Tuesday, March 18, 2008

16 hours - The Search for Johnny Depp 7:00- 8:30

7:00 am

We are told that since we are not looking like 1930's people we need to clear out of that area and to go to the City Hall a few blocks away.

As we all walk up there hundreds and people and after a while decide to go back to Base camp. I get the other original place and see I can still get some photos

Interesting thing happened. The front car was backing up and BLAM - runs into the first car. All hell breaks loose as they are looking at damage. Michael Mann looks . . . .MAD! He is in the green jacket - barely visible.


Johnny Depp arrives and within minutes him and Michael Mann take off for the set.

8:27am - new location

Depp and Mann come back - real Paparazzi photos as I have gotten the evil eye a number of times and am now disguised as an SUV.

Notice mustache still on.

Mann and Depp go to the wardrobe trailer.

More in a little while