Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Night Special Edition - Oshkosh

Just got back from the Kurth - more on that tomorrow.


Take One! Kitty B'gosh reporting from the airport set.

It was long, miserable, but prosperous afternoon for this frozen Kitty-cicle. I set out to see what kind of progress was being made on the Main Street location. Since my litter box a mere mile or so from the Pioneer Airport on the EAA grounds, I decided I'd check things out there before heading downtown. Got the to Pioneer Airport and nothing going on. No activity at all. As I'm heading back to Main Street I noticed a sign posted along the road indicating Base Camp to the right. I followed the signs and there it was!

Parked right there on the grounds of the Basler Flight Service were the vintage cars. There were a few trucks already parked, including the Snow Maker truck. Soon, one after the other, the trucks arrived. Then white vans full of extras pulled in. Everything from Police Officers, to reporters with big, old-time, flash cameras, to a handful of women. After a few hours, a plane was pulled into the area. Then two vintage motorcycles came. Finally, after about four hours of waiting Michael Mann arrived on set. At least I think it was him. Everyone gathered around him and he seemed to be telling everyone what to do. And then, the bad news came. Security came and made everyone move away from the fence to an area where you couldn't really see anything. I was able to catch a little of the rehearsal from the area of the old Whitman Field terminal (where the extras a being bused from and being fed). As I was leaving I noticed there were collapsed barricades along sections of 20th Avenue. I'm thinking they will be putting those up once actual filming gets underway at Basler.

The talk among the crowd was that all of the airport filming (at Basler and Pioneer) would be taking place after dark and possibly run until 7 am Saturday. The next shoot day is supposed to me Monday, the 14th at the Masonic Temple on Washington, a block from Main Street. Everyone I talked to seem to concur that after the 14th the next big days would be the 16th, 17th and 18th. One person indicated that all filming was going to be done either in the evening or early morning hours.

Kitty is going to try to thaw out with a hot shower. Then a cat nap before heading out to see there's been any action at the Pioneer Airport.

From lynn - night shots!!

Just got back from the cold and rain of wittman field. Just added a few pics for everyone. I myself didnt see Mr. Depp but others say they have seen a small pea size glimpse.

Check out lynns flicker shots

From TJ more coming!

T.J. Holdren's photostream

Helicopter used for filming Public Enemies at Wittman Airport in Oshkosh

TJ - WOW!!!

Photos from Journeyman