Sunday, May 11, 2008

Base Camp Has Arrived

First thing I have to report is that Base Camp started arriving about 8:00 this morning. All systems go.

I have a question for mr. anonymous crew insiders (herenotthere?? - we all love you here no matter what the IMdb people print). Have you guys noticed a learning curve from being on the road for the last 7 weeks? For instance, the cobblestone installation that first time in Columbus was pretty FUBR, yet now - BAM - its down in a matter of hours and was pretty quick in Oshkosh (except the wind kept blowing in up, and those darn trolley rail kept expanding LOL).

Since most movies are not 99% location events I have to think this is a new experience for many of the crew. Has there been any attrition? Have you discovered new ways of doing things to make life easier that you can pass along to others in the future?

Just curious. you can call me a fanboy if you wish - it's not an insult if it's true. I'm in tune with my fanboy side :-)
In Columbus news. Jenny and dj attended the Red Bud events downing hot dogs, brats and ice cream (did you know that because of prohibition ice cream really came into it's own? Most bars changed into ice cream joints and more and more individuals started experimenting with inventing more then two flavors).

They then went to the Prince and Princess competition. Here are the participants. Last years winners are on top wearing white and this years winners are center bottom.

The Prince winner is style'n with the hat!! High Five buddy!!

I get a pretty big chuckle out of that guy in the back. I wish I know what he was thinking. Every time I look at the photo I chuckle

Do any of you golf?????

My little golf outing at The Wilderness was pretty fun. It's actually called Wild Rock now as it's been completely redesigned with 18 brand new holes.

We had drizzle the last FOURTEEN holes but the GPS carts worked great for us. I took a few pictures before the rain sort of put my camera into a dryer spot.

Once I was at The Oaks and I had an Olympus camera in my bag. A huge storm came in and I had nowhere to go so just kept playing (no lightning - I found later we had two inches on rain in 30 minutes). I felt like that minister in Caddyshack. I actually walked past four golfers that were huddling on the ground with umbrellas shielding like they did in The 300 against the arrows.

ANYWAY - After it stopped raining I went to take a picture, opened my pocket on the bag, put my hand INTO a pool of water which had collected inside the pocket and scooped out my camera that was VERY HOT!. hmmmm last time I looked cameras did not have heaters.


oop - a little of topic.

Some photos of Wild Rock.

Wild Rock Clubhouse

Funny story on the next photo. It's 250 yards to carry that bunker in the middle. I tee off with my new birthday present, a PING G5 driver and I blast a shot 257 yards to the left side of that bunker. I'm pumped.

Adubya (210 average bowler, and golfing he has an average drive is in the 270s) blast his shot about 10 yards farther. DAMN!! he beat me again. Every time I have a GREAT drive (for me) he beats me!. (story continues later).

Looking back on a pretty par 3

The next hole I once again blast a perfect tee shot down the middle - the kind of shot where you say to yourself "THIS is why I golf, for THAT feeling". Adubya blast his shot down the middle, points at me and laughs. I reply with a DAMN YOU and a few other friendly but choice words.

In our carts on the way to the ball I'm joking about how I loath adubya and I find out later that adubya is laughing saying "Hitting my drive past Rod makes all the other bad shots worth it" and then has an evil laugh.

We get to the ball and both are in the middle of the fairway but his is 10 yards past mine DAMN IT.

I walk to my ball and . . . . wait . . . .THAT IS HIS BALL - MY BALL IS UP AHEAD!! I OUT DROVE ADUBYA!! (insert evil laugh). The guy can hit 300 yard drives and I crushed him by 10!!

Our foursome ended up 2nd place from last which was what we expected in the scramble. I think we were +4 for the 18. First place was -12.

A good time was had by all.

talk to you tomorrow.