Tuesday, March 18, 2008

16 hours - The Search for Johnny Depp 4:00 to 6:45

News - shooting will continue in town until about noon - then indoor scenes in the afternoon. Darlington on Wednesday and back on Thursday. Christian Bale will NOT be in Columbus. -------------------------------
I woke, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head, on the way downstair . . . . . . geez, I feel I have heard this before.


Commotion outside. Sleepless night on a recliner. I look out the window at PE Base Camp and things are stirring. There are people outside. I take my first photo of the day! hmmmmmmm perhaps I need to wake up a little more.


I'm stationed on Ludington. There are perhaps 25 people around me. I have a perfect spot. The two people in chairs on my left are from Beaver Dam and have been there since 4:00. The set has a few random people walking around. Fresh fake snow is fallen overnight. The crowd is happy.

It is still dark and strangers talk about cold and shivering and the movie and excitement for what is suppose to be a day filled with high adventure.


Security shows up. Obviously some sort of alien as he does not feel cold. Our first tiny excitement happens when an old car arrives. Am I shivering with anticipation? I notice my white balance is a little off in the camera.


The giant orb is preparing to pierce the horizon . . . somewhere as the sky gets a little brighter. The set is active now and filling up. More security and they are looking at us in a way I do not like. Like - we are in the way.

It's exciting to know that these is the very first shots of the movie!!  The very beginning of a Major Motion Picture.


  1. Great blog! Keep up the good work. You guys must have been frozen to the core!

    Glad to see that you put your name on your photos to protect "YOUR" great shots. :)

    *keeps computer focused on this page for updates!!!*

    Thanks again,
    A new fan of yours!

  2. Reality sucks somedays. I would have been there but for -- real life. I tried. It just wasn't in the cards. Sigh. So I read your commentary with just a little hint of jealousy ~ and much gratitude and vicarious enjoyment!

    Somewhere along the line I may even work today.


  3. Warm Wishes to you!
    Thanks for your investment of time to keep us all informed.
    If I was there I would bring you warm drinks all day! :)
    Thank you!!!
    Keeping this blog on my base computer.

  4. Thank you for maintaining this and keeping us updated! I was B & R in Columbus, so this is pretty cool/surreal. Hopefully the crowds aren't interrupting and this ends up a positive experience for everyone. Stay warm out there :)

  5. I have to get going - back the "the set" for a little bit but I'll have more later today - honest.

    I need TWO Rods - one at the computer and one outside!

    CP - if you read there - we're coming over - need equipment.

  6. Great job! You deserve all the recognition for the great enthusiasm you have for the movie! Ask the mayor if she can pull some strings to get the Hollywood premiere of the movie in WI!

  7. Just logged in at 12.55am on WEDNESDAY in warm sunny Perth Australia, but I feel your cold dude you make me feel like I'm right in there and I've never even been in snow.I know Depp is the focus but could you see if you can get a shot of the other actors, no-one seems to know who is there. The guy in the car sitting next to Depp Monday,was IDed as an actor from Chicago (see imdb post), but I'd like to see Wenham, Dorff,Cochrane etc.

    just logged in. 12.52am WEDNESDAY in beautiful warm sunny Perth.

  8. It was great meeting you yesterday! This blog is a great job, and I know you got some awesome pics. I'm so glad that you got the pics of downtown, and stuff that I missed! I'm gonna try to be there again on Thursday

  9. You're doing a great job! Also wanted to be there yesterday but couldn't...*bloody work*! Groans. Thanks for such good coverage.

  10. Dorff was walking around yesterday signing autographs. He plans to be there today. So I assume they are doing the bank robbery today as Dorff is playing Homer.

  11. Wouldn't they be doing the bank robbery on Thursday? Please more sightings of Dorff etc.

  12. I have been following this blog since someone forwarded it to me last week - NICE!! Thanks for all the information. Does anyone know if 'after' filming, we will be able to walk around uptown to get an up close view of all the renovations? I have gotten as close as we could before filming, but would love to see the up close views of all the stores. Thanks again Rod, this is truly great!

  13. They did many, many takes of the escape out of the bank. Nice view from city hall, and not a big crowd. It's a little sunny now too! Sweet!!

    On a side note...if any of you here heard the mass sirens around 11am, that was an accident on our corner over on Prairie. There were many near-misses yesterday, but today the speeding through the intersections had a bad ending. Nobody was badly injured, but the vehicles are junk.

    Please slow down and pay attention if you are driving around here this week. I was coming down my steps as this happened, and found a guy's van laying on its side pretty much in my yard! What a wild beginning to my walk downtown!!

  14. Gee I have to go to work and look at what I've missed!!!