Friday, September 19, 2014


Jack Ma at a business conference
There's this 5 foot tall Chinese dude that was fired from KFC in China in 1997 for being crazy because he kept pushing companies to use the Internet for e-commerce.

So instead of have the backing from other companies he spent his own money and created a business-to-business portal to connect Chinese manufacturers with overseas buyers.

That little guy, nicknamed Crazy Jack Ma, later today, will make about 21 BILLION dollars when Alibaba IPOs in the United States.

Alibaba?  What is that?  If you take Amazon and eBay and combine them into one company they are almost the size of Alibaba.  Alibaba sells EVERYTHING.  In the English website they have ONE BILLION things for sale.

Each employee of Alibaba will receive a $250,000 bonus today which considering that the average employee makes about $10,000 a year that's a good deal.  Well, they won't get it TODAY but . . . . . it's not a good time to look for another job!

NOW is a very bad time to invest in Alibaba but in a month when things settle down!  Bet the farm. 



Want to see how to set up a Flurish Trimline Canopy in 20 seconds!  I time lapsed myself yesterday.

Don't worry - yes it does look like I'm peeing in the corner - I'm not  

All to get a good shot without people.

I still have a little straightening to do and digitally fix the banner and other clean up things but here it is.  I could actually use another booth with all my stuff but . . . . Hey - Go to The Work Shop in Columbus in October I'll have all sorts of things on Display.  More on that later.

I'll actually have a newsletter coming out in the next week or so for those that signed up!


Since the new kickoff rules in the NFL - concussions on kickoffs have dropped 40%. I bet in 5 years there will be no kick-offs.

Did you know that that was Aaron Rodgers first ever comeback win after being down by 15 points?


OH - Trick or Treat.

I put my Survey Monkey survey on Columbus Connects and this blog and the results are in.

61% of the Columbus Residents would like Halloween to be ON Halloween and not Sunday Afternoons.  Only 70 parents responded but it's interesting.

My next survey will be,  Hell?  or Purgatory.  Pick a side!

And yes - society today is much less violent then in the 70s and 80s.  And there is a  reason that was first written in Freakonomics I believe and has since been substantiated.  Roe vs. Wade. Unwanted unloved children have a tendency to grow up violent.  It's all I'm going to say on the subject.


When did 74 degrees become "warm".

NEW SHOWS - lots of good stuff coming on TV that I'm going to record and check out!

Sunday  Madam Secretary - Not fond of Tea Leoni acting but maybe it will be OK - who knows.

Once Upon a Time - I stopped watching the show but if you look at Graph TV the show was outstanding last year.

Monday is crowded - Scorpion and Gotham are on - Gotham is pre-Batman and shows how Gotham got to be like it is!  OH - Blacklist - one of my favorite shows.

Tuesday - Person of Interest. Great show.

Wednesday - Survivor of course. I'm again not on it.  Mysteries of Laura.  I watched the premiere last week and not bad.  I'll probably fade away but who knows.

Friday - Amazing Race



Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy Birthday and Parent Sex - YUCK!

I MISSED it.  Tuesday would have been the best day of the year to walk around wishing everybody happy birthday.  The reason is that September 16th is the day the most people in America have a birthday.

So if you had your birthday last Tuesday you know what your parents were doing on Christmas Eve.  PARENT SEX!!  Can you think of anything more disgusting?  Yea - if your birthday was September 16th you were probably conceived Christmas Eve. 

Of course the least common birthday is February 29th but that doesn't count. So oddly the least common birthday is Christmas and January 1st which seems weird. Like, do woman have the ability to put things off for a day?   

The 13th of EVERY month is the least common day to have a birthday, again, put it off for a day? 


Once again we have the Halloween date controversy.  Fort Atkinson City Council just voted to changed back to having Trick or Treat on the actual day. Lake Mills and Whitewater have recently changed.  

I have a Survey Monkey survey and would love to have people vote.  It will probably wind up 50/50.

Day time parents like because it makes their life simpler and night time makes it magical for children. and we all know it's all about the parents and not the kids. 

Most police departments want it during the day because it's safer (because Columbus is so crime ridden?) .

All I know is that Halloween was one of the most special days of the year when I was a kid and the world is actually safer now then in the 70s according to UCR Crime Statistics.    

I'm not pushing one way or the other (although I think Sunday afternoon's are a horrible thing to do to children). Just curious.


Took a walk down State Street yesterday for lunch. Saw Michael Clark and quickly looked around to make sure we didn't have a quorum.  Lots of construction going on on State.  It stays the same and changes at the same time.

Took a couple photos for giggles!

Gas prices are going to fall dramatically!  Don't get excited though.  Gas will go down 5% in the next few weeks . . . but your gas mileage will drop 10% (I measured this last year on our Honda Fit).  The winter gas will hit your tanks soon.


City News - Safe Routs To School Grant has been canceled.  After having staff work hundreds of hours on forms and more forms and forms to get different forms and getting real close the huge pile off money that was promised to Columbus for the Safe Routs To School Grant. Was killed.  

Basically Walker's State Government decided that since Wisconsin is in such an awesome financial wealth that he fixed, small towns don't deserve free handouts.  It's too bad Columbus spent so much time and money preparing plans and so forth just to have the State Government rip up their contract with us. I guess contracts don't mean anything. 

To cover this short fall the Columbus Recycling Center will start to have a very small yearly fee of perhaps 5 or $10 a year for use but $250,000 for non-residents (all we need is one). 

Room Tax - what is better Purgatory? or Hell?   Our City Attorney said we had gone from one to the other and I'm wondering if we made the wrong move and should be in the one we left.  But then I'm thinking that either one has to do with the Church and should we really be bringing up religious doctrines in a place of government? 

Upon review Purgatory is a place you go right after death while hell is for eternal torment so if we are now in purgatory I'm pretty happy.  Right on!!  Yea Purgatory!!!



I have no idea - I'm thinking maybe I should try EVERY BURGER IN COLUMBUS and post my findings.  But maybe not the fast food places.

If anybody is driving around drive on by Vista Circle today - I'm setting up my canopy and artwork for a glamour photo for art fairs next year.

Art fairs charge you to attend AND charge you to be juried into their fair.  Normal small fairs like Deforest cost $100 + $25 for the jury.  The jury decides if you are good enough to be in their fair (they normally take EVERYBODY).  Larger fairs like Agora in Fitchburg cost $150-$25.

But the bigger fairs like Art Fair On The Square cost $600 +$100 and if you do not make it into a show, you don't get that $100 back.  SO - you need to REALLY make your set-up look good.  They don't want a dude with a card table selling Russian eggs.  So that is my plan for 5 hours today (3 hours to set up 2 hours to tear down)

SO - Cloudy, cool day with not a lot of wind.  Gotta do it today.


Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

paper cuts and whipping children

So Adrian Peterson says there is no way he is a child abuser.

And then he says that he does not know how many times he has disciplined his son in this manner. HE DOESN'T REMEMBER???  IT'S MORE THEN ONCE?

This is not spanking dude, this is whipping.  OH, this is how he was disciplined and look how he turned out?

I wonder how many Viking fans would say "play A.P." if they had a video of the whipping.

I honestly believe he believes this is not an inappropriate way to discipline a 4 year old.

And don't get me started on the Minnesota Vikings who think this is OK, and you can play this week.  I'm glad at least one sponsor is pulling the plug on the Vikings.  I personally believe whipping a 4 year old to the point of drawing blood should be taken VERY seriously.

But spanking is an interesting thing. While spanking is becoming less acceptable over time there are some interesting breakdowns.  According to polls born-again Christians have no problem with spanking.  African-Americans are much more pro to spanking then Whites.  By region the south are spankers while the other side of the coin the North East are non-spankers.   Republicans are heavy on spanking, Democrats are non-spankers.

But what happened IS NOT spanking. That was whipping. Totally different.  Heck - I've spanked and it made me feel good, temporally, and then I felt horrible and never did it again.  Violence is not a way to discipline.  


Here is an image of the new Columbus Christmas ornament on sale somewhere at some time by somebody. There are also a few of last years ornament still available somewhere.


Hmmmm - -wait . . .WHAT?


Ever had a paper cut?  I worked at a magazine distributor for a number of years and my job, all day was to count magazines and I would get MANY paper cuts and those tiny things REALLY hurt.

Here is why.

Your hands are loaded with nociceptors which signal your brain to create pain. Since the cut is not deep enough to draw blood all of the nerves are just hanging out there.  Plus it's a very jagged cut, not like a knife at all and since paper is made of wood and chemicals it's a messy and easily infected.  

There ya go.