Saturday, May 3, 2008

Madison - Monday

Looks like it's a go for Monday in Madison. There will be 15 Picture Cars in the shoot with 33 Graham making an appearance.

What that tells me is that the scene, in my minds eye, will be of a grander scale then I had anticipated utilizing the streets. THIS means the crowds will be at least two block away in all directions.

I have gotten a lot of email of late saying signs with HOT SET are popping up. Any one know the true definition of HOT SET? It's easy to guess but I'd be interested from an insider point of view.

I know there is a HOT SET sign at the crashed auto near Mirror Lake so I assume they are not finished there yet.
Funny Mirror Lake story.

Seems the crew had a bunch of White Pines that were cut off and mounted on steel plates that they slid around for the scenes. Also Universal spent $3000 on White Pine Needles.

Also - as of late Friday a reports says " the Poser mansion is definitely on schedule for Monday unless things change."

Just reporting what I hear and read.

Speaking of Dillinger - here is the Wisconsin State Journal front page from July 24 1934. I'll have some closer shots so you can read the articles in the next few days. Sort of interesting, even the non-Dillinger stuff.

This gives you an over all look and feel of the day.

Yet another fine time at the Kurth. We had to go the the back room as we were over flowing a little. Michele took this photo and I think the next photo I'll have to take so SHE can be in the shot.

It's a problem photographers always have, THEY are never in the shots

The dude on the right with the abnormally large left hand is Terry the next superstar Extra to be in The Movie. I think he has been cast as Left Hand Louie the bouncer at The Brothel but I could be wrong. If you see him get is autograph before it's too late but stay on his right hand side.

And because SOMEBODY cared my mailbox garden contains Blue Wonder Catmint, East Friesland salivia, Autumn Joy sedium and Karl Foerster feather reed grass and all are doing fine after the winter.

We did get the front of the house planted. Had to survive a thunderstorm and copious amounts of mud which resulted in sending my cell phone through the wash which the instruction manual says to avoid.

One Cranberry Cotoneaster, four Jolly Bee Geraniums, one Regal Splendor Hosta, a Bar Harbor Juniper, the Red Chokeberries and four . . . . .T.cuspidata 'Nana's'.

As for the cell phone. I was covered in mud and emptied my pockets . . . . . almost.

I was looking for my phone an hour later and remember the last time I had it was in my back pocket.

YUP - got washed. I looked in the washing machine and there it is on the bottom . . . .dead.

DJ starts to look on the web for a cure for a dead phone and finds that Razors are one of the best phones to revive after a dousing. She also found that phones have a habit of ending up dunked in beer OR the toilet.

So - if your phone ends up where it should never be. Take it apart, take the battery out, take out the sim card and place it in the oven on a cookie sheet. Bake at 150ish for two hours or until you feel it is done (to taste).

Works for me!!!!!

have a great day!