Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Old Water Tower catastrophic event!

The facts as I know them.

Last Thursday Columbus had a large storm roll through about 5:30PM.  It seems lightning struck the Old Water Tower which in turn blew off the outer layer of bricks with mortar spreading over several houses.

The worry is a collapse with the 60,000 pounds of steel 60 feet in the air (numbers are approximate).

As you can see it doesn't LOOK bad, except for the 60,000 pounds of steel right above it.

SO - two houses have been evacuated as a precaution.  An engineer said the structure has been compromised but that is still just a gut reaction.   No one has been inside for a few decades and there are no plans to go on.

My brother who does this sort of thing said that in the late1890s the way things were built.  One layer of bricks for each story and towers were built VERY VERY good.  Over engineered.  HE says fixing will be a LOT cheaper then demo-ing.

My question is - if it Is fixed, what are we going to do with it. There is no need to fix it if it will just stand there being ignored for another 100 years ready to fall down again.

I talked to my buddy who is working the tallest crane in Madison for Fiendorf and said demo-ing would be REALLY hard and VERY expensive.  The economy is good that there are no construction people to spare.  (My home brew friend just put a bid out for a million dollar brewery in Sun Prairie and found this out with few takers - not enough construction people).

ANYWAY - the plan was to have the Fire Department fly a drone up there to get a better look at the outside.   More info when I hear anything.


In other news - I came in 1st place last night in a 10 man league in Fan Duel and 97th place among 26,000 in tournament that got me into a bigger tournament next Monday.


Sugarfoot #2

Spill of sunlight melting warm
beside a window.
Soft fur creature, throating
a vibrato of contentment.
Is this the swarthy hunter
who stalked the wily June bug
through last evening's twilight jungle?
Your eyes weren't made
of liquid love last night.

      -E.V. Melotte


On other depressing news - The Japanese beetle is back and I see 4 trees on Avalon that will be dead soon because no one did anything to stop them.  The golf course has 11 trees on the 2 fairways that I can see that will soon be dead if they don't get their asses in gear.

Lindin (Basswood, Tilia) trees seem to be the meal of choice this year and you NEED to kill these bugs or they will kill your trees AND grass.  Once they leave the tree theo go into the grass and eat the roots.

Short term spray but long term spread Milky Spore on your lawn as it kills Jap beetles and helps your lawn.

Soon to be dead trees on Avalon.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Turnips? EV Melotte

Non-sports people can just skip this part.

I have gone to the dark side and entered Fan Duel and played my first Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) - Baseball . . . and doubled my buy in (almost).  I resisted but then I figured - it's like the wild west when online poker started . . . and I made a LOT of money when that began that adventure so I'll give it a try here.

Start at the lowest denomination and work my way up like Poker.  If I win tonight I'm going to the TWO DOLLAR games!!   Pretty lofty!!  I'm ALREADY up $1.80!!!!!

Actually there is a lot of interesting strategy, like stacking and looking at the current lines to find the good games.

COME ON CUBS, I need Arrieta to have a good game. I suppose everyone else is also taking Arrieta (or Syndergaard on NYMets) but my strategy is take the best pitcher available no matter what the price because in Fan Duel you only get one pitcher and he counts (hopefully) for about 33% of your score and fill in with the rest.

In Fan Duel you get $35,000 of play money each night,  Arrieta cost me $10,600 - A LOT.  But then I picked what teams will score the most runs and then picked multiple players from those games (stacking) AND made sure those players were opposite handed of the pitcher they were facing AND making sure no one was going against my pitcher AND my batters are playing in offense orientated ballparks

There are about 30 other strategies but I like those ideas . . AT THE MOMENT.


Seems the old water tower took some major damage with the storms this weekend. It SOUNDS like the old girl had a death blow and is crumbling down.  There are emergency Council session  being planned for tonight

This is the inside of Fort Atkinson water tower. Same design and built around the same year but they fixed it up and it's a tourist attraction - sort of.

Saturday we had 1.85 inches of rain.

Great weather coming next weekend - in the middle 70s Th, Fr Sat but also good chance of rain.


151 highway news - there are talks about turning The 151 into a an freeway from an expressway from Columbus to Waupun .  The current "freeway" you can have many access points (like driveways).  Expressways are like Columbus to Madison.


Snapshots from the past.  EV Melotte

Pa once had an opportunity to join a county crew for a few days work on the roads. Naturally he grabbed a chance to make a few extra dollars. When the job was finished the crew was offered the right to help themselves to all they wanted of a barrel of red clover seed. Pa took a generous share, knowing that red clover would improve our poor soil. He broadcast it liberally over an area that was to become a field after the stumps were pulled.

Either the foreman had brought the wrong barrel or Pa had misunderstood. He had broadcast turnip seed the whole field area came up packed shoulder to shoulder with turnips.

That year Pa sold our potatoes, which were a salable crop, and we lived out the year on a staple diet of turnips.



A kitten comes calling (Sugarfoot #1)

A kitten came calling, all scraggly and thin,
she cried at the door 'til we let her come in.
Once in she went running and searching about,
found the dog's dinner, ate it, and wouldn't go out.

So we made her a litterbox, gave her a dish,
stocked our cupboards with small cans of chicken and fish,
and tried very hard to convince our friends that
it was our idea, adopting a cat.


Friday, July 22, 2016

Woman - EV Melotte

Woman - EV Melotte

I am warmth, I am sun
I am nourishing rain,
I am Woman,
I have work to do.

Your guns and your factories,
Your buildings and commerce,
Are only toys to amuse you.

Play with them, trade them,
Hoard them, destroy them,
It makes no difference.

Give me your seed.
And go play with your toys,
I am busy
For I am Woman,
I carry the future. 


For those worried about the road conditions on 151 - this comes from alderman Andy Traxler's inquiries.

"Hello Mr. Traxler: we do have two upcoming projects that will substantially improve the pavement from Sun Prairie to Columbus.
Project 1111-03-70 will address the worst 2.4 miles in both directions. This section is the roadway both south and north of the CTH V interchange area between Sun Prairie and Columbus. The improvement will patch and asphalt overlay the northbound lanes, and fully replace the pavement of the southbound lanes. This project also includes the overlay and repairs to eight (8) structures within and outside of the 2.4 mile section. This project is currently scheduled for 2018 construction.
Project 1111-03-72 will address the pavement from CTH VV near Sun Prairie to STH 73 north of Columbus (except for the 2.4 mile section taken care of under 1111-03-70). The improvement will patch and asphalt overlay the existing pavement in both the northbound and southbound directions. This project is currently scheduled for 2019 construction.
No pavement work is currently programmed from IH 39 to Sun Prairie at this time.
Projects on USH 151 are reviewed, prioritized and scheduled based on a statewide review of all backbone routes (which includes all of the interstate system).


Now if we could raise the gas tax to get these done SOONER that would rock but the DOT has no money to fix roads so we will wait 2 more years.


We missed a pretty big storm last night.  While Columbus was getting 0.68 inches of rain many parts of Madison were getting 4+ inches of flooding rain.

I took some unique images of the storms yesterday.  This was from the morning storms.

The below was from the afternoon storms.  I was getting crap blown into my eyes on this one.  You can see DJ on the deck.

And then the sunset!

Check out this chart of the action Thursday.  You can see when the two storms hit. I love the temperature drop on that second storm.  

Another thing to look at was the wind. We had a bump in velocity when the wind changed direction but once it came back to the south the gusts (little yellow dots) hit 48mph for a while. 

Going to be hot at least until Monday. I don't think we will hit a heat index of 100 today. 97ish around 3-4:00 and 95 Saturday but yesterday was the worst.  Yesterday the high dew point was 80.6 and high temp was 90.7 around 4:00 in the afternoon.


I have to say something about immigrants!  According to a recent study - immigrants, IN REALITY, are more law abiding then your average American citizen.  So when Trump says they are killing Americans . . . .it's a lie.  They are more peaceful then Americans.

He also mentioned that there have been 50% more police killings then last year at this time.  Also a lie.  There has been one LESS killing.  68 last year at this time, 67 this year.

I could go on and one but no one is changing their minds. His speech last night was meant for his base - not for the rest of America. It was a REALLY depressing speech and according to him we need to build safe rooms because America is SUCH a horrible place to live.  

Plus he was Mr. Obvious over and over.  Lots of things he will do but never any actual ways to do it.


Come on smart Republicans - take back your party.

The PROBLEM is that America will be doing fairly well on election day and MOST Americas are optimistic.  They are not buying into the doom and gloom Trump wants us to believe.

According to the latest polls Trump has a 40.1% of becoming president. But after conventions are not good times for polls.


All of this "we want Trump because he is different" is exactly what happened in England with Brexit. They voted for Brexit because ANYTHING was better then what they had which is what Trump people are voting on.

WELL - England just had their first round of economic data and their economy is crashing - NOT riding high that the exit people thought would happen.

"July saw a dramatic deterioration in the economy, with business activity slumping at the fastest rate since the height of the global financial crisis in early-2009."

If you want to see your retirement funds and stock market crash and disappear - vote Trump. The stock market that runs this country LOVES the unknown.  LOL