Thursday, May 15, 2008

Meet & Greets and We Need More John Bolgers

First some news.

Universal was suppose to be filming up at Mirror Lake Wednesday, Thursday & Friday but everything came together at the last moment. This means that Johnny Depp who was suppose to still be in the area flew to Nassau today (I believe) for a few days off.

The crew reunites Sunday in Chicago.

Steven Graham has finished filming and has been cut loose for new exciting ventures and it is seeming like the movie is plodding forward, some would say a page a day.

It's also been overheard that there might be a trip back to Manitowish Waters but no hard news on that one.

It sounds like the Mirror Lake stuff is action packed with lots of gun play, blood, dieing and car stunts (I hope they do the one with the 15 police hanging onto one car in a chase scene).
Photos - I have been inundated with photos the last few days and it's blowing my mind.

Meet and Greets and John Bolger.

Perhaps I am naive and think that all meet & greets are like they are in Columbus. I have never been "on the line" except here. I was on the other side in Oshkosh and didn't make it to Madison. I watched for an hour the filming of that forgettable comedy "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" across the street where I work but there was not really a line, more of a gathering.

I think meet & greet is not so much meeting and greeting the cast but meeting and greeting other people on the line. It's almost a party atmosphere. Everybody is polite and happy and talking to strangers. Friendships are created, phone numbers and email address are swapped.

On a very weird level it's tediously exciting. I'm not trying to make a play on words, it really is.

Monday we were in line and a truly magical moment happened when not a huge name star but a smaller time actor John Bolger came out to talk to the crowd. Bolger plays Martin Zarkovich and was last seen in "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and before that his now infamous roll of "Man Holding Woman" in "War Of The Worlds").
*** - OK all of you ladies and germs - first person to find "Man Holding Woman" on the DVD gets a very special prize selected just for you. Just tell me what chapter on the DVD and how far into that chapter. Then we can You Tube it for the heaving throngs.

My question is why don't more actors come out and talk to the "line". Christian Stolte came out and signed autographs and I'm sure people are looking into what he has done in the past (look for him in Leatherheads, he is Pete).

I don't think the actors understand that even if Bo Bo the Monkey Boy would come out he would be signing autographs and making new fans for the future.

But when John Bolger came out he entertained the crowd and they truly loved it, he put a warm glow on everyone, there were smiles and laughter and I guarantee he made some long term Bolger fans.

Jenny has a blog and John asked her to convey a message to Columbus and Madison - so take a time out and cruise over there to read his message. But y'all come back now, ya hear?
Yesterday we had 2,408 unique readers, 4th highest ever and 4,822 page loads.

Looking ONLY at the last 500 readers (it's all I can see for free) we had readers from Moscow, Brazil, Bucharest Romania, all over France and Japan , Athens Greece, Lahore Pakistan, Ankara Turkey, Deventer Netherlands, Bangkok Thailand, Cologne Germany and Spisska Nova Ves Slovakia. And that is only the last 500 visits of the 179,174 so far.

I wonder if Nancy O (our Mayor) had ever imagined Columbus would be on the lips of all of those towns and cities. I KNOW I DIDN'T - PRESSURE !!
So with that I'm all worn out - I'll have photos in the coming days once the buzz wheres off.

I also want to look around the town this weekend and look at the signs, have there been some little changes that people have not noticed?? I know The Brothel (also called The Poser House) is not being taken apart until late June. hmmmmmmm!

Cheers and hugs
Rod Melotte