Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oshkosh - SPECIAL Thursday NIGHT Edition

Lights! Camera! ACTION!


Please read comments in the Morning blog - good stuff about the Auditorium.

Kitty B'Gosh reporting from the windy city. No, not Chicago. I'm still tucked away here in Oshkosh.

Mother Nature is not being cooperative. It has been a brutal day for the crews trying to get things finished up and staying in place. Temps hovered in the mid 30's today with rain (heavy at times) and winds gusting to 43 mph. There may be a wintery mix overnight and into tomorrow with an increase in winds. None of this seems to faze the crews in their efforts to complete their tasks as all reports still indicate filming will begin on the 11th.

Since Main Street was supposed to close at 3 am today, I thought I'd take a spin around the perimeter of the blocked-off streets just to scope out the parking situation and see if any of the trailers had arrived. To my surprise, Main Street was still open. The only closing was on Washington Avenue between Sate and Court. I did not see that any of the trailers had arrived. There were also reports that the vintage car were parked by the old Pioneer Inn. If they were there, they've been moved.

On Main Street crews were busy trying to keep the awnings from blowing apart. There are still a few shops that need to be completed. Walgreen's/Exclusive Company is one of them. The bank is still being worked on. New doors have been installed and the ground work has been laid for the installation of a new sign.

The most exciting news I have to report is taking place on Washington Avenue . In front of the Library and the Masonic Temple, crews are attempting to lay the cobblestone street. A difficult task when the wind tries to pick up each section as it get laid in place. The trolley is in place right in front of the Library and there was a crew there working on getting the pulley system in place.

Wild Willie stopped into work today to show Angelina Smurfette his new 'movie do.' It's parted straight down the middle with a nice crop job along the sides and back. He was also fitted for his costume today. He is still slated to begin his shoot on the 16th.

This is Kitty B'gosh blowin' in the wind.


  1. Great job Kitty!!!

    Thanks for the special edition Rod.

    Hey I read something interesting in the PE book on Alvin Karpis. He actually planned his escape by plane from his Nov 7 train robbery. They took off and had to land twice in differnt fields and hike to get gas to refuel. (pg578) I doubt if it made the screenplay though since nearly everyone else was already dead or in prison by then.

    I just noticed Ribisi (karpis) was that guy in Lost in Translation...

  2. kitty thanks for the 'gosh update....
    hope johnny and the crew stay warm
    as well as the rest of you who may be watching any filming going on tomorrow -hot cocoa anyone?

  3. Oshkosh Update:

    Just got home, it's 11pm and there's nothing going on here. No base camp yet and Main Street is still not closed. It was really nasty tonight - really gusty winds and rain. It was almost like a mini-hurricane right here in Oshkosh.

    Not sure if base camp will show up in the middle of the night, or if they have it out in the middle of nowhere somewhere.

    The rain has let up for now, but I don't know if it's just a calm in the storm, or if this is the tail end. I'm guessing it's just the former, but hoping for the latter.

    That's it from Oshkosh. Peace out, yo.

  4. Rod,

    I'm using netscape browser because I'm having trouble with firefox at the moment ~ I don't have your blog bookmarked because I don't use the browser that much, so I googled columbus blog depp and got you ~ you are #1 on google using those keywords. Pretty cool, heh? :)


  5. Glad to hear that JD made it into the area safely. With the crazy winds going on a plane would be the last place I would want to be.

    Mother nature better throw us a bone tomorrow :) Was the winter here not enough.

    Have a great night everyone.

  6. Thanks for the pics from OKosh Kitty and Rod for getting them up so quickly. Hang on to your hats everyone there and keeping my fingers crossed for calmer weather tomorrow. Stay dry & warm everyone.

  7. Rachel, do you think he's here? Oshvegas doesn't sound ready for him. This is some miserable weather. Wonderful reporting, Kitty. Thanks for braving the elements for us.

    Rod! YOU are a star.

  8. From what I've heard (from a reliable source who saw them come in) the cars being used are stored out at the old Coca Cola warehouse (near one of the entrances to the old Pioneer Inn)

  9. I hope it warms up a little bit in Oshkosh before I get there or I will freeze! It was 80 degrees here in TN yesterday. I don't even own a heavy winter coat. Brrrr!!!

  10. Rod, you need to exercise that 'majic weather wizard wand' for the filming in Oshburg! You did it for C-bus - d'ya think you could make it work from that distance? I believe! You are the Pan. Oooops, sorry, wrong movie...


    It's gonna get mightily chilly this PM and I don't envy anyone out in the elements. At least we're far enough south to be out of the blizzard warning... LOL! Maybe it's a good thing they're not filming up in Manitowish Waters yet.

    Not sure if I'll find time to wander up to to the big O tonight. Have to wait and see. Here's to fun for everyone who braves the wild Wisconsin weather!

  11. wow, the cars are at the old coke building? Um, that's RIGHT NEXT TO MY WORK!!!! Guess where' I'm heading right now!

  12. last night was miserable! Hopefully today will be better!

  13. There's a big show at the New Moon on Saturday. I heard Johnny might be making an appearance...?

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