Thursday, August 27, 2015

Best sweet corn ever

A few things you learn - 1. people really could not care less about your fantasy football team.  2. No one cares about your golf game. 

With that said - here is a photo of a bird I took last night while looking for my ball in a bunch of high weeds. 

hmmmm - that water looks mighty healthy for a salad. 

And in the last 3 weeks I have learned the difference between a 9 degree loft driver and a 10.5 degree loft.  I like 10.5 MUCH more.


I've been in touch with a "old" Columbus resident, Dr. John Heidke in Livingstone Montana.  He is doing well.  You have probably seen photos of his Double H Ranch if you are a John Meyer fan as Meyer has used his range for some photo shoots for album covers. 

His station is KMTLIVIN10 


Also a shout out to my buddy John Pratt who is preparing for Tropical Storm Erika. The next 12 hours are critical for Erika and Florida as she attempts to get through some shear that is trying to blow her apart.  But FLA is on your cone of influence.  

It's been 10 years (almost exactly) since Katrina and there has been a LOT of advances in technology in those 10 years.  The cone of influence is 40% smaller.  In fact in the last 2 years there has been significant advancements but with the lack of real hurricanes they have not been through a test yet. 

Wind speeds for Erika picked up over night to 53 MPH and at the moment 75-80 MPH winds are forecast for FLA . . . .if it makes it. 

Erika middle right

Summer returns next week as we might get our last 90 for the season.  Should hit 80 Sunday and it's only UP from there. Upper 80s all next week starting Tuesday.  Looks like rain Friday into Saturday morning. 


The perfect Corn on the cob.  If you ever want corn on the cob without the silk - it's easy.


Cut about 1 inch off the "bottom"

Micro wave for 3 minutes

With your favorite Ove Glove squeeze out the corn.


And it really really works. 




Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I think that's something we should, yeah, absolutely, going forward

Whatever you do - don't sell.  If you are investing you are doing it for a reason which is long term.  Weeks like this are meaningless in the long run. There have been many many drops like this and the rebounds, when they come are come fast and furious.

The US economy is fine and this is healthy for the market. Period.


I am totally geeking out.

As many know I'm a member of the Weather Underground a group of over 100,000 weather geeks that have their own weather station. My station is KWICOLUM2 and sends data to the internet every 2 minutes (see link).

WELL - The Weather Underground now has a daily 2 hour show from 5PM to 7PM on The Weather Channel which can be compared to a sports talk show but for weather and it's GREAT if you are a weather geek.  A ton of fascinating knowledge. Just 3 guys and a girl sitting around talking weather!

They talked about hurricanes a lot last night because there are a freakish amount of them and depressions at the moment.

Hawaii - most rain ever in August dating back to 1887 is happening this year.   Check it out.


The Donald - seems Hispanics are not fond of him with a net favorability of -51%.  Second mosh hated politician, Ted Cruz -8%


Chipotle wants to hire 4000 workers on September 9th because they are going to open 205 new stores in the next year.


10.1 million people watched Fear The Walking Dead the most ever in the history of cable to watch a new cable show.


The over/under for Packer wins is 11.

UMMM - who feels a LITTLE unsafe!!  They did herd people slowly to cover but . . . . . .


Walker  LOL  - NBC's Kasie Hunt asked Walker whether he supported ending birthright citizenship - his answer? "I think that's something we should, yeah, absolutely, going forward."


Then later John Harwood asked him to clarify and he said "I'm not taking a position on it one way or the other" until the border is secured.

Then Sunday he said "without qualification" he would not seek to repeal the 14th amendment.  I guess he had to call the Koch Brothers to ask what the correct answer was.

Back to Trump - Stephen Colbert said he is praying that Trump is still active when his show airs in September.  He has been dry Trumping.

Monday, August 24, 2015


WOW - where did fall come from - We should be back in the 80s by NEXT Monday as a long slow climb in temps start tomorrow and by next Monday we should be back near 86 but even then the dew points will be in the low 60s so it would be sweltering. 


YIKES  WALL STREET!   HANG ON.  Damn you China. 

Here is the problem.  Even though the US is doing just fine economically China has thrown us a loop. Their economy has been blah so their government decided to lower the yuan to make things much cheaper for their people to buy things.  HOWEVER - what this did was make everything the WORLD sells to them much more expensive.  Add a few shakes of Greece and global investors are rather, skittish.   

Right now the DOW is down another 1000 points.  Hang tight - this is a panic sell off.  Nothing fundamentally wrong.


Speaking of finance.  I was in a conversation with Wisconsin Economic Development talking about Revolving Loans and failures.  For start-up restaurants expect a default 60% of the time which is why banks don't loan out money for start up restaurants.  Expect normal retailers to default 47% of the time. 

Expansions or relocation of existing business expect a 4% failure.

Of course restaurants that refuse to serve comfort food such as cheese curds to travelers to Wisconsin or other deep fried delicacies I bet it's 95%  :-) 


YUP - if you are in a fantasy football league I hope you did not draft Jordy Nelson the #7 wide receiver on your lists and #19 over all.  GONE!!!  

BTW - fantasy people.  Eddie Lacy is #2 overall. Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck are battling it out for #17 and #18 overall. Rodgers might take a hit with no Jordy.


GET TO MULLINS - it's their last week of the summer.  THEY have good greasy hamburgers and dare I say the best hot ham and cheese in the tri-county area.


As for politics.  The first thing to realize is Clinton's email problems is completely media driven.  No one cares except the die hard republicans. It's not hurting her numbers a tiny bit. Polling a little but with votes - nope.  

The Endorsement Primary continues. One of the time tested predictors is how other politicians see things because it seems people listen to politicians who tell them how to vote - so weird.  I guess we don't trust them until they tell us who to vote for!  Makes perfect sense. 

Bush increased his lead over Christie and Walker has dropped to a distant 8th.  Hillary has a commanding lead 310 to 11 over Biden. Bernie is only liked by white democrat's and while I love the guy he has zero chance of winning.  Even Martin O'Malley is beating him.  Bernie gets the buzz but not the votes.     

John Kasich is moving up. 


May I interest you in this fine tote bag?   The Northbound Empire Builder tote comes in 3 sizes  13x13, 16x16, 18x18  $21 to $26.

Have a great day!