Friday, March 14, 2008

Rumors and Half Truths!

Words can not explain what is happening here.

No really - I have nothing. hmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm

Well - nothing earth shattering - I'll have to let the coffee kick in . .. or this cookie which seems to be 95% sugar. mmmmmmm Breakfast cookies!

Some non related bits and pieces of information.

I was in town taking some more photos when Diane points and said - "HEY there is Nancy". Of course the first thing that pops into my brain is Nancy Reagan (as I'm sure happens to everybody) but she is actually pointing at a woman with a smile from ear to ear who also happens to be the Mayor of Columbus, Nancy Osterhaus (I'm relieved it was not Nancy Reagan as I have nothing I want to say to her).

I walk up and introduced myself (having only talked to her through emails) and we chit chat for a little while. I would have loved to talk to her more deeply but someone else already had her ear so I figured I would be cool and not interrupt . . . . TOO much.

She did tell me that everything I had printed so far was truthful and I was doing a fine job. I also found out that Columbus is now officially in the movie industry radar. I WISH I would have taken a photo of her - her grin like that is adorable!
I spent a major portion of 10 minutes writing an article for a Madison Newspaper/online web thingy about the upcoming events and the article stole a lot of blog material so you guys got screwed.

HOWEVER - they did cut out a sentence that I can now repeat - it will be out of context but here it is.

"I'll try not to trip over your body. Did you put that as a special talent on your application?"

HA - too funny, I make myself laugh. Too bad they cut that out.

So if you are interested it the REST of the story check out The Isthmus Daily Page tonight!
Since I saw this SECRET posted on a newspapers site I guess I can mention it here (so much for keeping secrets). They will be filming Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday AND perhaps into Thursday. Seems they keep finding great locations. I can't say where . . . as I do not know.

The Wednesday part has me a little mystified because according to secret sources filming will be in Darlington on Wednesday also. On that subject, extras are given three pages of rules to follow, no asking for autographs, no photos and so forth and no fawning.
For any of you thinking about making the trek to Columbus Monday! I would seriously think twice about it. Sure, you can see a movie being made but what will you actually see. There is one rumor floating around that we could expect 10,000 people on Monday. I'm not sure that number is valid but I would not be surprised at 3-4000 which is the size of the entire town.

Remember - in reality the filming will be amazingly boring with hours of nothing to do between takes. Do you want to stand for two hours in 36 degrees and spitting rain in row twelve in a crowd which is two blocks from the action anyway?  (Ha - people stood for 16 hours in spitting rain).

Just think about it before you come. Personally I think of you want to get a feel, come on down Sunday. It's suppose to be a nice day and the "set" will be pretty near complete.
I received an email from Marcia Sparks about the Columbus print. She will have prints "without" the banner, I guess she replaced it with he word SAMPLE! Now we must talk her into MORE scenes of the downtown area.

In other news - they are putting down a faux cobblestone street last night. Not sure how much of the four streets will have it but it's a pretty big undertaking.

If you would like the true experience of driving on cobblestone streets drive West James Street, although I have heard it's a little rougher then cobblestone.

The crowds have gotten larger every day this week and security is now on the scene.

OH - before I forget - Squash this rumor - NO MEET AND GREET AT THE HIGH SCHOOL!

Also - the Kurth Brewery (I have a Kurth sweatshirt) is open Wednesdays and Fridays and Diane and I WILL be seen there at some point WITH CAMERA! It's a pretty cool looking square building - I'll need to get a photo.
I am actually thinking of a project for perhaps a book of photos of Columbus brick buildings. Need to find some history of the buildings!

I have heard the rumor from a number of places now that when Universal leaves it will not be forever and should be back once the weather gets more humane. Awnings should be kept in place.

There is nothing more I can say at the moment - I'm waiting for the newspapers to spill all the secrets so I can. They always get the jump on secret spilling.

Talk at ya tomorrow

Cub reporter Rod Melotte disguised as Jimmy Olsen (also Giant Turtle Boy at times).

Final thought - another record yesterday in hits.

went over 10,000 hits this morning!

For all of you Christian Bale fans