Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sippin Beer and Eatin Bon Bons (trs=2)

Wow what an exciting day! For a SLUG perhaps. Still what can I say, I'm a simple guy with simple pleasures.

The day started wit ha drive to Oshkosh, about an hour. Got there, picked up Scott the driver of the 1933 Graham (only three in existance in the world).

OH - this is not a full length blog - cut me some slack here SLEEPY

We got to the garage where all the cars are kept and as we're lining up to leave they ask Scott if he can drive this old pickup. He says yes (not knowing how HARD it would be to drive) and I get to drive the Graham into town. SWEET!!!! I love that car.

So I have my moment of fun driving into town. I park and well. That was the last of the excitement for the day! It is now 7:00am.

We stand around and move the car once to another street and are told to basically disappear.

As luck would have it we can disappear into the New Moon cafe. and as luck would have it the new Moon is RIGHT across from the bank being robbed.

So for the next few hours we are allowed to eat and drink on the house.

the real excitement was the weather. 40mph winds kick up hard enough to roll up the cobblestone streets. The awnings are trying to be ripped off. The extras and actors are constantly losing their hats and fly down the street for a block. The doors of the bank are opening on their own so someone has to hold them shut.

Crew are coming in with wind burn and I guarantee there are a lot of people dehydrated tonight (at supper I drank eight glasses of water and am still drinking).

The scene was the bank robbery in South Dakota. Stephan Grahm makes his first appearance and has a cool roll.

He is helping rob a bank and some guy runs around the corner and jumps him. Then he is SUPPOSE to be thrown through the window. DIDN'T HAPPEN the first few times. The guy is a little big and time #1 didn't make it and just fell on the outside. Time #2 he is just placed on the window sill.

But finally they got it down and he is thrown through the window and then machine gunned. AWESOME.

Lots of gun fire today.

Lunch was a 2:30 and I saw Pam and had my photo taken in her underwear shop :-) Swimming suits and other "lady" things.

We got back to set about 3:00 and then waited for 2 1/2 hours for another set up NOT involving us!

So really - that is it.

I'm sure there is much much more but my little brain thingys are sparkling and the thoughts are all jumbled. I'll probebly think of all the exciting things that happened tomorrow.

SO - that's it AT THE MOMENT!
Thursday morning addendum

One of the amazing things about this movie is just how much is being shot on location. The problem with location shooting is that they have a problem controlling what the public is actually allowed to know about the film.

Sites like this one and others(??) are always snooping around trying to find information and I have to think that this is a love hate relationship. Many things are OK but sometimes it is a real pain in the butt to keep somethings secret.

I applaud Universial for shooting in this manner.

I am assuming that since this is a screen play it will not follow the book exactly. I feel today is one of those secret days and because of that I'm not even taking my little camera to the set. I respect Universial and understand. Fear not.

I'm anxious to see how hard they come down on OTHERS for trying to snoop around as the "NO CAMERA" thing has been getting stronger and stronger every day.

With that - off I go to be a good little boy.

Side note - this is REALLY going to be one kick ass movie. I'd like to see how much it is REALLY costing. 100 mil - phhhht I think not - by a LOT