Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Morning Drivel

And that my friends is what Public Enemies - Columbus The Book will look like inside. I post the jpg again because I know many of you do not read the weekend blogs and might have missed it.

I can always use more photos from Columbus so if you have a flikr site or have digital photos bring them on in I'd love to see them.

I'm a little out of sorts this morning - the fingers and the brain are not working in unison. I apologize. In fact my thumb feels dislocated or something, can't hit the space bar. Throwing me off my game a tad.
There is a good article over at The Isthmus

On set at Public Enemies with Michael Mann and Johnny Depp in Wisconsin

I was contacted by a representative of Old Cars Weekly and received some interesting information. Remember all the excitement when it was announced that Mann would be using the actual 1932 Studebaker that Dillinger used in the Green Castle/Columbus bank robbery?

They never used it. Why? Wrong color. Wasn't it black??? They used a 1932 Nash instead. The little story here is that the owner purchased the car on ebay (did he know it was so old?) a few months ago and I guess rented it to Mann.

This is the 32 Nash they used.

Another note - someone pointed out that many of the cars in the photos have turn signals. I asked John Gunnell of Gunners Garage (associated with Old Cars Weekly) and the replied was "Most mid 1930s cars did not have turn indicators. It was not until 1933 that they became a legal requirement in the U.S."


Also - I have now had more then one person ( it has become a trend) say "This will NOT be a PG13 movie". I have not gotten that far in the book BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE KEEPING ME BUSY! LOL.

As one person has told me - if you leave the theater and are still a fan of Dillinger, Mann has missed the point and as 33Grahm told me "The newspaper quote from Purvis The idea is absolutely distasteful to me" that I posted makes more sense as you read the book."

I'm thinking this is going to be a violent movie. Just preparing you in advance. The question is, is it violent like "The Longest Day"? or like "Saving Private Ryan".
On a side note for my lowly paid newspaper historian - SAM- from 33Grahm" I have been trying to do research on the 1933 Cannon Ball (Baker) run from Los Angles to New York (he drove a 1933 Graham, just like my car, to a record crossing that held till 1980, 54 hours). Do you think he might be interested in checking for me?"
Where is the movie filming NOW? I honestly don't have a clue - I'm a little out of touch with current events and I have to trudge through a bunch of email and once again Charter is acting up.

So - I'll be a little more organized tomorrow. I urge you to read the comments - lots of great info.

I received some photos from Beaver Dam and The Rogers where they will be shooting the inside lobby (I think). Honestly - I think they could be using a set in Hollywood - but perhaps since it's tax free here??? Thanks scrapper.

Oshkosh - THE EXCLUSIVE COMPANY - SAY IT WITH ME! That is burned into my head - I could strangle that guy.

Here is a photo of The Exclusive Company makeover - again, not a clue what they are doing but I had to post something about that hidious catch phrase.

Why is the sun dial termed God awful - I like it.!! is there something I'm missing? Here is a photo of them trying to cover it up! Thanks efudd.

OK - getting a little long winded.

Here in Wisconsin we are finally getting a taste of spring. I hung bird feeders and ventured into the backyard to look at my gardens and we're getting ready to landscape the front yard.

We have only lived in Columbus for about a year. We built a new small (1700 sq ft) house and had a bare canvas of sorts. So we're planting trees and I put in two small gardens with a big butterfly garden getting ready to be planted.

When we decided to build everybody was all in a tissy saying THEY would never build again - headaches and nightmare problems. We kept saying that ALL house could not be nightmares and you only hear about the problem ones.

Ambiance Homes (608 225 4594) located in Waterloo and Keven Kleckner did an awesome job. DJ was always a little nervous and every time we had a meeting she would walk away calm once again. They did a great job and I can not speak more highly of the job him and his crew did.

Funny - I recommended him to some friends who were building. They decided to go with someone else that was a little cheaper. They have told me a couple times "I wish we would have gone with Keven". Does this sound like an advertisement? YOU BET - I really think he did an outstanding job. He is a small company that still enjoys building and making people happy and I think people like that should be rewarded! Pay it Forward!

Any gardeners out there?? Who know planting gardens was so expensive.

OK - I really do have to run! sorry for the hodge podge blog. Sadly it is how my mind is working today!



Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Blog That Runs Itself

It is pretty darn nice when blog has the readership that allows it to run itself. The readers are acting like adults talking to adults for the most part and giving out information when they see it.

If you never venture into the Comments area you are missing out on some great content. I applaud the Comments area and from all the blogs I have ever read I have to think this Comment area is one of the best.

Here are a few links to photos from the area (we need a cool name for this area)

debsmad's photos of Oshkosh

photo from ty of the building they are filming

Pretty good article from Galesburg dot com

A photo that ty found of the Chicago filming
notice lights on top of building

As for deleting comments. I've only deleted a few so far. I deleted two because they looked like they could contain a virus or some other harmful entity. I've deleted a few comments because they were redundant and I have deleted the remnants of a few a few that were already deleted by "author".

Yesterday I deleted one that just pissed me off with what I deemed an insult to my writing capabilities (only "I" can insult me and I do it all the time). However in retrospect perhaps being told I write like a 17 year old was a compliment and it is I that insulted 17 year olds by thinking this was a bad thing.

To any 17 year olds I do apologize.

It just shows that this blog is not a Democracy it is more of a Dictatorship where "the leader has not been elected and may use force to keep control."

The Anonymous commenter asked why I was trying to raise money for the Auditorium when I should be raising money for the Police Department. That is a very good question. But perhaps Anonymous is also being shortsighted. Why not raise money for hunger, why not raise money for schools, why not raise money to help our solders in foreign lands or our Fire Department.

The reason I'm not raising money for the above is that they already have ways for raise money. The citizens already fund the Police Department and Fire Department. There is already an infrastructure for the USO. I have gone to events where the Fire Department has raised money selling Miller, Miller Lite, Bud, Bud Light (those beers are like drinking my own bile, God they taste hideous - pure swill - NOT that I mind other people drinking "it". . . . but that is another story).

Plus - none of these organizations are the reason Universal picked Columbus. The reason Universal picked Columbus is it's buildings and if you have paid attention, I am very very into the "Pay It Forward" theme. It is something my dad instilled into me.

Thus - the Auditorium. I tend to give inanimate objects feelings and personalities. Buildings have feelings and this building is old and needs care, it had a broken arm and nobody cared for a long long time. I want to help. (Don't worry, I only take this "feeling" thing so far, remember, my wife DJ is always there to ground me . . what did you say Mr. Chair?).
Enough preaching.

DJ and I are thinking of a Kurth Brewery visit Friday night. If anyone is in the area COME ON DOWN!! (do they have ANYTHING besides Miller and Bud?)

I watched "I Am Legend" last night. I think DJ saw 15 minutes and then went into the bedroom for some relax time. Interesting movie if you like Zombies. Will Smith is awesome but the problem I had (besides a VERY VERY touching sad dog scene) was that throughout the movie things happened that were never answered.

I have a pretty nice Home Theater and a 7.1 sound system in our little house (I am a total audio geek with a 4 foot tall sub woofer) and I'll watch anything in HD or converted HD. HD zombies are awesome (insert evil laugh).

On another note - there is a documentary this summer about Lions. What is truly amazing is that they follow a lion family for three years and it is shot by . . . . .TRAINED ELEPHANTS!!

Thats right. They put cameras in fake tree trunks and have trained elephants follow the family around putting the tree cams in the places with the best views. Then a remote operator can focus the turn the camera to the correct view.

When the tigers move the elephant will move the tree cam and the tigers are not the wiser.
Movie stuff.

Interesting thing about the 1932 Dillinger Studebaker that was NOT used in the movie. I'll save that for tomorrow as I just found out. Michael Mann!! details details details.

Last but not least - here is ONE page of The Book - this will give you a look and feel of what I'm trying to accomplish. You like?

OK - gotta go buy things to help the American economy - it's getting close to garden season you know and I have SO many gardens (more on that later).

Rod M

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Book Work & Jason Clarke WE HAVE FOUND YOU!!

I have been a little busy jumping though some hoops as far as the book (learning curve aggregations) but FINALLY I got things moving forward. I'm a little bit excited.

Remember - anyone with photos or anything bookish that I can use - send it on in to

What was that? Did I just hear something? Was that a cry for help from down under?? Jason Clarke you say??

These are courtesy of CP aka Jenny who was hovering over base camp in a hot air balloon - our hero is in front of the woman and Stephan Dorff is in front of him trying to steal his thunder. On a side not - the woman. She had to be one of the hardest working people in base camp. Not sure of her job but I think she worked 20 straight hours keeping track of everything going on. WELL DONE!

Thanks Jen!
Oshkosh - (thanks Kitty B'gosh for the information) still looking like shooting 14th, 15th and 16th but the dates are getting a little fuzzy (as they are tending to do).

Division, Church and Waugoo streets will be closed - Here is a google map of the area.

Main Street Merchants have been asked to not divulge any information so don't tell anybody - I'm not!

Things are really bustling downtown on an early Saturday morning. Some progress has been made on the wall that will hide the sundial.

Hey from a non-Oshkosh person - that's pretty cool !!!!

No changes have been made to the New Moon or the bank YET!

Word is there is an awesome vault still inside the bank and that's why it was chosen. The New Moon is directly across the street from the bank. The shoot-out apparently takes place in the street between the two buildings. The second story jump is supposed to be from the New Moon.

As a reference, the sundial, New Moon and bank are on three of the four corners of Algoma and Main.

MAN - can I get any MORE computer windows open at once??? getting confused!

So - that is all I have at the moment.

An interesting thing is happening in the PE world. People are gaining knowledge. I can see more and more posters getting the Public Enemies book and reading. More people are getting more and more detailed on events.

For instance - viola in IMDb posted

After the Crown Point escape and Makley and Pierpont in prison, Dillinger formed a new gang, along with Red Hamilton(Jason Clarke),Homer Van Meter(Stephen Dorff), he recruited Tommy Carroll (played by?), Eddie Green(played by?)and Baby Face Nelson(Stephen Graham).

On March 6, 1934, they hit the Security National Bank and Trust in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Tommy Carroll waited outside and wielding his machine gun managed to line up every cop in town inc. the chief.

Spectators stood around in amusement because just the day before a 'Hollywood producer'actually Van Meter, came to town looking for locations.(hope they film that.) They thought they were watching a movie being made. After their escape with $49,000,they threw nails on the road to hinder the cops. This is the first time that Dillinger was officially the head of his gang.

So, Oshkoshians do your research, please gets pics of all actors, not just Johnny D.

(oddly the Columbus bank has been missing a lot of money lately - - JUST KIDDING)

I found it interesting how Burroughs hit it on the head saying that to most people Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd and the rest of the characters were something so far in the past it was hard to actually thing they were real.

OK - gotta run - If I hear/see anything I'll post it and as always - give me a shout.

OH - sue mentioned a hotdog stand (and brats of course) for the Columbus 2nd shoot - I think that is a GREAT idea.


Friday, March 28, 2008

Bale Sighted - and not where you would think!

But first I have a public service announcement.

Take a look at Saturdays temperature.

I don't know about you guys but when it gets above 400 I start to complain a little.

Christian Bale was sited in Valparaiso, Indiana. That's right. I'm still looking into this bit of truthyness but it seems legit. It's the right timing and the person that spotted him had the right attitude. Seems there is some filming going on in or around his apartment and a few days ago he had an idea it was PE with Depp and MAYBE Christian Bale.

Then yesterday!

From a Facebook entry - i just met christian bale...
... it was close quarters on the stairwell. they waved me up. i gave him the nod. he gave me the nod. neat.

Something in me says this is legit. thanks vera from Australia

Thanks SAM for the newspaper article (SAM is me unofficial lowly paid newspaper historian).
Beaver Dam - do you guys think I sit around all night at the computer?

Well - almost but not last night. The Apprentice was on and I like Trace Atkins - he was pretty FUNNY!!!

Speaking of Beaver Dam - DJ and I were in Beaver Dam the other day and were cruising around and we actually saw the Hotel Rogers and I beleive DJ said "that would be a good building for the movie". Little did we know that the Hotel Rogers was actually selected.

Only the inside lobby will be used and it will be in late April, about the same time as Columbus.

I have no other real news on the Beaver Dam shoot - HOWEVER - if you read this news article from wiscnews I WAS THERE - SHE ALMOST RAN ME OVER!!!!!

so weird - Missy Nelson - if you read this blog - do you have a white car???

I was just getting to that area Monday when a white car ( as I remember it) screams up the street and comes to a screeching halt behind the crowd. I sort of jump out of the way and wait to see what famous person jumps out.

I see a normal woman fly out of the car clutching something, she runs towards the crowd, talks to security who let her though and then she gallops towards the bank.

I stand there with a big "?" above my head and then forget about it.

Last night I see this article. NO WAY!!!
Oshkosh - I got this info last night - I would print the name but I'm not sure if I should

The transformation has started. Not too much going on right now. Just started two of the store fronts (a photo of one of them is attached) and they put up some scaffolding to build a fake wall to hide our hideous sundial fountain. I talked to one of the workers today and she told me that she's a local gal. They are utilizing the local stagehands union for some of the transformation work. (this is typical, they use local union people).

They are also going to do some filming in one of our larger, Victorian-type homes. Rumor is they paid the family to move out for a month and they were going to take all of the furnishings out. Word today is that they may have already started filming.
Aurora - filming will be two days April 6,7th at the Paramount Theater. They will be used as the Biograph where Dillinger was gunned down next to the "Lady in Red" (actually it was orange but Lady in Orange just sounds silly).
I have to share this photo from . . . oh my, Daina Zemliauskas-Juozevicius

I'm still collecting photos, if you know anyone with flicker accounts and PE photos let me know the address or tell the person to contact me.

I was looking at some old Black & White photos and came upon this one. That's me, the little guy, my brother Ralls and my Dad.

We had an accordion band of maybe 15 people(??). We would be in parades on a flat bed truck. I don't remember much except the part where I played "Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooly" on a stage once.

I stopped playing the accordion when I realized that an accordion is not the chick magnet I was told it would be. So I took up the cello.

We are searching for adult male African American pool players ASAP

We are also searching for medium to thin men to play homeless, long hair would be great! Considering all. ASAP (DAMN - I just got a hair cut - I looked like a homeless man yesterday- now I look like a powerful and attractive man - MAN that is bad luck)

We are also searching for real police and detective types!!

We are shooting in the Chicago area and need people with great faces for this 1930s period film. We are currently looking for men no taller than 6’1’’ and no larger than a size 44 jacket. Women should be no taller than 5’8’’ and no larger than a size 10. If you are already registered with Joan Philo you are still required to resubmit.

If you are available please contact our e-mail address and immediately send us a recent color photograph with all your stats (height, weight, clothing sizes – phone, address)

Please send in photographs ASAP.
Location: Chicago
I gotta say this - Charter email is giving me a ROYAL PAIN IN THE BUTT this morning! Charter I curse you . . AGAIN!
More later hopefully.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

This and that - Slow news day

Not a lot of awesome news for our favorite movie.

For a report from Crown Point look in yesterdays comments for a good read.

Oshkosh - the cones are up and they are working on transforming the area. I have heard that the Blue Moon Coffee shop across from the bank is getting measured for "shoot'm out" windows and there is a rumor that there will be some 2nd floor jumping. SWEET!!!

As with Columbus stores that will need to be closed are getting reimbursed with an average day's profits. Employees are also getting paid for not working!

Columbus in it's first round made about $250,000. I read and have heard that the production crews LOVED Columbus as they would have coffee brought out to them and people were friendly and non-in your face.

I have also heard that JD was thrilled with Columbus.

I don't have any photos on hand but have you noticed the difference between the rent-a-guards in Columbus and the ones in Crown Point? I think there is a 100 pound weight difference.

Aurora - sounds like a one day, inside, shoot. It's all I know and I have not heard WHO or where is next up.

Madison - I'm hearing different stories and my gut feeling is that the Madison shoot is growing in size.

Milwaukee - nothing heard

Manitowish Waters - no news.

Public Enemies - The Book. Bryon Burroughs has to be pleased. I ordered my book online and it's coming vie Media Mail so I probably have 6 to 8 weeks to wait still. I think they actually WALK it to my house from the East Coast.

So I thought I'd check it out (HA!) at the library. Nineteen copies all checked out and if I wanted to get on the waiting list I would be number thirty-three. So before bowling I went to Barns & Noble and they had one copy - I thought I should buy it and sell it on ebay for twice the price. But then my sane self took over.

What I did see were some cool maps.

When I was a kid my mom asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said a fire truck. Later I decided I wanted to be a cartographer (I sold creepy crawlers in 1st grade with maps . . but that is another story).

Once I realized there was not a lot of call for cartographers I went into the "whatever" mode. But - now I'm thought drifting, , back on topic.....

I read the first page and liked the flow. CAN'T WAIT.

Hey! If you are looking for a good read. DJ's (my wife who desperately tries to keep me grounded) dad is a living survivor of the USS Indianapolis (the one in Jaws). He is pictured in the book "In Harm's Way: The Sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis and the Extraordinary Story of Its Survivors" . He was a Marine sleeping on deck guarding the Atomic bomb (not that they knew it) when the ship was blasted and he was thrown in the water.

880 survived the sinking and 317 survived the five days in the water, most eaten by sharks. Amazing story and a very easy book to read - a real page turner. SOMEBODY has a movie in the works!

Here is is explaining to DJ that the actual ship was larger then this one.

I was asked in the comments yesterday about WHO to make a check out too if somebody wanted to sent $1 to the save the Auditorium fund. For the uninformed - Columbus, being a small town has many older buildings that need to be kept up. Because of this, money flows to what is already there and few get to a newly discovered Auditorium that needs tender loving care.

So since some people have asked for my address to send a dollar or two I am telling them that I would LOVE them to send your dollar to the below. Help out a small town that has brought us all together. Show the love!

I have to presume you would make a check out to

Columbus Auditorium Corporation

Public Enemies - Columbus blog
Columbus Auditorium Corporation
PO Box 365
Columbus WI 53925

I was also asked where this Auditorium was located - so - here is a photo of the building it's in. I had some inside photos a few days ago. It looks like it could really be a special place once it was fixed.

Cat's on Prozac.

Our family consist of two cats, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, my wife and I.

We picked up Milo (cat) when we were looking for an adult cat after another cat passed on. We saw a large cat sleeping and when we payed attention to him he purred in the loudest purr you can imagine.

What we found out is that he is a talker . . A LOT . . I MEAN CONSTANTLY!

This was a problem - he wanted OUT. He would sit next to our bed and meow wanting to go out. At the time we lived in an area where that was dangerous. BUT - on the good side it was a lover. He would cuddle and snuggle and purr and his fur was soft and it was a dream . . . .until he wanted to go out.

People would tell us - ignore him, if you give in you will teach him it works. Yea - we would ignore him for FOR THREE HOURS until we would go CRAZY.

Long story shorter.

He as NOT an adult cat - he was a large boned young cat - cougar size (well almost??)

We put him on Prozac and all is well. He gets to go out at night at times and brings back presents of mice he has terrorized the neighbor (another story) but for the most part he is doing well. Until a few nights ago.

He found a new toy.



We were sleeping soundly when all of a sudden.


He would grab the cord for our blinds and pull them like a guitar.

People that know the Milo back story will be amused at his . . . humor.

OH - one final thought - The Book.

It's coming along - now that things are cooling off a tad I can put more time into the photo part. Keep the photos coming - the more the merrier.

Go here for information


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

a blog with no title - a title with no capitals

Legend has it that a beet of purest gold sometimes grows in the fields
of little boys who work double shifts. - Dwight

Have you seen this man? He is presumed to be filming with some Depp character on the set of Public Enemies. Yet, he is unseen. The clever cloak of invisibility has been flung around him.

Does he not know his charged fans are yearning for a glimpse, just a sliver of hope that he will look their direction.


You can not hide forever.

Did you know that Bale's stepmom is Gloria Steinem. His first film was Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich, a Russian made-for-television film (for all of our Russian friends).

I never made the connection before but he was the star in Steven Spielberg's Empire of the Sun. Great movie I thought. He was 13 at the time.

Here he is going for the Donald Trump Junior look alike.
Sounds like they are filming another day in Crown Point.

Here is a bit in info that many people did not know about Crown Point. On March 16 1923 Rudolph Valentino was married in in the town.

"The Crown Point marriage mill cut another notch in the hall of public fame on Wednesday afternoon when Rudolph Valentino and Miss Winifred DeWolfe, with a party of friends from New York and Chicago journeyed to the famous "Gretna Green" and were married by Justice of the Peace Howard Kemp."

Valentino, while going through the ceremony appeared as nervous as any country swain that ever took the important step and there was nothing about his appearance during the ceremony that bore out world-wide reputation of being the cool, calm deliberate and "perfect lover" of screen fame."

No stories from CP. I did get some photos from Kristen "twirlgirl"(I bet there is a good story behind THAT name).

In this first photo, it is looking to me that they are picking sides for Michael Mann's first annual Public Enemies dodge ball game.

In another photograph you see Johnny and Jerry his body guard and he is looking AT YOU!!!

I think people should yell out and get Jerry's autograph! JERRY JERRY!! WHO ARE YOU WEARING!
It seems a lot of people have gotten the crime bug lately. I found this site that might be of interest - CLEWS The Historic True Crime Blog - my study of historic true crime, where the chairs rest at the intersection of history, journalism, law, and murder, and the shelves are filled with the finest true crime literature.

There was a movie being made about a murder in Madison WI that I have heard nothing about lately. It was based on a book called "Winter of Frozen Dreams" . I read this a while ago and it was odd because I grew up with seeing a Madison attorney ride a horse around on TV with advertisements. Little did I know that this guy was an early version of CSI.

"On Christmas Day 1977, Jerry Davies led Madison, Wisconsin police to a snowbank concealing the corpse of Harry Berge. By the day after Easter, Davies lay dead in his bathtub, an apparent suicide."

Pretty good book full of sex, greed and names of famous Madison people.
Columbus PE news - Universal has put Columbus back together again. All they will use is the 100 block of James Street.

Too bad - I liked the town the way it looked - now we will have new cars driving through again. Columbus really needs a slick diner in it's downtown area - THAT would bring that area to life.
I had a person ask about hotel/motels in the area as she and husband were thinking about driving the 1000 miles to this area to attend The Movie. Just shows how interested people are.

Before I go any further I MUST share this photo from my window.

My window, where my captures allow me to wistfully look out of over looks a small parking lot and this truck appeared. All of us have been waiting to see who is the driver. Any thoughts/predictions?

In fact now we are getting people to pose next to it. It COULD be the Governors truck! It's in a State parking lot!!
Anybody watch Jericho? Why is it all of MY shows are getting canceled. First Las Vegas and now Jericho. Reason I mention it is that the little map of the world on the right, if you click on it reminded me of the TV show . . . .. in a sick way.
I'm still waiting for my Public Enemies book - I'm bookless at the moment - Jenny has my JUMPER book and I have two chapters to go! I'm forced to read John Constantine: Hellblazer a graphic novel (actually I'm enjoying it).

My last book was a Nelson DeMille book called Wildfire (which also reminds me of Jericho).

Side note - we went over the 60,000 hits this morning - not bad for 2 weeks!

Aurora looking for EXTRAS.

OH - do NOT touch Johnnys face and then brag about it on IMdb - that would be a bad thing!

OK - gotta run.
Rod M.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Crown Point Weather - Tuesday - Windy. Considerable cloudiness. Highs in the lower 50s. Southwest winds 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 40 mph at times until late afternoon becoming west and decreasing to 10 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph at times late in the afternoon.
Well - I am certainly disappointed. You see for 24 hours I thought John Michael Bolger was the great nephew of Ray Bolger who play the scarecrow. However - it is not to be! Different people.

So - there goes THAT little tidbit of information down the Truthiness toilet.

We have news from Crown Point - this comes from Bryon and his first hand report, augmented with photos from NaSkAr's Flickr site.
Ok, here is the scoop on Crown Point day one.

I am a Crown Point native so it was really exciting to have everyone here. I arrived the first time at 5:30 in the morning because I heard rumor that they were to begin filming at 6. This turned out to be inaccurate. That is the time they asked the extras to show up. We watched as semis came and went and saw various wardrobes being brought inside. Luckily there was a mother of one of the extras standing next to us and her son was texting her from the inside.

He was cast as one of the inmates. He said there was about 15 inmates, about 15 reporters, and about 10 police officers. I left around 7 am because of the cold and came back later in the day. They had laid down the fake cobblestone out front and kept asking everyone to be quite while they were shooting inside. So we did not see any actual filming taking place. Although the extras came out for smoke breaks from time to time.

Lili Taylor, who is playing the Crown Point Sheriff, came and went several times. Johnny Depp and Christian Bale (note - I believe this is the first siting of Mr. Bale) came out once but pretty much walked right inside and ended up sneaking out the back door at the end of the day.

Everyone was pretty upset they didn't even come out and wave. Michael Mann ended up coming out onto the porch and talked for about 5 minutes to various crew members before hoping into a white range rover. I have several pictures of him. He was nice enough to wave to everyone. The shoot wrapped for the day around 5:30 pm. No one is really sure how long filming is going to take place, some say today is the last day, some say they are filming tomorrow. We will see.
Here is another first persons account - this one comes from Johnny Depp Reads Forum - any JD fans MUST go to this forum. Thanks cpgal. You can see this thread on THIS link. Photo by Jon L. Hendricks of The Times

Just got back from the first day of shooting in C.P., and OH MY GOSH, He shook my hand!!!!!!!

First of all, we were there most of the day, Johnny came on the set via the black Expedition. He rolled down the window to waved and when he got out of the truck the first time, he clasped his hands together and bowed to the crowd. He waved and then went into the jail. When he came out, he always waved at the fans and rolled down the window and waved as they drove him to his trailer in a bowling alley parking lot located behind the jail.

Lily was there and Christian Bale was said to be shooting a scene, but we never did see him. Well at about 7 pm, they wrapped up the set and Johnny slipped down the alley and back to his trailer. Michael Mann left via a white Range Rover, but Johnny was not around. I thought at first he was gone. I kept thinking to myself that it was odd for him not to acknowledge the fans. So since we were freezing we went back to the car and were going to leave.

My daughter and her friend talked us into staying so here is where the story gets funny, at least to me. We took a chance and went down the street between the barricades that stated the road was closed. I actually shut my lights off and we literally parked where the snow making truck had previously been parked! Nobody was bothered by us so we just sat for a minute when my goofy sister decided to climb on the roof of the van to see if she could see anything, about 3 minutes after, a man got out of another black expedition(there were three) and had a megaphone stating that Johnny would be greeting the crowd but no autographs or hand shaking.

Well at that time, we ran over to our old spot-which of course was occupied by one of the hundred of people still there. He started at one end and shook anybody and everybodys hand that was there!!! He was so close to us, he wasn't reaching, but literally right next to the fence!!! As he was approching my spot, there were a couple of teens infront and a bunch of people screaming JOHNNY, so I just yelled MR. DEPP, MR. DEPP and he acutally looked me in the eye and shook my hand!!!!!!!!

All I could think of saying was "Thank you for coming to our town" He smiled at everyone and really looked at you!!!! In million years, I could have never thought this would have happened. He went down the line and there were hundreds of people there, but do you know that I did not see anyone get over aggressive. Rumor has it, that he is staying at a hotel in Merrillville, the next town over. I do have pictures, if some one can tell me how to post I will, as he was approaching me I only got his profile, but I have some of him when he arrived earlier today. I am still so excited and my husband thinks I'm nuts, but all I have to say is don't hate-congratulate!! I am hoping to go again tomorrow. By the way, the cobblestone street is actually long pieces of carpet that look like cobble stone- I guess tomorrow they will be shooting outside-we will see!!!!!

I think we will be seeing more and more "new" actors turning up as we get deeper into the movie. It looks to me that they are now starting to ramp up the stars.
Giving credit where credit is do. It seems the above photo of JD was altered by someone. Here is the REAL photo from missbarrierouxsparro from her flikr. This came from Darlington.

NEWS from Oshkosh - Oshkosh - 2nd week of April and last several days. Mainly around Main Street and Algoma. The First Nat'l Bank will have a shoot out.

The Movie - I think we can get 5 to 10 classic autos to attend and park in front of the theater for the Columbus Movie Party.
And now I must regress into random bits of innuendo, rumors, half truths and down right Truthiness.

The movie The Kingdom is still in my head. It's odd how you can watch a movie and think it was good but then days later you are still thinking of it and wishing you could watch it again.

The new Indiana Jones is coming out this summer. I think I'm the only human that saw the trailer and yawned. Yea - I'm excited . . no I'm not . . why is that, everyone else is. It just seemed like the same old scenes I saw before. I love Indiana Jones but . . . . been there, done that.

Today in the USA Today George Lucas is trying to down play the movie and HIS title is "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull:Don't Get your Hopes Up."

Maybe I'm not the ONLY one!

In 1932 Tarzan open starring Johnny Weismuller

In 1955 The Blackboard Jungle opened. This movie associated youth violence and anarchy with rock and roll, a link that would become a underlying theme in the genre. The movie's theme song, "Rock Around the Clock," by Bill Haley and the Comets, became a top seller.

Did I mention the woman who was pouring a bowl of Corn Flakes and a flake that looked VAGUELY like Illinois appeared. She saved it and sold it on ebay for $1300.

And I'm not even going to mention what happened to the Cheeto that looked like Jesus, who the congregation named Cheesus!

I am pouring out my bran flakes praying for a Wisconsin flake - I'LL BE RICH!!!

GOT Columbus PHOTOS - go here - get them in a book I'm TRYING to create


Monday, March 24, 2008

I have little! Crown Point -Waiting to Hear

I am assuming this has been lifted?? OR - must MY people get a hold of Michael Mann and look into this??

Perhaps we can work out some DEAL? I will not go public with this if he can overlook some legal issues with The Book.

DJ found an outstanding article in The Portage Daily Register. If you are a history buff interested in Dillinger and Wisconsin it's a must read.
I ordered Public Enemies by Bryon Burroughs (had to - he mentioned me - I feel I owe him). I had been putting it off but after reading the Washington Post's review on Amazon I was really intrigued.
Crown Point - I have my people (and I laugh typing that) in place. Hopefully we can get some action/flavor of what is going down . . .down there.

Were they filming Saturday? So far it's been

Columbus WI
Columbus WI
Darlington WI
Columbus WI
Crown Point IN ??

Coming Up

Oshkosh WI
Milwaukee WI
Madison WI
Manitowish Waters WI

Anybody I missed so far?
The MOVIE. This keeps getting better and better. I was told today that Scott, who drove the 1933 Grahm in the movie, would be willing to attend (did not have to twist his arm THAT much) and bring his car.

I bet I could talk the theater owner into placing the car outside the entrance and they could hire a rent a guard for a few hours.

If you are wondering which car that was - it's the one turning to corner. Would that be awesome to have that outside the theater or what!

Completely Off Topic - Does any one know a good company that will put in a cement patio in Columbus? And at the same time repair a driveway that some uninformed new home owner salted? Suggestions?
I have been watching movies slightly differently lately. I notice things now that I never noticed before. Last night I watched The Kingdom, a very "guy" movie and I thought it was GREAT! I then had to watch the Extra stuff.

One guy says explains the movie saying it's like a bow and arrow. The first 2/3 of the movie they are just pulling back the string with arrow attached, then on the Freeway scene (which is fascinating) they let the arrow fly! THEY SURE DO!

What I notice now are all the little things, the extras, the cars, the details. I have always appreciate how hard it is to make a movie but even more now

Does anyone else watch movies a little differently now?
HEY - I have some photos of the inside of THE LOST AUDITORIUM.

Remember that plea I had the other day. It was mentioned that I should ask you guys to send one dollar to help me out and to show that you appreciate the blog, just a tiny buck. I thought I could finally get RICH. But then I decided I would rather have you send the dollar to

Public Enemies - Columbus blog
Columbus Auditorium Corporation
PO Box 365
Columbus WI 53925

Show the city you appreciate how much fun this has been.

Here are some photos of what the Auditorium looks like now once it was rediscovered. Remember - Columbus is only 4,500 strong and this auditorium would really be nice for it's citizens. We just don't have the money to fix it up!

photo's courtesy Todd Frey
Anyone curious about how they determine when Easter is?

Easter falls on the first Sunday following the first ecclesiastical full moon that occurs on or after the day of the vernal equinox.

There ya go - yea - I'm a full service blog!
Have you been watching the map of the world where people are logging in from? What happened in South America - it LITE UP over the weekend.

HELP WITH THE BOOK - Here is how

Thats all I have today - I actually have stuff that needs to get done.

For anyone here in Wisconsin it's going to be a pretty active weather week - roller coaster = it's Spring-ter.

First is a link to some photos of the jail in CR

also here is a link to a slide show from the The Times this has some older Columbus photos and some newer ones of the jail.

More photos from Crown Point.

Thanks Chuck - glad you could see JD this morning!!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

John Michael Bolger I presume?

Good Morning and Happy Easter.

As a Public Service and at the suggestion of our two cats REMEMBER - Easter Lilies are VERY deadly to cats, be careful.
As many of you know PE is in Crown Point and Kristen sent some photos of construction of the set and other things. I'm intrigued by the B&W photo - not sure what it is. Could it be where The Adam's Family Lived?

The first photo looks like the bank JD robbed . . hey wait . . . am I the LAST person to noticed John Dillinger AND Johnny Depp have the same initials. Oh man, I am so slow!

I'm sure I had some other emails with Crown Point photos but I'm in the middle of getting organized. I never realized how important SUBJECT was in email before (or just having SOME semblance of order ANYWHERE in my life).

So on a personal level I am spending time today working on PEC (PublicEnemiesColombus) logistics. Creating new faster (non-yahoo) email accounts, folders for The Book and just getting stuff cleared out of my inbox.

I'm also making sure and am VERY aware of having a few too many candles burning at once as more opportunities have presented itself. HOWEVER - you guys are always #1 on the list.

The Book - I will have a few simple web pages up in the next day pr so with thoughts and instructions for contributing. I have yet to tackle legal issues and am procrastinating very nicely on contacting a contact person. However as one email person told me "I'm a man of action" (now THAT is funny) and I don't want this to collect dust.

The Movie - I have contacted Madison EastGate about renting a theater. We have a year yet but might as well get THOSE chicken in order.

If this happens it WOULD be a media event. Having Columbus people (and others) attend the movie on opening night would have to make the news (I'll get my moles in Ch 3 on it). Just thinking out loud here, throwing the spaghetti against the wall so to speak. What if we charged $20 with all proceeds going to the Columbus Historical thingy. That would be about $10 a head.

Also - AT THE SAME TIME - we could have the coming out of The Book. Again - just thinking out loud.

We could even rent the theater for more then one showing - they just want to make sure they do not LOSE money. We would probably have to sell tickets ahead of time or something.
This was sent by Todd Frey, owner of Colonial Carriage Works - if you are in Columbus make sure you go there - awesome carriages!!

Funny story

This is a story from Jenny - The Columbus Paparazzo

I along with about 500 other people were across the street from basecamp Thursday afternoon around 2:30pm, waiting to see Johnny Depp come out of his trailer and go to his next filming location (the Poser Mansion).

While we were waiting, a guy in a 1930's style suit came over and started chatting with the crowd. People asked him who he was. He said "I am John Michael Bolger (** see below)". He was super friendly, he signed autographs, posed for pictures with people, and made small talk. He said that it was his first time in Wisconsin and thought it was lovely. He was quite a character and a very funny guy. He wouldn't reveal who he played in the movie. But when I looked him up online later in the day, one of his profiles stated that he often plays characters in law enforcement/FBI types. I am thinking he might be playing Hoover, but it is only a guess. He looked like he would be able to pull it off.

When he came over to me to give me his autograph he asked my name and said I was adorable. Then he wrote on my notecard "To Jenny, Your adorable" then signed his name. He continued to walk around and talk to people. About 5 minutes later I was taking a picture of him and he saw me and waved. He said "Is that Jenny again?" I have a picture of him waving at me.

Then he and actor Michael Bentt (** see below) were messing around. Michael Bentt was teasing him for "working the crowd". Michael Bentt started taking pictures of John Michael Bolger from across the street and laughing. They were funny. Then John Michael Bolger spotted me again and waved "Hi Jenny". I think he just remembered me because of my voice, since it is rather unique (Jenny has a soprano style voice - and is a very good singer).

In this photo Michael Bentt is SO jealous that he is trying to absorb John Michael Bolger.

So later that night around 8:30pm after Johnny Depp had left and everyone was packing up; Josh and I were looking out the window trying to see if there were any actors left wandering around that we could meet or get autographs from. We spotted a guy in a long coat. When I looked through the binoculars (sorry - I HAVE to laugh at that, I see trailers will be parked differently NEXT time) I realized it was John Michael Bolger.

Josh had been at work all day so he never got to meet him. I immediately told Josh that he needed to go out there and meet him since it was soooo nice and funny. So Josh went outside and walked over to him and said:

Josh: "Mr Bolger?"
JMB: "Yes?"
Josh: "Can I have your autograph?"
JMB: "Sure what's your name?"
Josh: "Josh"
JMB: "How did you know my name?"
Josh : "My wife Jenny told me"
JMB: "Jenny? She's a doll, she's a doll! You have a wonderful wife! Now don't get mad at me for saying that. You look like a pretty big buy, you look like you could hurt me haha!"

Then I waved at JMB from the window and he waved at me "Hi, Jenny"

He signed Josh's autograph "To Josh, You have a wonderful wife, -JMB"

Although I haven't met many famous people in my life so far, I can truly say that John Michael Bolger is one of the nicest, most charismatic actors I have ever met. I can understand the actors reluctance to come speak to the crowd. Especially famous ones like Johnny Depp. But most of the actors on set that day were not "super famous", yet he was the only one who made the effort to really come speak to all the fans who had been waiting for hours to catch a glimpse of Hollywood.

I wish there were more people like John Michael Bolger in the world.

**John Michael Bolger - John Bolger has acted in Carlito's Way and Twins. In both those movies he played a police officer, which is his keynote character. He also played a police officer in a season-long stint on Law and Order.

A cool side note is that he lives in Hells Kitchen in Manhattan's Westside - Its cool because I can say Hell on Easter and get away with it.

** Michael Bentt - Michael Bentt is a retired heavyweight boxer turned actor. In October 1993 Bentt had a shocking and decisive ninety seven second first round knockout of Tommy 'The Duke' Morrison to capture the WBO World Heavyweight Championship.

Turning to acting, he was the second actor cast after Will Smith in Michael Mann's 'ALI'. Michael landed the coveted role of Charles 'Sonny' Liston. He also served as both Will Smith's chief sparring partner and assistant trainer during the six months of boxing training prior to the principal photography of 'ALI'.
On a side note - my mom (79) has resisted getting internet service for many years. She did not want to be woken up in the middle of the night with YOU'VE GOT MAIL.

I always told her this is not really how it went.

This morning DJ and I were just opening our eyes and all of a sudden YOUR VIRUS DATABASE HAS BEEN UPDATED, Yells at use from across the house.

DJ says "If I would have been home along that would have scared the crap out of me".

I guess I had the speakers up a little last night.

(for GREEN people - I leave the computer 24/7 as it updates the Columbus weather site every 10 minutes) .

I'm mentioned in a Jesse Russell article.

Public Enemies: Catching Up with Johnny Depp and David Wenham Checks In

OK - off I go with family stuff.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Next Up - Crown Point!

Crown Point - Monday

should I call the blog Public Enemies - Crown Point???

What happened in Crown Point that makes this town interesting?

On March 3rd 1934 Dillinger was awaiting trial for the murder of a Chicago cop. Using a toy gun he had whittled from a wooden washboard and smeared with black shoe polish he took command and locked up 33 people including the warden and deputies and then drove off in a brand new V-8 Ford.

So - Crown Point - welcome to Public Enemie-itis! Filming begins Monday and it's basically a repeat of what happened here - fake snow - expecting crowds, cobblestone and all the rest. You are will have a BLAST.

If anyone gets good photos of the set or stories to tell, be sure to leave them in the comments(or email me) - MANY people are would like to hear of YOUR adventures.

Dillinger with his toy gun - always looking for a photo op!
I received an email from danielr thanking me for writing about or adventure here in Columbus and just the good time everybody is having with this.

Then he mentioned something that surprised me.

He said "maybe you should ask for a dollar or so from some of the people that go to the P.E. site???? This could cover gas, time, film, hand warmers etc. I will become the 1st contributer if I know where to send it"

WELL - I could always use a dollar. SWEET.

He is not the first to express his feelings in this way. Many people have thanked me (more then I EVER dreamed) and thanked Columbus for it's hospitality.

But then I got thinking. I do not write for money, I write because I like to write. The reason so many people are making new friends is not ME, it's because the city of Columbus had the foresight to keep it's buildings intact. To keep the flavor of Columbus as is.

So - even though I'm getting $1 from
danielr which I feel honored, I have a request for YOU.

If you feel like helping and bringing a smile to me and you can spare $1, could you send it to this address to help out Columbus. To show your appreciation for this event that has brought us all together.

If you want you can email me saying you sent a buck and that will be all I need to bring a big goofy grin to my face.

address all of your $1 donations to

Public Enemies - Columbus blog
Columbus Auditorium Corporation
PO Box 365
Columbus WI 53925

What this will go for is the Auditorium in the City Hall. You see there was this Auditorium behind locked doors of the City Hall building. Many many many MANY years went by and no one actually looked at it. It was just an old room upstairs behind locked doors.

Then one day someone opened the doors and WOW - However it needs fixing and money is short. Funds go to all sorts of other Historical things.

So every dollar really does help.

OK - Pledge drive over. I'll mention this again from time to time for new people . This would bring a smile to my face (and we all want that right).

Funny - they don't know I'm doing this - Like to see the look on their faces with a few 41 donations LOL.

BTW - that is REAL snow - we received 11 inches. I had a three foot drift in my driveway.
In OTHER news - even though Public Enemies has left Columbus does not mean public enemies and crime has left this blog. I intend to keep up the flavor with a little history and so forth between begging for "set" information from the other towns (I see Aurora is in the mix now).

The Public Enemies Army is on the march and Universal can not escape us!

Unless you are like 12 with an eagle eye probably best to click on this to enlarge it

My (non-paying) research assistant Samantha Bulgerin came up with this.

Most of them were strictly small time, but "Big Dave" Earsman was a fairly well known racketeer and "safe-cracker" in Illinois who appears to have done some work for Capone. He seems to be most well known, however, for the fact that he was one of the few Chicago gangsters who died of natural causes (his appendix burst in 1930).

What I find especially intriguing is the gang's use of roofing tacks in their escape. This was a signature move of Dillinger's but obviously, the crime predating Dillinger's own career by seven years, they did it first. As far as I have found, they were the only criminals who used this tactic pre-Dillinger. I wonder if a certain later bank robber was inspired by this? Complete speculation of course, but it makes you wonder :)

I wonder if Mr. Burroughs would comment on any of the above - fill in any interesting details?
One last thing - I received this email that is so so sweet I have to share.

It is from a Japanese girl and I want to give her a big hug.

I will always have a look at it happily.

I am Japanese Johnny Depp fan.

I do not get off with a sudden email.

I am sorry I translate an article and a photograph of your blog into my blog, and to use it.

I can know information about Johnny quickly here and really look forward to daily life. I support you all the time from now on.

I can speak English, and please permit a sentence it because there is not it if there is an error.

Thank you supamabo830 - consider yourself hugged!
I'll have a story from one of the OTHER actors that were in Columbus next time - sort of funny!

Rod M.