Monday, March 24, 2008

I have little! Crown Point -Waiting to Hear

I am assuming this has been lifted?? OR - must MY people get a hold of Michael Mann and look into this??

Perhaps we can work out some DEAL? I will not go public with this if he can overlook some legal issues with The Book.

DJ found an outstanding article in The Portage Daily Register. If you are a history buff interested in Dillinger and Wisconsin it's a must read.
I ordered Public Enemies by Bryon Burroughs (had to - he mentioned me - I feel I owe him). I had been putting it off but after reading the Washington Post's review on Amazon I was really intrigued.
Crown Point - I have my people (and I laugh typing that) in place. Hopefully we can get some action/flavor of what is going down . . .down there.

Were they filming Saturday? So far it's been

Columbus WI
Columbus WI
Darlington WI
Columbus WI
Crown Point IN ??

Coming Up

Oshkosh WI
Milwaukee WI
Madison WI
Manitowish Waters WI

Anybody I missed so far?
The MOVIE. This keeps getting better and better. I was told today that Scott, who drove the 1933 Grahm in the movie, would be willing to attend (did not have to twist his arm THAT much) and bring his car.

I bet I could talk the theater owner into placing the car outside the entrance and they could hire a rent a guard for a few hours.

If you are wondering which car that was - it's the one turning to corner. Would that be awesome to have that outside the theater or what!

Completely Off Topic - Does any one know a good company that will put in a cement patio in Columbus? And at the same time repair a driveway that some uninformed new home owner salted? Suggestions?
I have been watching movies slightly differently lately. I notice things now that I never noticed before. Last night I watched The Kingdom, a very "guy" movie and I thought it was GREAT! I then had to watch the Extra stuff.

One guy says explains the movie saying it's like a bow and arrow. The first 2/3 of the movie they are just pulling back the string with arrow attached, then on the Freeway scene (which is fascinating) they let the arrow fly! THEY SURE DO!

What I notice now are all the little things, the extras, the cars, the details. I have always appreciate how hard it is to make a movie but even more now

Does anyone else watch movies a little differently now?
HEY - I have some photos of the inside of THE LOST AUDITORIUM.

Remember that plea I had the other day. It was mentioned that I should ask you guys to send one dollar to help me out and to show that you appreciate the blog, just a tiny buck. I thought I could finally get RICH. But then I decided I would rather have you send the dollar to

Public Enemies - Columbus blog
Columbus Auditorium Corporation
PO Box 365
Columbus WI 53925

Show the city you appreciate how much fun this has been.

Here are some photos of what the Auditorium looks like now once it was rediscovered. Remember - Columbus is only 4,500 strong and this auditorium would really be nice for it's citizens. We just don't have the money to fix it up!

photo's courtesy Todd Frey
Anyone curious about how they determine when Easter is?

Easter falls on the first Sunday following the first ecclesiastical full moon that occurs on or after the day of the vernal equinox.

There ya go - yea - I'm a full service blog!
Have you been watching the map of the world where people are logging in from? What happened in South America - it LITE UP over the weekend.

HELP WITH THE BOOK - Here is how

Thats all I have today - I actually have stuff that needs to get done.

For anyone here in Wisconsin it's going to be a pretty active weather week - roller coaster = it's Spring-ter.

First is a link to some photos of the jail in CR

also here is a link to a slide show from the The Times this has some older Columbus photos and some newer ones of the jail.

More photos from Crown Point.

Thanks Chuck - glad you could see JD this morning!!



  1. Any news as to if Rory Cochrane will be in the movie and/or in WI? I am a big Rory fan and would love to meet/see him :) Thanks for all your information!

  2. that theater is beautiful! Reminds me of the Ryman in Nashville. I am so in on helping with restoring it!

  3. Hi, I'm just off to bed it's after midnight Tues morning here. I was waiting around to find out about Crown Point. Some extras messaged in early this morning your time on IMDB and said they were told it was delayed. I've made short films and I am totally in love with the craft. A premiere (1930s theme?) at Columbus gives me an incentive for a trip to the US. I'm keeping an eye on the casting of PE awaiting confirmation about an actor as we speak. Your world map seem to have gone loco!

  4. Wait. Hollywood is banning photos of John Dillinger?? I've seen firsthand what they can make happen, but how can they BAN photos of JD (the robber, not the actor)!
    'Scuse me while I say, "They are sooo full of themselves."

    Cool auditorium we've got hidden away there. Nice. Let's try to donate enough so we can have cushions, k? :)

    Question: Is the car that Scott drove the maroon one? It's hard to tell in that photo. My favorite one was that sagey-green one. It's about the same color of the car I drive's that for what comes around, goes around?

    And lastly....movies? You've had time to watch movies??

  5. The car is the one turning the corner #3.

    Well - there is a HUGE story behind watching that movie - building a desk/chair thingy AND lighting the final three pages of instructions on fire (along with the carpet) all at the same time.

    But I would not want to bore you.

  6. I love the fact that your blog is a "full service blog"

    you are doing such a great job keeping up-to-date on things and it is wonderful how those who have the opportunity to be in WI are helping you out.

    it says a lot about your community and Johnny Depp fans.

    i think you will really enjoy bryan burrough's book. so many neat stories and he has the sources to back them up ~

    a couple things you might want to check out if you haven't already is the FBI history website ~ here is the link -

    look under famous cases - dillinger info there

    and here is a podcast I found Bryan Burrough gave soon after his book was published -

    thanks for the weather report ~


  7. so, you are rennovated your house on top of all this? oh my, are you striving for a heart attack or something? LOL... the name of the game!!


  8. Can anyone else not see most of the pictures in this entry?

  9. Thank you for posting the pics of The Auditorium. The positive comments (and donations) that come from you and your posters are greatly appreciated!

  10. Kris - yea - I hope the $5 helps maybe a can of paint?

    clair - looks like it's just you. hmmmmmmmm

  11. Hi Rod! Great stuff today...add Aurora, IL on April 6 and 7 for filming at the Paramount Theater, it's the stand-in for Chicago's Biograph.(got too modernized apparently) Oh no! We know WHAT SCENE they will be filming there.

  12. I can't see most of the photos either. It must be some setting or other.

    As a side note, there are photos on flickr of Depp arriving in Crown Point. There's also a report that Michael Bennt is there.

  13. New links near the bottom of the page.

    Also - what photos CAN you see - I wonder if it is a size problem??

  14. The only picture I can see is the old newspaper article/photo. The rest are all red x's. All the photos from the earlier blog entries work fine.

  15. oh my, on the filming in Aurora ~ curious as what Rod's people will have to say about that.

    Do you think that might be closed filming?

  16. what is the link to flickr for the Crown Point photos?


  17. New link to new photos from CP on the bottom of todays blog.

    As for Aurora - even though Flat Landers and Cheese Heads do not get together often - we will have to try to work together for on common cause.

    Also - photos - I'll work on them tonight to see what I can do.

  18. Flickr url for first Depp in Crown Point photos:

    Flat Landers and Cheese Heads! lol. I guess I qualify on both counts: Flat Lander born and bred, Cheese Head alum...but current Easterner.

  19. Has anyone seen Christian Bale in Crown Point yet? I am dying to see a picture.

  20. Hey, back to JOHN MICHAEL BOLGER..I just read online, that he is he GREAT-NEPHEW of RAY BOLGER, the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz! HOW COOL IS THAT!!??

    I loved the Scarecrow...but I had a crush on the Tin Man... :-)

  21. Jenny-I don't think Bale will be in Crown Point. It's been awhile since I finished Public Enemies, but I don't think Purvis(Bale's character) was at CP the same time as Dillinger. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.....

    Rod--thank for the news and love the scan of the old jail article. Some great pics at the links---I can't see any pics on the actual blog page either other than the article scan........

    Can't wait for more info/pics to come!

  22. I am so spoiled from watching and reading the Columbus filming news that I am having withdrawal! When will they be back to Columbus?

    I have enjoyed reading this blog more than anything I've done in a while. Now you know how bored I've been! Just kidding.

    Watching the filming and reading the blog has also made me notice more when I am watching movies. I will never be the same. I have as much interest in the technical side as I do JD and that's a whole lot of interest. Too bad I am too old(54)to start a "movie" career. I never even watched movies or TV that much until I discovered Johnny Depp in POTC II. Now I have seen all of his movies and my husband has me watching old black and white movies from the 1940's. They are pretty cool.

    I am hanging out here just waiting for PE news. PLEASE-Rod-don't stop now. I may need treatment!

  23. I can not see SOME photos either from this computer - maybe I'll reload and see what happens.

    Sort of silent from CP.

    I'm doing what I can but you might have to be stuck with me . . . unless I hear any news from an insider.

  24. Just checking back Rod and now most of the pics show up(they're great), except the last two above the credit given to Todd Frey.......

    I've not heard much from CP either other than some pics of the crowd, Johnny Depp and some cast(extras I think). Since they're mainly filming inside today, we might not get too much.

  25. There - I write most stuff the night before and then add the "rest of the story" the next day - must have cut and paste poorly this morning.

  26. Rod
    Thanks again so much-I have become addicted to your blog and news of PE! I ordered the PE book too-the history stories and clippings have whetted my appetite for more....

    eagerly awaiting more news and pics, Keep up the good work and how do you have time to do anything else??? you're a busy guy!!

    VERY IMPRESSED with Johnny's attention and care for his fans....very genuinely nice guy. He dosen't have to do all he does but is so gracious....really amazing and touching.

  27. I could see all of your pics earlier and now I can only see the ones of the auditorium.

  28. I was in Crown Point from 5:30 a.m. to 2:30ish. I was in the front behind the guard rail/orange barrier thing with a good view of both buildings.
    We were told they were filming inside today and that we would know when Johnny was here because we'd see his entourage with him (for those who don't know, he did NOT roll in with an was just him, the driver and the vehicle). He first came around 11ish and waved from the car and then got out in front of the jail area and waved and then went inside for about two hours and then came back out in a long black trench coat and waved again before heading back in the vehicle.
    When I left they were putting down the cobblestone. We got to see a lot of the extras (prisoners, police and reporters) but never got to see them in action. The police had really cool outfits.
    I did get pictures (only one of Johnny) and hope to get them up soon but my camera is pretty much drained because when I got to work I would show my Johnny picture even though I had to zoom in on it but he's there :)
    They were putting a tarp up around a door in the alleyway so my guess is that's where he's going to escape from.
    For the most part, the crowd seemed ok. Early in the morning there were a few guys with video cameras and they were told they couldn't use them and they started spouting off about their right to be on public property. And then there were people who could constantly yell "Johnny Depp!! AHHH!!" for no good reason at all and I was so afraid they would hear that and not let him come out. All in all, I had a good day and I can't imagine I'll forget it for a long time.

    P.S. I believe the Aurora, Ill., filming is coming up soon. I know papers around here (in the Chicagoland area) have said April 6th and 7th. I'm planning on going on the 6th with a friend.

  29. Cheeseheads and Flatlanders eh? Where I'm from we're called Sand gropers and our neighbouring state- Crow eaters. no pics of the lovely Lili Taylor yet. I guess if you don't know the cast you wouldn't pick her and just go for the Depp shot. Pity. Those shots of the jail are great and creepy at the same time. Rod are you getting any sleep? Great job of pulling everything together. I saw a shot of Depp on one of his sites from the Crown Point arraignment scene and it looks as if JD is really getting 'JD' down with that charming smirk.

  30. A person on johnnydeppreads has posted a report. Johnny came out after shooting wrapped(after 7pm) and didn't sign autographs but shook hands and said a few words with everyone still there. Is it OK to post a link here to JDR?

  31. Yes - of course - we have a working relationship.

    nite nite!! zzzzzzzz

  32. cpgal posted this report on JDR at the link below:

  33. Yes Rod we do have us a happy working relationship!!! And I am thankful that we do!

    Good morning y'all!

  34. Hi, glad I came across your blog! I live in Illinois, and want to try to see if I can catch the action of filming!
    Is the Aurora location set for certain? That would be awesome, I could definitely get there, and Christian Bale will hopefully be on location there!!! Love both Johnny and Christian. Proably the two of ten top actors of the times!!
    Thanks for any info!

  35. Aurora will be the first sighting of Bale. Rod hold on to your hat when the Bale-ites descend. Reading through the history on the Biograph showdown, seems Fbi agent Sam Cowley has just a big a role as Purvis and seemed to be in touch with Hoover the most and he dies in the Baby Face Nelson shootout. Be interested in who is playing him. If any new actor surfaces on location, he may be the one. W. Earl Brown just added.

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