Monday, March 10, 2008

Details Details Details

It's all about the details.

We watched 3:10 To Yuma and then watched some of the extra stuff on the making of the movie. I have come to the conclusion that details are like Extras. You never actually see the details but it is amazing how many there are.

For instance. They described the inside of the house with all very simple worn out furniture BUT well taken care off. Yea - that was what I was noticing, how well the wife Alice Evans kept care of the furniture. I also liked how the night before the big finale' in the arid desert town HAD 2 FEET OF SNOW! They were forced to truck in tons and tons of dirt to cover the snow.

And you wonder why movies cost so much.

So I was walking around Columbus looking in windows at the details along with MANY other people Sunday afternoon. I have never seen Columbus so busy on a Sunday.

The photos you see are from my walk - here is a tip - USE A POLARIZING FILTER to take out the glare! I didn't!

I did see one WRONG thing that was put in a window out of it's time period. In the photo on the right there is a flat of Parker Pens. My dad worked for Parker for 30 years and I worked there a few summers. We always had access to the newest Parkers and those pens are from the late 60's. I remember those because there was a story behind the mixing of plastic and those pens were AWESOME.

They were fountain pens with mixed colors and NOT from the 30's. But - I don't think most people will notice. In fact I doubt people will notice ANY of the windows.

Here is where I sort of type random sentences so be warned.

Note to Kristain -yea yea yea - I'll get that crap to you (you can tell I'm excited about filling out IRS junk for the newspaper) So Diane, Blake my Cardi Corgi and I walked around Columbus snapping shots. Hollywood WI who lives closer has some nice photos (with a polarizer?)

There was also a Michael Mann sighting as he walked around looking at progress.

From what I was told the actual shoot will only take about 20 minutes if all goes well.

The staging area for Extras will be at the Fireman's pavilion about a mile down the road which is a pretty impressive building in itself.

This is a movie theater - I saw some photos earlier with a question mark wondering WHAT those were.

The one thing I have learned in this entire process is just how amazing Columbus actually is and I have a project in mind that I will have to talk to some higher up city people about.

When I moved here I was more concerned with building a modest house on a golf course. The actual CITY was nice and had old buildings. Now I look at these buildings in a new light and really - they are very beautiful and in amazing shape. I can see why Michael Mann thinks he found a diamond in the rough.

Back on topic - if you are planning on coming to Columbus for the shoot it seems like the whole of southern Wisconsin will be here. Come early and be prepared for a crowd. The good news is WE HAVE A NEW McDONALDS!! Yea - pretty exciting for a town of 4,500. It's by the highway and not near the Main Street.

So - on a slow news day I will leave you with a little eye candy.

And speaking of Johnny Depp's Height (yea I'm reading Johnny Depp Reads - you guys be careful :-) - I got the info from CelebHeight.

Also - I was under no illusion the casting call would be anything more or less then what it was. I had read about the other casting calls. Plus - if any of you can figure out this place let me know - getting a freakish amount of hits today!

Black Pearl  Is this Japanese?

Also - I'm taking off work Monday for the shoot for photos and words UNLESS I'm in the movie!



  1. First thing I did this AM was - read all about your adventures in your blog! Well, okay, I lie - I made coffee first. And walked the dog. And got ready for work. :) Sounds like the casting call was everything it was supposed to be, a lesson in patience. Hurry up and wait. Thanks for the pics - and how in the world can someone not know what a 'blog' is in today's world... snort.

    So how many extras will McDonalds hire for the shoot? Might be a busy place come next week Monday. I have a previous engagement for Monday AM, but hope to find someone to cover. Otherwise I won't make it to Columbus until 9:30, and I fear all the good stuff will be over!

    That's a nice series of shots of Depp - how 'bout some equal time for Bale? LOL!

  2. P.S. -- apparently, if you write it, they will come. I tried clicking on the link, and my computer wants to load the Japanese language pack...

  3. Japanese language pack - yea - co-workers had that problem also - I guess I have that installed - thank goodness.

  4. Hey! I almost went to Columbus yesterday to check it out! But I was too lazy.. now I regret it!

    I have a question..So the following right..?

    The Columbus shoot is all for a bank robbery and the bank he is robbing in Columbus will only be seen from the outside..and that the bank in Milwaukee will be the "pretend inside" of the bank from Columbus?
    I guess I'm just a bit

  5. OK - the bank robbery.

    The INSIDE will be at the Historical Society Bank in Milwaukee.

    The getaway will be from the outside (and a little of the inside) of the "bank" in Columbus (was a bank at one time) and then down the street.

    The ACTUAL robbery was in Indiana!

    I think you had it right!

  6. Hey! Me, again. Not that I need another blog to read, but the book's author, Bryan Burrough, is blogging about it at

  7. I agree with Kaylinne, we need some Christian Bale pics.

  8. Greetings! I found your blog doing some searches about the movie and really enjoyed reading about the excitement in the town. I have been a HUGE Johnny Depp fan since I was in high school so I am taking off work to come and check things out on Monday. Any suggestions for someone coming from Madison?

    I look forward to meeting some great people and fellow fans on Monday.

    If anyone wants to shoot me an email I'm


  9. Only suggestion is watch the blog - there might be weather issues. Form MadCity just take the 1st exit and go as far as you can. I think once you are blocked the best idea is to go LEFT.

    My feeling is the action will be on the right side of the street with cameras on the left.

    I'll have more once it gets closer to Monday

  10. Thanks so much! This is so exciting and I am so glad to see that a small town is going to get some revenue out of this. I am going to make sure to take sometime to check out the downtown and patronize some stores.

    I will keep checking and I appreciate you keeping us posted.


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