Friday, October 12, 2018

Listen to thy self

Listen to thy self . . . is what I told myself - but in reality I heard myself but did not actually listen to myself.

Last night about 8:30 I realized I was not getting my spam phone calls and became concerned.  Was I no longer worthy? Did my advancing (like everybody) age cross yet another line?  and . . . where was my phone anyway?

Wait . . . . . I remember telling myself in Target "DO NOT PUT THE PHONE ON THE SHELF - YOU WILL FORGET IT".  But then on my other shoulder "it's OK, because you just told yourself not to do it so it is literally impossible to forget it now".


I knew exactly where my phone was.  I call Target and 8 minutes later I'm talking to an actual human.  I tell him,  "My find my phone app on the iPad says my phone is in your coffee maker section.  I tell him it's top row, 2nd machine, Cuisinart ((top of Consumers Reports Drip Coffee machines - The Cuisinart PerfectTemp 14-cup (you never know when you need a quick 14 cups) Programmable Coffeemaker)).

"Oh he says - I will send somebody over to look".  A minute later "nope sorry".  My app makes it LOOK like it's right near the front door - near Starbucks where I purchased coffee.  I tell him but now he is all confused about the whole coffee thing . .  Starbucks? Machine?  What?

I drive to Target - go in, talk to the three baristas (because you need three baristas at 8:30 at night at Target) and they have not seen it. I walk to where I know I left it and yup, exactly where I left it 8 hours earlier.  Well done on "looking" for my phone.

SO - the lesson here is the next time you talk to yourself, actually listen.


I have this photo I'm trying to do SOMETHING with but it just comes out gritty or whatever.  The color is harsh and I can't seem to make it friendly.

And it's really detailed - maybe too detailed.

Maybe I'll go onto something else and come back


The MLB / Network nightmare begins tonight.  The last thing MLB and The Networks want is Milwaukee to advance.   A World Series of Houston and Milwaukee would be a ratings nightmare.  Heck - even I might not watch.  No - I bet I would.

According to a couple articles the ranking of World Series popularity

4. Brewers/ Astros
3. Brewers/ Red Sox
2. Dodgers/Astros
1. Dodgers/Red Sox

BET?  Brewers are  +140 to win the NLCS. Bet 100 pretzels and if the Brewers win the pretzel bookie would give you 240 pretzels back.   Seems like a good bet to me actually. I'll take toke odds. Brewers have to win that bet about 41% of the time to break even.

Tonight the Brewers are +135 to win.  Just get to the Dodger bullpen with a 1 run lead.

Is this going to be a series featuring as many left handed pitchers as they can find?  Both ball parks LOVE left handed hitters.  Dodger stadium is one of the better homer friendly parks for lefties and Milwaukee is HEAVEN for left handed hitters.  With both teams throwing lefties that means both teams are putting right handed hitters into the line up.

But that is only where the chess game begins. This will be a most interesting series when it coems to strategy.  LOVE IT!


Talk about Republican voter suppression.  In Georgia the Republicans have ordered that if you register to vote you must be EXACT on your name compared to the Georgia Department of Driver Services or the Social Security Administration.  Anybody that has worked in IT knows that name matching is REALLY iffy.   Rodney G Melotte is no match for Rodney Melotte.  FAIL - you can not vote. Pat O'Mally can't even be entered in Wisconsin because on many systems a  '   can not even be entered in a computer system. So if you put Pat O'Mally - FAIL!  you cannot vote.

In Georgia 70% of new voter registrations are so called African-Americans (NOT the politically correct way to say "blacks").  In fact 53,000 have been turned away so far because their name is not an EXACT match.

Of course Wisconsin is making news as the worst state in America for gerrymandering making it almost impossible for anyone BUT a Republican to win.  I mean - look where Columbus is.  They just cut us out so our liberal votes won't turn the district west of us blue (which it would). 


BTW - the coffee this morning is AMAZING!!  If you have a keurig you are not drinking real coffee and you probably have forgotten what real coffee tastes like. 
1. do not buy pre ground coffee - it's stale and old
2. do not buy coffee in the clear plastic bulk bins in supermarkets (exposed to light and air and old)
3. DO buy pre packaged unground beans and grind them at the store.  BIG difference
4. Dark roast beans are lower class beans - it's all about the roast and nothing to do with the flavor of       the coffee bean.

 If you want a coffee maker under $100 get a  Cuisinart PerfectTemp 14-cup Programmable Coffeemaker.

Did you know there is a tablet you can put into RO water that will make perfect water for perfect coffee?  I think that is a little over kill.

GO BREWERS - GO PACKERS (remember the packers?)  I believe this is Mike McCarthy's last season being a Packer unless the Pack get to the Super Bowl or go VERY deep.

OH Brewers are +500 to WIN the World series.   


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Negative decibels

I will say it again - I did not order all 12 apple pies from McDonalds. Just getting the record straight. I'm getting stopped on the street asking me if I really did that  NO!  LOL 

I did not realize The Circus, the REAL ones (not the kind that used to come to Columbus) were so HUGE!

The Ringling Bros Circus big top was 200 yards long and bigger then the Dane County Coliseum. It would seat 16,000 people and was only 1 of 4 canopy's.  It would take one day to set up and employed 1,200 people.  Along with The Big Top there was the Menagerie (zoo), the museum and the freak show canopy's.

The Circus used 98 train cars to go from point to point and many Americans saw their first moving pictures at a Circus as Barnum and Bailey had a darkened tent to show moving images. 

The last of the BIG traveling circus ended in the mid 1950s.  A fire in the Big top killed 160 people and was pretty much the end.  Here is a lesson.  Do not water proof a tent with  kerosene and paraffin. You would THINK that would be a no brainer.

The Circus paid female employees an equal pay to males (unlike today) and before woman suffrage would let woman vote on Circus issues.  What an amazing documentary PBS put on and I never realized how BIG the Circus was.  It was literally the ONLY large entertainment most Americans ever saw in their lifetime.

I also thought the circus was a world wide thing but NOPE.  In that form it was 100% all American.  Europe had nothing like the spectacle.  When PT Barnum passed away it was front page news in every newspaper in the WORLD.

Then there was the 5 Ringling Brothers - what an amazing story THEY are.  Literally the American dream.  They started with less then 1 dime to their collective names and became the largest Circus in the world.

My views on the circus has changed.  Too bad about the animals but come on. In those days animals were treated as machines.  Horses that built the trans continental worked hard until they died.  SADLY America would not be what it is today if not for the hard work AND cruelty of animals.

I'm glad that has sort of changed.

I strongly recommend watching that documentary if it comes on again.  Even if you are anti circus because of the animals it's an American Experience you should watch if you love history.


Took this image of Sharrows downtown.  Actually took a bunch but the clouds came in and I had to stop

and while I was at it I still have a crap load of images from Quebec.

The Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré
 There is so much weather - a Cat 4 hurricane about to ravage Florida,  Snow in the Rockies and a LOT of rain in the Midwest.


My brother Ralls and his wife Stacy perform (read) for audio books which is MUCH more difficult they you can imagine.  One big issue is reading in a room that has negative decibels.

Negative decibels?  Yea - me too (not #Metoo).  Well, I had to look it up.  It seems 0 decibels is not the lack of all sound.  It's the lack of sound that can be "heard" on a recording device.  So an audio book reader must be in a room that has NEGATIVE decibels.  Less then 0 decibels.


Venom exceeded expectations this past weekend.  Jenny saw it and LOVED it.  Said it was pretty funny.  ODDLY only 38% who attended were White with Hispanic (26 percent), Blacks (18 percent), Asian (11 percent) and other (6 percent).

Looks like Ford will layoff a truck load of employees siting tariffs as the reason.

And then there is Taylor Swift who decided to come out politically.  In the 48 hours after she told her fans how she felt and told them to VOTE - registered 240,000 voters with over 100,000 between 18-29 years old.  10 times more then a typical 48 hours.


Coal - there are ZERO new coal plants being considered for construction and the 4th coal plant filed for Chapter 11 in the last few days.  DONALD SAVE US!

China and India have canceled all new coal plants.  Don't invest in coal.


Russian support for Putin is at an all time low.  Seems raising retirement age from from 60 to 65 for males and 57 to 60 for females is not a good plan BEFORE an election.  Thus - do it after elected.

And the economy in Venezuela - inflation is 4% A DAY!!   In September inflation was 233%. IN ONE MONTH!   We are at about 2.54% which is the highest since 2011 means Americans are losing money as take home pay is not keeping up.  Thank you Donald.


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Health / Brewers / Columbus day? seriously?

No blog yesterday because DJ and I were on a retirement date morning.

What is a retirement date morning?  Get up, go to the clinic for my yearly blood work, Cholesterol and so forth, get flu shots, go to The Jet Room for breakfast and home to for the most exciting part of the day - The Mail.

all went well and the flu shot was easy - no pain at all.  But wait . . NO MAIL?   We get a call about noon from Elweed.  "ROD, IS IT A HOLIDAY?"  Yes it's Columbus day. no mail AND banks are closed.   "WHAT?  THIS IS A TRAVESTY, BANKS ARE CLOSED?"  Yea it totally sucks.

We the next thing to do is wait for the test results to see if I will live.

Sunday I did a Health Bomb (a health bombogenesis).  First eat a package of raisins, then take a probiotic pill since we all know probiotics will not work unless you have prebiotics (the raisins).  Wash it down with yogurt and take a vitamin B or any vitamins you might have laying around.

BAM - a health bombogenesis.

Did it work?

The results are in and I'm fine.  the only TINY worry was Glucose but I have my charts since 2000 and they have been the same for 18 years (a tiny bit higher this time at 146).  My family has always been high on glucose but nobody has ever had diabetes.  My brother is high and was told to keep track of his glucose even though he has never had any symptoms.  The issue is whenever he has a McDonalds meal his glucose drops  . . .so . . . perhaps he need more fast food in his system? 

I do have an issue with my Anon Gap which is low and could mean I have multiple myeloma with symptoms including confusion, constipation, vomiting, and abdominal pain (welcome to Sunday Mornings). 

I also don't have enough GOOD cholesterol but I have very little BAD cholesterol so . . . . . .

Of course the Drs. lied to me like a Supreme Court Judge. He said if I exercise (not exorcise which would be more fun) it will raise my HDL.  NOT.   When I retired I exercised 3 times a week and the results?  NOT ONE BIT OF DIFFERENCE. 

SO - I'm still kicking.

 On PBS last night and again tonight is a 4 hours show on The Circus.  I watched part one with trepidation. Not a fan of The Circus but it was FASCINATING.  What an amazing thing about America.  Barnum needs to be up there with the great leaders of industry.

But lets talk about elephants for 1 second.  For the most part - once they got to America elephants were treated kindly.  They handlers loved them and took care of them.  HOWEVER, there were bad companies and GETTING the animals was cruel.

When I was on council I would never have allowed the circus to come to Columbus. Especially the one we normally got that was proven HIDEOUSLY cruel to elephants.  But for the most part they were treated "ok" in old time circuses. 

Tonight they start talking about the Baraboo circus, Ringling Brothers.  Barnum has just passed away and Bailey now sees there is no competition but is overlooking 5 brothers living in Baraboo Wisconsin, basically teenagers.

It's really a great show.


Brewers / Dodgers.  David vs. Goliath.  If the Dodgers do NOT win the World Series the season was a waste and disappointment.  The Brewers are playing with casino money at the moment. 

Dodgers, huge payroll, huge fan base, have been in the playoffs forever.  Brewers, small fan base, tiny payroll, rarely in any playoffs.   America has no clue who the brewers are.  Classic underdogs. 

But - what about next year.  I expect the Brewer team to be much different next year with a new cast of characters.  They can't keep Moustakas, Shaw AND Schoop.   Shaw is cheap and good so he is staying, Moustakas is old and Schoop is REALLY a good player who has never felt comfortable in Milwaukee. 

If it was me I would get rid of Moustakas and keep Schoop in at second.  Not even a 2nd thought.  Power hitting very good fielder at 2B.  I really like Schoop for next year.  He is in his prime. Moustakis is 30 and is on his downhill side of being a MLB player. 

WITH THAT SAID - my Strat-o-matic team will be able to sign Mike Trout to a long term contract meaning I will have Yelich, Trout and Freddie Freeman (1 more year and then he is a free agent).

Check out this slash line against right handed pitchers

Avg / OB / Slugging

Freeman .309 / .385 / .493
Yelich  .321 / .405 / .602
Trout . 318 / .462 / .656
Franco .286 / .325 / .502

Not bad - I could actually bat them in that order.


Weather - sort of a winter thing going on. A LOT of rain west with only a couple inches coming our way . . . but move the line 50 miles east and we could get 2-4.   Rain chances start about sunset tonight and continue all day tomorrow as The Front goes through.  Cool after that.


Watched Harry Potter for the first time.  CLICKed it off after an hour.  Didn't take.  Sort of a Divergent knock off.  It might be a hit is SOME circles. 

Looking for comedy's on Amazon Prime?  Check out "Nobodies" and "Forever" - FUNNY 

nuff said - see ya