Thursday, March 20, 2008

I am the Press!

I do have PE news - just read through the fluff.
Calm before the storm.

No really.

Today is the first day of spring and if you live in Southern Wisconsin you know that the Winter of 07/08 was a real bear. We broke a record in not only snow fall but the amount of snow events, every three days it seemed for a while. We are on the verge of breaking the 100 inches of snow barrier.

So what does the first day of spring forecast say? WINTER STORM WATCH 5 to 9 inches of snow Friday!
Very special note to Emily - fear not - I have not forgotten about you (I took a photo of Emily who was an extra and it turned out pretty darn good - but I want her to see it before you guys).
I have been "talking" to Christine (not Steven King's car but a human) about writing and history and my mom who has traced one side of our family tree back to 1061 England (about).

One interesting tidbit is in her book Snapshots Along the Way.


My ancestor, Lydia Gilbert
was accused of witchcraft in Hartford
in November of sixteen hundred and fifty-four.
Her son was the Marshall of Hartford.
He arrested and jailed his mother.

Her accusers sat as her jury.
She was convicted and sentenced
to die on the gallows at Albany Street and Vine.

In Hartford the hanging of witches
was one of the duties of Marshall.

There's no written proof of her hanging.
That page has been torn from the records,
but in January her husband left Hartford, along
He moved to the village of Nayuag.
In sixteen-sixty he died there
Without ever seeing his son, the Marshall, again.

I have a meeting in the "bank" (Columbus Visitor Center) today. Not sure what it is but it seems I am now considered PRESS. AWESOME!

I also got a call from WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee. They wanted to interview little ol' me last night, BUT - it was Bowling night!! I think they think I am someone else or something.

I got an email from John Peters. It seems Universal contacted him about his street light. He sent them some photos and within 15 seconds (maybe a little longer) they were knocking on his door to borrow it so they could create eight more like it.

The style was used exclusively in Chicago and he thought it was going to be used in "Chicago" but they are turning up in Columbus.

Johnny Depp is in Columbus today and is filming on the streets as we speak and inside I believe this afternoon.

As told to me by CP, Tuesday night Jerry (body guard) comes out of the trailer and tells the crowd that Johnny will come out and sign autographs for 15 minutes. Form a line, no shoving, no screaming, no photos with Johnny but you can take photos of him signing autographs.

If ANYONE does not follow the rules he will pull Johnny in a flash - case closed.

The crowd was well behaved and Jerry kept saying, "That's enough lets go" and Johnny would say "NO, these are my fans".
I have gotten a ton of mail lately. If you mail me try to make the SUBJECT something that will catch my eye if it is on one topic. I have been having a little trouble going back to look for people from a few days ago.
As you all know I'm a weather buff and have my own weather reporting station. Monday we were suppose to get rain in the afternoon. Well, you can thank me for the non-rain event. I used my Grinder force field.

That's right - I did that!! Universal owes me big time.

Have you seen this man - he looks a little shifty to me. I'm grimacing because my beardless face is frozen like a fresh dose of Botox.

Columbus news - they are packing up after todays shoot but do not want to tear down what they have put up. Reason is whatever they take down will need to be put back up in a month or so once weather clears up and they come back for multiple days of shooting.

Personally I think we should make the Hollywood guys try their hand a REAL shoveling of REAL snow. However - I have to say that what these guys do amazing. Working 20 hour days over and over. Yea - exciting but hard.

The cobblestone street will be taken to Oshkosh (if they can find in it tomorrow snow).

I better get a few things done before I leave. I actually have more mindless stuff but I'll save it (or forget it).