Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Marion Cotillard & Emilie de Ravin

BREAKING NEWS - FIRE ON THE SET (not in the hole)

from WSAW dot com

A small electrical fire caused smoke damage on the set of "Public Enemies" this morning.

The movie starring Johnny Depp is being filmed at the Little Bohemia Resort in Manitowish Waters.

The Manitowish Waters Fire Chief says the fire has been contained, but it caused smoke damage to the second floor of the resort.

Flames were reported from the second floor around 6:30.

Crews from Manitowish Waters and Boulder Junction responded to the fire.


According to the Portage Daily Register -The Columbus shoot on the 29th will feature Red Hamilton (Jason Clarke) getting shot DEAD in the street". Shooting will take place downtown and at the Poser house.

Production then moves to Madison which will be the "final hurrah for Wisconsin"

In some other interesting news, Johnny Depp does not like the wine selection in Illinois (I'm sure we have all said that at one time or another). Johnny is really enjoying filming on location in the Midwest but the only problem is that Illinois isn't exactly famous for its vineyards and Johnny is quite particular about his wine. (Does Johnny know he is in Wisconsin?)

"When he couldn't put up with the local wine any longer, he decided to organize for a shipment of his own to be sent across as well as his favorite Bordeaux Petrus."

Johnny owns the Plan de la Tour vinyard. Plan de la Tour is a small village in the Massif des Maures hills, about 15 km northwest of St Tropez and Ste Maxime on the coast. Click here for some photos of Plan de la Tour.
Emilie de Ravin - so so cute. Scott and I were sitting in the 1933 Graham when she walked past us about 5 feet away. She had a blue dress on and a HUGE XXXL goose down coat wrapped around her and she looked like she was FREEZING. Yea - sucks to live in Hawaii!!

That was Monday and on Friday we were doing what we do best, sitting on our butts in the car watching filming and we spotted Christian Stolte and Emilie walking past the car. Little did we know she was going to Pam's Shop.

The Marion photos are not so clear - she did not go shopping. However my little elves with cameras were ever active. Thanks JP - excellent job. It's amazing the photos you can get while you are being chased down a 2nd floor hallway by the crew.

In the small world category.

I had a comment in my Flickr account and I responded. Seems somebody wanted a copy of a photo of Shirley Mansion from the rock group Garbage so I responded without really looking at the email address.

I got an email this morning from Andy. Remember "Andy the Extra" that I talked about a few days ago? He made that comment on Flickr a week before he even knew me and was wondering why "I (Rod Melotte)" was talking about "Garbage". Then he realized he was looking at my Flickr account.

He commented "Rod you are connected to EVERYTHING".

Yes I am.

On a side note Jenny has met Shirley and was hugged when she was backstage at a concert at the Coliseum. In fact during the concert Shirley stopped the show and to make sure Jenny was not getting crushed.
Here is a fund raising idea for the Columbus Theater for the Performing Arts and Opera House.

Besides NOT calling it an auditorium which sounds like a gymnasium.

Jason says - "Say the Auditorium is haunted. There are paranormal societies that will do investigations. is affiliated with TAPS. If it really is, the publicity will help raise money. I'm serious. Most theaters aren't haunted though."

YEA!!! I'll have to let that one settle in a little - what could possibility go wrong. However - I like the way you think!!

I grew up in a haunted house. We had a dog that would just freak out at times over noises. I can not remember all the stories (I was pretty young) but I know my parents were really looking into the haunted thing. Not scary haunted but there were things that "happened" that seemed paranormal.

Remember - I have witchcraft in my past from Salem. Who knows!!!!
Gotta work - we are getting a new email server today and I have 5 terabytes of old email I have to clean up! Plus a story for the Isthmus!

Have a great hump day

HEY - any gardeners out there? Can you tell me what this is growing in my garden? I was doing a little weeding and I thought this was not a weed - but then it was in places I did not plant anything

Rod M