Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Night Special Edition - Oshkosh

Just got back from the Kurth - more on that tomorrow.


Take One! Kitty B'gosh reporting from the airport set.

It was long, miserable, but prosperous afternoon for this frozen Kitty-cicle. I set out to see what kind of progress was being made on the Main Street location. Since my litter box a mere mile or so from the Pioneer Airport on the EAA grounds, I decided I'd check things out there before heading downtown. Got the to Pioneer Airport and nothing going on. No activity at all. As I'm heading back to Main Street I noticed a sign posted along the road indicating Base Camp to the right. I followed the signs and there it was!

Parked right there on the grounds of the Basler Flight Service were the vintage cars. There were a few trucks already parked, including the Snow Maker truck. Soon, one after the other, the trucks arrived. Then white vans full of extras pulled in. Everything from Police Officers, to reporters with big, old-time, flash cameras, to a handful of women. After a few hours, a plane was pulled into the area. Then two vintage motorcycles came. Finally, after about four hours of waiting Michael Mann arrived on set. At least I think it was him. Everyone gathered around him and he seemed to be telling everyone what to do. And then, the bad news came. Security came and made everyone move away from the fence to an area where you couldn't really see anything. I was able to catch a little of the rehearsal from the area of the old Whitman Field terminal (where the extras a being bused from and being fed). As I was leaving I noticed there were collapsed barricades along sections of 20th Avenue. I'm thinking they will be putting those up once actual filming gets underway at Basler.

The talk among the crowd was that all of the airport filming (at Basler and Pioneer) would be taking place after dark and possibly run until 7 am Saturday. The next shoot day is supposed to me Monday, the 14th at the Masonic Temple on Washington, a block from Main Street. Everyone I talked to seem to concur that after the 14th the next big days would be the 16th, 17th and 18th. One person indicated that all filming was going to be done either in the evening or early morning hours.

Kitty is going to try to thaw out with a hot shower. Then a cat nap before heading out to see there's been any action at the Pioneer Airport.

From lynn - night shots!!

Just got back from the cold and rain of wittman field. Just added a few pics for everyone. I myself didnt see Mr. Depp but others say they have seen a small pea size glimpse.

Check out lynns flicker shots

From TJ more coming!

T.J. Holdren's photostream

Helicopter used for filming Public Enemies at Wittman Airport in Oshkosh

TJ - WOW!!!

Photos from Journeyman



  1. Thanks for the update, Kitty & Rod!

    Great to see you all tonight. Of course you knew I had to come right home and check the blog!

  2. Great updates on the happenings and love the photos, especially the one of Michael Mann - great shot!

    Hope you all warm up soon!


  3. OMG those are some incredible photos!! WOW.

  4. Just an FYI:::you can watch the live feed for the Pioneer Airport at
    I checked it earlier and they were setting up the plane. with the weather it's a bit hit or miss and the quality isn't the best....but you can still see something!

  5. Hi to Michelle, Michael, Peggy, and Carmen who I met at Kurth tonight. I love that place!

    Those airport pics are awesome. I read in the previous comments that they thought someone got burned and there was an ambulance there? Anymore news? I hope everyone is okay.

  6. Hey, I just got back from Oshkosh. I'm exhausted! I was out there for about 8 hours and was willing to stay until Johnny made his rounds but alas.....i don't have my license. ha. and i had to leave with my dad.
    Anyway, first we went to downtown Oshkosh. Nothing much going on there except setting up sets and some dudes from film stations or something walking around with a camera.
    We also walked inside a place they're converting into a bank and we got to talk to the owner, and he told us how it's going to represent a bank in Sioux Falls, Arizona and Johnny Depp is going to rob it. There's another place a little further down, near the trolly, that is also going to play a bank.
    We talked to some guys working on the trolly. They didn't directly say it, but they were basically hinting at the fact that there was going to be a big filming scene there.
    The main filming was obviously at the airport. That was awesome; the actors were far away but the view was amazing from the fence. There were a lot of sightings of Michael Mann. There were also a bunch of sightings of Johnny Depp in his brown vest and white long-sleeved shirt....but there was speculation over whether it was actually him. It appeared to be a stand-in a lot of the time. But there were some times when it was obviously him; you could tell by his movements and his classic Johnny Depp pouty face hahaa.
    They shunted us over the side after a while but I could still see a lot....[that damn Range Rover was in the way though!!] and once the Ford Expedition pulled up and Jerry got out, minus Johnny.

    Okay now about what they were filming. They had a 1930s plane sitting there and about a hundred extras crowded around, some onlookers, some reporters with flashbulb cameras. They were filming the scene where Dillinger is caught and flown to Midtown [is that right?] Airport and transferred into a cop car. They were rehearsing for a lot of the day but I heard that Johnny was flown in at around 4. Then things started to pick up. They did take after take of Johnny getting out of the plane and, handcuffed, being escorted to the cop car. They also had a few shots of the reporters swarming around yelling "DILLINGER!!" One of the coolest things was when the plane actually took off and they had a helicopter with a camera film it overhead.
    Another cool thing was being able to hear Michael Mann yell things over his megaphone. Things that involved the word "Johnny."
    Okay well that's my experience =P I might get to stay later, like midnightish, on a future filming, and possibly get my Johnny Depp meeting. lol.
    Anyone else on here who was at the filming?

  7. Holy crap! Sorry my story was so long. =]

  8. Oh and I have pictures....but I was using an old-fashioned camera so I need to get them developed first.

    I can't wait to see some of the pictures people took. Some people near me had some pretty fancy cameras.

  9. Thanks for posting the Friday night update Rod. A big thanks to Kitty for the great report, lynn and TJ for the amazing photos! Whoo hoo!

    Anonymous--thanks for your info. as well--sounds like it was interesting to watch.

    The fun's begun again.....

  10. Wow! Some really great pictures! Thanks for the update!

  11. The shoot was amazing. Got a ton of pictures - i really need to get on posting them, eh? hehe. Talked to my friend who was an extra (a reporter - have a picture of him too!) and they got done at about 11:00pm. Johnny was taken away at around 8 or 9 pm - can't remember the exact time. It was so awesome - I can't wait for filming next week!

  12. My question sounds a bit supid but there is a debate about that between JD fans : have you seen Johnny with a cigarette on the set ?
    because it has been said he stopped smoking but in an article I've just read he had a cigarette on the set.

  13. publicenemies-on-facebookApril 12, 2008 at 2:40 AM

    WOW. These photos from Oshkosh are incredible! This seems to be the first indication of the vast scope of production. Vintage planes, motorcycles, and helicopters?! That is just cool. Thanks to all who contributed, and a continued thanks to Rod for his amazing blog.

  14. Ludi, there is a video on myspace from Aurora, I believe where someone asks JD if he wants a cig and he says that he quite. If I find it I will post the link for you.

    I haven't looked at my photos yet, but if I have any decent ones I will send them to you Rod.

  15. Yes, I heard about this video but now in a new article, I read he smoked a cigarette on the set, so it is contradictory.

    P.S : sorry for my English, I am French.

  16. Dillinger smoked. So most likely its for the role.

  17. worlds largest trivia contest update also (which I am playing in) 21st place out of over 430 teams. 54 hours in the contest...we are on hour 14!

  18. From this morning's Oshkosh Northwestern......
    "Puffing a cigarette and sipping hot coffee, Johnny Depp stepped out from his black Escalade about 7 p.m. to join hundreds of extras and film crew on set for day one of filming 1930s gangster movie "Public Enemies" at Basler Flight Services, along 20th Avenue. "

  19. Thanks for the pics and the news everyone!!

  20. Awesome pictures! Thanks everyone for sharing them with us!

  21. Ludi,

    Your English is perfect :)

  22. Thank you soo much for the pictures They a great gina

  23. Great updates! Looking forward to more pics.

  24. This is all so exciting! Thanks for the pictures and reports. I love the look of the plane, old cars and of course Johnny! I'm heading to Oshkosh tomorrow for a few days and look forward to being in Oshkosh to watch all the goings on. Should be fun, albeit chilly!

  25. Rod, Kitty, Lynn and everyone else, you guys are awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing, I can't get enough of this movie. I wish I would have made it to Kurths last night, maybe next time, I don't live very far.
    Thanks again everyone!!!!!!

  26. Gang
    thanks for the great pics
    TJ looked @ your favorites photos too-awesome photography!!!

    thanks so much for the info-thanks again Rod for keeping this going....

    looking forward to more PE news

  27. To all Rory Cochrane fans, it is confirmed that he is here in WI in Oshkosh so head that way Monday if you want to see him. I know I am going to brave it again! Thanks to meeting my new friend Rachel and Kathy and their bravery with the weather and my driving. We didn't get to see a lot but it was still a fun night! :)

  28. Forgot to add earlier in my tired state that I also got to meet Vickie and Angie. Thanks so much for this wonderful blog site Rod :) Had you not done it, I wouldn't have made these four wonderful friends that were all so fun to hang out with! Thanks again!

  29. Lindsey! Don't tell me our dear Rory will be there *Monday* of all days! I have an eye appointment after work and had not planned on going to Oshkosh until later in the week... Hmmm, if I leave directly from the eye doctor and race to Oshkosh... LOL

    The pics in this blog entry are AMAZING. I'm kicking myself now for not trying harder to get there last night. This almost looks like the most interesting of things to watch...?! I mean, won't one bank robbery look like another? But planes and motorcycles and cops...!

  30. I was on the set Friday night as an extra. It was truly a surreal experience, kinda like I was in a movie or something. I was feet away listening to Mann and JD talk after one of the takes. I was actually suprised at how little Mr. Mann was verbally "directing". His #1 assistant was actually the one who had the megaphone most of the time yelling out directions. Obviously Mann was still the mastermind of it all. It was an awesome scene to be apart of. I thought I was just going to be deep backgroud, but in a few takes a got close enough to touch Dillinger (Depp). I'll also be shooting next Wed-Fri downtown...looking forward to it again.

  31. Deb...I believe Rory will be there. I am going up in the afternoon and bringing him a basket of goodies. I heard that JD gets presents all the time so I think our Rory deserves something too :) Hopefully I'll see you up there! Or if you want to go together, I think Rachel is going with as well. Still have to talk to her today but I am excited :)

  32. Great page. I am local boy who is actually in this movie as a Chicago Detective. Every scene I've had has been with JD. He's super nice. I've been filming for a month now. Check my myspace page for some cool behind the scenes photos from Crown Point, Chicago and Oshkosh.

  33. "The Chad" - Nice pics on your myspace page. I recognize you from the shooting on Friday. I was in the crowd of extras trying to mob Dillinger. I also read part your interview in the Northwestern, you're like a local celebrity. Do you have any lines in the movie? Well hopefully Ass. Bank isn't too upset with you for missing so much work.

  34. I don't have any lines other than yelling "get out of the way!" on Friday. That scene was crazy as they gave us no room to walk through the mob. Hope you had fun!