Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Fish of April Strikes

Todays issue

The Fish of April
TY's amazing adventure to Little Bohemia
News from Oshkosh
I answers somebodies question
I've won the Euro Million Spanish Lottery

It seems yesterday's little April Fools joke hit the Marion Cotillard boards in France pretty hard.

I was just looking to if see any sites that were linking to PE-C and came across a forum from France.

The forum reads (translated with using Bable Fish)

Certain sources report that Marion Cotillard would owe abandoned film because of the polemic of September 11. It will be replaced by Miss Better Midler"

Then the COMMENTS that followed (also translated with Bable Fish)!

One would say a fish of April... White beet Midler (the actress which owes the ' remplacer' at 62 years...)

You thinks? Jespere to put this information for nothing but if it is a joke it is really not terrible!

LOL if the actress who must replace it has 62 years it yes is a fish of April!! You saw it when this information?

I do not think that it is true, low in the article it is marked than they want to make a musical of it!!!!!

Veiled the source which is however serious with its practice. Good Ba I surely fell into the part will esperons!

A fish of April played by the team of Blog Public Enemies Columbus which diffused this intox:

After reading the comments I forced myself to comment and then translated it into French - THEN - I translated it BACK to English to see what I actually said.

Here is my reply

LOL - In America on April 1 is one day to play of the jokes of the people. I hope that I did not return you annoyed.

Didn't seem to clear things up a great deal as one person said to watch out for people like me. But most seemed to enjoy being the fish of April.

Of course I could not leave this "fish" thing alone. Was my universal translator on the fritz?

In France the person fooled is known as poisson d'avril (April fish). This is explained as arising from the fact that in April the sun's zodiacal sign is the fish. The French traditionally celebrated this holiday by placing dead fish on the backs of friends. (oh those wacky French). Candy shops and bakeries also offer fish-shaped sweets for the holiday.

The origins of April Fools day is debatable and is a relic with festivities on the vernal equinox, which began on 25 March, old New Year's Day, and ended on 2 April.

It was not until the beginning of the 18th century that April Fools day became a common custom.

In Scotland it is known as "hunting the gawk".

In 1957 the BBC ran a hoax showing the Swiss harvesting spaghetti from trees. They had claimed that the despised pest the spaghetti weevil had been eradicated. A large number of people contacted the BBC wanting to know how to cultivate their own spaghetti trees.

In 1965, the BBC again purported to conduct a trial of a new technology allowing the transmission of odor over the airwaves to all viewers. Many viewers reportedly contacted the BBC to report the trial's success.

In 1998 Burger King ran an ad in USA Today, saying that people could get a Whopper for left-handed people whose condiments were designed to drip out of the right side. Not only did customers order the new burgers, but some specifically requested the "old", right-handed burger.
TY's amazing adventure to Little Bohemia

Ok so seeing as I have no life what's so ever and work is slow I drove the 2 hours up to little Bohemia today...only to find out they do not open till 5. BUT being the intrepid person I am I stuck around the Nort woods till 5.

Had a wonderful steak and chatted it up with the bartender and the paramedic for the PE shoot, he is from Columbus.

ANYWAY..they are repainting the whole outside. They took out thirty four some windows and put in new old ones. This includes the windows that were preserved from the actual shootout. They packed them double sided with Styrofoam with screws going through the bullet holes to tighten the foam down so the windows would not be damaged(sixty some panes of glass).

They are building fake walls inside where they are shooting so they can do bullet holes and what not. Filming will be inside and out. They've taken all the Dillinger memorabilia out except a suit of his and a long jacket hanging in display cases. Everything modern has been taken out of the place. The bar will be changed to look older and all flat screen TV's will be taken out and furniture from the Voss resort which is period..brought in.

Locals said it looked so different already. They are spending somewhere around seventy thousand on just trees to cover the garage and other things! They are building a old school boat house like there was back in the day. Production is setting up enough squibs or whatever (that make the bullet holes) to do three thousands of them (people can not use cell phones because they might go off when they have them installed). All in all it was productive.

They are painting the place a darker color and are making the inside darker also. The crane that was mentioned outside is one of those bucket lifts that they are using to point and do windows etc, just like they had in Columbus. They put it up high at night so people do not mess with it cause the place is open at night.

No camera's anything yet but the snow is gone off one portion of the roof that I could see...with plastic over it...this may be for the fixing up they are doing or for other reasons. I guess when MM was up there visiting to check it out the owner took him on a snowmobile ride around the lake to show him everything!

Bartender was not sure when filming would take place but he guessed a couple more weeks...they have done a lot but have so much left to do!

I highly recommend the place for food. I had a Fillet Mignon and it was awesome!

I pretended I was just passing through and had no idea what was going on!:) worked well.

For more photos check out Ty's his photobucket.
Kitty B'gosh reporting from Oshkosh

Flashing signs on Main Street indicating the street will be closed from April 10 thru the 20th.

Talked to some of the people working on the set and here's what I found out:

One of the set guys, XXXXX from California, said they had to have everything done by the 10th. So filming must be starting sooner than previously reported. He said there will be a major transformation of Main Street to be seen by the weekend. XXXX was working on changing out some of the window dressings and awnings.

QQQQ is from Appleton WI and is with security. He says they are going to have explosives on the side of the bank for a big blow out. The wall that is being built around the sundial will be plastered with billboards. And he says the sundial will be coming down. That only makes sense because the top of the point is still visible over the wall.

Some the store windows have little photos taped to them showing what they are going to be transformed into (as with Columbus). I also noticed that all of the stores on Market Street (the street that runs on the other side of Opera House Square [Opera House Square is the green area adjacent to the Grand Opera House] from Main Street) have the transformation photos in their windows. There is also a blue tape in the window of the Water City Grill on Algoma that says "HOTEL"

Satori Imports has a few movie related items in their window that are for sale. One is a Dillinger tee shirt; the other a photo of Johnny Depp that they are calling a poster.

There's an old-fashioned WALGREEN'S sign by the side of the Exclusive Company (say It With Me - sorry, got carried away - rod). Looks like the Exclusive will become Walgreen's. Also saw a truck with a RED CROWN gas station sign in it (HEY - stolen from Columbus). That must be going up somewhere.

The New Moon is getting a new paint job today. The building right next door, House of Heroes, is the old Continental--a men's clothing store owned by Carl Leammle who later became one of the founders of Universal Studios.

Behind the old cycle shop that is being used for set construction I spied a truck unloading some set pieces. They where wrapped in blue covers, I couldn't see what they were.

Kitty - I left the Anastasia Beaverhausen stuff out as it might be secret.
From the Chicago Sun-Times

Depp data: Precautions have been taken to prevent actor Johnny Depp from being accosted by uproarious fan congestion near the set of his latest movie, "Public Enemies," which is now being filmed in Chicago.

• To wit: To keep the Depp machine out of fan depth, film makers aren't allowing him to go into crowds like he did on location in Wisconsin and Indiana recently.

• The flipside: Although they are trying to keep shooting locations top secret, Sneed is told a shoot 'em up scene was shot last week at Surf Street and Pine Grove Avenue in the Lake View neighborhood and a police motorcade transporting Depp, who plays legendary gangster John Dillinger, was filmed at 35th and King Drive Monday night.
Someone asked the question about where I get all this stuff.

Many moons ago in the egg of time I heard about a movie being filmed in Columbus. I was desperately looking for information and finding none. I thought this was a travesty. Here I was in the internet age and I was finding no information.

I decided that what Columbus needed was a nexus of information on the movie. People were like bugs looking for light. (hmmmmm that would mean I am a zapper . . . .well . . you know what I mean).

So I started a small blog.

I emailed Nancy Osterhaus our mayor hoping she would remember me and my Columbus weather station. She did and turned me on to some information and another link to more information.

I launched the site on a Monday March 3rd and had 27 visitors. On Tuesday the 4th I had 133
visitors, Wednesday, 352. The following Monday 544 and one week later 3,542.

Along the way I was making contacts from around the world with people like me. Interested and thirsting for knowledge.

Information was coming in from everywhere, photos, behind the scenes people, personal accounts. All of a sudden I was not having to actually LOOK for information. My job had become sorting out what I was getting.

I was asked where I get the information? I get if from all of you people that are running the blog. All I do is figure out how to put it up in a way that is halfway entertaining.

In the past I have had a number of blogs where I just post what I'm feeling like today, be it lasagna gardens, building a home, my take on news items, sports, poker, my traveling adventures and so forth.

For instance - I had one post called Subprime 101 on my poker blog. I had started an extremely popular poker blog but could not resist installing some of my own Off Topic thoughts.

When I created THIS blog I told myself "I want this blog to be the best source of information on the movie for Columbus residents". Little did I know that this MIGHT be the best source of information for the entire movie! I'm pretty sure I have the attention of Universal (hi guys!).

It is "I" that needs to say thanks to you. It is you that make it fun everyday. I'm just the coal man on this train. I'm always shoveling it. Thanks and I hope the ride is fun. At least the price is right!
I got an email today saying I had won the Euro Million Spanish Lottery and I was just a few clicks away from claiming my Seven Hundred and Twelve Thousand, Eight Hundred and Eighty Euros.

WELL - I guess I AM the lucky guy aren't I! Be assured that the cash starved Auditorium Fund will reap some of this action and watch out Ho-Chunk because I'm coming up to double it as soon as it hits my bank account.
The BOOK - I have I believe seven or eight contributers now. If any of you have seen fliker or photobucket or any other web photos with a source - email me. I have gotten some good info in that way. I got an awesome photo of Jerry the Body guard a few days ago.

NEWS - GREAT photos from Chicago

Rod M


  1. LOL--the comments aren't working?

  2. I can not tell you how hard it must have been to take those bullet hole windows out...and to do it safely. The guy said it took all day yesterday!

  3. Ty's undercover visit to Little Bo reminds me of Homer Van Meter who cased the joint before the others moved in. He's learning the ways of the gangster. Rod, your April fish story has spread to imdb the PE thread- 'Cast updated' has Bette Midler down as Molly Dillinger. It's giving the posters some he he. That thread is quite comprehensive it has beat out imdb itself by publishing almost all of the main cast. The one actor who seems to be attributed to at least 3 diff. parts is Bill Camp.
    I've just been delving into the FBI's foi files on Melvin Purvis. They certainly kept an eye on him after he left the FBI. Apparently he had asked actor Frederic March if he could get an acting job with Universal and enquired as to how much salary he should get.
    Question. DID PURVIS HAVE BLONDE HAIR? Bale has been spotted with flaxen locks.
    The auditorium fund. Rod, could you do a story and pics of what specifically needs to be fixed. Sometimes, people can 'buy'a seat or pay for it's renov. Then have their name on it. Do you have a funding committee?

  4. Rod - I had no doubt that your website had that special something from the beginning - that is why I read it daily as I am still out of the country! But I will soon be back home next week, hopefully, I can get in some of this PE action too! :)

  5. viola - I was asked to be on the funding committee bit turned them down politely. Just too many things going on.

    However - I did say I want to help with a web page/site and photos and so forth.

    Good suggestions.

  6. purvis had dark hair from what i can find.

  7. Hey, that's better! ;)

    Ty, your photography skills are fantastic!

    I love Little is the quintessential WI Supper Club. Seriously, it reminds me of a hundred other Northwoods and WI fine dining restaurants I've been in. We really do retain a charm of the past in our buildings. Very cool.

  8. Great reporting Ty. I love the look of Little Bo. I think it going to look amazing on film.

  9. i believe this is what they are filming in oshkosh.

    On March 6, the gangsters robbed The Security National Bank and Trust in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. As Dillinger and Van Meter collected $49,000 in cash and bonds from the vault, alarm blaring, a large crowd of onlookers gathered in the street. Nelson, spying off-duty policeman Hale Keith peering through the window, fired through the glass, wounding the man. To make their getaway, they took hostages to ride the running boards of their Packard, acting as a human shield. Once they arrived at the main highway they threw nails into the road in order to slow down any pursuing police. When the Packard overheated due to a police bullet hole in the radiator, the gang stole another car just as the police closed in. This led to a running gun battle, which nevertheless they were able to escape from, heading back to their Twin Cities hideout.

  10. Is there a paypal account or something like that which we can send our dollars to for the auditorium fund? I'm not comfortable sending cash through the mail (my parents work at the post office and they always tell me to NEVER do that), and I feel silly writing out a check for one dollar. Paypal seems like it'd be a good alternative to those two things - plus, since (according to the map on the main page) you have people from all over the world viewing your site, perhaps some people don't have access to get US dollars and would feel weird about sending in a yen or a peso or whatever their native currency is. Just a thought.

  11. Paypal -hmmmm - I know "I" have one.

    IF people want to trust me . . .


    BTW - some pretty good Chicago shooting photos

  12. Rod,

    A brat fry / hot dog cook-out tent for the next Columbus shoot would be a good idea. Proceeds go to the Auditorium. Also have a large jar with a poster about the Auditorium for collecting some more cash. I'm sure it will bring the coins and bills in.

    Also, here is another very comprehensive website for "Public Enemies". It is almost as good as yours (almost). Check it out.

  13. About the auditorium fund--I would say if you don't want to write a check for a dollar--how's about maybe writing one out for $5.00 or maybe $10.00! [hey i do what i can..]

  14. I trust you Rod. I have used PayPal since their beginning--buying and selling on ebay.

    I am trying to decide if I can go to Oshkosh and TRY to see some of the filming of PE. It would be a long trip for me..from TN..and I have no idea what to expect. I would surely hate to waste my time and money. Looks like the Chicago shoot is different for JD fans. I read that he was not greeting any crowds there. There's not much time left to prepare so I need all the info I can get. I would really like to visit Columbus. I have been so interested in this amazing little town since I have become addicted to this blog!

    I'll be watching for news about Oshkosh and other locations.

  15. deppaddicted - if you make the trek let us know. We could definately meet up at some point.

    I had a feeling that they were going to have to tighten up on security around the filming. We really lucked out being able to attend the first round in Columbus. It sounded like there were some problems that might have occured during filming and the youtube clips of scenes out there. All it takes is one bad egg.....

    Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great day! The skies are filled with sun in here in Wisconsin. Gorgeous.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Yes I was wondering about a Pay Pal transaction, as I have a regular trade with US Ebayers. (I buy vintage figures mainly Peanuts and 1950s characters.) As the Australian dollar is trading at US 1.09054. it would be a good time to send money.
    I've just read about the tightening of security, reading first hand accounts of the crew, and their frustration with crowds NOT COLUMBUS it's no wonder. Oshkosh looks as if it could be a problem, as the genie (Depp) has come out of the bottle so to speak. Maybe Jerry has some mates. Anyway, it's 2.01am Thurs, got to go and be recumbent.

  18. I saw an article in the Madison news and thought I would share. Apparently there's a scam going on regarding movie extra casting in which they take your credit card number. Here's the link:

  19. Shoot, let's try that link again...

  20. Well, hopefully they won't keep Johnny from greeting the crowds here in Oshkosh. We're not Chicago, and I can imagine the crowds that have gathered down there. There's a helluva lot more people there than there is here in town. Hopefully the crowds that are here will be well behaved enough so they don't ruin it for the rest of us that have been patiently waiting for our time to come. There's always a bunch of people who don't know how to behave, but I'm hoping that Oshkosh can do me proud. :)

  21. I stopped by the filming location in Chicago last night and they crowd was small..less than 50 people. There are many movies being filming in Chicago right now, but this one has the most star power. I think that the cops/security people don't want the hassle that comes with Mr. Depp being so gracious and have asked him to keep a low profile. I hope to run into him though.

  22. OMG LMAO, again!!! This is just the gift that keeps on giving!!!!

    I am a frequent Babelfish user and have many funny stories but this beats all. Next time I visit my french speaking friends in Haiti I'm going to casually drop the 'poisson d'Avril' line. I LOVE language!!

    What joy, I'm still laughing, now I'm going to check out your pics Ty!

  23. OK, that's it! I'm definitely heading up north this weekend. I'll try to stop by Kurth's on my way to meet whoever shows up on Friday.

    Can someone give me an address or cross streets or something so I can Google it? THANKS!

    Ty, thanks so much your pics and commentary are awesome.

  24. ROD I just read your Subprime101 post, now I have a stomachache!!!

    OK, I'm going to quit commenting now = )

  25. I think that the good behavior displayed in Columbus might overshadow any incidents that happened elsewhere. Plus, I think that shooting at night brings its own set of security issues and it sounds like Chi-town is night filming. I have faith that Oshkosh will be as great an experience as Columbus.

  26. Fabulous Day!!!!! The story and photos of Little Bo brings back so many childhood memories of summers in the north woods!! It looks so cleaned up!!! Different, without the bullet holes in the windows!!

    Thanks for keepin' the information flowing!

  27. Y'all have really been a commenting bunch today! lol Wanted to share this link for the Chicago ABC affiliate, they did a news item today on the filming.

    Let's see how this tiny thingy works..

  28. Has anyone heard any information about filming in Aurora or lives near Aurora? My friend and I are planning on heading up there on Sunday and the news media has been real mum about it for the last week (except when they were looking for extras) unless today there was a HUGE flood of info released. I live about an hour or so away so I don't know if that's why but my family does get the Chicago Tribune and my parents have been pretty good about telling me of they've seen anything about filming, especially my mom (she sent me a text message today saying they were talking about it on the news..probably on ABC 7..I thought it was cute she did that..) Any information would be appreciated!! :)


  29. From today's Oshkosh Northwestern:

    Thursday@3: Chat with Chad Feller, one of the extras who's been filming parts in Indiana with the cast and crew, and will be filming in Oshkosh April 11, during our Thursday@3 live chat. >>

    "...filming in Oshkosh April 11..."

  30. According to Variety tonight, Billy Crudup is J Edgar Hoover.

  31. Reported two weeks ago.

  32. Gee did Variety confirm it two weeks ago? I read it every day and that was the first confirmation that I'd heard. Everyone reported the rumor a while ago, but this was honestly the first industry confirmation that I had heard.

  33. Look for a December release for the movie, not an 09 release.

  34. Thanks for all your info.

    I'm passing through Columbus at the end of the month. Will the town still be "transformed"?

  35. Karen, You are right there was rumors but nothing concrete released. Thanks for the information.

    So, that removes one of the characters I was thinking John Michael Bolger was playing. I am curious because he said that he couldn't contractually tell us what part he was playing. I thought maybe Hoover would be a hush hush role.

    Thanks for the movie release information. That is awesome that it will be December. I don't know if we could all wait til 2009 :)

  36. Brad, the 100 block of James street is still transformed, but the rest has been taken down.

  37. OnewhoshallremainnamelessApril 3, 2008 at 7:58 AM

    Wow a December release?? That would be awesome! I thought it took much longer to make a movie! Cool!

    Brad--unfortunately most everything in Columbus is back to the way it was [darn it] EXCEPT for one block on James Street, where they are coming back in late April to finish some scenes.

  38. Karen - Thanks for the info. A Dec release would be great.

    I finally got registered over at your place but then I think the server might have gone down for a bit. I really am intending to come over! = )

    Can't wait to discuss the book in more depth. I finished up to the point where they ambushed JD at the Biograph last night. I was so sad, and then felt bad for feeling so sad. He really is a very charismatic figure, even on paper...

  39. The December release was reported by Hollywood news reporter Mike Evans this morning on his syndicated radio program. He was talking about how good the new Johnny Depp movie was going to be and that they were filming in Chicago now and were using several of the gangters' old haunts etc. He closed his program saying that it would be released in December. I about choked on my toothpaste! lol

  40. Yes Shakenbsis, sad to say that our server is having issues and now I am pulling what's left of my hair out. Been on that server for over a year with not a problem, then bam...problems left and right. They are very aware and are working on fixing the problem, but I just hope they have it "fixed."

    Thanks for your kind patience.

  41. Karen,

    Good luck with the server. You have a great community for sure. I don't normally like message boards but you have an awesome site that is very friendly and welcoming. I really enjoy it!

  42. LOL - I'm way too visual Karen!

    It's funny how you all use pics of JD for your icons on JDR = ) But anyhow, whenever I see your name I see that pic of Todd rolling his head back... When I just read yout choking on your toothpaste comment I pitured THAT!

    When I finally get around to fiuring out how to upload mine, I have a funny pic of my cat sitting on JD's head (a poster of JD that is) that I will probably use = )

  43. Karen - Good luck with the server, I agree with Rachel and can't wait to see you over on your place.

    Great day all, I'mm off to WORK!

  44. Thanks y'all! Old Sweeney's near and dear to me. LOL...sorry for the visuals that early. I do need to rotate out the avatar. Gee from knives to tommyguns... LOL

  45. Back in the days the Swiss weren't yet so keen on eating Spaghetti - now it's almost like the most favourite dish - it was still negatively associated with the supposedly bad immigrants from Italy. We always hear the story of BBC running the spaghetti story from Italy.

  46. But I guess they ought to tell the true story - as you've posted here - at our school lol Indeed the BBC programme was about spaghetti harvesting in (the Italian part of) Switzerland.

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