Wednesday, March 26, 2008

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Legend has it that a beet of purest gold sometimes grows in the fields
of little boys who work double shifts. - Dwight

Have you seen this man? He is presumed to be filming with some Depp character on the set of Public Enemies. Yet, he is unseen. The clever cloak of invisibility has been flung around him.

Does he not know his charged fans are yearning for a glimpse, just a sliver of hope that he will look their direction.


You can not hide forever.

Did you know that Bale's stepmom is Gloria Steinem. His first film was Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich, a Russian made-for-television film (for all of our Russian friends).

I never made the connection before but he was the star in Steven Spielberg's Empire of the Sun. Great movie I thought. He was 13 at the time.

Here he is going for the Donald Trump Junior look alike.
Sounds like they are filming another day in Crown Point.

Here is a bit in info that many people did not know about Crown Point. On March 16 1923 Rudolph Valentino was married in in the town.

"The Crown Point marriage mill cut another notch in the hall of public fame on Wednesday afternoon when Rudolph Valentino and Miss Winifred DeWolfe, with a party of friends from New York and Chicago journeyed to the famous "Gretna Green" and were married by Justice of the Peace Howard Kemp."

Valentino, while going through the ceremony appeared as nervous as any country swain that ever took the important step and there was nothing about his appearance during the ceremony that bore out world-wide reputation of being the cool, calm deliberate and "perfect lover" of screen fame."

No stories from CP. I did get some photos from Kristen "twirlgirl"(I bet there is a good story behind THAT name).

In this first photo, it is looking to me that they are picking sides for Michael Mann's first annual Public Enemies dodge ball game.

In another photograph you see Johnny and Jerry his body guard and he is looking AT YOU!!!

I think people should yell out and get Jerry's autograph! JERRY JERRY!! WHO ARE YOU WEARING!
It seems a lot of people have gotten the crime bug lately. I found this site that might be of interest - CLEWS The Historic True Crime Blog - my study of historic true crime, where the chairs rest at the intersection of history, journalism, law, and murder, and the shelves are filled with the finest true crime literature.

There was a movie being made about a murder in Madison WI that I have heard nothing about lately. It was based on a book called "Winter of Frozen Dreams" . I read this a while ago and it was odd because I grew up with seeing a Madison attorney ride a horse around on TV with advertisements. Little did I know that this guy was an early version of CSI.

"On Christmas Day 1977, Jerry Davies led Madison, Wisconsin police to a snowbank concealing the corpse of Harry Berge. By the day after Easter, Davies lay dead in his bathtub, an apparent suicide."

Pretty good book full of sex, greed and names of famous Madison people.
Columbus PE news - Universal has put Columbus back together again. All they will use is the 100 block of James Street.

Too bad - I liked the town the way it looked - now we will have new cars driving through again. Columbus really needs a slick diner in it's downtown area - THAT would bring that area to life.
I had a person ask about hotel/motels in the area as she and husband were thinking about driving the 1000 miles to this area to attend The Movie. Just shows how interested people are.

Before I go any further I MUST share this photo from my window.

My window, where my captures allow me to wistfully look out of over looks a small parking lot and this truck appeared. All of us have been waiting to see who is the driver. Any thoughts/predictions?

In fact now we are getting people to pose next to it. It COULD be the Governors truck! It's in a State parking lot!!
Anybody watch Jericho? Why is it all of MY shows are getting canceled. First Las Vegas and now Jericho. Reason I mention it is that the little map of the world on the right, if you click on it reminded me of the TV show . . . .. in a sick way.
I'm still waiting for my Public Enemies book - I'm bookless at the moment - Jenny has my JUMPER book and I have two chapters to go! I'm forced to read John Constantine: Hellblazer a graphic novel (actually I'm enjoying it).

My last book was a Nelson DeMille book called Wildfire (which also reminds me of Jericho).

Side note - we went over the 60,000 hits this morning - not bad for 2 weeks!

Aurora looking for EXTRAS.

OH - do NOT touch Johnnys face and then brag about it on IMdb - that would be a bad thing!

OK - gotta run.
Rod M.


  1. ty - a fellow poker blogger lives in Hawaii and he had a photo of him and Lock.

    Then they forced him to take down the photo.

  2. Nope, there's nothing too interesting about my e-mail address, sorry :) I was in colorguard/winterguard (where you "twirl" flags) in high school (I'm a senior in college now) and that was the address I had since then..everyone has it and it's just much easier to keep it than change it. And no, Johnny wasn't looking at me when the picture was taken, lol. I was more on an angle when I took the picture. My friend and I are going to Aurora on the 5th and 6th (or 7th..they just changed the days yesterday) so hopefully I'll get some better pictures.

  3. see - that WAS an interesting explanation.

    I'm always interested on peoples handles for email and alias's.

  4. Whew! You've been busy writing! It's taken me a while to catch up (been on vacation since last Thursday). Love all the news-y bits pertaining to PE and not. It would be a hoot to gather for a special showing of PE in your neck of the woods!

    An FYI, there's an article in the FdL Reporter on a local guy who got to take his vintage auto to Columbus to be extras in the filming.

    of note, regarding Mister Depp: "'Of course he was there and I'm not that familiar with him, but it was evident he was the star because of the activity around him,' said Julka, describing the bevy of security hovering around Depp and the way all the car engines had to be shut down when Depp was on the set. 'They didn't want anyone running him over,' he said."

    :) Yanno, I'm thinkin' that's a legitimate concern!

    Also FYI, I sent off some $$ to the Columbus Auditorium fund. Best to all ~~

  5. What great investigative reporting! I love EMPEROR OF THE SUN and had no idea that Christian Bale was the young boy! He was an amazing child actor that has grown into an even more amazing adult actor! I cannot wait to see that first PE photo of him!

  6. NEWS - Billy Crudup has been cast as Hoover - I love this guy!!!

    Another true actor like JD!

    He is playing Dr. Manhattan in the adaptation of The Watchmen, one of the best Graphic Novels ever.

  7. Columbus Filming Info at the end - no dates though:

  8. Couldn't agree more about how cool it would be if a retro-type diner were located on the corner of 73 & 16. That place that was where the bakery is now-- did they only serve ice creamy things, or did they have burgers? They weren't there long.

    It is wistful to wind around the downtown via Water and see the booms de-constructing. To see the blocks we've driven over for years, transformed into a freshly and vividly redecorated party world with crowds of people whose ebullient energy was so strong it felt like an electric buzz thrumming through our layers of ski clothing... then back to nonchalant blocks we've driven over for years. My kid was particularly sad to see cars parked behind JoDeeO's as usual. Although I'm sure JoDeeO's is not!

    And I guess if one is going to brag on imdb about touching a person's face, one needs to be careful that the next day that person does not show up in heavily-circulated photos with a long scar winding down his cheek! Now that was good humor.


  9. Besides your book I have a camera lens, binoculars, your brown hoodie, a t-shirt, Blakes Shamrock bandana and someone's business card you left here. Come pick em up!

  10. I really want to read "John Dillinger: The Life and Death of America's First Celebrity Criminal" by Dary Matera. Then I want to read "Public Enemies: America's Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933-34" by Bryan Burrough.

  11. Billy Crudup?? HOOVER!!!
    Hot dog! :)

    Many thanks Grinder!!

  12. Unfortunately for us, Columbus recently had two diners downtown. One near Curves, and the other one near James Street Dining. They were both mom&pop type places and pretty tasty. The Fireman's restaurant/bar was very popular, too, but that is gone. The owner sold it and worked for the new owners, who didn't have it for long before it closed.

    The imdb thread on touching Johnny's face was entertaining. Do not even joke about doing anything like that, or you will be swiftly put in your place.

    Thanks for your great reads, Rod.

  13. James Street Dining was not really a Diner - GREAT place though.

    With two highways going right through town a hamburger place that would have shakes and other things.

  14. Who do we make checks out to for the Auditorium?

  15. Public Enemies - Columbus blog
    c/o Columbus Auditorium Corporation
    PO Box 365
    Columbus WI 53925

    I put that "PE-Cbus blog" so they know what these random $1 checks are coming from!

  16. Melvin Purvis will catch them soon, Christian Bale is the best!

  17. Ty - thanks for sharing your Lost pics! I'm a total Lost freak, and loved looking at them.

    Rod - why did he have to take the Locke pic down? Not like a fan photo is giving aways secrets of the show.

    PE - ok, I just got home a bit ago and haven't had time to really check, but has anyone heard anything about Oshkosh not allowing filming????? A co-worker said she heard it on the radio this morning, that city might not allow it because they don't want all the trouble. I knew they were having a council meeting, but what the heck...? So, just wondering if any of you well-informed folks have heard anything?!

  18. Hi Grinder...Here's my account from Monday's visit to the set in Crown Point. Excerpt from my JDR post.

    I was lucky enough to go to Crown Point on Monday. When I first got there, around 10:30 the crowd wasn't thick but it did surround the blocked-off area. Thanks to Crown Point native and Google I was parked just 1/2 block from the trailers. I hadn't been there 30 minutes and I got my first glimpse of Johnny as they took him the 2 blocks to the jail! He is so kind to his fans. I know this has been said before but it's just so true!! Any time he was out in public he always acknowledged the crowd by smiling and waving.

    Luckily, I happened to be along the road they used to ferry him back-and-forth. The only bad thing was my camera was having battery issues!!! UGH!! I had a whole new pack of 6 batteries but it was the camera, evidently not the batteries! I should have bought a disposable one...hindsight! I didn't get many pictures of Johnny but I did take some of the set. I watched from the front of the jail for awhile and saw Mr. Mann come out and wave and bow to the crowd. I found it interesting how they would yell 'Rolling' and everyone (the whole crowd) would immediately hush until we heard 'Cut'. It left you with a feeling of participating in the movie.

    After awhile I went back to the side street, since most everyone was up in front of the jail watching, so I would have time to get my camera ready for when they brought Johnny back. When I heard the crowd screaming up front I quickly got into position. As his SUV rounded the corner I realize my camera wasn't going to work again. As his SUV got closer, I saw he had the window down and he was on my side! I said 'Hi Johnny!' and he looked me dead in the eye, said 'Hi' gave his signature little nod of the head and salute with that gorgeous smile of his. If I had reached out, and he had reached out, I could have 'high-five' him too, he was THAT close to me!! And I will say right now...He is much better looking in real life than on screen! He made my day!

    I floated around the rest of the day seeing him go back and forth to the set. Talked to a lot of the people in the crowd, some of the extras and one very nice lady doing security. I especially enjoyed talking to all the kids that were there.

    Unfortunately I couldn't stick around to see if he would come out after everything was done to do autographs since I had such a long drive home. I had already stayed 2 hours longer than I had planned but I'm glad for the fans that could stay and did get to shake hands with him.

    I may not have the photo of getting that close to Johnny but I will always have the memory of him looking right at me and saying Hi.

  19. WHO ??? I would presume

    Columbus Auditorium Corporation

    It's going forward - no worries.

  20. I have heard about LOST being tuff on pics. The guy who plays Locke is one of the coolest guys I guess. There is a tour over there called KOS hummer tours that takes you to filming locations of movies and tv shows and if he sees the on the street or anywhere he stops and says hello..all the time. But lost has many if locke was in costume or on set they may have taken it down to keep something a secret ya know.

  21. *phew*
    Found confirmation that Oshkosh is still a go...

    OSHKOSH, Wis. -- City leaders in Oshkosh gave their formal OK to let Universal Pictures transform the downtown back in time for filming the 1930s-era movie "Public Enemies."

    "No parking" signs were already blocking off parts of North Main Street for the project by the time the Common Council unanimously approved the deal on Tuesday.

    The filmmakers agreed to pay for any expenses resulting from filming. The city agrees to work with Universal in using parts of the downtown to make the film.

  22. Rods Diner has a certain ring to,it 30s style of course. I'd say that Depp is the new Valentino and Bale, Douglas Fairbanks jr. If you don't know your movie history-you didn't know Bale was in Empire of the Sun? Shame on you. It was like I got all steamed on IMdB when someone was at the CP shoot and didn't even know what was being shot or who Lily Taylor was playing. if only I could have changed places. PS I did the scoop on Billy Crudup my deep throat source said subject to change of course.

  23. Christian Bale was also in Newsies!

  24. You're still a bit traumatised after the encounter with Jerry! He is a nice man, but fierce when working. This made me chortle:

    "In another photograph you see Johnny and Jerry his body guard and he is looking AT YOU!!!

    I think people should yell out and get Jerry's autograph! JERRY JERRY!! WHO ARE YOU WEARING!"

  25. Hey Rod! Sorry news from Crown Point has been slow coming, but I'm starting to work on it. I have so much to share that I just decided to start a blog for it. I don't have much yet, but I'll definitely be adding a lot in the coming days. Check it out at

  26. My name came out anon. on the previous post starting with Rod's Diner don't know why. So the next time they film at Columbus will be at the Poser house. Could you give us the history on the house and if you can, what part of the story will be filmed there. No spec. running board chase scenes breakouts etc I suppose. Also, as there are so few women in this pic, can anyone think how many women characters. So far Billie, Lillian the sheriff. Then there is Polly Hamilton and Anna Sage,probably Hoover's secretary Doris, apart from that some wives and girlfriends partic at the Little Bohemia shootout.

  27. I did post something about my Crown Point experience (Monday) on an earlier it is (with a little added on)! :)

    I was in Crown Point from 5:30 a.m. to 2:30ish. I was in the front behind the guard rail/orange barrier thing with a good view of both buildings.
    We were told they were filming inside today and that we would know when Johnny was here because we'd see his entourage with him (for those who don't know, he did NOT roll in with an was just him, the driver and the vehicle). He first came around 11ish and waved from the car and then got out in front of the jail area and waved and then went inside for about two hours and then came back out in a long black trench coat and waved again before heading back in the vehicle.
    When I left they were putting down the cobblestone. We got to see a lot of the extras (prisoners, police and reporters) but never got to see them in action. The police had really cool outfits.
    I did get pictures (only one of Johnny) and hope to get them up soon but my camera is pretty much drained because when I got to work I would show my Johnny picture even though I had to zoom in on it but he's there :)
    They were putting a tarp up around a door in the alleyway so my guess is that's where he's going to escape from.
    For the most part, the crowd seemed ok. Early in the morning there were a few guys with video cameras and they were told they couldn't use them and they started spouting off about their right to be on public property. And then there were people who could constantly yell "Johnny Depp!! AHHH!!" for no good reason at all and I was so afraid they would hear that and not let him come out. All in all, I had a good day and I can't imagine I'll forget it for a long time.

    A few things I might add are remember to wear sunscreen! My nose is still really sunburnt (but I am extremely fair skinned and burn easily) and I was mainly concerned with being warm and not thinking about the sun.
    Also, some of the people I was standing by (teenage girls) were very obvious in the fact they had NEVER seen a Johnny Depp movie where he wasn't Captain Jack Sparrow or Willy Wonka. One girl (and I kid you not) said she heard he was in "Edward Scissorhands" but she wasn't sure who he was in the movie. And someone had a sign that said "How's Gilbert" and we (the group of people I was standing by) had to explain to her it was another one of his movies.


    P.S. I believe the Aurora, Ill., filming is coming up soon. I know papers around here (in the Chicagoland area) have said April 6th and 7th. I'm planning on going on the 6th with a friend.

  28. I got my copy of Bryan Burroughs "Public Enemies..." book today (hardback from Amazon only 5.98!) Wasn't sure but Bonnie & Clyde were doing their thing the same years as Dillinger....they just did an anniversary edition of that movie on DVD-great film...makes me want to get reading and can't wait for the PE movie.

    Rod-please confirm PE's return to Columbus shooting dates as soon as you know.....thanks for keeping us in contact with what's going on in the other locations.....

  29. I have a friend who is a HUGE Bale fan so will he be in Wisconsin at all? I know he isn't expected to be at Columbus but Madison or Oshkosh perhaps.....

  30. Viola,

    I am so glad you asked Rod to post the history of the Poser house. oh my, if that house could talk!!


  31. First Johnny leaves Columbus and then I need to hear that I am "maturing" in age....Gilbert Grape is one of my favorite Johnny/Leo movies..
    We need to know how to get on Jerry's good side for the return of Mr. Depp to Columbus.
    -Rod can anyone come to the screening in Madison or is it closed to Columbus Residents? We are former Columbus residents who are still employed in Columbus and would love to come to the "BIG SCREENING"

  32. eeekkkk...i hope the screening isn't for columbus residents only ~ i plan to travel from PA......

  33. I think we better make our reservations now if out of towners can go :)

  34. Ah, Christian Bale - he makes a very good Dark Knight in my world. (Looking forward to the second installment, I am). I have to wonder about any PE filming that will be done around Manitowish Waters, and the Little Bohemia lodge where Dillinger and his gang hung out. It seems that Purvis was in on that 'fiasco,' so perhaps Mister Bale will make a more solid appearance then. I love the area around Manitowish Waters - but I will say there's not much up there but vacation land. Columbus is considered small, with a population of 4500. MW lists a resident population of less than 700. :) It's a lovely section of Vilas county with many lakes and beautiful scenery. I'd love to see what work they'd do to film there. Wonder if any one up there blogs?

  35. Hey Rod; I've been keeping up with your blog and all the PE news and wanted to share my Crown Point experience. Here is the post I made over at JohnnyDeppZone, hope it's not too long. If so, please feel free to edit. It was a great opportunity to see Johnny and watch movie magic, but dang, it was COLD! lol Thanks for all the info!

    Most of the news/pics about filming in CP has come in already, but I'd thought I'd just add my own observations. Thanks to Charlene, DepplySmitten, DeepinDepp and Veronica (et al) for posting information on what was happening in Crown Point from phone calls.

    Crown Point...

    Let me first give a 'shout out' to the folks I met in Crown Point. What a nice little town and friendly people. Everyone I met (and froze with) were genuinely nice people, very excited about what was happening and thrilled for the opportunity to just get a picture of Johnny in their town. These kinds of situations can make for great bonding experiences and we definitely did that. Lots of laughs and chatter amongst complete strangers. They made an out-of-towner feel very welcome. Thanks ladies!! The crowd seemed very large, and the fact it was Spring Break in the area made for lots of young people hanging about.


    Very cold. Did I mention it was cold and oh yeah, there was the cold. Everyone was bundled up, wrapped in scarves, coats, gloves, blankets. Altho I did see one girl in flip flops! Monday, had the coldest temps, but it was sunny and blue skies, so that helped and made for a beautiful looking day. Tuesday was blustery, but warmed up a bit as the day went on. Several people in the crowd commented that they felt sorry for the film crew being from California coming here and freezing.


    The most important part, right? It seemed everyone around me was there to see Johnny. It's all anyone was talking about and for a big Depp fan like myself, I was not complaining. Lots of rumors and stories going around about where he had been in town in previous weeks, going around greeting people in restaurants and local bars. The ladies around me all seemed to love talking about him, their favorite movie of his, etc. After Johnny made his first appearance in front of the jail, everyone was squealing and comparing pics and exchanging emails to forward pics on to each other.

    I was across the street from the jail on Monday and was able to see him as he got out of the SUV and made his way in/out that day for interior filming. Altho it was mere seconds that he would stay there, it was wonderful to see him take a moment to stop, wave and acknowledge the crowd as he made his way in/out. Just gorgeous!

    Unfortunately, I missed him that night as he came out to shake hands with the crowd. I was too frozen, hungry, tired and dehydrated to stay any longer. I had been out there over 12 hrs at that point. I also knew I had another long day on Tuesday and hoped I would get to see him then, so I left. An hour after I went, he came by the area where I had been to shake hands.

    Tuesday, they had forcast rain, but it never came, just lots of cold wind. I positioned myself in the same area as Monday, but apparently being over by Base Camp/trailers was the place to be that day to catch a view of 'the man'. Even tho it was brief glimpses, the crowd over there could see him as he went from trailer to a side door entrance to go inside the jailhouse several times. Once again, everyone was thrilled to just get those brief shots of seeing him.

    I met up with another Zoner later that day and we had dinner and decided to position ourselves along the barracade in hopes that Johnny would come out that night after filming to shake hands again. Filming ended later on Tuesday than Monday, but loads of people hung in there for their chance to see Johnny. I wasn't sure he'd do it again a second night, but I couldn't imagine him leaving the set without some acknowledgement to the crowds of people waiting just to see him and I mean crowds. We were situated along the barracade just after it curved around, so we could watch him from the beginning as he made his way down the line. That was the longest time I had to lay my eyes on him. He started around 10pm making his way and even though it was dark you could see where he was by the camera flashes and each flash illuminated his face as he went along.

    Overall the crowd was well behaved, albeit very enthusiastic. We were constantly reminded to not push and just get pics as Johnny moved along. This young girl behind me (maybe 19yo) was so excited and in tears at the thought of Johnny being near her. I was thrilled to see him so close too!! I took a few photos before and after he came by us, but when he was right in front I just looked at him and put my hand out toward him (from behind a few people) and said 'thank you for doing this' as he took my hand ( chills) and he said 'no thank you', and then he moved on. He was so soft-spoken I could hardly hear him, but he made eye contact with each person and was very gracious. Made my whole day, week! I forgot I was cold. That was the last I saw of Johnny.

    The rest...

    It was fun and interesting to watch the filming process altho most of it was done indoors. From where I was situated on Monday and Tuesday I could see the extras as they moved in and out of the jailhouse for their various scenes. Also saw Lily Taylor come and go, as well as Michael Mann and of course Jerry. The period costumes, 'brick' street and cars looked great. Several of the extras came over and talked with us and shared some insights of their experiences, but they weren't allowed to share much in details. Each person that came over to chat was asked about Johnny. Everyone had the same thing to say...'yes, they met him and thought he was a very nice guy, down to earth and layed back'. Always very positive in their comments.

    EDIT: I wanted to add a little tidbit about the filming. Those of us outside were made aware when they were filming inside because a crew member was positioned outside with a walkie talkie and when they started filming indoors he would yell to those of us outside 'Rolling, quiet please'. The crowd instantly would become quiet, only an occasional whisper or a cell phone going off could be heard, then when they were done he'd say 'cut' and the crowd would start chatting again. It amazed me that everyone seemed to be so respectful of the whole process going on. It was strange (in a good way) to be in such a large crowd of people who all suddenly became silent at once...and stayed that way until someone hollered 'cut'.

    I stayed around a half day on Wednesday and got to see some exterior work being done. The barracades were situated differently than the previous two days and no one was allowed on the block in front of the jailhouse as before. We were stationed on a side street just off Main. We could see them spray the streets with snow from the Snow Machine truck. Funny to see them cover the area we were just standing in the day before with the snow. We then had to move because where we were we could be seen on camera. After we moved I ended up across the street, the same side as the jailhouse, and was on the front edge of the crowd so I could see some of what was going on up the street. The one scene they kept repeating showed two cars coming down the street in our direction, then when one of the cars got to a certain spot a shiney black car pulled out from between the jailhouse and old courthouse next door and turn right in rather a hurry and go up the street away from us. They would reverse the cars back into position and do this several times. We were all assuming this was 'Dillinger' making his getaway in the car. No sign of Johnny at this point and it didn't appear that there were any cameras mounted on the cars at all.

    Not sure what happened after I left. I did read in an article posted on the Zone that they moved over to another area of town to do the 'garage scene' where Dillinger steals the car. I had heard from other people in the crowd on Monday that there was another location across town in 'an old warehouse'. I never did see it, so don't know what it looked like.

    Well, that's about it, sorry it's a bit long. I went to CP in hopes of seeing Johnny and getting an encounter and I got just that. So inspite of the long, cold days I'm thrilled! Also got to see 'Hollywood' in action and I'm so looking forward to seeing this scene on film and know I was there.

  36. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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