Friday, March 28, 2008

Bale Sighted - and not where you would think!

But first I have a public service announcement.

Take a look at Saturdays temperature.

I don't know about you guys but when it gets above 400 I start to complain a little.

Christian Bale was sited in Valparaiso, Indiana. That's right. I'm still looking into this bit of truthyness but it seems legit. It's the right timing and the person that spotted him had the right attitude. Seems there is some filming going on in or around his apartment and a few days ago he had an idea it was PE with Depp and MAYBE Christian Bale.

Then yesterday!

From a Facebook entry - i just met christian bale...
... it was close quarters on the stairwell. they waved me up. i gave him the nod. he gave me the nod. neat.

Something in me says this is legit. thanks vera from Australia

Thanks SAM for the newspaper article (SAM is me unofficial lowly paid newspaper historian).
Beaver Dam - do you guys think I sit around all night at the computer?

Well - almost but not last night. The Apprentice was on and I like Trace Atkins - he was pretty FUNNY!!!

Speaking of Beaver Dam - DJ and I were in Beaver Dam the other day and were cruising around and we actually saw the Hotel Rogers and I beleive DJ said "that would be a good building for the movie". Little did we know that the Hotel Rogers was actually selected.

Only the inside lobby will be used and it will be in late April, about the same time as Columbus.

I have no other real news on the Beaver Dam shoot - HOWEVER - if you read this news article from wiscnews I WAS THERE - SHE ALMOST RAN ME OVER!!!!!

so weird - Missy Nelson - if you read this blog - do you have a white car???

I was just getting to that area Monday when a white car ( as I remember it) screams up the street and comes to a screeching halt behind the crowd. I sort of jump out of the way and wait to see what famous person jumps out.

I see a normal woman fly out of the car clutching something, she runs towards the crowd, talks to security who let her though and then she gallops towards the bank.

I stand there with a big "?" above my head and then forget about it.

Last night I see this article. NO WAY!!!
Oshkosh - I got this info last night - I would print the name but I'm not sure if I should

The transformation has started. Not too much going on right now. Just started two of the store fronts (a photo of one of them is attached) and they put up some scaffolding to build a fake wall to hide our hideous sundial fountain. I talked to one of the workers today and she told me that she's a local gal. They are utilizing the local stagehands union for some of the transformation work. (this is typical, they use local union people).

They are also going to do some filming in one of our larger, Victorian-type homes. Rumor is they paid the family to move out for a month and they were going to take all of the furnishings out. Word today is that they may have already started filming.
Aurora - filming will be two days April 6,7th at the Paramount Theater. They will be used as the Biograph where Dillinger was gunned down next to the "Lady in Red" (actually it was orange but Lady in Orange just sounds silly).
I have to share this photo from . . . oh my, Daina Zemliauskas-Juozevicius

I'm still collecting photos, if you know anyone with flicker accounts and PE photos let me know the address or tell the person to contact me.

I was looking at some old Black & White photos and came upon this one. That's me, the little guy, my brother Ralls and my Dad.

We had an accordion band of maybe 15 people(??). We would be in parades on a flat bed truck. I don't remember much except the part where I played "Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooly" on a stage once.

I stopped playing the accordion when I realized that an accordion is not the chick magnet I was told it would be. So I took up the cello.

We are searching for adult male African American pool players ASAP

We are also searching for medium to thin men to play homeless, long hair would be great! Considering all. ASAP (DAMN - I just got a hair cut - I looked like a homeless man yesterday- now I look like a powerful and attractive man - MAN that is bad luck)

We are also searching for real police and detective types!!

We are shooting in the Chicago area and need people with great faces for this 1930s period film. We are currently looking for men no taller than 6’1’’ and no larger than a size 44 jacket. Women should be no taller than 5’8’’ and no larger than a size 10. If you are already registered with Joan Philo you are still required to resubmit.

If you are available please contact our e-mail address and immediately send us a recent color photograph with all your stats (height, weight, clothing sizes – phone, address)

Please send in photographs ASAP.
Location: Chicago
I gotta say this - Charter email is giving me a ROYAL PAIN IN THE BUTT this morning! Charter I curse you . . AGAIN!
More later hopefully.



  1. So, how does one dress for a 400 degree day? That must be quite the weather system coming in :)

  2. 400 degrees after standing in the cold Monday and Tuesday sounds marvelous. I think I might finally be able to wear my flip flops. Sweet.

  3. Blog is choc full again today Rod with interesting news. We are having a balmy Indian summer here lazing on the hammock till early eve.(almost 400degrees.)Sadly daylight saving ends this weekend. It is a trail period of a couple of years, most Australian states have it, but some folks around here think an extra hour of sun leads to increased crimes ala Dillinger style he he. I still haven't heard which robbery will be filmed at Oshkosh, then I'll know which gang members aka actors will be there. Poor Jason Clarke the Australian actor who played Red Hamilton in Columbus, nobody took his pic. After everyone has read Public enemies the book, we should have a 'book club'discussion. Joan Philo casting just called. They need an accordian player for the Poser house shoot.

  4. Someone stopped in my office earlier to tell me that one of the businesses 2 blocks from where I work in Wisconsin Rapids had a sign up that said "Johnny Depp was here". Another person heard earlier that he was in town today on the radio this morning so I've been trying to catch any news items about it, but so far nothing.

    Anyone hear anything?

  5. Rod,
    Once again you have done a great job fulfilling all our curious minds.

    Glad to hear that Bale was finally sited. He sure is keeping a low profile or at least it seems to be that way.

    I loved the story about the woman racing to get a candy bar...did you note the article said "Hershey" candy bar? See, there is a little bit of Hershey in all of us and not just south central PA!!:)

    When I come to the screening maybe I should bring some Hershey bars from Hershey, PA, whatcha think?

    Thanks for the updates on the filming! My fingers are crossed that I make it to Beaver Dam. How far is that from Columbus?

  6. Viola, I thought that pbhgirl got a photo of Jason Clarke... but I'm not sure.

    Still nothing on Wisconsin Rapids. Not to dash your hopes but maybe somebody is just playing a gag putting the sign in the window?

  7. Rachel, you're not dashing my hopes. LOL Being stuck in this office with no windows pretty much sucked any hope out of me anyway. I was just curious if it was actually true since we are only a couple of hours from multiple shooting locations.

  8. The Exclusive Company in Oshkosh! Oh man, did that little pic bring back memories. I used to work with "Mr. G" ("Say it with me!") in Oskosh on his ads, way back when. That's his original store. I feel for kids these days; they aren't going to be able to go through their teens and 20s with huge chunks of their life played out in record stores.

    Rod, I am sending you a separate email with my flickr address from last week's Columbus shoot. You may use any of them-- you're as ethical as they come.

    Christine the Historian, Beaver Dam is separated from Columbus by 10 minutes via Highway 151, headed northwest. Where would you be driving from?

    The problem with jumping from below-average temps to the 400s is that there is no time to gradually work on the shorts'n't-shirt tan. On the other hand, less layers for those early Brewers games...


  9. 400 degrees? so i can get a nice base tan for the summer and eat frozen pizzas without having to put them in the oven, not bad

  10. Christine the Historian will be coming from Pennsylvania - I don't think the extra 10 miles will matter that much! LOL

  11. m ~ Thanks for letting me know where Beaver Dam is located and yes, Rod is right since I'm already traveling 800+ miles to get there,another 10 won't be a problem:)

    I'm looking forward to the drive. What are gas prices like up there? Rod, maybe along with the weather you could give an update on gas prices as well. . . just a thought for those of us who are traveling a little further than most.;)

    I never even thought about seeing a Brewers game when I'm there. . .I wonder if that is a possibility? hmmmm....

  12. Tami, I feel your pain. I'm stuck in a "cube row" with no sunlight. I also understand having the JD excitement. I hope he is in the area to spice up your day.

    Christine the Historian - we are sitting at $3.26 here in Madison right now. It went down a few cents from the last time I filled up.

    We look forward to having you come for a visit :)

  13. It's a great day!

    My PE book came in, the sun is shining (though it's not quite 400 down here in Beloit) AND Johnny Depp is running around in my state = )

    I'm loving all the stories as well as the useful information. Thanks again for taking the time. What a great down to earth bunch you all are, no wonder Johnny is crazy about Columbus. Next time I get up to Beaver Dam I just may have to check you guys out...

  14. **tangent alert**

    Christine, here's a link to the Brewers schedule:

    If you are a baseball fan, you would love Miller Park! And the Brew Crew looks to repeat their strong showing of last season. I was kidding about home games being affected by weather-- there's a moveable dome. My Mother's Day gift will be a family outing to the ballyard!


  15. You guys have a great weekend - if I hear anything interesting I'll post it.

    Looks to me it'll be quite - BUT - you never know! ;-)

  16. Joan Philo casting just called. They need an accordian player for the Poser house shoot.

    *hysterical laughter*
    Good one.

  17. I have again very much ingenuous question concerning the other characters. Has anybody got their complete list? I read about the gang of Dillinger a lot. Especially I was interested in the stories of their women. Each member of gang had the girlfriend. Very colourful and loyal ladies! I'd like to see them in the film. Does anybody know, are there these characters in the script? Or will this part be limited by Johnny and Billie?

  18. no much traffic coming from the folks in Africa, Russia, China and the Middle East. they should get with the program and start paying some attention to the PE filming

  19. I thought that pbhgirl got a photo of Jason Clarke... but I'm not sure.

    That turned out to be Stephen Dorff.

  20. Rod, you asked for Flickr accounts...I'm not familiar enough with Flickr but I did a general search of 'public enemies' at Photobucket and came up with this:

    Looks like a lot of people are just 'borrowing' pics, but there are *alot* of pics there I had not seen yet. And I'm not even done looking!

  21. What is that place anyway - some are mine with other peoples names LOL

    Not that I'm going to get anal but just curious!

  22. Photobucket is just another type of Flickr thing as far as I know. And, yeah, that's what I meant about 'borrowing' pics. LOL

    I did see one with credit to you though! (I haven't looked thru all of them yet.)

  23. At some point tomorrow I should have some Oshkosh info.

  24. Anonymous, greeting from Russia!
    I believe of my attention to PE will be enough for all country. It`s just HUGE!

  25. That turned out to be Stephen Dorff...

    Darn. I'll have to find a picture and keep an eye out for him.

    As far as "borrowing" photos, Rod, you must have had a lot of people in the upstairs window with you to get the same shots :)

    I am addicted to this blog. I feel like I am missing something if I don't check it whenever I walk by the computer.

    Shout out to Kolokshanka who is representing our Russian "Public Enemies" friends :)

    Everyone, have a safe and fabulous weekend.

  26. VIOLA- I have 2 pics of Jason Clarke.

  27. I'll post some photos tomorrow of Mr. Clark.

    I knew I had seen him - the Columbus Paprazzi aka CP aka Jenny has a few!


  28. I've asked about the PE Women too and I'll try to get a complete list. So far its Billie Frechette, Lilian the Sheriff. Then the Biograph ladies Polly Hamilton, Anna Sage. The Little Bohemia shootout had a few wives and gfs. I believe Hoover's secretary Doris was quite a character.Let's face it, this is a wall to wall hunk o spunk movie.No mention of PE in Australia, but someone has knocked off the PE book in the local library, they are getting in another copy for me. Could be 6 weeks, Damn. btw they made a feature movie in my area a month ago called TWO FISTS ONE HEART. Lousy title with no stars but it shows off a lot of the coastal scenery. No-one made much a fuss about it.The producer was David Elphick who produced RABBIT PROOF FENCE which featured Jason Clarke!

  29. Thanks, Viola!

  30. Hello!! Who whant's to see anybody from Russia? O'K!!! The Russians is really out there!!! We watch'd....
    As you see my english is the really bad!!! Thats why I'm gust watch'd!!!!
    Please!!! Somebody!! Tell me thomesing about THE BEST MAN IN THE WORLD!!! About lovely, sweet and sexy DAVID WENHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Greetings to another Russian friend -

    The fabulous pbhgirl took this fantastic shot of David Wenham.... here is the link to the photo

  33. I think my post from yesterday was
    removed? I don't think I said anything offensive or incorrect???
    Can you contact me personally,
    Grinder to let me know what the problem was? I don't even remember
    what I wrote!!

  34. here are some pictures from crown point including inside the old jail where they were filming for the movie.

  35. Thank you dear Rachel! We have this photo on our Russia David "sexy man" Whenham site. Thanks for another Russian girl on this blog. And off cours thank you dear Rachel!!!
    Kisses from Russia!

  36. Hi guys - busy day - I'm actually working on The Book and my next task is a new blog.

    I can not remember deleting anything yesterday . . .except the Wisconsin Badgers from my bracket.

    There was one blog that was deleted by the author ?????

    I gotta tell ya - this book is going to be SWEET!! Even if I do say so!

    OK - I gotta get my bloggy typey fingers in action!

  37. OH - just so you know - the only posts I have deleted are two virus looking things and a few redundant comments where someone had a little too much coffee posted it 2 or 3 times.

    One post I wanted to delete because it was not a happy happy joy joy post BUT - I let it go!

    OK = back to typing.

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