Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Marion Cotillard & Emilie de Ravin

BREAKING NEWS - FIRE ON THE SET (not in the hole)

from WSAW dot com

A small electrical fire caused smoke damage on the set of "Public Enemies" this morning.

The movie starring Johnny Depp is being filmed at the Little Bohemia Resort in Manitowish Waters.

The Manitowish Waters Fire Chief says the fire has been contained, but it caused smoke damage to the second floor of the resort.

Flames were reported from the second floor around 6:30.

Crews from Manitowish Waters and Boulder Junction responded to the fire.


According to the Portage Daily Register -The Columbus shoot on the 29th will feature Red Hamilton (Jason Clarke) getting shot DEAD in the street". Shooting will take place downtown and at the Poser house.

Production then moves to Madison which will be the "final hurrah for Wisconsin"

In some other interesting news, Johnny Depp does not like the wine selection in Illinois (I'm sure we have all said that at one time or another). Johnny is really enjoying filming on location in the Midwest but the only problem is that Illinois isn't exactly famous for its vineyards and Johnny is quite particular about his wine. (Does Johnny know he is in Wisconsin?)

"When he couldn't put up with the local wine any longer, he decided to organize for a shipment of his own to be sent across as well as his favorite Bordeaux Petrus."

Johnny owns the Plan de la Tour vinyard. Plan de la Tour is a small village in the Massif des Maures hills, about 15 km northwest of St Tropez and Ste Maxime on the coast. Click here for some photos of Plan de la Tour.
Emilie de Ravin - so so cute. Scott and I were sitting in the 1933 Graham when she walked past us about 5 feet away. She had a blue dress on and a HUGE XXXL goose down coat wrapped around her and she looked like she was FREEZING. Yea - sucks to live in Hawaii!!

That was Monday and on Friday we were doing what we do best, sitting on our butts in the car watching filming and we spotted Christian Stolte and Emilie walking past the car. Little did we know she was going to Pam's Shop.

The Marion photos are not so clear - she did not go shopping. However my little elves with cameras were ever active. Thanks JP - excellent job. It's amazing the photos you can get while you are being chased down a 2nd floor hallway by the crew.

In the small world category.

I had a comment in my Flickr account and I responded. Seems somebody wanted a copy of a photo of Shirley Mansion from the rock group Garbage so I responded without really looking at the email address.

I got an email this morning from Andy. Remember "Andy the Extra" that I talked about a few days ago? He made that comment on Flickr a week before he even knew me and was wondering why "I (Rod Melotte)" was talking about "Garbage". Then he realized he was looking at my Flickr account.

He commented "Rod you are connected to EVERYTHING".

Yes I am.

On a side note Jenny has met Shirley and was hugged when she was backstage at a concert at the Coliseum. In fact during the concert Shirley stopped the show and to make sure Jenny was not getting crushed.
Here is a fund raising idea for the Columbus Theater for the Performing Arts and Opera House.

Besides NOT calling it an auditorium which sounds like a gymnasium.

Jason says - "Say the Auditorium is haunted. There are paranormal societies that will do investigations. is affiliated with TAPS. If it really is, the publicity will help raise money. I'm serious. Most theaters aren't haunted though."

YEA!!! I'll have to let that one settle in a little - what could possibility go wrong. However - I like the way you think!!

I grew up in a haunted house. We had a dog that would just freak out at times over noises. I can not remember all the stories (I was pretty young) but I know my parents were really looking into the haunted thing. Not scary haunted but there were things that "happened" that seemed paranormal.

Remember - I have witchcraft in my past from Salem. Who knows!!!!
Gotta work - we are getting a new email server today and I have 5 terabytes of old email I have to clean up! Plus a story for the Isthmus!

Have a great hump day

HEY - any gardeners out there? Can you tell me what this is growing in my garden? I was doing a little weeding and I thought this was not a weed - but then it was in places I did not plant anything

Rod M


  1. A little birdie who is very close to the house on the hill on Charles Street tells me that Hollywood will be there on Monday the 28th.

    Must be downtown on Tuesday, then???

    And according to the schedule you posted, there's no Milwaukee shoot? And then I've heard they are going to be in Milwaukee next week?? Are they shooting two locations at once?

    I'm very confused.

  2. Hello Rod, hello everybody

    thanks for the nice photo with Marion and Johnny Depp on the set.

    I hope the fire did not cause too much damage. I´ve read the Dillinger-Story on the official site of the lodge (
    very interesting.

    Best Regards


  3. Thanks Rod!

    very interesting stuff... I am a bit surprised about them intending to shoot Red DEAD in the street! I don't remember it that way at all. (I see a re-read in my near future) Poetic license I guess... = )

    ps:great photos!! thanks all...

  4. I don't think the Columbus shoot will actually have Red shot dead in the street. I believe it's going to be the scene where he dies in the car with Dillinger. He gets shot in the Little Bohemia shoot-out.

  5. I added a gardeners question at the bottom of the blog.

    I'm still going with my schedule as I think I have better knowledge then some on this matter.

    remember - I have been saying the 28th all along when the press has been saying the 29th

  6. Agree with Anonymous 9:56

    VERY emotional. Still - I have everything at NIGHT so there is a little confusion.

  7. Rod, I'm not sure, but that looks like moss roses to me. They list them as annuals when you buy them, but they are very hardy and they've always spread and come back the following year. They come in all colors and will likely add lots of nice low color to your garden. I like them!! :)

  8. I'm also confused about Milwaukee. It was supposed to be tomorrow, but now our news and paper are saying starting next Monday. This of course doesn't make sense because of filming in Columbus at that time. I called the location who of course say they know nothing...yeah, o.k.! I've already made the 2 hour drive to Columbus & loved it there & would like to go back next week. (Also went to Oshkosh). But it would be a shame to miss Milwaukee (even though I think it's primarily inside) since it's so much closer for me. Any insight would be appreciated. Supposedly street closures for Milwaukee start next week, which again doesn't make sense.???

  9. Thank you for the news and photos ! ^^

    Wow, a fire ? O_o
    Can't get bored on a set can you ? ;-) I hope the damages aren't too bad and nobody got hurt.

    Thanks again for the photos of Marion and Johnny.

  10. There are a ton of conflicting reports. First it is an all day shoot then it is an all night shoot. So any idea what is right? Newspapers are going with day and Rod says night.....

    It is hard work just keeping up with it :)

  11. So, if one were only able to come to Columbus one day next week, what would you all suggest? When would we possibly see the most (if anything)? I wish I could come for more than one day, but sadly I don't think that will be possible. Thanks for any input....

  12. Thanks for the picture of Johnny and Marion. Was this in Oshkosh?
    What a wonderful village Plan de la Tour is, kinda looks like the village in Chocolat.

  13. Rod,

    Thanks for the pictures and comments about Marion Cotillard and Emilie de Ravin. Although this is basically a guys film, I suspect that the gals in the film will give it some interesting emotional chemistry that will balance the action features with some human interest angles.

  14. Johnny doesn't actually own a vineyard. He often gives wine from around his home to cast and crew, so that may be why he sent for some from France. He can actually drink a vineyard ;)

  15. Yes, JD does own a vineyard....he bought it for Vanessa as a gift.

  16. It was gossip about Johnny buying the vineyard. He denied it in interviews for Sweeney Todd. The truth? Who knows.

    Rod, your plant growth looks much like a type of moss (not moss rose in my case) I have all over the place at my Canadian lake property and love it.

  17. He didn't buy it, they've asked him and he's said no. I'm sure it's on youtube somewhere.
    Thanks, Rod for the photos of MC and JD.

  18. Historically; none of the gang is shot at Little Bohemia. Red is shot as he and Dillinger are entering St Paul, MN (escaping from Little Bohemia). He is shot by two Minnesota police officers in a car chase shoot out. Eventually Red bleeds to death (gut shot) in Chicago, after several days.

  19. Damn! I don't want the Wisconsin filming to be over soon. T____T

    I'm planning on going to the final Columbus shoot. Either on the 28th or to the 5/1 country night shoot, providing I can find out where it is.

    I'm also planning on going to the Madison shoots becaus I live there =]. It's interesting to know they've already started construction, I'll have to drive down there and check things out!

  20. Thank you so much for your photos & set reports!

    I adore EdR. :D

  21. I always thought Wikipedia was fairly accurate with info that they write about. That is were it says that they do own a vineyard.

  22. Hair Cap Moss - now - I wonder if this is a good or bad thing LOL

    Also - added a location to the little schedule! SOMEONE is going to be happy!

  23. They are doing filming in Sioux Falls!! WOW!! I didn't think they were going to film there. I thought I read they were going to film the Sioux Fall's scene elsewhere!!

    Now that is very interesting.

    Rod, do you have a link for that or was it a "little birdie" who told you that.

    I could justify a trip to Sioux Falls!! ;)

  24. anon@1:41 -

    Anyone can add content to wikipedia, so it's not always accurate.

  25. What do you mean by "base camp for more than one week"??

  26. I'm wondering if they will move Base Camp to Madison or keep it in Columbus.

    I assume move it to Madison for a few days.

  27. Of course Johnny prefers French wine ! LOL

    but it is not true he owns a vineyard. The supposed vineyard he offered to Vanessa was just a rumour.

    thanks for pics of Marion Cotillard !

    Ludi, from France.

  28. Awesome photos, as usual!

    I spent some time in the -- ahem -- Columbus Opera House yesterday alone. I did get the skeeves when I was onstage. Rod, you know how dark it is back there. Maybe it was all the other people in the building downstairs, but there were a lot of odd noises. You never know, it may well be haunted. Stranger things have happened.

    Sorry to miss all the fun next week. I got in to NC this morning and we're leaving for Myrtle Beach tomorrow. I may not have internet for a few days, but I can't wait to hear all the new stuff when I get back!

  29. Jumping in here about that wine rumor -- yes he's denied the vineyard story. AND the report itself seems to have orginated on a site that is questionable at best about what they choose to report. I *think* they started the vineyard story too. LOL

  30. Rod,
    I would add in a travel day to get to Milwaukee? From the amount of time they spent in the SD bank (Oshkosh) I would guess they might only spend a 1/2 day in Milwaukee.


  31. I'm very confused.

    Here's my general understanding of the filming. Is this stuff right?:

    On the 28th, they will be filming something at the house on the hill on Charles Street.

    On the 29th, they will be filming downtown and at a drug store--Red's death?

    On the 30th and May 1st, they will be doing night shoots in the coutryside around Columbus. Will they be filming the night burial vaguely near Columbus at this time?

  32. Ooh, now you have me thinking. In the Public Enemies photo album, there is an album of beautiful winter shots of an old farm outside of Columbus. The title of the album is "Dillinger Farmhouse."


    Ya think?

  33. NEWS!!!!
    They are setting up FRIDAY in Milwaukee and filming SATURDAY-MONDAY!

    That was JUST on the news less than a minute ago. Just want to update everyone so no one drives really far to see nothing!!!

    I'll try to get ahold of Rod so he can update the site.


  34. When one is filming in Wisconsin, one ought to avail one's self of a local vintner! Ice Wine from Wollersheim comes to mind, as does a marvelous cranberry wine from Three Lakes. Door County sports its share of wines, too. Illinois wine? Humpf!


  35. I should have given Mr Depp Wollersheim Reisling instead of autism bracelets and pins! doh!

  36. Big article today in the little Sun Praire paper "Rem and Tom Brandt:Sun Prairie's Public Enemies" a local guy with a '28 Ford Model A car that was used in Oshkosh filming. The website is (alas the paper just came out today and because I get the paper and never used the website, not sure when it will be posted)

    also a story in the WI State Jounral local section about a Madison shoe repair owner who repaired number pairs of 1930's shoes for the public enemies shoot:

    thanks for info on upcoming shooting schedule-will get to columbus taking vacation days :)
    will keeping checking back for updates Hoping for 29th -they are saying "flurries" for Monday-ICK

    Assuming ?? filming in Madison in the Capitol (for FBI offices??) no sure where else-does anyone have info.

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Yes, Madison is being used for the FBI offices.

  39. In case anyone missed this story in the Appleton Post Crescent.
    Appleton woman says she was pushed to ground while waiting for Johnny Depp

    APPLETON — A 25-year-old woman told police she was pushed to the ground Thursday while waiting for actor Johnny Depp to walk out from a College Avenue bar.

    The Appleton woman called officers following the incident outside Deja Vu Martini Lounge, 519 W. College Ave. According to the police report, the woman paid $50 to a group of three men and asked them to congregate elsewhere so she could be the only one outside the door as she waited to see if the celebrity would exit.

    The woman confronted the men for failing to leave and one of the men then pushed her, according to the report.

    She was unable to provide a description of the man, other than to say he was 23 to 26 years old. Depp was in the area last week during filming of the movie “Public Enemies” about the 1930s-era gangster John Dillinger.

  40. Fox6 Milwaukee just said filming in Milwaukee will begin on Monday downtown :)

  41. Hi Rod,

    Concerning your gardening question, I believe it is Threadleaf coreopsis (Coreopsis verticillata) They have little yellow flowers that bloom month on end. They are low growing in a mound like fashion. They do spread if allowed. They like the sun and are drought tolerant.
    Thanks for the updates on PE!

  42. Andy - not sure what to make of it - sounds like a fool to me - not about getting knocked down (????) but offering $50? Good grief.

    Talk about expendable money.

    Christian the Historian - I new this a long time ago but have been waiting for somebody else to report it. it was in the local Newspaper in SD.

    Anonymous 4:25 - yup very confusing and probably on purpose. Filming is reaching a zenith as far as drama and I REALLY suspect that there are some things they REALLY do not want people to see OR interrupt.

    One of those "one take" scenes.

    I have to think that the upcoming scenes will be the hardest of JD's career.

  43. That fan story and the 50 bucks is probably the stupidest thing I have heard in awhile. Vickie sent that to me and I just laughed.

    What some people won't do.....

  44. I am planning on going to Colombus for next weeks shoot...what day d you think would be best to go? Also, I am going to be coming from Oshkosh - how do I get there? Any word on whether they are still doind the Eureka shoot and if so when?

  45. Is it too late to send donations/letters for the Auditorium fundraiser? The earliest mine would get sent out would be Saturday and it would be coming from Illinois, maybe Northwest Indiana....


  46. Does anybody know exactly where in Chicago they are supposed to film and what dates? I didn't know they were coming back to Chicago again.

  47. They will be in Chicago for a long long time. Three weeks???

    Never too late for donations and letters Any show of support is welcome to fix up the ol' girl.

    I'll have something new today about fund raising. I want to get your guys's OK.

  48. Rod, you're filming schedule has Beaver Dam as the 28th; everything I had heard said the 30th?!! I trust your information; but am truly needing to be clear on this one! Don't want to miss them being right here in my home town!!

  49. I heard that Adam also said the 30th for BD so I am totally confused too.

    I think Rod's right ..... they are trying to create confusion for a reason. They are going to be doing some good stuff here.

  50. kaylinne-
    I absolutely agree with you on our vineyards here I love Wollersheim and Door County and Three Lakes (G-ma has a cabin near there)..I am hoping for the 29th downtown for some action....
    because the Poser house will be closed set

  51. Exactly what dates is filming going to be in Chicago?

    Any more details on Milwaukee and Madison? I would like to plan a trip with my kids, but have to know more specifics because of work & school schedules.

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