Tuesday, March 18, 2008

16 hours - The Search for Johnny Depp 9:30 - 12:45ish

OK gang - it's pledge drive time. :-)

Help me out by going over to The Isthmus Daily Page and reading (or pretend to read) my new article. Our Man In Columbus . However, I must tell you I lied. I really did not get Polar Bear food in my lap when you clicked the little red recommend. It was Beet Pudding and I am renegotiating (along with finding new clothing). Mixed up in the language obviously.
For anyone interested - the latest on the camera seems to by NOT Panivision and most are guessing some sort of HD. It could be a Red One Camera, but its certainly not panavision.
As for other stars - No one has seen anything good. There was a siting of Stephan Dorff but they are keeping a low profile it seems.

Boredom enters the scene and I'm walking about looking for action. I'm lucky as I can go in to get warm at times. There is one girl who was at the gates at 6:00 wearing a light sweater and a thin vest. She was there from 6:00 to 8:30 in 25-30 degree weather. DJ was very worried about her when she was no longer standing upright but bent over in pain.

This photo is one of the calmer times. It really got active when it got later in the day and the word spread that Johnny Depp was driving by at times.


I wander to the far side of town to see what is happening and take a short cut. I come upon the food trailer. SWEET - I'm pretty hungry - think they would mind if I helped my self?


I'm on the far side of Ludington and can actually see filming. This is the best spot I have seen so far. It is here where I meet even more that have read the blog. One guy looks at me and asks "are you grinder?" YUP.

I start snapping away. Notice the Indiana flag in this shot (it is Indian isn't it? Just going on what I heard). Actually the right hand side of the street is NOT in the movie. Nice touch by a business owner.

That is Michael Mann in front of the camera.

A little out of sequence but here is a close up of that little filming trick. All the driving scene's would involve going around the block so there were times where they would circle the block six or seven times.

There are actually three people on that sled - One guy is in the middle scrunched down.

The woman in the blue on the right - more then twelve hours in 25-30 degree weather in a thin sweater and thin vest. This is when she was standing upright. She never moved from the one spot! DJ was pretty worried about hypothermia. - OOPS - a little redundant!! sorry

I must take a break.