Sunday, April 13, 2008

Slow Sunday News - Public Enemies TWO?

Little Bohemia Update from Linda

I thought that I would take a ride up there today (1.5 hours away one way) when I saw the sign by the highway it said closed on it. Before I even got into the driveway security saw me and started to walk towards my car. When I got closer to him I stopped and rolled down the window and he asked me if there is anything that he could do. I asked him if I would be able to take any pictures. He told me that there is no pictures or videos allowed and I didn't even turn around in the parking lot seeing that over half of it was filled with trailers so I just turned around in the driveway with him watching me the whole time; otherwise I would have taken a picture with my camera phone.

But I did get a little look at it.

It looks a lot different already. Most of it (all I could see is from the south side to just past the main entrance) was painted dark brown. So I'm sure as time goes on and they get closer to the film date there will be more security. So if you can tell everyone out there they should not even bother going up there during the filming because it's going to be a waste of time, money, and gas. I even think that when they are filming they are going to have the entrance itself blocked off, because they would not be able to block off the road seeing as it's the main highway.


Rumor mill for you guys to talk about.

Is there MORE then one Public Enemies in the works??? A sequel??

In my many conversations with people in and around the movie a . . . . hint, shall I say, that there is more then one PE in the works. For instance - one "B" actor commented on PE2 and when asked what PE2 meant he laughed it off and said the sequel.

Then we found this web sight that was created in JAN 2008

I believe they could be Adam Boors perhaps (just a guess)?? Or some other location scout?

It's labeled publicenemy1. ????

If there is a 1 . . . . . could there be a 2?

I have to give credit to DJ for this find.

I'm preparing for a small business like trip where I might be out of touch but I won't be invisible.

Kitty will be giving reports through out the week and comment away. I won't be far away but I won't be near a computer for the most part of the days. Don't expect any quick replies to emails.

I received this email from efudd and I had to laugh at the photos! Ya gotta love spring in Wisconsin. and a very very LATE spring it is. I'm sure Michael Mann really appreciates it.

We were in the process of being interviewed by some guys doing a documentary and they were totally missing the photo op. I said to Janey "there's Michael Mann" and she reached right out and thanked him coming to our town and he couldn't hear her, so he got closer and I got the was so damn exciting!

Michael Mann is heard commenting under his breath "I wish I could bring my whole family here in April, the weather is so wonderful" trs=0

Kitty's report

"The sun will come out tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun." Little Orphan Annie, you're my hero! There is some bite to the wind today, but on this glorious Sunday morning in Oshkosh we have Mr. Sun!!!

The excitement is building! Things are rockin' and rollin' today as crews are in preparation for a dusk to dawn shoot tomorrow. City of Oshkosh crews are on Washington taking down all modern stop and go lights and street signs. The period style lights are laying in position and ready to be put up. The tarp has been pulled from the trolley. Looks like the Masonic Temple area is THE place to be tomorrow.

There are groups of production people all over discussing various items for tomorrow's schedule. Crews are still working on the cobblestone on Main and Algoma. And it looks like the initial laying of the cobblestone on Algoma was wrong. The direction is totally different today.

Main Street storefronts are still being worked on. And they are putting plywood in the windows above the New Moon. Early rumors where that JD was supposed to be jumping out of those windows. Guess we'll know how true that is come mid-week.

Those crews are like a well-oiled machine, moving from one task to the next with great ease. After a little Fancy Feast, Kitty will be heading back to see what other progress has taken place.

Talk to you . . . .. next time!

Rod M