Monday, May 19, 2008

No news YET from Union Station

Lots of Christian Bale stuff going on in Chicago but no real news yet from my guy there. I know he has talked to CB but that's about it. All quiet on the southern front. The Biograph is available for shooting. (Just thought I would remind MM :-)

From McSkippy - Excitement at Union Station

Speaking of the Auditorium.

As I mentioned yesterday my brother, who is a Historical Preservation Architect has followed the blog off and on and I had mentioned that I had become interested in preserving our 1892 City Hall Auditorium.

This piqued his interested and gave him an excuse to drive up from ILL for a visit. I arranged a meeting with Dale the head of the CAC in charge of looking into preserving the Audi.

It was a learning experience for me as I watched two "geek's" talk about things I knew nothing about.

I did come away with a few major knowledge balloons in my head.

There are two trains(is that right? train?) of thoughts when it comes to this sort of undertaking.

On one hand you can try to preserve the Auditorium to it's original luster. Make it as it was in 1892, a museum piece if you will. This is the cheaper way to go actually.

Or you can try to keep as much as you can but make it a working auditorium with concerts and so forth. This is MUCH MUCH more expensive.

A museum piece is cheap and beautiful. No need for toilets, extra fire exits, massive amounts of ventilation, handicap areas, a working load bearing stage, and huge amounts of safety measures.

You can keep the old seats on their risers and the places would look OUTSTANDING and be relatively cheap to do. This is what the last few attempts had tried . . . . . and failed.

Now Dale and Co want to make the Auditorium a working theater. Out come the risers and old wooden seats and in comes the slanted floor. Oddly, no one makes theater chairs anymore for level floors!

In comes safety and toilets with superior ventilation so 300 people will have fresh air. All this is MUCH MUCH more expensive.

However - fund raising is easier. Look at it from a performing arts view. The CAC comes to you and says we would like to have a fund raiser and would you play. All proceeds will go to a building you will NEVER have a chance to play in. hmmmmmm!

OR All proceeds will go to a building you and many other's can call your home.


One thing I also learned while listening is that the Auditorium, while being vacant for 70+ years and no heat is in remarkable condition. A lot of work needs to be done but it could be SO SO much worse. It's a very well built building.

Tidbits of info - The Auditorium, as far as they can tell was the very first stage in Wisconsin to have electric lights on their stage (as seen in the below photo). They do know that right now it is the oldest, electrical stage in Wisconsin and they THINK it was the first.

I'll probably get someone in trouble for this because I do not have permission to post it (city property) but as we were in the attic this was behind door #1.

It's the clock that runs the clock. It is about 10 feet tall. There are instructions on the wall telling you how to wind it. That white cord contains the actual cables that move the hands of the clock in the tower.


Other random stuff

On this day in 1932 the movie Scarface: The Shame of a Nation opened at the Rialto Theater in Los Angeles. The subtitle The Shame of a Nation was added as a concession to the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America, which controlled the content of movies until the late 1960s.

They did not believe American audiences should sympathize with villains. The movie was remade (without the subtitle) in 1983 starring Al Pacino.
Jodie Foster made her screen debut on this date in 1969. She was six years old and appeared in Mayberry R.F.D.
Also on May 19, 1864 President Lincoln proclaimed that dependents of fallen black solders should receive the same benefits as dependents of fallen white solders.

On a side note , do you know where the saying "He bought the farm" came from?

During the American Civil War when a solder died in battle the government would purchase his farm and give it to the widow. So in a way, a solders death was basically "buying the farm" for his wife.
OK - gotta work.

Notice the new little photo thing top left of the blog.

also cheer on DJ - she woke up with no voice today OH OH!!!!! NOT YOU TOO!

Kim Bates - need to talk to you sometime.



  1. dj needs a nice new kitten to make her feel better

  2. oh dj, i hope you feel better soon!

  3. Great, informative blog today. Thanks, Rod!

    dj--get better. I'm on Day Twelve and finally starting to feel like I might actually live past this.

    osh-kittens for all my friends! hehehe

  4. Yeah, DJ needs a little kitty to make her feel better!

  5. FYI, The City hall has a bell that would ring the number of times that the hour was every hour day and night, Like if it was Ten O'clock it would ring ten times. When I was a teenager in the late 60's and early 70,s it would be like an alarm clock, warning you how late it was. I don't think this has worked since the late 70,s but could be wrong, It would be great to hear it again. I always wondered what the clock stuff looked like. We used to sit on the bench across from City Hall and wonder how tall the numbers were on the clock, Thanks Grinder.

  6. Now you can read it again without the typos.

    osh - you are a bad bad person LOL

  7. I know. It is my cross to bear in this lifetime.

  8. Poor DJ! Hope she is feeling better soon.

    That is so cool about the clock, glad you got a chance to see her "guts".

  9. Rod....if you wanna teach the paparazzi class you gotta step it up! I was in that clock "room" with my camera my first trip to Columbus....maybe the city clerk was right about me.

    Hope you feel better DJ! :)

  10. Wanted to add again if anyone wants to check out my lil photography blog feel free! Just puts some new pictures up from the Dells car show and what not!

  11. Interesting read on the clock, Rod! It's amazing what you can find in an attic, huh?

    Hope you get better DJ and good luck! Day 12 Suz!?! ugh!! I'm only at day 6 here :( (sniff, sniff)

  12. Interesting facts today Rod!!!
    The clock gut's look really cool.

    DJ Hope you feel better soon....

    Suz Let's hope you get past today!!!
    Keep feeling better.

    Ty Nice pictures!


  13. I'm on day 7 and I am 80% done.

    My brother went to day 28 before he was finished.

    I urge you guys to suck on Cold-Eezzz I swear by the stuff!!! It'll cut any cold in half.

    ty - I put in a link!

  14. Thanks guys for the well wishes! I have gained some of my voice, but am feeling myself in a downward spiral...

    Suz 12th day? say it ain't so I need to get better by Friday!! :P

    Osh--you're good you....yes *sniff* a little kitteh would help me feel much better I think...*cough* (s'cuse me)


  15. Among the many uses for a kitten, they make great and therapeutic hot water bottles when curled up by your feet or on your lap. Can Cold-Eeze do that, huh, can it, huh?!? ;-D

    Poor dj!! I am 100% recovered; I'd say its noticeable duration for me was 2 weeks, but I was able to function when needed so let's hope your Friday plans can proceed as planned. Big hug!


  16. dj, because you said kitteh, you deserve 2!

  17. I think your southern source is not tuned in that good.

    Yesterday AM shot on LaSalle Street till about 11 am. CB was there.

    Then moved to Washington Street for more shots CB was there also.

    Then broke about 3 ish and went to Union Station.

    Biograph dates have been set. But will not give any info till after it is finished.

    Shooting in Chicago till end of June

  18. southern source only had 2.5 hours of sleep!

    I thought Biograph dates had been set for a long time. It's only available for a limited time.

    I'm losing my source for the Biograph :-(

  19. Do you have an answer for the engineering question? I'd like to send it to someone ... in the industry. LOL...

    Loved the Clock winder upper thingy photo.

    And I really like the current/old auditorium seating.

  20. I love the tidbits of the auditorium information. And I would be very sad if they didn't reuse the original seats. They are gorgeous, although maybe not too comfy.

    Hope all ya'all feel better soon. And the kitties, they would help poor DJ. I don't get the "kitteh " thing; care to explain?

  21. The problem with the seats is that if you are over 200 you will not physically FIT into them.

    Plus they are nice for 5 minutes but 2 hours???

    PLUS - they are in the worst configuration - one right behind each other.

    It's one of those - they will be auctioned off.

    and - no - no answer. Not sure if there is one. But that truck had to come to a stop REAL REAL fast.

  22. So Rod... Are u gonna let DJ have a kitteh?

  23. I will let her TRADE Milo for a kitten.

  24. Biograph shoot is longer than one would think!

    Lips are now zipped ++++++++

  25. Jenny- are you and rod related?

  26. I was figuring Bio to be at least 1 week - you still have Indiana and Miami to get too plus other places in Chicago and Tucson?? Milwaukee.

    Jenny is my Step daughter!

  27. Anon 1:26pm - What about Rory Cochrane? Is he in whatever scenes they're filming? Has he been sighted on set?

    Rachel (from yesterday) - Will you be bringing the star guest? And actually letting him out of your trunk? Seriously though, I'm quite dorky-shy and anti-social but I have thought more than once about crashing the Friday night Kurth parties.

    As for kitties, I heard something a couple months ago about the purr of a cat is actually beneficial in several ways. It can actually help broken bones heal faster, and it can do something to the heart (can't remember exactly at the moment...relax is or something) so I think DJ might need a kitty for purr-treatments. :p

  28. Hope you're feeling better REAL SOON, DJ!! Rod, enjoy the quiet while it lasts! LOL
    Love all of the photos from the auditorium today and the new info!
    Sounds like they're finished filming in Columbus?!! Insert sad face here.

  29. kitteh started out on

    cool kitteh, bad grammer...most awesome if you might have had a glass or 2 of wine.

    and a cat is never meant to be a lone kitteh, they always need a playmate or they will pee in your socks.


    I didn't have wine and I laughed at this site! OK, maybe I will have a Shandy. Thanks for talking me into it. Making dinner is so much for fun with a Shandy.

  31. DJ, I hope you feel better! Rod has a point with the cold-eez, it does work! Or course, there's nothing quite like a purring kitty to make you feel better...

    Anyone know if going down to the Biograph on Friday's worth it?

  32. I'm related to Rod too....

    We're brothers from another mother.
    (and we both have a Nikon D70...)

    Hey Osh....when you come back to the island can you bring some shaving cream? Jerry asked for some....i don't even want to know but i think it has something to do with shaken's sword.....and a balloon and a kitten...after that i stopped listening.

  33. The Biograph Theater is where Dillinger was killed, having been given away by the "lady in Red"...

    I would love to see that being filmed, but I don't want to see Depp die!!!


  34. sorta like a Spirograph.

    And tell Jerry to use the left over whipped cream. oh what? too much information?

  35. I was being a smartass about the spirograph. JP made me say it.

  36. I knew that, Osh! I think we posted at the same time! I like your sense of humor! Smart ass is the way to go!

  37. dj - kitty or no, please feel better sooooon! =(

  38. Being a smart ass > Being a dumb ass.
    although at times i can't tell the difference.....

  39. hey - (in a little whisper) You guys are getting me into BIG trouble in the library for giggling too LOUD! It's no fun to giggle quietly.....

    Tell Jerry I just sharpened my machette... he won't need any shaving cream =)

    Doc Vicky - nice to hear you have a blog!! I left a comment for you over at my place on kitty post, need your prof advice! = )

    Rod - thanks for posting the guts! Cold-eeze is good, but EmergenC is better... of course kitteh's are BEST! = )

    I'll have to check that link on margherita nite when i get my computer fixed (i'm sure they'll kick me out of library)

    I'm sure i'm forgettin stuff...

  40. "6 a one.....don't kiss your half cousin's brother"
    is that the saying...or is that another traditional saying that my family bastardized for our own purposes?????

  41. The weird thing is that we have different mothers - they were identical twins 2 years apart.

    What a small world!

  42. a horse a piece?

    Shakes, it is WHIPPED CREAM! Low fat...the cherries are under the hamock to the left of the coconut, no, the other coconut.

    The last thing I heard was JP muttering something about baby powder...I dunno...but that is why the rum is gone.

  43. AH... Whipped cream! Ok, more is better =)

    your half cousin's brother?!?!?!? yikes! y'all are scarin' me... that and the id twins thing, sounds like a weird movie I watched once when I was half asleep!

    BTW - I wake up several times a night now afraid I'm gonna roll over on a kitty and they are not even in my house! I think i'm sleep deprived...

  44. Is there any filming tomorrow or Wednesday?

  45. I didn't say "baby powder"..did i?

  46. you may or may not have jp! but I always use tons of baby powder when I'm on the island (haiti, that is!) I won't say why...

  47. Betty, we have to put camo fur on one of the kittehs...

    My husband was so mean today...Evan left the screen door open and 2 cats escaped (both caught in minutes) Hubby said I almost got my wish for a new kitteh..."2 down 2 to go" he said! OH he is a mean one that Mr Grinch.

  48. Great info today Rod! I loved reading about the 5/19 facts! I am planning on taking a tour of the city hall on my next trip up. Hopefully someday soon, as it is not too far from me.

    Shakenbis - Left you a little note about the kitties on your blog. Hope it helps.

    Mrs Grape(think that was ur name) - Im sorry that you don't have a picture of you either. I too was thinking about all the people he had to meet, and not thinking of taking a pic of myself LOL.

    DJ- Hope you feel better soon, and BTW kitties DO make you feel better....I think you should get one. Hee hee.


  49. thanks Doc! I'm racing that way before my 'minutes' are up! =)

  50. shaken and osh are naughty!!!!

    i'm telling jerry!

  51. Hey Blaze - I jsut checked your comment, thanks!

    One more ? if you are still here. The vet told me that they would be due for first shots @ the end of the week. If I take them for shots on Friday, can they still travel some day or should they have a little more time with mom afterwards?

  52. *mutitasking*
    hard to nurse and joke @ same time... = )

  53. are you nursing Jerry????


  54. what kind of library is this where they ration minutes?

  55. come to Oshkosh, bring a kitteh and I will loan you one of the 8 billion computers my geek husband has stashed all over the house for when Armageddon arrives and we are the only ones left with internet.

  56. OH darling Osh, if only I were there NOW!!!! wahhhhhh...

    Sadly, I'm havin' to sign off, only 6 precious min left, I should probably see if I have anything that needs savin'...

    by all.......

  57. Hey Osh...
    Can i borrow one of those computers...i wanna instant message myself...and i'm too lazy to keep signing back in and out.

    thanks :)
    plus jerry just passed out after i told him about hosing off shaken...and i'm bored

  58. JP, what is truly pathetic and downright funny is messaging with my husband when we are in bed. together. On our laptops.

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. Today I pulled out my camera at work and I was sharing my sad, pathetic, blurry, little pictures of Beaver Dam Public Enemies. I hit a button and all of a sudden, "Oh my Gosh, I deleted Johnny Depp!!!" I started to freak. It appeared that ALL of my pics were gone. I said, "My daughters are going to kill me." False alarm--I messed with the buttons and Voila--they were back. Scary.

    We were at the Wilderness all weekend (didn't find any DNA--Rod, but I raised a few eyebrows). I was talking to my sister, while hanging out in a hot tub, about my "movie star's" experiences. This lady holding a kid got the biggest, widest eyes I have ever seen. I think the mention of JD and CB with my hubby, is what did it. Anyway, I was waiting to see if she was going to say something. She didn't. I ignored her and kept talking with my sister. The woman got closer and closer and her eyes got wider and wider. It was pretty funny.

    Anyway, back to PE. "Movie Star" drove us to Mirror Lake and pointed out, "this is where the car crashes", "this is where CB jumps off the running board and shoots", "this is where somebody dies", "this is where I played dead for 45 minutes", etc. You get the picture.

    So, the excitement is starting to wear down. Sigh. I guess I better download those pics before I do something horrible!

    Do we really have to wait about 14 months for the movie??? The extras were talking about wearing tuxes and gowns to the "premier". Sounds like fun. Well, I guess I have 14 months to find a babysitter. :-)

  61. Rod - There is no picture in the psd doc you sent me.

  62. sorry, movie star wife, I don't agree with you that the excitement is dying down. Just listening to those naughty kids talk about poweder and getting hosed is cracking me up!

    OK, I just finished ignoring my DH and kids to watch Finding Neverland. I thought it was a slow moving film. Did you?
    Kitteh, huh?

  63. Debsmad...

    I will hook ya up. Ya know I have your back :)

    Shakenb- I hope you 'puter feels better soon.

    Thanks for all the hogag help. I keep hearing about it and wasn't quite sure if it was along the lines of a snipe or what :)

  64. kid? I'm an old lady that took supper in bed at 5:30. With 3/4 kittehs at my feet. Crumpled tissues up my sleeves and the lingering smell of Oil of Olay...and surprisingly enough that is the kind of gal JJ likes. Old and Frisky. With Friskies.

  65. What happened to the other 1/4 of the kitteh?

  66. I meant 3 out of 4 kittehs the other 1 is wandering the house

  67. I figured. I couldn't help but say it! :>)

  68. Aww shak-

    Sorry I missed you. I was writing a blog on my page, and adding some new photos. I will put a comment on your kitty page.


  69. i saw 1/4 of a cat on my way to class.....

  70. Thank you Osh and Shaken for the entertainment of the blog posting section today--hubby wants to know what I am giggling about.
    Went to work today and found out they are done filming in Columbus at the brothel.
    Feel better soon Dj

  71. Did any women posting here get to be an extra? I went for an audition in Chicago a couple of months ago. They told me that I would have to cut my hair chin length. Since my hair is several iches past my shoulders I didn't like the idea of cutting it that short so I said no. They said there would be no exceptions.
    Was that the biggest mistake of my life so far?

  72. Anonymous - every woman I have seen as an extra had a great hairdo. They are professionals with hair - no chopping with a scissors.

    I think it was a mistake if you REALLY wanted to be an extra but you probably had a 1 in 10,000 chance anyway.

  73. Osh and Shakenb - I finally read back your comments about Jerry... bad girls. I didn't know this was turning into a bigger fight for the man than just me and Shakenb :) hahaha.

    Hope you ladies are doing well and I hope your computer feels better soon Shaken.

  74. Laura, your news does NOT make me happy! After deciding not to stay last Tuesday evening I was REALLY hoping that Rod's little hint, hint, wink, wink would come true and I'd have ONE more chance for a meet & greet with JD. Oh, well; a year ago I never would have imagined getting photos OF him; much less one with him!

  75. I thinking I'm getting the sickness :( I got a sore throat this morning :(

  76. So the filming in wisconsin is done? Sad way to start the day.

  77. That sucks Jenny!
    Both my twins....and my wife have it......sore throats and coughing...yuck!
    My son and I have managed to avoid least so far.

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