Monday, April 7, 2008

The Sweetness of Johnny Depp

WOW - I just get a BIG cup of coffee and am rereading the blog one last time when I get a call. "Rod, we could use you in a little meeting can you come right away" Sure I say.

I walk in and there are 12 people from three different groups and they all want to use MY data and they are all asking me questions and arguing over things WAY above my head. AND THE MEETING LAST TWO AND ONE HALF HOURS!

So - I'm putting this out and reading it later. Good luck with the spelling!

OK - back to reality.

Many people here in Columland are now sitting at work feeling a little tired and a tad more at ease with the world after this weekend.

For the first time since October we had great weather - THERE IS HOPE!
Diane was looking at some YouTube vids and commenting how scary it must be for JD to shake hands and meet the crowd. I had never REALLY thought of it but watching the video's, yea, it really must be a little intimidating.

There was a point where one of the "B" actors was talking to the crowd and laughing and telling jokes and he commented how lucky he was because he could do that. He was not stuck in the trailer only to be able to come out under guard and security.

That's really sort of sad isn't it. We tend to not think of "stars" as real people like you and I. We think they are stars and are used to all attention. Well, they might be used to it but they don't have to like it. I bet JD would LOVE to come out and sit at the curb and just talk and have a conversation with his fans. But he can't. It's sad

This brings me to a story that happened in Columbus on the 3rd day of shooting.

I received in an email and I'm hoping you guys can help me out.

Here is the letter.

I am writing you because I am the grandmother of the little girl that got that hugged from Mr. Depp on Thursday evening March 20. I've been on line looking to see if anyone had posted a shot of her getting a hug. I didn'’t. I found your blog and read most of the postings and saw most of the wonderful photos

I picked my granddaughter up from a half a day of school and asked her if she would like to go and see if we could get a glimpse of Johnnny Depp. So we went to Columbus. We ended up parking a couple of blocks from the trailers. We waited and found out that Johnny was there. He eventually drove by and waved and we got a glimpse of him. We were thankful to be able to see him. Everyone in the crowd was very nice and pleasant to be around and sharing their stories and sightings. They were shooting up by the mansion. We walked up there but no one could really see any thing. We had dinner and walked around downtown because you could now. Found it interesting, like walking back in time. We heard that Johnny was back at the trailer and he might be signing autographs and people could possibly get pictures.

We were near the end of the barricade talking with others. I were commenting on how nice it would be if he came out and walked past everyone.

One of His people was down on the end and talking to us and someone had said she had brought something for Mr. Depp. I said that I had something for him also. This man asked what it was and we showed him what we brought. He said, "Ok this is what’s going to happen, Johnny’s going to be coming over here to talk to you and he’ll know that you have these gifts for him. He might not take them personally but the tall white haired guy will ( Jerry his body guard)".

I told my granddaughter that I wanted her to give it to him so she could meet him and I could get a picture of her giving it to him. (I wanted her to have a wonderful memory of meeting Johnny Depp).

The crowd was very pleasant and it was a real treat to see him up close. He came over to the area where we were and he didn’'t stop like we were told. My granddaughter says “grandma he did stop and get his present” she said it a couple of times. I was just going to tell her that it was ok and people around her said “honey just go out there and take it out to him” and others urged her to go out also.

The next thing I know she was out there saying “Johnny Depp I have a gift for you “ and he turns around and she hands him the gift and he bends down and hugs her.

I hear most of the crowd say awe!

I'’m trying to get a picture because I didn'’t know she was going to do it. She came back and she was in tears "“grandma he hugged me I can’t believe it".”

I asked what he said to her and she says "He said “God bless you"” I can’t believe he hugged me.

I don’t believe she would have run out there if she hadn’t been urged on and we were told he would stop by one of Johnny’s people.

I am truly happy for all those people that did get a picture with him and those that did get hugged by him. ( There were others, I talked with a bunch of them) I am happy for all those that had the opportunity to have been there, all 3 days in Columbus, and every where else he has filmed at, get wonderful pictures and have all the wonderful experiences that they had. And I am sure that there are those that were happy with the momentary glimpses that they got also.

I am very grateful that Mr. Depp did what he did. What a gracious man !!! What a wonderful human being!! What a blessing for all! It’s not everyday that this happens in WI. Things always happen for a reason and the reasons are not always revealed to all.

So there’s the story, if you have come across a good picture of her being hugged by Johnny or know of anyone that got one somewhere else maybe you can steer me in that direction. I would be grateful.
What a touching story - am I getting to be a big softy?

There are a few things I cut out of the story as the writer apologized for her daughters . . . . . aggressiveness and was worried that people were mad. I assured her nobody was. There was another incident earlier at Crown Point with crazed teenagers touching JD's face but this is different.

So - we are looking for JD hugging a little girl in Columbus! If anyone comes across one give me a shout - I don't want to post an email address on the net (it's too late for me LOL).
News - My little elves are watching Little Bohemia and it is looking like there will be some action around April 25th. At least the place will be packed with people. Closed set???

Oshkosh - looks like the Public Enemies - Columbus Army will be advancing on Oshkosh Friday - have fun guys - I am entrusting you for good photos and information.

Photos from Chicago - diginux0 has some nice photos on fliker and also a nice blog Speak, it ain't illegle yet.
Man that Depp saving lives is really traveling around the world in all the papers today.


Truthiness: that which one holds to be true regardless of what is supported by fact.

It appears that Johnny Depp turned into a real-life action hero on the set of his latest film, “Public Enemies,” as he saved a group of extras from being crashed by an out-of –control car.

Depp, 44, was shooting a scene as bank robber John Dillinger is his recent crime drama when a stunt-driver in a 1933 Ford car sped onto a patch of ice and skidded towards six extras, who were apparently standing with their backs turned. The “Sweeney Todd star” noticed the danger and stepped into action. According to a witness, “Johnny slammed into the group with arms outspread, shoving them all back,” Entertainmentwise reports.

I have it from several semi reliable sources that this story is a . . dare I say . . a Fish of April .

Unless you believe the National Enquirer 4/1.


First photos of Marion Cotillard from diginux

The Poser House - Columbus

There was and will be more filming at the Poser House in Columbus. I was looking for some information on the history of the house and Kris came up with this.

“Frederick Chadbourn was the son of Rueben W. Chadbourn, one of the earliest money lenders and bankers in Columbus. Frederick succeeded his father as president of the First National Bank at the age of 25. He was a philanthropist who gave the parsonage to the Olivet Church, the children’s building to the Fireman’s Park and the clock tower to the city hall.

This house is one of only a few residences designed by the architectural firm of Van Ryn & DeGelleke in Milwaukee, a firm known for designing schools and hospitals. The Chadbourn House is a fine example of a transitional Queen Anne/Tudor style. The Tudor style is one of the English Revival styles which peaked in America between 1910 and 1930.

The style was based on the English Arts and Crafts Movement and consisted of architect-designed homes that were not meant to imitate past styles. The best of the houses of this type were built of the finest materials, preferably of local origin and required skilled craftsmen to build them. An adjacent carriage house was build in a matching picturesque style.

The style was initiated by people like Henry Ford who brought it back after visiting their native England. “

Thats all I have time for - MAN - what a start of a week!!!



  1. OMG, I wish Johnny would come save me!
    That story is soo cute.. he ran towards the extras with his arms spread out and pushed them aside!!
    How cute. Aw..Come save me Johnny, come save me...

  2. I can just see everybody jumping in front of cars now!!

    Jenny - yup - those are my photos! They contacted me.

  3. I'm glad you used that awesome story from our friendly B-list actor. I really thought he put things in perspective for everyone.

    So, filming in Oshkosh next Wed-Friday? That was in the comments on your other blog.

  4. Oh my gosh that is adorable!! Awww! I love Johnny Depp.

  5. And people ask me why I run a Depp fan site just for the fun of it.

    Rod, I'll post a link to the story, maybe someone knows something about a pic. Thanks for making sure a ton of people will read about her search.

  6. Any photos of the Poser house? Sounds like it has some William Morris influence. He was the main guy in the Arts and Crafts movement. I'd love to know what it looks like inside.
    Filming has began in Aurora, as we speak.
    That rescue me Johnnny story originated from the British tabloid News of the World, they make stuff up. It's even sus that it came out of the UK to begin with.

  7. So are we sure the story is a fake???

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  10. Marion looks just fine. She has a sweet smile. I wish there were more pics of Bale. I wonder who is playing Polly Hamilton. Can you imagine the first pics of Billy Crudup as Hoover! I'm dying to see Giovanni Ribisi in this movie too. No doubt he will have a ball playing Creepy Karpis. The Little Bo filming slots in nicely between Oshkosh and Columbus/Beaver Dam. The Racine robbery in Milwaukee and the FBI scenes in Madison to take place in May. Just a guess.

  11. Thanks for the information "Depp Throat" Viola :) Keep you fingers crossed that the Madison shoot doesn't occur when I am on vacation up north in the middle of May. Ahhhh... the irony that would be, wouldn't it? Leave Madison, they come to Madison...

    Do you think that Mr Bale will be making an appearance on Friday at the EAA? Since it is a transport scene I would assume they are filming, wouldn't he be a part of it? Obviously, he will be here in Madison and Little Bo.

    I'm not done with the book yet, so sorry if some of my ?'s sound silly. :)

    Have a great day, mates :)

  12. One of the things that drew us to Columbus was the beautiful houses and how well they are taken care of. The Poser house has always been one of my favorites. We're really into arts & crafts, tudor and craftsman style homes. They are just so beautiful.

    We have a 1970's colonial house that we are slowly trying to switch into more arts & crafts and craftsman style. It's a slow process. :)

  13. wait a second...are they filming on Friday or just starting to set up in Oshkosh?

  14. here are some photos from my trek to Oshkosh yesterday with my mom. The pic of the equipment ( last pic i believe) is in a parking lot behind main street. I believe maybe this is where they will have all the trucks..maybe base camp..who knows.

  15. I didn't have my camera with me but on Saturday during the local gallery walk downtown I got to go inside the vault in the Oshkosh bank they are using. The vault door is amazing. Cool stuff. I was so excited.

  16. ROd, I'd be willing to bet that the "hero" story is fake.

  17. If they film the transport scene that brings Purvis from Chicago to Rhinelander then you should have Bale.

    If they film Dillinger being flown in to Chicago from Tucson, then you don't have Bale because Purvis wasn't there. Purvis didn't lay eyes on Dillinger until July 22.

    If they film both? You still should have Bale.

  18. I believe the hero story is fake.

    also while in oshkosh hit up the movie costume exhibit at the public museum. Actual costumes from alot of movies and stuff. Check it out. here are some pics.

  19. Thanks Karen :) You are awesome!!

  20. The "hero" story ran in the Nat'l Enquirer on 4/1(seems appropriate) and then contactmusic, out of the UK, another tabloid site, picked it up. Johnny is very kind & considerate on set from reliable sources, but this story is a little stretch.......

    I'll keep my eyes open for a pic of the girl getting a hug---there are so many pics floating around the net and on YouTube now, it could show up.

  21. I was standing right behind the little girl that went under the barricade! I was one of ones urging her to go because Johnny didn't stop like they said he would. By the time he got to the end we were on, he had backed off because of the screaming fans. She gave him a bowl her mother or grandmother (not sure) had made. I thought it was so cool that he took it from her. I didn't get to see the hug. Shortly after that is when he shook my hand, wish someone had a picture of that too:)

  22. Bigger/additional pics of Marion on set here:

  23. Hey Rod or anyone who watched the You Tube...was the B list actor Rory Cochrane by any chance? Just curious as I will have to look it up if it was *sighs* I am sure Debsmad would love to know too :) Can't wait to get up to Oshkosh on Friday!!

  24. No, the B-list thing wasn't on you tube. It was an actual conversation that I had with John Michael Bolger...

    Sorry... it wasn't Rory :)

  25. great story Rod, but definitely not the mom and daughter I was thinking of, sorry...

    Jenny - CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's so awesome, I'm going to be checking e-bay to see if I can find a copy = )

  26. I wanna copy of that japanese magazine. Does anyone know how to get a copy?

    Also, I am soooooooooo jealous of that girl who got to meet Christian Bale and get his autograph. I love Johnny Depp and everything, but Christian Bale is SMOKIN!!!! WOO HOO! I hope he comes to Columbus! Unfortunately I don't think I'm THAT lucky :P If I saw him up close in person I would probably pass out! His hotness would make me faint!

  27. Jenny,

    Are you going to venture to Oshkosh if he might be there? Or hold out for Madison for a Bale sighting?

  28. I don't think I'll be able to get off work :P

  29. Jenny! - I've been looking on e-bay but it's probably too soon. I'll let you know what I find out... = )

  30. Does anyone know who is on the cover of that mag?

  31. Aw, that story about the little girl was cute.

    And I'm glad to see Marion Cotillard -- FINALLY! Been waiting a long time for her to pop up!

  32. Jenny,

    My friend is a major Bale-head so if she makes it and has a sighting and gets any pics we'll share with you. :)

  33. thanks Rachel...I was hopeful but alas!

  34. Jenny - I'll see if I can get one - I was the one they contacted earlier.

  35. Add another hottie to your PE hunkfest. Check out British actor Richard Short who is playing Sam Cowley. He'll feature with Bale in the Biograph shootout. It's actually his operation and the guy who is most in touch with Hoover.

  36. Here is the copy of Movie Star with my photos.

    Jenny I contacted my . . .contact to see if I can get another copy.

  37. you have amazing 'contacts' Rod! = )

  38. So Lindsay, Rory was from CSI Miami and Dazed and Confused correct? There are so many CSI's it is hard to keep them straight :)

  39. Rory was from CSI-Columbus. Remember? That daffy yet brilliant janitor from the Auditorium.

    His talent is finding incorrect dust fragments. "Dat don't belong" is his catch phrase that is sweeping America.

  40. Rory played Slater the stoner in Dazed and Confused-"check you later."

  41. Why are all the links wrong in the Japanese magazine? That's messed up.

  42. Rory was 'Speed' on CSI-Miami. Speed had a bad habit of not cleaning his gun, and it got him killed. *sigh* I've heard his character in PE dies...? Let's hope it wasn't from a dirty gun. LOL

    And Lindsey, how can you suggest our dear Rory is a mere 'B' actor? hehe

  43. That story was adorable :) I absolutely wish I knew how to get a copy of that picture for her but I wasn't even in the area as I live in Illinois.
    I was reading the story when I was at my internship (I know, maybe I should have been doing work,lol, but it was at the end of the day) and I got all teary-eyed reading it because it was just that cute :) That is why he is just so amazing..
    Thankfully I was able to keep myself in check because I can't imagine having to explain to others in the office.
    There was a thread posted on IMDB about how there was going to be a meet & greet in Aurora tonight for people to meet Depp and Bale, but they just showed a little story about it on NBC 5 Chicago and they said fans hadn't had a chance to see them yet and that was from their 10 p.m. newscast..


  44. Okay, trying harder tonight. I posted a big long bunch of scattered comments last night that didn't post. (Did you delete me, Rod)? ;)

    I mentioned that whole scary part of being Johnny Depp after that night he did the walk so everyone could get shots. (The same night the little girl got the hug. Awww, sooo nice)! I saw some fear in JD's eyes when he came out to let everyone get pictures. It's too bad it does become kind of a mob scene where he can't just sit on the curb and chat. :(

    The blog continues to be great, Rod. Love all you regulars coming by, and I really hope we all get to meet at some point.

    Joan Philo Agency is calling for extras for Madison. (I posted a link last night, but won't tonight). It's on craigslist under talent gigs from a few days ago for anyone who wants to give it a go).

    Rock on. Time for bed.

  45. If it's AT ALL possible, Rod; I'd
    LOVE to get a copy of that magazine too!! Don't know if your
    pictures will show up in any stateside mags?!!

  46. Being the gentleman of his word that he is, even though filming ran hours behind, Johnny still came out for his promised meet and greet around 11:45 last night and stayed about 35 -40 minutes. This guy is amazing. He had a very long day, what sixteen? eighteen hours? And there he was, as he promised, out there for his fans.

    And his son's birthday is tomorrow and his filming is from what I've been told, scheduled to resume Friday in Oshkosh.

    Happy 6th Birthday Jack!!

  47. I'm glad he gets to celebrate Jack's birthday!

    I agree... Happy Birthday Jack :)

  48. Thanks Rod for posting the info about the Japanese magazine. I tried searching for more specific info, but to no avail. Great contacts!

  49. Wow, Rod. You're huge in Japan! :) I had pics posted on Japanese fan sites, but you got yourself published.

    Such a great story about Johnny, and I am not at all surprised. I really need to figure out how to upload my video of Johnny meeting the crowd on the 18th online. I know it won't help the grandma who wrote to you, but Johnny was hugging kids there too.

  50. Ah my Rory...well he has a really great thriller out right now called right at your back door or something to that effect...I am always getting the title mixed up because whenever I think of him, I lose my brain...where did it go now?? LOL Debsmad...I would NEVER call Rory a B lister but I have heard him referred to a D lister before. So, I don't really know his status in Hollywood, not that it makes any difference to me.
    Rachel, Rory played Tim Speedle in CSI Miami for two seasons and was killed off at the beginning of the third because Rory got sick of it...we didn't get sick of him though! I think I am just destined never to see him except in photos *laments* I don't know my way around Oshkosh and don't want to make the trek alone so I may not be headed that way on Friday like I first anticipated! Anyone live in Madison want to make the trek with me??? I will drive! I wish Rory was part of a series called CSI Columbus so we could see him :D That would make my day,week,year,life!!!! Keep up the good work Rod and everyone else who has access to all the information! :)

  51. Lindsey... I'm in Madison. I'm still trying to figure out the time frame of stuff but maybe we can hook up. Oshkosh isn't too bad to navigate. I'm somewhat familiar but not overly. That makes no sense...:) Anyway, maybe we can work something out.

    Thanks for the Rory info, too :)

  52. Hey Rachel, email me at and we can work out details. Are you interested in going for the long haul (til night)? Also, I can leave probably somewhere between 2 and 3 in the afternoon not before then. Hope it all works out :) I am so excited!!!

  53. Lindsey, did you see Speed's return in one episode early this season?

  54. OMG Deb...of course and I loved it!! I hope he will do it again soon...Sources say he has 5 or 6 episodes to return in but who knows??!!!

  55. Has anyone heard what time they will be taping in oshkosh? I know someone who was called as an extra and was fitted the other day and with all the excitement I forgot to ask what time...dah!
    I also want to add that I love this site. I have never checked the same site so many times in my life!

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