Monday, December 5, 2016

12/5/16 - THAT IS NOT A DOG!!

WELL - some good news for a change.  Once American veterans started to arrive at Standing Rock to protect US Citizens against their own Government . . . things got real fast.

There was no Environmental Impact Study (you don't need one for a small pipeline and this was MANY small pipelines all connected) so now it seems there will be one.

The pipeline has been stopped - at least until Trump is in charge and he has a lot of money in investments riding on this pipeline and all pipelines so we shall see what happens next.  AT THE MOMENT - it's a victory for the American Indians.


I won't go into Trump and how he is destabilizing the world with his bathroom tweets insulting China (He owes China a few hundred million in unpaid bills).


A lot of people were complaining about the polls being wrong yet at the end of the day the national polls were pretty accurate.  The final tally was Clinton wins by 3% when in reality it was closer to 2% except without that "win" part.

The State polls were the problem and those were pretty close. The final week of fake GOP anti-Clinton propaganda was the final straw as 80% of the 20% undecided went to Trump. Of course the ineptness of Clinton did not help either.

DNC=inept GOP=corrupt.

OK OK - I have not slept since the election!


This is freakishly funny - click and read the whole thing!

Wife Texts Husband She Brought A Dog Home While The Pic Shows A Coyote, And He Seriously Freaks Out

and it continues . . . . .


You know people are all up in arms about that warehouse fire where a few dozen were killed. An old warehouse filled to the brim with "STUFF" and random walls making it a maze where people get lost with only a few exits. The big questions being asked are "Where were city officials and the fire inspection".  It was a catastrophic accident waiting to happen.

Glad there is nothing like that in Columbus to worry about!   knock on wood.


Let's see - what is my next windmill to chase . . . I did Elephants and the Barns and Nobel Circuses - sorry - Carson and Barnes Circus that use electric cattle prods to train their elephants

lets see.  An accident waiting to happen on Avalon at Trick or Treat - should be no parking on the no-sidewalk area on Avalon on Halloween.  it was literally frightening driving through that neighborhood with cars parked on both sides of the street and kids walking down the middle.

hmmmmm   Standrock is sort of done . . . .hmmmmm   4 years of an incompetent fraud President . . .. hmmmmmm . . . . .

Banza noodles - Did I say how that ended? I'm getting a case of Banza Noodles for complaining about their packaging and they want me to tell them how they an make their noodles better(made out of chik peas). So . . I have a case of noodles I don't really like coming to my house.

I now ask every store for senior discounts (10% off Arbys was the latest).  

My non-tooth is feeling better - still a little swollen - the stitches are irritating me.

My neighbor was shoveling his yard last night . . yea - yard.  They built 6 foot tall snowboard jump between our  houses LOL      Photos soon.

Expect next weekend to be messy as 3 systems over 3 days will drop 2-6 inches of more snow.

OK - good enough.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Pass the N2O please

Yesterday was rather interesting.  I had a 30 year old root canal that FAILED.  The tooth cracked and I needed to have it taken out.  Luckily I could afford to get a replacement (thanks mom). Since most of you will at some point have to have a tooth pulled here is what to expect.

I took 2 little pills that are suppose to make you sleepy one hour before the proc. I took them and DJ drove me to Madison. At 1:00 I was called in and the assistant asked if I was relaxed.  I said yea but not any more then I was an hour ago. So they crushed up another pilled, added some mint and put it under my tongue.

Then goggles and lastly what I was looking for, a little nose mask with Nitrous oxide.  The Doc said breath normally through my nose.  I was already taking huge lung-fulls of precious N2O, no need to remind me.  He said if I feel my fingers and toes tingling they could turn it down . . . . .isn't that the point? I WANT that!

A couple local shots and I could feel nothing.

WELL - this is not some gentle procedure for sure. Tugging, pulling and all sorts of scraping. Felt zero pain.  About 1/3 of the way through I had them stop and said TURN UP THE N2O.  Doc made sure I said UP and then back to scraping pulling and tugging.

Meanwhile my brain is multi tasking and the two guys in my mouth are now characters in my brain

My dentist was Kumail Nanjiani and he was pretty funny

and his assistant was Zack Woods

The odd thing was is that Zack said he had just quit working at Manards last week . . .wait what??  This is a part time job and his other one was working at Manards??

So they are working away and I could tell they were at the PULLING OUT part as my head was being tugged left and right (it was rather fun actually) .

THEN POP, and both guys, at the same time say  said OH and EEEWWWW  WOW!

Never a great thing to hear but I knew what happened.  My tooth had split right down the middle. Still, remember - ZERO pain.  Doc explained that my tooth had "split right down the middle" and came out in halves.

Then the real work started as they had to clean up the area and put in cadaver bone dust to prepare for a new tooth 5 months down the road. The cadaver bone dust actually grows into MY jaw. Now I can explain why I have a split personality.

Finally they stitched everything up.  I heard the Doc tell another nurse "Almost done" and I was literally sad as I was having a great time.

DJ drove me home and I was feeling pretty good.  I figured I would make the important Council meeting tonight with ease.

I get home and put an ice pack on my cheek and lay down for a bit as DJ goes to the pharmacy to get some unneeded vicodin.  It was about 2:30.

The next thing I know is that I'm waking up about 8:00.  hmmmmmm

This morning I wake up and the left side of my head feels like I was sucker punched (I actually know that feeling LOL).

And that is my story.  I'm suppose to take it easy today, soft food, ice packs yada yada.  So - that is the story.

HA -I JUST read pain will be MOST intense 2-3 days AFTER the procedure!  I can't wait I sort of thought I was out of teh woods on that one  :-( 


Five years ago today I posted on Facebook that a Columbus computer company was ripping me off. Little did I know at the time that 2 weeks later they would literally STEAL my laptop and the local police department AND the DOJ did absolutely nothing to prevent it because it "was a business".

Well, if a business decided to KEEP your car when you took it in for an oil change is that the same thing?  I call it BS.  Can a business steal anything and local police are handcuffed?   More then 8 laptops were stolen.  Can a car dealership steal 8 cars and get away with it?  I guess so!

I never got my laptop back, my identity could have or still can me stolen but the dude might still be in jail as he was caught in another town.  My iPhone was stolen a while ago. The Madison police found it but held it as evidence  . . . then when I asked for it back they could not find it.  FAIL

The British pound contains meat and vegans are NOT happy! Animal fat is used in the production of the new five-pound note.


Interesting game tonight - Dallas the #1 offense with the #27 defense vs, Minnesota the #25 offense and the #6 defense


A tweet can run the globe while the truth is still putting its shoes on."

Trump is trumping how he saved jobs with Carrier . . . .yet fails to mention that Indiana will pay the $700,000 in tax incentives.  BUT - carrier is still outsourcing 1,300 jobs to Mexico.  Trump is spending a LOT of energy making Tweet worthy deals that have a net effect of zero but sound good.

OH and as of January 20th Trump will be able to Tweet EVERY cell phone in the country whether you want it or not because of the WEA network.  Executive Order 13407 says he can and he has mentioned it as a way to get around the corrupt news organizations. He wants to control the media.

Sounds awesome.

OK - time for icepacks

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I'm not dead

It's been a while.  I've been digesting the lifetime insiders, billionaires who want to loosen Wall Street and bank regulations, convicted thieves who gave classified info to their mistresses and "white nationalists (also called neo Nazis) into the White House.  So so proud of America.

All his picks have been VERY hard line establishment (sort of like Putin his hero did)

The BIG question is the 25th amendment. In a time of crisis (which always happens) who will the Cabinet want to handle it. Trump? or Pence.  They can vote to oust Trump. Who will they be loyal too.  Can you believe this is even in the conversation?  This is making America great again?

The Cabinet really reflects more of Pence's ideology then Trumps who is almost mentally ill.  I feel. Trump is an outsider among a LARGE group of insiders.  Trump's time as POTUS might be rather short.  SURPRISE!!   The betting markets have Trump finishing his 4 years at about a 60% chance.    
At least we are now on the edge of  . . .something.

Seriously though - I HOPE this new group does GREAT.  I really doubt it and if they don't is is 100% their fault. They have no one to blame now!

But I digress.


Had finger X-rays that turned out negative but it stills hurts like an SOB and is wrapped. But the big news is I'm having a tooth extraction this afternoon.  What fun!  Actually I have zero fear of dentists. Even with 5 root canals (limestone teeth and no fluoride in my drinking water as a youth) and I'm fine with a dentist - just give me the best drugs and I'm good to go!  Well, seems TWO root canals have failed so #1 tooth is getting pulled later this afternoon.


Monday I gave presentations to a group of home schooled kids and my biggest complement was not actually directed at me but I overheard a mother telling her son that they needed to get him software to do what I was doing and he BEAMED with joy.

It reminded me of when my dad purchased my first calculator. Changed my life (I still have my bamboo slide ruler).    


Every year we get HBO for a few months and we have been watching West World (awesome) and an hilarious show called Silicon Valley about some geeky programmers.  LOL funny and if you are a IT guy even funnier.


After I had my x-rays it was 10:20 and I was hungry - the only thing I can eat at McDonalds is A Big Breakfast.  I rushed to McDoanlds and was in line.  It was going to be close.  The guy ahead of me was ordering cheeseburgers and coffee and there was confusion on his order.  Just as he handed over his money the menu flipped.

I order a Big Breakfast . . . sorry . . . the menu flipped, we can't serve a Big Breakfast.  REALLY?  It JUST flipped.  That's the rules.  But we have all day breakfast the guy said.  You DON'T have all day breakfasts I said. You have an expanded menu!   OTHERWISE you would have THE BIG BREAKFAST!  I was sort of loud I guess and walked out!

OK - nuff - hard enough to type without using my index finger.  Just wanted to say I was not dead