Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Have You Seen My "4"?

Since when are blogs taken so seriously.

On Sunday, a not-so-widely read, right-wingy little blog about Wisconsin, posted that Ned Yost, manager of the Milwaukee Brewers was going to be fired. The Badger Blogger averages about 700 hits a day (this blog gets about 2000).

For some unknown reason The Milwaukee Journal Sentential sees it and prints it on their website saying "The blog said it could not "independently confirm" the information but said sources close to the Brewers' organization said Yost would be fired today and replaced by bench coach Ted Simmons."

Three hours later the Journal Sentential comes out saying that this is false - nevermind. THEN adds "It could be a totally irresponsible posting by "Badger Blogger," which as I've stated many times is a real danger of the Internet.

Yea - The Badger Blogger with 700 hits a day is irresponsible. Yet The Milwaukee Journal Sentential who found it and told the entire world is NOT?

Newspapers have to hate blogs and I totally understand. They have to make sure (normally) of facts and us bloggers can pretty much say what ever we want.

I think when people read a blog they have to understand we are not an organization but just one guy that probably does not blog for a living. We say what we believe to be true. Sometimes we get it wrong. If Badger Blogger just made it up THEN that is irresponsible posting.
Columbus was in the New Richmond News this morning. Just a little piece about filming in Milwaukee actually and how the Milwaukee Historical Society (once a 95 year old bank) and how Universal spent $100,000 in helping repair the building.

The "bank" is the bank that gets robbed in "Indiana". The same bank where Johnny and Company escape from in Columbus. Rob in Milwaukee and exit through Columbus. No wonder they could not be caught!!!

But what caught my eye was a new term to me called "heritage tourism."

As long as people remember a movie, they can also remember the sites where it was filmed and visit them.

"It's a form of tourism that really keys into this historic preservation ethic and people who are heritage tourists generally stay longer and spend more money than average tourists will," says Rick Bernstein of the Wisconsin Historical Society's Field Services Program.

Well! learn something new every day.
OK - see? I never know where this blog will take me. I've been compared to Jackson Pollock the abstract expressionist painter (actually the only one I have ever heard compare me to him was . . well, I guess it was me, and it was just a few seconds ago).

I start with an idea and just let it flow - I don't have a clue what I'm going to say next.
There is a common saying about how it does no good to complain because no one is listening.


I complain all the time and get results. The trick is finding who has the power.

For instance - In the Columbus newspaper in the Complaints to the Editor section there is normally a complaint about the need to get another grocery store. Here's an idea. Complain to the management of the store. Enough people complain he will get the message. It works.

For instance - I recently had a go around with Pic-N-Save then Copps and I went all the way to Corporate Headquarters Roundy's when I found it was THERE decision. Reason? They decided to NOT carry Bagels Forever Onion Bagels.

I called Bagels Forever and they said that Roundys just decided no to carry them. THIS IS A TRAVESTY! I have been buying them . . . .FOREVER!

I registered complaints to Pic-N-Save, three Copps stores and then headquarters Roundys. Not once, but a number of times (different emails addresses). I told them what stores DO carry them and I would start shopping THERE.

It took a month but Pic-N-Save now sell them again. Next time you are there buy some.

My point is complaining works if you go to the source. Want a new store? Why not update the store we already have. Complain about their food, tell them what you want, LET THEM KNOW.

Gas Stations. People complain about the price of gas and complain to the gas stations. I bet in the next year there will be many stations closing because THEY are getting screwed also.

Here is basically how it works. A station makes $0.16 for every gallon sold whether it is $1 a gallon or $4 a gallon.

The problem is people pay with credit cards and the station is charged 5% every time a card is used. So at $1 a gallon they make $0.16 MINUS $0.05 so they make $0.11 per gallon.

Gas at $4 a gallon they make $0.16 MINUS $0.20 so they are losing $0.04 per gallon and they have to make it up in other ways. It's not the stations making out - it's the Credit Card people making the big money.

Then there is this problem with the shortages of the number 4. You think I'm kidding right? NOPE!

Every gas station has those big numbers on their signs. At some point every station had to BUY those numbers and when they did the package had only had two of each number above three. That’s because sign makers didn’t anticipate prices ever reaching the $4 mark, at least not in this century.

Industrial Signs who makes the numbers, sold about one thousand "4s" a year. Two or three days a year they would make their machine make "4s". NOW? They have four "4" machines running twenty four hours a day and still have a back order of over one hundred thousand.

While a "4" would normally sell for $20, NOW they are charging $700 a pop!! And gas stations are paying it.

In San Francisco there are "4" robbery's. Stealing the "4s" is becoming a rebellious act in some circles that are dedicated to fighting high gas prices. Problem is some gas stations are pushing the price of gas higher because of no "4". $3.49.9 (I wish) goes to 3.50.9.

BUT - on the good side the sales of LED gas signs has jumped in the first quarter of 2008 thus helping with the electricity usage.

And you thought a gas station was a simple business.
Here is a photo that Scott sent from LaSalle Street in Chicago. Looks surprisingly a lot like Columbus doesn't it. Too weird. Thats his Graham from and center - I guess Christian Bale was following him for days. The cars would key off his movement.

It sounds like they will start filming at the Biograph late this week and off and on next week. I have heard that JD is not available the 27th and 28th ??? Is there a birthday coming up or something?? Any Depp people know (I'm getting in trouble aren't I)?

In the scenes at Union Station they used the Milwaukee Road 261. It was rebuilt in 1993. It weights over one million pounds. It was one of the last team engines made and this one was delivered in 1944. There are only two 261's left in the world.

I grabbed this photo from a 261 fansite LOL

Have a great day.

BTW - DJ is down for the count. Got hit by a right hook from Mr. Cold.