Thursday, November 16, 2017

Washington - the dude

There is a new book out called "Washington's Farewell: The Founding Father's Warning to Future Generations" which goes into my Longest Title for a Book file and is pretty interesting.

The Farewell Address was the most read document in history, far far eclipsing the Deceleration of Independence but his address has seemed to fallen by the wayside even though it is a very very important speech.

Washington talked about what would destroy this new experiment, democracy.  Democracy had been tried before but failed.  In his speech he singled out three things that would bring down the democracy.

1. hyper-partisanship.
2. excessive debt.
3. foreign powers disrupting our government.

hmmmmmm seems like he is talking about about NOW.

The author John Avlon was the chief speechwriter for Mayor Rudy Giuliani say's

Donald Trump is "the nightmare image of what democracy can become". 

And then there is Roy Moore who now has 9 woman coming forward. Of course he says they are all lies and really - one 16 year old had their parents permission to date him ( if you get the parents permission you can marry a 15 year old in Alabama).

But now it seems a mall banned Moore from entering the premises 30 years ago because he was picking up high school girls and many town people say they would always see him at high school football games.  It was common knowledge.

YET - Alabama is fine with this and he will be elected.  Family Values and all that. 


Getting old sucks.  I consider myself a pretty bendy person for 63.  Elwood and I do tricks with frisbee's every few weekends and I work out and consider myself in darn good shape for an old fart.

YET - Tuesday I was bending over to tie my shoes . . .tweak!!!   WHAT?  You have to be kidding me.  Not a bad back thing but a tiny . . . ting! (insert a musicale note).

and then it was downhill all day. SERIOUSLY?  TYING MY FREAKING SHOE?  Well, I know how to fix this but it takes a few days and in the mean time that particular vertebrae, as explained to me by the best chiropractor I ever had before he was forced to go out of business in Columbus, also controls certain "things" that go on in the bathroom . . . WEIRD.  Anyway, the goal is to be ready for a fantastic weekend . . . . .but the weather will SUCK so . . .

SO since the weather is going to suck.  . .

DING DONG - what?  the WRONG plumbers are here?  We have two plumbers for our stove?  SIGH!   Seems the local plumber who ignored us for 3 weeks even after I called sent a guy over to hook up the gas line.  Well, we gave up on him because he never contacted us back after 2 phone calls.

PLUS - the guys coming in a few hours also do electric which a gas stove needs and not a 240 but a normal plug.  The local plumber did not do electric.

So after contacting 3 plumbers of which two never really communicated with us we get 2 almost at the same time.  sigh!

Was I wrong?  call a plumber - he comes over - looks and says I'll get back to you in a week to schedule.  I wait 2 weeks, hear nothing, call and the answering machine says they will contact me in 24 hours.  Wait another week and hear nothing so I call somebody else.  Like WE NEED A STOVE, HELLO!!! 

So all of sudden a guy comes to install a gas line?  THE WRONG GUY! 

ANYWAY - back to the crummy weather, since this weekend will suck I might as well drive around in A NEW CAR!!    The old Subaru needed a new blinker switch ($250) and an oil change . . .so, screw it. Just buy a new damn car, it's been 11 years since I had a "new" car and the old AWOOO has 253,000 miles on it.

Ordered new AWOOO 10 weeks ago and it finally came in.  2018 Subaru Crosstrek.  All it needs is a subwoofer.

So to celebrate DJ and I decided to go to Dotty Dumplings but SADLY - they changed.   I have been lusting over their cheese sauce hamburger for literally 40 years.  Their cheese sauce burger is what made them famous.  It was messy, goopy and delicious!

So what did they do?  Switched out the goopy messy awesome cheese sauce for a grainy smoked cheese "sauce" which they put a dot on the burger.  VERY VERY disappointed as it tastes horrible and covers up the hamburger taste completely.

If you liked Dotties cheese sauce burger - COMPLAIN - PLEASE - get it back. Go to their facebook page and say something! 

So now the The Caribou Tavern (The Bou) which I considered had the best burger in Madison changed their buns so the bun to burger ratio is totally messed up and Dotty's screwed up their cheese sauce . . I am now looking for the next best burger.


 The GOP chopped enrollment times for Obamacare in half (and defunded it), yet in the first 11 days there is a 47% increase of people signing up for it over last year the same number of days.


Did I mention James street is OPEN?  A little chaotic near Walgreens as the stop lights are not working but the few times I went through it everybody was navigating smoothly.
FoxxCon wants Wisconsin to pay for a new lane in a highway that would be dedicated to FoxxCon. Wisconsin residents are already paying 17% of the wages of their employees, now they want US to pay for a dedicated highway?    How about high speed rail?  LOL


Watching Survivor and there is one contestant that everyone hates and every time there is a vote one of his teammates gets voted off.  Sort of like Gov Walker and Trump.  Everybody around them gets sent to jail but never the ring leader.

BTW - still watching to see who will be on Celebrity Big Brother and is this is jumping the shark for Big Brother?  BB is the best pure strategy game show on TV but I see nothing good from Celebrity BB.  Reminds me of The Mole which was a fantastic reality competition where you needed brains until you got "celebrity's" involved.

Like comparing Jeopardy to The Price is Right, The Mole was a brilliant show that ended after season 2 with the writers strike (along with Deadwood).

Raylan and Boyd - Justified
HEY - if you liked Deadwood - the best gritty western of all time - check out Hell on Wheels on
Netflix.  Excellent gritty western about the Transcontinental railroad.  5 great seasons and a great finale'

And on the subject - best series finale' of all time?   Justified!   


And lastly - Gus is learning how to pee in the winter wind. Except every leaf that blows by him seems to be challenging him to chase it. 


A Black and white of County F in Door County WI


Monday, November 13, 2017

WISCONSIN is #1 in collage sports

I feel silly putting a 90 gallon trash bin out with one bag of garbage in it.

HA - saw this this morning and was SHOCKED - but not surprised.  LOL

DJ spotted this - because you were interested in . . . . 


SO - once again I have things going on in the morning that messes up the morning blog - sadly getting a plumber to attache a gas line is not one of my problems - OH - the problem is GETTING a plumber to come to the house (no one seems to want too) so THAT schedule is not a problem. We have had a new gas stove ready for deliver for 3 weeks now. BUT - no gas line.

Today is the DMV calling.  I need to switch licence plates on cars as a new car is in my very near term future.  The old AWOOO with 253,000 miles will become my "truck".

The left blinker does not work 100% of the time and since I could get pulled over at anytime by the CPD who have no problem pulling people over for a broken blinker and I really don't want to spend $300+ on a blinker (yes, they cost that much AND I have to take off the steering column).  So I'm
literally afraid to drive my car in Columbus.


ANYWAY - Packers won - not a surprise actually. Wisconsin football won (big deal) and fell in the rankings but come on - rankings are a popularity contest, nothing more and totally meaningless.


Giannis Antetokounmpo leads the NBA is scoring with 31.7 points a game.   And with new PG Bledsoe driving to the basket will help the Bucks a ton taking pressure off Giannis.


Speaking of water and light.  Did you see Linden will raise their water rates 210% and DeForest 57%.  People complain about Columbus Water and Light rates for water.  I ask them "so how much are you paying per 100 cubic feet of water" and the answer is always - "I don't know" so  . . . . how do you know it's a lot?  Maybe you just use a crap load of water??   ($3.50 per 100 cubic feet for the first 1,250 feet).  Let's get some facts here.  OH - "how many cubic feet of water do you use in a month" "ummmmm, I don't know".  YEA!!!

It's MUCH easier to complain (look at the GOP).


Speaking of the GOP, Alabama's Roy Moore, the latest devote Christian that loves fondling little girls. 30 people who knew him in those years thought it was common knowledge that he would hang out at High School football games when he was in his 30s and go out with high school girls.  But nobody would mention it since he was pretty powerful.

OH - he can't remember.  Yea - like guys can't  remember girls they had sex with in their past. He can't remember dating a 16 year old girls when he was in his 30s? OH - he remembers DATING them but not the sex part.  Yea - THAT is believable.


The SF 49ers and the NY Giants met up yesterday. It was the very first time 2 teams with a combined 1 win as late as week 10 met. AND - the game was telecast to the two biggest markets. 

In the Packer game The Bears had one of the worst challenges ever that went from maybe a touchdown to actually losing the ball.  On that one play the chances of the Bears winning the game, according to Win Probability dropped 20%  ON ONE PLAY.

Of the top 50 winningest schools in NCAAB and NCAAF  the number one school?  Wisconsin - As it stands right now — comparing the harmonic mean of the basketball and football teams of those top 50 schools — the University of Wisconsin is currently the best two-sport school in the country.

Greg Gard took the men’s basketball team to the Sweet 16 last season, and Paul Chryst’s football team is currently 9-0 and ranked No.8 in the College Football Playoff rankings.


Remember that 2 man Montana company that nobody gave a contract too but somehow they were awarded a HUGE contract (that nobody approved) from Trump for fixing the energy problem in Puerto Rico?

They were charging $319 per hour per lineman to do the job. OH - each lineman only got $42 an hour, the 2 heads of the company got the rest.  So much for trickle down economics right?  OH - those two gave a lot of money to the GOP.


New York State is the cigarette smuggling capital of the world. They add $4.35 to each pack of cigs in tax for a total of $5.85 for a pack (how much is a normal pack here??)  Well, the States figures it lost $895 million due to black market sales.


There was a test at an ER - men and woman went to the ER and rated their pain on a 1-11 scale.  The average was 8.6.  After taking Tylenol and ibuprofin the average pain dropped to 4.6.  After taking Tylenol and oxycodone the average pain was 4.4.   NOT a lot of difference. . . except with oxycodone you still feel pain . . .but don't care.

Instead of looking to arrest people with barley legal pullover and searches I feel our police department should be proactive and not reactive - visit schools and educate the children.  Do something that actually works and educate the children that are still able and WANT to learn from adults.

Speaking of pain.  My 3rd root canal seems to have failed.  SEEMS root canals only last 30 years.


Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross had an undisclosed financial link to 75 ships that carry oil around the world.  Seems he thought that should be a secret to the American people.


WEATHER - I don't see any 50s in our future.  I do see a CRAPPY Friday and a windy cold Saturday.  Should have peaks of sun all week and upper 40s and a big cool down and sunny NEXT week.  Highs in the low 30s IF we get to 30.


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Eric Bledsoe - well hello!

There was some excitement last night before the Bucks game but first I have to get some other thing out of my brain.

I'm not that into politics and could not care less about what is happening but I suppose I need to make a casual mention.


Oh - did I say that outloud? Sorry

OK - first the obvious - Chris Christie lost - not a big surprise but he lost more bigly then people thought he would.  Exit polls were all about giving the finger to Christie as 50% of the voters were voting AGAINST Christie. You could have run a sock against him and the sock would have won.

Then of course there is Ralph Northam who won the Virginia governorship.

The transgender community had a big victory as Danica Roem, the first openly transgender candidate beat GOP tea party homophobic dude that sponsored the anti-transgender bathroom bill for the House of Delegates in Virginia and beat him bigly.  She becomes the first openly transgender individual EVER to elected to a state legislature.  Also an openly transgender candidate was elected to the city council in Minneapolis, and in Palm Springs. And an openly transgender candidate elected to the school board in Erie, Pa.

Chris Hurst, who's wife was killed on live TV a few years ago as she was reporting the news won.  He quite his job at the television station last year to run in his wife's honor and was not suppose to win.  He Did

Redistricting was a winner for the Dems. As those two Governors are a key to stopping the GOP and their gerrymandering and put a huge dent into the GOP plans to solidify their ground.

Gerrymandering wins elections - look at Wisconsin.

The losers were of course Trump who within minutes of losing threw all the losers under the bus and claiming it was not his fault (even though his voice was on robo calls all day yesterday) and he says because they are gone the GOP will now win even bigger and better then before (sounds like Hitler claiming victory in WWII).

Steve Bannon was a big loser and looks like a fool after bragging about the huge victory's coming.

The problem now for the GOP candidates is that Trump has been proven toxic, do they bow down to the woman groper or do they distance themselves and feel his wrath.

Anyway - a good night.

OH - another big winner last night were 70 immigrants as the Trump Organization just won visas to hire 70 foreign workers at Mar-a-Lago.  Not enough Americans to work for low pay.


Then their is the Bucks who traded Greg Monroe (final year of his max contract) for Eric Bledsoe who has been a bubble boy All-Star for the last 3 years.  ALMOST an All-Star.

He will be a solid Point Guard to go with Point Forward Gannis Antetokounmpo who scored 40 last night and leads the league in scoring.  This hurts Brogden, last years Rookie of the Year and the first 2nd round pick to ever be Rookie of the Year in the NBA.           

The Bucks also get a first AND second round pick next year and this pretty much guarantee's  a playoff birth this year.

Last night LeBron James said Gannis Antetokounmpo could be the best player ever to play in the NBA.  A once in a lifetime player Gannis (23 years old)  is a one man highlight film, If you watch sports news, every night he plays there is a highlight where the announcers go WOW!!! Amazing.


Snapchat lost 17% of it's value yesterday . . . . . yea - me neither.


Phoenix will have it's first 100% driverless car in operation that will cover 600 square miles. You can catch a ride and not have to talk to a human.


Seems like Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross overstated his worth on his job application.  He claimed to be worth $3.7 BILLION but in reality he is only worth $700 million.  More lies?  You might say $700 million is good enough but that is far far far less then $3.7 BILLION!


OH OH - seems Trump was going make a surprise visit to the Korean DMZ (seriously, is that a smart move? ) but God said  NO!  and moved in fog 5 minutes before they landed.


Sadly my name change will have to be put on hold and I'm glad I did not tell Patrick the City Admin to change my name plate.

Once I heard that P,Diddy was changing his name to Brother Love I felt - FINALLY - I can have my name back and I will official change Rod Melotte to P. Diddy!   HOWEVER - seems he was just blowing smoke down his lungs and did not change it.

I will not have to change my rapper name to . . . Que Tip.  Or maybe Kay Why Jelly


What's daddy cookin tonight!!  

Another shot of Columbus from near the top of the hill.

I LOVE the new sidewalks and bike lanes on The Landing Strip. Some people will complain because the liked the old worn out look but old and worn out was more then just words.  New infrastructure was needed to replace the old worn out infrastructure. 

I really need to get a shot of this tonight as the lights are not on yet on this stretch. From town looking up the hill it's just a black hole.  Zero lights. 


Anybody with chickens in Columbus - you better register them.  You can only have 4 you know.  Just sayin'


Expect to see snow Sunday. Not really any accumulation but certainly white stuff.  The high Friday MIGHT not make it to 30 but ramping way up to 36 on Saturday.  Mid 40s next week.  Sunny the rest of this week but c c c cold.

Steve Carlton - I was going to mention him last week and forgot.  I was looking at Strat-o-matic cards and his name popped up.  Good lord he was outstanding.   1972 - 30 COMPLETE GAMES. 

He won 27 games in 1972 and his team the Phillies only won 57 games total.  Good Grief! 

Anyway - Have a day.