Friday, March 28, 2008

Bale Sighted - and not where you would think!

But first I have a public service announcement.

Take a look at Saturdays temperature.

I don't know about you guys but when it gets above 400 I start to complain a little.

Christian Bale was sited in Valparaiso, Indiana. That's right. I'm still looking into this bit of truthyness but it seems legit. It's the right timing and the person that spotted him had the right attitude. Seems there is some filming going on in or around his apartment and a few days ago he had an idea it was PE with Depp and MAYBE Christian Bale.

Then yesterday!

From a Facebook entry - i just met christian bale...
... it was close quarters on the stairwell. they waved me up. i gave him the nod. he gave me the nod. neat.

Something in me says this is legit. thanks vera from Australia

Thanks SAM for the newspaper article (SAM is me unofficial lowly paid newspaper historian).
Beaver Dam - do you guys think I sit around all night at the computer?

Well - almost but not last night. The Apprentice was on and I like Trace Atkins - he was pretty FUNNY!!!

Speaking of Beaver Dam - DJ and I were in Beaver Dam the other day and were cruising around and we actually saw the Hotel Rogers and I beleive DJ said "that would be a good building for the movie". Little did we know that the Hotel Rogers was actually selected.

Only the inside lobby will be used and it will be in late April, about the same time as Columbus.

I have no other real news on the Beaver Dam shoot - HOWEVER - if you read this news article from wiscnews I WAS THERE - SHE ALMOST RAN ME OVER!!!!!

so weird - Missy Nelson - if you read this blog - do you have a white car???

I was just getting to that area Monday when a white car ( as I remember it) screams up the street and comes to a screeching halt behind the crowd. I sort of jump out of the way and wait to see what famous person jumps out.

I see a normal woman fly out of the car clutching something, she runs towards the crowd, talks to security who let her though and then she gallops towards the bank.

I stand there with a big "?" above my head and then forget about it.

Last night I see this article. NO WAY!!!
Oshkosh - I got this info last night - I would print the name but I'm not sure if I should

The transformation has started. Not too much going on right now. Just started two of the store fronts (a photo of one of them is attached) and they put up some scaffolding to build a fake wall to hide our hideous sundial fountain. I talked to one of the workers today and she told me that she's a local gal. They are utilizing the local stagehands union for some of the transformation work. (this is typical, they use local union people).

They are also going to do some filming in one of our larger, Victorian-type homes. Rumor is they paid the family to move out for a month and they were going to take all of the furnishings out. Word today is that they may have already started filming.
Aurora - filming will be two days April 6,7th at the Paramount Theater. They will be used as the Biograph where Dillinger was gunned down next to the "Lady in Red" (actually it was orange but Lady in Orange just sounds silly).
I have to share this photo from . . . oh my, Daina Zemliauskas-Juozevicius

I'm still collecting photos, if you know anyone with flicker accounts and PE photos let me know the address or tell the person to contact me.

I was looking at some old Black & White photos and came upon this one. That's me, the little guy, my brother Ralls and my Dad.

We had an accordion band of maybe 15 people(??). We would be in parades on a flat bed truck. I don't remember much except the part where I played "Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooly" on a stage once.

I stopped playing the accordion when I realized that an accordion is not the chick magnet I was told it would be. So I took up the cello.

We are searching for adult male African American pool players ASAP

We are also searching for medium to thin men to play homeless, long hair would be great! Considering all. ASAP (DAMN - I just got a hair cut - I looked like a homeless man yesterday- now I look like a powerful and attractive man - MAN that is bad luck)

We are also searching for real police and detective types!!

We are shooting in the Chicago area and need people with great faces for this 1930s period film. We are currently looking for men no taller than 6’1’’ and no larger than a size 44 jacket. Women should be no taller than 5’8’’ and no larger than a size 10. If you are already registered with Joan Philo you are still required to resubmit.

If you are available please contact our e-mail address and immediately send us a recent color photograph with all your stats (height, weight, clothing sizes – phone, address)

Please send in photographs ASAP.
Location: Chicago
I gotta say this - Charter email is giving me a ROYAL PAIN IN THE BUTT this morning! Charter I curse you . . AGAIN!
More later hopefully.