Monday, May 5, 2008

The Mind Is Drawing a Blank

It's Monday morning and I have nothing to say. Last day of a home vacation and amazingly I'm not going to Madison. I'm depending on others to cover the events. Sadly my REAL job is about a block away from the activity.

Bad timing.

DJ and I watched BLOW last night and it was a pretty good movie. Not what I consider a great acting performance by JD but good enough to be entertaining. it was funny to watch Pee Wee Harman. It was on HDNet on Direct TV.

One funny scene in the movie is near the beginning. JD is on the beach and off shore is a large ship, which is drifting to the right about 80 miles per hour.

Th movie takes place mostly in the 70's and I remember that time and those events a little too well, YET, I'm still alive AND not in jail. NEVER CONVICTED!! LOL

Once we were having a HUGE party and someone brings a police radio into the room as a joke. Turns it on and what do we hear? A guy across the street is reporting the action to the police. He was a detective.

Things moved pretty quickly and professionally at that point and the party turned into a beer only party. I'm not sure how we got away with it but that guy ended up with over 500 beer cans in his front yard.

Then there is the story of my moms house when they went on vacation to Door County. We had a half barrel of beer and some guy steals it. We found it about five blocks away with the stealer sleeping next to it, IN HIS UNDERWEAR!

HMMMMM - that movie seems to have uncovered a lot of memories, many of which can not be printed. I wonder what the statute of limitations is.
They continue to work on The Rogers in Beaver Dam. Notice the cactus in the front!

In the window of The Rogers

And efudd sent me these.
First one is Jason Clark.

And here is a shot of Graham and Dorff

That's all I have for today. I'll have a garden blog soon. :-)

See you tomorrow. VACATION time.