterdays shot seemed weird. 

We were going up to the summit in Rocky Mountain Natl Park and I took this shot.  What struck me were all the dead trees. Literally >60% dead due to the Pine Beetle.

 And the pine beetle is due to a drought that weakens the trees.  On the bright side, all the dead trees reduce fire danger because of the lack of needles so there is no crowning of the fire.  Plus with trees laying on the ground they are farther apart so less fire spreading.

Something interesting happens with the fallen trees. Seems this wild flowers love dead trees.

But DJ loves the live ones.  This beautiful 10 story tall spruce called to her.


Oh - my buddy and fellow founder of the Sun Prairie Worthogs (wort is what beer is before it has alcohol) that is building a brewery in Sun Prairie and will have his day in front of the SP planning commission.

Here is what the brewery will look like and will be next to Market Street Diner in SP.  It's getting close!!

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have a great weekend 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

More photos from Colorado

I have not seen what Andy Traxler calls the World Series of TV - BIG BROTHER which I 100% agree (golf night last night in the rain).  But I'll have a running commentary of this outstanding show.  I'm sure that I will hate all the characters this year until I get to know them.   That is the greatness of that show.  Take a number of human caricature's, put them in a house and watch them vote people out through out the summer.

If you have ever played strategy games in your life you will LOVE this show.


Driving through Nebraska we stopped at a rest stop that had an 116 foot tall wind turbine blade.  Pretty impressive.  Well a woman had a few kids and they thought it was pretty neat also and finally we heard her say "OK OK stand next to that stupid windmill thing".   WELL - I could not let that opportunity go to waste.

Weird how a 10mm lens compacts everything.


You won't see him at first but there is a marmot laying on that second rock on the left

When Elwood and I camped out a few decades ago in the Rockies we were on a trail about 10 miles from base camp.  We were in our tent when something started to scratch at the tent walls.  We were freaking BEAR BEAR?    WWhat we found out from fellow back packers was that there were a couple marmots jumping on the tent and sliding down.

Yea - THEY were having fun.    this was the same trip we had a mule eat our food and also the same trip when we could not get a omelette to turn hard on our little camp stove so Elwood just drank it.


A shot that seemed to lose a little color in blogger and looks better bigger but the train was chugging along in the canyon.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Trains but no birds

Venezuela - talk about a country in a world of hurt. 

We watched States of Undress on the Viceland Network where our favorite model Hailey Gates goes to weird countries to look at fashion like Venezuela and could not believe what a mess that country
is.  For instance - you cannot buy toilet paper and there are no longer feminine hygiene products.  In fact you can not really buy ANYTHING - except beauty products. 

Anyway - I was just seeing stuff on the news - I don't think I'll vacation there.


The photo I think I posted yesterday needed to be corrected.  Experts now say this are ELK droppings, not moose.


One of the things I was looking at when in Winter Park were the trains.  I knew the people we got the condo from were big train fans so my goal as to try to get some mountain train shots.  DJ and I now have a running joke.

We were always on the lookout for trains and every time we heard a whistle or spotted a train I would blurt out  "WHAT TIME IS IT!"  Thinking if I knew when the trains were running I could time things.

Last night with the windows open DJ said - "I hear a train" and I responded "WHAT TIME IS IT!".


Sadly the one shot I really like I don't have at the moment but here are a few.

Nope - not Amtrak

This one is but since it was not so wonderful I did a thing to it.

OK - the original looks slightly different but there is a story.

There is this sports complex near Fraser (the town that was there before Winter Park) that had a big open field next to train tracks.  We thought that we would just take a look, figure out the best spot, what lens and what background and so forth.  Photographers call this "making your own luck".   

I have thousands of locations in my brain and are just waiting for the right light and so forth and MAYBE I will get "lucky".

Well.  We are in the middle of the field and all of a sudden we hear a train whistle.  F*CK I scream and I am literally sprinted 100 yards to the car.   I grab my camera and am sprinting back and DJ is yelling  HURRY HURRY!  

I get close close and snap maybe 4 shots before it passes.  I'll show the original soon.  But I got carried away on this one.

In reality there are a lot of trains going through the Moffat Tunnel. I just have to find the best places (still looking) and wait.  

 Something of interest at Winter Park is that this is where Eisenhower came to relax when he was President and his favorite fishing hole is near the Safeway (home of the best sandwiches EVER).

The tiny lake is now a children only fishing spot (adults are not allowed to fish there - thank you professor Obvious) and there is a statue of Ike.


An interesting note is that we got 4 mpg more driving at high altitudes then on the plains.  I was asking about this on a Subaru forum and it is do to the lack of oxygen. They had all sorts of calculations and so forth but I thought it was interesting.

I tell ya - at 9000 feet the air is thin and took some getting use to. We lugged our luggage up to the 3rd floor that first night and HOLY CRAP we were gasping for air!   By the end of the vacation no problem but those first few days  GASP GASP - we felt like fish out of water.

And where are the birds! - All we saw were Magpie, Robins, Hummingbirds (a LOT) and crows.  Very few birds at 9000.

More tomorrow!