Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Red Rocket!

I think Gus's is trying to emulate Harvey Weinstein when he goes to the dog park.   Yea - everyone says Gus is just trying to show his dominance.  WELL - he is dominating his favorite play toys for sure.  We had to take one toy away because it was just say to funny.

He had this long snake thing with a big smiley face on one end.  Well here we are just watching TV and Gus starts banging away and the snakes happy smiley face is bumping against THE RED ROCKET!   boing boing boing. 

Long snake went into the garage for shorter toys.


I think I might have to mow the lawn for the last time today.  MAYBE one more but I refuse to mow in November. Grass needs to be long for the winter so . . . . .

Sadly our Autumn Blaze Maple is is having root problems. Seems clay that has been compacted by the builders is not the best thing for Maples.  When I dug the hole I filled it with water so it would soak in overnight.  The next day I had to bail the water out as it had not even sunk down one inch.

Now it turns color late July which is fine as it keeps it's leaves for a long time but is done before all the other trees.


Lost 100% of the photos on my iPhone.   This will be the last iPhone I purchase as this is the last iPhone (8) with a HOME button.  All facial recognition from now on.  Screw that.  My photos?  I had to restore my phone to factory settings which was fine because I had everything backed up in the iCloud.   I THOUGHT.

I mean they came forward from my iPhone 6 right?   Well, I got everything back BUT the photos.  I went to the iCloud and the photo file is empty.  I even had the special button clicked correctly.



We got our new trash and recycle barrels.  Some people did not get them. How can you miss a house when you are giving them to EVERY house. Sadly when they emptied my recycle they only emptied half of what was in the container.  I have no idea how this happened but . . not a big deal.  A lot less garbage flying around our neighborhood for sure.


Anybody who has donated to the RNC is helping Trump pay $1.1 million for his sexual lawsuits. Maybe we can elect Harvey Weinstein for President. He seems to have the right stuff for being President.


What the hell is going on with so many people wanting Kaepernick to become a Packer.  The guy was 3-16 his last 2 years with the lowest  completion percentage for starters in the league.  REALLY? we think this guy is the answer?

And speaking of that guy - his latest complaint alleging collusion is a BIG deal.  If it is found that there was ONE instance of collusion the entire CBA is terminated.  This gives a LOT of power and leverage for more lawsuits.


With Rodgers being OUT the odds of making the playoffs is down to  50.2% (from 79%). I think all "we" have to do is go 5-5 the rest of the way to make the playoffs so we can lose.  At least Sundays are now free.

And then there is Wisconsin.  Not really a big collage football fan (it's rigged) but Wisconsin is 5th in the Nation?  And Jonathan Taylor? Twice the National talking heads and local talking heads say he is one of the best freshman running backs ever?   What?  EVER?  ummmmm . . . . we shall see.


Went to Monks yesterday and ordered a Philly Cheese steak. I was asked if I wanted chicken or beef.  WHAT?  Seriously?  I have never had a REAL Philly Cheese Steak but I'm pretty sure chicken was not one of the options. 

My bucket list sandwich is a real Philly Cheese steak.  Best one I ever had was in Winter Park CO.  It did have green chili's on it and ever since that sandwich I have been obsessed with green chili's.  I don't think they have green chili's in Philly but . . . .

Monks in the Sun Prairie Madison Metroplex is not at all like Monks in Wisconsin Dells.  Totally different and not at all as good. Not even close. It's a fake name to cheat you.

Had a burger in MPs Town Tap in Columbus - excellent.  The bun to burger ratio was perfect.  The Caribou in Madison had GREAT GREAT burgers and switched buns.  Now all you eat is a huge bun that fills you up and you don't even notice the burger.  It's all bun.  After 30 years they really screwed up.  PLUS it's not freaking 1/2 pounder which is why America is getting fat.


Finally had a good week in Fanduel.  We keep putting our virtual money one players that get hurt.


As of Sunday 85% of Puerto Rico has no power.


19% of all apparel purchased by Americans was (were?) purchased online.


Before I started brewing beer I was a wine enthusiasts and worked at a few of the better wine shops in Madison.  I found out yesterday that one of my favorite winery's burned  Stag's Leap a 1st growth winery in Napa burned.  They wines are now rocketing up in price.

A lot of LEGAL cannabis farms have burned also.  One place had been growing cannabis for 40 years and was 3 days away from harvesting their first legal crop.  100% burned.  Maybe this will be like the hop shortage which really helped bring new and exciting hops to the craft beer industry.   Cannabis farmers across the nation are rushing to the rescue with seeds.

Carry on! 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Downtown Columbus - under construction

Being a cheerleader for our downtown I was excited to see the rain.

This was taken with my phone.  I am curious what I can do with a real camera so Friday when it rains I'll take some shots with a camera.  I also need to take some images of The Kurth.

Picture this with a few trees to soften the hard bricks. 

So the shopping list is 8 trees, one decorative railing, maybe 8 nice trash cans, 4 bike racks and a few more benches.  Then put the extra decorative thingy's on the light poles (which all have outlets for Christmas decorations).

All we need is for community business'sess to step up and volunteer making some of these.  If not I'm worried we will get cost saving default boring black objects.


Gus The Weather Dog who already hates winter and is asking for a coat says you will not need sunglasses in the near future, at least until later Sunday. Zero sun until then.

We have two systems heading our way.  The first one is a LOW Pressure trough that will enter our area Friday giving us warmer but water filled drizzle air.  Then as that moves east a heavy cold front hits Saturday with thunderstorms and a LOT of rain.

Sunday - the day I always hope is rotten because we have football to watch will turn sunny with highs near 52 and really windy.  brrrrrrrrrr

Looks like a fantastic week NEXT week and even heading into NEXT weekend.


When are we going to get SOMETHING for teenagers to do in Columbus.  Just askin'!  It seems to be all about small kids.  Don't teenagers need something?


My East Indian Porter is doing GREAT.  The last 2 batches the last 2 years have been off as I could not find my regular hops.  My double Chocolate Stout is about to be dry hopped tonight with Saaz hops.  Slightly different then normal as I made a mistake and put the wrong hops in at the wrong time.  They changed the font on my hops and without reading glasses I put the taste and flavor hops in at 60 minutes instead of 10 and 5 minutes.   I still put in the bittering hops at 60 minutes but will dry hop (putting hops in after 2 weeks of fermentation) which will add flavor from smell which his actually the noses part in this whole thing.

We shall see if it works.


The Tonight show ratings are down 26% from last year.  I loved Jimmy Fallon but not so much on the Tonight Show.  Too much fake laughing.


FEMA is providing 200,000 meals a day in Puerto Rico. Sadly they need 2.8 million meals a day and people are starving.   LUCKILY our government has decided to help them by LOANING them 4.9 billion.  This is like loaning a million bucks to a high schooler and saying he has to pay it off  . . HOW?

Puerto Rico barely had an economy to begin with.  How do you rebuild when you had nothing to begin with. Do you rebuild to what it was?  Puerto Rico has no exports.  They have no real economy.


See that shit storm the Mayor of Fitchberg is having?  OUCH.  Government is meant to help the people I thought. Dumping Boys and Girls Clubs that was a major thing for the black community will not win you friends.


Dana Delany 30 years later. 
I watched the pilot of Chine Beach. It stands the test of time . . . . . and so does Dana Delany.  OMG - there were some scenes that would not be allowed on our conservative networks now.  Still a fantastic show.

I was looking her up and she has really been in a lot of things I never watch.

I watched the show when it was on in the late 80 early 90s but could not find in on DVD.  Seems the problems were SO MANY songs and so many lawyers.

But - it's on DVD now and I purchased season one to see if it held up.  YUP!



What was the first concert I ever attended?  Jethro Tull, Aqualung tour.  February 16, 1975  - I think they are the group I saw second most, 3 times. Alice Cooper 3 times and  Pink Floyd 6 times.

WAIT - looking things up - I saw the Dark Side of the Moon Tour March 4th 1973 - was that my first concert?  I was front row blankets at the  Coliseum - my mom and dad were there.  Maybe Tull was my first WITHOUT my parents (they were in the seats)?  I'm so confused now. 


Well anyway - have a great day.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Not much

The GOP - Working Hard Every Day to Make Failure a Virtue 


BRRRRRR - Gus the weather dog (aka Mr. Humpy) hates winter all ready. Fear not though as warmer weather is on the way after rain.   With a high today not hitting 60 and the next two days just above 60 it feels all is lost (average is about 62 now) but Friday we will be in the low 70s again  but a rainy cool weekend after. And when I say cool I mean average.

Sunny next week and above average.

Gus the weather dog 

So Madison had a surprise tornado.  Nobody saw THAT one coming.  There was JUST enough upper level shear to spin things around.

Elwood was up on Saturday and we had planned indoor activities due to the coming rain.  The rain never really materialized and about 3:00 I saw one more line coming our way.  A swift storm and that was it.

We are watching WonderWoman and DJ calls down.  "There is a tornado warning".  WHAT?   Sure enough.  Then we see that there is a tornado ONE BLOCK FROM ELWOODS APARTMENT.

What is it with Saturdays with Elwood.  One year he is marooned at my place from a flood (Grinders Island).   Another year he is marooned because of a blizzard and now a tornado next to his apartment. 

The tornado was an EF 0 causing damage but no injuries.


1000 ISIS fighters have surrendered to Kurdish authorities since they were defeated in Hawija a stronghold.  Where is this in the network news???   It was in the New York Times


After gaining a little momentum from Hurricanes, Trumps approval ratings (an average of over 100 polls) are dropping once again to near all time lows.  The Ipsos poll which is rated as A- and leans right has him at 35% approval which is basically his base and will stand by him when he is impeached.

OH - this whole decertifying the Iran Deal Trump is boasting about is mostly symbolic.  It's just Trump marketing and making Congress do the heavy lifting so he does not have too.  In reality it will do nothing.   Certifying is not even part of the terms. All it does is make Congress vote in 60 days which they will do and nothing will happen.  The adults in Congress do not want to decertify.   Trump COULD just pull out of the deal completely if he really wanted.  He is just giving his base (older white males) another blow job to make them happy.

OH - Before I forget - make sure you remember there is a Greenbush Bakery next to the old American TV store and they are OUTSTANDING.  I am so over Duncan Donuts and their horrible tasteless donuts!  Seriously.  I have gone there 3 times since they opened in Sun Prairie and BLAH!!

Their coffee sucks also.  Drink ANY coffee after a bite of doughnut and it tastes so much better. Or just pop a teaspoon of sugar in your mouth and sip some coffee.  Same thing.


7% of the running power stations in Puerto Rico failed bringing the total back to 5% running.


The GOP paid Mike Pence to protest at a football game giving him $250,000 to do so.  NOT fake news.


Blade Runner 2049, a movie I REALLY want to see only has to make 150 million more to cover the cost of producing it.  Pretty disappointing box office but GREAT reviews.


I've been told to look at James Street to look at a large traffic bump and if the DOT is going to fix it. Seems to be right in front of American Family Insurance ???  More on this later.


I STILL have no idea what is going on about snowmobiles as the video of the last council meeting has not been posted yet so . . . I'm clueless what is actually going on (although clueless is my comfort zone) .


Nuff mindless blither