Friday, April 4, 2008

Chicago - Shanty Town


Universal has scheduled release date for Public Enemies....

Coming to a theater near you just in time to be a big old summer blockbuster
on THE BIG OL' HUGEST holiday weekend of 2009!

July 1, 2009

Thank you Karen at Johnny Depp Reads

Just had to share that.
For people that do not read the comments.


Columbus shoot#2 will take place April 29th. Adam Boor (cool guy) location dude said " East James Street may be the only street closed off on that day" (Red's death).

Wednesday April 9th there will be an open (beer?) meeting involving the City Council, Chamber of Commerce, Main Street and the Columbus Auditorium Committee at the senior center discuss how the city can use its newly found fame in promoting tourism.

I say give every man, woman and child $55 as a income incentive.

Perhaps I have just been uninvited.

Downtown Oshkosh street closures will run from April 10 until April 20 and possibly longer.

According to Northwestern dot com "Experimental Aircraft Association spokesman Dick Knapinski confirmed the producers have a contract with EAA to use its 1929 Ford Tri-Motor airplane both on the ground and in flight."

I have a new contact in the main activity area AND . . . . he has a camera (insert evil laugh).

Beaver Dam

Maple Avenue and Spring Street will be shut down on or about April 29th
Chicago Shanty Town

These are photos of the Public Enemies Chicago Shanty Town shoot in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago.

The photos are actually from a Disney Mania blog but when this happens in your front yard I can see why you can sort of post Off Topic.

Of course we are Public Enemies maniacs so when I was turned on to this site by Colleen I just started drooling.

There are seven more photos and a story so I suggest we up her stat counter a tad AND give her a big thanks in her comments from the PE-C crowd.

Go to Disney Mania by ZapperZ

More shanty town photos here
Hey - I bit the bullet and opened a flicker account. Where I normally store photos is a bit stuck up and flicker people seem more friendly. IF anyone is interested I'll be uploading then for the few days.
Who is the main coordinator for this movie anyway - it can't be Michael Mann.

It is amazing the logistics that are involved. You have Adam Boor traveling how many miles? a day working on location logistics. Then you have teams coming into cities and transforming them into 1933, at the same time you have the main production group filming at another location and at the SAME time you have a teams at the old location tearing down.

And that is the easy plan. Right now you they are working on Little Bohemia and Oshkosh and Beaver Dam, filming in multiple places in Chicago and tearing down Crown Point and used Chicago locations.

Plus a multitude of little things to worry about, food, transportation and so forth. Amazing!
John Michael Bolger is playing. Martin Zarkovich, the crooked E. Chicago cop who set up Anna Sage with the FBI.
And now for something completely different.

Red Wing Black Birds

We moved from a nature preserve in Madison where the main birds were Cardinals, chick-a-dees and finches. Here in Columbus, living on the edge of town the main bird is a Red Wing Black Bird.

There is nothing better then hearing their "oak-a-lee" in the morning.

Did you know Red Wing Black Bird is the most abundant bird in North America?

The Red-winged Blackbird is a highly polygynous species, with one male having up to 15 different females making nests in his territory. In some populations 90% of territorial males have more than one female.

The male Red-winged Blackbird fiercely defends his territory during the breeding season. He may spend more than a quarter of all the daylight hours in territory defense.

I mention this because when I was out chasing Milo to come back in (waving a bag of deli meat works perfectly) the air was alive with "oak-a-lee".
And don't get me started on this Bret Favre load of hooey! Talk about people trying to sell newspapers. I'm embarrassed for them. Has ANYBODY actually found the source of these rumors? Talk about making up news so people will buy newspapers!

Anybody that follows the Packers and Brett know this is a load of crock!
christine, the historian says hi - she is probably cruising past St. Thomas as we speak. They are charging her $20 a second for internet connection so can only check in for 1/4 second.
OK - have a Laural and Hardy weekend - hope to see some of you tonight!