Thursday, March 27, 2008

This and that - Slow news day

Not a lot of awesome news for our favorite movie.

For a report from Crown Point look in yesterdays comments for a good read.

Oshkosh - the cones are up and they are working on transforming the area. I have heard that the Blue Moon Coffee shop across from the bank is getting measured for "shoot'm out" windows and there is a rumor that there will be some 2nd floor jumping. SWEET!!!

As with Columbus stores that will need to be closed are getting reimbursed with an average day's profits. Employees are also getting paid for not working!

Columbus in it's first round made about $250,000. I read and have heard that the production crews LOVED Columbus as they would have coffee brought out to them and people were friendly and non-in your face.

I have also heard that JD was thrilled with Columbus.

I don't have any photos on hand but have you noticed the difference between the rent-a-guards in Columbus and the ones in Crown Point? I think there is a 100 pound weight difference.

Aurora - sounds like a one day, inside, shoot. It's all I know and I have not heard WHO or where is next up.

Madison - I'm hearing different stories and my gut feeling is that the Madison shoot is growing in size.

Milwaukee - nothing heard

Manitowish Waters - no news.

Public Enemies - The Book. Bryon Burroughs has to be pleased. I ordered my book online and it's coming vie Media Mail so I probably have 6 to 8 weeks to wait still. I think they actually WALK it to my house from the East Coast.

So I thought I'd check it out (HA!) at the library. Nineteen copies all checked out and if I wanted to get on the waiting list I would be number thirty-three. So before bowling I went to Barns & Noble and they had one copy - I thought I should buy it and sell it on ebay for twice the price. But then my sane self took over.

What I did see were some cool maps.

When I was a kid my mom asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said a fire truck. Later I decided I wanted to be a cartographer (I sold creepy crawlers in 1st grade with maps . . but that is another story).

Once I realized there was not a lot of call for cartographers I went into the "whatever" mode. But - now I'm thought drifting, , back on topic.....

I read the first page and liked the flow. CAN'T WAIT.

Hey! If you are looking for a good read. DJ's (my wife who desperately tries to keep me grounded) dad is a living survivor of the USS Indianapolis (the one in Jaws). He is pictured in the book "In Harm's Way: The Sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis and the Extraordinary Story of Its Survivors" . He was a Marine sleeping on deck guarding the Atomic bomb (not that they knew it) when the ship was blasted and he was thrown in the water.

880 survived the sinking and 317 survived the five days in the water, most eaten by sharks. Amazing story and a very easy book to read - a real page turner. SOMEBODY has a movie in the works!

Here is is explaining to DJ that the actual ship was larger then this one.

I was asked in the comments yesterday about WHO to make a check out too if somebody wanted to sent $1 to the save the Auditorium fund. For the uninformed - Columbus, being a small town has many older buildings that need to be kept up. Because of this, money flows to what is already there and few get to a newly discovered Auditorium that needs tender loving care.

So since some people have asked for my address to send a dollar or two I am telling them that I would LOVE them to send your dollar to the below. Help out a small town that has brought us all together. Show the love!

I have to presume you would make a check out to

Columbus Auditorium Corporation

Public Enemies - Columbus blog
Columbus Auditorium Corporation
PO Box 365
Columbus WI 53925

I was also asked where this Auditorium was located - so - here is a photo of the building it's in. I had some inside photos a few days ago. It looks like it could really be a special place once it was fixed.

Cat's on Prozac.

Our family consist of two cats, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, my wife and I.

We picked up Milo (cat) when we were looking for an adult cat after another cat passed on. We saw a large cat sleeping and when we payed attention to him he purred in the loudest purr you can imagine.

What we found out is that he is a talker . . A LOT . . I MEAN CONSTANTLY!

This was a problem - he wanted OUT. He would sit next to our bed and meow wanting to go out. At the time we lived in an area where that was dangerous. BUT - on the good side it was a lover. He would cuddle and snuggle and purr and his fur was soft and it was a dream . . . .until he wanted to go out.

People would tell us - ignore him, if you give in you will teach him it works. Yea - we would ignore him for FOR THREE HOURS until we would go CRAZY.

Long story shorter.

He as NOT an adult cat - he was a large boned young cat - cougar size (well almost??)

We put him on Prozac and all is well. He gets to go out at night at times and brings back presents of mice he has terrorized the neighbor (another story) but for the most part he is doing well. Until a few nights ago.

He found a new toy.



We were sleeping soundly when all of a sudden.


He would grab the cord for our blinds and pull them like a guitar.

People that know the Milo back story will be amused at his . . . humor.

OH - one final thought - The Book.

It's coming along - now that things are cooling off a tad I can put more time into the photo part. Keep the photos coming - the more the merrier.

Go here for information



  1. Hey, you need to let your loyal readers know how much comes pouring in for that auditorium fund. I hope you told those in charge to expect a few letters. :)

    We have a talking cat, but he meows when he wants to be fed (usually 5 AM). Yeah, right, we can ignore this -- NOT. He gets fed, and then he's quiet. (I suspect if we withheld food, he'd only get louder. And more dramatic. In any case, that's not recommended by the ASPCA.)

    I'm curious to find out whether or not the Manitowish Waters location will be used. Looking forward to the Oshkosh shoot - maybe fate will smile upon me and allow me to check it out.

    Burroughs book is good.

  2. Ya made a pretty good blog out of a slow news day, Rod!

    I have two "Public Enemies" books coming from Amazon! (Thanks for the heads up, deppfan)! I think they will be sold out soon too!

    Kitty stories...we could laugh for hours. (Chuckles at Milo) If you're bored, cat owners, go watch this video.

    (I almost peed my pants laughing)! :D And of course, I'd never post anything so off-topic on a big news day. ;)

    Just sitting here waiting for the snow....when can we expect it to start, Rod?

  3. Just a random thought for you:

    Wouldn't it be nice to get the auditorium in Columbus fixed up in time for the PE premiere, and screen it there? That would probably give people the incentive to donate more, too. You could even auction off tickets to the Columbus premiere and use the proceeds to fix the auditorium.

  4. "fixed up in time for the PE premiere"

    It's a nice thought but think about it a little deeper.

    You need to rent a very very expensive projector, a real screen and an audio system in a place with unknown acoustics.

    HOWEVER - I forgot to ask this.

    Any ideas out there for a fund raiser for the auditorium? What did the Stoughton Opera House do to get funs - they were in the same pickle.

    I don't want to throw cold water on the screening but looking at the price tag and unknowns I don't think it would be feasible. JUST MY OPINION.

    How much is coming in? Not a clue. I think we can buy two shingles - IT ALL HELPS!!!

    I'm worried about many many more slow news days to come. I'll try to make it interesting.

    I did hear today that Michael Mann hung out at Hard Heads and Wee Willies? (sp??).

  5. awww Milo sounds cute. We have a talker to (usually about 2am she starts in). We have 3 indoor cats and I'm too embarrassed to say how many outdoor ones (snickers). Interesting how some are talkers and some aren't...

    Loved the video suz! Tooo funny!! Co-workers started looking at me kinda funny. Let 'em wonder what has me laughing, he he he...

    Oshkosh sounds like it would be great for watching the filming, lucky people, with shoot outs and window jumping. Spectators will have a blast up there!! Can't wait to hear about it.

    Great job again, Rod! Especially for a slow day...Looks like on your location map that the entire North and South American was eaten by the Red Blob!

  6. That would be soo cool if we could have the screening of Public Enemies in the Auditorium!!!!!!!

  7. Rod, you still manage to make it worth reading even with little news. I will definitely try to send some dough for the auditorium once I actually have some dough to send. I think it's a great idea. By the way, I put a link to your blog on mine. I hope you don't mind. I figured you wouldn't since it could only bring you more traffic. :D

  8. Just getting a chance to check in here today, the real world as well as the cyber world has had me running today. Thanks Rod for the update on what to expect in Oshkosh.

    I do hope that they get back to Columbus, I think it sounds like a great experience for the city and also for the company! I've heard that Chicago is an all nighter and may also film tomorrow.

    Thanks for the addy for the Auditorium fund, I've jotted it down.

    I loved Bryan Burrough's book and hope you will too. It's so darn well written and so engaging. I actually forgot it was true, I thought he told their stories so well.

    OK that's enough of my rambling for now. Back to the real world for me...

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Rod loved your blog today-loved the cat story! They definitely know how to "train" their owners! Our Siamese mix is very vocal and only quiets down when you respond(guess that's a trait of Siamese cats) Had a dog on Prozac for awhile--helped a little---

    Hope you enjoy Burroughs book--it's an interesting read and I could see why Mann would want to make this into a film.

    Haven't heard much about Chicago shooting today so I'll have to do some sleuthing.......

  11. I received my copy of the Public Enemies book in the mail yesterday. Brand new copy on Amazon for $2! So far I love it. And I plead guilty for already reading the end.

  12. I'm presuming the Crown Point filming is over and it would have been a terrible day for it because it's raining and sleeting in Northwest Indiana today. I sent a text message to a friend and I told her it was raining because the sky was sad Johnny had left the area lol.

    Cute story about your cat! I do not have any pets (as my family lives in an apartment and we can't have cats and dogs, but we had a betta but he died last year :( ) but my neighbor's cat weighs 20 (!) or more pounds and she is an absolute character. She eats doughnuts and lots of other people food and even drinks coffee...I guess that explains why she is so big.

    P.S. Does anyone know if they will be updating the "Public Enemies" book in time for the movie or if any other additional information has been added/will be added? The only reason I am asking is because I am going to buy it but right now it's got an "order" status on it at the nearest Borders and wanted to know of anyone knew..and no, I do not need Johnny on the cover to read the book..I read "Secret Garden, Secret Window" (or whichever way it is" from "Four Past Midnight" just fine without the special movie cover :)
    I'm also going to post this question on IMDB.

  13. If anyone is looking for the "Public Enemies" book, I just found it for really cheap's available for under $7 (plus shipping and handling) from Edward R. Hamilton Booksellers. It's a mailorder catalogue (my dad has gotten books from there for years so I know it's legit and trustworthy) but you can search online as well.

    P.S. I have nothing to gain if someone wants to buy it..just thought I'd pass it along!! :)

    Here's the link!! :)

  14. Kristen I'm not sure what you mean about updating the Public Enemies book for the film. The book is what it is and the movie is based on the book. There is a script review floating around the internet and as with any film, I'm sure that some bits will be added. I don't think there will be a film version book put out, but I guess you never know, just my thoughts. You might try your local library if you just want to read the book---it's a pretty lengthy book covering several gangsters from the time period. I believe the film if focusing mainly on Dillinger....hope that helps.

  15. I am just wondering if anyone here has gotten a call back from the oshkosh auditions?!

    Ahh! It's killing me. I want to be an extra like you have no idea, and the whole window shooting possibility just fuels the fire.

    I refuse to have my movie experience done with so soon!

  16. Grinder! this and that is still something i've become addicted to so keep it up! i went to columbus yesterday and i could not figure out if they were putting the stores back together or what? still had the look of the movie...and one around except a few cops and people fiddling around with the storefronts.i could not make it for jd's first debut in columbus...but try and keep me from the next!!any clues as to timeframe?? i used to hitch hike to columbus when i was in high see a boy! no less...that gives away my age..enjoy reading everyones comments...has become part of my life now!!SO THANKYOU GRINDER...i'll be contributing to the fund in the near future.

  17. Rod - thanks for the Oshkosh info! Where the heck do you get your information from?? Have any dates been narrowed down yet? I know they're saying "second week of April" but...anything more specific?

    Anonymous (at 4:16) asking about audition callbacks - a co-worker of my husband already knows he'll be an extra, and the friend of one my own co-workers also knows he will be I'm thinking those who made it have already been notified...?

  18. debsmad, NOOOO!!!
    How could you crush my dreams!
    Do you know when they got the call back? uuuuuugh.
    I know, I'm a bit dramatic, but I've wanted to be an extra since I heard they were filming in Wisconsin months and months ago.

  19. Calgal-
    Thanks for the info! I didn't know if there had been any more information about Dillinger, etc., revealed since the publishing of the book.
    I actually have the book at home right now..I work at a library and I checked it out but haven't had time to read it with school and whatnot and I don't want to hog it from the rest of the town (though so far, no one's asked about it though we are getting two new Dillinger called "Dillinger: The FBI Files" (or something similar) and "Don't Call Us Molls" but aren't available for checkout yet). But thanks again for the info! I guess I'll put in an order for it soon! :)

  20. Just gotta give props to Grinder for all his incredible commentary throughout this amazing "Public Enemies" journey. I will be so disappointed when it ends! Also, thanks for the ingenious way to raise some $$ for the Auditorium! (I'm sending some $$ today, by the way.) Wouldn't it be so wonderful if the auditorium was finished in time for a "P.E. Premiere" of sorts. Probably not realistic...

    Just thought I'd share my excitement- I just bought a first edition, signed copy of Bryan Burroughs PE book! Would be a dream to get some autographs when they come back to finish filming (can't wait!)
    Love your book idea... would be happy to help if needed.

    Thanks again!
    I originally posted this on your page from yesterday-just wanted to make sure you saw, Rod.
    For more hilarious cat antics check out

    March 27, 2008 11:56 AM

  21. Oh, yeah, one more thing-just as an FYI-it's "Wet Willie's."

  22. Anon - I'm sorry, and I debated even telling As for when, I don't know, but it was last week, that I heard about both of them being in.

    I really don't know how that stuff works though! Maybe there is still hope for you?! Maybe they are different groups of extras??

  23. Yes, yes. Always that hope dangling there, but I will let it go. ;)
    Though I just wanna shout out a big DARN IT!!!
    Keep me informed on any extra updates though! I will gladly take in any kind of news. :)

  24. Does anyone know where PE is shooting the rest of this week? Or even how to find that kind of thing out? A friend and I have been trying so hard to figure out where they are going to be and when so we can TRY to at least catch some of the filming but we never seem to be in the right place at the right time and never can find out ahead of time where they will be.

  25. Grinder, I just heard today that
    they will be shooting a scene in the Rogers Hotel here in Beaver Dam about the same time they come back to Columbus! Now I'll have to take off work to try to catch some
    of the action in Columbus again AND my own hometown! Have you any news on this?

  26. Just want to take a sec to say 'Thanks!'

    It's been great reading your blog since the shooting began in Columbus. I'm a Beloiter who will probably be making the trek up to Oshkosh if it all works out.

    Yeah, got my PE book on e-bay nice and cheep but the waiting is killing me too (our library only has 1 copy!!! which of course has a 'hold' on it whenever it comes in)

    Loved your cat story, my cat is very vocal too, and yeah it was cute for the first day = ) never tried the prozak... hmmm, food for thought......

    anyhow, thanks again, it's been a joy!!

  27. Fundraising idea for the Columbus Auditorium.. Make T-shirts and sell them when hollywood comes back to town. Everyone loves t-shirts. The front could have a small simple drawing of town Hall and the back could say something like "Support the Columbus Auditorium Renovation"

  28. krisx - just like they say on All My Children - It never ends! :-)

    Well - it did for the old Greenlie I guess :-)

    I'll be around for a long time - I have been blogging for three years expressing my slanted take on the world.

    I got my book today - I read a lot of historical books - this is a good read.

    krisx - did you get that one on ebay??? I saw it the other day.

    PE is in Chicago pulling an all nighter I have learned - weather is REAL rotten.

    Beaver Dam - yup. More on Oshkosh tomorrow!

  29. Once filming begins again in Columbus have a grillout (hotdogs, chips, hamburgers, soda) near the set and all proceeds go to the Columbus Auditorium. All the people outside are bound to be hungry. And if its cold you could have hot chocolate.

  30. Dillinger: The Untold Story Expanded Edition by G. Russell Girardin (shown at amazon link) looks to be another book worth checking out...

    is another book that Johnny's shown carrying in this pic:¤t=80372873_10preview1.jpg

  31. I think the cookout idea for people visiting is a wonderful idea...i volunteer to help somewhat of a expert grill master:)

  32. Woo hooo that y'all are getting your PE books.

    I read on imdb about Johnny not being in Chicago. I emailed one of my LA friends and they are checking.

    Could be second unit filming and there are rumors that Christian Bale is there filming. This makes sense as Purvis would be in Chicago.

  33. Grinder, do you know which robbery will be filmed in Oshkosh? I'd like to know as I can work out which actors will appear. Anyone taking photos should also be informed so other actors can be snapped. From what I've read there was some pretty atrocious behaviour in the crowd at Crown Point that makes the Columbusians look like angels. I can't believe Universal allows such lax security as people were yelling out during filming and thought it was pretty funny. I hope it doesn't carry on like that through the mid west. I'm not impressed.

  34. Calgal..
    Is this the picture of the same book? The one link wouldn't work that you posted but I found this on IMDB:

    I think it's neat that he researches his roles like's almost like he's doing schoolwork or something..only I wish my school work was as interesting as reading books on famous criminals..haha..

    Does anyone know what other kind of research he's done for the role? I know I've read where he's into the whole "method acting" thing and was wondering if/how he's going about it for PE.


  35. Oooh, I like that cookout idea! The t-shirt idea is good too. Were there some local shirts being sold last week? Seems like I heard or read something about it...?

    I tried talking my hubby into driving by the Oshkosh location after work tomorrow, take a pic or two. (He works in Oshkosh.) He suggested we take a drive by this weekend instead. That's cool for me cuz I'm not familiar enough with that area. Are there any early pics posted somewhere?

    Looking forward to tomorrow's blog!

  36. Wow. Rowdy crowd at Crown Point you say? Well all the more for them to want to come back to Columbus!
    I'd just like to take the time though to ask any new people who signed on if they've gotten any callbacks to be an extra? particularly the oshkosh ones?
    Any info would be appreciated! :)

  37. Coming out of the Anonymous crowd!

    Oooo!!! Beaver Dam too?!! My mom lives in Beaver Dam. I stayed with her last week so I could take my kids to watch the Columbus action. I did get close to JD a couple of times, but my camera is cheap so the pictures could have been better. (Seems when I use my high zoom that it tends to make the pictures fuzzy.) I'd love to get another chance to get better pics and maybe an autograph. I was in Columbus on Thursday and JD didn't sign autographs that night.

    I can't see taking another day of vacation though. I think I feel an illness coming on. :)

  38. Kristen--thank you--yes! that's the pic--sorry about my link.

    From what I understand he's visited the criminal library in Washington D.C. with MMann and they both visited the nephew of Dillinger--hopefully this link will work:

    Yes, he does extensive research into his roles---an avid reader for sure!

  39. They were just talking about Beaver Dam on the 9pm news on Fox 47. Rod, you got any info on this? (Of course you do :))

    I do have to say, everyone was well behaved in Columbus. It made it very enjoyable.

    Also, I heard there was an "incident" in Darlington but never heard any details.

  40. Rod FYI
    Did you read the citizen today? Filming in Beaver Dam at the old Rogers hotel lobby.....when they return in april..
    keep up the good work I truly enjoy your blog

  41. Rogers Hotel lobby confirmed. Don't know how much we'd be able to see if it's only an indoor shoot?!! Has there been any info
    on other inside only shoots? Should I concentrate more on going back to Columbus than try to see something right in my home town??
    I want to try to get some photos of the lobby and outside before they come here.

  42. I think in addition to selling hot dogs when they come back, set up port-a-potties and take a donation by them!! LOL This was one thing that was lacking for the first shoot!

  43. I lucked out and had kind people that let me use their bathrooms but yes.. the port-a-potty idea does sound good.

    I think that it is great that there are 42 comments on here on a slow news day! Love it!

    Everyone have an awesome weekend!


  44. Thanks for all the info. It is great to read material from someone who is a "local". Please keep up the good work.

  45. Someone I work with said they heard on the radio this morning that Johnny Depp was in Wisconsin Rapids. They were going to give more information after a commercial break, but she had to get out of her vehicle so she missed it. Does anyone know anything about that? I work in Wisconsin Rapids, do I need to be on the look-out? : )

  46. Hmmm... I haven't heard of Wisconsin Rapids being a part of this but maybe. Were they doing a casting call around there or something?

    If he is around, I hope you get a sighting :)

  47. Nope, no casting calls closer than Oshkosh as far as I know. I had heard that Wisconsin Rapids tried to get some filming done here, but IMO there has been too much modernization so I doubt they would do anything here, but there are some lovely older homes, etc. so who knows.

    I told DH that his old middle school would be perfect. It was built in 1918 I believe and looks exactly the same. It's only a block from my house so they could use my place for some R & R. : )

  48. I work in Stevens Point...and do alot of work in rapids...have no heard anything happening in Wisconsin Rapids at all.

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