Sunday, March 23, 2008

John Michael Bolger I presume?

Good Morning and Happy Easter.

As a Public Service and at the suggestion of our two cats REMEMBER - Easter Lilies are VERY deadly to cats, be careful.
As many of you know PE is in Crown Point and Kristen sent some photos of construction of the set and other things. I'm intrigued by the B&W photo - not sure what it is. Could it be where The Adam's Family Lived?

The first photo looks like the bank JD robbed . . hey wait . . . am I the LAST person to noticed John Dillinger AND Johnny Depp have the same initials. Oh man, I am so slow!

I'm sure I had some other emails with Crown Point photos but I'm in the middle of getting organized. I never realized how important SUBJECT was in email before (or just having SOME semblance of order ANYWHERE in my life).

So on a personal level I am spending time today working on PEC (PublicEnemiesColombus) logistics. Creating new faster (non-yahoo) email accounts, folders for The Book and just getting stuff cleared out of my inbox.

I'm also making sure and am VERY aware of having a few too many candles burning at once as more opportunities have presented itself. HOWEVER - you guys are always #1 on the list.

The Book - I will have a few simple web pages up in the next day pr so with thoughts and instructions for contributing. I have yet to tackle legal issues and am procrastinating very nicely on contacting a contact person. However as one email person told me "I'm a man of action" (now THAT is funny) and I don't want this to collect dust.

The Movie - I have contacted Madison EastGate about renting a theater. We have a year yet but might as well get THOSE chicken in order.

If this happens it WOULD be a media event. Having Columbus people (and others) attend the movie on opening night would have to make the news (I'll get my moles in Ch 3 on it). Just thinking out loud here, throwing the spaghetti against the wall so to speak. What if we charged $20 with all proceeds going to the Columbus Historical thingy. That would be about $10 a head.

Also - AT THE SAME TIME - we could have the coming out of The Book. Again - just thinking out loud.

We could even rent the theater for more then one showing - they just want to make sure they do not LOSE money. We would probably have to sell tickets ahead of time or something.
This was sent by Todd Frey, owner of Colonial Carriage Works - if you are in Columbus make sure you go there - awesome carriages!!

Funny story

This is a story from Jenny - The Columbus Paparazzo

I along with about 500 other people were across the street from basecamp Thursday afternoon around 2:30pm, waiting to see Johnny Depp come out of his trailer and go to his next filming location (the Poser Mansion).

While we were waiting, a guy in a 1930's style suit came over and started chatting with the crowd. People asked him who he was. He said "I am John Michael Bolger (** see below)". He was super friendly, he signed autographs, posed for pictures with people, and made small talk. He said that it was his first time in Wisconsin and thought it was lovely. He was quite a character and a very funny guy. He wouldn't reveal who he played in the movie. But when I looked him up online later in the day, one of his profiles stated that he often plays characters in law enforcement/FBI types. I am thinking he might be playing Hoover, but it is only a guess. He looked like he would be able to pull it off.

When he came over to me to give me his autograph he asked my name and said I was adorable. Then he wrote on my notecard "To Jenny, Your adorable" then signed his name. He continued to walk around and talk to people. About 5 minutes later I was taking a picture of him and he saw me and waved. He said "Is that Jenny again?" I have a picture of him waving at me.

Then he and actor Michael Bentt (** see below) were messing around. Michael Bentt was teasing him for "working the crowd". Michael Bentt started taking pictures of John Michael Bolger from across the street and laughing. They were funny. Then John Michael Bolger spotted me again and waved "Hi Jenny". I think he just remembered me because of my voice, since it is rather unique (Jenny has a soprano style voice - and is a very good singer).

In this photo Michael Bentt is SO jealous that he is trying to absorb John Michael Bolger.

So later that night around 8:30pm after Johnny Depp had left and everyone was packing up; Josh and I were looking out the window trying to see if there were any actors left wandering around that we could meet or get autographs from. We spotted a guy in a long coat. When I looked through the binoculars (sorry - I HAVE to laugh at that, I see trailers will be parked differently NEXT time) I realized it was John Michael Bolger.

Josh had been at work all day so he never got to meet him. I immediately told Josh that he needed to go out there and meet him since it was soooo nice and funny. So Josh went outside and walked over to him and said:

Josh: "Mr Bolger?"
JMB: "Yes?"
Josh: "Can I have your autograph?"
JMB: "Sure what's your name?"
Josh: "Josh"
JMB: "How did you know my name?"
Josh : "My wife Jenny told me"
JMB: "Jenny? She's a doll, she's a doll! You have a wonderful wife! Now don't get mad at me for saying that. You look like a pretty big buy, you look like you could hurt me haha!"

Then I waved at JMB from the window and he waved at me "Hi, Jenny"

He signed Josh's autograph "To Josh, You have a wonderful wife, -JMB"

Although I haven't met many famous people in my life so far, I can truly say that John Michael Bolger is one of the nicest, most charismatic actors I have ever met. I can understand the actors reluctance to come speak to the crowd. Especially famous ones like Johnny Depp. But most of the actors on set that day were not "super famous", yet he was the only one who made the effort to really come speak to all the fans who had been waiting for hours to catch a glimpse of Hollywood.

I wish there were more people like John Michael Bolger in the world.

**John Michael Bolger - John Bolger has acted in Carlito's Way and Twins. In both those movies he played a police officer, which is his keynote character. He also played a police officer in a season-long stint on Law and Order.

A cool side note is that he lives in Hells Kitchen in Manhattan's Westside - Its cool because I can say Hell on Easter and get away with it.

** Michael Bentt - Michael Bentt is a retired heavyweight boxer turned actor. In October 1993 Bentt had a shocking and decisive ninety seven second first round knockout of Tommy 'The Duke' Morrison to capture the WBO World Heavyweight Championship.

Turning to acting, he was the second actor cast after Will Smith in Michael Mann's 'ALI'. Michael landed the coveted role of Charles 'Sonny' Liston. He also served as both Will Smith's chief sparring partner and assistant trainer during the six months of boxing training prior to the principal photography of 'ALI'.
On a side note - my mom (79) has resisted getting internet service for many years. She did not want to be woken up in the middle of the night with YOU'VE GOT MAIL.

I always told her this is not really how it went.

This morning DJ and I were just opening our eyes and all of a sudden YOUR VIRUS DATABASE HAS BEEN UPDATED, Yells at use from across the house.

DJ says "If I would have been home along that would have scared the crap out of me".

I guess I had the speakers up a little last night.

(for GREEN people - I leave the computer 24/7 as it updates the Columbus weather site every 10 minutes) .

I'm mentioned in a Jesse Russell article.

Public Enemies: Catching Up with Johnny Depp and David Wenham Checks In

OK - off I go with family stuff.



  1. The b/w picture is the sheriff's residence in Crown Point. It's connected to the jail, which as far as I know was required by law in Indiana until the early 50s.

  2. Great blog today about the actors! Happy Easter everyone!

  3. I agree with the account of Bolger. He was a class act. At one point Johnny's driver came over to talk to him and said smiling, "No hurry, have fun with your people".

    He told us how he was the Lietenant on Third Watch, which is why he looked so familiar to me, being a fan of that show.

    He also said that people from New York are nice but they have an angle. He said people from Wisconsin are bottom of the heart nice.

    He was the best. It made me wonder if the "big name" actors wish they could have these special moments just hanging out and laughing with a crowd of people. It couldn't happen without a lot of hysteria. Everyone was so quiet while he was over and respectful. It was nice to see people ask him about himself and his career. Only one of the younger set asked about "Do you see Johnny?" but was quickly shushed by the rest of the crowd.

    I got some fun photos of him and some of the other actors taking pictures of the crowd, that when I get all organized, I will shoot your way.

    It certainly is hard to get back into the swing of "real life".

    Also, thanks Karen for all of the awesome stuff on your blog. You rock too!

  4. black and white photo is hte residence...behind it the jail dillinger escaped from. Other picture of building with people working if the court house in crown point I believe.

  5. wow rofl. This "John Michael Bolger" guy sounds like a wannabe.

  6. "This "John Michael Bolger" guy sounds like a wannabe."

    I think he IS already. I'll change places with him anyday.

    BTW - I'll post this tmomrrow but here are plans for sending photos for the blog AND for The Book.

  7. Hey Rob,

    I broke the rules right away sending you photos... I sent 6 instead of 5 :( Sorry about that. It was hard to choose.


  8. That is such a sweet story. I want to meet John Michael Bolger! I'm going to look for him next time they come to town!!! I hope he shows up!

  9. Hi Rod,

    Just a suggestion for the book, what about a category that shows the spectators? I saw the one photo of the little boy dressed up as Jack Sparrow (wrong movie, yes...but shots of people bundled up with cameras or binoculars might make an interesting statement of devoted fans!)


  10. That's a great idea Sharon! Did anyone get photos of the girl wearing the bikini dressed up as Edward Scissorhands?

  11. "the girl wearing the bikini... "

    Only in Wisconsin! I guess Johnny now ranks up there with Brett Favre (refering to the bikini girls of Lambeau Field).

    Too funny


  12. Good one - I'll add it - that was one of the ??????

  13. chiming in to say "Happy Easter" to everyone

    and Rod ~ i love the fact you take the time to share the stories of everyone involved and the emails from those in other parts of the world who can only be in WI through your blog.


  14. I'm getting up at 4 tomorrow and heading out to Crown Point shortly after. I am absolutely excited for tomorrow. If anyone else is going, I hope you all have a great time!! :) I'm hoping to get some good pictures!


  15. Here's my take. Michael Bennt will play HERBERT YOUNGBLOOD, the African American prisoner that Dillinger takes with him on his escape from Crown Point You heard it hear first.

  16. Great pics of Dorff and Wenham, Michelle. Hey girlfriend you can walk right into Universal and demand a job as stills photographer with your portfolio. You've got a great eye I love the detail.
    Shoutout to RUSSIAN READER glad you appreciate David Wenham you are so right about his talent. Some of the greatest actors aren't out there on top of the billboards. You've seen all his Australian movies, that must be an experience. Have you seen Tran The Man its his first short film.
    Re yesterdays discussion this is the kind of reporting that makes me nauseous. Reality check Depp is a married man of 44 with 2 children.

  17. that is http;//

  18. Hi, perhaps, it is time to me to be named. I am Russian reader and I do not want to be anonymous any more. Call me Kolokshanka and forgive me all my mistakes: my English is not too perfect, I know.
    Rod, my congratulations, your blog becomes more and more and more interesting! Amusing stories of the witnesses convey an atmosphere of shootings!! I would like to be there! I would like to hear more!
    Viola, you will not believe, but I saw Tran the man! It was in DVD extra to film The Boys! Yes, you are right, very often popularity of the actor does not depend on a degree of his talent, it depends on a talent of his agent and actor's luck. I can say also, that I saw almost all films of Johnny Depp. He undoubtedly is in the list of my most favorite actors!!! But only he is #2. I'm sorry. Johnny is very, very talented, clever and charming! But David has stronger potential and terrific abilities! He is just unique and universal! He is able to play any role under the sun! And he has gold heart. It`s such rare combination of qualities.
    In any case, I shall be madly happy to see both of them in one film! But I am afraid, that the script is written in such a manner that the character of Johnny simply will not allow to all other characters to be developed. In such projects it is the main danger. I do not want, that the film will be one-dimensional and predicted.

  19. Hi Kolokshanka I believe you share the same time zone as me that's why we are the last to post. I know the actor John Polson who was one of the brothers in The Boys with David Wenham.

  20. Kolokshanka welcome to the un-Anonymous - THEY'RE COMING OUT OF THE WOODWORK!

    And thanks!

  21. Kolokshanka, greetings!

    My mother just returned from a trip to Russia and loved it! She has such amazing photos of the beautiful architecture, buildings, and paintings. What a beautiful place. She also said the people were wonderful.

  22. Viola, it is terrific!! You know John Polson! I shall tell about it to my friends. I belong to very small Russian community of the fans of David. We have a forum, we buy his films at the Internets - shops and we discuss them. I think David and John would be surprised, having found out, that there are such fans of the Australian cinema in Russia. I consider, we have a lot of common! I know, that John Polson has won AFI Award for his role. It is fair! I also know, that he is very active figure of culture in Australia. He is the founder of the film-festival Tropfest, unique festival of short films. Send him my compliments, if you can!
    Unfortunately, I doubt, that we live in one time zone. I live near Moscow. Usually I come here much later. But last three days I had a little holiday, so I could come round here in the daytime.

    Rachel, thanks for warm words! I hope, now you will visit my country yourself!

    Rod, thanks for a greeting! I very much like your style and humour. And you are really part of a history PE now! I shall be proud of my corresponding with you!

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