Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Watch your six! Raptors got a new alpha!

I, Rod Melotte, am cutting ties with Donald Trump.  I expect to be sued and my chances of becoming Miss Universe will drop dramatically!

Just Do It.

Just is the most useless word in the English vocabulary. It's weak and meaningless.  Yea yea Nike used it in a slogan they copied from murderer Gary Gilmore who's last words before he was executed were "Just Do It" but you can delete "just" 95% of the time and a sentence will be stronger.  "Do It"  Don't just think about doing it, do it.

Luke Ridnour of the Orlando Magic, Memphis Grizzlies, Charlotte Hornets, Oklahoma City Thunder, Toronto Raptors, has been traded 5 times this week.  That has to be some sort of record.

The MLB All-Star game should be interesting this year with the National League All Stars going up against the Kansas City Royals.  hmmmmm something needs to be fixed with this fan voting thing as clearly the people of Kansas City have way way too much time on their hands.  At the moment 7 of the 9 starters are Royals.

Speaking of baseball, the Brewers have had a really crushing schedule this year so far. At one point they had basically 43 straight days of work.  They had one day off but that was a travel day.  Then they had 1 real day off and something like 25 straight games after that (all numbers are from memory of a few days ago).

The rest of the year they have more frequent days off.

We went to see Jurassic World yesterday. I give it a 7.5.  Could have been higher but the children in the movie irritated me and frankly there were so many sub plot threads that were meaningless that I think the movie was 4 hours and then they cut out 2 hours leaving threads of unresolved plots.

We were talking about the flick afterword and we just kept say what was this and what was that and so forth.  I think there is an entire movie on the cutting room floor.

Hot and Hot
HOWEVER - we did not go to the movie for the deep social values and complicated plot lines. We came for dinosaurs and holy crap they were seriously awesome!  People cheered the finale' and clapped and DJ jumped out of her dream lounger once.  I was really hoping both children would have been eaten though!

Just eat me
Chris Pratt was excellent and Bryce Dallas Howard is a knock out red head. Jake Johnson from New Girl is in the movie.

The family involved are from Madison.

num num num - I kiss you with my teethy's
Favorite line "A promise tomorrow is worth a lot less than trying today."  

In the trailers a movie is coming out called The Martian which I immediately got the book and am reading it.  It was recommended to me about a year ago and I was intrigued but seeing there is a movie - I had to read it.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Where is summer!

Somehow THIS location totally missed the 100% chance of rain last night.  Beaver Dam had 0.85 inches. I'll be interested to see what the guys at Waste Water had as they submit their total to NOAA also.

For us!  High in the low 70s today and tomorrow and getting to barely low 80s on Saturday and Sunday and hovering around 80 after that.  Next rain MAYBE Monday but only a small chance at the moment.


Work has begun in earnest on the water tower. In case you are interested in how much a new tower would cost if you wanted one in your back yard for the coming apocalypse the new one in Beaver Dam is a mere $1.1 million.  

"We" decided to slightly rotate the "Discover Columbus" logo on the tower so it will be visible from Firemans Park and from 151 as you drive past.  The inside of the tower will be sand blasted and the outside power washed before the paint job. 


Ruins near Spring Green.

This bird blows my mind!!! Seriously! The Lyre Bird

But wait!!

This will freak you out!!!


I saw some graphs about how many news articles there are compared to how many Google searches there have been for each GOP candidate.  Frankly, no one cares about Walker compared to how many news articles there have been in America.  It's all about Jeb.   It's going to be Bush vs. Clinton next year!

OK - a certain DPW guy took all my time - gotta run!    I have a great idea for a 4th of July photo that I'm negotiating access to a secret undisclosed location with.

See ya!   

Monday, June 29, 2015

Spring Green, Ruins

WOW - that week is over.  I spent most of last week preparing for the 2 day Spring Green Art Fair that had 260 artists and 100,000 people attending.  I also had the Thursday 18 holes followed by an afternoon game in Milwaukee to contend with and a number of other things that used up any free time I had. NOW - I can relax for a few days.  WHEW

The art fair, my biggest one yet was . . .not really a disappointment but I didn't make 50 times what I normally do even though there were 50 times the amount of people attending. I made more then normal but it was two days and it's really hard to tell.  My stuff normally needs people to look at it 3 or 4 times, think about it, justify it and come back in a month to see me at the NEXT art fair. So - I will see in a month how it went.

I wear them down! 

We shall see. Heck I still get sales from Arts and Ales in Columbus from last year. I never know if I should include future sales on past fairs or what!  

The GOOD news is that THIS did not happen. 

A friend of mine in Michigan had a 3 day fair in which Saturday they closed the fair do to weather and destruction.

20 canopies were completely destroyed.  Even a number of Trimline canopies were destroyed and those (like what I have) are pretty darn solid. 

That is my friend Karl's canopy still standing. The trimline next to him, brand new and $3000 will need some work.  Karl had 400 pounds of weights attached.

The interesting news was right across from me was an organization called Wisconsin Urban Wood. They take trees that are cut down when roads are being build (like James Street coming up) and reuses that wood.  

The street I was on that I THOUGHT would have wonderful shade had many trees cut and reused. Sadly Saturday I was on brand new black top with zero wind and zero clouds.  HOT!!!  

One thing I learned was that the DOT will cut the trees, HOWEVER - the city is responsible for disposing the trees at the city's cost. Not sure how that will work in Columbus. BUT - Urban Wood is looking for more wood and they said contact them when the time comes. 

On a side note I made a contact to get into EAA before it opens for aircraft shots so I have some early mornings coming up. 

Another interesting thing was a new item I tested was a complete success  5x15 matted prints went like hot cakes.

What sold blew my mind.  More males purchased then females.  Typically females of a household make art purchases, but not this time. 

Could have had something like this in the back of the booth drew the males in.  I put these in the back to get them all the way in.  (tee hee). Then when they could not afford the price they purchased the 5x15 prints.

Another interesting thing was this image=, even though I have never printed it but had it on the back of a post card had interest. 

Sunday was rain and storms but we spent 3 days with no cell phone service or internet.  Spring Green is a black hole for AT&T and being a weather geek, spending 2 full days outside with approaching storms and my iPhone being pretty much nothing but a paper weight was driving me nuts. 

I had to use my inherent Indian knowledge to tell when it was raining. 

On the way home we stopped at some ruins and I snapped about 30 photos of something. Not a clue to the story behind this but . . . but you will see more of this this week. It's the only image I have really looked at so far. 

So - I put in orders and clean things up. Wet canopy needs drying. 


Watertower - notice they have begun work on the tower which SHOULD effectively kill all the plants Elwood and I have planted with a tarp that will cover the rocks and allow zero sunlight to reach our babies.  sigh! I hope it kills weeds also.  

see ya!