Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Blog That Runs Itself

It is pretty darn nice when blog has the readership that allows it to run itself. The readers are acting like adults talking to adults for the most part and giving out information when they see it.

If you never venture into the Comments area you are missing out on some great content. I applaud the Comments area and from all the blogs I have ever read I have to think this Comment area is one of the best.

Here are a few links to photos from the area (we need a cool name for this area)

debsmad's photos of Oshkosh

photo from ty of the building they are filming

Pretty good article from Galesburg dot com

A photo that ty found of the Chicago filming
notice lights on top of building

As for deleting comments. I've only deleted a few so far. I deleted two because they looked like they could contain a virus or some other harmful entity. I've deleted a few comments because they were redundant and I have deleted the remnants of a few a few that were already deleted by "author".

Yesterday I deleted one that just pissed me off with what I deemed an insult to my writing capabilities (only "I" can insult me and I do it all the time). However in retrospect perhaps being told I write like a 17 year old was a compliment and it is I that insulted 17 year olds by thinking this was a bad thing.

To any 17 year olds I do apologize.

It just shows that this blog is not a Democracy it is more of a Dictatorship where "the leader has not been elected and may use force to keep control."

The Anonymous commenter asked why I was trying to raise money for the Auditorium when I should be raising money for the Police Department. That is a very good question. But perhaps Anonymous is also being shortsighted. Why not raise money for hunger, why not raise money for schools, why not raise money to help our solders in foreign lands or our Fire Department.

The reason I'm not raising money for the above is that they already have ways for raise money. The citizens already fund the Police Department and Fire Department. There is already an infrastructure for the USO. I have gone to events where the Fire Department has raised money selling Miller, Miller Lite, Bud, Bud Light (those beers are like drinking my own bile, God they taste hideous - pure swill - NOT that I mind other people drinking "it". . . . but that is another story).

Plus - none of these organizations are the reason Universal picked Columbus. The reason Universal picked Columbus is it's buildings and if you have paid attention, I am very very into the "Pay It Forward" theme. It is something my dad instilled into me.

Thus - the Auditorium. I tend to give inanimate objects feelings and personalities. Buildings have feelings and this building is old and needs care, it had a broken arm and nobody cared for a long long time. I want to help. (Don't worry, I only take this "feeling" thing so far, remember, my wife DJ is always there to ground me . . what did you say Mr. Chair?).
Enough preaching.

DJ and I are thinking of a Kurth Brewery visit Friday night. If anyone is in the area COME ON DOWN!! (do they have ANYTHING besides Miller and Bud?)

I watched "I Am Legend" last night. I think DJ saw 15 minutes and then went into the bedroom for some relax time. Interesting movie if you like Zombies. Will Smith is awesome but the problem I had (besides a VERY VERY touching sad dog scene) was that throughout the movie things happened that were never answered.

I have a pretty nice Home Theater and a 7.1 sound system in our little house (I am a total audio geek with a 4 foot tall sub woofer) and I'll watch anything in HD or converted HD. HD zombies are awesome (insert evil laugh).

On another note - there is a documentary this summer about Lions. What is truly amazing is that they follow a lion family for three years and it is shot by . . . . .TRAINED ELEPHANTS!!

Thats right. They put cameras in fake tree trunks and have trained elephants follow the family around putting the tree cams in the places with the best views. Then a remote operator can focus the turn the camera to the correct view.

When the tigers move the elephant will move the tree cam and the tigers are not the wiser.
Movie stuff.

Interesting thing about the 1932 Dillinger Studebaker that was NOT used in the movie. I'll save that for tomorrow as I just found out. Michael Mann!! details details details.

Last but not least - here is ONE page of The Book - this will give you a look and feel of what I'm trying to accomplish. You like?

OK - gotta go buy things to help the American economy - it's getting close to garden season you know and I have SO many gardens (more on that later).

Rod M