Thursday, March 20, 2008

I am the Press!

I do have PE news - just read through the fluff.
Calm before the storm.

No really.

Today is the first day of spring and if you live in Southern Wisconsin you know that the Winter of 07/08 was a real bear. We broke a record in not only snow fall but the amount of snow events, every three days it seemed for a while. We are on the verge of breaking the 100 inches of snow barrier.

So what does the first day of spring forecast say? WINTER STORM WATCH 5 to 9 inches of snow Friday!
Very special note to Emily - fear not - I have not forgotten about you (I took a photo of Emily who was an extra and it turned out pretty darn good - but I want her to see it before you guys).
I have been "talking" to Christine (not Steven King's car but a human) about writing and history and my mom who has traced one side of our family tree back to 1061 England (about).

One interesting tidbit is in her book Snapshots Along the Way.


My ancestor, Lydia Gilbert
was accused of witchcraft in Hartford
in November of sixteen hundred and fifty-four.
Her son was the Marshall of Hartford.
He arrested and jailed his mother.

Her accusers sat as her jury.
She was convicted and sentenced
to die on the gallows at Albany Street and Vine.

In Hartford the hanging of witches
was one of the duties of Marshall.

There's no written proof of her hanging.
That page has been torn from the records,
but in January her husband left Hartford, along
He moved to the village of Nayuag.
In sixteen-sixty he died there
Without ever seeing his son, the Marshall, again.

I have a meeting in the "bank" (Columbus Visitor Center) today. Not sure what it is but it seems I am now considered PRESS. AWESOME!

I also got a call from WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee. They wanted to interview little ol' me last night, BUT - it was Bowling night!! I think they think I am someone else or something.

I got an email from John Peters. It seems Universal contacted him about his street light. He sent them some photos and within 15 seconds (maybe a little longer) they were knocking on his door to borrow it so they could create eight more like it.

The style was used exclusively in Chicago and he thought it was going to be used in "Chicago" but they are turning up in Columbus.

Johnny Depp is in Columbus today and is filming on the streets as we speak and inside I believe this afternoon.

As told to me by CP, Tuesday night Jerry (body guard) comes out of the trailer and tells the crowd that Johnny will come out and sign autographs for 15 minutes. Form a line, no shoving, no screaming, no photos with Johnny but you can take photos of him signing autographs.

If ANYONE does not follow the rules he will pull Johnny in a flash - case closed.

The crowd was well behaved and Jerry kept saying, "That's enough lets go" and Johnny would say "NO, these are my fans".
I have gotten a ton of mail lately. If you mail me try to make the SUBJECT something that will catch my eye if it is on one topic. I have been having a little trouble going back to look for people from a few days ago.
As you all know I'm a weather buff and have my own weather reporting station. Monday we were suppose to get rain in the afternoon. Well, you can thank me for the non-rain event. I used my Grinder force field.

That's right - I did that!! Universal owes me big time.

Have you seen this man - he looks a little shifty to me. I'm grimacing because my beardless face is frozen like a fresh dose of Botox.

Columbus news - they are packing up after todays shoot but do not want to tear down what they have put up. Reason is whatever they take down will need to be put back up in a month or so once weather clears up and they come back for multiple days of shooting.

Personally I think we should make the Hollywood guys try their hand a REAL shoveling of REAL snow. However - I have to say that what these guys do amazing. Working 20 hour days over and over. Yea - exciting but hard.

The cobblestone street will be taken to Oshkosh (if they can find in it tomorrow snow).

I better get a few things done before I leave. I actually have more mindless stuff but I'll save it (or forget it).



  1. So, would a 2:30 arrival this afternoon be worth it?

  2. Does anyone else think Grinder looks a little like an older Johnny Depp? You should have tried out as a double not and extra.

  3. I am in awe of the Grinder Power! That radar pic is pretty impressive. *And* to get a phone call from TMJ yet... :) **bows**

    Didja ever think that something like this could happen?

    Keep it coming!

  4. 2:30 hmmmm - to be honest I do not know - my feeling is there would be a lot of waiting but still. Looking at everything is pretty cool.

  5. Thanks! You think they will still be filming something? I don't mind waiting. As you are well aware, I can make my own fun :)

    Keep up the updates.

  6. rod,

    this is so awesome!! loved reading your mom's genealogy piece -

    i look forward to reading your blog every moment....hate the fact that now need to go to work and unable to access your blog for 4.5 hours ....:(

    - when the filming ends i will still be a "regular" at reading your blog(s) -

    thanks again....and stay warm!!

    signed the historian

  7. Thanks so much for your updates. I can't believe we are getting to watch this movie being filmed.
    That is marvelous about Johnny signing all those autographs as well as giving hugs. I am beginning to understand why he needs Jerry with him.

  8. Rod... keep up the GREAT blog!!!! I hang on every word!!!
    Great news about being considered press?!?

    LOL... Jerry might be the body guard, BUT Johnny is definately the BOSS!!! LOL

    Looking forward to seeing what you "report" on later today... and to seeing more pics!!!!

    OH, and I am in AWE of your weather talents!!!!! *smiles*

    GO GRINDER GO!!!!!

  9. The Wisconsin Lt. Governor is meeting with the Public Enemies cast at the Columbus Visitor's Center today at 11 a.m. It looks like Rod got himself an invitation! Congrats! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  10. Thanks so much for the updates Rod and for the pic!! Glad to hear that Johnny was signing again for everyone. Can't wait to hear what happens at the press conference did you get news of the location change??

  11. GRINDER! do you know if they will be in columbus tomorrow??? i am off and want to make the journey to you know???thanks a bunch!!

  12. Nice work AGAIN! Sitting on 'pins and needles' for your update after the meeting. How awesome that you've graduated to Press! Maybe it will get you into the Premier for the movie...ya never know.
    Sorry the blog it says they are packing up today after the shoot and won't return until later when the weather improves. I want to go to the Crown Point filming but work and real life may quash the notion. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  13. Rod~ I have to add that I love the excerpt from Snapshots Along the Way. It has a kind of Spoon River-ish feel about it.

  14. Universal should have the PE movie premiere in Wisconsin too! Grinder, with your press credentials and paparazzo skills...all we are missing is the red carpet! Move over Hollywood...

  15. I'm back and going to lunch - no meeting JD or any of the other "talent".

    However - I did get to shake hands with MAJOR AMERICAN GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS.

    and then the anti terror unit tackled me!

  16. It looks like they are doing some work (possibly filming soon) at the dark brown house at the top of the hill. I think it is the old Poser house (Dr. Poser used to live there I believe). Has anyone else seen the the truks, the fake trees and leaves being put up, and the weird black-tarp/tent like things around the windows with scaffolding?

  17. When we drove past the mansion site on Tuesday, we burst out laughing. The pile of fake foliage is a vivid, DayGlo, Kermit-the-Frog green-- as if they were about to decorate for an ironically-cheesy Tiki party. I am assuming that this color shows up "more realistically" on film. Man, the stuff I have learned about moviemaking these past few days!

    Looks as if I'm going to have to miss any excitement this afternoon. Tomorrow's forecast has screwed up my carefully-laid holiday plans. Hope I don't miss much...

    That was just selfish. If you are there today in this beautiful sun, I hope you see a lot!


  18. Aww I'm going to Madison tomorrow, sad to knwo that filming in Columbus will be over. Hopefully not to fret though, I have heard that they may do a bit of filming in Manitowish Waters Wisconsin, about and hour from my town. Would you be able to confirm this since you seem to know alot of what is going on for production?

  19. I know they are filming in Manitowish Waters but not sure when. I heard there have been actors up there for a while learning the dialect.

  20. Wow, look at you -- no longer a pap, but a legitmate type! Congrats! I finally got my coveted close ups of Johnny, I only have time to post a couple now, but more will be up soon.

  21. Does anyone know when they will start filming in Oshkosh? I live there and have put Main St in my daily route (they are filming at an old bank that is not a bank anymore - it still looks like one though). No street closing signs up yet and main street is a VERY busy street. No work done to the outside of any of the buildings or the Bank building yet...HOWEVER I did notice yesterday men inside the building working on it. I don't know IF these people are getting it ready. Hope to hear from someone with more news than I have :)
    PS - Everyone has GREAT photos :)

  22. LOL at 'learning the dialect.'

    I have been told by west coasters that we Wisconsinites born and bred, have an *accent* for goodness' sake!! Yah der hey, we don't all sound like Yoopers, do we?


  23. Yes, I've lived in a few states other than the MidWest, and I've been told that I say toast and Coke "wrong". I notice it now, especially when I am in my home town of Green Bay. They have some thick accents up der. Ya.

  24. Aww, the Johnny n' Jerry double act! Yes, Jerry may be 'bossy' but Johnny is the boss. It does help Johnny meet a lot more fans than he could otherwise. Jerry's not a bad old stick.

    BTW, did you see you got a namecheck in Brian Burrough's blog? (He's the author of the PE book.)

  25. For any of you that want to read the Brian Burroughs blog...

    Makes me proud I'm from Wisconsin der hey.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. OH MAN - My name in Vanity Fair

  28. Yup, your name in Vanity Fair! Congrats Rod! I was blessed with a really sweet mention in the VF blog too! Bryan is a genuinely nice guy!

    Sorry the "talent" didn't get to meet YOU today!

  29. It's fun to read about people I "know" LOL. I feel like I've talked to both Karen & Rod every day for over a month now, starting at IMDB, then JDR, now here!

    I was down near the Poser house all afternoon. The crowd got a little thicker, and people who came from downtown said JD was on his way. Perhaps he came in the back road (Hubbard Street?) but I didn't see anything. Anyone else?

  30. Michelle - GREAT photos! I am sooo jealous! Thanks for sharing with all of us! Can't wait to see the rest of them!

  31. YEAH - great shout outs to Rod and Karen in VF!!! A quilting bee though? Really? :)

  32. Great job covering this for us! Also waiting news on Oshkosh filming...

  33. Thanks y'all (I don't have an accent either, nahhh) for making me a part of Rod's community too! I love that we got "blogged" together on Vanity Fair! Im just so dang grateful to Bryan and I hate to let him down, but I'm not good at quilting, I'm better at ordering tequila shots!

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. So much news here today--thanks again Rod for all the news on your blog. I'm so pleased you're in the "press" loop now. It's great you & Karen were mentioned in BBurrough's blog---you both deserve the recognition!

    Michelle your pics are fabulous and that little CJS is just precious. I love your pics of Johnny with your "copyright" on them---way to go!

    Thanks Rod and everyone for your reports---sounds like some action in the house on the hill tonight.
    I'll be checking in from CA later.

  36. For those interested in the Crown Point filming, here's a link to an article the Times posted online today:

    Also, here's a link about filming in Aurora, Ill. The date for filming there is supossed to be April 6th and 7th.,2_1_AU19_MOVIE_S1.article

  37. Whoops.. the links didn't show up properly..let me try it again..

    On filming in Aurora:,2_1_AU19_MOVIE_S1.article

    On filming in Crown Point:

  38. Just wanted to say that I am on cloud nine!!! As Johnny was leaving tonight in his SUV, I reached out my hand and he grabbed it and shook it. I was holding my 14 month old. We were on the corner of Harrison and Water. Johnny walked the entire block giving plenty of photo ops. My 8 year old got a pretty good shot. He then came down to the end where I was standing. When they moved the barricades for the cars to leave I moved back and to the side and happened to be on the correct side. I saw him in the same place earlier in the day and he was on the other side of the car. I had regretted not sticking out my hand after seeing the high five he gave earlier. Glad I thought of it the second time and I can still hardly contain myself!!

  39. I GOT ONE! :D I've been trying all week just hoping for one shot of a close-up of Johnny. Tonight, the warmhearted superstar made my day!

    YAY ME! He was so nice to walk by the crowd so we could all get pictures. I love that he is so gracious. He told us all Happy Easter. :)

  40. Johnny's gone. He flew back to Los Angeles tonight (Thursday night).

  41. yep i drove down this afternoon and went up to the house. talked to his driver for a bit and some nice neighbors. They pulled the suv around and i headed to base camp. Crowd was thick and he came down the line to pose for pics. he was close at first then some girls started screaming and he backed up a bit. from what i heard from some people there he got jumped on by a girl yesterday so security was a lil tighter and of course the huge number of people.

  42. He flew out from the Madison airport. A friend of mine followed him when he left Columbus tonight.

  43. I think all of the people who have a hard time containing themselves should not be near stars. It is dangerous for them and other fans around!!! This also ruins it for the rest of his fans who adore him and would never step out of line. That person should be shamed of herself I don't care who she is!!!! How dare she!!!!

    ~a very angry fan!!!!

  44. Thanks for the wonderful updates everyone!

    If anyone's putting together a party for the film's release? Remember to invite me, ya never know...I just might show up! WOO HOOO Y'all are good people here!

  45. Kris I'm so thrilled for you! Glad you decided to "go for it" and stick out your hand.
    Suz-so glad you go that "close up", too.
    Anonymous--thanks for the links on the Crown Point filming.

    I would imagine Johnny would come back to LA for Easter weekend as his kids are probably looking forward to the Easter bunny. Thanks all for your info. tonight.

  46. I work at the Madison airport (I left the comment that Johnny flew back to LA Thursday night). I would advise anyone thinking of following him here in the future to re-think their decision, assuming he even flies back here. No one will see him, as his vehicle will go directly out to his plane, which will be parked far out on the ramp. If anyone attempts to enter the restricted areas, they will be arrested by the Dane County Sheriff's deputies. No one will be allowed inside the corporate terminal building during this time, either. This message is meant as friendly advice, not a threat.

  47. Aww, thanks for posting that Vanity Fair link. Rod, you've hit the big time! Wow, this is all so fun and exciting. I'm proud of all of us. :)


  48. Calgal-No problem about posting the links! I just thought I'd pass the word along. The newest word/rumor on is that it'll be in Crown Point from 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Monday and Tuesday. Again, I don't know how true that is, but I'm planning on heading out there Saturday to at least get to see what the building looks like so it won't be a surprise..

  49. I *just* found this on the Times Web's an extended version of an earlier article, complete with road closures..

  50. Hey Grinder, where's that force field today? We really don't need any more snow.

  51. I'm so excited for everyone that got to meet him!! If anybody has any pictures from yesterday's filming at the house or last night's greetings, I would love to see them!!!

  52. Yes! I was wondering, where are all the photos? I've been looking for 24 hours for new photos of JD near the mansion, or anything from 3/20 in Columbus. Anyone?

  53. Michelle, love your new photos on Flickr! That cigar store indian profile is stunning. Were the 3/20-3/21 uploads taken yesterday? There's one fellow you labeled Rick aka the mechanic. He was in the car with Johnny on Monday. Is he an actor or just someone they used for rehearsals? The fellow you label as maybe David Kelley is actually Bob Wagner, an AD.

    Rod and everyone, thanks for a great ride this week!

  54. I got video of Johnny walking down the line last night and getting in his SUV, but I'm having trouble getting it online...

  55. Thanks Anon, I wasn't sure his name so I'll change it. The Mechanic's real name is Rick. His last name escapes me now but he is an actor from Chicago who auditioned and is really in that scene with Johnny. I spoke with him for a few minutes yesterday and he was very nice. Most of the uploads yesterday were taken yesterday, but the random set photos (including the cigar store indian) were taken Wednesday. Even on Columbus' day off I couldn't resist coming up to the set. I do have more photos to add from the last couple days, but I had to take a Photoshop break!

  56. Hi Rod,

    The blog is still a good read, keep up the good work.

    I think that EastGate is a perfect location for the possible movie watching event next year.

    I guess my source was reliable for Thursday's shoot! You could have had the scoop on that one. Diane and I were out for a bit after work but didn't see much. Although, we did see neighbors which is certainly nice this time of year in Columbus.

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