Tuesday, March 18, 2008

16 hours - The Search for Johnny Depp 1:00 tp 6:00

OK - where was I before real life interfered.

OH yea - Pledge Drive - make sure you help me out by going over to The Isthmus Daily Page and reading (or pretend to read) my new article. Our Man In Columbus . However, I must tell you I lied. I really did not get Polar Bear food in my lap when you clicked the little red recommend. It was Beet Pudding and I am renegotiating (along with finding new clothing). Mixed up in the language obviously.

That was plagiarized from my last blog and I take full credit for both!

I believe I'm back at Base camp (things are a little fuzzy). Johnny Depp rode off into the . . sunset (so to speak) and we are waiting for his return. Meanwhile unbeknown to us everybody is on lunch break. We stand there shivering ready for anything.

It is at this point where things slow down. Nothing is happening and no one is to be found anywhere. We stand and stand and stand, the crowd grows larger. People are screaming at anything that moves out of boredom.

All I can do is try to put into words SOMETHING for The Isthmus and I am at a loss. Nothing has happened. I want to contact Clark Kent and tell him "I have nothing".


Yea - it's been a long time. There is a gap in security (which was fixed today) and we can see the exit to Johnny Depps trailer that no one else knows about.

It's been a long long long time but when Jerry the body guard opens the door to the magic SUV we know we are gold for a photo op.

I was like a machine gunner paparazzi