Thursday, May 22, 2008

Auditorium Gets the Votes!!!

WELL - IMdb is rather comical at times with the bickering. The Chicago meet and greets thread has it's moments of name calling.

It reminds me of when Milo sees another cat outside and Sierra comes up to the window to look outside. Milo is crazed and does not recognize Sierra and attacks her. Yea - it's like that over there.

Filming at the Biograph starts tomorrow and seriously - you won't see anything if you go there, it is the wrong place for meet and greets. I have to think base camp is the best but . . . . I'm sure Universal has things under control and nobody is hurting the filming process.

Here is the funny thing - from somebody that was front and center on the set he said it was odd - NOBODY was taking pictures, it was a non-event for the most part. A movie? - been there done that - just one of many.

No filming, at least with Mr. Depp next Tuesday and Wednesday as it is Lily Rose's birthday.

Weird how all meet and greet photos are starting to look the same!

This is from Graham - nice shot!!

Huge Auditorium News
The Vote
- was Tuesday night and the new roof on the Auditorium is a GO thanks to you guys that helped out. This is fantastic news and Christopher (Columbus) is smiling! I'll have to take a photo of him this weekend and see if there is a big smile on his face.

Also approved were

phase one of the Dickason Boulevard city campus, engineering and design for the Udey Dam
and design for phase one of the library along with some boring stuff

I'll have to do a little research on these and get back to you to keep everyone updated on our little town.
I'm a little surprised at the hatred for Pick-N-Save. I have shopped there for a year and have no problems with the place. Sure it's not all glitz and sparkly shiny and expensive like Copps or packed and dirty like Woodman's but the people are friendly and the deli is exactly the same stuff Copps has.

But then again when I find gum on the sidewalk I'll scrape it up if I think there is any flavor left in it.


I'll have to look into this a little deeper to see why I'm missing the hatred boat. I do know Copps refuses to stock onion bagels even though the manager lies to me every time I ask. And I also know that just like restaurants, once you work there you never want to eat there.
I was at The Visitor Center yesterday and an individual came in who had just gotten back from a trip to Viet Nam. He was last there in 1969 as a soldier and his goal was to go back and clean up some unfinished psychological business.

He went to the little village that he and his company had "visited" and with him was a book of photographs he had taken thirty nine years ago.

I had the honor of looking at both the old and the new photos and I was humbled. He had photos of a young man seeing a picture of his father for the first time, a daughter who had not seen a photo of her mother for 30 years and and so on.

What got me was he had gone over there to basically apologize for what had happened in the village with what is called collateral damage and they refused to except his apology. The village, which is almost exactly the same now as it was then through him a huge party and celebration and welcomed him with open arms.

It was the past. He even met some Viet Cong and they discussed how odd it was that they were probably at one point firing at each other. Time really does heal wounds.

Did you know that there are still over 7 million unexploded bombs buried in Viet Nam that are still being found, normally by children?

The act of shaking someones hand is normally something I don't remember but I will remember shaking his hand, it meant something to me.
This election has a little more meaning for me then most people watching the Democrats. I have money riding on the outcome.

Two years ago I placed a wager off shore, $50 on Obama to win the democratic nomination! I got REAL good odds! Yea - I've been doing a happy dance. Maybe at SOME point when SOMEBODY has mathematical impossibility explained to HER I can collect my $.

This brings me to a movie on HBO called "Recount" and I urge any young people that are voting for the first time and people at all interested in politics to watch it. It's part drama, part comedy and part political thriller staring Keven Spacey, Ed Bagley Jr, and Laura Dern as theFlorida Security of State Katherine Harris.

In interviews they said it is a true story of the events but made entertaining. Some interesting facts. For 16 counties (over 1.5 million votes) there was NEVER a recount. They just restated what they had already counted. Even though they SAID they recounted! When the government said "the votes have been recounted". They weren't!!

Think of it. Bush won because of 537 votes. Gore would have been President. And you think that every vote does not count??

I'm not going to get into a political bloggyness (or trying not too) just saying that this should be a good movie to watch. Sunday Night on HBO.
Perhaps no blog tomorrow - I have to go to the principles office (The Mayor). Well - MAYBE a blog later in the day.

Nice to see so many people starting to blog. Get your words and thoughts out there!!!!