Wednesday, March 26, 2008

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Legend has it that a beet of purest gold sometimes grows in the fields
of little boys who work double shifts. - Dwight

Have you seen this man? He is presumed to be filming with some Depp character on the set of Public Enemies. Yet, he is unseen. The clever cloak of invisibility has been flung around him.

Does he not know his charged fans are yearning for a glimpse, just a sliver of hope that he will look their direction.


You can not hide forever.

Did you know that Bale's stepmom is Gloria Steinem. His first film was Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich, a Russian made-for-television film (for all of our Russian friends).

I never made the connection before but he was the star in Steven Spielberg's Empire of the Sun. Great movie I thought. He was 13 at the time.

Here he is going for the Donald Trump Junior look alike.
Sounds like they are filming another day in Crown Point.

Here is a bit in info that many people did not know about Crown Point. On March 16 1923 Rudolph Valentino was married in in the town.

"The Crown Point marriage mill cut another notch in the hall of public fame on Wednesday afternoon when Rudolph Valentino and Miss Winifred DeWolfe, with a party of friends from New York and Chicago journeyed to the famous "Gretna Green" and were married by Justice of the Peace Howard Kemp."

Valentino, while going through the ceremony appeared as nervous as any country swain that ever took the important step and there was nothing about his appearance during the ceremony that bore out world-wide reputation of being the cool, calm deliberate and "perfect lover" of screen fame."

No stories from CP. I did get some photos from Kristen "twirlgirl"(I bet there is a good story behind THAT name).

In this first photo, it is looking to me that they are picking sides for Michael Mann's first annual Public Enemies dodge ball game.

In another photograph you see Johnny and Jerry his body guard and he is looking AT YOU!!!

I think people should yell out and get Jerry's autograph! JERRY JERRY!! WHO ARE YOU WEARING!
It seems a lot of people have gotten the crime bug lately. I found this site that might be of interest - CLEWS The Historic True Crime Blog - my study of historic true crime, where the chairs rest at the intersection of history, journalism, law, and murder, and the shelves are filled with the finest true crime literature.

There was a movie being made about a murder in Madison WI that I have heard nothing about lately. It was based on a book called "Winter of Frozen Dreams" . I read this a while ago and it was odd because I grew up with seeing a Madison attorney ride a horse around on TV with advertisements. Little did I know that this guy was an early version of CSI.

"On Christmas Day 1977, Jerry Davies led Madison, Wisconsin police to a snowbank concealing the corpse of Harry Berge. By the day after Easter, Davies lay dead in his bathtub, an apparent suicide."

Pretty good book full of sex, greed and names of famous Madison people.
Columbus PE news - Universal has put Columbus back together again. All they will use is the 100 block of James Street.

Too bad - I liked the town the way it looked - now we will have new cars driving through again. Columbus really needs a slick diner in it's downtown area - THAT would bring that area to life.
I had a person ask about hotel/motels in the area as she and husband were thinking about driving the 1000 miles to this area to attend The Movie. Just shows how interested people are.

Before I go any further I MUST share this photo from my window.

My window, where my captures allow me to wistfully look out of over looks a small parking lot and this truck appeared. All of us have been waiting to see who is the driver. Any thoughts/predictions?

In fact now we are getting people to pose next to it. It COULD be the Governors truck! It's in a State parking lot!!
Anybody watch Jericho? Why is it all of MY shows are getting canceled. First Las Vegas and now Jericho. Reason I mention it is that the little map of the world on the right, if you click on it reminded me of the TV show . . . .. in a sick way.
I'm still waiting for my Public Enemies book - I'm bookless at the moment - Jenny has my JUMPER book and I have two chapters to go! I'm forced to read John Constantine: Hellblazer a graphic novel (actually I'm enjoying it).

My last book was a Nelson DeMille book called Wildfire (which also reminds me of Jericho).

Side note - we went over the 60,000 hits this morning - not bad for 2 weeks!

Aurora looking for EXTRAS.

OH - do NOT touch Johnnys face and then brag about it on IMdb - that would be a bad thing!

OK - gotta run.
Rod M.