Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Am Happy to Report

The cobblestone will be going down on Friday in Columbus with filming on Monday.

This comes from Sleepy via the JD Zone.

The reason for the delay was weather, inspiration, a small yet stressful fire and what I believe could be exhaustion as they had been doing all nighters for six days in a row.

Seems Michael Mann, just like in Columbus, has been finding more and more scenes to shoot. Friday a cold front went through bringing good size hail, snow and extreme wind to the north woods which set things back.

At the City Council meeting last night we were told that once again the cobblestone will be going down. Not sure of Madison but it is being investigated by . . . . sources.

There is a rumor that The Rogers Hotel in Beaver Dam has a sign that says Red's Pharmacy. Anyone want to check that out?

Also I'm wondering about the use of the Poser House for a 2nd time. Has anybody heard "who's" house it is? Why it's being used?
The Auditorium.

We arrived at City Hall about 20 minutes before the open meeting. They were having a secret meeting first. As DJ and I enter and walk up the stairs we see a group of people that look like they are preparing to enter the principals office for a scolding. Crowded wooden benches and strained grins.

I'm carrying my yellow notebook with all of my garden plans but hidden deep inside is my audio visual presentation (without the audio part).

I meet a couple other CAC people along with Josh and Jenny and shakenbsis (must own oil stock) who has driven the 60ish miles north to attend.

Doors open and we file in and before I can push and shove my way to the back of the room the rows are filled and I must sit, FRONT ROW!


And there they sit (I was going name the council but the City Website, I believe, is not up to date and a large number of links are broken anyway).

There is some business talk and I'm not really listening because I'm suppose to say something and as I rehearse my "lines" my mind keeps drawing a blank after I say my name. Why am I so nervous! You could hand a microphone to me in the middle of a packed Miller Park at a Brewer game and I would have no problem but here?? I'm suppose to say something intelligent?

All I know is there is a blah blah blah and then Dale who is the head of the CAC stands up and proudly passes out a BUNDLE of YOUR incredible emails.

He speaks a little and then reads a few of the emails and they were very moving (you giys are awesome). Of course everything he is reading is the exact words I was going to use . . . if I could remember them.

A few more words and he sits down.

Nancy (the Principle) then says "Rod"?

Boyd Kraemer the City Admin is staring at me waiting, Anne Donahue the City Clerk, waits behind her laptop, she is taking down names and typing, the three cameras are rolling for the TV and Nancy smiles.

(Nancy's blog)

I stand up and say all their names to get their attention and then I say my name (to get MY attention) and hand out photos of the the City Hall. I ask them to take a good look and them, close their eyes, and imagine a wreaking ball smashing the walls. That is would could happen if the city does not approve the $300,000 for the roof.

It was about that point when the room sort of spun and I became only semi-conscious. The words coming out of my mouth were just random beeps, chirps and whistles for the next 45 minutes (or maybe 1 minute, I'm not sure, I was not there). The next thing I know is I was sitting down and some guy was talking about water and we were looking at charts full of numbers.

THIS I could understand and I actually thought it was very interesting once I came too. They were just like the charts I stare at when playing SIM CITY. I wanted to raise the rates 1%, change all roads to light rail for 10 years and build a Stadium . . . . . OK, only others that play SIM CITY would understand that. Sorry.

Nancy had pity on the rest of the CAC people and called for a break before they started talking about the sewers. I did learn that Columbus is in the top 10% of other communities when it comes to how much we pay for water. However, that is because we had to upgrade the water works while other communities in the area have not upgraded yet.

So while we are #3 out of 30 now, we will drop in comparison in the coming years. People complain about taxes without understanding WHY they are so high. I did have questions but . . . . . I was still recovering from my trauma.

After a Culvers meal we disburse feeling like we did what we could.

Later I received this email.


No dissection in the City Council troupes.

The Mayor and City Administrator spoke favorably of the project.
The official vote will be May 20, although several times it was mentioned that any concerns should be brought up at tonight's meeting.


Honestly we all feel that your blog and everyone's financial support and emails and photography support made the difference in how easily this came through. THANK YOU.

Tonight you and your "minions" effected a positive change. Too bad we all had to sit through a 70 minute
presentation on Water and Electric rate projections for the next 15 years.

Hey! The Water and Electric rate projections I thought were pretty interesting. They failed to show a per person rate change in the last 10 years though. That will be on a new blog :-)

I want to thank all of you in PE-C land for helping out. You really did make a difference. It's not often that a person can be with a group of people, all working and hoping for a positive result on something this important and we can actually make a difference. You can and should be proud of yourselves.

I'm proud to know you.

The 15ish wonderful emails opened their eyes, the $387 we raised in the last week from people around the nation and the photos were all part of the process. THANK YOU.

BTW - yesterday Pay pal received donations from

Matt from Oshkosh
Michelle from Columbus
Daina from Madison
Erik From Madison

Total is now #389.22.

NEW - with the roof being fixed now the CAC can move ahead.

The CAC is working with Boris Frank Associates to streamline and maximize fund raising efforts. Boris will be working with local citizens over the next two months to solicit opinions and ideas on the restoration.
on a super quick side note.

I had the thrill of getting a GOOGLE ALERT the other day about an news article on the web concerning Public Enemies. The thrill was that I WROTE THE PIECE!!

My bulbous ego head made my ears hurt.
With that I will leave you with what I hope is my final SNOW photo of the year.
Rod M

JD photo contributed by Chris C. TY

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's VA Day for Columbus

I realize there might be some new people looking at the blog today. Bear with us and just follow along on this continuing adventure. If something does not make sense . . . it's not you, it's a story in progress.
This is the #1 Website on the internet when it comes to The Columbus Auditorium. That's right, this bulbous headed ego wort is claiming to be #1 and I stand by my claim.

However - let's get serious for a few seconds before I dive into the murky waters of yesterday.

Today is a huge day for the Columbus Auditorium. Exit polls are telling me that there is some opposition on the City Council when it comes to obtaining $300,000 to fix the roof.

Here is the thing.

No roof, no auditorium, no auditorium and the current roof will deteriorate until they are forced to move City Hall. If City Hall stands empty you might as well tear it down. Tear it down and you will lose the center of the city to be replaced with strip malls.

City Hall is the heart of this town. It is the beacon that draws people to look at the rest of the buildings. The auditorium is on the 2nd floor.

If you really care about this building and Columbus and you have never gone to a City Council meeting (6:30pm Tuesday in the City Hall) THIS is the one you need to attend. You don't have to say anything but the ol' girl could REALLY use your help. She has never asked for anything in the past but now she needs you now. Please.

If you can not attend the meeting could you PLEASE send Kris an email in support ( ). She will print off the emails and hand them to the Council.

Another thing you can do is make a small donation using the paypal button (you can use a CC). I sent a check yesterday to the CAC for $258.22 from sixteen donors from across the nation and the Council will hear of that also.

In all honesty your donation will only make a tiny dent in the total but it is the show of support that is needed. Look at what the city has done for you in the ways of entertainment in the last month. Help us out.

I will be there handing out cigarettes and chocolate to all attending . . NO NO NO I won't do that. I will buy a round of beer at the victory celebration at the Kurth Friday night - I hope.

Here is a little history about the Auditorium.

The last high school class to graduate was in the early 1930's. It was used for plays, solo & ensemble competitions, church, graduations, high school plays, movies, etc. It was a central point for entertainment/events in the community. She was boarded up in the 1930's after rumors were circulated that it had been condemned (started by people wanting a new auditorium for the high school).

There have been several attempts to restore it, the most significant being in the 1970's when the lower portion of City Hall was restored.

Members of that 1970's group were the ones that started the current Columbus Auditorium Corporation and made it independent of the City, hoping that City politics wouldn't hold things up.

They've made significant progress and really have a shot at getting this thing restored. We really feel that we need to move quickly on the restoration. The money is out there, but people want to see work being done first. If the work is done quickly, people will have to respond quickly with donations - I think a 18 - 24 month rally of "SAVE THE AUDITORIUM" is better than a 5-6 year "save the auditorium."

For some photos of the Auditorium - go here!

On a side note - in 1933

Average Cost of new house $5,750.00
Average wages per year $1,550.00
Cost of a gallon of Gas 10 cents
Average Cost for house rent $18.00 per month
A loaf of Bread 7 cents
A pound of Hamburger 11 cents
Plymouth 6 Car $445.00
Campbells Vegetable Soup 10 cents

Adolf Hitler appointed Chancellor of Germany
Repeal of prohibition in United States allowing 3.2% beer and wine sales
Strong winds strip the topsoil from the drought affected farms in midwest creating Dust Bowls
The original 1933 King Kong Movie is shown
The Loch Ness Monster is sighted for the first time in modern times
The First ever drive in Theatre is established in New Jersey
The Chocolate chip cookie is invented
I have a new article in The Isthmus! Check it out and and click the little red Recommend This Article, an angel will get it's wings with every click. (that phrase was actually coined by Frances Goodrich in the movie It's a Wonderful Life - can't take credit for it).

T-shirt was thought of by Lynn. It would cost about $18 with $5 going to the CAC fund. Let me know if there is any interest.
OK - Public Enemies - where does one begin.

At this moment shooting schedules are behind closed doors. The rumor is/was postponing Columbus until next week but I'm having a hard time with that. Next week was suppose to be Madison in the Capital and I doubt they can rearrange having that meeting room on a whim.

So. I'm just waiting to hear any news.


Yesterdays blog was brought to you by the city on Minocqua (voted #5 Best Place for Anglers to Live by Field & Stream).

Here is where the wheels fell off the the tracks on that one.

Sometimes you can put a few clues together from people you trust and when it all adds up - you are wrong. One person that had been disguised as a Douglas Fir tree for a week had photos of base camp being torn down. Then another person that has had good info gave some wrong info and BAM. FUBR. Hey- that's why this is a blog and not a news organization. I can afford to be wrong.

Which brings me to another topic. The Public Enemies Columbus Cult. OOPS - it has finally come out. Here my pretties I have some kool-aid for you to drink!!

It seems someone thinks my tone has changed of late and perhaps I am thinking a little to much of myself. hmmmmm. Well, I have always thought to much of myself, I like me, I think more people should think more of themselves. It's how things get done. It's how decisions get made. Right or wrong things happen.

She is correct though when she states "this is a small town guy writing a blog". Although that seems a little insulting to small town people but perhaps that is just a slip. "BUT, he is not your leader" (I'd like to be but I need an island first, if any of you have a spare island email me).

"The ideas and stories... a lot of them come from people that have posted on here or talked to him without recognition." With that I am guilty. However(1) - if every idea I have ever heard had to be given credit this entire blog would be nothing but credits (and most of my life).

HOWEVER(2) - if I did miss giving credit to an ORIGINAL idea I am truly sorry. I have way to many irons in the fire the last month and things do slip. I apologize.

"he isn't all powerful and all knowing people" (I'd like to think so but she has a point). He is just a guy who started a blog and now thinks that the PE world owes him because he writes about it.

Naa - I'll have to disagree. I am owed nothing and expect nothing. I'll ASK though, never hurts to ask.

Now comes something I thought was funny.

She says:

I am leaving. Thank you all for what started out as an enjoyable experience with great conversation and ended almost like every other board out there.... making me question people.

After that very serious multi paragraph comment is a post from Rachel K

"I like your grassy picture."

THAT makes me smile - thank you Rachel K - perfect timing.

SO - now that we have seen what a blog/forum/bulletin board CAN be let's keep things on a cheery side.

I had skin cancer twenty years ago on my shoulder (have you ever had a sunburn Rod? - NOW THAT was a stupid question) and it was at that point in my life when I realized that life is way way to short to get angry and worked up over little things, and ESPECIALLY if it is related to a blog.

And with that - so long for today

Monday, April 28, 2008

And Then They Rested

Seems the crew has a little down time for a week and luckily for them they are still up north in Summer Winterland. I bet those guys are just loving Wisconsin weather right now.

They are holed up in Minocqua which is about the size of Columbus. Minocqua means ""fair maiden". In Native American.

Minocqua is also said to be derived from the Ojibwe word Ninocqua, meaning noon day rest.

In 1891 the town consisted of 29 saloons, two hotels, two general stores, a small market and about 15 homes.
(15 homes and 29 saloons - awesome home to saloon ratio). In 1912, a fire destroyed most of the buildings along Front Street. The fire started across from where the post office sits today. Locals tried to stop the fire with dynamite.

BRUNO BRUNO!! (ok - that does not fit . . . read on)

The town might also be named after a tribal chief named Noc Wib or Minocquip.

Another explanation for the name may refer to the fact that the town is an island surrounded by several lakes (aqua).

So - back on topic - I wonder what they are doing. Surfing the Internet? If so perhaps they have run across this blog. Hi guys. I am completely in awe of your skills at putting this all in motion.

I can see it now, they have a week off but Michael Mann still wants them to wake up at 5:00 and eat breakfast outside. (it's like 29 outside now)

Bob Wagner is probably spending his time playing six tables of online poker at once and calling for Bruno to take care of something.

Howard spends the day in the middle of an intersection in Minocqua looking very thoughtful and making sure everybody is parking their cars in the right place in town.

The perpetual motion girls who walk around with clip boards are spending all day on tread mills while pointing at random objects and making sure everything is placed exactly right.

Vinnie has dirtied half the parking lot with his dust and water and was last seen on the second floor covering up some squibs that Bruno installed for practice.

Keven the Picture Car dude . . . . . well . . . . he has now discovered every bar in Minocqua and has not slept for three days and his back is killing him. Someone asked him where he was and he replied "I don't know and I can't tell you, it's a secret".

I have a request for anyone up there with any influence. I was on the set in Oshkosh and circled the set in Columbus. I have the #1 Public Enemies site/community with 1700 readers a day and all I want to do is be allowed on the set with a real camera so I can take photos of the crew.

I don't care about the actors. The crew are the real stars (besides the cars). No one ever takes their photos and gives them any recognition. I want to take shots of the people that are making this spring something to talk about for a long time.

For instance - the sound guy with the straw hat. Awesome photos in my minds eye. The perpetual motion girls that just tire me out watching them. The other sound guy with the glasses. So many wonderful shots of the behind the scenes players. So many stories.

On another side note - If you have not had a chance to see Carrier on PBS - it's a 12 hour documentary on the behind the scenes people on the USS Nimitz. GREAT show. They call it a floating high school as most of the sailors are 18-20. And they are the tip of the spear?
So - as you have surmised SOMEBODY is sick with the flu or something. I read one rumor abut seeing Johnny Depp in a Walgreens buying cold medication. Yea - I can see THAT happening.
One of the things Public Enemies is doing that newspapers are not talking about is how the movie is bringing people together and making friends.

For instance - shakenbsis has become a good friend and we're trying to talk her into opening the James Street Granola Bar. She makes the best granola.

I'm going to write an article for the Isthmus about how Universal has changed a lot of little unsung things in our lives. If any of you have any stories on something that has changed for the better (or worse) let me know.

I feel the Columbus Auditorium has been helped . Without the movie it would still be in first gear (I think) and moving forward but perhaps not with a full tank of gas. The movie has brought people together from all over the Nation to help her out.

Today I'm sending a check to the CAC for $258.22 from sixteen donations I received. Thanks everyone, it is really appreciated and more is always needed.

If you will notice I have a new link to a new photo page of the Auditorium on the upper left side. There will be an official site coming up soon(ish).

The audi thanks you and keep the donations coming. It really is showing support. Michael Mann would be proud of you for helping keep history repaired. Places like her and the other buildings in Columbus are why Universal came to Wisconsin.

I'm surprised at how many people in Columbus have told me "I didn't even know we had an Auditorium".

Here is another photo from the JP collection. Gotta love fish eye lenses.

They cost so FREAKISHLY much for Nikon's.

On a personal note. We went to my moms house for her 80th birthday and on the way we had to make a detour because of a road closed in Waterloo.

On the way back there was another detour and we thought it would be 18 miles out of our way. So we felt we had a better way.

Half an hour later and completely lost we were rethinking our strategy and knowing that perhaps Amazing Race was not our best choice for reality shows.

But - there are always things to take pictures of.

Zoomed around a corner and saw this for a few seconds. Stopped, backed up and got out of the car for this.

That's it for today.

Rod M.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Throwing Us for a Loop.

Top of the mornin' to ya.

Public Enemies Filming POSTPONED

WBEV radio reports

4/27/08 - Filming of the movie “Public Enemies” in Beaver Dam and Columbus has been delayed. Location Scout Adam Boor says there was a “scheduling conflict.” A sign on the door of The Rogers tells residents “we have been told by Universal Studios that the filming on Monday has been postponed. We apologize for any inconvenience.” Boor says he will be in contact with city officials on Monday to address the issues surrounding the delay. Beaver Dam alderman last week approved the removal of traffic lights and signage around The Rogers until this Tuesday. Boor says Universal Pictures would be willing to erect everything during the interim, but he says “it would certainly be more cost-effective to leave them down.” Crews were busy Saturday in Columbus removing the rubber cobblestone covering the downtown streets, though stop signs will remain in place of traffic lights. Boor says there will be filming in Beaver Dam and Columbus, and it will likely take place the week of May 5th and 6th but nothing has been confirmed. The studio has been planning on wrapping up the Wisconsin portion of the shoot by May 8.

Columbus - disregard most of the below

Seems Universal and the weather are throwing us the ol' monkey wrench (an adjustable wrench, which is rarely used today) into the shooting schedule.

Here is what I know and THINK is happening.

Cobblestone was laid down and as of Friday 10:00pm all was on schedule. Saturday morning we were driving to Julie's Java House(JJH) to put my name on a 20x30 poster that I had donated (and will be selling prints) to JJH (but it had melted - different and funny story) and saw the cobblestone . . GONE. WHAT UP!! I say.

There were crew in JJH and I asked basically . . WHAT UP! I was told that there was a scheduling change. I asked when they were going to reschedule and they said they couldn't tell me. They didn't know.

I trust them because MOST of the people inside the circle of trust really do NOT know.

So here is my gut feeling.

Since it is a main highway being blocked - even if they move the date back one day it is a smart thing to take up the road. They can put it down in one day so taking it up Saturday gives leaves the highway open Sunday and Monday.

They can put it down again Monday night if they have too. So I FEEL this is not a critical delay.

With bad weather Monday (Rain showers likely...mixed with light snow at times.) I have a feeling Tuesday is STILL a filming date . . .somewhere. Monday's schedule is still a go at the Poser House in the afternoon and evening. Meaning MAYBE a meet and greet late Monday night!

Little Bohemia

an exclusive Big Bad Mama report

I drove to Manitowish Waters last evening(Friday?), arriving near Little Bohemia at approximately 8:30 pm. There were spectators across the road from the base camp/church, but I think they were inside their vehicles because I didn't see any individual or group of people. It was a little rainy with a 'God awful' (it was across from a church...) amount of fog! Traffic was slow here, mainly due to the fog, so travel was about 40 mph past Little Bo. A white van pulled into Little Bo just as I was driving past and the were ushered through. I assume that they were arriving for the last night of filming. As I drove past a squad car sitting near Little Bo turned its blue & red lights on, but they didn't come after me. I wondered if they did it so people coming in to work could find the driveway to Little Bo. Yes, the fog was that bad. Hopefully, they were filming inside. The only thing you could film outside would be a remake of 'The Fog.' About an hour later good size hail came through and then a thunder storm.

This morning I awoke at the cabin and it was raining, then started to snow. Supposed to snow all weekend. I am so sick of snow, I decide to go home and salvage the weekend. As I am driving past Little Bo the first thing I notice is a conspicuous lack of cops. Not a one was in sight. Then I noticed that a good portion of the vehicles and people are gone also. Wondered if this was just due to daytime, but think not because the police are gone. As I drive past base camp, I see that the church parking lot is about half empty now. There were some trailers left and the big tent, but I didn't even see a security guy. So, I assume that the movie/production crew has already started to move out of Manitowish Waters. The newspaper had said they would be out by Sunday, so this is no surprise.

then in report number two

Yep, the movie is definitely done in Manitowish Waters. My husband went past Little Bo about 1:45 pm today (Saturday) and he said it was empty. At base camp they were tearing down the tent and most of the trucks were gone. He also said when he went past Little Bo there was a big black SUV, he thought it was an Escalade, sitting in the driveway as though getting ready to leave. I just had to wonder if it was the vehicle Johnny Depp rides in and if he stayed at Little Bohemia during filming. I never heard any reputable rumors about where he was staying, and with all the security at Little Bo that would have been an excellent place to hide him.

Thanks BBM!!!!
As for the weather here in Wisconsin.

I was asked if this weather is normal. Yesterday we had sustained winds of 35mph with gusts to 50. This was stronger then two Wednesdays ago in Oshkosh. That kind of wind is normal with that kind of weather system. Snow this late in April is NOT normal and it is rare. Accumulating snow the first two weeks of April is not uncommon.

Tornadoes are not uncommon either.

on a side NOTE - we here in the Kestrel Ridge area hear no tornado warning sirens at all. I think we're going to by a weather radio. My weather station has warning sounds but I have to remember to turn the speakers on.
Sorry about the spam thing - lets hope it is not common or I'll have to have the tricky, aggravating wordy thing up more often in order to comment.

This was taken by JP and I have made a decision. I'm going to provide a link to his photos. I have gotten many requests for his email address and I feel we are letting the Auditorium down by not allowing him to sell his very good photos and obtain 10% of his proceeds to the CAC.

It is not like he is the only guy selling and if is trying to help our community we are letting the ol' girl down. I'll have more photos in coming days. He really is trying to help us and is part of your PE-C community.

I want to thank the following donors

carol from Pahrump, NV
Kristine from Marshall, WI

their donations bring the Paypal total to
$258.22 + $76 mail in's for

BTW - so far the farthest donation is 1,104 miles from Winter Park Florida from Mary and NOT her husband John! :-) I gotta give credit where credit is due :-)

Christine the historian is 2nd farthest Mechanicsburg, PA at 1,054 miles.
Have a great Sunday


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Is That Cobblestone In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To Meet Me?


They have taken all the cobblestone up from the street in Columbus and talking to crew in Julies Java House it seems the schedule has been changed to dates yet unknown. Remember the Milwaukee shoot has been push back a week. I

I don't think this is a week but with ROTTEN weather (snow) in the forecast for the first part of this week maybe a few days????

More when I find out.

With a title like that you know that we had a fun time at the Kurth last night. I was forced to call up the Grinder weather umbrella over Columbus as there were Tornado's all around but they opened and we're all safe.

However - lets get to some PE news.

Monday morning they are filming in Beaver Dam and then production is coming back to Columbus for a few days. If you want to see JD you are going to have to work at it as nobody knows the timing of the shoots. Night filming is rough on spectators.
JP (yes the photog JP we have been talking about) delivered chain link fencing next to Jenny's house as it seems they are thinking the yellow ribbon is not going to hold this time around. I wonder if Jenny will have to climb over the fence to get outside her house.

JP loved the Columbus look and met our Mayor Nancy Osterhaus. I'm sure he also noticed all of the 8x10 photos of Johnny and acting scenes in store windows that were on the set selling for $40 a piece.

I think if JD wans to donate 10% of his profits to the CAC we should let him and provide a link to his yet to be built site. Others are selling photos in plain site and not donating (of course they probably do not know they CAN donate!).
The Little Bohemia fire seems to be a little more exciting then first publicized.

It seems that 911 was called when sparks were noticed coming out of a room in the upstairs.

Lighting had over heated and was burning through a false ceiling that was put in by Universial . The fire then burned through the real ceiling and was lapping at the insulation in the attic.

As we all know this is a very old tinder dry wood building and if the fire was not caught when it was . . . . bye bye Little Bo. The volunteer fire departments of Manitowish Waters and Winchester arrived (which had a record turn out for this fire) with six fire trucks and they put out the fire saving a lot of embarrassment. I'm sure MANY people on this blog thank you from all our hearts!

Oddly the day of the fire was 74 years and 1 day from when Dillinger actually made his escape.

I can not imagine what was going through Michael Manns brain when these events were unfolding. He loves using actual buildings and as reported here they spent a LOT of time fixing up Little Bo, taking out the original bullet hole windows with EXTREME care not to damage anything.

The burning of Little Bo would have been a disaster.

As a precaution thermal imaging camera's were on set at all times keeping track of anomalies.

I want to thank the Rhinelander DailyNews for covering this event correctly.
To Anonymous 10:43 yesterday.

I'm not mad at you or anything - seriously. And yes 0 I am a little protective over the movie and I think I am justified.

It's just that I know somebody that knows somebody that has a cousin who works with a guy who's mom has a script, and this is a scene that you REALLY do not want to interrupt. Not yelling and I'm sure IMDB has as much info as we do over here.

It's all good and I completely understand why you want to see what is going on. Happy Birthday BTW !! Hang out in Columbus this week - I'm sure you wll see Johnny at some point.
Donations for the CAC - AWESOME!!!

Irene Hebron, IN
John Winter Park, FL
Petra Neenah, WI
Susan Beaver Dam, WI
Dianne Tennessee Ridge, TN
Kathy Columbus, WI
Christine Mechanicsburg, PA
Michael&Peggy Waukausha, WI
Mindi Chicago, IL
Kristi Madison, WI
Julie Middleton, WI
Terry Columbus, WI
Kat Oshkosh, WI

Thank you, we have raiseed $215.13 in the last two days and add the $76 from mail in's that is a total of $291.13.
DJ, Jenny, and shakenbsis met Kris, Dale (President of the Columbus Auditorium Corporation CAC) and their awesome dad Robert the Treasurer of the CAC.

It was a great time and I had to keep buying them Pepsi to loosen their lips (I didn't buy any in reality but I'd like to think I did). Lots of "secrets". Such as the tunnels that went from the Kurth brewery to the Kurth mansion across the street during prohibition (did you know that prohibition is responsible for the ice cream industry explosion in the 20's).

Thanks guys for coming, it was great to meet the heavies of the project!

Once their sugar buzz started to where off they started to get sleepy and left. Leaving
DJ, Jenny, and shakenbsis and I to kick it up a notch.

After having a beer
shakenbsis decided it was a good time to run to the car and fetch a machete. Of course this got a few stares from patrons when she walks in wealding a three foot long knife with an evil grin on her face.

She wants to get JD to sign it (well the scabbard). We surmised that if she really wants to meet Jerry, JD's body guard up close she would run up to JD with it.

Anyway the good news was that the machete no longer smells like cow pee . . . . . but that is another story for another time.

We then decide to go into town to look at the set. The cobblestone is all laid out and the one street looks great. I looks like they were doing some trimming and random pieces of cobblestone were laying around near a garbage can so . . . . that's all I'm going to say about the next events. The garbage can will never miss it.

We're up on the corner and reading a posting about the Columbus Square Dance (oh my God!) and Jenny and DJ are laughing and having fun and start to square dancing (it has to be sugar . . or what used to be sugar) .

Swing Your Partner Round and Round
Throw Her in the Toilette
And Flush Her Down.

When some guys on the roof top starting hitting on us yelling. "Hey are you guys from Columbus?" Did you graduate from the High School?" of which Jenny yells back, "YEA - they graduated like 50 years ago!"

Thanks Jen - we love you! . . . most of the time.

And that was the night. We went home and crashed and I hope
shakenbsis arrived in one piece an hour later.

Here is another teaser from the JP collection.

With that - have a great weekend - from cold and windy Columbus


Friday, April 25, 2008

Worms and Little Bo and other stuff

News from Little Bo

From Char

"I went up to Little Bohemia yesterday afternoon and was across the street from base camp until 9:30 last night. Probably about 100 people there. Saw lots of extras and also found out that the filming is all being done throughout the night.

Last night were the outdoors scenes for the night fight & escape. The night before they didn't rap until 4 in the morning. Only about 12 people there. JD signed autographs & talked to them for about 15 to 20 minutes. So everyone last night didn't even leave base camp until between 8 & 9 pm & assumed they didn't come back until 5 or 6 this morning.

No sighting of JD but we did see Sean Penn(not Sean) & Christian Bale. It was fun but got really cold & I had to work today so couldn't stay all night. They are filing there until Friday as well. Don't know how long they are there on Friday."
As for the photo thing.

Seems some people are uncomfortable and that is fine. JP understands. Personally I don't have a problem. I've seen the photos and they are awesome and not just of JD but the entire crew. However I feel that if some are uncomfortable that is enough for me and as long as JP understands I'm down with the decision.

On a side note JPD is actually working for Universal today as a delivery grunt.
As far as finding filming locations. I feel this is not the place to be searching for the burial scenes. Finding the locations can only hurt the movie and disrupt what I feel will be some of the toughest acting scenes in JDs career. So I WILL delete any comments from people searching. Go over to IMDb for that.
MY MOM - EV's birthday.

She says thank you thank you thank you for the "wonderful " birthday wishes. If she knew how to comment back she would have (I'll teach her this weekend). You made a young 80 year old very happy.
Big Bad Mama was scouting Little Bo a few days ago and took a few photos of white cars and trucks. Nothing exciting so she started looking for other things to photograph and this appeared.

Way to go Sharon!! As BBM says "You can always get photos of Johnny but rarely a Bald Eagles".

We have had many readers from Japan and France so I'll explain a little. The Bald Eagle is Americas National bird. It is the only Eagle unique to America. It was on the brink of extirpation in the United States but now there are about 20,000.

The Bald Eagle is a sacred bird in some North American cultures, and its feathers, like those of the Golden Eagle, are central to many religious and spiritual customs among Native Americans.

Eagles are considered spiritual messengers between gods and humans by some cultures.
You will find a new Donation button on the . . . left (I guess is over THERE now). This is for Paypal donations and credit cards.

Here is how it will work. I'll keep a running tab on the . . left and every $50ish in donated money to the Auditorium fund I'll send a check.

I'll also post the first name of the donor to make sure I don't miss anybody.

This is how you have helped so far.

Five letters to the Columbus Auditorium Corp (awesome thanks)

$76.00 - in donations that went right to the CAC

$57.63 Paypal as of this morning

Thanks to
Michael & Peggy from Waukesha WI
Susan from Beaver Dam WI
Dianne from Tennessee Ridge, TN
Kathy from Columbus WI
Christine from Mechanicsburg, PA

Total = $133.63

I'll send a check Monday.

It is warming to see people care about preserving history. Hugs to all.
A photo from JP of Michael Mann giving Marion Cotillard a hug.

I never got a hug from either of them or Emilie de Ravin. I did get hugs from non-movie stars though and I'm sort of sitting on the fence about letting Michael Mann hug me anyway.

Gardening and Worms.

I have had several people say that that unknown growth in my garden is Coreopsis Zagreb. I had a lot planted in that area so it must be those sort of spreading.

Worms - as I was digging last weekend I noticed a good amount of worms. This was good.

However - when we take Blake our dog for walks it normally is like walking a sack of potatoes. He is a sniffer and not a walker. Lately he was being REAL slow and stopping to eat things in the road. I stopped him and realized he was eating yummy dried up crispy worms.

Last night we had thunder and rain and I go to the driveway and see four, one foot long little finger size HUGE worms. I pick them up and put them in the garden. Diane comes out and I comment on all the other little worms on the driveway. YUCK she says "don't run them over".

I back out and as we start up the hill. THE ENTIRE ROAD IS WORMS!!! Every square foot LITERALLY is worms. Diane is squealing like a little girl and I'm steering the car to where the least amount of worms are. I feel the back wheels losing grip, I'm losing traction (trs-2). Serious worm action on the road.

It's like a horror movie. NIGHT OF THE WORMS.

I guess we can take Blake for walks for a while.
Any comments on the new look? Gotta keep things form getting stagnant.

See you at the Kurth tonight!


Thursday, April 24, 2008

A New Thrill Ride & LOST

With the appearance of Emilie de Ravin in the blog the last two days I have to remind all LOST fans that there is a new episode tonight. DJ - remember to record it (I have golf League).

So lets see, what do we need to record tonight. LOST, Survivor (which I have applied for in the past), The Office and 30 Rock. We grew away from Earl last year. Can't watch CSI because DJ deals in icky crime all day and does not need to watch it on TV.

Speaking of LOST. Anybody notice that Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sun and Sayid were not anywhere near the Swan station when it imploded and turned the sky purple AND all of them are off the island as the Oceanic Six?

For some interesting reading and exploring check out Oceanic Airlines (Taking you places you never imagined) website.
That odd growth in my garden is Hair Cap Moss. I have not been able to figure out if this is a good thing or bad thing. The one forum I went to got all spikey saying THIS IS A PERENNIAL FORUM GO TO THE MOSS FORUM.

That is why I love YOU guys and have heard from a few people that this blog is so understanding with adult to adult instead of adult to child style conversations. I really hope that once production ends (so so sad) you will stick around and join in with my little world as I see it.

I'll probably change the banner of the blog slightly but I WILL keep bringing PE news when I find it. So if you see me segueing from time to time into NON-PE stuff. I'm just practicing.

DJ and I have a bike ride in early June and an adventure into Door County and it's Fish Boils (photo). I think we're going to spend a day on a Segway for giggles.
The Isthmus has a article written by my man Clark Kent about the Madison shoot. Check it on THIS LINK.
Johnny Depp and wine - I gotta say this and I don't mean to sound snobbish. You can't compare Wollersheim, Door County and Three Lakes to French wines. For one thing Wollersheim is more in the German tradition (did you know Wollersheim was the very first vineyard in the U.S? it was founded by Hungarian Count Agoston Haraszthy who later became the first Mayor of San Diago and then died when he was eaten by an alligator on an adventure).

And speaking of Sauk City (where Wollersheim is located) - it was first named Széptaj (Hungarian for Beautiful Place) then Haraszthopolis (I love that name) the Westfield (snore) and finally Sauk City.

On another note - there is no creditable evidence that he was the person to bring my FAVORITE grape, Zinfandel, to America.

There is a very nice vineyard west of Madison but they were mean to our dog and rude so I will not mention their name.
Back to PE.

My little Enemy Elves are saying the Milwaukee shoot will be Monday the 28th. hmmmm Of course that messes all the schedules doesn't it. Not sure what is going on - GOOD JOB UNIVERSAL.

Lost of confusion on filming dates so I can't help you.

BTW - this movie will make your eyes moist.

Look at these outstanding photos from Jeff in Oshkosh.

I think this is a mating ritual. The offspring are those jump jets I think.

The plane is landing and still moving

Let's all stand of and give Jeff a round of applause.

On a serious note - JP took a large bunch of photos of the breakout scene in Oshkosh and people have been offering him money to purchased some of the photographs. He contacted me with a proposition.

If I link to a site he is creating to sell some of his photos he will give the Columbus Auditorium Corporation 10% of the proceeds.

I ask you this because I feel you readers are the reason this blog is alive and I heard a lot of grumbling about people selling photos of JD for profit. I feel that these photos are not just JD but action scenes and so forth. I would not agree if he was just selling for HIS profit (he is a very very nice guy- I met him in Oshkosh) but if it can buy another shingle and again show how much support there is - it's a good thing.


Cheers - have a great day

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Marion Cotillard & Emilie de Ravin

BREAKING NEWS - FIRE ON THE SET (not in the hole)

from WSAW dot com

A small electrical fire caused smoke damage on the set of "Public Enemies" this morning.

The movie starring Johnny Depp is being filmed at the Little Bohemia Resort in Manitowish Waters.

The Manitowish Waters Fire Chief says the fire has been contained, but it caused smoke damage to the second floor of the resort.

Flames were reported from the second floor around 6:30.

Crews from Manitowish Waters and Boulder Junction responded to the fire.


According to the Portage Daily Register -The Columbus shoot on the 29th will feature Red Hamilton (Jason Clarke) getting shot DEAD in the street". Shooting will take place downtown and at the Poser house.

Production then moves to Madison which will be the "final hurrah for Wisconsin"

In some other interesting news, Johnny Depp does not like the wine selection in Illinois (I'm sure we have all said that at one time or another). Johnny is really enjoying filming on location in the Midwest but the only problem is that Illinois isn't exactly famous for its vineyards and Johnny is quite particular about his wine. (Does Johnny know he is in Wisconsin?)

"When he couldn't put up with the local wine any longer, he decided to organize for a shipment of his own to be sent across as well as his favorite Bordeaux Petrus."

Johnny owns the Plan de la Tour vinyard. Plan de la Tour is a small village in the Massif des Maures hills, about 15 km northwest of St Tropez and Ste Maxime on the coast. Click here for some photos of Plan de la Tour.
Emilie de Ravin - so so cute. Scott and I were sitting in the 1933 Graham when she walked past us about 5 feet away. She had a blue dress on and a HUGE XXXL goose down coat wrapped around her and she looked like she was FREEZING. Yea - sucks to live in Hawaii!!

That was Monday and on Friday we were doing what we do best, sitting on our butts in the car watching filming and we spotted Christian Stolte and Emilie walking past the car. Little did we know she was going to Pam's Shop.

The Marion photos are not so clear - she did not go shopping. However my little elves with cameras were ever active. Thanks JP - excellent job. It's amazing the photos you can get while you are being chased down a 2nd floor hallway by the crew.

In the small world category.

I had a comment in my Flickr account and I responded. Seems somebody wanted a copy of a photo of Shirley Mansion from the rock group Garbage so I responded without really looking at the email address.

I got an email this morning from Andy. Remember "Andy the Extra" that I talked about a few days ago? He made that comment on Flickr a week before he even knew me and was wondering why "I (Rod Melotte)" was talking about "Garbage". Then he realized he was looking at my Flickr account.

He commented "Rod you are connected to EVERYTHING".

Yes I am.

On a side note Jenny has met Shirley and was hugged when she was backstage at a concert at the Coliseum. In fact during the concert Shirley stopped the show and to make sure Jenny was not getting crushed.
Here is a fund raising idea for the Columbus Theater for the Performing Arts and Opera House.

Besides NOT calling it an auditorium which sounds like a gymnasium.

Jason says - "Say the Auditorium is haunted. There are paranormal societies that will do investigations. is affiliated with TAPS. If it really is, the publicity will help raise money. I'm serious. Most theaters aren't haunted though."

YEA!!! I'll have to let that one settle in a little - what could possibility go wrong. However - I like the way you think!!

I grew up in a haunted house. We had a dog that would just freak out at times over noises. I can not remember all the stories (I was pretty young) but I know my parents were really looking into the haunted thing. Not scary haunted but there were things that "happened" that seemed paranormal.

Remember - I have witchcraft in my past from Salem. Who knows!!!!
Gotta work - we are getting a new email server today and I have 5 terabytes of old email I have to clean up! Plus a story for the Isthmus!

Have a great hump day

HEY - any gardeners out there? Can you tell me what this is growing in my garden? I was doing a little weeding and I thought this was not a weed - but then it was in places I did not plant anything

Rod M

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I'll have Public Enemies stuff after the Auditorium plea.

I have a couple assessments for you.

First. Today is my moms 80th birthday. It would be nice to leave my mom a Happy Birthday message. She would be thrilled to have a Happy Birthday comment from around the Nation and World.

Second. VERY IMPORTANT - There is going to be an important vote next Tuesday concerning the Columbus Auditorium and it's roof. If a new roof does not get approved we can probably kiss the Auditorium good by, at least in our lifetime.

I think if ALL of you guys wrote a tiny letter to the Auditorium people it would help. A trickle will not do. I'd like to see a LOT of mail (come on there are 4000 of you). All it takes is a 42 cent stamp. Just tell them how important it is for Columbus to preserve the past. Maybe the Auditorium committee can use the letters for pressure.

If the roof is NOT approved it will be VERY hard to do anything else. Please!

Columbus Auditorium Corporation
PO Box 365
Columbus WI 53925

If you missed Michelle's photos of the Auditorium here are a few.

For more of Michelle's Auditorium Photos go to her Flickr site.

An interesting observation from a photography stand point. I've been told by a few people that Michelle's B&W photos show the beauty of what the Auditorium WAS. While my color photos show what it could BE. Interesting to have two views of the same subject

Another thing is the sun was bursting into the room and while it hurt my color photos I feel it helped Michelle's giving a very ghostly feeling. Well done Michelle.

I can invision many many photos with different lighting conditions. ANYTIME I have a chance I'd like to be in that beautiful structure. I truly is a magical place.
News from Oshkosh.

The first day I was on the set I was hanging out in the Exclusive Companies parking lot with the real Star, the 1933 Graham. I walk up to the line of people and started talking to a couple of woman that I find out this morning were Lynn and her mom.

I also chatted a little to some woman next to them and then I moved on to the typical walking around and waiting. (very few men in the crowd - otherwise I would have talked to them also).

Zoom ahead 14 hours and I'm leaving to drive back to Columbus and am about to enter an elevator and a woman walks out and says "Hey, you're the guy in the parking lot we saw this morning talking to the woman next to us".

We chatted a little about the day then she gets this look in her eyes and says "Wait a minute, what's your name". I say "Rod Melotte" and she says "NO WAY - You are the reason we're here in Oshkosh" (in reality it was the blog and Johnny Depp - but I'll take any false credit I can get).

So - the two woman I was talking two FIRST realized to late("Had I only known!") that it was "I" they were talking to and the three woman NEXT to them that flew in from Arizona, California and Kentucky were also blog buddies. Did the two groups know both read the blog?

Small world.
Speaking of bras.

Here is a photo of Elmer (middle - some call her Pam) the owner of Christensen's (Robes, Sleepwear, Bridal, Swimsuits). Her store was just a block away from where our car was parked and she offered to let me use her computer. (She was also the Pizza woman).

The below photo has Stephan Dorff (Homer Van Meter), a random employee(played by herself), Pam(owner),Christian Stolte (Charles Makley) and Emilie de Ravin (Claire on LOST and abducted bank woman in PE).

And because I will never have the opportunity to say this in a blog again.

"We often ask women when was the last time they were properly fitted for a bra, and in most cases the answer is that they never have. I'm a certified bra and mastectomy fitter. Our mission is to provide women of all ages with a proper fit and an honest opinion. Oh yeah, I'm the lingerie provider to the stars!"

So all of you woman (I stress woman only) get up there to 224 N Main St, Oshkosh. Buy from a blog buddy!
It's odd writing this blog. It is totally guy movie except for that Johnny Depp factor. I normally write for a male crowd, gambling, poker, sports Black Jack and so forth.

If this was an Untouchables blog with Kevin Costner I bet I would have more males reading.
SPEAKING of the movie.

NOTHING is getting out of Little Bohemia! zip - no news, nada. I bet they are just sitting around and eating donuts.

Oshkosh says they reaped in 4 million dollars!

As for Columbus. They are telling us the 29th for a full day of shooting. It'll be on one block for one day. The other days (2 or 3) will be out in the country shooting scenes from the escape from Little Bohemia.

Do you see a trend here? The last time the crew was here they escaped from one place and get chased in Columbus. NOW, this time they escape from Little Bohemia and get chased HERE.

It's not a closed set but I feel security will be tight. (this was mentioned on IMDB so I feel I can say it here now) The Columbus shoot in town is a very emotional scene one the the MOST emotional in the movie I believe . No happy happy get away with guns blazing.

Milwaukee - they will start to close down streets Monday?? The scenes are Interior - maybe they do not have to close streets?? Does seem odd. Maybe the schedule has changed. Seems things are shifting a little.

I do know the schedule is very fluid and Michael Mann is really getting into the swing of things with location artistic freedom.

Getting a little long winded.

Better stop while I'm a head.

BTW - to all the people looking for photos - email me AGAIN. Things have calmed down a tad. I know there was one of the 4 female extras that wanted smiley shots and some people that wanted the Columbus photo.

If I hear any news from Little B I'll be sure to tell you.

Final photo - from a Wall in the Auditorium, by me.

Rod M

Monday, April 21, 2008

Back Working for the Man

Weather Forecast - MANITOWISH WATERS - Partly cloudy. Highs in the lower 70s. Southeast winds 10 to 15 mph.

This is a shortened blog for Julie of Julies Java House.

Julie has never read the blog. She came up to me at the Meet and Greet and handed a index card to me and said "write any stories you want to share". hmmmmmm I'm not sure I could fit the last 116 pages of the Public Enemies-Columbus blog onto one index card. She said she just did not have time to read the blog so I made a little short blog so she would not have to spend a lot of time.

Rod is Brain Scattered
Vanity Fair, Bryan Burrough is right - Rod Forsakes
Meet and Greet at Julies - how many keys? - Index card?
Rooftop Ralph photos
Wausau Daily Harald about PE up North
Depp/Bale - rarely together
Auditorium photos
I miss my hat
Repeating story warning
Flowers talk with Rod

OK Julie - on with your day! Have a good one.
I'm a little scattered today - more in shock actually so this blog could be a little more scatter brained then normal.

In the March 20th Vanity Fair edition of Bryan Burrough's blog he writes:

"There’s a fellow named Rod Melotte in Columbus, Wisconsin, where they’re filming most of this week, who, I swear, has forsaken his day job to post around the clock."

WOW - the guy can tell the future - I DID forsake my job ,but only for a little while.
The Meet and Greet at Julie's Java House was a smooth affair and lots of people turned out. Mayor Nancy Osterhaus was present and gave Adam Boor the key to the city. How many keys are there anyway and I'm getting worried about people leaving things open.

Also all the people that I met there - great to see you, if I could only remember all of your names.

For anyone interested I left a 20x30 poster at Julies of downtown Columbus. Stop buy, get some Java, buy a cool tee shirt and look at the poster.

Also here is a newspaper account of the event - Portage Daily Register.
I'm starting to get some photos so I might as well share them. This enlarge's up pretty good (well?). These were taken by a guy I will call Rooftop Ralph.

This is basically what the set looked like the last three days of filming (42 hours). Not sure who took the shots but I did see you and was praying for you. I was a little to the left outside the photo.

You can see fire coming out of the barrel of a gun. You can also see that Johnny Depp is on set because you can see Jerry Judge (silver hair). Jerry is like a Robin. If you see a Robin, spring is close. If you see Jerry, Johnny Depp is close. Jerry is Male #4 on the left. What I really like about this shot is looking at every person.

HEY - who is that dude with the little camera!! GRRRRRRRRR!!

And here is the REAL star that Scott and I took care of last week.
Is that a smile on the car???

From the Wausau Daily Harald

MANITOWISH WATERS — It’s a closed set, and security guards are stationed at the entrance of Little Bohemia Lodge to enforce that rule. But that didn’t stop gawkers Sunday from hanging around near the entrance to the lodge, peering in to try to catch a glimpse of a Johnny Depp or a Christian Bale or a Marion Cotillard.

Filming of the Michael Mann-directed film about John Dillinger, “Public Enemies,” is scheduled to begin on location at Little Bohemia Monday, and the area is already feeling the effects. Dozens of trailers fill the back parking lot of nearby Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church, and crew members are lodging in various hotels in Manitowish Waters and Minocqua.
Something that I should mention that seems obvious once you really think about it.

Johnny Depp and Christian Bale area rarely together in the movie. Depp is trying to stay away from Bale and Bale is chasing Depp.

I had the privilege to tour the Auditorium yesterday and took some photos (note to Michael - I have sent your $ to the committee (LOL - the spelling checker replaced committee with sodomite).

Sit back and imagine what this could look like all fixed up.

The last performance was in the mid 1930s when Dillinger was doing his thing. And now we are trying to fix it up, once again, when Dillinger is doing his thing.

These were taken standing on the stage looking out. So many stories these walls could tell (if walls could talk, but that would be yet another story wouldn't it).

Gettin a little artsy!

Michelle and I could have stayed here a long time taking photos.

Sometimes you find beauty in the oddest places.

Yea - OK - getting a little carried away.

The walls are full of ghosts from the past in the dressing rooms

AND WHO KNEW - our hero was here!!!! Obviously in a hurry.

I'm not going to beg for money again (unless there is a chance you have a couple bucks to spare and then you can send it to)

Public Enemies - Columbus blog
Columbus Auditorium Corporation
PO Box 365
Columbus WI 53925

They have been getting a trickle of money from you guys and while it will not do much for actual construction it WILL show the people WITH money that there is major interest in the project from around the world.
After being on set for 5 days for 14 hours a day wearing my hat and having everyone around you wearing their hats. . . . . . I miss my hat :-( I might embarrass DJ and wear it more often

It's also odd that I'm still digesting last week (not the food part). If I tell a story that I said last week please excuse me. It all blends together a little.
Flowers Talk with Rod

I'm an idiot

I was all excited this weekend. It's 77 degrees and sunny. The birds are singing and the local nursery received their first shipment of flowers.

DJ, Blake and I go to Jungs and I have my book and list of flowers for my butterfly garden.

I find Coreopsis hybrida - Jethro Tull which I CAN'T turn down. Of course then I'm looking for any Liatris spicata - Pink Floyd but don't find any. I won't print the common name as I'm having problems coming to terms with my female side and THAT name is just wrong.

I end up getting Liatris spicata - Kobold.

And then I get this brain cramp. It's still slim pickens so when I fine Butterfly Weed I'm all excited. Problem is it is just a plastic thing of . . . . . dirt. Well, must be a plant in there somewhere so I buy three plastic things of dirt.

I'm planting my new little babies and as I dig a hole I realize I'm digging a hole in the dirt to just put DIFFERENT dirt in. WHAT WAS AI THINKING? Is there something in here? There seems to be a clump that is thicker then the other dirt.

Hell - I should have picked up seeds and planted THEM!!

We also purchased a Pink Princess (oh man, I feel I'm drifting to the other side) Weigela but we can not decide where to plant it.

More Flower Talk with Rod next time. Remember - the dirtier your hands, the cleaner your mind!
With that - I have 109 work emails to trudge through so I better get deleting.

Talk to you later.

Rod M

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Movie Magic

For any garden people out there I have a little blurb on the end.
ludi - I'm trying to get some photos of Marion - I know they are out there, I've seen them.
There is a thread over at IMDB about WHY people were being forced to be so far away in Oshkosh.

Simple. The reason is that any closer and they would have been on the set. There were extras that were in shots that were running around less then 1 block from where people were allowed to watch.

There was one mammoth scene where they had extras over a two block area. Another thing is that seriously, people watching were a problem. Flash kills scenes and even though they are told repeatably DO NOT USE FLASH, there were a number of times when I heard over the radio "FLASHES ARE KILLING US".

PLUS - there are just some scenes they do not want you to see. It's a screenplay and not the book. Just because you read the book does not mean you know how the movie goes.
Little Bohemia.

Don't even try to go up there. My little woods elves are being shut down along with local news that were told NO videotaping of ANYTHING and they are sent packing.
So I did take a few photos in our down time. We were stuck in a hotel room (on set) for a while so I was able to take some photos. I was aimlessly wandering around and found a safe. I decided that I would recreate a bank robbery with some extras but alas, there was not enough room in the hall way.

So instead I got two coppers and a "stunt" passenger to pose for a photo.

The next time I saw cop #2 (on right) he had blood all over him. BUT STILL SMILING (I love that guy)!!

There were literally hundreds of photos I wanted to take of Extras that would have been fantastic. Some will be in my minds eye for many years. I suppose if I did not have this blog I would have said screw the rules (like newspapers) but, I don't know what came over me. I'm a photographer and am always shooting and asking questions later.

But why was it that at this moment I wanted to follow rules. I think it was because I have so much respect for this entire movie making process that if there was inappropriate photo it was not going to be ME that took the shot. Now if I was going to make money sure, I might sneak a shot or two but this blog is not about making money. It's about spreading movie magic.

Another memory I have is sitting there in wardrobe looking at the scene and thinking "This is really Hollywood, this is what it looks like on location." It was surreal. Not just a small film but a multi-hundred million dollar movie.

This is makeup where the Extras were a primped up to look good.

Another little bit of movie magic is how they can take one guy and make another guy look just like him but for a different scene.

For instance - Andy.

They took Andy and made some dude look just like him but in a different wardrobe. They named the alternate dude "Tony".

Then they were able to transform ME into a completely different wardrobe. Except for the fact that I had to put on shoes that made me look taller. I can not tell WHICH was the original photo. CREEPY!! WHICH ONE IS ME!!!! I CAN NOT TELL!! It is blowing my mind!

BTW - That is a Kurth Sweatshirt. Very soft on the inside. You can buy them at Sharrow Drug in Columbus!

And thanks to Scott the Driver of a 1933 Graham, (only three in existence, one is in Brussels . . or Belgium and the other is in Utah . . . . . did you know that his was special ordered to be black? and don't get me started on the color of his wheels) for letting the other Rod wear his coat in the photo.

HEY - how did this photo get taken. Must have been by accident.

I purchased my first perennials for the butterfly garden and showing my age I was forced to purchased three "Jethro Tull Coreopsis".

it's a cross between "Early Sunrise" and "Zamfir" brilliant golden yellow flowers with fluted petals. Since its petals are more consistently fluted and the plants are super floriferous, providing unbeatable color impact in the garden in early and midsummer.

Now I have to find some purple blooming perennials to go next to it.

OK - Maybe I'll see you at the Meet and Greet. Going golfing today and maybe a bike ride.

Have a great day

Rod M.