Tuesday, March 18, 2008

16 hours - The Search for Johnny Depp 4:00 to 6:45

News - shooting will continue in town until about noon - then indoor scenes in the afternoon. Darlington on Wednesday and back on Thursday. Christian Bale will NOT be in Columbus. -------------------------------
I woke, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head, on the way downstair . . . . . . geez, I feel I have heard this before.


Commotion outside. Sleepless night on a recliner. I look out the window at PE Base Camp and things are stirring. There are people outside. I take my first photo of the day! hmmmmmmm perhaps I need to wake up a little more.


I'm stationed on Ludington. There are perhaps 25 people around me. I have a perfect spot. The two people in chairs on my left are from Beaver Dam and have been there since 4:00. The set has a few random people walking around. Fresh fake snow is fallen overnight. The crowd is happy.

It is still dark and strangers talk about cold and shivering and the movie and excitement for what is suppose to be a day filled with high adventure.


Security shows up. Obviously some sort of alien as he does not feel cold. Our first tiny excitement happens when an old car arrives. Am I shivering with anticipation? I notice my white balance is a little off in the camera.


The giant orb is preparing to pierce the horizon . . . somewhere as the sky gets a little brighter. The set is active now and filling up. More security and they are looking at us in a way I do not like. Like - we are in the way.

It's exciting to know that these is the very first shots of the movie!!  The very beginning of a Major Motion Picture.