Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Down For the Count

Oh sure - I'm mentioned in a major newspaper when I'm suffering with a cold.

The Portage Daily Register has a piece called One more day (and into the night) with Depp written by By Craig Sauer.

Some stats from yesterday
4,424 page loads, 4th highest, 9.364 was the record.
2,257 Unique visitors also 4th highest

And since March 7th there have been a total of 97,770 Unique visitors with 47,295 returning.

Thanks a lot everybody.

Now with coffee and handkerchief in hand I will delve in to the record 235 comments.

Be back soon.

Erik E - took these shots in Beaver Dam of Marion Cotillard and JD with a new mustache

His full set is on Flickr and can be found here at Public Enemies -- Beaver Dam 5-13-08

Later today I'll have advice on two things you should NEVER EVER do when catching a cold.

Another thing I want to stress. Just because PE is going away (but not yet wink wink nod nod) at some point does not mean this blog will fade away. I know I know, many of you are now disappointed but at the moment I have more then four complete thoughts in my head and three incomplete ones and THAT is under the evil demon of NyQuil.

I have the ability to embarrass myself many more times I just love talking about small town America, good and bad. I received an email from a blog buddy in Estonia a while back saying he/she loved hearing about what small town America was like. (geez that sounds like a political stump speech didn't it, did I mention his mother was forced to quit her job at the auto factory because of the cost of gasoline and lack of insurance and health care?)

I'm here until they drag me away. tee hee

Funny story from Jenny who's house is next to base camp. This is a good AND bad thing. Think about it. You are NEXT to base came, but you can never relax. Every time you hear people screaming yu feel you have to look outside to make sure yuo are not missing something special.

I got this email.

At 3:30 am I woke up and looked out the window and saw there were still like 150 people outside across the street. So then I looked out my other window that over looks basecamp and saw Johnny's bodyguard talking to the security officers and he only does that before Johnny comes out.

I run downstairs and put in my contacts and went outside. Luckily there was some room at the end of the barricades to stand, so I stood there and within minutes, Johnny came out.

He started at the other end of the street so I had to wait about 15 minutes for him to get to me. I was standing across the street from my house so when he got to me I said "Hey Johnny, we were neighbors" And he turned around and looked at my house and said "You live here? Can I move in?" and I was like "YAH". Then Jerry his bodyguard who has an English accent said "Oh, so you were the one making all the noise and keeping us up all night, haha" It was funny and I got another hug from Johnny Depp!

Thanks Jen (she is the best daughter in law you can imagine)

A little Oshkosh blog from cynnbad out of California. The Razor's Edge - Musings on Life and Depp

I have great news - Tanya from Connecticut who I met at the Visitor Center FINALLY got her hug from JD. She had flown out three times only to have the date changed - WAY TO GO TANYA! I am very happy for you!

What would a blog be without some beautiful Michelle shots.

Michael Mann and Johnny Depp at the end of the shoot!

Thanks Michelle
This will be a blog in chunks so check back as I become more cognizant.

Talk to ya later