Thursday, May 22, 2008

Auditorium Gets the Votes!!!

WELL - IMdb is rather comical at times with the bickering. The Chicago meet and greets thread has it's moments of name calling.

It reminds me of when Milo sees another cat outside and Sierra comes up to the window to look outside. Milo is crazed and does not recognize Sierra and attacks her. Yea - it's like that over there.

Filming at the Biograph starts tomorrow and seriously - you won't see anything if you go there, it is the wrong place for meet and greets. I have to think base camp is the best but . . . . I'm sure Universal has things under control and nobody is hurting the filming process.

Here is the funny thing - from somebody that was front and center on the set he said it was odd - NOBODY was taking pictures, it was a non-event for the most part. A movie? - been there done that - just one of many.

No filming, at least with Mr. Depp next Tuesday and Wednesday as it is Lily Rose's birthday.

Weird how all meet and greet photos are starting to look the same!

This is from Graham - nice shot!!

Huge Auditorium News
The Vote
- was Tuesday night and the new roof on the Auditorium is a GO thanks to you guys that helped out. This is fantastic news and Christopher (Columbus) is smiling! I'll have to take a photo of him this weekend and see if there is a big smile on his face.

Also approved were

phase one of the Dickason Boulevard city campus, engineering and design for the Udey Dam
and design for phase one of the library along with some boring stuff

I'll have to do a little research on these and get back to you to keep everyone updated on our little town.
I'm a little surprised at the hatred for Pick-N-Save. I have shopped there for a year and have no problems with the place. Sure it's not all glitz and sparkly shiny and expensive like Copps or packed and dirty like Woodman's but the people are friendly and the deli is exactly the same stuff Copps has.

But then again when I find gum on the sidewalk I'll scrape it up if I think there is any flavor left in it.


I'll have to look into this a little deeper to see why I'm missing the hatred boat. I do know Copps refuses to stock onion bagels even though the manager lies to me every time I ask. And I also know that just like restaurants, once you work there you never want to eat there.
I was at The Visitor Center yesterday and an individual came in who had just gotten back from a trip to Viet Nam. He was last there in 1969 as a soldier and his goal was to go back and clean up some unfinished psychological business.

He went to the little village that he and his company had "visited" and with him was a book of photographs he had taken thirty nine years ago.

I had the honor of looking at both the old and the new photos and I was humbled. He had photos of a young man seeing a picture of his father for the first time, a daughter who had not seen a photo of her mother for 30 years and and so on.

What got me was he had gone over there to basically apologize for what had happened in the village with what is called collateral damage and they refused to except his apology. The village, which is almost exactly the same now as it was then through him a huge party and celebration and welcomed him with open arms.

It was the past. He even met some Viet Cong and they discussed how odd it was that they were probably at one point firing at each other. Time really does heal wounds.

Did you know that there are still over 7 million unexploded bombs buried in Viet Nam that are still being found, normally by children?

The act of shaking someones hand is normally something I don't remember but I will remember shaking his hand, it meant something to me.
This election has a little more meaning for me then most people watching the Democrats. I have money riding on the outcome.

Two years ago I placed a wager off shore, $50 on Obama to win the democratic nomination! I got REAL good odds! Yea - I've been doing a happy dance. Maybe at SOME point when SOMEBODY has mathematical impossibility explained to HER I can collect my $.

This brings me to a movie on HBO called "Recount" and I urge any young people that are voting for the first time and people at all interested in politics to watch it. It's part drama, part comedy and part political thriller staring Keven Spacey, Ed Bagley Jr, and Laura Dern as theFlorida Security of State Katherine Harris.

In interviews they said it is a true story of the events but made entertaining. Some interesting facts. For 16 counties (over 1.5 million votes) there was NEVER a recount. They just restated what they had already counted. Even though they SAID they recounted! When the government said "the votes have been recounted". They weren't!!

Think of it. Bush won because of 537 votes. Gore would have been President. And you think that every vote does not count??

I'm not going to get into a political bloggyness (or trying not too) just saying that this should be a good movie to watch. Sunday Night on HBO.
Perhaps no blog tomorrow - I have to go to the principles office (The Mayor). Well - MAYBE a blog later in the day.

Nice to see so many people starting to blog. Get your words and thoughts out there!!!!



  1. I don't think the meeting with Nancy will be really long. If it is, Julia will be making an appearance because my hubby has to leave for work at 9! I think you'll have lots of time to blog. :)

    So glad to hear the final vote went through! Now the real fun begins.

  2. Rod, you know this whole thing with Bush being "elected' president just really blows my mind into so many pieces that I could be arrested for littering.

    Some days, when I'm really depressed about our country and how it's been led, I daydream of how it would have been with Gore. For a few moments I'm happy again. Then reality rears it's ugly Texan head. Ehhh.

    I'm looking forward to a real CHANGE!

  3. rod I know exactly how you feel! I used to buy the onion bagels regularly at copps but have been forced to switch to raisin... Those dirty liars... ;)

  4. OK - one political thing and then I will politicize no longer. I understand that there are Republicans among us and I am not really anti Republican - only the neo-cons.

    MY best friend for 40 years commented before the last election that he was hoping Bush would be re-elected. I said WHAT? ARE YOU CRAZY?

    He said no - it's a no lose situation. Either Bush will prove that he really is the genius they say he is. Or he will screw things up SO bad a Democrat, even if it is Bo Bo the Monkey Boy, will be elected.

    I then put down $50 on the Dems to win.

  5. Rod, is the picture of JD on today's blog one sent to you by anon 12:25? Just wondering.

  6. Anonymous 10:30

    YEA - they have Plain, Egg and Raisin. I think Plain and Egg are pretty much the same!!

    You should try Cinnamon Maple. YUMMO!!

  7. lotus - yes - I believe it was.

  8. Thanks for the Vietnam update. I had studied about that during my school years, but we only studied the ancient history, not the modern stuff ! I have an old aquaintance working in Gineva for the gov'd ... finding and dismantling those all way too many mines.
    Sure glad your friend went and made some wounds heal. Sounds like he had a successful trip.

  9. Michelle, or anyone who knows the answer... If someone wants to sell stuff at the Farmers Market in Columbus, how do they go about it? Do they have to pay to participate? Do they just go there and set up a table? I hubby was wondering because he has made a Jynormous garden this year and we expect to have A LOT of extra veggies.
    Sandsitive: Do you have any pictures of the kitties?

  10. Thanks again for everyone's support for the Auditorium work!

    I don't mind if you get political...maybe we can bring the liberals out of hiding in Columbus. :)

    I'm a card carrying "Hate Pick-N-Save" member. It's just the Columbus one. (Too much to write in the comments section).

  11. dino - an interesting tidbit.

    He went to a special museum in Saigon and the person behind the counter asked "are you an American?".

    "Yes" he said "I was a solder".

    "We have a special tour guide for you"

    He was a little worried at that point.

    The guide came up and actually took his hand and guided him through the Museum telling him when some tough parts of the Museum (The Killing Fields") were coming and comforting him along the entire process.

    I have tears in my eyes a little even typing that - what a very very kind people.

  12. Thanks to anon for the Johnny pic.

    He has a habit of adopting one set of clothes for a while and wearing them constantly. That jacket will always mean PE filming. It's good that Jerry changes his clothes so we can date the pics - as you say they all look the same!

    Lovely story about the visit to Vietnam. I'm old enough to remember that war, and it's wonderful that the people can be so forgiving.

  13. I used to work at a PNS so that is why I am a card carrying Pick N Slave hater :)

  14. YAY!! The auditorium lives another day! Sweet news, indeed.

    So, tomorrow we are just on comment patrol...okie dokie.

    As for the black kitteh...just remember, Osh....she's bringing them to my house. Possession is nine-tenths of the law.


    Just kidding. The obedient part of me said I couldn't have a kitty. I just wanna play with those adorable babies for awhile. (Shhhh-don't tell Betty. She just thinks I'm being nice offering up a temporary home). HeeHee

    What about the Mama? Doesn't someone want to claim a mommy AND a baby?

  15. Hello peeps! I'm alive!!!! I think I have turned the corner--just in time for my scheduled vacation day tomorrow!!

    Pick N Save looks like a dump from the outside, and their produce section can be iffy, but I have noticed recently that things seem to be a little better.

    But, a couple of months ago I went there and they were out of chicken breasts? Whats up with that?

    But my biggest gripe with them is they do not carry "Newman's Own Pineapple Salsa."

    I think the next crusade besides the auditorium, is a remodeled and expanded Pick N Save or other grocery store that sells "Newman's Own Pineapple Salsa."

    By the way Osh, which black kitteh are you taking--the all black one or the black and white one? Not that it matters, I can only get one if I trade Milo for one and no one in their right mind would take him! :)

  16. Hi Suz!! Hey I watched part of Benny and Joon the other day...(I only got through the first part) But anyway the part where they are in the restaurant and Johnny Depp is playing with the bread and stuff--OMG that was sooo FunNY!!

    I have to watch the rest!! haha

  17. Milo IS getting a little chubby - I wonder if he will taste like chicken??

  18. Hurray for the auditorium!!! See what a small group of bloggers can accomplish?!! I imagine part of the reason JD dresses so much the same at all of the meet & greets is that he packs light while filming! Can you imagine the size of a trailer if he brought several
    coats, several hats, etc. and had to move them from city to city?
    I used to do demos at the PNS in Columbus; it wasn't one of the nicer stores I worked in back then! And that was more than 20 years ago!! If a store smells bad on occasion and only offers good produce one day a week, it wouldn't be a store I'd shop at either! The Sav-A-Lot here in BD is closest to me, but I only go there if I need something RIGHT NOW! And most of the time they don't have it anyway! I like a selection; and they offer one of this and one of that. I usually shop at Pig or Rechek's. They're both clean stores with friendly personel. They bag my groceries and carry them out to the car for me. I don't mind paying a little bit more (than the Aldi's or Sav-A-Lot) for the convenience and selection!!
    I would have placed a bet on your friend's thinking about Bush's second term too, Rod.

  19. Rod, Oh so you are saying there IS hope for a new kitteh then??


    SHAME ON YOU!! :) poor miley. LOL

  20. Hi, dj!! Glad to hear you've returned to the land of the living! Enjoy your vacation day!!

  21. Sav-a-lot is still open? Is it still by the old Rhodes restaurant?

  22. Yes, anon 12:25, thank you for the JD picture. Verrrrrry nice! (purrrrring like a kitten)

  23. I saw comments on the blog yesterday about crying when Dillinger gets shot. Please read the book! Dillinger is not a nice man; he lies and manipulates the public for sympathy. He shots a police officer to death at point blank range four 45 caliber bullets in the chest; the officer had two young kids and a wife (that was real life not a movie). I think Johnny Depp is great person, but he in no way resembles Dillinger, he just plays him.
    If Mr. Mann dose not have you cheering when Dillinger gets shot in this movie, it will be a disservice to the book and history. I think Depp wanted this roll for this exact reason. This is a serious roll, a dark person, a cold blooded murderer, a possible nomination for best actor……

  24. Anonymous 12:16 - this is a movie loosely based on the book.

    Have YOU read the book? cold blooded murderer??

    I was a complicated man but hardly what I would ever call a cold blooded murderer.

    I believe Dillinger only shot one guy and felt bad about it.

    Now Machine Gun Kelly is a different story.

  25. Johnny doesn't do this for any nomination, although he will no doubt deserve it when all is said and done. He does it because he believes in the power of the role. He believes in the art.

  26. Jenny, I am not sure what the sign-up process is for the C-bus Farm Market, but Julie would know. I think she organized it, as it's in the Java House parking lot. As far as the Savannah Oaks one, I think if you ask any vendor there they would be able to give you information. Sorry I couldn't be more help!

  27. I would love to take a kitteh, but most of you know we have a dying cat on our hands and I don't want to stress him out. I am torn about more cats in general. We have another cat and I don't that one to be alone after Monty passes, but I know I won't be ready for another cat very soon either. Meh.

  28. Thanks anyways Michele!

    No BabyFace Nelson was the PSYCHOPATH! He was a nutball - killing women and children and then laughing :( SCARWY!

  29. Agreed, Rod. And Baby Face Nelson was a real psycho. Dillinger was downright gentlemanly in comparison.

    DJ, glad you are feeling better!

    Oh, and sorry for so many comments at once, I should have read all before posting. :)

  30. Rod,

    You were looking for questions for the Mayor tomorrow...How about where her figure of $250,000 (AT LEAST), that Universal dropped in Columbus, came from?

  31. FYI meat does NOT taste like chicken. No matter how much BBQ sauce you put on it.

  32. It's going to be VERY interesting to see how MM and the actors portray the various characters. You can't lump them into one basket. In addition to Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd is also a complicated character who could get sympathy from the audience. Check out the lyrics to Woody Guthrie's "Pretty Boy Floyd" - great song. Also, according to Wikipedia there were between 20 and 40 THOUSAND people at Floyd's funeral. It is still the all-time biggest funeral in Oklahoma history.

  33. I'm taking the solid black kitteh! We have been looking for an all black kitteh now for awhile since Joe the Second passed away 5 years ago. We are breaking tradition by naming this one Dillinger.

    I am still concerned about the dimple continuity. Dillinger the man (not the kitteh) had plastic surgery a few weeks before he the scenes shot in Oshkosh, Columbus and BD he should still have the dimple. Unless MM is rewriting this fact. Oh the horror.

    Good to hear about the auditorium!

    And Jerry dresses JD? Good thing all his clothes go together like Garanimals...another thing JD and JP have in common!

  34. Jenny - you guys could also set up a booth at the Columbus Flea Markets. That benefits the auditorium... But if Julie's is free go for that venue.

    Michelle - I'm going to drop a display board off (audi photos for CClassic) at your house tonight after work. I'll just put it on the porch.

    Pineapple salsa, huh? I'll have to try it as soon as I find some. Sounds good. PNS never seems to have everything I need to complete a week of meals and the produce is disgusting.

  35. Tami, yes, Sav-A-Lot (by the old
    Rhodes) is still open. I miss the old Orv & Wally's that used to be in there (then Orv's, then Tate's)

  36. Anonymous 12:51 - I know who you are and I am no longer speaking to you.


    Kris - how much Macaroni & Cheese do you need for God sake.

  37. Osh, you crack me up! Jerry is devoted but dressing JD may be too much even for him.

    Mind you, I think that 'Irish cap' on JD's head was first worn by Jerry, and very cute he looked too. Johnny must have got jealous and stolen it.

  38. Speaking of JD's clothes, When I saw him in March in Columbus, he had what looks like kind of a worn baby blue blanket around his neck...he was wearing like a scarf. Does anyone know the story behind it? I wondered if it was maybe one of his children's. he has the coolest way of wearing clothes. If anyone else had that on it would have looked weird, but on him it looks perfect. I love his bohemian type way of dressing.


  39. Kris that is a good idea. Hopefully everything in our garden will grow. One year all of our carrots only grew to the size of peanuts. It was an embarassing sight... I think it was because we didn't thin them out. It was our first garden and we didn't know what we were doing. :P

  40. Producers at my work -- Wisconsin Public Television -- are currently working on a Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories project. I have a sneak peek of two of the interviews with vets on our station blog:

    It is unbelievably powerful stuff...

  41. Grinder I agree with you, Dillenger was not a cold blooded murderer. Dillenger got sideways and couldn't get back up. I have read three books about Dillenger and they all read the same...he got along with everyone, his family adored him, and it was very sad when he was betrayed, ambushed and shot in the back. What he did was wrong but it is a very sad story.

  42. I probably would have dated Dillinger had I been alive back then. Yep. I like the bad boys.

  43. Osh, you're funny. Seriously, women liked Dillinger and JD playing Dillinger makes him a double bad boy. Also I think women are going to identify with Billie Frechette. When she finds out that Dillinger was murdered (calling a spade a spade), there will not be a dry eye in the movie theatre.

  44. Hoorah for the Auditorium! Hoorah for the black kitten! Hoorah for Obama! Hoorah for Benny & Joon!

    I just watched it this week and can see why it's one of your favorites, Suz.

    I also watched Don Juan DeMarcos last night - I loved it! Bizarre, but funny in a not ROFL way.

    PNS never has fat-free Tostitos, either! Or chicken breasts! or friendly cashiers - most of the time if I don't say HI first they never even greet me. Never mind, I must look like a biage and they just ignore me.

    I may be Kurthing it tomorrow night - sending the fam away without me for a night - I'm all giddy now. But I've had a headache since Sunday and now a tummy ache. Someone do a dance to the health Gods or something, it's a HOliday weekend!

  45. Evan and I will be at Kurths, to pick up Pee Wee Dillinger! However, I just got off the phone with the vet, we can't get in until Friday, June fitting for a black cat.

  46. Howdy!

    It took me 7 min shy of anhour to read all the comments since I last posted! Yes, you guessed it, i know this because I am STILL haunting the library. (Computer man is in BIG trouble, blown hsi 2nd deadline!)

    Looks like Osh & JP threw quite the party last night.

    Thks Rod for all the Vietnam vet stories. That kind of forgiveness is so powerful...

    Glad you're feeling better dj!!

    Michelle - I feel you...

    Yeah for the auditorium!

    Thanks Osh for doing civil battle w/DH, petit Dillinger will be thrilled!

    I think Johnny Depp needs a Kitteh to take to Lily Rose for her birthday. Timing is everything! =)

  47. In my journalistic endeavors, I've learned that it is essential to create a camaraderie with an interview subject and hope that you are asking questions the subject hasn't answered before... That said, I can only imagine that it has to be so difficult to be a celebrity journalist who gets the last interview of the dayduring a movie press junket. How these things work is a star, say Johnny Depp, goes to a city and sits in a hotel room with movie paraphernalia in the background and a parade of journalists are given five minutes to interview all day long. I'd imagine the subjects get a bit slaphappy by the end of the day...

    Well, after watching this clip, I know they do. It is Depp and Tim Burton being interviewed during a junket by a reporter who hasn't done the best homework and gets caught by Depp and Burton who are more interested in laughing than playing nice. It's hilarious! It has everything a movie or Depp fan could want ... a spit take into a coffee cup, joking about Sweeney's bloodiness and even a movie pitch for Johnny Depp and Julia Roberts to team up to play the Gabor sisters...

  48. SunPrairie... That is a fun clip of Johnny and Tim. Poor girl...I wonder even now if she realizes just how long a decade is... Too funny!

  49. TEN Decades - the chick didn't have a clue, did she?

  50. Ahh, yes, the infamous 10 decades interview. That is one of my favorites. :)

  51. Sun Prairie - That was funny. I liked the end when she said "Congratulations on your Pregnancy" and Tim said "Am I showing" hahaha

  52. lol. its ironic you guys were talking about johnny's wardrobe today because i had just been thinking about it a little while ago...i think its kinda cute how he wears his jacket a little kid and their favorite blankie....i think he wears the same jeans too.
    but i agree with sue, its probably just for light packing

    so since he's taking next tues. and wed. off, does that mean he will be working the rest of the week?? i was thinking about going down there but i don't want to go if i won't see anything

  53. Ten decades... haha, that was a great one!

    Kendra, if you hear of a good day to go down this week, be sure to let me know! It sounds like were in the same boat, looking for a good day in Chicago!

  54. you guys, I don't think they are letting any border crossings happen between Wisconsin and Illinois. I heard the National Guard of the Motion Picture Protection Agency of Save Our Stars has been called out to patrol and keep the vicious Wisconsinites away from filming because WE RUINED EVERYTHING. JUST STAY HOME!

  55. i cant seem to watch past 17 seconds of that video..does anyone know why???

  56. Kendra- I don't know if this is the problem, but sometimes it needs to buffer. Try pausing it, and allow it to download before playing it.

  57. i did try that but it only loads up to the 17 seconds and then won't do anything more

  58. I was just reading some of the IMdb threads and couldn't believe how rude and misinformed some of the "extras" were. There has been so many encounters discussed here about JD, Jerry, Bolger, Dorff, Vinnie, etc., nevertheless the kind and courteous security like Matt.

    I am so glad that I read this blog first, Rod. Otherwise, I would have had such a sour perspective of what truly has been going on during the filming of PE.

    I will not STAY HOME. I WILL go watch them create a blockbuster film. I WILL talk to the actors, the security, the props people. I WILL continue to share my experiences. And I will meet JD for the third time... I'm not a stalker, nor am I a Fangirl...I'm just having a great time....

    Are ya with me???

  59. WOO!! you go peg!! i'm right ther with ya!

  60. Peg, ya know I was being sarcoshtic, right?

    *links arm and runs for the border*

  61. Sure, Osh, I knew you were referring to what was being written by the extras on IMdb...STAY HOME!

    I gotcha ;)

  62. I am the anon who sent the pics (well only one was posted...) but still getting errors when I try loading them to photobucket. Anyone know why? Yea Johnny always dresses very much the same at each meet and greet but I can usually tell the dates by something small like type of hat, glasses, no hat at all, etc. In Crown Point he wore a long dark coat one day. Oh have you guys noticed something else cute? Someone mentioned the baby blue shirt or something. My daughter noticed he has a hair clip on the font of his leather coat in all the pictures. It's brown and we never noticed it. Must be his daughters. He is so sweet.

  63. awwww....that is soo sweet!! he's got to be the best dad in the whole world! and not just because i think he's adorable but hes still such a kid at heart and he's so down to earth.
    he gives me more ways to love him everyday

  64. I posted a couple of the pics finally! Yea I agree. He must be so fun and sweet with his children. And always there for birthdays. Just an amazing dad. Such a lucky little family!

  65. Hi Rod and all. Great blog today. Been a busy day and it's getting late but I had to do a 'fly-by' and post. I have to make it short and quick so here are some quick thoughts:
    --Yea!!! Audi!! No one deserves it more. Hopefully it's the start of bigger and better things.
    --Nice picture Graham, almost gives me vertigo :)
    --ewwww on the 'gum on the sidewalk' LOL
    --Viet Nam story was both awesome and heartbreaking. Thank you
    --Good Bet!! FL voting was Bush and his minions at their sneaky best...Go Obama!
    --You Go Peg! :)
    --Johnny's hot in anything...
    --More pics to check out...yea!! ty anon!
    Phewwww that about covers it I think! Oh, Jenny, I posted some pictures of the kitties on my blog ;)
    nite, nite time...Be safe all

  66. I can't look at any more kittehs. Black, white or purple.

  67. LOL!!! i finally saw the video

  68. yeah for the auditorium...
    --decades-- like tim burton said 333 yrs you think this gal was nervous interviewing JOHNNY DEPP?
    preparation H oh my......
    mommas for Obama!!!
    DJ glad you are with us again--

    Vote me in for Dillinger was not a "bad" guy. If you read in the book about the time they rob a bank and one customer in the lobby of the bank hands Dillinger $ and he says "I don't want your money" and hands it back to him. I vote for crazy Babyface Nelson.

  69. When is the next meet and greet supposed to be?

  70. Sandsitive, the kitties are sooo cute!

  71. Anon who posted the pic-thanks so much. He looks so adorable!

  72. Anon who posted pics:
    Those are some pretty good shots! The island weekend looks like it agrees with Johnny..... he looks good with a little tan! :)
    thanks for posting those!

  73. I just realized JD is wearing button fly jeans.

  74. PNS doesn't carry my lemon curd :(

  75. Naughty Osh! Now I have to go look for the buttons, too.

    I just started reading Dillinger Days, a book published in 1970. Got through the prologue and I'm into it pretty good right now - so far it has my attention. There's an impromptu meeting with Emil Wanakta (Little Bo owner) when he is in his 80's and a surprise photo and letter.

    I can't wait to read more.

    Shakenbsis - are you bringing cuddly things to Kurth tonight?

    Speaking of politics - DH sent me a little poetry about chickens you might get a good chuckle over - it's on my blog.

    Cbus Memorial Day Parade is on Monday - hope you get to see it.

    Enough from me already!

  76. Rod you have to write a blog today! My world will be turned upside down if you don't!

  77. Nice pics Anon!! And yes, I had to go back and check out the buttons! I also noticed in one pic he is wearing 2 rings on same finger...

    Yes, Jenny, the kitties are adorable. The gray one is my favorite but in general I just love kitties ;) My motto is 'you can never have too many cats!' Of course, hubby doesn't quite see it that way...he he he

  78. Sandsitive, that is like one of my 100 mottoes too!

  79. Regretfully, I will be out of town most of the weekend, so no Kurth for me tonight. I already miss you guys.

    Rod, that was a very moving story about your encounter. One of our very closest buds is a Viet vet, and we have heard so much from him. It has altered his life in every possible way. He is one of the best people I know.

    Good luck to the kittehs. We've adopted 3 in the last 3 years-- the last one, after being found with two broken legs and a broken pelvis-- is finally sorta jumping! 4 is definitely our limit, though--it's just constant scooping.

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend, all. For those at the Kurth, a toast in honor of the young gentleman whose portrait gazes out at all who gather in friendship and warmth.


  80. I want to sign up for the Kurth lottery...where can I buy a ticket?

  81. Hi All!!!!!

    Been crazy busy...
    Missed yesterday,but I tried to catch up this morning.
    great reading!!!
    What time for Kurth tonight

  82. Evan and I will be at Kurth's around 6...won't be there too long, just to pick up Pee Wee Dillinger and give a few hugs...

    JP, if you bring a treat you can have my seat!

  83. Sandsitive: Your kitties are adorable!!! I live too far away or I would be tempted to take at least one! I already have a black cat named Dartanion.... he is HUGE! Probably 20 lbs.
    And your peacock is beautiful! We have some that run around the neighborhood. It cracks me up to see people's faces the first time they hear the honks from the peacocks.... they have NO idea what makes that noise! LOL.

    Some wacky weather here in Cali.... rain, lightning, snow, hail and very rare tornados! Two tornados touched down VERY close to my house yesterday! Knocked a big rig off the highway and also knocked over 9 train box cars... thankfully no other damage or injuries.

  84. For those of you who get HBO, one word: "Recount."

    Unless you want to get through this weekend without getting extremely angered. Understandable.


  85. Minxie?

    I love your pic. Can I be you?


  86. *blushes* Thanks are too kind. You wouldnt want to be me.... I have a crew of scurvy pirates!!! I do love my home made piratical garb!

    Here's some pics from the RARE Cali tornado.....

  87. Nice pics Minxie. Tornados scare the hell outta me!

  88. Osh scares the hella outta me!

  89. The hairclip could be Vanessa's one since she often has that type of hairclips on her.

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