Friday, April 25, 2008

Worms and Little Bo and other stuff

News from Little Bo

From Char

"I went up to Little Bohemia yesterday afternoon and was across the street from base camp until 9:30 last night. Probably about 100 people there. Saw lots of extras and also found out that the filming is all being done throughout the night.

Last night were the outdoors scenes for the night fight & escape. The night before they didn't rap until 4 in the morning. Only about 12 people there. JD signed autographs & talked to them for about 15 to 20 minutes. So everyone last night didn't even leave base camp until between 8 & 9 pm & assumed they didn't come back until 5 or 6 this morning.

No sighting of JD but we did see Sean Penn(not Sean) & Christian Bale. It was fun but got really cold & I had to work today so couldn't stay all night. They are filing there until Friday as well. Don't know how long they are there on Friday."
As for the photo thing.

Seems some people are uncomfortable and that is fine. JP understands. Personally I don't have a problem. I've seen the photos and they are awesome and not just of JD but the entire crew. However I feel that if some are uncomfortable that is enough for me and as long as JP understands I'm down with the decision.

On a side note JPD is actually working for Universal today as a delivery grunt.
As far as finding filming locations. I feel this is not the place to be searching for the burial scenes. Finding the locations can only hurt the movie and disrupt what I feel will be some of the toughest acting scenes in JDs career. So I WILL delete any comments from people searching. Go over to IMDb for that.
MY MOM - EV's birthday.

She says thank you thank you thank you for the "wonderful " birthday wishes. If she knew how to comment back she would have (I'll teach her this weekend). You made a young 80 year old very happy.
Big Bad Mama was scouting Little Bo a few days ago and took a few photos of white cars and trucks. Nothing exciting so she started looking for other things to photograph and this appeared.

Way to go Sharon!! As BBM says "You can always get photos of Johnny but rarely a Bald Eagles".

We have had many readers from Japan and France so I'll explain a little. The Bald Eagle is Americas National bird. It is the only Eagle unique to America. It was on the brink of extirpation in the United States but now there are about 20,000.

The Bald Eagle is a sacred bird in some North American cultures, and its feathers, like those of the Golden Eagle, are central to many religious and spiritual customs among Native Americans.

Eagles are considered spiritual messengers between gods and humans by some cultures.
You will find a new Donation button on the . . . left (I guess is over THERE now). This is for Paypal donations and credit cards.

Here is how it will work. I'll keep a running tab on the . . left and every $50ish in donated money to the Auditorium fund I'll send a check.

I'll also post the first name of the donor to make sure I don't miss anybody.

This is how you have helped so far.

Five letters to the Columbus Auditorium Corp (awesome thanks)

$76.00 - in donations that went right to the CAC

$57.63 Paypal as of this morning

Thanks to
Michael & Peggy from Waukesha WI
Susan from Beaver Dam WI
Dianne from Tennessee Ridge, TN
Kathy from Columbus WI
Christine from Mechanicsburg, PA

Total = $133.63

I'll send a check Monday.

It is warming to see people care about preserving history. Hugs to all.
A photo from JP of Michael Mann giving Marion Cotillard a hug.

I never got a hug from either of them or Emilie de Ravin. I did get hugs from non-movie stars though and I'm sort of sitting on the fence about letting Michael Mann hug me anyway.

Gardening and Worms.

I have had several people say that that unknown growth in my garden is Coreopsis Zagreb. I had a lot planted in that area so it must be those sort of spreading.

Worms - as I was digging last weekend I noticed a good amount of worms. This was good.

However - when we take Blake our dog for walks it normally is like walking a sack of potatoes. He is a sniffer and not a walker. Lately he was being REAL slow and stopping to eat things in the road. I stopped him and realized he was eating yummy dried up crispy worms.

Last night we had thunder and rain and I go to the driveway and see four, one foot long little finger size HUGE worms. I pick them up and put them in the garden. Diane comes out and I comment on all the other little worms on the driveway. YUCK she says "don't run them over".

I back out and as we start up the hill. THE ENTIRE ROAD IS WORMS!!! Every square foot LITERALLY is worms. Diane is squealing like a little girl and I'm steering the car to where the least amount of worms are. I feel the back wheels losing grip, I'm losing traction (trs-2). Serious worm action on the road.

It's like a horror movie. NIGHT OF THE WORMS.

I guess we can take Blake for walks for a while.
Any comments on the new look? Gotta keep things form getting stagnant.

See you at the Kurth tonight!