Saturday, March 22, 2008

Next Up - Crown Point!

Crown Point - Monday

should I call the blog Public Enemies - Crown Point???

What happened in Crown Point that makes this town interesting?

On March 3rd 1934 Dillinger was awaiting trial for the murder of a Chicago cop. Using a toy gun he had whittled from a wooden washboard and smeared with black shoe polish he took command and locked up 33 people including the warden and deputies and then drove off in a brand new V-8 Ford.

So - Crown Point - welcome to Public Enemie-itis! Filming begins Monday and it's basically a repeat of what happened here - fake snow - expecting crowds, cobblestone and all the rest. You are will have a BLAST.

If anyone gets good photos of the set or stories to tell, be sure to leave them in the comments(or email me) - MANY people are would like to hear of YOUR adventures.

Dillinger with his toy gun - always looking for a photo op!
I received an email from danielr thanking me for writing about or adventure here in Columbus and just the good time everybody is having with this.

Then he mentioned something that surprised me.

He said "maybe you should ask for a dollar or so from some of the people that go to the P.E. site???? This could cover gas, time, film, hand warmers etc. I will become the 1st contributer if I know where to send it"

WELL - I could always use a dollar. SWEET.

He is not the first to express his feelings in this way. Many people have thanked me (more then I EVER dreamed) and thanked Columbus for it's hospitality.

But then I got thinking. I do not write for money, I write because I like to write. The reason so many people are making new friends is not ME, it's because the city of Columbus had the foresight to keep it's buildings intact. To keep the flavor of Columbus as is.

So - even though I'm getting $1 from
danielr which I feel honored, I have a request for YOU.

If you feel like helping and bringing a smile to me and you can spare $1, could you send it to this address to help out Columbus. To show your appreciation for this event that has brought us all together.

If you want you can email me saying you sent a buck and that will be all I need to bring a big goofy grin to my face.

address all of your $1 donations to

Public Enemies - Columbus blog
Columbus Auditorium Corporation
PO Box 365
Columbus WI 53925

What this will go for is the Auditorium in the City Hall. You see there was this Auditorium behind locked doors of the City Hall building. Many many many MANY years went by and no one actually looked at it. It was just an old room upstairs behind locked doors.

Then one day someone opened the doors and WOW - However it needs fixing and money is short. Funds go to all sorts of other Historical things.

So every dollar really does help.

OK - Pledge drive over. I'll mention this again from time to time for new people . This would bring a smile to my face (and we all want that right).

Funny - they don't know I'm doing this - Like to see the look on their faces with a few 41 donations LOL.

BTW - that is REAL snow - we received 11 inches. I had a three foot drift in my driveway.
In OTHER news - even though Public Enemies has left Columbus does not mean public enemies and crime has left this blog. I intend to keep up the flavor with a little history and so forth between begging for "set" information from the other towns (I see Aurora is in the mix now).

The Public Enemies Army is on the march and Universal can not escape us!

Unless you are like 12 with an eagle eye probably best to click on this to enlarge it

My (non-paying) research assistant Samantha Bulgerin came up with this.

Most of them were strictly small time, but "Big Dave" Earsman was a fairly well known racketeer and "safe-cracker" in Illinois who appears to have done some work for Capone. He seems to be most well known, however, for the fact that he was one of the few Chicago gangsters who died of natural causes (his appendix burst in 1930).

What I find especially intriguing is the gang's use of roofing tacks in their escape. This was a signature move of Dillinger's but obviously, the crime predating Dillinger's own career by seven years, they did it first. As far as I have found, they were the only criminals who used this tactic pre-Dillinger. I wonder if a certain later bank robber was inspired by this? Complete speculation of course, but it makes you wonder :)

I wonder if Mr. Burroughs would comment on any of the above - fill in any interesting details?
One last thing - I received this email that is so so sweet I have to share.

It is from a Japanese girl and I want to give her a big hug.

I will always have a look at it happily.

I am Japanese Johnny Depp fan.

I do not get off with a sudden email.

I am sorry I translate an article and a photograph of your blog into my blog, and to use it.

I can know information about Johnny quickly here and really look forward to daily life. I support you all the time from now on.

I can speak English, and please permit a sentence it because there is not it if there is an error.

Thank you supamabo830 - consider yourself hugged!
I'll have a story from one of the OTHER actors that were in Columbus next time - sort of funny!

Rod M.


  1. Can't wait to hear the story! As much as I love Johnny Depp, there are others I'm anxious to hear about too...

    Anyone know what Rory Cochrane's involvement in this movie will be? I see him in the cast list at IMDB but it doesn't give a character name.

  2. Rod ~

    from a historian perspective and it seems i ALWAYS have to throw history in there somewhere - i am thrilled that Columbia kept up its historical preservation ~ it is so important in order to preserve American history, because once the buildings are gone, so is that bit of history ~

    i also think it's great that you are sharing bits and pieces of dillinger facts with the public ~ the fake gun story is actually my favorite story of dillinger ~ i'm sure mr. hoover (FBI Director) was not all too happy with dillinger's escape -

    if you get the opportunity - i hope you post the photo of dillinger out side of the Crown Point Jail ~ according to Mr. Burrough, J.Edgar Hoover was not happy with the photograph -

    i hope Johnny does this pose ~ i would love to see how he does it.

    i will email you the photograph in case you don't have it or know which one i'm talking about.

    one more thing - Columbia has my dollar or two;)


  3. Rod, Maybe you should change the name of the site to PUBLIC ENEMIES - Midwest! I love that you are continuing the filming saga and bringing us the Dillinger Gang history. I am wondering if anyone knows if they will be filming at Little Bohemia in Manitowish Waters? Visiting their little Dillinger museum was one of my favorite outings as a child.

    Thanks for keeping us all going!

  4. Thanks again for entertaining us with your history and antics, Rod. I am in favor of the fundraising for the Auditorium Corportion, and I saw some information in today's Columbus Journal, if I may add:

    "The Auditorium Corporation is taking applications for a new board member. All Fall River & Columbus citizens are welcome to serve on this non-profit board that is guiding the restoration of the auditorium in the Columbus City Hall. Please submit your letter of intent by April 10 to:
    Columbus Auditorium Corporation
    PO BOX 365
    Columbus, WI 53925"

    What a worthwile project!

  5. Rod-thanks for continuing the updates and the bits of history from the time--I find it all so fascinating. Sending in my "dollar" donation for such a worthy cause, too.

    Christine--I would imagine that pose would be in the film--at least I hope so---would have loved to see Hoover's reaction when that pic hit the press!

    Stampincolleen--as far as I know, there are scheduled to film at Little Bohemia, but not sure on the dates.

  6. Count me in on being anxious to hear the story too! I want to hear them all. And great idea for the auditorium.

    Yes they will be filming at Little Bohemia, just no dates yet.

    Not sure if this is here or not but they will be filming in Aurora, IL on April 6 & 7, using the Paramount Theater as a stand in for Chicago's Biograph. Seems the Biograph got too modern.

  7. Do they do filming on Sunday? April 6th is a Sunday and I am wondering if the people in unions work on Sundays. If anyone knows, I'd love to know! Love the blog, was in Columbus on the 17th with my sister. It was cold, but fun. We loved to coffee shop in town. Thanks again!

  8. I just got back from Crown Point. My sister and I took a trip over there just so I could get a feel for the area (she can't go because she has to work & honestly, I can't see her standing outside that long anyways).
    They didn't have the cobblestone set up (that I could see) and we left around 3-3:30ish. There was a pretty decent amount of people out there but I couldn't tell if that was regular Saturday traffic or what.
    Someone at one of the local antique stores said she was told they begin filming at 6 a.m. Monday and then someone else I was talking to said they were filming Monday-Wednesday.
    They already had road blocks up and on the street the building is on you could only go so far unless you were going to one of the businesses on the block. From my understanding when I talked to the security lady was that the Lake County and Crown Point Police Departments would be directing people to parking and whatnot. I noticed a couple of municipal parking lots on the way home and we parked in a bowling alley parking lot.
    I did get around 50 pictures taken. My only concern in posting/sharing them is (1) whether I can post them or not (legally) and (2) having someone take them and claim them as their own or use them for something bad.
    It was funny as we were walking back to the car this lady rolls down her window and goes "Is Johnny Depp there yet?" and she just stops her car and there were cars behind her. So I kept walking to encourage her to keep going and I told her no, that my understanding from reading a blog (referring to this) was that he left Thursday and was probably spending time with his family for the weekend.
    P.S. What is the e-mail address for sending info or comments on the blog?
    P.P.S. If anyone is going to Crown Point, the roads in the downtown are kinda confusing so just a heads up on that.

  9. Here is the photo od dillinger that people got so mad about...because of the way it seemed everyone was so buddy crown point.
    go to this link..dont think i can post pictures on here..
    I talked with a women on monday ( who let me use here friends bathroom also..THANKYOU!) about the auditorium. I would love to sounded so cool..count me in! Should do a dillinger style party for the release and make it a fund raiser type thing maybe..just ideas!:)

  10. here is a pic of john in court....

  11. This is interesting about Crown Point...

    More than 175‚000 people said their wedding vows in Crown Point from 1915 to 1940‚ thanks to liberal local laws here that allowed couples to get married without any waiting period. Celebrities who were married at the Lake County Courthouse included Rudolph Valentino‚ Muhammad Ali‚ the parents of Michael Jackson‚ football legend Red Grange‚ silverscreen cowboy Tom Mix and two members of the Mills Brothers singing trio.

  12. awwww....i just tried the link karen gave me ~ and it is wonderful!! :)

    use that link until she gets the "real" fixed.


  13. As far as photos - if you post them they will be everywhere on the web - even if you copy write them it will not matter.

    If you want you can send the photos to me and I can put a "photo by . . . on it. It's really not a copywrite but at least we try LOL

    If they wee not filming then it is OK - I have tried to not post photos of actual filming but I'm sure some sneak though (that is for the PE Insiders that read this blog - oh yea - I know :-) no worries.

    Glad emergency is taken care of - reminds me of a work problem Friday - now THAT would be a boring story.

    OH - thanks for the buck ladies an germs.

    ALSO - I have started work on getting our own theater for a personal PE Army showing.


  14. Thanks Christine--I just spoke with Karen and she's hoping to get it fixed soon. Thanks for posting the other link to use as there's great info. there concerning filming dates/locations, etc. Looks like Crown Point is ready for filming on Monday....

  15. Someone asked me today if there was going to be any filming done in Richland Center. Was that scrapped or still undetermined?

    Rob, I have some photos of the other cast that came over and hung out for awhile and took pics of us.... if you are interested, I can shoot them your way.

  16. Thanks Rachel - YEa - always love to see them

  17. THANKS Christine!!!
    OMG! Why do people have to be sooo malicious?

  18. Thanks so much everyone!! We are back up!! Our host server was compromised, and every Invision forum was affected. The good news is that we weren't a single target and that nothing was lost.

    Thanks for everyone's help and concern for us!

    Y'all are the best!

  19. I'd like more info on the other actors in PE please. A pity no-one focussed on Stephen Dorff while he was in Columbus, there were no pics of David Wenham and Jason Clarke, A wasted opportunity.

  20. Any film is the work of ensemble of all actors involved in it. In my opinion very often the film even more depends on the supporting actors than on the leading men. Atmosphere of film, its depth, variety. It is always annoying, when press and the fans focus all attention to the main hero. It almost failure. It means, that the viewers are not interested in a film, they are interested in their favorite actor in a film... I should admit, I began to read this blog, because I am the passionate fan of DAVID WENHAM. And I dreamed to find in each new message any grain of the information about him. But now I sincerely have fallen in love with the FILM also and I`m very sorry for all the other actors. The cast of film is really brilliant! All without exception the characters are colourful and bright! But I can not find any mention about the other actors on the set. Except Stephen Dorff who was in one frame with Johnny by chance. Please, Rod, correct this injustice.
    Beforehand thanks.
    Your Russian reader.

  21. Here are some photos I took of other actors...

    Stephen Dorff as Homer Van Meter:

    Christian Stolte as Charles Makley:

    I have more in the set of extras, the man who plays the mechanic (Rick), stand-in, body double, etc. While I'm glad I got some photos of JD, I had the chance to talk to many of the other cast members and they were wonderful, positive and enthusiastic about being a part of such a wonderful production.

    Also, it was a bit more difficult to get photos of other actors because they seemed to be on set more than Johnny was. I didn't see them at the trailers as much.

  22. I loved Michelle's pic of Stephen Dorff even before we were sure it was him. LOL I loved it because it was someone besides Johnny. (Don't get me wrong. I love Johnny!) But I too am really anxious to hear about others.

    I was there on Monday afternoon and heard so much talk about Christian Bale that I pretty much assumed he was there. I don't know diddly about the man...know the name of course, but if he had been standing right next to me in that crowd I wouldn't have known. LOL! It wasn't until a couple days later that I heard no, he was not there and was not scheduled to be there at any time. Go figure.

    I didn't hear *anything* about Johnny Depp during the time I was actually there. I figured 'oh well, there are plenty of other stars.' I was surprised, when I got home that evening, to find out he was indeed there! Doh!

    I am a huge Lord of the Rings geek so to hear that David Wenham was in this, and was due to be in Columbus, was thrilling to me. But I've been searching and haven't found ANYTHING about him.

    And so little about Stephen Dorff.

    Nothing about Marion.

    I suppose it was harder to get pics and stories with them filming inside but I would think there must be *some* news or pics out there somewhere...?

    And Rod, forgot to mention before, I love how you are putting historical stuff in this blog. I am learning so much just coming here! Keep up the good work!


  23. I agree to be honest all the deppsterism is getting to go on adnauseum. This film is called Public Enemies and it will have some great parts for other actors. It has been fun matching the character with the actor and there are plenty to come. I was the first to match Christian Stolte with Charles Makley on imdb. By focussing on Depp we missed Wenham and the others altogether. Wenham is an A lister in my country and one of our greatest actors ever. As an admirer of the craft of acting and not a starbeeper, this is a chance to see a film being made not whether you got a wave from one actor. Sorry. for your sins you should go and check out the movie THE BOYS on DVD and you will know what I'm talking about. Michelle you did a good job at attempting to get the other actors. I hope we get a chance to see photos from other shoots of the other actors.

  24. This might be old news already but...Rod, you're mentioned in a David Wenham article too...

    "Rod Molette is hands down the king of capturing the filming of Public Enemies in Columbus. The photographer has fired up a blog just for the occasion and gave us the first clear and crisp image of Depp waving from a vehicle. The smile on Depp's face looks very sincere so we hope that means he is enjoying his visit to Wisconsin."

    Article here:

  25. Thanks for all links, Michelle!!!
    Viola, I can say, that I saw ALL films of Wenham, beginning from Cosi, including THE BOYS, SEACHANGE, GETTIN' SQUARE, THREE DOLLARS, PURE and DUST and many others and I can say, that David is one of the most talented and greatest actors in history of cinema! It is very pity, that his natural modesty does not allow him to become a more famous actor of international scale, like Johnny Depp. I hope it will happen early or late!
    Thanks for support!
    Russian reader.

  26. Yeah, I am interested in knowing if Rory is going to be in Wisconsin myself...Also, where is crown point? Thanks for all your wonderful info!

  27. Viola,

    I just added 15 or so new photos, and I think one is of David Wenham. Could you check?

  28. Oh, Michelle, huge thanks once more! I can not believe!!! Yes, this is David Wenham!

    Russian reader.

  29. The Making of "PUBLIC ENEMIES" Johnny Depp "as John Dillinger.
    By: Anthony D.,

    Crown Point, IN, March 25th, 2008. The people of Crown Point, Indiana, can not believe that a Super Star, Johnny Depp is in town!

    I went to Walgreen's to buy some supplies and the cashier gave me some inside information, like the exact place of the filming, the hotel where film's crew were staying, including Johnny Depp & other interesting info. Small town, you know...

    I was really excited to see Johnny Depp, "as John Dillinger", breaking from the local jail, even though I already worked with him on the film, Don Juan D'Marco, where I spent a couple of month of excitement between Los Angeles, California and Hawaii. Johnny Depp was a real cool guy then, even though he wasn't as nearly famous as he is today, but we used to hang out on the beach with Mr. Marlon Brando & Faye D. (mean lady)...

    Anyway, my wife and I drove from Chicago to Crown Point to visit a friend that happens to be one of the Producers for Public Enemies. I worked with him on a film called "Heat" starring, Al Paccino, Robert D'niro, Val Kilmer & Ali. I haven't seen this guy for like a few years, and I was happy that he recognized me after all this years, he's a real cool guy that invites me in the set to hang out all the time during filmings.

    On the Fan's area, we met amazing people/J.D's Fans; starting with "Hardcore Fans" like Maggie and Maria that reserved their spots since the night before at 11pm it was 4pm when we met them!

    It was cold during the day, I can't even imagine what they went through to reserve those spots that very nicely shared with me and my wife including their portable lazy chairs, hot chocolate, blankets, food, cigarettes and stories.

    We also met each other's Mom's that happen to be also J.D's hardcore fans and happen to be sisters so Maggie and Maria are cousins from Crown Point, IN.

    It was exciting to be part of the filming that even though we were on the Fan's area, you felt like part of the crew, since we were right in front and the Assistant Directors would kindly share the drill on the set like: "Quit Please" "Rolling" "Cut" & "It's a Rap".

    It was really excited to feel the passion from all these people that literally "Adore Johnny Depp", they had all kinds of signs that said, "J.D. Would you Marry me? , I'm your # 1 Fan in the World, "Maria & Maggie Love Johnny, Johnny, I'm Your Biggest Fan! Savvy", I Love you More that All the Fishes in the Sea and All the Rain Drops in the World", just to name a few....

    At the end of the filming, Tons of Fans wanted to see at least a wave from their hero, at least a hello, a smile, anything.

    I have to admit that my wife and I gave up waiting so we decided to hit back to Chicago, however, we had a pit stop to use the bathroom, which I was using when wife called me hysterical to hurry-up! That she got a call from our new friends Maggie & Maria letting us know that Johnny Dillinger came back!!!

    So there we go again back to the set, amazingly that crowds were even bigger!!! like tripled or so...
    We heard the screams (which you can taste from the video clip here!)... then followed the jelling and got caught-up on the euphoria that means and feels like a hard core fan do and again I admit that I was saying "Forget about it" like I kept telling Johnny Depp, for his roll on Donnie Brasco and "Savvy" on POTC.

    I guess, Johnny Dillinger, (aka John Depp), went to his trailer, changed his outfit, probably took a shower and relaxed for an hour or so then he came out... tons of people were disappointed and left but the really hard core ones stayed and notified others that J.D. was coming back.

    Johnny Depp, blew my mind, he started from the beginning of the line to the end, he shacked hands, signed autographs, took pictures, hugged his fans, none other actor stayed or did everyone was gone even the Director and main crew.

    A stand ovation for Mr. Johnny Dillinger, I mean, Johnny Depp he's a freaking Cool dude!... I'm infected...

    By Anthony D.,

    For more information contact:
    Anthony Diaz
    T: 773-501-8390
    M: 2735 North Clark Street, # 143, Chicago, IL 60614.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Unedited Pictures and Videos available upon request by calling 1773-501-8390.

    More Photos or Video...>> Click here!...>>> or at:

    Post comments at:

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