Saturday, April 12, 2008

Public Enemies - Taking Shape - UPDATED

It's a foggy morning here inside my pea sized brain after a night of drunken debauchery at the Kurth. The last thing I remember was when the entire bar hoisted their frothy mugs of Kurth beer, held hands and Brunhilda and some guys in lederhosen led us in songs of the old country. And then it all went dark. I woke up with my face in a bowl of popcorn **(small story at the end)

My wife, ever the sane one tells me it was not exactly how it all went down and perhaps the Truthiness Rating System (1 to 5 with 5 being very truthful and 1 being only a vague amount of truth) needs to not go from 1 to 5 but ZERO (0) to 5. (this being a TRS=0).

The real news of the night is Male #5 and his wife Peggy coming from Waukesha and I met suz who had a night off from work. Thanks for coming guys - it was a blast. I want to thank Julie also for allowing me to copy her disk's of photos to my laptop. Also in attendance was laptop toting michelle. I mention laptop because I thought it was funny . . . having two laptops showing off photos in a bar. Didn't see THAT 10 years ago. Of course my caretaker, my wife, the ever charming Diane and the always smiling world famous Jenny (appears in worldwide movie magazines) there.

PLUS - I want to thank all of the normal patrons of Kurth and the owners for allowing us to take up space. We really do appreciate your friendliness and hope our presence is not an imposition.

One thing I was able to do was show off a little. I received my copies of MovieStar magazine fresh off the presses from Japan. If I remember correctly Nancy Osterhaus did say when she was running for Mayor "I will put the town Columbus on the lips of all Japanese citizens". And so . . . . it begins.

Did anyone BESIDES Nancy ever think scenes of Columbus would be plastered all over Japanese magazines?

There was a credible report (TRS=3) of a Marion Cotillard sighting in Columbus. It seems a woman looking like Marion and with a French accent was seen and heard at the Columbus Post Office.
In other news.

I'm always the last to find out about these things but on April 20th at Julie's Java House in Columbus, the first annul "Public Enemies Appreciation Days" will be held. You can meet and greet Adam Boor, location scout and "any available crew members".

People are invited to bring pictures for a scrap book and there will be photos for sale and so forth. You will be able to share stories, hoist some frothy mugs of your favorite coffee and sings songs of the old country.

(TRS=5 falling to TRS=1 near the end)

Yesterdays photos.

Before yesterday there was a lot of excitement about the movie and fantasies of what it COULD be. But I tell ya, seeing the hardware being used in Oshkosh has given me goose bumps and the movie has even MORE of a WOW factor.

I have a request for all of you with camera's in Oshkosh. A friend of mine has a 1933 Graham being filmed Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

When he was in Columbus there were only a few photos of his car. This is his car - if you can get a few shots that would be great.

That is all I have at the moment. When I get more news I'll post it.


** When I was much younger growing up in Fort Atkinson (In our 20's I think) a bunch of us went to a bar that had the BEST Fish Fry around. We had a few (OK a LOT) of beer. When it came time to order we all order fish except for my friend Elwood who ordered chicken. We tried to sway his mind but HE WANTED CHICKEN.

Well - being pretty ripped up we had a great time but poor Elwood sort of . . . fell asleep in his chicken. They cleared our plates and as he came too he lifted his head and a drum stick sort of stuck to his forehead. Then he says. "THAT IS THE BEST FISH I HAVE EVER HAD!"

I can remember the four of us trying not to pee from laughter.

Kitty B'gosh reporting from the Main Street Mania

Good thing there are alot of other eyes out there with their cameras on the ready. Kitty's cat nap turned into a coma last night I did not make it back to see JD in action.

(NOTE - I think all of the Columbus 1st day of shooting people understand completely about the coma)

Even with our wintry weather (the rains have given way to light, blowing snow) there's still a steady pace from the workforce in the downtown area. Much credit has to be given to these crews who have been here working straight through the extreme weather conditions Mother Nature has bestowed on us in recent days.

Main Street is getting the cobblestone laid down. They have the intersection of Main and Algoma complete and are working their way down Algoma. Pretty interesting how they drill a hole and screw it right into the cement road.

There is still work being done to the doors, but it looks like the set inside of the bank is on its way to completion. Interesting again how these things are made of wood and realistically painted to resemble marble. And the marble matches the marble that's already on the walls. All of the details are there, too. The deposit slips are authentic-looking with the actual name of the bank on them.

Looks like we had a little weather related problem on the Walgreen/Exclusive building. One of the letters must have come loose with the winds, but a crew was there to remedy the situation. Crews are also there finishing up the window dressings and installing the plexi-glass windows.

Heading down Washington Avenue it looks like the trolley is all set to go. They have now attached the wheels. Once again, the amazing work of some talented people since they are made from wood but are totally realistic looking.

Over at the Masonic Temple crews are getting ready for a Monday shoot. Looks like there may inside as well as outside scenes being shot. HP told me that Monday's shoot is a daylight shoot and would probably go all day. (TRS=5)

It still looks like Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are the days for the big bank scenes. (YUP) Wild Willie was chosen for a prime part in that shoot. Hopefully he'll be able to keep me up to date on his schedule.



  1. Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys! It was fun, if too short. (Darned kitty cats). ;)

    The magazine is backwards...Rod forgot to tell you that. :D We also need someone who can read Japanese to see if they spelled Rod's name right on his photos! Anyone? hehe...

    The Kurth Brewery is a charming little establishment, and you won't spend much coin there either. Good folks, good popcorn (seemed like Jenny and Diane were loving it, anyway), and good beer! Head on down; there's a new tradition being born.

    As usual, thanks for the updates and great photos from shooting locations.

  2. Went back out around 10:30pm last night after hubby got home from work. They were moving everything out behind the museum at the pioneer aviation buildings to shoot scenes out there. Unable to get any shots as the only place to see anything is from the main road. We were able to sit there for awhile until the county police came. Wish I could have gotten shots for you all.
    Have a good weekend everyone!

  3. Wish I could make the 20th but I will be in Hawaii:( and :) I will hoist a cup of coffee...or something..for all of you there!

  4. That is so awesome. You guys are international stars now. Can I have an autograph? I'd love you to sign the picture of you playing the according. ;)

  5. Congrats Rod! Having pictures published is awesome. Thanks, also, to everyone who offers info and pictures for the blog. It is almost like being there.

    Oshkosh is having its fun now, is anyone reading from Manitowish Waters? And do you have any more info on the progress there and when filming starts? If so, please share.

  6. a teacher at Waupun High School speaks japanese. His name is Mr. Dickart.

  7. I was there from 3-round 10ish last night, when i went back at 5 am noone was there.

    do you know if they are filming today (with the snow and all)?

    and if not today..when they next day they film will be?

  8. I heard they were filming Monday downtown Oshkosh :) Don't know the time though!

  9. He He...Love your version of the night, Rod. Visions of Liederhosen-clad men lifting frosty mugs and cheering "ein Prosit" (however the heck you spell it, whatever). Thanks for the awesome pictures everyone! This is going to be an action film, alright! And I may have to stop at Julie's on April 20th. Which, I believe, is the same day as Hitler's Birthday. Some kids call it a wake & bake day?

  10. Hey Rod.....
    I'll get some pics of that car for you...... my son LOVES all the old cars. I just bought a new 12-24mm wide angle.....for some interesting "perspective" shots. I'm debating if I should go up on the roof at some point and try with my 70-300mm VR. I'll see how crazy it is Monday. I wasn't downtown at all yet today but Mr. Mann was supposed to be doing a "walk through" at some point... the weather hasn't been kind to some of the set....our sign has letters almost falling off.....etc. Maybe that was the look they were going for though? Have a good weekend!

  11. I missed you all last night! Still feeling poorly today, I guess it is a good thing I didn't head out... = (

    Lynn & TJ - thanks so much for sharing your pics.

    Kitty - thanks! Your reporting is always so funny and full of great information.

  12. Rod - I've checked ot most of the Katakana (the Japanese alphabet used for phonetically spelling out foreign words) and of what is large enough for me to read I don't see your name. Doesn't mean it isn't there, probably jsu too small for me to make out with my 'old' eyes.

  13. Today's post is just full of juicy little tidbits! Sounds like everyone had fun at Kurth's last night. Once in a GREAT while I wish my husband still drank! LOL
    Hope I can talk him into going on the 20th though!! We can both drink soda! Keep up the great work as usual guys! Wish we could see the magazine and your photos up close, Rod!!

  14. Sue - many people drink soda there - that is one of the joys.

    I put up a Kitty Update.

    Shake - actually my name is in engrish in tiny letter.

  15. It's pop people, not soda. :D

    Thanks for the updates from kitty! I thought the drilling of the holes right into the street was a little odd, but I guess it means the remnants of filming will always be there...until they repave the road.

  16. Just got back from downtown and seems to be the new basecamp behind main st where the shooting will take place. Some of the crew still frantically getting things ready. Took a few more photos and will post them shortly.

  17. Pictures from today just added:

  18. I was up there today, we're from Milwaukee. Just walked around to see how things were shaping up and watched them work on the road. I guess they laid the cobblestone down the wrong way in a section and had to take it all up and do it again. We had to buy the shirts that said Took a bunch of pictures, a lot of them are probably just like everyone else's but if you want to see I'll post the link. Also when we were leaving spotted Michael Mann, he was just arriving and was heading towards the bank. We'll be coming back up there Wednesday after work hoping to see some of the filming. Forgot to mention, I heard on of the workers say part of the road is South Dakota and the further down the road (probably where the street car is)is supposed to be Racine. Does that mean they'll be filming both robberies there?

  19. Sue - Yeah I only drink pop at Kurth's. I don't like beer :P

  20. Finally all uploaded, here's the link to my pics.

  21. Ty, may a I recommend a Mai Tai at the Royal Hawaiian ( The Pink Hotel) on Waikiki Beach. They are the best. We will be thinking of you here in Columbus! I can't believe it is snowing a little right now! Bring back some of the warmth with you! I am hoping to enjoy the next shooting in Columbus in the sunshine and warm temps. I think JD and the crew would appreciate it too!
    Have fun Oshkosh!

  22. Michelle & Lynn--thanks for the great pics--again. The attention to detail on these buildings is amazing---loved the close up of the want ads in the "free soup" store front--certainly was a sign of the times. Looking forward to Monday's action on the film.

    Rod-your Kurth experience gave me a chuckle today--sounds like you all had a fun time. I'd love to visit this place if I ever get to the area. Congrats on the Roadshow magazine--way to go!It's great you had a mention and the Columbus pics got in it. The Japanese people love Johnny, so I expect we'll see a lot of coverage over there.

  23. Love your photos, Lynn.
    And Michelle, I'm glad you have some photos of you posted; but now
    I'm even MORE in awe of your photography skills!!! You're so
    YOUNG! Will you teach this grandma? LOL

  24. Some questions for all the amazing photographers out there... How do you get such great, apparently close shots?? Do you worm your way to the front of the crowd? (Mine all have the backs of heads in them.) Do you get there early and stake out your place at front? (And how do you know where to go??) Do you have some bigtime zoom lenses? Is there some major cropping done on the pics?

    I am just in awe of some of those pics from last night. Good work, all of you!

  25. OOOOOOH! What time on the 20th? We would love to attend. Isn't the soda/pop thing interesting. It's soda on the East side of the state (and in my mind). It is pop on the west side of the state, and Illinois, and Iowa etc. Yesterday I watched "Finding Neverland". AWESOME movie!!! Tonight we are watching Sweeny Todd. We are in Depp mania at our house. Hee Hee. Our six year old has loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for a long time. Can you imagine how excited she was to hear Daddy would be in a movie with Willy Wonka.

  26. Rod, what time do you all usually show up at Kurth?

  27. We're early bird - 6ish.

    Funny - Diane said before we went "I'm really tired, let's not stay long".

    Well - we stayed until 9:30 - WAY past our bedtime LOL

  28. Rod! you are soooo funny, I didn't even see any Engrish! LOL

    thanks to everyone who shared their pics = )

    living vicariously through you this weekend,

  29. OH, in my family who live in Vermont it's all "COKES", no pop, no soda, just cokes...

  30. Article from the Northwestern about Baby Face Nelson, and an ironic twist:

  31. Royal Hawaiian is good..but La Mariana is the best place to go..out by airport and a true old school tiki bar! 27th place still in trivia! you can listen online here!

  32. shakenbsis said...
    OH, in my family who live in Vermont it's all "COKES", no pop, no soda, just cokes...

    Shakenbsis, Yep. When I lived in Maryland/Virginia areas MANY years ago they always asked 'what kind of Coke' you wanted. Then you had to tell them what kind of soda/pop you wanted. At first I thought they were INSANE! I don't think there was even Diet Coke then, much less a flavored Coke. You just got Coke. They had to explain it to me, that you had to say coke then, rootbeer, orange, lemon lime, etc. Let's not even get into talking about bags and sacks! :)

  33. And of course there are "bubblers". AKA drinking fountains.

  34. I watched Sweeney Todd yesterday;
    my husband didn't care for the singing so he napped through it! The storyline was very disturbing! I loved the singing though!! Thank you Tim Burton for bringing out another talent of Johnnies!!
    The story about Baby Face Nelson is very interesting!!

  35. Great pics all thanks for braving the WI elements for us.

    Don't know about Vermont, but in the south its always COKE for everything ya'll call soda/pop. Coca Cola's headquarters is in Atlanta so down thar it's a generic term.

    How 'bout carts (shopping carts) vs. "buggies" as we call them in the south. My friends always ask me where my horse is for my buggy when I call them that.

  36. language is sooooooo much fun! = )

  37. debsmad-thank you for the link to that very interesting article. How sad that story is about Hale and his wife. It's these little bits of info. that I find fascinating as well as all the movie filming info. Looking forward to more info. on Monday.

    moviestarwife--looking forward to hearing about your husband's experience in PE...I bet the whole family is thrilled.

    sue-yes,Sweeney is a tragic story--I've been a fan of the stage version for years because it is so different from other musicals and really is a morality tale. To have that dark story set to such beautiful music has made it one of my favorites over the years.

    As for the soda/pop/Coke discussion---afraid in the west it's just soda--love reading about all the regional language differences.

  38. Please, forgive me my fieriness, you can expel me from your nice community but I can not keep silence! I just try to understand. Please, explain to me!!! I have read a post of Viola on IMD and comments on it. I am deeply shaken. Why does everybody from scriptwriters up to viewers do not like Harry Pierpont?!!! When I have heard about this film at first time, I was so inspired! I have read in the Internet ALL about the time of Dillinger and I just jumped with delight! As the passionate fan of David Wenham I was absolutely sure, that it is brilliant chance for him to show his qualities... Now, I can not help, but feel great disappointment. Poor Pierpont! They have made from him a pale shadow. Let's look at the truth! It's PIERPONT was the teacher of Dillinger. PIERPONT has thought up the escape from prison of Michigan City, HIS girl has prepared an apartment and clothes for escaped convicts and she has gone together with HIM. ... It's PIERPONT was the founder, brain and heart of a gang till his arrest. But everyone considers, that the persons like Baby Face Nelson and Hamilton -are much more interesting. The role of Pierpont is reduced to a minimum. Please, tell me what's the matter? OK, I understand, it is film of Johnny.... But it would be better for me if I did not know the truth! It would be easier for me to look at inventions of the director. Now I feel only disappointment. I hate historical injustice and narrowness in the films! If you shoot the film about Dillinger with Johnny Depp in the main part, name it DILLINGER, not Public EnemIES! Sorry for my emotions...

  39. Kolokshanka - I think that we should not judge a movie until it is complete. Many many things change even when all the filming is over.

    To answer one question. I could all hinge on what character is the most interesting, not from actions but from personality. I believe Dillinger was just more charismatic.

    That does not mean that what Pierpont is less important.

    PLUS - if you call a movie Dillinger - the Dillinger people want MAJOR money for the use of the name.

    Look at it from another point of view on another movie in the works.

    My father in law is a living survivor of the USS Indianapolis. There are or were two movie companies trying to make a movie.

    One company wanted a very factual movie that would have few stars but be very accurate. It would make only a small amount of money.

    The other company (Universal??) wanted to make a major motion picture with stars and a crew not unlike Enemies. would would not be as factual but more entertaining to the masses and make a LOT of money.

    If you ask the average person who Pierpont you will get MAYBE 1% of the people knowing who he is.

  40. Is there any way to get an email for that magazine?? MovieStar...Or even a website??
    Can't seem to find one anywhere...

  41. A belated thank you to the Kurth crowd for Friday night! It was lovely to meet all of you, and I can't wait for the next time.

  42. Kolokshanka: In reading Burroughs book, even other main characters were jealous/envious of Dillinger.... the press latched onto him, his charismatic personality, his charm, (like fans do to Depp also) nothing against any of the other "public enemies" it just makes a better story...
    Movies aren't documentaries sorry if this is not a good answer for your concerns. It does seem that Universal and MIchael Mann are working their movie magic to make it look authentic as possible. just my opinion.....

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