Friday, April 11, 2008

Calm before the Storm . . literally

OSHKOSH UPDATE 1:36 see below in blue

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As you would imagine I have been receiving a lots of crystal clear photos of Oshkosh and Aurora of the sets and so forth and I look at them and to be brutally honest, they are all looking a little like the next bunch of photos that I'll look at or the LAST bunch of photos I looked at.

But once and a while out of the blue I'm flipping past photos and I stop and I mouse wheel back because something caught my eye.

This photo was sent to me from Aurora, not that you can tell what city or anything. It's not crystal clear, it's not perfectly framed and it's even a little pixelated. THAT is what caught my eye. It's not a perfect picture.

For ME - it captures the essence of all the excitement that has been flowing here in upper Midwest.

Marcella sent this to me and I can just feel the excitement that is surrounding this photo. It tells a story. JD's expression is like the Mona Lisa's! I can't stop looking at it!

Marcella - he is looking at YOU!

Nice shot!

While I wait for any reports from Oshkosh I want to post an email and I hope people involved in the city read this. I have heard this a number of times and this is a real problem with Columbus!

Thanks for posting the PE blog. I have had fun reading about the wonderful goings-on in Columbus. When my husband and I decided to move to a small city with a historic downtown, we searched and searched SE Minnesota and south and central WI (Mineral Point to Stevens Point to Chippewa Falls to Winona) and finally landed in Neenah WI. It is beautiful here. But I am surprised that we never “discovered” Columbus (Hey, that’s kind of a funny pun!). So I’ve been really happy to look at your beautiful buildings on your blog.

Yea - never discovered Columbus. Like people that live in Madison just 20 miles away never knowing about Columbus.

Is there a tourist czar for Columbus? I never saw advertisements for the Columbus Carriage Classic or Red Bud Days. I never knew what a Main Street Community was or that Columbus was even classified as a Main Street Community. We need signs that will draw people to the city. Has anyone ever seen a "Rustic Road" sign and taken it just because it said "Rustic Road"?

Put a sign on US151 with "Visit Columbus a Historic Main Street Community" and you can bet we will get travelers. Then you have to have phase two in the works. Beautify the town with Master Gardener flower boxes. Put photos of the movie being made in empty windows, put that awesome popcorn cart out where people will see it.

As Boyd Kraemer the (City Admin) said Columbus is not like any town America - it has something a little special. Yet . . . no one outside City Council knows it. I think before the movie most of the citizens of Columbus didn't even know it.
hmmmmmmm - It's like the calm before the storm.

If you want to read about my gardening adventures you can check out my Garden blog that will need to be updated soon. I have a Butterfly garden in the works and two other gardens that are in stagnation still (actually I'll take photos this weekend of the Autumn Joy Sedium that are poking their little heads above the soil.

Lasagna Gardens for Beginners

Friday - DJ and I will be hanging at the Kurth for a while early in the night. Come on in and have a brew while there is still Hops in Wisconsin. There is a huge worldwide hops shortage. For years and years there was a over supply of hops so farmers stopped planting it. Now that trend is hitting the market and with the micro explosion for brewery's. There is a shortage.
zit for now
I'll have more as I get them.

BTW - blog continues to grow. 78% of the readers are form the U.S with Japan and France accounting for 10%. Wisconsin is the big state with Illinois, Michigan, New York and California are the other states.

Kitty B'gosh with a short report.

The weather here is Oshkosh continues to be just plain miserable. Heavy rains, winds, thunder and lightening early this morning. We got break about 7 am and its been overcast and damp. Expecting a few inches of snow to come in tonight and into Saturday.

I have yet to locate a base camp. Although they do have some of the larger parking lots blocked off. Right now it looks like everything is in the final preparation stage. Looking kind of doubtful we will see any filming today.

Main Street is finally closed to street traffic. Pedestrian traffic is allowed as the workers continue to complete the set. Street lights have been coming down all morning. The cobblestone has been unloaded and placement on Main Street has started. There are still finishing touches to be completed on some of the store fronts.

The bank. I got a peek at the vault today. I was told that at one point they had decided against using it because it is in the basement, not in the main lobby. That changed yesterday and they have now decided they will be using the vault.

Pioneer Airport. Took a look out there this morning and nothing going on there--yet. I heard the Color Me Blonde gals were out there yesterday in the rain and wind trying to get one of the hangers re-painted.

Getting ready to head back to see what progress has been made at the airport and downtown.

On a side note - check out school article
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