Saturday, May 10, 2008

Little Big Town

The cobblestone is going down this morning and the streets are closing in Columbus for Monday and Tuesday.
It's Red Bud Days here in Columbus and I always thought they were talking about a different sort of Red Bud. The kind you would see at rallies in Madison.

But this is the TREE Red Bud and Columbus is ripe with Red Buds.

Later today some little 5-7 year olds will be crowned Prince and Princess Red Bud and all the rest of the contestants will learn all about rejection and losing. It's good to start them young.

I'll have to get more photos in the next few days. However today I have to drive to Da Dells. Reason is for a golf outing at The Wilderness. HOWEVER - I will be searching for Johnny Depp's DNA that might be laying along the roadside. You see he had been staying at The Wilderness for the last bunch of days. (gone now so don't bother driving there).

Back to Red Bud Days - if you are in the area take a trip downtown today, have a brat or hotdog and check out the place.

Someone called Columbus, Mayberry a while ago and I think she meant it as an insult when compared to a big city. I think this is an awesome town with everything going for it. Madison is just a short ways away, not a vast empty wasteland between a small, happy community and a thriving (sometimes) progressive city. Columbus is actually more liberal then I thought it was before we moved here.

If you have never been to Columbus we have our own version of an antique car show but actually we go further back in time. June 13th through 15th we have the Carriage Classice with many many outstanding horse drawn carriages.

Another thing that totally floored me was the 4th of July Celebration. The fireworks are outstanding. Seriously. Not like Rhythm and Booms in Madison which is AMAZING but when I saw the "works" last year we all came away saying "THAT was freaking good".

It was like an old time get together, blankets on the ground, people being friendly and some serious explosions.

Hey - how about a Public Enemies Fireworks get together.

And speaking of PE - still looking like Monday and Tuesday is a GO!

The Kurth was a riot last night and here is the weekly roll call

Left bottom going clockwise Osh, Shakenbis, Jenny, Mary, Left Hand Louie, dj, Tracey and krisx.

and this next photo I am not saying a word and have NOTHING to do with it's creation, it's out of my hands.
Grinder on a stick.

Jenny says tell the cell phone story.

I was golfing at The Oaks in Madison and on hole #3 early in the morning I put my pull cart in an awkward position where it tipped over, spilling the contents on the ground. I picked everything up and we continued to golf.

When we were finished with the 18 I went to call dj and could not find my phone. I looked everywhere and then it occurred to me that maybe it fell out on #3. I asked around the clubhouse and no it was not turned in.

I borrowed a cart and zoomed to #3, it had to be there. I stop, get out and am looking looking and I start to see little chunks of plastic. Upon closer inspection there are thousands of chunks of plastic.


I picked up as many pieces as I could and put them in my pocket. Got back to the clubhouse bar and they asked if I had found my phone and I said yes and preceded to dump the contents on the bar. Laughter by all.

So now I need a new phone (again). I go to Cingular and get a customer rep. I ask if they can fix phones if a piece breaks off and the guy says which piece. I empty my pockets of the 1000 pieces and I say "The piece that holds this all together".

They could not fix it.
BTW - I'm a pretty hard rocker kind of guy, liking groups like Tool, Drowning Pool,Evanescence, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil, Rob Zombie and so forth. Ask dj about our sub woofer, it's almost the size of Johnny Depp (really it is). BUT - I love Little Big Town, they sort of remind me of a Country version of The Doobie Brothers.

I also like Big & Rich and yes, Carrie Underwood is pretty darn good and dare I say . . . . Trace Adkins! Maybe I'm Just a Small Town Country Man . . . . no that is Alan Jackson isn't it. ARG! Did I type that out loud?



  1. Great photos--again! (Yes, even the Rod-on-a-stick one). Nice to see everyone at Kurth's. :)

    Jenny was right. The cell phone story is funny!

    I'm still sick....and tired of it. :(

  2. Suz - I'm sorry you're 'sick & tired' of being sick... =(

  3. Good morning Rod, I think you should give up on cell phones.
    Beautiful picture I really had no idea before that Wisconsin is such a beautiful state. Enjoyed seeing the Kurth Gang what fun.
    So you are pretty good at keeping secrets. Thanks for all the info.

  4. soooo... this isn't the new cell phone that you just got is it...

    bummer, lol...

    Happy Red Bud Days! I love small town festivities = )

  5. Suz, I hope you feel better soon!!

  6. Shakenbsis, It was so nice seeing you again (as always!!) :)

    I think it is so cool you can speak Japanese!!

    Have a great day, girlie!

  7. We just got back from town - I have a new photo up (that I took) and my tummy has a 9:00 hotdog in it!

    Plus I added a few words about the Prince and Princess Red Bud Competition.

  8. I didn't get a chance to read yesterdays post until today.. but beautiful pictures both days Rod! And about the phone... who knows, maybe they'll have silver this time around!

  9. Your photo of the red bud tree (with the auditorium in the background) is BEAUTIFUL!!! I had
    been thinking of taking a trip to
    Columbus today to try to get a couple photos of the "pharmacy" where Red will be shot on Tuesday (wonder if he knows this??); but then though "gas is so high, just do it on Tuesday when you're there". But all of the talk about the redbud trees and the hot dogs has me thinking that I may have to
    rethink all of that!
    I think you should invest in insurance on your next cell phone; there seems to be a pattern here!!
    Make sure it covers these type of
    "losses" though! LOL
    Looks like another great group at
    Kurth's last night too!

  10. Thanks dj!!! (domo arigato) he he... being around you always puts me in a happy mood = )

    Rod - is that a 9 dollar hot dog or a 9am hotdog (or both?) mmm... breakfast of champions lol.

    The BIG question: was it burned and did it have mustard on it?? (the only way to eat a dog) = )

  11. Yeeesh, am I incompetent at bunny ears. I think my tactic was to not let Jenny know I was being juvenile behind her, end result makes no sense as a hand gesture whatsoever.

    Jenny! Thank you so much for the artifact-- my daughter is thrilled! I hope she can thank you in person on Tuesday.

    Suz, if you had what I had all last week, the end is nigh. Oh wait... I mean you'll get better soon, not that you'll expire! You were missed last night.

    Thanks again to all at the Kurth last night. It was the bright spot of my week; y'all have no idea how much I needed that.


  12. Mary, I was so happy to see you last night! :) Have fun at the Brewers game tomorrow!! I will think of you when we go to the Greenhouse up your way tomorrow!

    Okay, now I NEED to get my housework done! :)

  13. anon-char:

    I sent you a couple emails and aren't sure if you received either. Please let me know.

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  15. "...the rest of the contestants will learn all about rejection and losing. It's good to start them young." LOL LOL LOL !!! That's how you learn about life.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Hi Mary!

    Have fun at the game!
    The back side of the table also had a similar conversation (more focused on the eyes) then we had to stop to fan ourselves! (Rod on a stick was put to good use) = )

  18. Lotus - that struck me as hilarious too...

  19. dj, I will be bringing my perfect 1.000 statistic to the game tomorrow: whenever the Crew plays at home on Mother's Day and I am in attendance, they WIN. Thank you for the kind words. [compliment for dj that could have been edited, pasted elsewhere, and used as a flamestarting taunt removed]

    Osh's pics were the talk at the east end of the table, particularly for one thing: Johnny Depp's skin. It is flawless, strikingly so. It's often said that HDTV makes people really notice the skin of actors, news anchors etc. (I think there's even a dermatologist with a popular photo blog who focuses on this topic), how all the imperfections are so much more obvious. But osh's up-close photos of Depp show how really remarkable he looks. He's in his 40s?!

  20. Yes, it's me screwing up this comment section today. Is there a way to edit posts? The "preview" feature is too immediate for me; generally it takes a lot longer for me to figure out I'd rather have worded something differently.

  21. "The BIG question: was it burned and did it have mustard on it?? (the only way to eat a dog) = )"

    OMG! we are soul seesters! or hot dog seesters. or something.

    And obviously Johnny Depp and I share a dermatologist.

    *flips hair and trips over my own sarcasm.

    hahaha...I had a great time last night, it was wonderful being around adults other than my son! thank you all!

  22. Hi all-

    Computer has been on the fritz past couple of days, so haven't been able to say hi. Great pics and articles over the past couple of days. Sorry I missed you at the Kurth last night, would have loved to come! Maybe next time. Can't make it for shooting on Mon or Tues :(...So take some great pics lol!
    Hope you feel better Suz!


  23. lotus....i haven't rec'd either of you e mails. I'm not sure why. i also checked spam but not in there either. Could you try again? I am out of town but am checking my e mail from here. Thanks!


  24. shakenbsis, yep I laughed and at the same time felt badly because it's true.

  25. anon-char:

    I'll try again. If you don't get one from me try sending one to this email address: Thanks!

  26. Adam Boor just came and put signs up all around my parking lot that say "No Parking, Tow Zone" "This parking lot closed 5/11 - 5/14"

  27. anon-char:

    The email address I sent my email to you under is 'twisted'. So, if you get an email address that looks weird its mine! Don't delete it. :)

  28. jenney, that is great! Did you get a picture?

  29. WOOHOOO!! Jenny is my best friend!! :D

  30. You all crack me up!

    I love the Rod-on-a-Stick, Shakenbsis! Rod, perhaps divine intervention is trying to tell you something - you probably do not NEED a cell phone.

    My loss - I didn't get to meet Osh & Evan last night. I was too get dressed for the party, but I could have used the laugh. Sounds like you had fun.

    Mary you are a prankster - it's always those Catholic Girls you gotta watch, I hear.

    Suz, how you feeling? I hope better. My house has something similar to what you have - except me (for now).

  31. Ugh! Kathy...sorry your gang has this crapola too. I felt bad going into work under the weather, but a bunch of my coworkers are also sickly. So much for that "stay home if you're sick" advice in the manual. (Staying home doesn't pay the bills, oddly enough).

    I need to feel better by tomorrow a.m. I have a double. Grrrr. My head is floaty...

    I rented Sweeney Todd. Kathy-you want me to drop it at your door for tomorrow nite for you? I have it until Tuesday! I heard it's JD singing. Oh, and there might be a teensy bit of blood. :p

    Lots of big white trucks up and back from the top of the hill today! :)

  32. Now that Jenny and I are BFF for life I am debating if I should bring my tent down to Columbus and set it up in her backyard. And then I would place my cobblestone at my tent entrance to blend in with the set.


  33. Uh-OH, truckanosis setting in...

  34. good one Osh, I missed that...

    JENNY!!! the magic words =)

  35. Ooh; white trucks!! It's really going to happen this time! You know, after all of this build-up, it's really going to be sad to see them leave (for the last time)!!

  36. Osh, your pic doesn't do you justice(the one you use by your name)you're much prettier in person. Thanks for bringing all the snacks-so nice of you-and I'm a sucker for cookies! Thanks also to you and Evan for sharing your Johnny pics-you got some really nice ones- maybe you'll get some more on Tuesday, here in C-bus!
    Suz, hope you get better soon.

  37. shakenbsis, my truckanosis was never cured!

  38. I even took three series of Amoxicillin; didn't cure it!!!

  39. krisx, Thank you! I take awful pictures. Very sweet of you to say that, made me feel so nice.

    It was fun meeting you and I hope we can get together again soon!

  40. I just watched Sweeney Todd, and I gotta say, I'm Sweeney-swooning! Wow! I really didn't think I was going to like it, but how amazing is that movie?? YAY!

  41. Suz...
    We rented ST last weekend and I had to buy far Evan and I have watched it 8 times. He knows all the lyrics my heart now.

    Great movie.

  42. I don't really watch movies...I only watch movies being made. :)

    Is sweeney todd any good?

  43. I think SW is one of the best movies! The music is amazing. There is just enough comic relief in it to make the "gore" managable. The scenery, the story line and of course JD's and Helena's performances all come together to create an amazing piece of work. If you buy it, get the delux edition which includes lots of interviews with Tim Burton & JD and out takes, etc. Really good stuff!


  44. Oops! I meant ST not SW!! Sorry!


  45. guess what I am watching right now ...sSweeny Todd...Johnny has an amazing voice and Hubby even is enjoying....
    Johnny can sing to me ANYTIME
    first song line in I got goosebumps.. suz u r right lots of blood
    And the cast is amazing lots of other
    actors from my favorite movie (2 from harry potter)
    who is the girl who plays the barber's daughter ?
    and Jenny thank you for the update...

  46. hmmmm.....
    maybe i'll give it a try....wonder if it's on pay-per-view yet?

    ugh....i should be writing my speech for church tomorrow....instead of reading this blog....and watching

    oh's saturday night :)

  47. *giggling*

    as i think about jp weighing the balance between watching Sweeney Todd and preparing a speech for church... = )

    i LOVE this place and feel very at home here with all you strange folk! heeeeeeee.....

  48. Osh!! I'm bumming, I liked your profile pic =( Your megawatt smile always cheered me up!

  49. Shaken!!!!!
    I'm trying to get some work kinda...sorta....

    Before it gets too late.....and i fall asleep on my laptop i should say "Happy Mother's Day" to all you moms out there.

  50. maybe we should remind folks about the 12 step program for bloggers...


  51. 12 steps! One of the numbers must have fallen off of that email...i thought it was only 2 steps.....
    step 1 - read blog
    step 2 - post annoying comments

    what could the other 10 steps be???

  52. Rod, love the pictures of Columbus.

    Thanks for posting the photo of the Kurth Bunch! It's nice to be able to put faces to names. :)

    Rod on a stick, hmmm....that's

    Now that's funny Rod. I would loved to have seen the face of the person at Cingular when you poured the 1000 pieces on the counter!!. That is too funny!! LOL

    As soon as I saw the title of today's blog I thought of the country band, Little Big Town, but didn't think you actually had them in mind or even knew about them...I toke you for a hardcore rock-n-roller, especially after you bought flowers with a name like Jethro Tull ~ your friend Elizabeth (with the blog) used some lyrics from Mary Chapin Carpenter - that was pretty cool too. :)

    Hope you and everyone else here had a great day!! AND

    Happy Mothers Day to all the moms. Hope you have one of the best Mother Days' yet!!


  53. Uh Oh - now I have to come up with something witty... = )

    *fails miserably*

    Hey thanks for the mom's day thoughts... In honor of Mother's Day and at Rod's prompting I'm trying to write my adoption story.

    I stuck my toe in the water tonight and will keep at it over the weekend. This is a little hard for me...

  54. shakenbsis,

    I just read the link you shared ~ it's a very touching story. I understand your challenge in writing it ~ but if it's something you really want to do, then you need to do it for you and for your girls ~ one word, one sentence at a time.

    Good luck and keep us posted on the writing process.


    ps ~ I would be very interested in reading it.

  55. The Trailers are pulling in!!!!

  56. so r people going to get together tuesday at all? I may be making to drive down with my girlfriend( who just got a job in hawaii ..leaves end of june...:( )

  57. Hey Jenny - I had a dream that you called to tell me the trailers came in this morning! Now I see it wasn't a dream = )

    I'm finally really awake and having coffee, mmmmm

  58. Sorry I called you so early, but I was so excited, and I had promised you I'd call as soon as they showed up :)

  59. Ok so Helby is me..Ty...just letting ya know!:)

  60. Hey Jenny, that was the BEST dream I've had in a while = ) (did I sound like a lunatic?) he heee

    uh oh - Ty's switching aliases... are you planning on robbing a bank or something?

  61. Yeah, I saw "helby" and I was like "Who's that?"

  62. [whoops it up in a sickly way]


    Jenny, I want to get on that calling tree! ;)

    Helby, we think there will be some getting together on Tuesday. Don't we?

    Off to work. Happy Mother's Day to all.

  63. going undercover..shhhhh:)

    actually it changed cause i started this...and I have no idea how to do it!

  64. Good Morning and Happy Mother's Day to all!

    hehe Jenny!!

    How often can you say "Hollywood has arrived!" Looks like it really is happening this time!!

    So Shakenbsis you got your "Wake up call" too! hehe exciting!!!

    Hmm maybe this movie has been a bad influence on Helby if he is planning on robbing banks now...;)

  65. thanks Ty, oops helby... I like your place, can't wait to see more = )

  66. Happy Mother's Day to all!

    So exciting to hear the trucks have arrived....
    So are we doing red flowers or Rod on a stick or rod with flower on a stick ?


    that's the link to the Rod on a stick document if you want to make your own! = )

  68. We should all do Rod on a stick! That would be cool!

  69. we should also have a catchy name for out cult = )

  70. Thanks for the update, jenny! It's getting very hard to wait until Tuesday! Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers and patiently waiting mothers.

  71. Happy Mother's Day!
    So nice to see Jenny and dj yesterday at the Redbud p&p event-the kids are so cute!
    Sooooo excited the trucks are here-thanks for the updates, Jenny-how cool that you live right there!
    Shaken..I wasn't dissin' Osh's profile pic- it's adorable!She's just more adorable in person.
    And Osh, no,you don't take awful pics-that would be me!

  72. krisx - he hee, you're right, she is more adorable in person! = )

  73. Hello, shakenbsis. I hope you have a great day today!