Monday, April 7, 2008

The Marion Cotillard Controversy

Marion Cotillard - I'm probably tossing a little gas on flame of a dieing fire but I have not read where her controversial remarks have been talked about by adults. Just children trying to get attention.

I read the entire account of her interview from February 17, 2007 about not believing everything you read and hear (ie Johnny Depp saving lives?) and she was asked to give examples of "not believing".

She gave among other things The Towers collapsing and man landing on the moon. The were examples, that is all. I think here in America we should be able to understand why sometimes what the government tells us might not be the entire truth. And it's our government.

So I can understand it when she is giving examples. What is not talked about is that they were talking about many things such as the death of Michel Colucci** which provoked a national grief in France. Colucci was a very close friend to Oscar-winning make-up artist Didier Lavergne and there are theory's that Colucci was murdered.

I have to believe that with the murder conspiracy being so close to Cotillard there had been many many conversations about believing everything at face value.

Thus, Marion Cotillard was only speaking her mind at the time. She had opened up to Xavier de Moulins and was just speaking her mind.

What people never report on is that a couple days later she released a statement "My statements on that program have been taken completely out context and been crafted into a story that has no merit." Her attorney stated "Marion never intended to contest nor question the attacks of September 11, 2001; and regrets the way old remarks have been taken out of context."

Well - I actually think that she was just saying what was on her mind and because she had had many conversations about conspiracies . . .. it just came out.

SHE IS HUMAN!! People say what is on their minds every so often. It does not mean they 100% believe it, it's not an official press release. sometimes things just come out.

**Michel Colucci, known only as Colucci in France was a comedian. In 1981 he ran for President of France but dropped out when they realized that he might actually WIN! There were threats on his life if he did not drop out.

photos courtesy of Speak, it ain't illegal yet

Oshkosh - all the news outlets are getting all excited. Street closings Thursday. They are filming for maybe ten days in and around Oshkosh!!! Sweet

Here are a few photos of the vault being used in the film. If this is a real bank I'm sure they appreciate the fact that there are photos on the internet showing the door!

(the girl is acting a little too nonchalant)

And the bank door
odd - a little piece of tape had the numbers
4 8 15 16 23 42

I'm getting sadness reports.

People are finishing their Public Enemies book and all of a sudden their lives are filled with emptiness. They miss their little book friends.

I have felt this a few times. When a season of Amazing Race ends and I will no longer have "so and so" in my life anymore and never see them again. It's an empty feeling. Even emptier when the characters are in a book which is a more personal adventure.

Bravo Bryan Burroughs for making us feel empty! Well done!
Speaking of Amazing Race. Diane and I decided to NOT go on the race. We would be the first team never to make it out of America. We even got lost once when we were camping in Door County. It was night and we had a camp fire. We decided to walk to the shore of Green Bay, about 50 feet away. The fire was behaving so it was OK.

We walked down and looked at the Milky Way and then started back to the campsite. We stumble into the camp only to find . . IT WAS NOT OUR site. hmmmm, where is
our campsite.

We did find it eventually.

I applied for Survivor but I didn't make the cut. The Mole (the original Mole) would have been the BEST show to be on. You get to eat real food, sleep in real beds. The Mole is coming back by the way. Late May. I don't think Anderson Cooper (son of Gloria Vanderbilt) will be the host though.

6 years!!!

OK - that's it for today