Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Have You Seen My "4"?

Since when are blogs taken so seriously.

On Sunday, a not-so-widely read, right-wingy little blog about Wisconsin, posted that Ned Yost, manager of the Milwaukee Brewers was going to be fired. The Badger Blogger averages about 700 hits a day (this blog gets about 2000).

For some unknown reason The Milwaukee Journal Sentential sees it and prints it on their website saying "The blog said it could not "independently confirm" the information but said sources close to the Brewers' organization said Yost would be fired today and replaced by bench coach Ted Simmons."

Three hours later the Journal Sentential comes out saying that this is false - nevermind. THEN adds "It could be a totally irresponsible posting by "Badger Blogger," which as I've stated many times is a real danger of the Internet.

Yea - The Badger Blogger with 700 hits a day is irresponsible. Yet The Milwaukee Journal Sentential who found it and told the entire world is NOT?

Newspapers have to hate blogs and I totally understand. They have to make sure (normally) of facts and us bloggers can pretty much say what ever we want.

I think when people read a blog they have to understand we are not an organization but just one guy that probably does not blog for a living. We say what we believe to be true. Sometimes we get it wrong. If Badger Blogger just made it up THEN that is irresponsible posting.
Columbus was in the New Richmond News this morning. Just a little piece about filming in Milwaukee actually and how the Milwaukee Historical Society (once a 95 year old bank) and how Universal spent $100,000 in helping repair the building.

The "bank" is the bank that gets robbed in "Indiana". The same bank where Johnny and Company escape from in Columbus. Rob in Milwaukee and exit through Columbus. No wonder they could not be caught!!!

But what caught my eye was a new term to me called "heritage tourism."

As long as people remember a movie, they can also remember the sites where it was filmed and visit them.

"It's a form of tourism that really keys into this historic preservation ethic and people who are heritage tourists generally stay longer and spend more money than average tourists will," says Rick Bernstein of the Wisconsin Historical Society's Field Services Program.

Well! learn something new every day.
OK - see? I never know where this blog will take me. I've been compared to Jackson Pollock the abstract expressionist painter (actually the only one I have ever heard compare me to him was . . well, I guess it was me, and it was just a few seconds ago).

I start with an idea and just let it flow - I don't have a clue what I'm going to say next.
There is a common saying about how it does no good to complain because no one is listening.


I complain all the time and get results. The trick is finding who has the power.

For instance - In the Columbus newspaper in the Complaints to the Editor section there is normally a complaint about the need to get another grocery store. Here's an idea. Complain to the management of the store. Enough people complain he will get the message. It works.

For instance - I recently had a go around with Pic-N-Save then Copps and I went all the way to Corporate Headquarters Roundy's when I found it was THERE decision. Reason? They decided to NOT carry Bagels Forever Onion Bagels.

I called Bagels Forever and they said that Roundys just decided no to carry them. THIS IS A TRAVESTY! I have been buying them . . . .FOREVER!

I registered complaints to Pic-N-Save, three Copps stores and then headquarters Roundys. Not once, but a number of times (different emails addresses). I told them what stores DO carry them and I would start shopping THERE.

It took a month but Pic-N-Save now sell them again. Next time you are there buy some.

My point is complaining works if you go to the source. Want a new store? Why not update the store we already have. Complain about their food, tell them what you want, LET THEM KNOW.

Gas Stations. People complain about the price of gas and complain to the gas stations. I bet in the next year there will be many stations closing because THEY are getting screwed also.

Here is basically how it works. A station makes $0.16 for every gallon sold whether it is $1 a gallon or $4 a gallon.

The problem is people pay with credit cards and the station is charged 5% every time a card is used. So at $1 a gallon they make $0.16 MINUS $0.05 so they make $0.11 per gallon.

Gas at $4 a gallon they make $0.16 MINUS $0.20 so they are losing $0.04 per gallon and they have to make it up in other ways. It's not the stations making out - it's the Credit Card people making the big money.

Then there is this problem with the shortages of the number 4. You think I'm kidding right? NOPE!

Every gas station has those big numbers on their signs. At some point every station had to BUY those numbers and when they did the package had only had two of each number above three. That’s because sign makers didn’t anticipate prices ever reaching the $4 mark, at least not in this century.

Industrial Signs who makes the numbers, sold about one thousand "4s" a year. Two or three days a year they would make their machine make "4s". NOW? They have four "4" machines running twenty four hours a day and still have a back order of over one hundred thousand.

While a "4" would normally sell for $20, NOW they are charging $700 a pop!! And gas stations are paying it.

In San Francisco there are "4" robbery's. Stealing the "4s" is becoming a rebellious act in some circles that are dedicated to fighting high gas prices. Problem is some gas stations are pushing the price of gas higher because of no "4". $3.49.9 (I wish) goes to 3.50.9.

BUT - on the good side the sales of LED gas signs has jumped in the first quarter of 2008 thus helping with the electricity usage.

And you thought a gas station was a simple business.
Here is a photo that Scott sent from LaSalle Street in Chicago. Looks surprisingly a lot like Columbus doesn't it. Too weird. Thats his Graham from and center - I guess Christian Bale was following him for days. The cars would key off his movement.

It sounds like they will start filming at the Biograph late this week and off and on next week. I have heard that JD is not available the 27th and 28th ??? Is there a birthday coming up or something?? Any Depp people know (I'm getting in trouble aren't I)?

In the scenes at Union Station they used the Milwaukee Road 261. It was rebuilt in 1993. It weights over one million pounds. It was one of the last team engines made and this one was delivered in 1944. There are only two 261's left in the world.

I grabbed this photo from a 261 fansite LOL

Have a great day.

BTW - DJ is down for the count. Got hit by a right hook from Mr. Cold.



  1. I'm moving this post from yesterday, in regards to Andy's photos of the Biograph


    I noticed the Pete Best stuff on your blog. If you're interested I interviewed Pete a year ago and the audio podcast is available here...

    He's a great guy and was more than happy to tell all of his stories of life with the early Beatles and what has happened since... He's a great storyteller...


  2. Nice info today Rod! The MJS, in my eyes, is the one who was being irresponsible. Blogs are just a way to epxress ones ideas....did the paper ask permission before they published his blog? If not, I smell lawsuit LOL.

    Thanks for the info on the historical society. I think it is so cool how 2 different places can be the same bank in a movie. It's cool.

    Have a good day all!


  3. The 27th is his daughters birthday. I think she will be 9 years old this year. Happy Birthday to her!

  4. O.K. Now it all makes sense. That is why I'm riding my bike to work.

  5. Well the Pick N Shit in Columbus does suck. I only go there when I need a few things. I do all of my other shopping at Woodman's or Copp's. Since we moved to Columbus from Beaver Dam we've been very unhappy with the grocery store here in town. The only day you can purchase 'decent' produce is on Monday. If you go in there on Sunday be prepared to see some nasty lettuce and carrots. The store also has a nasty odor at times.

    Complaining can only get you so far with a store. They have no competition in town so they can do as they please. I'm all for another grocery store in Columbus. We've heard the rumors since we moved here over 2 years ago that a Piggly Wiggly was coming to town.

    Until that day comes we shall continue to shop in Sun Prairie and Madison.

    For all of you who hate PNS there is a Woodman's being built outside Sun Prairie. I'm so excited about it. :-)

  6. Never a dull moment on your blog, Rod! The stuff about the gas stations was very informative!
    Sorry Dj is worse instead of seeing some improvement. Hope it doesn't last too long!
    I've noticed more and more of the "news" people are making the news instead of just reporting it! If there's nothing to tell the public they give "unconfirmed" information. Guess they have to sell papers (or put on a half hour program) SOMEHOW!

  7. I don't think Columbus has the business for 2 stores and another store would have the exact same problem.

    It's Roundys, the distributors not the stores when it comes to produce. Plus - lack of business.

    Same reason the USA Today is nowhere to be found in Columbus - no distributors.

    I shop PNS because it is in Columbus. If I need something special (Tofu) I go to Copps but 90% of shopping tax $$ goes to Columbus people, not for paying Sun Prairie taxes.

  8. Yep, Pick-n-Save sucks here. I seldom shop there.

    Bleh-dj, get better!!! I'm so sorry you got hit with the bug. You only have, what? Ten days left of feeling like a balloon head. :( Sorry.

    I am off Friday night. Me and Shakenb are gonna be at Kurth's. Others?

    I wish I could watch the filming with the trains. My dad was a train mechanic, and I absolutely thrive around trains!!

  9. It's my birthday on the 28th, and JD has a little something special planned for us.

    But, shhhhhh, don't tell anyone.

  10. I wonder how much that scene on LaSalle Street in Chicago will resemble the scene in the exact same location at the end of Brian DePalma's The Untouchables?

  11. Too funny Action Jackson, I mean Rod! Keep on stirring it up. Those of us who wish we could are living vicariously though you. =)

    Take good care of dj!

    Computer man has the crud now and therefore my computer which was supposed to be ready today is NOT! My other one is down too but I'm gonna have to fix it myself once I can ever find the part (ie: get the model # and my credit card and other info all together at the same time somewhere I can get on e-bay w/out jumping through hoops!)

    sorry done venting...

    BTW: kitties will be availble for viewing (cuddling) at Suz's Fri. nite if I can rig up a safe way of transporting them without getting us all killed in the process =)

    Thaks Suz!!!

  12. I would just like to say that I met Johnny on Monday night and have a lot of pics...after his little vacation he is VERY tan...chest even a little are they going to have to put a lot of makeup on? Didn't they say once that during the depression everyone was rather pale and for extras not to get tan? I thought I heard that. Maybe it was only for the winter scenes? Does anyone know?

  13. ps: Happy Birthday cranky!!! we'll expect details of course...

  14. anon 12:25:

    You got to meet Johnny AND see his chest! uuhhgg! How do you rate?

  15. Ok Anon 12:25 are you gonna share?.
    Let's see em..let's see your pix ; )

  16. anon at 12:25..are you going to share?

    JD's daughters (Lily rose) birthday is on May 27th.

  17. That is soo funny that you noticed the onion bagels forever too. Those are my favorite and I noticed the past couple months that Copps stopped carrying them. I thought maybe B.F. stopped producing them. I hate PNS also! It's gross and disgusting so we buy our groceries at Copps in Sun Prairie. Then this passed Sunday we needed just a couple things so we went to PNS in Columbus and I saw the onion bagels and I was so excited! I bought them immediately! Maybe if we complain enough that the PNS in Columbus is so disgusting and that's why Columbusonians don't shop there, they would tear it down and build something, bigger and nicer! Right now they just don't think there is enough business in Columbus. I personally think there is plenty of business but no one wants to shop there because its so gross! Everyone I know who lives in Columbus or Fall River shop in Beaver Dam or Sun Prairie because the Columbus PNS is so nasty. Sorry I'm rambling.... I'll stop now!

  18. It was warmish...he had his shirt open a bit...and not sure how to post I need one of those flickr accounts or something like that? or can I paste it into here? I guess not but thought I would ask anyway. He was cute in a little cap. Though I love all the hats he wears. Even the striped knit one in Columbus that someone said they had no love for. (Osh?) It was cute and so random and casual and mismatched that it HAS to make you smile how NORMAL he is. I love him. He looked like a cute little elf.

  19. Anonymous I'm open to emails and keeping people anon if you want to send some my way.

    Must I get on the CLEAN UP PNS bandwagon?

  20. JD was exposing some chest????
    Where was the paparazzi for this???
    Speaking of paparazzi....
    Let me know when the Milwaukee group is getting together....I may need to brush up on my stalking's been over a month since PE left Oshkosh!

  21. That's cute Johnny does not work for his daughter's birthday !

  22. The Columbus Pick N Save is disgusting! Have you ever been into their bathroom? I drive to Beaver Dam every weekend to do my shopping. I only go in to the PNS if I absolutely have to. I would love a Copps or something with more variety.

    Just watched Ed Wood again last nite. It had been years. JD did an awesome job! The extra scenes on the movie are pretty neat too. I recommend it.

  23. "I wonder how much that scene on LaSalle Street in Chicago will resemble the scene in the exact same location at the end of Brian DePalma's The Untouchables?"

    When I was driving down the street in front of the Christian Bale, I thought the exact same thing. The scene was at most 2 min in real time. The cost???? 60 cars 150 extras, better scene than the "Untouchables"……(I hate to say it)….. priceless (if you are Mr. Mann). The pictures I sent Rod was after the scene was over. The real pictures are worth the wait. I saw it out of my windshield, trust me, it was nothing less than spectacular.
    The Graham will be easy to spot I am right in front of Bale, a little to the right, the Graham was blocking some of the action, so I had to hug the line of parked cars.

    I am not sure I can wait a year to see this, guess I do not have a choice.

  24. anon 12:25, Yes, PLEASE email a picture or two (preferably with chest showing) to Rod to post.

    I know what you're all thinking and I am NOT a PERVERT! Just want to see a little tan skin that is not covered in cat fur. :0 I'll be waiting...

  25. Anon who met Johnny-you can post your photos on photobucket along with everyone else. The user ID is DeppHugs and the password is columbus.

  26. So now I am sick :(

    Not with the MEGA cold that's going around.....but the stomach flu! YUCK! DOn't know how I got it, and it better be over soon! LOL.

    The waukesha (where i live) PNS was a total mess. I hated shopping htere, but they are in the process of making it better. Hope that they can do the same in columbus.


  27. anon 12:25

    Where did you meet JD on Monday? I haven't heard of anywhere that he has been filming? Could you let us in on some more info? Thanks!


  28. Shaken...
    Sorry your 'puter is still "under the weather" and sorry dj is still "under the weather" too! Get better soon!
    I'm still wantin'a kitty-baby-I want the black, but my older daughter says the orange-we'll have to vote. Unfortunately Left Hand Louie is still in Brazil(home on Friday)so he's unable to vote-but he's use to me "springing" things on him unexpectedly! hehe
    We're planning on Friday night, unless he's too jet-lagged.

  29. JD on Monday

  30. Char:

    He's been filming in Chicago.

  31. On Monday he was filming at the Bridgeview Bank in Chicago. I met him there. Oh and btw Grinder those days he needs off would be for Lily Rose's birthday...awwww...that's great he can have time off for it. Jack's was April 9th.

  32. thanks for the undate on where they are filming....any pics from anyone??


  33. Ok I did send a couple to Rod...and I will look at the photobucket site...thanks is always hard to get a photo right in the face because when he is in front of you, you don't want to stick a camera in his face. You want to talk to him and shake his hand or hug him. We were in the fenced in area while meeting him and then as we left I took one thru the fence and I think it shows his chest more but also some fencing...sorry. He looked ASWESOME! But he always does...

  34. Thanks graham man...I just didn't look down far enough on the site. Wow!! only 35 people there. really small crowd....did I read that right?

    New hat...haven't seen that one before.


  35. Has anyone heard anything about filming tonight? I was debating with a friend whether to head down to Chicago and check it out. We have nothing better to do anyways :)

  36. OK, the striped hat is growing on me!

    And I called dibs on the all black kitteh. We have a name for him already! Dillinger!

    Betty, when will they be ready to come home? And will they have their first shots?

  37. I want the black kitty too. If DH would let me have him I think I would have to steal Osh's name of Dillinger for him. Our pekinese's name is Capone so they would make quite the pair. LOL

  38. I over-ruled my DH. He said no 5 times and I said I am taking Dillinger anyway. It wasn't in the marriage contract that HE is boss of the kitteh collection.

  39. Computer problems! UGH!!! I just got mine up and running after a month. First it was the mother board. Then the processor. Then.... well, one thing after another. Good thing everything was still covered under warranty. I've been off the computer so long I feel like I'm really out of the loop.

    A little PE Oshkosh news. My pal Wild Willie who was to play the bank manager (they had three guys selected for the part and in the end they had some stunt guy do it because they were fearful of possible injury) also does some modeling for Fleet Farm. He was featured in this past Sunday's ad modeling a Lee denim jacket. FF had an flyer come out today and there's Wild Willie right smack on the front cover grillin' some weenies and burgers! I got some great pics of him from the movie. Now that I've got my electronic device back, I can go thru my piles of cd's and shoot over some of the pics.

    And we still have a little PE memorabilia floating around downtown. The fake sign they put up on the bank is still in place. Don't know if they forgot about it or just want to see how many people notice it.

    Rod: I love the new look.

  40. There would be war if I overruled DH and brought home an animal. I like the way you think though. : )

  41. Tami,
    I'm prepared for war.

  42. Hmm, Dh just called and said "honey you do whatever you want about that kitten. I gave you reasons on why not to get it, but nothing beats your "I will love him forever and a kitten/cat is a lot cheaper than infertility treatments and the cost of raising another child" reasoning.

    We have very civil civil wars here at the house of Osh.

  43. Osh/Tami....
    you just brought the term "cat fight" to the next level.

    Who is going to film this cat fight?

  44. I win! I win! We already have a name! And crate to transport! and foods and a bed! And everything a little kitteh could ever need!

  45. I'm meeting with Nancy O our Mayor Friday - anybody have any questions??

  46. I have a question for her....

    When is she sending my key to the city?

  47. my questions are:

    did she get inside JD's trailer?
    what kind of cologne does JD wear?
    does she consider herself a stalker for being on the set?
    does JD own another leasther jacket other than the one he wears for the meet & greets?
    and is it true she issued a restraining order on JP?

  48. Stop spreading rumors Osh!!!!
    Gosh! (said in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice...)
    The mayor never filed a restraining order against me!

    (technically it was legally defined as an O.O.P. (order of protection))

    Act like ya know!

  49. JP, I got my info from Rod, so I guess his secret source down south is wrong again!

  50. Rod... question for your Mayor.... what can/will she do about the stores in Columbus that you all think are gross and nasty?

  51. Osh... nothing wins a DH war better than a woman's logic! =0P
    Congrats on getting the new kitteh.... I love the name Dillinger!! That is too cute!!!

  52. Glad you can make it to the meeting, Rod. I know it's early for ya. :)

  53. osh..are you friends with "streetwise" or just in with "streetwiser"....?

    and damn that southern source!

    i'm beginning to hate that person!

  54. JP,
    I just know Jeff (Streetwise) from his column and the day Evan (Streetwiser) spent with him. He seems really hip and cool and all the things I'd love to be again at that young age.

    However, both Jeff and I are from St. Louis and grew up about 3 streets apart about 10 yesars apart. Small world.

  55. Cool..i just met him yesterday...he seems cool...i mean...for a guy named Jeff....from St. Louis.

  56. Hm... so does anyone know if the Biograph is worth going to on Friday? I'm hoping for a meet and greet (and I do realize this is most likely going to be a night scene).

  57. oh JP, tell me what business you had meeting the original Streetwise? I hear he hangs at Oblio's too. If you are into stalking him as well.

  58. He was running around downtown... we started harassing him because we saw him riding a "girls" bike Monday night. Started talking bikes...then art...all kinds of nonsense...turns out we're fans of each other's friends' art

    and i prefer the term "privacy respecting - challenged"...stalker has so many negative connotations.

  59. Rod, please ask your sweet Mayor if they will be filmimg once again in Columbus and will JD be involved.....I'm hoping she could shed a little light on this and I know others would want to know as well. Thanks so much Rod for all of the hard work you have done to keep us all "in the loop"!


  60. Oh m'gosh, kitty b'gosh is back! Welcome back!!! I wondered where you were. Sorry you had computer problems; can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

  61. anon@7:38 - I actually just read that someone who was supposed to be an extra in the Biograph scene was told that it's being pushed back to after Memorial Day.

    Of course, anything regarding filming should be taken with a grain of salt and is subject to changing 864 times. :)

  62. haha JP, I told Jeff the proper term is "professional information gatherer"

    Really, a girl's bike? Evan will be crushed. Looks like we need to find another hero.

  63. Rod - Ask the mayor to condemn the PNS and build a new grocerystore.

  64. thanks for more PE info-good work as usual

    yes, I agree-can you ask Mayor Nancy if any more PE filming in columbus (IMHO thinking not, dang it but hoping maybe just the same) :)

    will keep checking back.....very, very, very very busy @ work this and week and looking forward to a 3 day weekend YIPPEE!!!!

  65. Cranky Anonymous- If they are not filming at the Biograph Friday I would assume they are still shooting somewhere... Do you have any idea of where a more likely place would be? Thank you!

  66. Actually cranky regards to the filming's only subject to change 861 times..please try to avoid exaggerating. You might offend someone on imdb...and then they'll be standing in line at the pencil sharpener again..with their own versions of "Rod on a stick"...

  67. No, I have no idea where they are filming. I just read that extra's report somewhere. I don't live in Chicago, so I really couldn't tell you. I think a lot of the crew doesn't know where they'll be shooting until they wrap the night before. :)

  68. Sorry, j^p, my mistake. I must have been blinded by my rage at the obnoxiously rude idiots over on IMDb.

    But, I think it's actually 862.5 times.


    *whoa...somebody hacked me there for a minute. that was really disturbing*

  70. *snickers at Osh*

    I know, I read that one too and I seriously said out loud - What. The. F**k?

  71. Cranky Anon....
    Lemme post over there and ask the experts.....if it's 862.5 or 861...
    (hum jeopardy theme.....)
    OK....i posted.....
    They called me a "fan boy" and "an egotistical idiot".....


  72. so can somebody actually confirm actual instances of this stalker fan behaivior that would lead somebody to post something like this over on IMBD?

    "Let me put it to the stalkers politely ... the fan border around the Biograph will be MUCH greater than before as a direct consequence of the past fan behavior .... I hate to break it to the 'good' fans, but those are the facts ... turn your flashes off, and stay home ... cheers"

    because nobody was arrested in Oshkosh, Beaver Dam or Columbus to my knowledge.

  73. what kind of cologne does JD wear?

    My vote goes to this Ask The Mayor question. There are some things that we just *have* to know!

    Oh but I hope this doesn't set off the That's Personal And You're Endangering Johnny crowd.

    *paces and worries*

  74. j^p said: They called me a "fan boy" and "an egotistical idiot".....

    j^p, I've been reading this blog for awhile and you are NOT egotistical.

  75. Ha. Rod. "Heritage tourism"... I am very familiar, having worked with/for different h.t. concerns over the years. Even went to a statewide h.t. convention (yes! they have'em!) at Taliesin once. Those h.t. folks can par-tayyy.

    Count me in as a Columbus PNS-avoider. I like Rechek's in BD well enough. Otherwise, Copps, Woodmans, or the Maharajah grocery for our needs. And Lupitas in BD. Lupitas is cool.

    dj... hope you're all snuggly in a blanket, and feeling better soon.


  76. RATS!! I had to go to an awards ceremony for my kids at church tonight and come back home to find out that I lost the cat fight before I even had a good chance to show my claws! Capone will be so sad. He'd finally find a friend to pick on that is smaller than him.

    JP - sounds like your burying yourself here tonight with all the little tidbits your admitting to. LOL Do we need to send the IMDb police after you?

  77. "lead somebody to post something like this over on IMBD"

    Was put up by Herenoththere he works on the crew.

    He is right, the fans should not expect to see anything during the filming of the Biograph.

    Stay home....

    Lips are zipped

  78. Columbus PNS was nasty even when I lived there over 20 years ago. After I moved to Beaver Dam I usually shopped at the Pig. Still do go there when I'm in the area (moved north about 10 years ago). My mom's husband is one of the butchers at Pigs. I love to go to Rechek's for the homemade brats they have this time of year. No place has ever beat them when it comes to brats.

  79. I know who the somebody is, sorry that I didn't properly credit the author.

    But that still doesn't answer my question. What is this rude fan behavior that has IMBD all a twitter? In Oshkosh, Universal invited people to come watch, it was in the paper and on our public cable channel that the residents were allowed.
    I only encountered nice, respectful and polite people. Except for the lady that pushed me into the telephone pole...

  80. lol rod..not to be critical, but your blog made me seems all your misspelled word just happened to be in all no offense, typos happen to the best of just made me giggle

  81. Osh, j^p, and cranky anonymous, your comments were making me crack up!

  82. Anonymous 8:56, I realize nothing will be seen of the filming at the Biograph but was hoping for a meet and greet after the filming, I realize it will be late/early when/if this occurs. Friday just seemed like a good day to go, therefore coinciding with this controversial Biograph scene. If you think there will be a better time for this opportunity I'm completely open!

  83. tami, are you trying to make me feel guilty knowing you were at church while I was cat fighting with you?

    There are 3 other kitties! Capone could still have a friend! The orange one looks like a Machine Gun Kelly or a Prwetty Boy Floyd.

  84. and for the record...I was never going to Chicago to see any PE filming or JD.

  85. When I was in college (many years ago), I worked at a PNS one summer. We always called it "Pick n Slave". That's what it felt like--I worked in the deli. Ick. I came home feeling greasy and smelling like lunchmeat.

    Moving on. . .

    Rod--you got me into blogging! I started a blog.

    Everybody, come visit my first blog:

  86. Movie star wife!!!
    "i came home feeling greasy and smelling like lunch meat"
    That sounds like my dream job!

    And just for the record....i haven't been able to post on imdb since April. Wifey added it to the "restricted site" list on Internet Explorer...i guess she was getting tired of me crying myself to sleep every night after posting there were all the nightmares i had...waking up covered in sweat screaming "OMG! I have compromised the filming process!! NoOoOOooOoOO!"
    So I now live vicariously through Osh on that front...

  87. Quick Poll!

    How many people feel greasy and smell like lunchmeat after reading Rod's blog?

  88. I don't know y'all. I'm starting to feel like if PE bombs it is going to be all mine and Evan's fault because we gave JD an autism bracelet and then it just snowballed until we turned into rabid stalkers and ruined the entire film. Not to mention the fact that JP really did steal JDs panties in Columbus.


    and IMBD scares me with their 38 point words. I'm too small town to keep up with that.

  89. JP, your mom told me she does.

  90. Yes Osh, I'm trying to make you feel guilty. I LOVE that little pirate kitty! I don't want the orange one, I WANT THE BLACK ONE! **stomping feet**

    Actually DD liked the orange one the best, but DH isn't caving. Wars with him aren't pretty so I'd be giving up before it really got going.

    A kitty would probably kick Capone's arse anyway. He's the biggest woos I've ever seen. LOL Course, if I was a 4 lb dog I'd probably be a woos too. :) I use to have a different pekinese that was bigger than capone and my then cat kicked his arse! LOL She was one fiesty Siamese!

    Moviestarwife - I can hardly wait to check your blog. I bet you'll have some very interesting stuff to day. I will do that tomorrow. I have get going so I can watch Days of Our Lives on SoapNet now. : )

  91. JP's stealing panties now?! Wow, he's one sick individual. Now I'm the one going to have nightmares tonight. Sound like both he and Osh are jinxing the movie.

  92. I feel bad. You don't suck!

  93. well, I was only kidding about me!

  94. kendra - which word - none are showing up with red lines ????

  95. Rod, I think Kendra just means some there/their typos and such. Not really misspelled.

    How was the meeting? Did you get any answers?

  96. tami wrote:
    No place has ever beat them when it comes to brats.

    The Beavis&Butthead fan in me is just dying...


  97. hu huh uh huh uh....
    you said brat...

  98. You guys/ladies crack me up. Now I really am off to watch my soap.

    Have a great night!

  99. The first time I took my husband to PNS after we moved here from Beaver Dam he was disgusted just by the outside of the building. It looks like it should be in the ghetto in Milwaukee.

    I do 95% of my shopping in Sun Prairie, Beaver Dam or Madison. I go to Whole Foods once a month because I only fed my parrots organic fruits and veggies. I would NEVER fed them any of the questionable produce at the PNS here in town.

    We also have a rabbit and we've learned you need to go to the PNS on Monday to get lettuce and other greens. Because as the week goes by they get more and more wilted and disgusting looking. That is pretty much all we buy here in town is food for the rabbit cause he eats way more then the two birds do.

    Now that we decided to do all of our bulk shopping at Woodman's we buy a box of lettuce for him when we go there every other month. A head of green leaf lettuce is 88 cents compared to over $1.20 at Copps and other places. They also have a decent organic section and that helps so I don't have to go to Whole Foods as often any more.

    I just wish this town would get a large farmer's market. That would keep more money here in this community also.

    Nothing will be done to the PNS here in town. I used to work at the PNS in Beaver Dam years ago. That place was disgusting. I worked in the deli for a month before being transferred to the bakery. OMG the things I saw there. I'm amazed that place stayed open. There were maggots behind and around the mixer. The cleaning lady who was the most disgusting woman I've ever seen in my life would eat food out of the garbage every night. I would throw old donuts away and then she'd come around to do her nightly cleaning and I would see her digging through the trash and eating the donuts and other food. I started pouring cleaning products on top of the thrown away food to stop her from eating trash. That finally worked.

  100. A few comments about comments. Not sure the" JD in the Bahama"s rumor was legit. Vanessa and the kids were photographed in LA doing routine stuff after he had supposedly split for the Islands. And yes, a tan is problematic since most of the film takes place in late fall and winter and new footage has to match what has already been shot. Any kind of a tan in 1933 was considered a sign of low class distinction... someone forced to work outdoors.

    I think the Bridgewater Bank interiors shot on Monday are the match to the Grenncastle IN heist exteriors shot in Columbus. The Milwaukee set has always been linked to the American Saving and Trust Bank heist shot in Oshkosh. I would be surprised if they abandon plans to shoot there since so much set building has been done.

  101. the Bahamas have been confirmed.

    Palm Beach Post

    By Jose Lambiet
    Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

    Wednesday, May 21, 2008


    ... Pirates of The Caribbean star Johnny Depp tried to look inconspicuous with a hat and thick shades after his flight to PBIA from the Bahamas Sunday afternoon. He failed miserably ...

  102. I found this on the Chicago Sun Times site posted 5-21-08

    SEEN ON SCENE: Johnny Depp shopped up a storm Wednesday at Madison & Friends, the trendy children's clothing boutique on Oak Street. During a two-hour spending spree, Depp dropped big bucks on jeans, shirts, outerwear and shoes for his kids -- one of the biggest sales for shop owner David Shelist in the store's 12-year history. ...

  103. And this too....

    Deep Depp . . .

    Johnny Depp was spotted wearing an Irish cap, jeans with a bandanna sticking out a back pocket and a white collared shirt with horizontal pale blue stripes while soaking up some jazz in a front booth at the Green Mill Tuesday night.

    • • Close call? Depp, in town filming gangster flick "Public Enemies," in which he plays John Dillinger, slipped out a side door around 2 a.m. -- which was a stone's throw from a drive-by shooting 30 minutes later.

    Will I be angering those at IMDB for being a "professional information gatherer" as Osh would say....

    As for the arrests...what happened in Chicago? Did fans get arrested for using flash on their cameras???

    If that's the case, then I think Wisconsin can be very proud, especially Columbus. Look first of all at the size of crowds at the meet and greets...35 in Chicago???? PUUULLLLEEEAAAAAZZZZZ! There had to be about 300 or so at 4 am to meet JD...and the fans here have always acted appropriately...(sorry to hear about your tree incident, OSH!) Oh, and there was some guy yelling that he wanted to have JD's baby in Oshkosh...was that you JP?

    Great posts yesterday the kitteh fight! Love the name Dillinger, how appropriate!

    Have a great day!

  104. Julie's Java hosts a farmer's market in the summer months on Sundays. It's not huge, but it's something and we have to start somewhere. There is also a farmer's market on Saturday mornings in the Savannah Oaks (near Fall River) parking lot -- at least there was the last few years. If we go out of our way to support these things, maybe they can grow.

    I love the Madison market as much as anyone, and sometimes we go to the Sun Prairie market if we don't feel like dealing with a crowd. But it sure would be nice to have a bigger, sustainable market in town. And that can only happen if more people know about it and support it.

  105. No need to fight over black kittens. It seems our Momma cat is very good at producing little black kitties. This is her third batch and she had 5 black and 1 dark gray. Their free to anyone who wants to come pick it up or 2 for the same price (wink, wink)lol

  106. *giggling*
    you guys are great!!! thanks for the laughs
    I have been busy with the gardens at my house.....
    maybe see ya'll at the Kurth on friday I get a little "ME" time for dealing with 1 month of 2nd shift.Or is the lottery system taking effect?

    Shaken-- I wish I could take a kitty but my 18 lb female beast of a cat may eat one....or baby capt'n Jack would "scream" it to death..

    Rod -Pick n save has been a dump for many years you should try Recheck's or Pig ...over here in Beaver Dam Heck I shop at Aldi and the place is even cleaner and the produce cheaper and fresher than pick n' slave.

  107. *OUCH, J^P*

    *THANKS, OSH!* But how do you spend virtual $$$$?