Saturday, April 26, 2008

Is That Cobblestone In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To Meet Me?


They have taken all the cobblestone up from the street in Columbus and talking to crew in Julies Java House it seems the schedule has been changed to dates yet unknown. Remember the Milwaukee shoot has been push back a week. I

I don't think this is a week but with ROTTEN weather (snow) in the forecast for the first part of this week maybe a few days????

More when I find out.

With a title like that you know that we had a fun time at the Kurth last night. I was forced to call up the Grinder weather umbrella over Columbus as there were Tornado's all around but they opened and we're all safe.

However - lets get to some PE news.

Monday morning they are filming in Beaver Dam and then production is coming back to Columbus for a few days. If you want to see JD you are going to have to work at it as nobody knows the timing of the shoots. Night filming is rough on spectators.
JP (yes the photog JP we have been talking about) delivered chain link fencing next to Jenny's house as it seems they are thinking the yellow ribbon is not going to hold this time around. I wonder if Jenny will have to climb over the fence to get outside her house.

JP loved the Columbus look and met our Mayor Nancy Osterhaus. I'm sure he also noticed all of the 8x10 photos of Johnny and acting scenes in store windows that were on the set selling for $40 a piece.

I think if JD wans to donate 10% of his profits to the CAC we should let him and provide a link to his yet to be built site. Others are selling photos in plain site and not donating (of course they probably do not know they CAN donate!).
The Little Bohemia fire seems to be a little more exciting then first publicized.

It seems that 911 was called when sparks were noticed coming out of a room in the upstairs.

Lighting had over heated and was burning through a false ceiling that was put in by Universial . The fire then burned through the real ceiling and was lapping at the insulation in the attic.

As we all know this is a very old tinder dry wood building and if the fire was not caught when it was . . . . bye bye Little Bo. The volunteer fire departments of Manitowish Waters and Winchester arrived (which had a record turn out for this fire) with six fire trucks and they put out the fire saving a lot of embarrassment. I'm sure MANY people on this blog thank you from all our hearts!

Oddly the day of the fire was 74 years and 1 day from when Dillinger actually made his escape.

I can not imagine what was going through Michael Manns brain when these events were unfolding. He loves using actual buildings and as reported here they spent a LOT of time fixing up Little Bo, taking out the original bullet hole windows with EXTREME care not to damage anything.

The burning of Little Bo would have been a disaster.

As a precaution thermal imaging camera's were on set at all times keeping track of anomalies.

I want to thank the Rhinelander DailyNews for covering this event correctly.
To Anonymous 10:43 yesterday.

I'm not mad at you or anything - seriously. And yes 0 I am a little protective over the movie and I think I am justified.

It's just that I know somebody that knows somebody that has a cousin who works with a guy who's mom has a script, and this is a scene that you REALLY do not want to interrupt. Not yelling and I'm sure IMDB has as much info as we do over here.

It's all good and I completely understand why you want to see what is going on. Happy Birthday BTW !! Hang out in Columbus this week - I'm sure you wll see Johnny at some point.
Donations for the CAC - AWESOME!!!

Irene Hebron, IN
John Winter Park, FL
Petra Neenah, WI
Susan Beaver Dam, WI
Dianne Tennessee Ridge, TN
Kathy Columbus, WI
Christine Mechanicsburg, PA
Michael&Peggy Waukausha, WI
Mindi Chicago, IL
Kristi Madison, WI
Julie Middleton, WI
Terry Columbus, WI
Kat Oshkosh, WI

Thank you, we have raiseed $215.13 in the last two days and add the $76 from mail in's that is a total of $291.13.
DJ, Jenny, and shakenbsis met Kris, Dale (President of the Columbus Auditorium Corporation CAC) and their awesome dad Robert the Treasurer of the CAC.

It was a great time and I had to keep buying them Pepsi to loosen their lips (I didn't buy any in reality but I'd like to think I did). Lots of "secrets". Such as the tunnels that went from the Kurth brewery to the Kurth mansion across the street during prohibition (did you know that prohibition is responsible for the ice cream industry explosion in the 20's).

Thanks guys for coming, it was great to meet the heavies of the project!

Once their sugar buzz started to where off they started to get sleepy and left. Leaving
DJ, Jenny, and shakenbsis and I to kick it up a notch.

After having a beer
shakenbsis decided it was a good time to run to the car and fetch a machete. Of course this got a few stares from patrons when she walks in wealding a three foot long knife with an evil grin on her face.

She wants to get JD to sign it (well the scabbard). We surmised that if she really wants to meet Jerry, JD's body guard up close she would run up to JD with it.

Anyway the good news was that the machete no longer smells like cow pee . . . . . but that is another story for another time.

We then decide to go into town to look at the set. The cobblestone is all laid out and the one street looks great. I looks like they were doing some trimming and random pieces of cobblestone were laying around near a garbage can so . . . . that's all I'm going to say about the next events. The garbage can will never miss it.

We're up on the corner and reading a posting about the Columbus Square Dance (oh my God!) and Jenny and DJ are laughing and having fun and start to square dancing (it has to be sugar . . or what used to be sugar) .

Swing Your Partner Round and Round
Throw Her in the Toilette
And Flush Her Down.

When some guys on the roof top starting hitting on us yelling. "Hey are you guys from Columbus?" Did you graduate from the High School?" of which Jenny yells back, "YEA - they graduated like 50 years ago!"

Thanks Jen - we love you! . . . most of the time.

And that was the night. We went home and crashed and I hope
shakenbsis arrived in one piece an hour later.

Here is another teaser from the JP collection.

With that - have a great weekend - from cold and windy Columbus