Saturday, May 10, 2008

Little Big Town

The cobblestone is going down this morning and the streets are closing in Columbus for Monday and Tuesday.
It's Red Bud Days here in Columbus and I always thought they were talking about a different sort of Red Bud. The kind you would see at rallies in Madison.

But this is the TREE Red Bud and Columbus is ripe with Red Buds.

Later today some little 5-7 year olds will be crowned Prince and Princess Red Bud and all the rest of the contestants will learn all about rejection and losing. It's good to start them young.

I'll have to get more photos in the next few days. However today I have to drive to Da Dells. Reason is for a golf outing at The Wilderness. HOWEVER - I will be searching for Johnny Depp's DNA that might be laying along the roadside. You see he had been staying at The Wilderness for the last bunch of days. (gone now so don't bother driving there).

Back to Red Bud Days - if you are in the area take a trip downtown today, have a brat or hotdog and check out the place.

Someone called Columbus, Mayberry a while ago and I think she meant it as an insult when compared to a big city. I think this is an awesome town with everything going for it. Madison is just a short ways away, not a vast empty wasteland between a small, happy community and a thriving (sometimes) progressive city. Columbus is actually more liberal then I thought it was before we moved here.

If you have never been to Columbus we have our own version of an antique car show but actually we go further back in time. June 13th through 15th we have the Carriage Classice with many many outstanding horse drawn carriages.

Another thing that totally floored me was the 4th of July Celebration. The fireworks are outstanding. Seriously. Not like Rhythm and Booms in Madison which is AMAZING but when I saw the "works" last year we all came away saying "THAT was freaking good".

It was like an old time get together, blankets on the ground, people being friendly and some serious explosions.

Hey - how about a Public Enemies Fireworks get together.

And speaking of PE - still looking like Monday and Tuesday is a GO!

The Kurth was a riot last night and here is the weekly roll call

Left bottom going clockwise Osh, Shakenbis, Jenny, Mary, Left Hand Louie, dj, Tracey and krisx.

and this next photo I am not saying a word and have NOTHING to do with it's creation, it's out of my hands.
Grinder on a stick.

Jenny says tell the cell phone story.

I was golfing at The Oaks in Madison and on hole #3 early in the morning I put my pull cart in an awkward position where it tipped over, spilling the contents on the ground. I picked everything up and we continued to golf.

When we were finished with the 18 I went to call dj and could not find my phone. I looked everywhere and then it occurred to me that maybe it fell out on #3. I asked around the clubhouse and no it was not turned in.

I borrowed a cart and zoomed to #3, it had to be there. I stop, get out and am looking looking and I start to see little chunks of plastic. Upon closer inspection there are thousands of chunks of plastic.


I picked up as many pieces as I could and put them in my pocket. Got back to the clubhouse bar and they asked if I had found my phone and I said yes and preceded to dump the contents on the bar. Laughter by all.

So now I need a new phone (again). I go to Cingular and get a customer rep. I ask if they can fix phones if a piece breaks off and the guy says which piece. I empty my pockets of the 1000 pieces and I say "The piece that holds this all together".

They could not fix it.
BTW - I'm a pretty hard rocker kind of guy, liking groups like Tool, Drowning Pool,Evanescence, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil, Rob Zombie and so forth. Ask dj about our sub woofer, it's almost the size of Johnny Depp (really it is). BUT - I love Little Big Town, they sort of remind me of a Country version of The Doobie Brothers.

I also like Big & Rich and yes, Carrie Underwood is pretty darn good and dare I say . . . . Trace Adkins! Maybe I'm Just a Small Town Country Man . . . . no that is Alan Jackson isn't it. ARG! Did I type that out loud?