Saturday, May 3, 2008

Madison - Monday

Looks like it's a go for Monday in Madison. There will be 15 Picture Cars in the shoot with 33 Graham making an appearance.

What that tells me is that the scene, in my minds eye, will be of a grander scale then I had anticipated utilizing the streets. THIS means the crowds will be at least two block away in all directions.

I have gotten a lot of email of late saying signs with HOT SET are popping up. Any one know the true definition of HOT SET? It's easy to guess but I'd be interested from an insider point of view.

I know there is a HOT SET sign at the crashed auto near Mirror Lake so I assume they are not finished there yet.
Funny Mirror Lake story.

Seems the crew had a bunch of White Pines that were cut off and mounted on steel plates that they slid around for the scenes. Also Universal spent $3000 on White Pine Needles.

Also - as of late Friday a reports says " the Poser mansion is definitely on schedule for Monday unless things change."

Just reporting what I hear and read.

Speaking of Dillinger - here is the Wisconsin State Journal front page from July 24 1934. I'll have some closer shots so you can read the articles in the next few days. Sort of interesting, even the non-Dillinger stuff.

This gives you an over all look and feel of the day.

Yet another fine time at the Kurth. We had to go the the back room as we were over flowing a little. Michele took this photo and I think the next photo I'll have to take so SHE can be in the shot.

It's a problem photographers always have, THEY are never in the shots

The dude on the right with the abnormally large left hand is Terry the next superstar Extra to be in The Movie. I think he has been cast as Left Hand Louie the bouncer at The Brothel but I could be wrong. If you see him get is autograph before it's too late but stay on his right hand side.

And because SOMEBODY cared my mailbox garden contains Blue Wonder Catmint, East Friesland salivia, Autumn Joy sedium and Karl Foerster feather reed grass and all are doing fine after the winter.

We did get the front of the house planted. Had to survive a thunderstorm and copious amounts of mud which resulted in sending my cell phone through the wash which the instruction manual says to avoid.

One Cranberry Cotoneaster, four Jolly Bee Geraniums, one Regal Splendor Hosta, a Bar Harbor Juniper, the Red Chokeberries and four . . . . .T.cuspidata 'Nana's'.

As for the cell phone. I was covered in mud and emptied my pockets . . . . . almost.

I was looking for my phone an hour later and remember the last time I had it was in my back pocket.

YUP - got washed. I looked in the washing machine and there it is on the bottom . . . .dead.

DJ starts to look on the web for a cure for a dead phone and finds that Razors are one of the best phones to revive after a dousing. She also found that phones have a habit of ending up dunked in beer OR the toilet.

So - if your phone ends up where it should never be. Take it apart, take the battery out, take out the sim card and place it in the oven on a cookie sheet. Bake at 150ish for two hours or until you feel it is done (to taste).

Works for me!!!!!

have a great day!



  1. Hey everybody! I had such a great time last night meeting all of you. I want to live in a place just like the Kurth! Sans stuffed feline, though. What a sweet, friendly bunch of folks-- hope to see every one of you again soon!


  2. Ya I am pretty sure monday at the cap will not be a spectator thing at all. I would advise not going. There will be some cool cars tho. A guy from point has one of his in will be hard to miss!

  3. Well, hey! Thanks for the beer, Mary. Here I thought it was Rod who started a tab. Oops.

    Why am I the only one with closed eyes in that photo? LOL

    Betty needs to check in so we know she made it home...

    Thanks, Kathy. Keeping my fingers crossed. :)

  4. Sorry, I was too tired to post last night! I'm home safe and finally up and around (just finishing my coffee)...

    Suz and Kathy - seems like forever I've been waiting to meet you = ) Well worth the wait!

    all of you are delightful, thanks for the drinks Mary/Sue LOL = ) that was pretty creative...

    Left-Hand Louie - good one Rod. Can't wait to read that article!!

  5. Visited Madison farmers' market this morning (730ish-hey I love going down there if early before the crowds descend)

    White trucks outside the capital. Yellow taped off sections on the north side. All doors locked till 8am. Some major function going on there today-schools/boy scouts?Lots of people going in and events company delivering flowers and lots of risers and chairs and tables. A few guards outside.

    Okay I did go in-was sure I probably wouldn't see anything but too curious anyway....a few hot pink signed on a few freight elevators first floor "set on 2nd floor". Outside the bldg.near the trucks large black wires running up the side (assume for lights?)

    Grounds are gorgeous with the flower beds filled with blooming tulips. Got my goodies @ Farmers Market. Heard a few comments as I shopped about filming, Johnny etc. Saw tents off E Wash as previously posted.

    Looking forward to Columbus filming...if Poser shooting is Monday???...still thinkg outside filming is Wednesday??? Thanks for keeping me posted.

  6. Damn, you uncovered the method to my madness -- my goal is never to actually be in any pictures, only to take them!

    And yes, sorry for your abnormally large hand, Terry. It's a casualty of the wide angle lens. Ha.

    Great fun last night! Can't wait for the next time.

  7. So when is filming in Milwaukee? Is any filming happening today? WHat dates are they in Columbus?

  8. thanks for the link yesterday maegan!! i'm glad we finally have a date for beaver dam!!

  9. I like michelles method...not be in any pictures...:) btw check out mine if u get bored!

    and the coolest tiki bar ever in this album:

    And the Kokua Festival with jack johnson and dave matthews with tim reynolds:

    and..HOLY CRAP thats alot of sorry. Grinder...not trying to hijack your blog and turn it into my vacation photos! I am sorry..but its a rainy day and what else is there to do!

  10. Maybe one of these weeks I'll be able to make the drive from Oshkosh to Kurth-ville. Loved seeing the front page of the old paper. Interesting that the photo disclaimer in the paper called Dillinger a "vain and ruthless criminal" while I've heard lots of stories about how he was a hero of sorts to some who felt the banks were the criminals. Is that revisionist history?

  11. Didn't they say in that special on the History channel that the bank robbers of that time were loved by the public because they were taking money from the banks that had lost all of their money?

  12. Some people liked Dillinger because the banks were foreclosing on properties and were considered evil. Dillinger was also charismatic and nice to people, even when he was robbing banks. But he still killed many people, and was not a good person. It's kind of analogous to the mafia.

  13. Awesome Hawaii pics! And the shell, too!

  14. Thanks!

    Dillinger was portrayed as a hero robin hood type in alot of ways by the press back then..( who also gave him credit for bank robberies all over the country that he never did) but in reality dillinger was a dark dark person. Pistol whip someone to make a point...he was not a nice guy.

  15. Gee, Rod; as I was reading your list of plants you put in by your house the "12 Days of Christmas" kept running through my head and I was waiting for the partridge in a pear tree!!
    I had a great time at Kurth's too last night; great to put so many faces with the "names" finally! I know you had mentioned that the owners open it for their son?? Is there a story behind the Kurth that we should know?
    Great photos, Ty.
    And Michelle, wonderful picture from Kurth's; but we really must get you in one too!!

  16. OMG! The joke's on me... For some strange reason I haven't gotten any comment updates on 'The Blog' since yesterday afternoon! I was thinking how strange...

    Duh! just checked my spam, there they all are all 100 something of them, yikes.

    Deppfan - You and Lotus crack me up! This quote from yesterday... too funny. "lotus-in the old days people took the "water cure" lots of our fellow posters are taking the friday nite "kurth cure" ;)" LOL

  17. Hey, howcome there are only two guys there? great picture Everyone looks like they are having fun. Thanks Rod for keeping us updated on PE and I have been enjoying learning a little about Wisconsin...sounds similiar to my neck of the woods in the Pacific Northwest.

  18. Hi guys! I also wanted to chime in and say it was so great meeting you Mary, Sue, Kathy, Kris and Terry and Tracy last night! my gosh I hope I got everyone right! It was also really great to see Michelle again (photographer par excellence), Suz (you are so funny!) :) and of course the ever awesome Shakenbsis!! Oh and don't forget Jenny--it IS all about JENNY! hehe :)

    I was just thinking..the first time at Kurth's I had a pepsi...2nd time a pepsi and a small beer. 3rd time TWO small beers and part of Rod's. Last night TWO LARGE BEERS. hmmm I think I'm beginning to see a trend here :)

  19. dj makes me giggle..... heeeee

  20. Ty I wanted to say, I really like your Hawaii pictures, especially the ones of the birds and flowers and the turtle!!

    That IS an awesome Tiki bar!! :)

  21. So glad y'all had a great time at Kurth's! I missed you in spirits.

    Come hell or highwater I will make it to Columbus this week. Look for us.

  22. "I missed you in spirits." Ha,ha,ha...osh made a good pun! Makes me wonder what the group is like while "in spirits." Has it stopped raining in Sourthern Wisconsin? It's nice and sunny in the Wausau area.

  23. Billie - I think most of the guys who read Rod's blog are from out of town... or they are just anti-social. Seems us girls always like to get together and chat it up.

    It was fun last night, although I look like a dork in the picture. I think that was the moment when Michelle said "Say Fedora" and I was the only one who said it :P HAHA!

    Thanks again for the drinks Mary! I hope your bar tab wasn't too high!

  24. I think the two guys liked the odds!! LOL

  25. Hi Rod! Glad y'all had a great time in Kurth. I did a little research and a HOT SET is a set where a scene is in the process of being shot or is set up for the next shot in a film. Only the set dresser or property master should touch anything on a HOT SET. It's labeled that way so nothing is disturbed.

  26. Ty,
    I heard from my little sleepover last night at the cap that a lot of big celebs would be in Monday's scenes and that that was the best time to go. They could just be trying to throw us off, but just passing along what I heard...I am going just on the off chance that I can get some good pics and meet some fun people like the ones I have met thus far :) Peace everyone!

  27. Babs,

    Thanks for the info on the definition of "hot set". Interesting :)


  28. OK, you guys are really boring here tonight! But, it's ROCKIN' over at shakinbsis's blog! Say that three times really fast!!!

  29. Lotus - I'll bet the party is wherever YOU are... = ) LOL

  30. Rod:

    It just dawned on me last evening, as I waited for the Kurth group to return (yes, I am THAT pityfull), that you will soon be contacted to turn this blog into a reality show. And I need to let you know that I want to be in it (just like that disassociated voice in the TV show about those wives on the cul-de-sac) even though I don't attend the Kurth nights and no one really knows who I am. :) So I'm claiming SHOTGUN here and now!!!

  31. In all actuality, I'm a pretty boring person. Ask my friends. Oh, I forgot, I don't have any. Aw well, less baggage. :)

  32. Hey, Lotus - there are many of us "pitiful" PE people all together. Everything is so much better when you are not alone! I like to think so, anyway.

    How was the concert in Hawaii?

  33. Rod, please come back to shakenbsis's. Or let the misses. He, I'm a poet....!!!!

  34. sorry Rod - I didn't mean to shanghai your troops! I guess we got a little carried away...

  35. OH NO I'm here!! LOL Got a little distracted!!!! Had to let our dog Blake in who was outside stuck on some plants outside in the dark!! I had to get out the flashlight and untangle him! Blake is Sierra's doggy daddy. :)

  36. All is fair in love and war. At least that's what I've heard. :)

  37. wait a minute--WHERE AM I? I thought I was over at Shakenbisis!! LOL

  38. LOL - I'm glad someone could take the torch for a while - my arm was getting tired.

    ESPECIALLY after an email I received that reamed me over the coals for blurting out informations.


  39. Hey! wherre did the MAYBERRY comment go?!? it showed up inmy e-mail and I got over here and now it's gone!

  40. ops there it is, didn't know I could type that fast...

  41. shakenbsis, please explain this: ROTFL!! TNTPMP!!!,
    because I'm new to the blog thing and don't understand. Kind of like the one eyed trouser trout! :)

  42. DJ - where am I? I too thought I was over at shakenbsis!

  43. Time out!!! I have to go back to shakenbsis's place.

  44. ROTFL
    Rolling on the floor Laughing!
    Trying not to pee my pants!

  45. Thanks, shakenbsis! I would NEVER have figured that out. Even with my highly intellectualized brain that can't spell. :)

  46. Ty,
    Look me up Monday I will be in a dark blue 4 door sedan (big car)

  47. Rod and all
    glad you had great fun at the Kurth.
    reporting from Beaver Dam..Oops Arizona.. We have sings that say Hotel Congress and CACTI!!! it looks funny.....We took pictures yesterday will post as soon as hubby has coffee and reads Sunday paper;)

    hope to run into some of you at the filming,since we haven't made it to the Kurth..parents of 2 small children here....

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. here are some pics from BD

  50. Sorry, I will try again using tinyurl

  51. Okay....Monday is the poser house in Columbus or is Monday the outdoor captial shots in Madison? And where is the better chance to see Depp and Jerry?

  52. Laura - thanks for posting your great pics! I was wondering how they would make WI into AZ = )

    Cricket! I like that you included Jerry, he's my fav...

  53. according to my "sources" Jerry and Johnny at Poser house.....
    shakenbsis--Looks like Arizona but feels like Wisconsin-(weatherwise:))

  54. I have special thank yous for Jerry and Johnny to present on behalf of the National Guard...Jerry deserves recognition too!

    And one who can help me in this would be a saint!

  55. cricket...i will be coming up to columbus tomorrow...will you be there?

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