Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Flippity floppity - It's Starting to Grow Thin

So you have probably put two and two together and figured out that Universal will NOT be here this week and WILL be here NEXT week . . . . maybe.

I found this out yesterday while talking to Adam Boor the location dude who had just had obscenities yelled at him from a passing motorist. I was shocked at first but as the day wore on I was feeling some interesting vibes around town.

Don't get me wrong, Columbus was and still is excited to have a movie being made in their front yard, but I can see some cracks in the pavement as schedules are constantly being changed. Monday? now it's Wednesday? Thursday? NEXT WEEK Monday?

People are rolling their eyes and the words "I can't wait until we get back to normal" style talk were heard.

It's not like they are mad or anything. It's the constant unknown, the road is open, the road is closed, people looking around the corners for Johnny asking where is he where is he. The visitor center talking to people that have flown in from Maine and other States thinking THIS is the day and then having to explain it was changed yet again, NOW it will be NEXT week.

No one is faulting Universal, they are here to make a movie and everybody understands that and is bending backward to help. They also understand that the making of a movie is always subject to change so no one is outwardly complaining.

And while there will be excitement when they DO come back to town for shooting. I think many people are getting a tiny bit stressed out and are looking forward to "normal" again.
Madison - a lot of people around the world have never seen the Capital of Wisconsin. It looks like the Capital of the US but a few inches shorter.

This is a photo from Meagan of the Wisconsin Capital.

Another from Meagan is of the square with the Glass Bank in the background. Probably won't be in the movie LOL

Also some people were wondering what the Poser house looked like in Columbus.

OK - gotta run - busy busy grrrrrrr!