Monday, April 14, 2008

Dead On My Feet

The first thing I want to say is that the behind the scenes people for Public Enemies are amazing.
I'm a little worried about posting anything on the blog but I'm also hoping that because I followed all the rules and was the perfect "nobody" that IF they read this they can be assured I will continue to be and upstanding invisible person.

The odd thing is that I have so much to say that it is all jumbled in my pea sized brain and perhaps if I get more then three restless hours of sleep tonight it some semblance for a thought process will once again flow out if my finger tips.

First - a photo.

The one thing that sort of took me by surprise was how many people knew of this blog.

In the above photo Ellen (guess which one she is) is a blog-buddy! Hi Ellen. She was a croucher and had to hide behind some bushes a lot when Steven Dorff would repeatably fire is VERY loud BAR (the bursts of for rounds over and over and over).

I of course was caught coming on to her - (damn you camera dude) with the sneak hand of the shoulder technique.

This next shot is Ellen in full cower mode "take" 70ish! We spent perhaps 13 hours filming one 3-5 minute scene. This was a practice I believe.

So I have a bunch to say but not for tonight!

I do want to say Hi to Pam and all of her friends at the pizza place and that beautiful little girl that shook my hand.

Also Hi to Kitty who was near SAY IT WITH ME, it was fun playing telephone tag, and of course Shannon the elevator girl and her blog-buddies from across the nation.

NOW - bedtime and a small amount of blog reading.