Saturday, March 15, 2008

Let the Chaos Begin

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please.

First of all I must toot my own horn. Go here to read my article in The Isthmus - Our Man in Columbus - and while you are at it click on the tiny red recommend this article button - every time you do I get some extra food (although it's only been polar bear food so far . . . . all you LOST fans will understand).

Because I have yet to drink a full cup of coffee this morning I will resort to augmented plagiarism.

LISTEN UP!! if you intend on coming to The Show.

This will give you an idea of WHAT will be closed.

Some of the following material were taken from the Daily Citizen. Give credit where credit is do.

On the day of the filming, the current closures of West James, East James, North Ludington and South Ludington Streets will be extended another block or two in each direction. This is done to facilitate some filming that may pan down those streets. There will be no parking anywhere on these streets inside the road closed areas to accommodate the filming. Citations will be issued and vehicles may be towed.
-Water Street will be closed from East James Street to Mill Street going north, and from East James Street to Harrison Street going south.

This concerns us as The Columbus Paparazzi is in the middle of all this (arrow)! We think we will be having a sleep over.

-Dickason Boulevard will be closed from West James Street to Church Street
-The municipal lot on Water Street will remain closed until conclusion of the filming. People have been moving barricades and continuing to park there. Those vehicles will be subject to citations and/or towing. That lot is needed for equipment trucks.
-West Prairie Street, from Dickason Boulevard to Hibbard Street, will be marked for "no parking" later this weekend, as they will be filming some driving scenes involving the antique vehicles using these streets.
-The moving vehicle scene will continue from West Prairie Street, and will turn right on South Lewis Street. They will travel all the way north to North Lewis Street, and will continue north on North Lewis Street until they are outside of the city. The filming will conclude at the steel bridge. This entire route will be "no parking."
-Owners of vehicles on this route are asked to have them parked out of sight to they won't conflict with the 1930s theme.
As you can see there will be NO actual parking spots.

More on the day of The Show!
"People have to understand that there could be a minute or minute-and-a-half of filming, then there could be two to three hours of down time as they set up the next shot," Boor said.
Spectators will be allowed as close as possible to the downtown but access will be very limited, Boor said, to prevent any interference with the filming.
Security will be on-hand to manage the crowd as well as to keep spectators informed on the progress of the shooting.
"Our people will be there to instruct the crowd," Boor said, "so they know what is going on and what is expected of them."
Dave Fulton, publicist for "Public Enemies" echoed Boor's comments.
"There will be some kind of perimeter, and honestly I don't know how far away that will be," he said.
DO's and DON'TS

"Obviously quiet is a crucial element to filming," he said and flash photography and video are prohibited. He said that still photography is also not encouraged.

This means that you should NOT bring your cow bells like they do in the Olympics, this would be frowned upon.

Spectators also shouldn't be surprised to be instructed to turn off their cell phones.
If you happen to see these two people - make sure you say Hi!!
Also make sure you check out Hollywood WI photos - I hear he as rounding all the corners of his bytes in his digital camera.

After all this is over I will be perhaps be involved with some sort of coffee table book on Columbus and it's buildings. Negotiations are in the works (ok ok - I got one email).

If you want to remember what winter looked like in Columbus check out these two photos I took around Christmas.

Sharrow on the corner of the action has T-Shirts for sale that are going like Hot Cakes.

That's all I have at the moment - I, OF COURSE, will be downtown with some family coming up from Illinois. My brother the big time architect( who designed the Lincoln Memorial in Springfield ILL).

That,s it. I have more photos but I must eat (no one is clicking the food button yet).

Rod Melotte your cub reporter.