Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's VA Day for Columbus

I realize there might be some new people looking at the blog today. Bear with us and just follow along on this continuing adventure. If something does not make sense . . . it's not you, it's a story in progress.
This is the #1 Website on the internet when it comes to The Columbus Auditorium. That's right, this bulbous headed ego wort is claiming to be #1 and I stand by my claim.

However - let's get serious for a few seconds before I dive into the murky waters of yesterday.

Today is a huge day for the Columbus Auditorium. Exit polls are telling me that there is some opposition on the City Council when it comes to obtaining $300,000 to fix the roof.

Here is the thing.

No roof, no auditorium, no auditorium and the current roof will deteriorate until they are forced to move City Hall. If City Hall stands empty you might as well tear it down. Tear it down and you will lose the center of the city to be replaced with strip malls.

City Hall is the heart of this town. It is the beacon that draws people to look at the rest of the buildings. The auditorium is on the 2nd floor.

If you really care about this building and Columbus and you have never gone to a City Council meeting (6:30pm Tuesday in the City Hall) THIS is the one you need to attend. You don't have to say anything but the ol' girl could REALLY use your help. She has never asked for anything in the past but now she needs you now. Please.

If you can not attend the meeting could you PLEASE send Kris an email in support (kalang1@sbcglobal.net ). She will print off the emails and hand them to the Council.

Another thing you can do is make a small donation using the paypal button (you can use a CC). I sent a check yesterday to the CAC for $258.22 from sixteen donors from across the nation and the Council will hear of that also.

In all honesty your donation will only make a tiny dent in the total but it is the show of support that is needed. Look at what the city has done for you in the ways of entertainment in the last month. Help us out.

I will be there handing out cigarettes and chocolate to all attending . . NO NO NO I won't do that. I will buy a round of beer at the victory celebration at the Kurth Friday night - I hope.

Here is a little history about the Auditorium.

The last high school class to graduate was in the early 1930's. It was used for plays, solo & ensemble competitions, church, graduations, high school plays, movies, etc. It was a central point for entertainment/events in the community. She was boarded up in the 1930's after rumors were circulated that it had been condemned (started by people wanting a new auditorium for the high school).

There have been several attempts to restore it, the most significant being in the 1970's when the lower portion of City Hall was restored.

Members of that 1970's group were the ones that started the current Columbus Auditorium Corporation and made it independent of the City, hoping that City politics wouldn't hold things up.

They've made significant progress and really have a shot at getting this thing restored. We really feel that we need to move quickly on the restoration. The money is out there, but people want to see work being done first. If the work is done quickly, people will have to respond quickly with donations - I think a 18 - 24 month rally of "SAVE THE AUDITORIUM" is better than a 5-6 year "save the auditorium."

For some photos of the Auditorium - go here!

On a side note - in 1933

Average Cost of new house $5,750.00
Average wages per year $1,550.00
Cost of a gallon of Gas 10 cents
Average Cost for house rent $18.00 per month
A loaf of Bread 7 cents
A pound of Hamburger 11 cents
Plymouth 6 Car $445.00
Campbells Vegetable Soup 10 cents

Adolf Hitler appointed Chancellor of Germany
Repeal of prohibition in United States allowing 3.2% beer and wine sales
Strong winds strip the topsoil from the drought affected farms in midwest creating Dust Bowls
The original 1933 King Kong Movie is shown
The Loch Ness Monster is sighted for the first time in modern times
The First ever drive in Theatre is established in New Jersey
The Chocolate chip cookie is invented
I have a new article in The Isthmus! Check it out and and click the little red Recommend This Article, an angel will get it's wings with every click. (that phrase was actually coined by Frances Goodrich in the movie It's a Wonderful Life - can't take credit for it).

T-shirt was thought of by Lynn. It would cost about $18 with $5 going to the CAC fund. Let me know if there is any interest.
OK - Public Enemies - where does one begin.

At this moment shooting schedules are behind closed doors. The rumor is/was postponing Columbus until next week but I'm having a hard time with that. Next week was suppose to be Madison in the Capital and I doubt they can rearrange having that meeting room on a whim.

So. I'm just waiting to hear any news.


Yesterdays blog was brought to you by the city on Minocqua (voted #5 Best Place for Anglers to Live by Field & Stream).

Here is where the wheels fell off the the tracks on that one.

Sometimes you can put a few clues together from people you trust and when it all adds up - you are wrong. One person that had been disguised as a Douglas Fir tree for a week had photos of base camp being torn down. Then another person that has had good info gave some wrong info and BAM. FUBR. Hey- that's why this is a blog and not a news organization. I can afford to be wrong.

Which brings me to another topic. The Public Enemies Columbus Cult. OOPS - it has finally come out. Here my pretties I have some kool-aid for you to drink!!

It seems someone thinks my tone has changed of late and perhaps I am thinking a little to much of myself. hmmmmm. Well, I have always thought to much of myself, I like me, I think more people should think more of themselves. It's how things get done. It's how decisions get made. Right or wrong things happen.

She is correct though when she states "this is a small town guy writing a blog". Although that seems a little insulting to small town people but perhaps that is just a slip. "BUT, he is not your leader" (I'd like to be but I need an island first, if any of you have a spare island email me).

"The ideas and stories... a lot of them come from people that have posted on here or talked to him without recognition." With that I am guilty. However(1) - if every idea I have ever heard had to be given credit this entire blog would be nothing but credits (and most of my life).

HOWEVER(2) - if I did miss giving credit to an ORIGINAL idea I am truly sorry. I have way to many irons in the fire the last month and things do slip. I apologize.

"he isn't all powerful and all knowing people" (I'd like to think so but she has a point). He is just a guy who started a blog and now thinks that the PE world owes him because he writes about it.

Naa - I'll have to disagree. I am owed nothing and expect nothing. I'll ASK though, never hurts to ask.

Now comes something I thought was funny.

She says:

I am leaving. Thank you all for what started out as an enjoyable experience with great conversation and ended almost like every other board out there.... making me question people.

After that very serious multi paragraph comment is a post from Rachel K

"I like your grassy picture."

THAT makes me smile - thank you Rachel K - perfect timing.

SO - now that we have seen what a blog/forum/bulletin board CAN be let's keep things on a cheery side.

I had skin cancer twenty years ago on my shoulder (have you ever had a sunburn Rod? - NOW THAT was a stupid question) and it was at that point in my life when I realized that life is way way to short to get angry and worked up over little things, and ESPECIALLY if it is related to a blog.

And with that - so long for today


  1. Good luck with the auditorium... Michelle's photos really give expression to how it needs to be fixed up and maintained.

  2. Best of luck with the auditorium. I haven't been completely clued in as to what is happening with it, but am reading the blog to find out more info.
    Rod, thanks for your blog everyday. You're awesome!

  3. Rod: Your not my all powerful, all knowing leader?!?!?!?! OH NO what shall I do? LOL.

    So are we getting Auditorium t-shirts now? That would be cool. I want one!

  4. Rod:

    I've really enjoyed your blog over the last month. Remember it's OK to "toot" your own horn, if you don't no one else will!

    Sorry to see some crabby people want to pee in the pool of fun here.

    -Jess Bruckner

  5. Rod, I'm having potato soup for lunch today. Is that OK with you? LOL

  6. lotus...now that was funny!

  7. Will you be posting updates about the meeting tonight?

  8. Rod-I also love reading your blog each day. You write in a very enjoyable way. I don't know what your real job is, but I hope it involves writing. It's interesting how you are such a hot topic on IMDB. You have been called a "starstruck blogger," and they ask if you would be asked to leave if you showed up on set again. I guess they are just jealous of you and your brilliance!

  9. Very funny! I was planning on having tomato soup, is that allowed?

  10. Always a sourpuss in the bunch, isn't there?

    Let us know how the meeting goes.
    I am mid-move and that is why I have not had a chance to make a post about the auditorium yet, but I plan to, and hope it helps. Once the IRS sends me some money, I plan to donate myself - we need to keep our history intact here in WI, and everywhere if we can.

  11. Good for you for keeping possitive!
    Because of your possitive 'attitude', and your nice sense of humor, I'm enjoying your blog alot. I enjoy it even more when Mr.Depp shows up.
    Have a nice day! And THANK YOU for your blog.

  12. Some people just have some Nerve!!!
    They need to get over them selves...
    I enjoy coming on and checking the new news!
    You are a great writer and hope you continue to do just that..
    I hope the Auditorium will get her face lift...
    Keep up the Great Work!!!!!!
    You Rock!

  13. Has the link to JP or JT (sorry.. not good with initials these days) photos been posted yet? I know there was talk of it a day or two ago and I might have missed it.

  14. Eggs and toast for me which are slightly burned since I was too busy reading your blog to watch them!

    In the voice of The Soup Nazi, "No zoup for me!"

  15. chicken and grape salad for me and I adore that picture. ADORE it.

  16. Photos of the Auditorium are on the Auditorium page I created


    OH - HIS photos? not yet - I think he is multi tasking also

  17. So how do we find out more about the shirts?

  18. Just got home from work ~ quickly (sorry, will read it again later) read your blog and Kudos to you (although, I know you weren't really looking for praise, but had to say it anyway)

    Off to write a letter - hope Kris receives lots of emails with letters in them!! ;)

    ps ~ great picture...thanks for sharing it!!

  19. Good Luck tonight! I wish I could be there but working off a cold and dont want anyone else to get sick.

    Will look forward to hearing everything later tonight!


  20. I would love to hear updates with the meeting, best of luck. I just sent an email to Kris for your auditorium.

    I'll post what I wrote here:

    For any person interested in tracking the progress of the Pubic Enemies filming, Columbus would be impossible to miss. Despite never being there in person (yet), its history and town has come alive to me. Among this, one essential aspect was brought to my attention, the Columbus Auditorium. Although I am an outsider from this small town, its rich history has come alive with stories of the students and people who have lovingly used this space. The pictures I have seen appeared to only attempt to capture its beauty, and only with this restoration would I hope to have the opportunity to see the auditorium in person. I have seen the loving efforts of a local put forth online to save it, and I know that the strangers it has brought together for its cause is clearly something special. The Columbus Auditorium has since gathered a following of people who hope it will still be standing when the chance to personally see it in the future arises.

  21. Looks like filming is still on tap for next week in Madison...


  22. http://tinyurl.com/5vbbg6
    Still filming at Lil Bo...apparently

  23. Your welcome Rod. I completely agree with your last paragragh. I wish more people had that view then I think everyone might just get along better. Kill em with kindness that is what I say!

    If anyone is interested the old jail in Crown Point is now giving tours on Saturdays from 9 till 12. Adults 10$ kids 5$. I plan on going this week end. I can't wait to see what Universal did for the movie.

  24. I guess along with my potato soup for lunch, I have to eat some crow for supper. Big Bad Mama and I both thought that the movie had up and left Manitowish Waters. Sneaky @!*#s !!! Anyone know how long they plan on staying up north this week>

  25. Thanks for the newspaper links with filming info-hope they get back on schedule for Columbus 5-6 shoot. Glad they are taking advantage of Little Bo to get all the shots they need-look forward to visiting it up north sometime in the future (want to see those bullet holes for myself :0

    Good luck with the auditorium project with the bad economy and shortage of government $$ for lots of projects, it will need all the help we can give.

  26. so i've been reading your blog for some time now and i finally decided to create an account.

    I just thought i'd put this out there...someone i know said they heard on the news that the filming in beaver dam was going to take place this friday. I don't know if thats true or not or if anyone else has heard that but i thought i'd say it and maybe someone can do some digging to find out. i've been looking all over the web and can't find anything about friday.

    Good Luck with the auditorium!! i hope all goes well..it looks beautiful!!

  27. I'm sitting here patiently waiting for an update from Rod.

    I'm on the east coast, so it's 9:27 p.m. here, that means it's 8:27 p.m. in Columbus.

    The meeting has been underway now for about 2hours, that is if it started on time. Still too early for a city council meeting to be over (that is if it's like city council or township meetings in this area).

    anxious to hear ~ my fingers are Xed

  28. Madison filming must be on for next week because they just called me to say that I left my social security card in the pocket of the jacket I was wearing in Oshkosh (ooops). Must mean that they are doing costume fittings for there since she told me I could either:

    1)pick it up in Madison
    2)have it mailed

    Not sure if any of you are into this type of music but, my band is called Pudge. We have music up at:
    (shameless plug)

  29. Auditorium funding update: Tonight's meeting is a working session (I say that because it is still going on). I believe the voting meeting is May 6. All of your emails and letters were printed and passed out to the City Council members. Three of the letters were read in front of the council. When I left, they were beginning to discuss the capital funding (which included the City Hall roof money). Keep your fingers crossed and I'll post (or email Rod) with any updates.

  30. OT to Andy:
    Son, I've been power pop since before Appleton had an indoor mall. And you, sir, bring the power pop! Great music (NICE guitar crunch), thanks for the link!

    Kris: Thanks for the update, that's why I tuned in tonight!


  31. As Kris said it was a working meeting. After we left the Mayor came up to us all smiles and thanked us for coming.

    Actually her words were something on the order of "Rods group" lol

    I'll have more tomorrow but your emails and letters REALLY helped a lot.

  32. Glad to hear things are looking good for the auditorium.

  33. Rod,

    Thanks for the auditorium photo link and the info on the other photos. There is a lot of info to go through so I wasn't sure if I just missed it :)

    Thanks again!

  34. home safe! thanks Kris, wooooo hooo!!! = )

  35. SO our offical cult name is Rod's Group? LOL

  36. Maybe not kool aid... but a soda from Kurth's perhaps? :)

  37. kendra, I don't want to put out false info either, but from my digging, this is the timeline I have come up with for filming: May 2-4 in Milwaukee; May 5 Beaver Dam; part of May 5 & 6 Columbus; May 7-9 in Madison. Sounds pretty ambitious to me. And like I said, this is just from hours of digging & putting together all the info I could find from new coverage, etc.

  38. Could it make a difference that there are two different types of things being filmed in the various locations, and possibly being able to split up the crew?

    For example, the stuff in Madison will mostly be FBI stuff and the Columbus/BD and Milwaukee will be mostly the bank robbery/Dillinger gang stuff. So, given that they are two different groups of actors, props, etc, the could pull it off the back to back schedule.

    No expert at all... just a theorist :)

    Happy Hump Day!

  39. I sent Rod and update last night regarding the outcome of last night's City Council meeting. I'm anxiously waiting for Rod's Wednesday posting so he can tell everyone what is going on. Since he actually has the #1 Auditorium blog I think he should make the announcement! ;)

  40. Kris, from the exclamation point at the end of your post, I'm hoping it's GOOD news?!! Do I look
    for hints in every post or what? LOL

  41. Gosh lots has been going on in my absence of reading this blog...thanks to everyone,especially Rod for all the info. Rachel, your theory sounds very plausible and just could be right. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Rod, I am all in support of the auditorium and getting a t-shirt to help! I'll continue watching for information on that! Have a great day everyone...off to the dentist! UGH!

  42. rachel, I was also thinking along those lines as far as Madison vs. the other shoots (with Madison being FBI), so I think the timeline seems feasible...we'll just have to keep waiting. I'm kind of hoping things change for Milwaukee cuz that's finally close to me & it's supposed to be thunderstorms. Being as it sounds like it'll be inside shoots, I was maybe going to hang out and try for some "star gazing" at least, but not if the weather is horrid. Gotta love Wisconsin! :P

  43. Bummer! Guess I'll have to wait till after work for my PE fix! = ) Getting a late start today, at least the sun is shining!!

  44. ps: really, really love that shot at the end of your post!