Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Columbus Closes to Traffic


Columbus closes today to traffic as work begins in a more serious manner. All the street lights are being taken down, all street signs are vanishing.

ON a side note - this blog broke a ONE WEEK RECORD yesterday with 992 hits! From Kagoshima Japan, to Zurich Switzerland and Stockholm Sweden, to Perth Australia, Sacramento California and all points in between. Thanks guys! I'm doing my best!

I have a cluster map on the right but it only shows about 150 hits at the moment.

Right side photo courtesy of Hollywood WI.
No word yet on the Casting Call - I have my fingers cross. HEY I'm doing my part here toss me a bone!
Plans are in place for crowd control as thousands are expected to pour into town Monday. You should have a chance to see filming IF (VERY VERY BIG IF) you are quiet. There will be all sorts of gunfire but no explosions. The movie will be shooting through out the day, weather permitting, (see - I'm even keeping track of the weather WHAT MUST I DO!!).

Parking will be very limited - remember - the town is only 4,500 so the infrastructure will be stretched to the limit (toilets, restaurants and so forth) thank goodness a McDonald's opened last week on the edge of town which for a town this size is pretty exciting.

Yours truly will hopeful find a good spot to watch the activities (if I am mistakenly passed over as an extra) and will be writing a piece for The Isthumus.

That is all I have today. The company is keeping a tight lid on a lot of information (unless you are a business owner).

I'll have more when I get ANY info!

NEW 11:21 - Movie personnel to use school lots COLUMBUS ? Campers, semis and other trucks will begin rolling into the parking lots of Columbus elementary, middle and high schools this weekend, Superintendent of Schools Mark Jansen informed the school board on Monday night. "The field representative for 'Public Enemies' met with me three weeks ago," Jansen said after the meeting. The vehicles will serve as dressing rooms for actors as well as being used to carry props and equipment, Jansen said. Most of the vehicles will be stationed in the middle and elementary school parking lots (on Dickason Boulevard and Fuller Street). School is not in session next week.

Some photos are from the Colonial Carriage Works Site



  1. LOL Rod! Not laughing at you, but... how 'quite' do I have to be? I can be quite charming, I can be quite magnanimous, I can be quite silly... aw, man, yanno I luvs ya! If I get to Columbus on Monday, I shall endeavor to be quiet as a mouse. :) I am just wondering if a crowd of thousands can truly be 'quiet.'

    Got a local porta-potty business? They could make a fortune!

    Keep it coming! I'll keep coming here in hopes of good tidbits! You're doing a great job!

  2. Where the Christian Bale pics? huh?

  3. Welcome to my little world of dyslexia ( I was diagnosed in 3rd grade).

    At least I see all the letters as the same color.

    Some people see every letter as a different color I guess. I just can not spell.

    No prob on the correcting - I'm VERY used to it and it is appreciated!

  4. Friend, you've come far, and you're in good company! That one gets everyone! It's one that makes me giggle... :) Hubby considers me his very own personal spell checker... And my kids inherited *his* spelling gene (or is that lack thereof?). Sigh.

    Bale ... WHOA! *stares*

  5. Frack! You are making it terribly difficult to work! LOL! I'm addicted, and every time I click over here, you've got something new! I gotta believe that if the school lots will be full of trailers, etc., then perhaps Sunday afternoon/evening might be good times to wander the streets of Columbus. Monday's not looking so good for me, got too many irons in the fire. :( Will they film if it's raining/snowing? Yes, I even click over to your weather site! Pitiful, that's me. :)

    Found an item that tickled the funny bone - perhaps Columbus residents ought to be made aware, from Wikipedia's Dillinger page: "Another time, the gang pretended to be part of a film company that was scouting locations for a "bank robbery" scene. Bystanders stood and smiled as a real robbery ensued and Dillinger and friends rode off with the loot." Are you sure that's Michael Mann? ROTFL... and how exciting that Jenny got the goods! Looking forward to much more!

  6. Rod you KNOW we are lovin' your reports! These are great news bits that you are sharing with us! I'm getting so excited for you! And congrats on the global hits! Fingers continued to be crossed for a call back! It's getting dang uncomfortable trying to type with crossed fingers so I wish they'd hurry with their call for ya!

  7. Well - Jenny is following MM and the production team around staying a block away. Many locations - all pretty interesting and funny!

  8. Ha-Ha School is closed for next week! What a bunch of lucky kids!!

  9. ok duh to me once again-its spring break. This whole PE thing is making my mind go...I cant concentrate or think properly.. I keep day dreaming..haha

  10. WOO HOO Jenny! Get plenty of practice following that production team around. PE# 1 is coming and we need you right on his trail! ;)

  11. Hello, I came across your blog and found it very interesting. Will keep reading throughout the shoot. Thanks for the insider details. My husband was cast as an extra--the wardrobe fitting and haircuts happen this Thursday and he's been called to filming on Monday. Exciting!