Friday, April 4, 2008

Chicago - Shanty Town


Universal has scheduled release date for Public Enemies....

Coming to a theater near you just in time to be a big old summer blockbuster
on THE BIG OL' HUGEST holiday weekend of 2009!

July 1, 2009

Thank you Karen at Johnny Depp Reads

Just had to share that.
For people that do not read the comments.


Columbus shoot#2 will take place April 29th. Adam Boor (cool guy) location dude said " East James Street may be the only street closed off on that day" (Red's death).

Wednesday April 9th there will be an open (beer?) meeting involving the City Council, Chamber of Commerce, Main Street and the Columbus Auditorium Committee at the senior center discuss how the city can use its newly found fame in promoting tourism.

I say give every man, woman and child $55 as a income incentive.

Perhaps I have just been uninvited.

Downtown Oshkosh street closures will run from April 10 until April 20 and possibly longer.

According to Northwestern dot com "Experimental Aircraft Association spokesman Dick Knapinski confirmed the producers have a contract with EAA to use its 1929 Ford Tri-Motor airplane both on the ground and in flight."

I have a new contact in the main activity area AND . . . . he has a camera (insert evil laugh).

Beaver Dam

Maple Avenue and Spring Street will be shut down on or about April 29th
Chicago Shanty Town

These are photos of the Public Enemies Chicago Shanty Town shoot in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago.

The photos are actually from a Disney Mania blog but when this happens in your front yard I can see why you can sort of post Off Topic.

Of course we are Public Enemies maniacs so when I was turned on to this site by Colleen I just started drooling.

There are seven more photos and a story so I suggest we up her stat counter a tad AND give her a big thanks in her comments from the PE-C crowd.

Go to Disney Mania by ZapperZ

More shanty town photos here
Hey - I bit the bullet and opened a flicker account. Where I normally store photos is a bit stuck up and flicker people seem more friendly. IF anyone is interested I'll be uploading then for the few days.
Who is the main coordinator for this movie anyway - it can't be Michael Mann.

It is amazing the logistics that are involved. You have Adam Boor traveling how many miles? a day working on location logistics. Then you have teams coming into cities and transforming them into 1933, at the same time you have the main production group filming at another location and at the SAME time you have a teams at the old location tearing down.

And that is the easy plan. Right now you they are working on Little Bohemia and Oshkosh and Beaver Dam, filming in multiple places in Chicago and tearing down Crown Point and used Chicago locations.

Plus a multitude of little things to worry about, food, transportation and so forth. Amazing!
John Michael Bolger is playing. Martin Zarkovich, the crooked E. Chicago cop who set up Anna Sage with the FBI.
And now for something completely different.

Red Wing Black Birds

We moved from a nature preserve in Madison where the main birds were Cardinals, chick-a-dees and finches. Here in Columbus, living on the edge of town the main bird is a Red Wing Black Bird.

There is nothing better then hearing their "oak-a-lee" in the morning.

Did you know Red Wing Black Bird is the most abundant bird in North America?

The Red-winged Blackbird is a highly polygynous species, with one male having up to 15 different females making nests in his territory. In some populations 90% of territorial males have more than one female.

The male Red-winged Blackbird fiercely defends his territory during the breeding season. He may spend more than a quarter of all the daylight hours in territory defense.

I mention this because when I was out chasing Milo to come back in (waving a bag of deli meat works perfectly) the air was alive with "oak-a-lee".
And don't get me started on this Bret Favre load of hooey! Talk about people trying to sell newspapers. I'm embarrassed for them. Has ANYBODY actually found the source of these rumors? Talk about making up news so people will buy newspapers!

Anybody that follows the Packers and Brett know this is a load of crock!
christine, the historian says hi - she is probably cruising past St. Thomas as we speak. They are charging her $20 a second for internet connection so can only check in for 1/4 second.
OK - have a Laural and Hardy weekend - hope to see some of you tonight!



  1. I love your bird stories Rod.

    I live in a second floor downtown apartment now = ( so the wildlife is not what I'm used to.

    My cat was so lonely when we moved in here I got her a birdfeeder which hangs in my front windows. This has provided her with tons of entertainment (OK, I'm a little sick!)

    But also turned out to be great fun for me, watching both the cat and the birds = )

    OH, check your e-mail for a question about Kurth's... thanks!

  2. Up an' at'em early today? :)

    Here, kitty,kitty,kitty. ?? oh, he jus' playin' possum. Oy. :)

    Isn't it amazing how many bodies are involved for just a tiny bit of time on a screen? A local prof and her hubby produced and directed a short film called "Brothers" utilizing local talent, and the list of names in the credits blows me away. Check it out:

    Ms. Perkins was talking about the tax incentives and Michael Mann bringing the big movie to WI - and she commented on the small numbers of behind-the-scenes operators we have to offer here in the state. So if anyone local has children looking at college - direct them to the stage and screen programs at our universities! /end of public service message...

    The oke-a-lee is the sound of spring. Red wings usually return in February. This year, we did not hear them until early March. Poor birds, the pond here is still frozen over. However, today should rectify that situation.

    And the Brett Favre rumor mill is just gettin' started... LOL!

    Would love to join you at Kurth's as today is son's 21st b-day. Sadly, we need to hang closer to town ~~ enjoy!

  3. Just a thought for the right people to pass along to other people-in-the-know. Would it be worth-while to have coin-drop boxes around town at local businesses and the library and the like for the auditorium fund. This could work like the boxes for the Ronald McDonald House at every McD's register. What do you think?
    From a local Columbus resident, I love the fact that you are promoting this diamond in the rough!

  4. Does anyone know if Johnny will be shooting in Columbus or Beaver Dam on 4/29? I would love to come back and try to catch the action. Last time I came to Columbus I missed out on a JD siting, so would really love the opportunity at a second shot!

  5. I guess Johnny can't be in two places at once, or can he? What's the road like between Columbus and Beaver Dam. The airport scene could be connected to JD's extradition by plane from Tucson. It's all coming to light like the skin off an onion. In the early morn if I'm awake at sparrow's fart I hear a sparrow f- no a beautiful sound of a kookaburra. Then later my neighbour's Alaskan malamute sometimes howls like a baby if he's left alone. It's sounds like- "Oh why oh why did you leave meeeeee alooooone." As I live between a lake and the ocean there are many varieties of birds inc. seagulls, ibis and ravens.There was a birdfight in my hibiscus tree yesterday. It was ugly. One species seems to sing whit-nee or brit-nee. My relatives are bemused at my ideas of a mini weather station. So far I have a rain gauge and a thermomenter. Any other suggestions Rod? (Hope this is a slow news day.)

  6. Beaver Dam and Columbus are probably 10 minutes apart via Hwy 151. Quick little jaunt.

    So, do we know who will be here for the filming? We have to make sure to get more of the other cast covered in the photography department. Although, we will always have our eyes open for JD. :)

  7. Hey Rod.

    Favre's first name is TWO T's.

    B-R-E-T-T. :P Anyone who follows Brett and the Pack knows that.

    (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

    Looks like they'll be filming at least a week in Oshkosh, maybe longer if the reports about the stores being closed the 16th-18th are accurate. :) My dad works at one of the flight service companies in town - I'll have to ask him if they've heard anything about the filming at EAA.

  8. Brett squashed that story already! Whew. I thought I was gonna have to go on my own rant about how he wasn't coming back, and people needed to understand that.

    Interesting to wonder about how Beaver Dam and Columbus might be interconnected in the movie. Now I'm thinkin'.....

    I also love the idea of putting donation bins around town for the auditorium funds.

    I'm working late tonight, so I can't join you, but have a beer for me. ;)

  9. On your flicker site is the windy road in Door Co that road that leads you from the Washington Island ferry? It just looked very familiar.

    We took the ferry to Washington Island back in September. I had a bit of an upset stomach from eating seafood. I started to not feel very well on the ferry back and then the drive on that road didn't help. My husband was sweet and drove down the middle of the road so it wouldn't be so curvy. :)

  10. Hey - for a guy that is constantly battling with a small case of dyslexia do you think that "Brett Favre" is a problem name?

    I have problems with teh, togather, gottin and a myrid of ohter wodrs.

    And don't get me started on these little devils "'".

    I'm a numbers guy not a speller!


    And The ROAD - yup - thats the one and I drive down the middle also . .saving gas!!

    We have a bike ride in June at the Ridges coming up!

  11. I'd come to Kurth this evening but the husband is working. He enjoys going down there for a beer. We've only been there once because it seems like it is never open. When we first moved to Columbus we were told it was opened on Wed and Fri evenings. We driven by on many Friday nights and it's not open. How does one find out their schedule?

  12. Come on down anyway - you can sit at the non-drinking shy persons table.

    Seriously! I think we might have one LOL

    I'll have my Milwaukee Brewer jacket on!

    We are like you - moved here and I've never seen them open.

    BTW - we drive past a parrot sign on the way to work every day - is that you?

  13. No that isn't us we don't breed parrots. We have two as pets. That is a woman who lives over by you on Sunset Circle.

    I am enjoying your blog. The best thing about it that people in Columbus are discovering each other and perhaps friendships are being made.

  14. "The best thing about it that people in Columbus are discovering each other and perhaps friendships are being made."

    Funny - you are not alone in that thought as I have been told that several times now.


  15. "The best thing about it that people in Columbus are discovering each other and perhaps friendships are being made."

    Michelle, aka, PBHgirl, and I hung out the other day and had a fabulous time. We met through the blog and running into each other the filming. And I truely agree.... that is the awesome part of the experience :)

  16. Oh boo hoo spare a thought for absent bloggers tonight. Just a thought about the filming at East James St. You said it was Red's death. Is that the secret burial, where Dillinger covers his face with lye so he is not recognised? If its anything with Red dying or his death then Edna 'the kissing bandit' Murray would have been present. I'm really hoping she's in the film. Remember she's the feisty bank robber who provided the Aurora safe house to 'our gang' after little Bo.

  17. I found a little bit of info on an Oshkosh visitor's page. It talks about the shops and boutiques being open during filming and people are welcome to come watch and maybe see Johnny.

  18. Sorry.. it's

  19. Love the picture of the "cat".
    Have a friend at work who would "skip school (MATC)" if Christian Bale would be in Columbus on the 29th!!!! Any info on where he will be (Madison maybe!).

    Any Bale "fan"atics out there?


  20. Hey, that's my cat!! Mr. Bitey! Oh, I can't wait to take him home and reunite him with my other cats, Mr. Scratchy and Mr. Rabies!

    (Just kidding. I can't quite tell from the photos - is that a ferret or an opossum?)

  21. Reds Death - All I know is that I think it is Reds Pharmacy on a sticky note on the door. They did a lot of work INSIDE the store.

    So there could be a "local" red or a PE Red.

  22. Ok y'all. I've got the release date for PE. I saw that someone's already posted it on imdb and didn't even credit me for it. Who'd a thunk it? LOL
    Here ya go..

  23. HOT DAMN that is GREAT!!!!

    Have to put that on the blog

  24. Sadly, I must be mere blocks away from Kurth's tonight, chaperoning a Girl Scout meeting. I'd rather have a cold one, but so it goes. Hoist one for me, eh? And then another if the Crew wins the home opener today?



  26. Release date!!!!!! YEAH!!! Thanks Karen and Rod! And Rod... I know you have it in you to do another 453 days! I'll be here to read every word. :-)

    On Brett... I hate the rumor mill! What would the off season be without a couple Brett rumors?

    Glad you limed the blog and shanty photos! Aren't they great!

  27. Kaylinne:
    I'm a local child looking at colleges...
    and I'm considering going into behind-the-scenes film work. Maybe production.
    Public Enemies sort of inspired me. Well it alone didn't inspire me--but it made me realize that i've been interested in film all my life and how much I would like to work on the set.
    Idk, I'm confused though. I'm afraid I'm too 'unassertive' to make it in a field such as this. But I'm very..motivated and determined about things. *sigh* picking a career is so terrifying.

  28. Just wanted to leave all my "PE" buddies a message wishing everyone a fabulous weekend.

    It is going to be nice here so I am going to get out and enjoy it.

    But.... I will check in. I am too addicted not to :)

    gunfire in the streets of chicago!:)

  30. Two photo galleries of the progress in Oshkosh:

    I really don't know what day to go watch the fun. Question to those of you heading to Oshkosh...when are you going? One day? Several days? Still waiting for more definate dates?

  31. Rod and PE groupies:
    Thanks for the links and usual...keep it going Rod ONLY 453 days to go!!! hehehe

    Cute cat pic :) very funny. Possums can be really mean and ferocious.

    Would love to make Oshkosh but not sure I will...definitely want to make Columbus....(I feel a 'sick' day coming on....)

    I am SO addicted to this site too-but will have to enjoy the weather this weekend with a trip down on State St. Any info on any Madison filming anyone?? I am nuts about Johnny (he is such a gracious guy) but Christian Bale sightings would be most welcome!!!

  32. I'm definately making Columbus and would like to make a day in Oshkosh. Maybe us PE-Columbus blog fans could meet up somewhere :)

    I'm kind of waiting for some firming up on the Oshkosh dates to determine what day I am able to go. (And to be able to tell my boss I'm taking a Depp day)

  33. That release date is way too far away for me! But well worth the wait, I'm sure. Rod, your bird info is great. And so are those shantytown pics. I planned on going to Kurth tonight with my husband, but I'm not going to make it. Hope you enjoy it - It's well worth the trip, in my opinion.

  34. I am a Bale fan. I was really hoping to see him in Columbus when they were filming. :)

  35. Sigh, of course they come back when I am out of town. Ah well, I guess I'll let someone else have the fun this time around! I've had my share for sure.

    Rachel is a blast, and she was ever so lovely to my energetic 3-year-old. I absolutely agree that meeting new friends has been the best part of this experience!

    Thanks for the latesst scoop as always, Rod. Thanks to Karen as well. Big news, indeed.

    And now I'm off to keep a date with a certain brooding gentleman -- one Mr. Sweeney Todd...

  36. Ty and Debsmad - thanks for those links! (I saw that footage too, thought it was great!)

    Rachel - and any other PE Bloggers, I would love to meet up with you in Oshkosh (or elsewhere)

    I went up to Columbus last night to Kurths and had such a nice time. What a great place. Rod and family are so much FUN = ) and very gracious... Thanks for the Columbus tour! Truly the nicest thing about all this PE excitement (and there are many nice things!) is meeting wonderful new friends = )

  37. Not sure if there will be a blog today - I have to buy a cable to get the photos OUT of my cool little seldom used camera.

    Kurth's is a awesome place where everyone knows you name, no seriously they do. We will be there NEXT Friday (PE story involved)

    shakenbsis - we had a great time and truly hope you can come up again.

    I have stories to tell but perhaps tomorrow with photos

  38. I received an email from 33Graham - he had a 1933 Graham in Columbus and reads the blog and will be coming to the screening with his car in 452 days.

    Here is a newspaper article with him and "lady friend" (LOL sorry).

    OH - and "I" took for photo

  39. That link didn't bring up the article, but you can get to the article if you search the archives with "Public Enemies" in the search bar. (It's the Winona Daily News). It wasn't hard to find, just took a few extra clicks. Here's another try at it anyway:

    I'm so impressed that Universal moved the opening of the movie so the old car guys could bring their cars to our opening! :D Ya got some real power there, Rod.

    On a personal note, thank you shakenbiss--I have no way to reply to you. Email me from my blog, okay?

  40. Grinder:

    Don't have time to read all of the comments, but I did go to the Public Enemies imdb site and Robert DeNiro is one of the or the exec producer. Thought that was very interesting. Too bad we couldn't have DeNiro in Columbus. That would be so very neat.

  41. Aww Michelle, thanks for the kind words. Your little gal was a blast to hang out with. She made the zoo even more fun :)

    Speaking of zoos.... do not go to the Milwaukee Zoo on a free day the first really nice day of the season. Yikes!!!

    I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend and not going through too many PE withdrawls :)

  42. Try this link for some Chicago set pics. Underneath in the comments is a report from a 73 year old owner of a vintage car used in Chicago filming. Thanks to for the link. Some great info. here:

  43. thanks CALGAL! that was great. I had seen this post before, great pics, but it was before all the very interesting dialogue = )

  44. shakenbsis--I just love that so many local people are able to be part of this film--wish I lived in the area. I'm especially happy for this gentleman and it sounds like he had a great time.(as did his wife)

    I'm also glad I figured out the tinyurl thing and it worked!

  45. Hello,
    At last, on my second cross-state trip to Columbus (a beautiful place, to be sure), I got my hug and brief conversation with Johnny. It was as amazing as I had imagined. The only bummer ... my friend, who lives right next to the trailer area (and your Jenny) had long since gone to bed and I found myself with no one to capture my moment on camera. So I am trying to get the word out for anyone to check if they got it during their mad photo-snapping. It was during the Monday night (May 12) meet-and-greet across from the trailers around midnight. I am short, blonde, with long hair pulled back in a barrett. I had on a black jacket and a black and silver backpack, jeans and black boots I probably had an expression of shell-shock :) I was standing next to the group that did the "21 Jump Street" salute to you, Rod. If anyone comes across a photo of me, please send it to me at I think people are doubtful of my miraculous story, so I need some visual evidence! Thank you from the bottom of my Johnny-loving heart :)

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