Friday, May 2, 2008

Confusion Rains on the Parade

Ext. Cross Roads of Yellow Brick Road – Asst Director BOB WAGNER and Johnny Depp come forward along the road from b.g. - CAMERA BOOMS down to left as he pauses in the center of the cross roads -- looks about, speaks --

Follow the Yellow Brick Road? Follow the Yellow....?

WAGNER, puzzled as he looks about o.s. --

Now which way do we go?

WAGNER standing in the center of cross roads -- a Director on a pole in the cornfield at right -- he speaks, points to right -- WAGNER whirls about and looks at him --

That way is a very nice way.

Director, his arm pointing to right --

WAGNER, a bit frightened as he looks about o.s. - he speaks, looks down at Depp (in yet another amazing costume) as he barks o.s. --

Who said that?

Depp barking at the Director o.s. --

The Director in the field of corn -- Depp barks o.s. --

WAGNER looks down and speaks to Depp o.s. --

Don't be silly, Depp. Directors....

The Director in field in b.g. -- camera shooting past WAGNER in f.g. -- the Director speaks, points to left with his other arm --

...don't talk.

It's pleasant down that way, too.

WAGNER reacts, watches the Director o.s. -- speaks to Depp --
looks up as the Director speaks o.s.

That's funny. Wasn't he pointing the other way?

Of course, people do....

Director in field -- shooting past WAGNER in f.g. -- the Director crosses his arms and points in both directions --

...go both ways!

WAGNER reacts, speaks as he starts forward --


WAGNER steps forward to the cornfield as he speaks to the Director --
CAMERA TRUCKS forward --

WAGNER did say something, didn't you?

The Director shakes his head, then nods --

WAGNER looking at the Director as he nods his head -- he speaks to him --

Are you doing that on purpose, or can't you make up your mind?

Universal On The Move.

Yea - the TRUE story of what is happening.

Well Done Universal - awesome job at creating mass hysteria and messing up vacation schedules. Serious confusion and I bet if we had wireless radios we would hear faux Universal people giving out instructions on where the next shoot would be.

Has anybody actually poked any of the white trucks? I bet they are just big balloons.

The permit request for street closures in Milwaukee on Monday has been withdrawn. Th latest has the movie filming in Madison on THURSDAY and tonight.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentential has called Nancy O's blog slightly confusing. Notice they have left out THIS blog which has been the pillar of consistency by posting ALL dates possible. Therefore never being actually wrong.

Most TV stations are now going with the Thursday shoot which would put Columbus Monday. All I know is that Jenny is at home staring out her window waiting for the circus to appear in HER parking lot and THAT will tell us Columbus is near.

All I hope is that this is all in the plan for Michael Mann and Company and they are not actually lost in the country somewhere driving around looking for something they recognize.

If you think of it though all of this confusion it is pretty interesting and makes a great story and something to talk about.
An Auditorium Tidbit

The knowledge base of people reading this blog is one of the things I love. You never know what tidbits of information will pop up.

For instance - when a friend (balderdash) was looking at some of the photos of the auditorium he came across a little nugget of history that might have been missed by a lot of Wisconsinites.

Gerald Clifford ran for Congress in 1934 as a Democratic Party nominee. He was born on June 19, 1889 in Chilton, Wisconsin.

That in itself is interesting as the poster is seventy-four years old. However that name might be rattling around in your head. Where have you heard this name before???

Clifford was part of The Hungry Five, a name given to five Green Bay, Wisconsin businessmen who were instrumental in keeping the Green Bay Packers in operation during its early years.

Together, they raised funds, incorporated the team as a non-profit corporation, sold stock, established the Green Bay Packers Board of Directors and otherwise promoted the franchise.

The Hungry Five consisted of Curly Lambough, Andrew B. Turnbull, attorney Gerald Francis Clifford, Dr. W. Webber Kelly and Leland H. Joannes.

No one remembers Clifford because he died in 1950 without writing his side of the story and the sometimes faulty memory of others have diminished his role.

But the most important reason Jerry Clifford's memory faded from the scene is that he is the person that forced Curly Lambeau out as coach of the Packers. You see Lambeau was trying to change the corporate structure and take control of the Packers to move the team to a warmer climate.

Clifford led a faction of the Executive Committee that limited Lambeau’s power and prevented the takeover. Shortly after that, Lambeau left the team to coach the Chicago Cardinals and Lambeau’s many friends never forgave Clifford.

Clifford died in 1952 and was inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame in 1991. The staduim SHOULD be named Clifford Field and not Lambeau.
So today we're at home waiting for plants to arrive. DJ and I are landscaping today on the house. This is a before photo taking this morning. We have thirteen large plants coming. My worry is that it's going to look too formal so once they get in my plan is to ADD MORE!!

I really want the house to look like a mushroom emerging out of a thick jungle of plants.

And here is my very first garden I created which is coming along nicely.

Out plants JUST arrived and some plans for a patio we're putting in so it's off to work.

See ya at the Kurth. I think we might swamp them tonight - SORRY KURTH PEOPLE - we will behave.