Thursday, March 27, 2008

This and that - Slow news day

Not a lot of awesome news for our favorite movie.

For a report from Crown Point look in yesterdays comments for a good read.

Oshkosh - the cones are up and they are working on transforming the area. I have heard that the Blue Moon Coffee shop across from the bank is getting measured for "shoot'm out" windows and there is a rumor that there will be some 2nd floor jumping. SWEET!!!

As with Columbus stores that will need to be closed are getting reimbursed with an average day's profits. Employees are also getting paid for not working!

Columbus in it's first round made about $250,000. I read and have heard that the production crews LOVED Columbus as they would have coffee brought out to them and people were friendly and non-in your face.

I have also heard that JD was thrilled with Columbus.

I don't have any photos on hand but have you noticed the difference between the rent-a-guards in Columbus and the ones in Crown Point? I think there is a 100 pound weight difference.

Aurora - sounds like a one day, inside, shoot. It's all I know and I have not heard WHO or where is next up.

Madison - I'm hearing different stories and my gut feeling is that the Madison shoot is growing in size.

Milwaukee - nothing heard

Manitowish Waters - no news.

Public Enemies - The Book. Bryon Burroughs has to be pleased. I ordered my book online and it's coming vie Media Mail so I probably have 6 to 8 weeks to wait still. I think they actually WALK it to my house from the East Coast.

So I thought I'd check it out (HA!) at the library. Nineteen copies all checked out and if I wanted to get on the waiting list I would be number thirty-three. So before bowling I went to Barns & Noble and they had one copy - I thought I should buy it and sell it on ebay for twice the price. But then my sane self took over.

What I did see were some cool maps.

When I was a kid my mom asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said a fire truck. Later I decided I wanted to be a cartographer (I sold creepy crawlers in 1st grade with maps . . but that is another story).

Once I realized there was not a lot of call for cartographers I went into the "whatever" mode. But - now I'm thought drifting, , back on topic.....

I read the first page and liked the flow. CAN'T WAIT.

Hey! If you are looking for a good read. DJ's (my wife who desperately tries to keep me grounded) dad is a living survivor of the USS Indianapolis (the one in Jaws). He is pictured in the book "In Harm's Way: The Sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis and the Extraordinary Story of Its Survivors" . He was a Marine sleeping on deck guarding the Atomic bomb (not that they knew it) when the ship was blasted and he was thrown in the water.

880 survived the sinking and 317 survived the five days in the water, most eaten by sharks. Amazing story and a very easy book to read - a real page turner. SOMEBODY has a movie in the works!

Here is is explaining to DJ that the actual ship was larger then this one.

I was asked in the comments yesterday about WHO to make a check out too if somebody wanted to sent $1 to the save the Auditorium fund. For the uninformed - Columbus, being a small town has many older buildings that need to be kept up. Because of this, money flows to what is already there and few get to a newly discovered Auditorium that needs tender loving care.

So since some people have asked for my address to send a dollar or two I am telling them that I would LOVE them to send your dollar to the below. Help out a small town that has brought us all together. Show the love!

I have to presume you would make a check out to

Columbus Auditorium Corporation

Public Enemies - Columbus blog
Columbus Auditorium Corporation
PO Box 365
Columbus WI 53925

I was also asked where this Auditorium was located - so - here is a photo of the building it's in. I had some inside photos a few days ago. It looks like it could really be a special place once it was fixed.

Cat's on Prozac.

Our family consist of two cats, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, my wife and I.

We picked up Milo (cat) when we were looking for an adult cat after another cat passed on. We saw a large cat sleeping and when we payed attention to him he purred in the loudest purr you can imagine.

What we found out is that he is a talker . . A LOT . . I MEAN CONSTANTLY!

This was a problem - he wanted OUT. He would sit next to our bed and meow wanting to go out. At the time we lived in an area where that was dangerous. BUT - on the good side it was a lover. He would cuddle and snuggle and purr and his fur was soft and it was a dream . . . .until he wanted to go out.

People would tell us - ignore him, if you give in you will teach him it works. Yea - we would ignore him for FOR THREE HOURS until we would go CRAZY.

Long story shorter.

He as NOT an adult cat - he was a large boned young cat - cougar size (well almost??)

We put him on Prozac and all is well. He gets to go out at night at times and brings back presents of mice he has terrorized the neighbor (another story) but for the most part he is doing well. Until a few nights ago.

He found a new toy.



We were sleeping soundly when all of a sudden.


He would grab the cord for our blinds and pull them like a guitar.

People that know the Milo back story will be amused at his . . . humor.

OH - one final thought - The Book.

It's coming along - now that things are cooling off a tad I can put more time into the photo part. Keep the photos coming - the more the merrier.

Go here for information