Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Here I Go Again - On The Road Again.

It's Wednesday morning and I'm about to drive north for three days of fun and sun and relaxation . . . . . perhaps a little TOO much relaxation. Hour after hour after hour of monotonous relaxation.

I got an email from one of the PE-Cbus army and it reminded me of something funny (well, to me at least).

Every person on the crew is wired and has an ear piece. Many times you will be talking to a guy and all of a sudden he will get this far off look in his or her eye. You lost him. All your words are falling on deaf ears.

He will be looking past you like there is a ghost. Then, he will utter something totally nonsensical to some being on a far off planet and BAM - he says "excuse me - I gotta go" and zip - they are gone .

Anytime you talk to a crew there is a chance the conversation will just stop in mid sentence.
In another thing.

Looks like the rumors that Claire from LOST is the captive that Johnny abducted. Not sure. I have not seen photos of the REAL person that was abducted. All I have seen are TJ's shots of the double. BUT - it's something to talk about.

The real person did come out with a XXXL HUGE down coat. Like something somebody that has been in the tropics would wear when we here in Wisconsin are comfortable.

HOPEFULLY I will be on set by the time you read this so don't expect any return emails or any words of faux wisdom until LATE Wednesday night. And even then I will have had all of my brains sucked out of me by father tedium and I might just fill the page with squiggles and dots that I THINK are words.

At least I will have a chair today . . . unless we're on the road getting shot at.

Be Good