Monday, March 27, 2017

Once every 2 Decades / ARRIVAL

Now that I got my HELP blog out of the way a real one.

I'm labeling my accident as a once every 2 decades traumatic event. The last time I was in such pain was after my hernia operation a decade ago but I had MUCH better drugs after that one. codeine?  phhht !!   that was like candy compared to my hernia operation drugs?  Only thing is I still can't cough, clear my throat for blow my nose because of a pulled muscle.

Anyway I'm doing much better and am now at 85% capacity for healthiness.  Timing is critical as I will be golfing in the Smokey Mountains in 2 weeks, the land of water falls and golf courses I guess.

I've only driven through the Smokies, never really stopped (just driving through) but we have an opportunity to stay there for a week so . . . vacation #1 of 2 coming up this year.  The other will be in Winter Park Colorado.

I'll bring my camera for both.


Yesterday we were at the 100 year birthday party for the Columbus Pavilion.

This was early and people were still arriving.  The place looked great.  New bathrooms and so many people were excited and I heard one person say she had tears in their eyes as wheel chairs could finally see the pavilion for the first time in decades (or EVER) with the new elevator.

An impressionistic image of the gala event.


Couple weeks ago we had relatives up from the Dallas area.  They were amazed at basements.  They had never seen a house with a basement before and snow was a marvel.

Last night got a text and a photo of some hail they received in the Dallas area (McKinney area actually) .


In 1360 during the Hundred Years War there was a storm on April 13th that killed 1000 solders. They said solders and horses were killed trying to fell the storm.


Other quirky news

It's been found that if you wait until a child is 6 instead of 5 for them to enter kindergarten they found that a child will learn more faster.  20% of kids enter at age 6. This sort of backs up the findings that pre-school does absolutely nothing for faster development.


Watched ARRIVAL last night and my heart was pounding in the first 5 minutes! VERY well done first encounter / time travel-ish movie!

I love  love loved this movie!!!

I will watch this again for sure.

If you have seen the movie - this 8 minute youtube explains things - if you have not seen the movie - this is a spoliler.

ARRIVAL (2016) Ending Explained 

Configuring Super Hal in Strat-O-matic

FOR SOM players.  I'll have an actual blog after this HELP blog.

This is for people who are new to SOM Windows and explains how "I" programmed my Super Hal in SOM.  It's easy once you know the concepts and will be totally meaningless to all non-SOM players.


First fill in the right side with your 5 starting pitchers.  If you don't do this Super Hal will default to these.    

Then fill out your actual starting pitcher schedule for at least the first block which ends on the last day of the month.  

 Explore the rest of the drop down menus in "Category"  but the  BIG thing is bullpen management which is handled my Super Hal so click the Super Hal button and you will see something like this. Mine is filled in with my logic.


I have 11 different settings  A thru K.  You can see "ID" on the far left and on the far right in the BULLPEN LOGIC square and I'll look at each one of these situations

What you want to do is define roles for each of your pitchers in your bullpen and create an order so when a pitcher gets tired Super Hal will look at the situation and put in the pitcher you want.

My roles are

  • Closer: Inning: 9+; Leading by 1-3 runs
  • Setup: Inning: 7-8; Leading by 1-3 runs
  • LH Specialist: Inning: 7+; Leading or trailing by 1-3 runs or tied; LH batters
  • RH Specialist: Inning: 7+; Leading or trailing by 1-3 runs or tied; RH batters
  • Tied & 9th+: Inning: 9+; Tied
  • Tied & Late: Inning: 7-8; Tied
  • Behind & Late: Inning: 7+; Trailing by 1-4 runs
  • Middle Man: Inning: 1-6; Leading or trailing by 1-4 runs or tied
  • Mopup: Any inning; Leading or trailing by 7+ runs
  • Closer vs. L: Inning: 8+; Leading by 1-3 runs; LH batters
  • Closer vs. R: Inning: 8+; Leading by 1-3 runs; RH batters

 IN THAT ORDER!!!  Hal looks at the first situation and goes down the list looking for a match.

So in the example.

Click on "A" on the left side.
Fill in the box next to ORDER with something that tells you what you want to do

"Closer Inning 9+  lead 1-3 runs

Then click on the TOP (first) line in the BULLPEN LOGIC box.  All zeros at the moment.

This is the "programming "part,
SCORE you want your Closer to come in leading by 1 to 3 runs
OUTS 9th inning on.

HAL does not see innings but only sees OUTS

---- ------------- 
0- 2 1st Inning 
3- 5 2nd Inning 
6- 8 3rd Inning 
9-11 4th Inning 
12-14 5th Inning 
15-17 6th Inning 
18-20 7th Inning 
21-23 8th Inning 
24-26 9th Inning 
27-99 Extra Innings 

So if you want 9th inning on you want 23 (I have 24 mistake) to 99 (all)

BatType tells what kind of batter you want the pitcher to face in his first batter.  This is tricky because HAL is doing a LOT more in the background (looking at who is up next and deciding who is more dangerous and so forth) .  If you don't care - make sure all are checked.

Make sure the "ORDER ID" is correct (this does not automatically change)

NOW - on the left side grab each pitcher and move him up and down in the order you wish.  Make sure you are covered so make sure all your bullpen is in a order for each logic.  Don't asume the top guy will always get the nod (he could be tired).

Then move to the next situation. For me it was SET-UP innings 7 and 8.

Click on "B" in ORDER and click on the next line down in BULLPEN Logic and make a BULLPEN order for your next situation.

That is the most important thing you can do with your Computer Manager for your "away" games (the games you DON'T play - remember, in our league you manually PLAY the away games while your opponents play the HOME games - it's backward but this way you can play all the other parks and decreases home field advantage.

Once you have done as much as you want and saved - go to TEAM/EXPORT Computer Manager and export it to save it so it does nto get blown away when you RESTORE another .lzp.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Back / SOM / Trump

I've only missed  a couple of Council meetings in the 3 years on Council and so I was feeling a little guilty when I called in Tuesday saying I could not attend.  I suppose I could have attended if they would not have minded me pacing back and forth behind everybody.  Standing is easy, sitting for longer then 15 minutes was going to be an issue.   But then I see that I was only one of possibly four  Council Members that would be absent.

Yesterday, day 6 of my back ordeal I'm better.  I went to a chiropractor as I was up to feeling only horrible. I did not want to go when every freaking twitch was making me moan in pain.  

Chiropractor's are like witch doctors that really work.  Everyone has some sort of new gimmick and this guy has one had the best gimmick yet.  After he cracked my lower back (as they always do) he said it was time for some muscle stim.  Not knowing what that was I followed (slowly) into a new room and took off my shirt.  The guy stuck four pads on my side/back and turned on the juice.  He said "tell me when I should stop" (Don't ever ask me that when it involves CO2 (laughing gas)).

I felt a tingling and said more.  Got up to a point just below getting a shock and he left me there for 12 minutes.  OMG - it was so wonderful. I've never had this sensation before. It literally felt like my entire back had become fluid. I could feel odd pressure rubbing up and down but in reality there was zero movement. It was WONDERFUL!  An invisible electric message.

I'm better today (and even better Thursday morning).  I can almost blow my nose and clear my throat without passing out with pain.  I did cough . . . . . and almost passed out. It's like coughing with a hernia. AAAAAGH!

Today (Thursday) I go again to get adjusted. I think it really works.  


I'm glad there was no council Tuesday because there was a closed session thing that sounded REALLY interesting for Columbus. Big news if it comes to fruition.  

We shall see.


I found out that someone who reads this also plays Strat-o-matic.  YEA BABY!!  I posted on a SOM forum how I injured myself trying to get a pick in. iPhone in one hand and my team cards in the other.  Both were saved at the expense of my back (and elbows). 

My draft is basically over. I have my last 3 guys to fill out my 40 man roster.  My biggest problem is getting a pitching rotation. I have JUST enough Starts for my pitching staff but it involves 7 Starting pitchers AND I need to fill in who starts in 162 game. Seem easy but I can't have 7 starters on my 25 man roster all at the same time as I need a ton of bullpen innings. I THINK I have the best bullpen and its REALLY deep so I'm using a quick hook on all my starters.   

  1. Gravemen  ERA 4.11 Starts 34
  2. Fulmer ERA 3.06 Starts 29
  3. Nove ERA 4.07 Starts 29
  4. Peralta ERA 4.86 Starts 25
  5. Anderson ERA 3.54 Starts 21
  6. Andriese ERA 4.37 Starts 21
  7. Richard ERA 3.33 Starts 10
Peralta/Richard = one full time Starter if combined

The team I took over won 60 games last year.  Worst pitching of all 24 teams with a 4.99 ERA. Not this year. 


I honestly believe that Ivanka Trump has moved closer to Donald because she can control him a LITTLE. I also believe she was asked to be nearer because many people in public office in Washington believe (rightly) he is irrational.  

Either he refuses to believe the FBI and National Security which is a BIG issue OR, worse, he is no longer living in the same world that everybody else is living in which is a BIG problem. 

Either way I do not trust this con-man (he truly is a con-man) at all.   His approval rating is at an all time low at 37% and the reason is that his base is disappearing.  Approval ratings from white older males (his base) is evaporating.  43% of men approve (down from 49%)  and only 44% of white voters (down from another 49%).

60% believe Trump is dishonest compared to 55% 3 weeks ago and 57% believe Trump does not care about Americans (which is proven with Trumpcare).


China finally shipped my new lens.  A 10mm Macro able to get real close on a grain of salt (if I wanted too).  Ordered it 2 months ago.